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Zbor din Franz J Strauss Munchen către Bucureşti
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  • Cauți un zbor ieftin? 25% dintre utilizatorii noștri au găsit zboruri la doar 102 € sau chiar mai puțin pentru o călătorie doar dus pe această rută și 157 € sau mai puțin pentru călătoria dus-întors.
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  • Plecările de dimineață sunt, în general, cu aproximativ 9% mai ieftine decât zborurile de după-amiaza*.
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Notele conform evaluărilor din partea clienților KAYAK
SWISSScor general bazat pe 9392 evaluări
Evaluările companiei aeriene
Pro: "Great crew & good complimentary food"
Contra: "More seat pitch"
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Pro: "Great crew & good complimentary food"
Contra: "More seat pitch"
Pro: "The food and very professional and friendly service."
Contra: "Nothing."
Pro: "Staff was very friendly and loved the food."
Contra: "For economy class, nothing."
Pro: "The meals were awesome, flight great!"
Pro: "Movies"
Contra: "Crew was rude to passengers. One passenger asked for extra bread and crew arrogantly commented , we dont give but ok take one."
Pro: "Flight was on time, service onboard inspite of short flight, and the scenery of the Alps was breathtaking"
Pro: "Crew was particularly lively and friendly. The chocolates were awesome"
Contra: "No entertainment throughout"
Pro: "No seat comfort"
Contra: "The plane was SO hot and stuffy. It was an overnight flight, so they passed out blankets—but it was so hot no one used them. The air was stale, to the point of feeling claustrophobic."
Pro: "Crew was amazing"
Contra: "Entertainment and dinner food"
Contra: "Nothing. The best airline I've flown across the board."
Pro: "Hospitality was wonderful. The food and drinks were great and the constant entertainment made the 10+ hour flight bearable."
Contra: "The seats are comfortable but there is definitely not enough leg room especially if you are sitting in the middle seat. There should be some type of incentive given if you get stuck sitting between two complete strangers."
Pro: "The flight was ok, nothing special."
Contra: "The landing was a little rough, we took a bit of turbulence and it was not pleasant."
Contra: "Seats and leg space were uncomfortable, staff could have been friendlier and more presentable (cleaner appearance)"
Pro: "Arrived on time"
Pro: "They had many snacks and meals. And the meals were very good. Staff was very friendly."
Contra: "Seating is very uncomfortable and small. Really limited on space if seat is reclined in front of you."
Pro: "The flight waited for us as transit after delay of the firs flight from Munich"
Contra: "1. the food was a disaster. 2. The noise on the flight from a group of passengers was terrible, no way to sleep or rest. 3. The staff did not try to calm the people the steward laugh me when I complained.."
Pro: "Flight was delayed which caused us to change our flight from United to Lufthansa. Like Lufthansa much better."
Contra: "Flight was delayed. Had to get a different flight because we would miss the next flight."
Pro: "Food and drink service were excellent and big choice of entertainment"
Contra: "seat row spacing in economy was too tight for a 10+ hour flight"
Contra: "No wifi or inflight entertainment"
Pro: "Excellent service all around and great flight timing with delays and awaiting for transfer flights to land"
Contra: "I travel a least 5 times a year and Kayak is always my option."
Pro: "Crew was polite"
Contra: "Outdated aircraft. Too little seat space. Mediocre food. Mediocre entertainment. No device chargers.terrible policy of requiring passangers to buy seat reservations--beyond annoying."
Pro: "Quick passport control Friendly staff Short waiting time to board"
Pro: "Friendly and professional crew. Plane was clean"
Contra: "Tight space in economy class(to be expected)"
Pro: "The service and the crew were fine"
Contra: "Seats are too small and terribly uncomfortable on such long flights."
Pro: "Dry. I’ve food and really felt pampered"
Contra: "I paid extra for economy plus with extra legroom and a seat that reclined more - waste of money - the seats were extremely uncomfortable!"
Pro: "Service was minimal but sufficient, Food was good"
Contra: "Seats 23A, 23B were extra cramped on the B777-300ER, even though they are sold as "extra comfort"! due to the video screen taking space between the seats. The seats were so cramped that the overhead light kept coming on, unknowingly, when people shifted in their seats."
