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Zbor din Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau Intl către Timișoara Internațional Timișoara - Traian Vuia
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Principalele 3 companii aeriene care operează zborul Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau Intl - Timișoara Internațional Timișoara - Traian Vuia

Notele conform evaluărilor din partea clienților KAYAK
Austrian AirlinesScor general bazat pe 4694 evaluări
Evaluările companiei aeriene
Pro: "Very friendly crew, clean airplane."
Contra: "Nothing. They did excellent job."
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Pro: "Very friendly crew, clean airplane."
Contra: "Nothing. They did excellent job."
Contra: "Seat spacing"
Pro: "The crew was super attentive but also knew when to leave people alone and rest with the lights out. The entertainment selection and food were above average."
Contra: "The seat I was in (37 H) was awful, if felt much more cramped than the flight to Macedonia. I felt like I was crammed into a sardine can. The boarding process in Vienna was a joke; the economy seats were all boarded at once; in effect a mass of humanity all rushing toward the gate."
Pro: "Friendly crew and ground crew worked VERY quickly and efficiently to deal with a broken plane and switch us all rather seamlessly to a replacement plane. Impressive."
Pro: "Amazing crew"
Contra: "WIFI"
Pro: "Nice flight attendants,"
Contra: "Timeliness"
Pro: "Will never purchase tickets through kayak ever again"
Pro: "The crew was friendly and particularly one of the girls was always giving her best"
Pro: "I was able to get good seats, front of the plane. 3rd row for all my flights. pretty decent leg room"
Contra: "flight was delayed, 2nd Austtian flight delayed in the same day"
Pro: "Very comfortable journey, leaving on time, arriving on time"
Contra: "Staff is not friendly, does not offer assistance or ask if you need anything."
Contra: "Inside the plane everything was great and the floght atendants were very nice, however in check in I was teated very poorly"
Pro: "Absolutely nothing. Despite booking business class flights 3 months before departure date because we had to attend a very important wedding. Swiss Airlines overbooked the flight but didn’t warn us in advance. This meant my husband was forced to pay over 8 thousand Euros to charter a small private je"
Contra: "So That we could attend the wedding early the next morning in Oldenburg. They then had the audacity to void our return flights. Luckily I spoke with a lovely lady at Lufthansa, explained the situation and she re-instated return flights for an admin fee. Will never ever use Swiss Airlines again."
Pro: "The crews are very polite."
Pro: "Fligth attemdance atention"
Contra: "Delay in the departure (40 min)"
Contra: "very rocky,, too confined for such a long flight.thank you for a good lesson not to go austrian again"
Pro: "Seats more comfortable."
Contra: "Flight left late. Unboarding took a long time. Didn't hold connecting flight, missed it. Now on 5 hr wait and may miss airport transit."
Contra: "See red comment above."
Contra: "First there were problems with the plane... then it got delayed... I missed my connecting flight... now it’s 2 am I have a wedding to get to in 4 hrs and I finally just arrived ."
Pro: "Very friendly service efficient and helpful ready to satisfy unwarranted requests"
Contra: "The check in was very efficient and fast , access to the cabin is well managed Service attendants are smiling always and like to share a bit of fun with the travelers ."
Pro: "Crew was great. Comfortable in terms of airline travel. Entertainment selection was spectacular given the long flights and the fact I was with three kids. Really pleased!"
Contra: "Food was ok, not great."
Pro: "The check in crew were great. They checked my overweight carry on with no problem for free Free alcohol"
Contra: "The food was not edible"
Pro: "Very friendly staff"
Contra: "we had some delay, and they did not inform us at all how long this will take. so this is something ot work on."
Pro: "the crew were very nice polite and helpfull"
