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GOT — România
3 aug — 10 aug1
1 adult
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Zbor din Gothenburg Landvetter către Timișoara Internațional Timișoara - Traian Vuia
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  • Cauți un zbor ieftin? 25% dintre utilizatorii noștri au găsit bilete de la Gothenburg către România la următoarele prețuri sau chiar mai ieftine: doar dus către Bucureşti: 237 €; dus-întors: 398 €, doar dus către Iași: 129 €; dus-întors: 341 €, doar dus către Timișoara: 61 €; dus-întors: 127 €
  • Sezonul înalt coincide cu lunile ianuarie, februarie și decembrie. Cea mai ieftină lună pentru a zbura către România este ianuarie.
  • Plecările de dimineață sunt, în general, cu aproximativ 56% mai ieftine decât zborurile de după-amiaza*.
*În medie, cel mai mic preț afișat în rezultatele de căutare KAYAK pentru plecările din următoarele 30 de zile

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Notele conform evaluărilor din partea clienților KAYAK
LufthansaScor general bazat pe 28734 evaluări
Evaluările companiei aeriene

Friendly crew.

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Friendly crew.

4 hours late. This after already traveling for 20 hours. It was simply miserable, and simply typical. What is wrong with the air industry right now?

Better movies. Airplane food always needs improvement but it wasn’t bad.

We’ll I missed my connecting flight because they were late and that means I missed my carpool ride at the airport I would have flown Into now I have to arrive at midnight and pay for a taxi not happy

The crew was oustanding, very personal service.

This leg of the journey was excellent.

There were no choices for the food. Only a vegetarian meal. The flight crew were very friendly and helpful but the food choices need to be improved.