Pro: "2 snacks .. friendly flight attendants .. early arrival"
Contra: "seat pitch a bit tight"
Pro: "Friendly Staff"
Contra: "N/A"
Pro: "Chocolate was good, a bigger piece, or 2 of them would be better"
Pro: "The woman who checked in my baggage was very helpful and patient. I had to re-arrange some weight and she assisted me in maximizing weight and minimizing cost. The flight attendants we very kind in trying to assist me in finding appropriate food. The flight was very comfortable and the flight attendants were wonderful all-around."
Contra: "Boarding of the flight was delayed which impacted our arrival time in Zurich. I had a connecting flight- but so did at least 10 other Swiss flights at that time. The queues for customs were incredibly long and the only reason I made my flight was because I ran through the airport. I also had a challenging time with food. I am celiac and often cannot eat the standard fare on planes. I called in advance of my flight to notify someone of my allergy - and they told me the only way I could ensure such a meal was by purchasing a meal that cost $30. I was not willing to pay such a hefty surcharge for food because I had already payed a bit extra than budgeted because my partner had recommended the excellent service of Swiss. I have traveled on several airlines for intercontinental flights between Boston and Europe - and have always had my allergy accommodated at no extra cost. Once on the flight - I was offered an orange and banana for dinner and a small yoghurt for breakfast. I will be flying Swiss again in December and I sincerely hope they will be better equipped to provide for my dietary requirements."
Pro: "Fast"
Pro: "the food was delicious, the movie selection was great, the seats were comfortable, the plane was chilly but they supplied us all with nice warm blankets, and I prefer it be cold over hot on the plane any day."
Contra: "Booked four flights from Zurich to Prague, but plans changed. No way to get a refund or cancellation although I tried two weeks beforehand. Disappointing to say the least."
Pro: "Food, entertainment, on time, excellent flight"
Contra: "Cramped, the touch screen was not very responsive, the snack at midnight would be better if it were breakfast food-"
Pro: "When we landed"
Contra: "Everything else..."
Contra: "NOTHING"
Pro: "My luggage was lost for two days on the flight from Tampa to Zurich and/or Zurich to Naples. It was delivered by the end of the second day. But before that I found out I could not choose seats online for any of the Swiss Air Flights to and from Europe. It "had to be done" at the airport. Why? Never explained. I called Travis International, the agency booking the flights. Totally useless conversation resulted with no explanation."
Contra: "The Flights were longer than other airlines taking similar routes. The routing was absurd. To go from Naples to Munich and then turn around and go to Zurich before the 10 hour trip to Tampa made no sense. Lousy routing and customer service. Eidelswiss apparently is a lower-end branch of Swiss Air. My airfare was as much as and more than my other friends who flew Delta, for instance. Flights on other airlines did not take 10 hours from Zurich to Tampa. I lost the ticket receipts and could not claim anything for the items I bought to try get through the two full days without luggage, even though the airlines has a record of the claim. Outrageous!!"
Pro: "From my previous flight, the crew informed the flight attendants to LA about my condition. This crew checked in with me every few hours to make sure I was comfortable and had enough tissues and tea to make it through the 12 hours."
Contra: "entertainment machine in my seat did not worked"
Contra: "Too narrow seats."
Pro: "the punctualty"
Contra: "little space betwwen the rows, bad food no entertainment and a very unfreindly crew"
Pro: "Crew is great and took great care of us. Flight was on time and that is always a plus."
Contra: "No entertainment on this plane, which is okay. But even the magazine is pretty lame. Food was ok, although not particularly substantial."
Pro: "fast, all good"
Contra: "-"
Contra: "NA"
Pro: "I did not like anything about this flight"
Contra: "My flight has been cancelled with no ecplonation. They reissue e ticket for me under different name. The crew were very rude . My suitcase was lost and still I have not received it . They promised to deliver ."
Contra: "There was adely because of bad wether. It made us miss the conection but none talked to us and explained what is going on."
Pro: "on time flight; friendly staff"
Contra: "a little warm before takeoff; I did online check-in and I did not get the SMS with the link to download boarding pass; tried twice and didn't work; I've got in on email as luckily I had access to an wifi"
Pro: "The flight crew were friendly and helpful. We were on a newer plane so there was a lot of legroom."
Contra: "No in flight entertainment made for a long flight."
Contra: "It was awful. I lost my seat"

Price was good

Pro: "Food and drinks!"
Contra: "Nothing, it was great"
Contra: "there was a problem with special assistance on the connection flight. Nobody was waiting at the end..."
Contra: "Check-in in Munich took way too long. The lines were confusing and the agent opened another lane and took about 30 people who were behind us in line ahead of us."