Contra: "the flihgt was 3 hours late because a person who did not hold a ticket got on the plane and refused to get off, how can this happen?? this is a major breach of security and made me feel very unsafe"
Contra: "muffin for breakfast ?"
Contra: "Our flight was delayed by three hours due to “technical problems“. We were never updated during the weight and when we were told that the flight was canceled everyone was told to go back to the ticketing area to pick up their luggage and to find other options. When we were almost halfway there we were told to turn around and that the flight in fact was not canceled. The food was mediocre at best in the service on the plane was in adequate. They were understaffed and staff to peer to be stressed and fatigued. The seats were small and cramped and not well padded in the economy section. We are going to be flying on Lufthansa in the spring and will hope that their services are better than what we experienced on Austrian air."
Pro: "Very nice crew."
Contra: "Buses to aircrafts. No snack on short flights."
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "Everything"
Pro: "Very organized airline. Friendly staff."
Pro: "Super friendly"
Contra: "No entertainment"
Pro: "Everything. Keep up the good work."
Pro: "Staff was nice."
Contra: "flight was late."
Pro: "Would have loved shorter transit time through Vienna, or Amman-Frankfurt-DTW (both ways)"
Contra: "Transit time through Vienna was particularly frustrating."
Contra: "Food I think getting worse."
Contra: "LOST BAGGAGE !!!!!!!"
Contra: "Nothing to dislike"
Pro: "Ok flight' late leaving from Vienna because pulling luggage when passengers missing,."
Pro: "They had a yummy snack. And fresh veggies. With great coffee. And the host told us abou the history of a Vienna dessert."
Contra: "Nothing."
Pro: "Good service"
Pro: "Whole process of checking in, security, and boarding was very easy."
Pro: "Plenty of leg room in economy. Will fly again."
Contra: "very tight connection in VIE after a small late departure from LHR but we make the connection."
Pro: "All"
Pro: "They offered passangers ti move to raws that wete half empty so we will have more room."
Pro: "Good service. Enough space for the legs. Drinks before and after the meal ."
Contra: "No usb to charge the phone. No media or moovies on the flight. Should inform ahead of time so we would download moovies to tablet or phone."
Contra: "As I was flying from London Heathrow back to Vienna, I had a carry-on that was allowed on my flight with Austrian from Vienna to London. My carry-on weighed 8 kg, like is required by the rules. While boarding my flight, the woman at the counter told me my bag had to be checked because there were too many carry-ons on the flight. I asked her that I keep my bag because I had medication in there, and she didn't listen to me at all. She just kept repeating that i have to check my bag, and then took my bag from me and gave it to the baggage crew there. I didn't want to make a huge scene because the flight is only 2 hours and I hoped i Could deal without my medication during that time, but I found it incredibly, incredibly rude and awful to not listen to a passenger."
Pro: "Great flight! Excellent service! Excellent food and beverages! Would definitely do it again and recommend it to anyone."
Pro: "Flight services were good. Staff friendly. food was good"
Contra: "boarding at Tel Aviv was terrible. Specifically a staff member name Michelle was unprofessional and did not care much about passengers who waited for hours at the Group line because there was no indication that it is a group line. No one from the airliner bothered to explain or advise the passengers who were waiting and after more tan hour waiting when they eventually got to the head of the line they were told to go and stand in other lines. This was insane Long waiting times confusion Flight was late hence almost missed connection"
Pro: "It was pleasant all around"
Contra: "Flight was very delayed leaving Sofia which made connecting flights for many people a rush and very stressful. People were pulled to the front of the plane and told to rush to catch their flights. My bag didn't make my connecting flight but Austrian delivered it 2 days later."