Pro: "The crew positive attitude"
Contra: "We understand the COVID-19 crisis but a drink on board other than water will not have bid cost impact on Air Canada, for instance juice or cola,... Also, access on internet on board is now payable -$25 for the flight is exaggerated, it should be free knowing the limited number of passengers on board"
Contra: "Lufthansa not taking any responsibility for allowing connection time to be so short. Everyone on the fight from London missed their connections!"
Contra: "the entertainment kept cutting in and out on itself, and i was listening to classical music and it simply didn't work to hear anything whole. annoying but not critical"
Pro: "Reasonably comfortable seat"
Contra: "The flights was considerably delayed, due to Lufthansa's operation issues. Information provided at the terminal was nearly non existent and the posted information on the extent of the delay was inaccurate and not updated. All in all, not effective and non communicative handling."
Pro: "very on time (before time actually), great crew - professional but also very friendly and you could see they liked their journey that day."
Contra: "for that flight really nothing - great."
Pro: "Efficiency"
Contra: "Na"
Contra: "Not sure about booking with flyus. Com- next time I will prefer not to use Kayak if flight is booked through flyus.com"
Pro: "Personal flight attendant. Didnt have to wait for anything. Personal customizable TV. Articulating chair. Food choices and flavors were amazing!"
Contra: "A little pricey, bathrooms were a little crammed"
Pro: "Got moved to an earlier flight which gave us more time to catch the connection in Germany."
Contra: "We did not request an earlier flight, so we had no idea to expect it when we checked in the day before departure. The flight was changed from 813 to 811. Upon arrival at airport we were sent to gate for flight 813 when printed the tickets (for 811). VERY confusing. No notice from Kayak on the change, and Kayak still showed us on the 813."
Contra: "Boarding was a free for all. My seat was near the front of the plane but the crew directed me to enter at the back of the plane. There were people entering from both the front and the back, meaning people were stuck trying to get past each other in the tight aisle. It was difficult to find space in the overhead compartments for carryon luggage due to people bringing too much stuff - the crew should have stepped in and helped. The food was a bad chicken sandwich with condiments that I could not eat."
Pro: "Height Space, good pilot and some of the food. Good landing and overall pilot skill."
Contra: "For the whole journey I had a small child kicking, knocking, tapping behind me. Kept waking me up also nearly ten hours of whining. I was genuinely uneasy and uncomfortable for the whole trip. I think there should be a designated child with adult area as I really don’t think this is acceptable. It is stressful enough traveling for 30+ hours this really is not welcome."
Pro: "The service to clients number one. I like"
Pro: "The seats were spacious. I loved the options for viewing, klistening, etc on the tablets attached to the seat in front of me. Great service from the flight attendants. Lots of food service & drinks. Thankful for sitting close to first class."
Contra: "I would have preferred an aisle seat. Difficult to get out of the rows without everyone having to get up."
Contra: "Didn’t like the breakfast at all"
Pro: "Great staff, quick boarding and vegetarian options were avaliable. This was the most pleasant experience I've had with a flight service. I commend Lufthansa and the crew of this aircraft."
Contra: "Minimal entertainment but understandable for a short flight."
Contra: "delayed boarding then waited three hours after we boarded for deicing. The piolet and crew did not update us. Made the flight very long."
Pro: "Great staff, amazing experience."
Contra: "No vegetarian food"
Contra: "Charged $200 for extra bag after a phone customer service representative confirmed it was only $100 at the airport"
Pro: "Travel time was good and easy travel"
Contra: "Entertainment tv tapes"
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "The flight attendant did not bring the wheel chair and take me to the bus where I waited too long and when I arrived to customs no wheel chair was there and I asked every officer there how to get the wheel chair no one helped after long time one officer called and the chair arrived and he transferred me to a cart the driver was very bad he did not help in seating me and I sit on the back with my carry on when he drives like crazy I fell on the floor screeming he stopped and place me in the front and he asked if I need a doctor I told him no I just need to catch my flight although I was hurt badly with a very big bruise and when I reach the gate the plane was gone and I have to wait for another flight to take me to San Francisco and from there to Los Angeles and I singed a paper that I don't want a doctor"
Contra: "My flight schedule changed after I bought the ticket, which resulted in paying for the hotel for the extra night and using one more PTO day."
Pro: "Nice plane, airy. Lufthansa crew are always nice."
Contra: "Chaotic check-in. I'd checked in and selected seats in advance. But flight was overbooked and I got a standby ticket with no seat while my 4 family members, including 3 on the same reservation, were seated. I had to stand in line as a standby, and then was assigned a seat that didn't recline at all -- not the best for an overnight flight, and having planned, checked in and gotten a seat, IOW done what I was supposed to, it wasn't a nice way to be treated."
Pro: "Staff was consistently professional, courteous, and good-natured. The seats were fairly comfortable for economy. The food was perfectly fine. Movie selection was very good. Overall very comfortable flight that left and arrived on time!"
Pro: "Beautiful day to fly. Flight attendants were very nice! Great service!"
Contra: "Nothing."
Pro: "The honesty of the staff and the constant updates"
Contra: "Flight was delayed and overall the flight wasn't comfortable."
Pro: "They welcome you on the plane."
Contra: "They tried to make me pay for my laptop bag, telling me it was a handbag. NEVER pay for a laptop bag!!!"
Pro: "Food is worse"
Contra: "Too crowded"
Pro: "Good crew, okay seats, perfectly adequate food"
Contra: "Entertainment choices were not so hot. Lots of movies, but few new ones."
Pro: "it was on time and we arrived in one piece"
Contra: "the second leg from FRA to BUD entailed a massively disorganized, no queue control free for all to go through the boarding gates, all of which just led to an overcrowded bus.... which meandered through the airport to your jet on the tarmac.. they then allowed boarding from either rear or front of plane which of course lead to the throngs meeting in the middle and trying to squeeze past each other... horrible. Then... the checked bag did not make it to Budapest as they forgot to transfer it in FRA. so, yeah all in all it was a cheap flight and we got what we paid for."
Pro: "entertainment"
Contra: "narrow seat"
Pro: "Cleanliness, entertainment"
Contra: "Food and legrooms have to be the worst in international flights."
Pro: "Same as above but even better."
Contra: "The second flight they board us then left us on the bus in the parking lot for 25 minutes breathing airplane fuel."
Contra: "First leg of our flight was delayed, second flight departed before we landed."
Pro: "I don't like anything"
Contra: "I don't like food crew members Bad odour flight"
Pro: "Confident pilots and hostesses."
Contra: "They rescheduled me for 40+ hours of flight instead of the 19 that I had paid for. Instead of flying me directly Turin to Munich, I had to go Turin to Frankfurt, 5.5 hour layover, then Frankfurt to Munich, 13.5 hour layover, then Munich to Denver. 2 of those 3 flights were an hour delayed."
Pro: "Crew was helpful. Liked the ice cream bars"
Contra: "Repetitive food choices. Same movies as last month so if you take long trips,you run out of options. I spent 28 hours on flights in Nov and Dec"
Pro: "very good service overall Gothenburg airport is great"
Contra: "such early flight!"
Contra: "Did not take this flight due to delay missed my connection by 15 mins... Rescheduling was easy but flight was not convenant"
Pro: "Had one passenger in a wheelchair and we had great help!"
Pro: "Food and service"
Contra: "Entertainment. Sound so bad I had to use subtitles! Boarding complete chaos. No line, everyone wanted to be first."
Pro: "Cleanliness. Crew members were up and doing. Very efficient."
Contra: "Food needs an upgrade."