Contra: "Best"
Pro: "On time and soft landing"
Contra: "No entertainment for 3 hours flight is boring."
Pro: "Seats and the leg room"
Contra: "Vegetarian food"
Contra: "I wasnt accomodated for my meal preference. The cabin was old and creaked alot. I was not informed by kayak of absence of luggage allowance"
Pro: "Boarding was quick, the food was nice, all the attendants hadn’t big smiles on their faces, the pilot was experienced."
Contra: "Delays, poor communication, overall very poor service for a premium price."
Pro: "The staff were nice."
Contra: "Food. Queued too long before we could board."
Contra: "40 mins inside the plane before departing with temperature 30 Celsius when aircondition not functional"
Pro: "Every thing was fast,easy & kindly I didn’t eat-can’t say my opinion"
Contra: "The plane has an hour delay in Rome due to rain. Although the delay is understandable, they seem to have left my luggage outside in the rain for all that time. As a result, all my clothes were wet and ruined and a few other items broke. Horrible baggage handling."
Pro: "I would tell the boarding man (C. G..?..) that I know that TIME IS MONEY, and for that I pay my money to the air lines to help in doing my stuff (like boarding) GENTLY and respectfully. Actually, when I noticed this from you twice, I had an embression that the passport nationality harms you.... Any way, thank you."
Contra: "Food was good. Chairs were clean and relatevly good. Thank you"
Contra: "The replacement flight arrives at almost midnight."
Contra: "The website only mentions about having to pay for extra luggage and they made me pay 55 dollars at the airport for a 20 kg suitcase. This is dishonest and unacceptable."
Pro: "Seats. Food"
Pro: "This flight was great."
Pro: "Amazing Crew"
Contra: "I wasn't aware I was supposed to pay for my luggage"
Pro: "Everything"
Contra: "Nothing"
Contra: "I did not understand flight attendants in english because of their bad pronunciation and I did not know what their saying all flight."
Pro: "The food and the crew"
Pro: "Excellent AEGEAN staff, polite and helpful."
Pro: "Food and service and that they recycle!"
Contra: "60 euros for one checked bag is insane!"
Contra: "With Kayak I booked Tel Aviv to Malta with 1 hour stop in Athens. The first flight was delayed by an hour hence making me lose my second flight. Aegean then booked me on a flight to Catania (Italy) for a different connection to Malta. Only that this Aegean flight was also delayed by an hour making me miss the second connection. Eventually I arrived in Malta 15 hours later than scheduled. Aegean customer service reps were extremely unhelpful and made this 10 times more difficult. I missed a whole vacation day, amassed roaming telephone charges and on top of that missed a reservation for Dinner in the Sky Malta."
Pro: "Helpful staff, comfortable seats, accurate departure and arrival times."
Pro: "Friendly staff, clean airplane"
Contra: "No entertainment"
Pro: "On time. Space. Great team."
Pro: "Gets you from point A to point B. Wasn't expecting the food service was pleasantly surprised by it for a 2 hour flight, you don't get that in the states. Crew was cheerful and generally nice. Captain and pilots communicated well. Smooth flight and gentle landing. Overall better experience than flying domestically in the states in my humble opinion."
Contra: "Boarding wasn't organized, except for business class. They don't use zone system like is done by US airlines to board in an organized manner."
Contra: "baggage fees were totally unreasonable high"
Pro: "Great food and drink."
Contra: "So cramped!"
Pro: "I love airlines where you can drink wine with your food."
Contra: "Everything was good."
Pro: "Lots of leg room"
Contra: "Slight delay, no tv"
Pro: "Amazing service from check in to onboard. Would definitely fly again."
Pro: "I am from Chile and I really appreciated the tasty red wine offered with dinner."
Contra: "Everything was ok. Staff are nice"
Pro: "Boarding wasn't the most efficient, but when is it ever? I had never flown with Aegean but had to take two flights with them between Munich and Rome. Economy seating was very comfortable, the aircraft were attractive and immaculate, the crews were lovely and quick, and the food on both flights was shockingly good."
Contra: "My flights were short, but it would have been nice to have a movie on thr screens distributed throughout the plane."
Pro: "Boarding wasn't the most efficient, but when is it ever? I had never flown with Aegean but had to take two flights with them between Munich and Rome. Economy seating was very comfortable, the aircraft were attractive and immaculate, the crews were lovely and quick, and the food on both flights was shockingly good."
Contra: "My flights were short, but it would have been nice to have a movie on thr screens distributed throughout the plane."