Iam satisfied with all this.

Waited 7 hours at the airport and now I have no way to locate my luggages because they were checked with tags to a flight that was delayed twice and then canceled last minute. I was told my luggages would be routed to my final destination but they’re not here .

Great staff. Check-in was a nightmare.

Didn't have my boarding pass until Montreal, really stressful and neither Luftansa or Air Canada were rlly helpful.

Please see other message. One flight was cancelled and neither Lufthansa or Air cañada would book me on another flight as they did not have me in their computer(with the numbers you assisted me with) HELP

Nice crew

Contra: "Everything"
Pro: "Comfortable and Clean"
Pro: "The crew were nice and the service very good. The layover was short."
Contra: "Our luggage was lost so we had to go back to the airport the day after. In economy class the Last 3 central rows or even more, have no carryon storage. We were stuck with our carryons for over 7 hours during the flight Montreal Munich. This is the case if you fly their new A350-390."
Contra: "Impossible to do beter."
Pro: "Smooth flight"
Contra: "Stop overcharge people for 1 luggage :( very disappointed"
Pro: "Relatively fast flight"
Contra: "No entertainment or perks at all. And the worst thing was that before flight, they closed us in an insulated gate especially for flights to Tel Aviv, something made out of the 1980’s with a small kiosk with cold sandwiches and “espresso” from an automatic machine, if we knew this is the case, we at least would’ve bought something to eat before entering the 80’s terminal/gate."
Pro: "The crew was very accommodating. Entertainment was good."
Contra: "I wasn't aware beforehand that I could request a dairy free meal."
Pro: "Seats, crew"
Pro: "Crew, food and comfort was good"
Contra: "Nothing"
Pro: "Great crew and on time."
Contra: "Seating a bit cramped"
Pro: "Flight was on time and flight crew was very good."
Contra: "The food was not very good. Leaving Germany, I expected better tasting food. Our food leaving the USA and going to Germany tasted much better."
Pro: "No food or entertainment"
Contra: "Delayed run to the gate."
Contra: "There was hardly any communication about the delay."
Contra: "I didn’t like selection on movies"
Pro: "Tout était impeccable."
Contra: "Nothing"
Pro: "Good staff and food."
Contra: "Flight was late and boarding was unorganized. When the person sitting in front of me moved their chair it hit my head and moved all my stuff, this should not happen. We should not feel our area moved because the person moved their seat in front of us."
Pro: "The service. Smooth flight."
Contra: "Beware. Frankfort to Paris A321 Business class is coach with an empty middle seat. Uncomfortable even for a short flight. Very disappointing following excellentvbusiness class on first leg of trip Orlando-Frankfort"
Pro: "Service, food, and entertainment was great!"
Contra: "Nothing."
Pro: "Usual good service for economy class on this airline"
Pro: "The entertainment options were great, The plane was very clean and the bathrooms was HUGE!"
Contra: "uncomfortable seat, off set from the seat in front of me so my entertainment screen was at an odd angle to watch. Food was ok but they had a sauce on the chicken that was not very appetizing. It actually made my wife sick and lets just say she did not keep her dinner. Also, I asked for a scotch after take off and it was a small shot and after dinner I asked for another and it was just a whisper. It did not even cover one ice cube. It would have been nice to get at least a full shot."
Contra: "The passenger behaind, was a tall guy. All the 7 hours flight i had to fight him to allow me puting my back sest dowm on his hearting legs. Why didnt hay extra and seat where it fits his size?"
Pro: "Flight was on time."
Contra: "I was sitting at the tale end. Seat was extremely uncomfortable. I was trying to rest yet flight attendants and several passengers were talking loud. Crews kept forgetting passengers orders/requests. A lady sitting besides me pushed a call bottom 3 times to get noticed. Flight attendants were too busy chatting with passengers to help other passengers. I have never seen that type of services before."
