Găsește zboruri ieftine de la Gibraltar către Bucureşti

Găsește zboruri ieftine de la Gibraltar către Bucureşti

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  • Cauți zboruri ieftine către Bucureşti? 25% dintre utilizatorii noștri au găsit bilete către Bucureşti pentru următoarele prețuri sau chiar mai ieftine: Din Milano Aeroportul Internațional Milano-Malpensa: 130 lei, doar dus; 193 lei, dus-întors, de la Santiago de Compostela: 517 lei, doar dus; 705 lei, dus-întors, de la Kuala Lumpur: 1.806 lei, doar dus; 3.005 lei, dus-întors
  • Sezonul înalt coincide cu lunile ianuarie, februarie și decembrie. Cea mai ieftină lună pentru a zbura către Bucureşti este ianuarie.
  • Introdu aeroportul tău de plecare preferat și datele de călătorie în câmpul de căutare de mai sus pentru a accesa ultimele oferte la zborurile Bucureşti.

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Cum găsește KAYAK prețuri atât de mici la zborurile către Bucureşti?

Cum poate funcționalitatea Prognoza prețului să mă ajute să îmi rezerv zborul către Bucureşti în cel mai bun moment?

Care este opțiunea KAYAK Mix pentru zborurile către către Bucureşti?

Ce este funcționalitatea „date flexibile" și cu ce mă poate ajuta atunci când caut un zbor către Bucureşti?

Principalele companii aeriene zboară de la Gibraltar către Bucureşti

Notele conform evaluărilor din partea clienților KAYAK

Qatar Airways
Scor general bazat pe 10.995 evaluări
Evaluările companiei aeriene

Pro: "Crew were Great, With great service"
Contra: "10/10"

Pro: "crews are ok. but they run out chicken entre. awful."
Contra: "entertainment was poor. use remote control, really."

Pro: "Overall experience was good!"
Contra: "Keep the good work up."

Contra: "Qatar Airways... Never to expect more"

Pro: "Everything was great, as the flight wasn't full, so we could relax"

Pro: "Everything"
Contra: "Nothing"

Pro: "Was the crew amazing and nice"

Contra: "Handling flight delay"

Pro: "The Crew were excellent, friendly, professional and attentative."
Contra: "We checked in seven and a half hours before this flight as we had just flown from Melbourne Australia to Qatar landing that same day at 0435am in the morning with this flight being delayed from 805 am to 12 noon then to find that we had been allocated the last row right at the toilets. Horrible."

Pro: "the new seating in Business Class is very comfortable and so similar, although slightly less spacious, than First on some carriers. Crew is top class. Doha is a great airport too. I prefer it to Dubai."

Contra: "Long trip"

Pro: "The entertainment was reasonable, I enjoyed the festive choices."
Contra: "Screaming babies, obese people sat next to me, water rationing, not a pleasant experience. Arrived sleep deprived and dehydrated. I have much better experiencs on a visit to Australia - this was my third time this year!"

Pro: "The plane was relatively new, the original departure time was also slightly delayed, but overall it wasn’t that bad."
Contra: "The hot food has some room for improvement, although it tasted good, there was hardly any vegetables in the chicken dish."

Pro: "The crew and comfort of the flying ship is excellent."
Contra: "No one stopped several children from screaming almost the entire flight. I’m thinking they need to put all families with children younger than 8 behind a partition. HAHA!! Just kidding. But that was very frustrating."

Pro: "Ground crew was especially helpful to my mother who could not speak English or Arabic, and had never flown before. She also had difficulty walking, so everyone assisted her in the airport and during her long connection in Doha."

Contra: "Did not make this flight."

Pro: "Good service."
Contra: "Poor choice of entertainment."

Contra: "Snack options were a bit limited for such a long flight"

Contra: "Qatar Airlines charged us a 600 Euro fee for missing a flight even though we contacted them before to explain the circumstances beyond our control."

Contra: "they need to do family section"

Pro: "Food excellent. Great movie selection. Very nice dreamliner. No complaints"

Contra: "I used Qatar airways 3 times so far. In the last flight, were a connection has 8 hours between 2 flights, they deny me to stay in a hotel. The last 2 flights which have exactly the same schedule, I used the hotel in that 8 hours between the 2 flights. I asked why, they told me that my ticket is not eligible to the hotel, although, I bought the last two times from Kayak, with almost same price. My first flight with Qatar Airways was on July 2017. My second flight with Qatar Airways was on August 2017. My third flight with Qatar Airways was on Jan 208."