Pro: "Good for the price seat are not the best but worth it for the money"
Pro: "Staff is helpful in the plane, on the ground and on thephone. Ahead of time."
Pro: "crew on board was nice"
Contra: "very bad service at the airport. The counter for checkin opened very very late, they did not have enough people to serve clients fast enough and they had real trouble with handling aged passengers that could not speak German. In the End they also lost one of our luggage, and we now have to wait one day to get it back at our destination in thessaloniki."
Pro: "The cabin crew was friendly and attentive."
Contra: "The space between seats was awful. As a taller person, it made for a very uncomfortable flight. And on top of it, these tickets were quite expensive! I'd love for an airline to prioritize comfort without making that an upgrade. I'll think twice, probably three times before using Aegean again."
Pro: "Snack served although it was a short flight , smiling and corteous flight crew ."
Contra: "Boarding process out of control after business and special need people went in . They need to have rules or enforce them if they do. Space between seat rows is tight , okay for short flights less than 2 hrs."
Pro: "New, clean plane, meal served on board was unexpected but very good, crew was professional. App for Aegean Airlines works well."
Contra: "Seats were uncomfortable and small. Boarding was messy and didn't seem to work very well."
Pro: "on such a short trip, you don't expect a snack and service. They did."
Contra: "zero complaint here"
Contra: "Overall very disorganized."
Pro: "Hot lunch was a pleasant surprise. Seats comfortable but cramped and didn't recline. Prompt baggage service."
Contra: "No entertainment. No power jacks."
Pro: "Great service ,very fast"
Pro: "Excellent service from the crew. That's about it."
Contra: "Some of the tiniest most uncomfortable seats I've been on. I did not realize that Aegean was a budget airline going to a third world country (Greece??!). Flight was late but they pretended that it wasn't (45 minutes)"
Contra: "Flight was delayed 40 minutes and arrived 2 hours later."
Pro: "A very quick flight, but the crew was quite friendly!"
Contra: "I would have liked for there to have been a gluten-free snack available."
Pro: "Seat was comfortable and the food was decent."
Contra: "Strippers"
Pro: "The flight on time. Good crew. Good service."
Pro: "The flight was seamless,appreciated the frequent food and drink service"
Contra: "The boarding was priority and then everyone else. Didn’t realize economy boarding had no real order."
Pro: "The red wine was good and the crew made sure that we were well hydrated. The flight was very smooth."
Contra: "The quality of the meals was poor - tasteless food, possibly loaded with preservatives."
Pro: "Loved it!"
Contra: "Liked it all"
Pro: "Lufthansa is a great airline. My problem is Kayak, who sold the tickets to us."
Contra: "You, Kayak, sold me economy tickets. When I checked in online I saw it for the first time that our tickets were Economy Light. So even though we are Frequent Flyers, we payed $220 for three checkin luggages. I intend to dispute this case."
Pro: "nothing"
Contra: "getting fine from DC to Munchen and Munchen to Bucharest, 7 h delayed but we get to Romania. - when waiting for the luggages, guess what? Both luggages are missing. -made the complainment, now we are waiting to show up in Romania and to be delivered at home. -went to pick up the rental car, because of the plane delay, they gave our car away. -after trying several companies, we found a car, 3 times more expensive, but we have a car....yeeyy"
Pro: "Crew were professional and friendly"
Contra: "Small seats"
Pro: "It was run by UA, better seats then Austrian or Lufthansa in Economy. On time. Very efficient."
Contra: "Could not choose seats online,"
Pro: "Spacious and quiet aircraft, lots of legroom in certain exit row seats. Friendly cabin crew. Compared to the loud and bumpy ride on the Lufthansa 747, the A380 was way better."
Contra: "Moderate delays at each end—waiting for transfer passengers delayed our departure half an hour. We made up the time en route but then sat on the tarmac at LAX because the gate was occupied. I think my seat mates missed their connection. They broke the handle on my rollaboard (checked due to stingy cabin baggage allowance)."
Pro: "Great, polite, and well dressed flight attendants. All flight attendants treated us with care, they were kind, and provided exceptional service."
Pro: "The staff and food were exceptional!"