Pro: "Premium economy gives you extra confort, more space to sleep better."
Contra: "The flight was delayed 40 minutes."
Pro: "Everyone are friendly thank you"
Pro: "First time flying Lufthansa and I had a comfortable and enjoyable experience. The food was quite good and the selection and quality of entertainment was excellent. Best of all, there was plenty of legroom for a long international flight!"
Pro: "The crew was really nice and helpful"
Contra: "The person sitting next to me on my right side was disrespectful and putting his head and legs up on my seat even after I told him not to do that and even spoke with the flight attendant. I felt uncomfortable with his behavior and the way it was managed by just telling him not to do that. I asked for a different seat but wasn't moved. For the price I paid for the seat and his behavior of taking up my spot and the empty spot in between us (he took up 2 chairs because he was laying down to sleep) I was very disappointed and uncomfortable during the flight."
Pro: "Friendly, polite, very helpful staff; comfortable ride"
Contra: "The 1-star responses correspond to N/A. Mt flight was :30."
Pro: "Good staff, comfortable seat"
Contra: "The transfer from one Lufthansa flight to another"
Pro: "Excellent"
Pro: "Got two meals , very good service"
Contra: "I booked through Kiwi.com and they couldn't handle my special food request (kosher meal). Somehow it didn't reach Lufthanza at all. As a result I had nothing to eat during the entire transatlantic flight."
Contra: "Bathroom was at the back of the plane and the drink service was slow so I had top wait overt half an hour to use the bathroom; I was in row 4."
Pro: "Initially things were smooth. Boarding was on time."
Contra: "But then they deboarded the plane and everything went south fast. They didn't tell us what was happening or where to go or what to do. Instead we were directed to different service centers. We were told conflicting things. Sometimes they told us to exit the airport through passport control, but without any information on what to do next. They reopened the terminal but then redirected us to a service center. That center was overloaded and we ended up waiting in line for service/information for the entire day. Once I was near the service center they dissipated the line. They told us there was another service center in a different part of the airport and that this one we have waited for was closing. We went there and it was also closed instead they had beds without blankets or pillows limit the halls. Alia we were in line for hours before they offered any water or food. Food was really late. Information was the problem here. We were not told what we should do except to check with the service center. Eventually a few of us tried to get through passport control and check the service center out front. This worked much better. I was able to get a hotel and a standby ticket. That flight went much better but getting that far was a mess."
Contra: "Na"
Pro: "Very organized,professional ,nice.."
Contra: "Was delay a little bit,but this is not problem"
Pro: "Promptness, profesional and nice service. Everything overall."
Contra: "They lost my luggage and have refused to help me locate them."
Contra: "Didn't happen. Missed it and got re routed thru United."
Pro: "direct flight"
Contra: "only one type of food offered. presented in a rude way."
Contra: "This was one of the most uncomfortable flights I've ever been on. The extra cushion attached to the chairs behind our heads made the chairs very uncomfortable pushing our heads too far forward. Not only was it difficult to sleep, it ended up giving me a terrible back and neck ache. The flight from Dubrovnik to Munich didn't have this extra cushion but the flight from Munich to San Francisco did. It's a terrible feature and should be removed. Lastly, the food on this flight was awful and it made me sick. I traveled in Croatia and Montenegro for 2 weeks and didn't get sick once but I got sick from the airline food on the way home, that's pretty disgusting."
Pro: "quiet on-time flight"
Contra: "Overnight flights are usually a pain in the neck, which is obviously not the airline's fault"
Pro: "The aircraft was very clean."