Pro: "They do not provide hotel service even in a 11 hour layover saying the ticket is pomotional. If that is the case, why they sell tickets on promotion? Cheap mentality"

Pro: "The Crew The food"
Contra: "Transiting. Made to stay in the airport for over 8hours after a 9hr 35mins flight. I was not happy about it. I hope that, on the return journey, when transiting time would be over 10hours, i would be lodged in a hotel. Thank you."

Pro: "Onboard crew pleasant and service efficient as always. Seats more comfortable than other airlines but aisles so narrow EVERYONE bumped me going by for 15 hours."
Contra: "Ground crews remain the downfall of this airline. Long line in Doha to re-clear security on international connection FROM USA! Fastidiously weighing and forcing mutiple repacks of carry-on bags even though well under total limit of checked & carry. (Doha agent told me dfferent rules appied for carrry on 2nd plane even though I asked specifically frm original agent who checked me thru to final dest--insisted I check main carry on even though there turned out to be plenty of overhead room on board). Poor coordination of checkin lines, security lanes, and flow of people -- all fixable with a little forethought, engineering, and better utilization of circulation space -- and much clearer communication!"

Pro: "Friendly service, and comfortable ride, will gladly fly again"

Pro: "Very professional ground staff and cabin crew; very genuine and trained well. However, the first class food is absolutely subpar. Entertainment choices were great though & the lie flat seats are fab!"
Contra: "The food"

Pro: "All"
Contra: "None"

Pro: "Leg room was relatively better than the Doha to Atlanta leg."
Contra: "No goodie bags this time"

Contra: "Should use 380 craft"

Pro: "Very kind & friendly crew. Boarding was smooth & flight was comfortable. Food was good considering it's airline food."

Pro: "Boarding was very ease and helpful for my family while I was traveling with kids I appreciate that fact that customer service at boarding was reached out to my wife to help and make us feel great thru the process thanks"
Contra: "No comment"

Pro: "all"

Pro: "Crew were extremely helpful and kind. Very responsible and polite."
Contra: "LCD was not touch screen and was extremely difficult to work with . I couldn't scape from an accidental menu which I was dropped in games and missed whole flight to enjoy something in LCD ."

Pro: "Enjoyed the food and the service from the crew. Plane was new and relatively new and comfortable."
Contra: "The check in agents were not very polite or helpful. They did not offer much assistance and help for a first time customer on Qatar Airways. My bags were also not loaded onto the plane and had to arrive on a later flight"

Contra: "It's been more than 50 hours and I still haven't received both of my checked in luggage"

Pro: "Excellent crew who were warm and attentive. Wide range of entertainment options."
Contra: "Food was disappointing. No western option despite it being a London bound flight."

Pro: "It was a direct flight with good food and movies to choose from"
Contra: "Small cramped seats in economy"

Contra: "Since I was sitting in the row starting a new section in the plane (row 26?), crew members walked in front of me throughout the whole flight. Sometimes if my legs were extended, they were stepping over me, so it just got annoying."

Pro: "We were late for our originally flight, got to LAX 15 minutes after check-in was closed, although we checked in online prior, but due to 4th of July weekend the freeway was very heavy traffic. So we ended up going back next day with the supervisor's incredible allowance, offer. I got very emotional when she told us our option. Thank you. Unfortunatley I didn't get her name, due to our shock))"

Pro: "Comfort and cleanliness."

Contra: "Thank you"

Contra: "We could not watch anything as my wife and my screen did not work."

Pro: "Over all it was a good experience"
Contra: "IEvery thing was fine."

Contra: "We had to wait for about 5 years, more than 3 hours unscheduled wait. During this time we were provided with a very poor breakfast."