Contra: "Late arrival in Munich, missed connection to Krakow, no rebooking and nobody cared that we, 3 people, get to our destination the same day. Spent 12 hours ( 10 am to 10 pm ) at Munich airport not knowing if and/or when we get on the plane, hoping to be on 10 pm flight, not making any connection all day long. Suggestions to fly through different city or on different airline we’re met with shrug and “ not possible “ reply. Having one Omaha Krakow Lufthansa ticket made no difference to anybody. Horrible experience specially that one of us was 80 years old. Will never fly with Lufthansa again. None of my friends will. Dreading my flight back. Kasia Bradley"
Pro: "Excellent service during the two hour trip. No complaints whatsoever!"
Contra: "No headrest screens for entertainment but I had my phone and downloaded movies and shoes prior to leaving the US."
Pro: "Everything"
Contra: "During the main meal many many passengers had no option for the main dish.. Only vegetarian dish! Many passengers didn't eat."
Pro: "Everything is good"
Contra: "Food use to be better"
Contra: "Got a little hot in the cabin"
Pro: "W we’re a few minutes late and they waited for us. We truly appreciate their cooperation. 5 strat services."
Pro: "I enjoyed the patience of the crew and the responsibility they took with everything they did."
Contra: "The noise and the lack of space in my specific area."
Contra: "Flight was cancelled."
Contra: "Missed my connection due to airline delay and was put on a flight 12 hours later"
Contra: "The flight was transferred to a smaller plane, either because there were few passengers (the first story we heard) or because of mechanical problems on the original craft (the second story). Business class was oversold as a result, and boarding was delayed for an hour while they waited for enough BC passengers to accept 800 euros for the downgrade to economy plus. They repeatedly threatened to cancel the flight rather than raise the offer. Eventually enough knuckled under and we were allowed to leave. Some no doubt missed connections because of this petty brinkmanship. The funny coda is that because the plane was so undersold, anyone in economy that wanted their own row could have one, while economy plus was packed with the embittered and downgraded."
Pro: "Efficient boarding, friendly crew."
Pro: "Very nice personals, I'm so happy."
Contra: "Nothing"
Pro: "Flight attendants very nice and efficient"
Contra: "Nothing"
Contra: "Didn't happen yet."
Pro: "Convenient connections, fantastic airport, new aircraft with many large toilets in lower deck, super professional crew, really make a big difference when travelling 9 hours with 3 young kids."
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "Air didn't work, stewardess were rude"
Pro: "N-o entertainment"
Contra: "All"
Contra: "There is no entertainment so I do not know it should be rates."
Pro: "Flight was on time. Boarding was efficient"
Contra: "Food and beverages were pretty stingy"
Pro: "flight was on time and the crew was wonderful"
Contra: "Plane was"
Pro: "Over the length of the 9.5 hour flight, my time in the Economy class was that the crew were professional, courteous and especially helpful. There is a magnitude of difference between the attitude and professionalism of this airline over any American airline I have flown. In the future, Lufthansa will be my first consideration."
Contra: "Boarding was a little chaotic. Everyone kind of ran up."
Pro: "Smooth flight. Competent, friendly crew."
Contra: "Nothing. Great flight"
Pro: "Brand new Airbus 350 on the first transatlantic flight for Lufthansa was very nice"
Contra: "2.5 h delay"
Pro: "On time, helpful crew, clean"
Contra: "Not enough leg room"
Pro: "Excellent airplane, very comfortable."
Contra: "Landed very late in Chicago and lost our connection to home. Had to spend the night to catch another flight home in the morning."
Pro: "Given free upgrade. Efficient services."
Pro: "Love the variety of entertainment options on such a long flight. The food is always so good, you make me feel so cared for."
Pro: "The crew made this flight in my experience. The crew was very professional and quick to respond."
Contra: "The late boarding due to technical and mechanical problems at the airport Lufthansa gate."
Pro: "Even though the flight lasted 12 hours, it was enjoyable. I feel like the crew put the best effort in order to make passengers feel comfortable. They served two meals and two snacks. Beverages were distributed many times. The leg room and the entertaining system were great. I would love to take another flight with this company in the future."
Contra: "I cannot think of anything."
Pro: "The crew was friendlier. the plane was way cleaner than the previous one. The food was more decent."
Contra: "The crew wasn't too willing to help with the carry-on baggage, for example - I kept looking for a while for an available spot to deposit mine."
Pro: "The upgrade to business class"
Contra: "Not Applicable"
Contra: "My video player did not work properly for the whole 11.5hrs of flight from Munich to LA. It was extremely tough to get it to play a movie. I am not blaming the crew, but their only suggestion was to restart it... Which I did... several times... but the player had a life of its own. Eventually I found a way to be able to get to a movie and get it to play, but it was not easy. I wish that there would be an extra player that could be provided as a replacement... Thank you."