Booked economy through United - air canada treated it as standby and was almost refused boarding.

Pro: "Crew in flight was nice and professional Sit in 1st class was comfortable"
Contra: "For this flight everything was good"
Contra: "Late crew caused delays"
Pro: "Crew was fine"
Contra: "My flight was delayed 2 hours"
Pro: "Timeliness, professional staff and crew"
Contra: "Less cramped airplane: there is nothing wrong with the plane itself but every time I have travelled this route the plane has been completely full (this time it was even oversold) so a bigger plane would help"
Pro: "The flight was easy and quick. These small planes are actually pretty comfortable."
Contra: "Waiting for a gate in Chicago is never fun. Most people on the plane seemed to have tight connections, and I'm guessing most of us missed them. I only made mine because the next flight was delayed."
Pro: "A long but uneventful flight."
Contra: "Nothing really. The flight was fine."
Pro: "Crew was very pleasant."
Contra: "Flight was extremely late arriving."
Contra: "Rough landing in Washington, smell of kerosene in Sao Paulo flight, otherwise good."
Pro: "The connection time Mach very well。"
Contra: "I learned that 3 flight together long hours have no food been sever and we have time to get food from airport. Next time I will do better☺。"
Pro: "..."
Contra: "All of my fligts has been delayed and resceduled, so instead of 18 hours to go to hawaii, it took me 36h"
Pro: "Good communication from crew concerning updates and ETAs."
Contra: "Service was a bit brusque at times, but never unkind."
Contra: "I made a reservation for my whole family and selected seats four month ahead (we reserved 1A, 1B, 1C, and 1D). One day before the departure, United informed me that one of my kid had to be moved to 11B a part from the rest of family due to a flight swap. When we started boarding, I noted someone else was sitting on my seat (1D) with his own boarding pass with 1D written. United crew politely asked if the gentlemen was willing to move to 6B, which his original seating in the system but he refused to do so. We' also personally explained to him that if he can yield the seat so that our family could sit together due to my wife's medical condition but he would not cooperate. I noted Those gentlemen on 1D and 1C are either buddies or coworkers. The crews were looking at each other without offering a solution. I ended up telling the crew that I could sit on 6B so that the plane can leave. The departure time was 20 min late u related my seating issue and de-icing took another 40 min. I am a Global Service member and I am very unhappy about the way the whole situation was created and handled by United."
Pro: "I like that United flys 777 to Hawaii. I specifically look for the larger AC when I am booking my trip. Secondly the Flight crew was efficient and very helpful as always"
Contra: "None"
Pro: "Flight boarded quickly with enough room for my luggage in overhead bin. Seat by the window had enough leg room with a bag underneath the seat. Flight landed safely."
Contra: "No assistance with placing and removing luggage from the overhead bin by the flight attendants."
Contra: "Not having videos on plane in seat sucked! Mediocre over priced Food"
Contra: "We flew dtw to Frankfort we"
Contra: "Far away Gate"
Pro: "The flight crew was courteous and efficient."
Contra: "The boarding time lasted an hour as the front desk staff at the gate insisted that I needed a visa travel document for my connection in China (multiple leg journey). What they failed to realize is that nobody needs a visa for China if they’re connecting in transit. It took a phone call and 3 staff members to sort things out. Not something that I want to deal with at 5:00 am. Moreover, due to the de icing, the flight was late and i just made it to my connecting flight in Newark. It was quite a hair-raising experience overall."
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "Smoke on the plane crazy delay"
Pro: "Crew was super friendly"
Contra: "Small plane, bumpy ride is to be expected. This one was a bit more than even I’m used to."
Pro: "On time"
Pro: "Nice staff"
Contra: "Delayed"
Pro: "Seats were very roomy and pilot did a great job!. Boarding went great!"
Contra: "We were stuck on tarmac but this was weather related. No gluten free snacks. Some crew was nice others less so."
Contra: "It was a long delay, which meant I missed my connection at O'Hare even though I had a 3 hour window."
Pro: "Crew was nice"
Contra: "Flight was 4 hours late. The seat was so small, I could not open the tablet (folding tablet in armrest). I am 6" tall and medium built. That tablet can only fit a kid"
Contra: "Delayed delayed delayed"
Contra: "I had a man sit next to me who was in the wrong seat but didn't move. He told the girl to keep his seat and he would stay next to me. He was so big he was in my space and had didn't make any effort to try not to spill over in my area. I had to put a magazine next to my thigh because his body was so hot it was damp! I hated the entire trip. I was cramped up and extremely uncomfortable. This is simply unacceptable to have this happen because huge people can't fit in one seat. I want these obese people to be required to purchase 2 seats because they take mine."