Pro: "Seats in Business Class are heaven. You get quality rest. Very spacious. Food is good but should have option of healthy sides (steam or sauteed vegetables dor example). On board crew very helpful and polite with a minor exception"
Contra: "Food is good but should have option of healthy sides (steam or sauteed vegetables dor example). Too much potato. One flight attendant with an attitude can affect overall experience. Not sure if because of inexperience or just the wrong way to approach customers. I could tell this person was struggling trying to be genuinely nice. Complicated process to upgrade from economy to business"

Pro: "Crew was great. Very helpful and caring"
Contra: "Flying in and out of Doha and being marked for yet another deep search was so frustrating"

Pro: "Flight was great, best over seas flight I've ever had!"
Contra: "My only complaint was that we had a 10 hour layover in Qatar....and it was when the city was closed down. So there was nothing for my new husband and I to do. I wish that the airline would have given us more direction and help. Or have us a room for the night"

Contra: "No consistency with hand luggage. My companions and I were held to strict weight limits. Others were getting on with three and four bags."

Pro: "It was great."

Contra: "Wow! BA has managed to finally match Ryan Air and Easy Jet for tight seat pitch and charging for soft drinks but at thrice the price!!!"

Contra: "Very tight seating in the double decker near the rear particularly for a six hour flight. Food and drink were very good and check -in clerk got us on an earlier flight. Only complaint really was the lack of any leg room."

Pro: "The service, was excellent"
Contra: "Other passengers not respecting the crews instructions....."

Contra: "This was not a low cost flight such as Ryan Air, etc. I expect British Airways to provide at least complimentary water, which they did not! Come on! For $240 per ticket you could at least offer a free glass of water and a pack of peanuts."

Contra: "all"

Pro: "The crew was very attentive and professional. The seats were comfortable and food was good!"
Contra: "Keep the lights off :)"

Contra: "steak was dry. lite lunch was very salty shrimp"

Pro: "Crew was very accommodating, seats were comfortable"
Contra: "everything was good"

Pro: "Boarding and the flight itself were uneventful. Departure slightly early and arrival consequently early too."
Contra: "Paying for simple tea or coffee? I know a profit needs to be made but come on! I was missed completely by the cabin service the first time, and had to ask for tea on the second. I don’t know when they started charging for tea, but it was unwelcome, cool, and not particularly refreshing. I expect better of BA."

Pro: "The overall flight experience was positive."
Contra: "Our tickets were suspended before our flight to Nairobi. We can’t understand why BA would do this?"

Pro: "Not much - inflated BA fare for mediocre offering; definitely not business class when compared to proper premium airlines."
Contra: "Cramped seats. Poor food. Disorganized boarding more soon to low cost budget carriers. Which is what BA competes against now, albeit for premium prices."

Contra: "i was asked to pay to check in my luggage :("

Pro: "Fast onboarding, quick flight, travel agent went above and beyond fixing my ticket"
Contra: "My ticket had to be reissued and I was the last one to board the plane."

Pro: "Snacks or water had to be purchased No in flight entertainment Crew not so nice"

Contra: "No WiFi"

Pro: "Our airline steward was incredible."

Pro: "Crew was pleasant enough"
Contra: "British airways is always delayed, I never make my connection, I had to be rescheduled on the way there and on the way home"

Contra: "The guy seated next to me was too big for his seat and he took up about 20% of my seat. Absolutely disgusting. My seat should have cost 20% less because I did not have access to my full space. Crew should be trained to not allow customers who cannot fit into a single seat to only have a ticket for one seat. The crew identifies bags that do not fit, they should do the same thing with people."

Pro: "We made it safely. The Pilot was excellent in making sure the plane was safe and keeping us informed."
Contra: "We were a little late."

Pro: "This was a very full flight and the crew were exceptionally patient with everyone. Much appreciated."

Contra: "How the power outage was handled at Schiphol was chaotic"

Pro: "Arrived safely at destination."
Contra: "Even coffee cost money? Had to request water. Just cattle moving through."

Pro: "Flight was delayed however the crew got us back as fast as they could and we where very happy with the service"

Contra: "The layover in London was too short and we missed the follow-on flight due to the flight getting into London late and BA not getting us through the terminal rapidly."

Pro: "Food and cabin crew were good"
Contra: "Cabin configuration in business is awful. Everyone has to step over, or be stepped over, to get to aisle. Seats are narrow (and I’m a small person!). Inflight entertainment is poor, and the touch screen is not very good."