Pro: "Crew was nice."
Contra: "Very small cramped seats in business class. Would not fly again."

The actual flight was ok. But was a mess before departing AMS. My previous flight was late, so missed my connection in AMS. Then I spent over two hours getting things settled to get another flight. I was unable to complete my request online, and no one at KLM in AMS wanted to help. They kept giving me the run-around until I finally convinced them K was stuck without their personal help. It added a lot of stress (and about 5 more hours of transit time) to my overall journey.

Delay information

Thumbs up for KLM crew, planes and Schiphol Airport, though short on staff and a little late everything went smooth, including the flight.

Both airports totally understaffed. Awful experience.

Pro: "The crew were great! The seats are not that comfortable, it happened that I had 3 seats raw for myself but the armrests were not going up so I could not utilize them and lie down to sleep."
Pro: "Seats were very comfortable. Plane interior was in new condition, including electronic window shade tinting."
Contra: "Staff was not particularly warm or attentive. Was never offered more to drink, and after asking for more wine was ignored."
Pro: "Decent price for economy comfort seat, 4A."
Contra: "The flight was delayed about 80 minutes and they did not informed until when I got to the Airport. I could have stayed more at home instead of the terminal. They have also changed the boarding gate.."
Pro: "Excellent crew, good food & movie selection."
Pro: "Just as I expected. And I made my last connection easily."
Pro: "The staff was super nice, the services good. Clear lines about baggage allowance."
Contra: "The flight was delayed and due to this I missed my car connection. I had to prolong my trip by 4 hours, untill I found another connection. I know this was not a klm issue, but rather airport related, but the inconvenience was still. Thus, my lower satisfaction grade"
Pro: "The staff was super nice, the services good. Clear lines about baggage allowance."
Contra: "The flight was delayed and due to this I missed my car connection. I had to prolong my trip by 4 hours, untill I found another connection. I know this was not a klm issue, but rather airport related, but the inconvenience was still. Thus, my lower satisfaction grade"
Pro: "The entertainment was amazing"
Contra: "The seats were a bit hard"
Pro: "The flight crew was so friendly and the food was really good."
Pro: "One crew member was very good but all were not very available or checking on people. I had a seat that I purchased and it was very hard to recline I only found out that it did if fact recline it the last hour to hour and a half of the trip! It was a difficult push back to get it to recline"
Contra: "If I knew how to recline my seat earlier. I did try several times"
Pro: "quick/efficient boarding - good staff - good food - easy flight !"
Contra: "the connecting times for klm seem to be very close - if your running late to start - you may not make your next one -"
Pro: "The crew were really helpful with people who had tight connections because of the delayed flight"
Contra: "I wish they had WiFi"
Pro: "Crew was nice and efficient"
Contra: "Economy seats don’t recline enough."
Pro: "The crew were amazing and the flight was very smooth."
Contra: "Keep up the good work"
Contra: "No reading light in my seat..."
Contra: "At the check in they made me pay 50€ for my luggage. This is really upsetting because from Houston to Venice they didn't make me pay. Either the website wasn't transparent or the lady at the desk made a mistake. Very upsetting, one luggage should be included."
Contra: "My suitcase didn't come with the airline."
Pro: "Crew was great, very nice"
Contra: "Not enough legroom"
Pro: "Easy flight; loved the crew and their friendly customer service. Great food, kept everyone hydrated and fed."
Contra: "The movie options, as well as music and TV options were limited. There were no electrical outlets."
Pro: "Comfort was better than on the previous Dash-8. Food was OK."
Contra: "Despised the cold temperature and cold draft in world business even with all vents shut off...gave me a head cold. Boarding was disorganized. There was no sense of direction; ergo, everyone was jumping in."
Pro: "I slept pretty much the whole time"
Pro: "Great food"
Contra: "I paid a top price for my ticket and expect the advertised amenities to work. Upgrade or replacement for entertainment system."
Contra: "You are almost always late!"
Pro: "Friendly in-flight personell"
Contra: "Approx. 1 hour delay, which was not the airline's fault (construction on runways)"
Pro: "Decent meal (warm Pasta all'arrabbiata), nice little muffin for dessert and standard drinks (coffee & tea were a bonus, as they didn't serve any on a similar flight, from Barcelona to Amsterdam), friendly cabin crew."