Contra: "all those empty seats (20-30) enco plus Still they WON'T upgrade anyone How about some good will and positive press for a change ! They wanted $69 each extra to sit with husband ."
Contra: "after transferring from terminal B after a long walk then another long walk to transfer to Terminal C and another walk to baggage claim for a 70 yr.old woman and no transport available is intolerable and unacceptable! It is so disgusting that I am a frequent flyer via United Airlines and getting more and more dissatisfied cause of the troubles I'm encounterring flying with United Airlines! I should think twice,the next time I'm booking with the airline for my next flight!"
Contra: "Well my flight was first delayed for 6 hours then once I tried to change my ticket this customer service woman was so rude and not helpful. Finally this other customer service woman nane Barbara helped me out and change my ticket. Still would never fly United."
Pro: "Staff was so hospitable"
Contra: "Crying baby"
Pro: "Nothing . Over packed, no were to put my carry on. Un comfortable"
Contra: "Both flights were delayed /"
Contra: "I was put on an Air Canada flight and sat on the tarmac for almost THREE hours in MTL. Finally took off and am stuck in Toronto overnight. Air Canada was very unhelpful. I have to sleep in the airport. No food vouchers. Sucks."
Pro: "was finally able to get the upgrade"
Pro: "Boarding was quick, staff was friendly and helpful."
Contra: "No in flight entertainment..."
Pro: "The free entertainment"
Contra: "Seats"
Pro: "Friendly and polite! Crew."
Contra: "Middle seat. Space too small."
Contra: "united food is the worst"
Pro: "friendly flight crew. good informations nice plain"
Contra: "- entertanment only with pay??? this is a step backwords...."
Pro: "Flight attendants tried.. United booked a hotel room for the night."
Contra: "Poor communication on gate change. Delay on flight boarding, and there were issues with engine. Stuck on the tarmac with no AC, they had us off-boarded since everyone was sweating. Reboarded after, no AC still until takeoff. Delayed more than two hours- this was last flight, and caused me to miss connection flight. Was supposed to arrive in final destination at 11pm that night- ended up getting there at 9:40AM next day."
Pro: "Bad good, good service but 5 hours delay"
Contra: "The airplane food and the delay in Chicago"
Pro: "Staff, pillow, blanket, boarding ease"
Pro: "Nothing. Absolutely nothing."
Contra: "After boarding us at 11 pm a flight attendant came on the intercom to tell us that the pilot we had been waiting on was on the plane but because he had come from a delayed flight from Newark he wasn't sure if he had been working too long to fly. So we got to wait another 30 minutes until he decided he had been flying too long, and then another 20 to get another pilot. We ended up landing at 2:15 am and I finally got to my home at 3 am. United is a joke of an airline and I will never fly with them again."
Pro: "Can't really remember if I liked anything."
Contra: "Unfriendly crew. Flight delayed by more then 2 hours. We were moved from gate to gate 2-3 times. Totally disorganized."
Contra: "Delay caused us to miss last flight of day. We have been sleeping on floor of airport for 9 hours. Same thing happened in the beginning of the trip from dallas to chicago. Oh, it was our honeymoon!"
Pro: "I liked that the flight wasn't longer."
Contra: "There was a group of noisy, obnoxious women on the flight. They annoyed all the passengers around them, but the flight attendants never asked them to settle down. Then served them alcohol which made the situation worse."
Pro: "Never on Air Canada again. Food was miserable. They literally told me that they ran out of food (on the flight from Montreal to Casablanca). No kidding. They told us that the flight was full and no more food was available! When we asked for water, they did not bring water. I am not sure if they were out of water because the flight was full! That would be something! Bathrooms were not usable. Utterly dirty. My six-year old daughter refused to use the bathrooms. Water was flowing and the smell was horrible. They should clean that. I can go on but what is the point???"
Contra: "The list would be too long. So, what did I like is a better question in this case. Honestly, I am not even sure if I liked anything. I mean some people were nice, but why? Do I expect people to be rude? I mean, I need to like something extraordinary, something that others don't do. I can't remember anything remarkable. Just nothing."
Pro: "Nothing in particular"
Contra: "Uneventful"

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18h 53mYUL-TSR
2 EscaleUnited Airlines
33h 03mTSR-YUL
884 €
1 EscalăLufthansa
10h 50mYUL-TSR
1 EscalăLufthansa
30h 15mTSR-YUL
892 €
2 EscaleLufthansa
12h 20mYUL-TSR
2 EscaleLufthansa
16h 50mTSR-YUL
894 €
2 EscaleLufthansa
12h 20mYUL-TSR
1 EscalăLufthansa
30h 15mTSR-YUL
908 €
2 EscaleUnited Airlines
23h 50mYUL-TSR
2 EscaleUnited Airlines
21h 57mTSR-YUL
933 €
2 EscaleAustrian Airlines
20h 55mYUL-TSR
2 EscaleAustrian Airlines
38h 35mTSR-YUL
989 €

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Zboruri Montreal - Timișoara

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Timișoara - Montreal

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752 €

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752 €