Totul bun.

Pro: "I wasn’t even allowed to board because of their huge lack of knowledge And misscommunication"
Contra: "I wasn’t even allowed to board because of their huge lack of knowledge And misscommunication"
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "Ryanair announced that we could postpone the flights without any cost due to corona virus and when I tried to reach them/to change the flight date the change tax was still there."
Pro: "never ever use this Momondo again"
Contra: "no customer service"
Pro: "Great flight"
Contra: "Everything was great"
Contra: "Dilated 2/5h"
Pro: "The crew at the airport were clued up and took action when they knew the flight was going to be delayed. They ensured everyone was checked in for the flight and boardring passes checked before gathering everyone in the correct groups so we could board quickly. Pilot got us there ahead of schedule!"
Pro: "Easy trip. Crew relaxed, short flight."
Contra: "The process of getting on the flight is the most exhausting part: distance to Terminal 1, multiple screenings and checks, then another long bus ride to the plane. The flight itself was is the easiest part at this airport."
Contra: "This is my first time using Ryan Air. I have a very good experience."
Pro: "Flight was quick"
Contra: "The representative at check in almost charged us €100 for a checked bag we’d already paid for when we bought our tickets online. When I asked her “didn’t we already pay for this?” She checked her screen and just said “oh” and let us through."
Pro: "No delay"
Pro: "Although I had a 40 minutes flight, it was really good. The crew were very amiable and fun. All amazing!"
Contra: "It would be an impressive feat, seeing that in regular flights is already annoying, with little sleep and no explanation for the delay whatsoever it would be nice."
Pro: "Quickness with the site. Easy to use"
Contra: "1) my first issue is that my card was charged 2x before having to run it a 3rd time to guarantee my flight. I guess Kayak and Ryanair do not communicate as easily as other carriers. 2) I was charged $50 Euro at the counter for NOT checking in. I attempted to check in numerous times, but it was not allowing me to check in. I received a booking confirmation, but never received a confirmation ID that would have allowed me to check in on the flight. I would appreciate if Kayak would have a response to this?"
Pro: "Olsztyn - Mazury Airport. Beautiful!"
Contra: "Luggage checking took 35 mins."
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "We were told to board but then waited in line an hour We then waited on the tarmac for 45mins We then arrived and waited for the bus A whole lot of waiting for a simple quick flight"
Pro: "Friendly crew."
Contra: "Hour late departure , which is a frequent event... perhaps due to summer weather. Putting a two year old sitting alone, away from parents and insisting parents should make arrangements with other passengers. Standing outside the plane another fifteen minutes."
Pro: "The captain (pilot) and the crew were friendly and helpful"
Contra: "2 hrs 30 min delay trapped on board without air con. I was with my son (7 weeks old) and didn’t have enough space to breastfeed and fresh air to cope with the heat."
Contra: "We did not have internet and computer access during our trip and when we arrived at the airport to check in we were told that there was a high fee for airport checkin. Never in my 30 years of airline travel have i experienced such s redicilous and outragous thing. I paid 196 euros today because we were not able to check in online rven though Ryanaiir had several checkin counters!. This was certainly the last time i flew with Ryanair and I will share this experience with my friends and family."
Pro: "Low(ish) cost, no fuss actually made about baggage despite ludicrous amount of e-mails and instructions"
Contra: "Non-frills seats and boarding starts fairly late and then is a bit cumbersome."
Contra: "They charge €65 to issue you a boarding pass if you don’t check-in online, which is impossible if you don’t have a data plan when traveling and when the confirmation they send you is a different language (Greek when flying out of santorini). About 40 people on our flight of ~170 had to pay €65 extra! Customer service is also horrible as they really don’t care to help you at all!"
Pro: "Arrive 5 minutes earlier"
Contra: "The boarding was a mess. We had to wait in the bus for about 40 minutes because the plane was not ready yet. The landing was rough. But I guess it’s okay because it’s very cheap."
Pro: "Shut my eyes, and woke up when the plane landed."
Pro: "Boarding and flying time very good"
Contra: "Noisy passengers (stag party and 40birthday)"
Pro: "It’s nice flying into Alicante where often those awful automatic passport machines give way to mails checks so much faster"
Pro: "Crew. 1 small and 1 cabin bag for free. Much better then Wizz air."
Contra: "I HATE RYAN AIRs CHAIRS! I always fall asleep when I fly and then I am falling forward. After 1 or 2 hours flight I end up with nack pain, back pain and a grumpy mode."
Pro: "It got me home"
Contra: "Boarding was slow, seats not together unless you pay, uncomfortable seats, park up in poor location meaning you have to go up and down steps. Not good with push chair"