Contra: "Poor timing - no reason for a 40 minute delay at take off (plane was fully boarded in time) Old aircraft, shabby, dirty and cramped seats. Coming from my connecting flight from Barcelona, I could clearly tell the different in the quality (and cleanliness) of the aircrafts."
Contra: "We did not get two of baggage at the destination."
Pro: "Service, technology"
Contra: "Could not print by boarding card and was not allowed to board in Amsterdam"
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "Bag was lost"
Pro: "Clean airplane, friendly crew, no rush, nice snacks for a short one hour flight. Just generally a positive experience."
Contra: "old plane, tight and uncomfortable"
Pro: "I was pleasantly surprised they had a snack service on such a short flight. The flight attendants were very friendly"
Contra: "Amsterdam customs is the most disorganized I have ever seen. With the number of tourists entering the country you would think they would have done something about it. There were only 2 customs agents!! One for all passports and 1 for all passports. We were in the customs hall longer than we were in flight!"
Pro: "Great food"
Contra: "Sears we're toooo small"
Contra: "The leg room on the long flight was less than I would have wished and it was particularly bad when the person in front put their seat back. this was a day time flight and it would have been good to have a bit more room to use a laptop."
Pro: "Priority boarding was appreciated and the flights were on time. Service was fine. Schipol was good."
Contra: "That I was forced to check my baggage. I never received a chain ticket for my luggage. The flight has a 32 hour layover and KLM lost my luggage and it was not found until a week after my arrival back home. I still have not received my bag at this time. The boarding crew was manually tracking who boarded and who didn't. It was a cluster."
Pro: "great choice of entertainment content, friendly crew"
Pro: "That we didn't crash"
Contra: "Being delayed and missing my connecting flight. No entertainment onboard (for hours and hours)."
Contra: "Why do the crew have to slam the overhead and catering compartments to get them to shut?"
Pro: "Flight was efficient enough and staff were friendly."
Contra: "It was delayed quite a bit and more on-time updates would have been appeciated."
Pro: "Free wee cake."
Contra: "Nothing in particular."
Contra: "The fact that there are different airline carriers for one flight is hard. In my second flight they made me check a bag which was considered a carry on during my first flight"
Pro: "Flight attendants tried their best given what they had to work with."
Contra: "They can not retire these old Boeing 747's soon enough. Due to mechanical problems, our flight arrived at LAXfour and a half hours late and further problems with the cargo door caused an additional one hour delay of our take off."
Pro: "Flight attendants were friendly, but they only had limited resources to work with."
Contra: "Worst aircraft I have been on in years. No wifi or entertainment, no power outlets, only bad wine/beer for a 3+ hour flight is mediocre at best..."
Pro: "Friendliest economy class service I've ever encountered."
Pro: "It's the best flight I could get for such a low price. But don't expect to to get the best and newest planes around but it's still overall a good experience."
Contra: "Quite bummed that the flight didn't have wifi / USB):"

Avionul, fiind foarte mic (și, probabil, vechi), senzațiile au fost nu tocmai plăcute - îmi părea că suntem frunză-n vânt. Majoritatea călătorilor au avut stare de disconfort, din momentul decolării până când avionul a ajuns la o înălțime unde s-a putut stabiliza...

Pro: "Crew super"
Contra: "food, seat. In general the whole aircraft is not convenient"
Pro: "Good short flight."
Contra: "Open both for passengers to enter terminal on arrival in Bucharest."
Pro: "Short flight."
Contra: "When the passengers walked into the terminal building from the tarmac in Otopeni Airport (Bucharest), BOTH wings of the double door could have been open! Only one was. Otherwise flight was fine."
Pro: "Nothing"
Pro: "The seat was super"
Pro: "Even if it’s August, there was no delay."
Contra: "Because it was very crowded and hot, we had to wait a little before getting out of the bus. The aiplain was a little bit old and looked dirty."
Pro: "Staff, seat."
Contra: "Delayed again: 40 mins"
Contra: "DO NOT FLY THIS AIRLINE they lost my luggage and WILL NOT ANSWER THE PHONE not sure if I'll ever get it back. Worst customer service ever."
Pro: "Leg room, online check in, being on time. Overall ok."
Contra: "Old plane, dry food, not too friendly staff and. Not the best value for money"
Pro: "Flawless process! Great customer service!"
Contra: "Arrival of baggage on the carousel."
Contra: "Timing"
Pro: "Clean."
Contra: "Boarding via bus."
Pro: "Landing"
Contra: "Delayed for 3,5 hours"
Contra: "Lots of turbulences at landing, due tonthe heavy rain."