Pro: "Ice cream. Nowday, on flight food is hard to find the tasty one."

Contra: "BA 884 and BA 885 (a 3 hours flight!) had no water , coffee and food at all !!! PLEASE HELP US !!!"

Contra: "Missed flight due to incompetence"

Pro: "Fast boarding, comfortable plane"
Contra: "Have to pay for everything including coffee, tea or water. No entertainment at all"

Contra: "horrible seating"

Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "Everything... including from London to Venice I need check my small luggage and they broke all . The small and the big one how I can be reimbursed for the damages? I need throw in the garbage both luggage’s now..I am really mad about it."

Pro: "The crew was very attentive and especially pleasant."
Contra: "The crew was very attentive and especially pleasant."

Pro: "Good staff service, good leg room."
Contra: "Could use more variety in channel options for entertainment."

Contra: "Nothing was on time, zero service, non existent customer service"

Contra: "The entertainment system is outdated and the touchscreen was poor"

Pro: "It wasn’t unpleasant"
Contra: "M&S should be ashamed to put their name to this dreadful selection of food. EasyJet has a more varied selection for gluten intolerance. The boarding experience could not be more anachronistic - every gem and precious metal under the sun is given priority (emerald card??) and it is just about left unsaid that the final people allowed to board are the Plebs. What a dispiriting experience and one I now have to repeat after the demise of Monarch, who were so much better."

Pro: "Great crew."

Pro: "Boarding was easy."
Contra: "My flight was delayed after we were already on the plane. We weren’t offered any complimentary snacks or beverages, most likely because it was a “short 2 1/2 hour flight.” Flight took longer than originally stated."

Contra: "Food cost was a surprise. No biggie, just glad I brought a snack"

Contra: "Delays both for takeoff & landing resulting in my missing connection. Appallingly slow service - I was sitting in the rear and we were over southwest London in a holding pattern before we got any service- 2 and a half hours into the flight. BA needs to place more attendants or give the crew some instruction in efficiency...."

Pro: "Plane captain very informative"
Contra: "Airport ground staff very unhelpful"

Pro: "Comfortable seats, good movie selection, free wine with meal"
Contra: "Flight attendants not friendly, poor service, terrible breakfast."

Pro: "Fairly clean, on time and staff were very nice."
Contra: "No food or drink anymore! You have to pay to get a budget airline at premium prices."

Pro: "nice modern electronics"
Contra: "breakfast high in calories but very low in pleasure"

Pro: "Excellent Airline....."
Contra: "No Wifi"

Pro: "The connecting flight got canceled and 24 hours latter we are still in the airport trying to get to our final destination."
Contra: "We rebooked our flight to another flight firvthe following day and that one got canceled too. They have not returned our luggage yet. They said within a week we'll get our luggage. The worst company on the planet. Do not fly them. Our vacation has turned into a nightmare. We had to repurchase tickets with a different company so we can get to our final destination. We don't know if we'll get reimbursed for any portion of this."

Pro: "The seats on this little plane were more comfortable than the huge double decker plane."

Pro: "Crew is very nice"
Contra: "Seats are pretty small"

Contra: "Drinks service with no snacks, limited films just very much a cattle class experience like any of the big American airlines. Before, if given a chance and the prices being more or less equal I would pick BA over other competitors. Interior of the plane was slightly tired and needed better cleaning."

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Informații legate de COVID-19

Măsurile de siguranță ale companiile care zboară de la Gibraltar către Bucureşti

Companiile aeriene care zboară de la Gibraltar către Bucureşti au adoptat măsuri de siguranță suplimentare și și-au modificat politicile pentru a răspunde mai bine nevoilor călătorilor. Politicile variază de la o companie la alta.

Igienizare sporită

Curățenie zilnică, instalare a filtrelor HEPA în cabine pe zborurile de la Gibraltar către Bucureşti

Mască obligatorie

Măști obligatorii la îmbarcare, măști oferite pe zborurile de la Gibraltar către Bucureşti

Locuri care respectă distanțarea socială

Scaunele din mijloc indisponibile pentru rezervare pe zborurile de la Gibraltar către Bucureşti

Testare înainte de zbor

Testare pentru anticorpi, testare pentru simptome pe zborurile de la Gibraltar către Bucureşti

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