Contra: "We had technical problems so our flight was late one hour"
Pro: "Attendants on the planes were VERY friendly. Excellent"
Contra: "We purchased priority tickets and were last on the plane. There was no organization at all. Everyone rushed the plane because we were hoarded onto a bus and told to walk to the plane. I'm small so all of the rude people rushed the plane and I had to wait in the back or get trampled. Why did I pay extra for priority? Even at the gate. People just moved the barrier and sat in the priority section. No enforcement of rules at all. So everyone got priority treatment - or you could say no one got priority treatment, just some of us paid extra to be treated like cattle."
Pro: "Not many things, I have got to the destination in one piece"
Contra: "Almost everything releated to the flight from point A to point B was horrible. This was the first and last time I have ever flight with ryanair. People need to know how poor the airline is, and the airline needs yo improve in almost every aspect related"
Contra: "Terrible delays, and the flight wasn't even cheap."
Contra: "Uncomfortable seats"
Pro: "Friendliness"
Contra: "Not available"
Contra: "Due to a technical problem of the aircraft a site inspection was needed. - While waiting, the lead flight attendent, Anikó was chit-chatting in Hungarian with some passengers, sharing different information in an unacceptable, non-professional manner (how often and why Ryanair flights are delayed, how passengers act in such cases, she only had 2h sleep the previous night, etc). A disgrace both for the airline and her profession!"
Contra: "Just not nice . I know it is budget but whole experience was nasty"
Contra: "A lot of turbulence and late boarding."
Pro: "It seems if you don't pay for the seat attribution, the system splits automatically group/couple even if with infant! My husband and I have been separated by more than 30 rows but we had 2 aisle seats! Hopefully a kind person has accepted to exchange his middle seat with my husband seat. In addition, there was no priority to boarding with infant if. You don't pay the priority boarding (although we have to carry the baby in our arm). We have to ask several times to have the specific belt for infant, hopefully it was not our first flight and we knew it was mandatory! We have as well asked for a life jacket for our 4 months baby and they informed us infant and adult life jacket are in the same place above the seat..."
Contra: "Lack of safety rules for infant (to request seat belt, no infant life jacket) Priority of buying options rather to help when traveling with infant (automatic separation on seat distribution, no boarding priority)"
Contra: "Late. No explanation. Left standing on runway also in the heat."
Pro: "Cheap and cheerful.....but that's fine"
Contra: "Delayed flight and quite turbulent but can't be helped"
Pro: "NOTHING. I haven't had a worse airport/airline experience. I would NEVER fly this airline again. No matter the cost. HORRIBLE I felt taken advantage of and swindled. Not to mention incredibly uncomfortable."
Contra: "EVERYTHING. Ryanair is hands down the most horrendous airline I've encountered. What a joke. I can't believe they're in business."
Contra: "Price"
Contra: "Awful experience. Could not print boarding passes online and tried to pull them up at the airport, but there was no internet connection. Staff was incredibly rude and tried to make us pay $50 to print on site. Finally downloaded the passes (which, by the way, we had to obtain at least 24 hrs in advance - an easy email to miss). "Priority boarding" (also paid extra for) was a joke. Everyone had to get on a bus to arrive at the plane, and no order was kept, so it was basically a free-for-all to board the plane (lots of flying elbows). As a result, the overhead space by our seats (second row) was filled and we had to put our bags much further back (again defeating the purpose of "priority boarding"). Upon arrival to our destination, there was zero indication that our checked bag would be at completely different terminal. It took going through lost and found and 2 information folks to find the correct baggage claim area (and another go through security). All in all, a terrible experience. Not worth the extra $$ we may have saved. AVOID!!!"
Contra: "Walked almost 20mn in rain to get to the plane"
Pro: "The efficiency of boarding"
Contra: "Very small leg space and no entertainment at all."
Pro: "Seats don't"
Contra: "I checked in online or so I thought and when I got to the airport they charged us 45pounds a piece nearly $200 simply to check-in. I qualify as an experience flier (likely 1600-1700 flights) over my career. While $200 doesn't ruin our vacation it was clearly theft. Services theft."
Pro: "Fairly quick and efficient service"
Contra: "It was a cramped and dated plane"
Pro: "Extra fees turned a $18 flight into almost $90. Never again will I fly Ryan Air"
Contra: "The extra fees make this airline no bargain . TAP would have been half the price."
Pro: "The flight was fine"
Contra: "The additional charges at the airport because I don't have away to check in online not impressed and my first time flying with them and probably my last"
Pro: "N/a"
Contra: "It was way to small, no room. Rough take off and landing"

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