Contra: "Not so many movies"
Pro: "Crew was very good, professional"
Contra: "You should look for a proper bread,better sandwich and a healthier desert."
Pro: "Fast boarding"
Contra: "Everything was perfect!"
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "Everything flight was booked have to wait 5 hours for another flight"
Contra: "Confort"
Pro: "The planes were very comfortable very clean very well performing landings and takeoffs for smooth no vibration very comforting food was great the staff was amazing some of the best I've ever seen the airports are great too"
Contra: "It was ok for me but someone in a wheelchair might have a tough time"
Pro: "short time flight"
Contra: "no entertainment/poor food"
Pro: "The one good thing was that they delivered me and my luggage safe and sound to the destination."
Contra: "Delayed boarding, very uncomfortable and extremely little legroom, no blanket/pillow, dirty/smelly bathroom, ran out of almost all supplies in the bathroom. Entertainment - nonexistent. I would not choose this airline if it weren't for the price."
Pro: "Received a banana with my meal"
Contra: "I was one of about 50 passengers who arrived in Bucharest to discover their bags had not been put on the flight. Due to spending over an hour in the airport sorting this out, and the flight being highly delayed, I missed my connecting flight."
Pro: "Smooth flight, the staff was friendly."
Contra: "10 minutes delay at departure."
Pro: "Comfy seats"
Contra: "Both flights were on time!!! Comfy economy seats"
Pro: "Food"
Contra: "Flight was late and I almost missed my connection to Tel Aviv plane."
Pro: "FOOD and the crew"
Contra: "everything else: the plane was old and unaccommodating for a 9 hr flight, entertainment was terrible -small and damaged screen- no wi-fi, no electronics charging capabilities. I felt like in a prison"
Pro: "Some us above"
Contra: "No leg room between seats"
Pro: "the lady in your desk was nice and extremely helpful. We dad a problem with the registration of one of out tickets. She solved it for us/ She did her best to give us the places we asked for. Excellent attention. Sorry I do not know her name."
Pro: "Very nice crew; short flight 60', 2 mini croissants and two cookies, really good coffee; easy check in; easy baggage control; people ready to help."
Contra: "N/A"
Pro: "On time,very frindly attendants q"
Pro: "The check-in at Brussels was quick and the staff conpetent; the boarding occurred at the time specified; the plane was clean; in Bucharest, the trip to the terminal on a bus was quick ; a hot lunch of chicken with sauce and rice pilaf was good. In-flight service was fine."
Contra: "The AirFi system allowed for movies and games on one's own internet device, but did not allow for an internet conection during the flight to email or surffing."
Pro: "well organized; nice service attendance, friendly and efficient staff."
Contra: "na"
Contra: "Flight attendants telling me take off my headphones, this isn't 1999"
Pro: "Bad"
Pro: "On time, direct flight, friendly crew"
Pro: "Staff were cordial and efficient. Boarding was efficient and smooth."
Contra: "Uncomfortable chairs (little legroom, no leaning backs for the seats)."
Pro: "Flight was friendly, surprised we still got food for a 03:40 flight that was only 2 hours long. On time boarding for once."
Contra: "Way too early of a flight, had trouble sleeping on plan."
Pro: "The food was great! Did not expect to be fed on this flight, so it was a plus. Staff friendly, accommodating. A very comfortable trip."
Contra: "The plane was delayed almost an hour, and we were not even told why until on the plane."
Pro: "safety fly"
Contra: "seats were too small, food looks not well"
Pro: "ON TIME."
Contra: "My baggage was left in Paris and flown with the next flight"
Pro: "Good cabin service, with a smile, and complimentary food was served on a relatively short flight"
Contra: "No problems."
Pro: "Ground crew informed us on the reason of delay, bad weather over Bucharest."
Contra: "Midnight flight was the only option, and it was even then more than half hour delayed."
Contra: "Passport control is a mess, please help people to understand where to go. What to do.!!!!!!!!!!"
Contra: "My flight was 35mins late. I almost lost my bus from Bucharest to Bulgaria, because of that."
Pro: "Crew was great and food was good and plentiful despite being only a quick flight"
Pro: "Service and punctuality were spot on. No in-flight entertainment for our short flight from Timisoara to Bucharest, so bring a book or e-book. A good sandwich was provided, though. Just found a fare with Tarom and Air France that is half the cost of the other airlines. I would definitely take advantage of this if I were headed overseas again."

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