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KLMScor general bazat pe 3845 evaluări
Evaluările companiei aeriene

24 hour delay due to a crew member arriving 1.5 h late. People clapped for this? Obscene. Will never fly delta again. A simple error could have been resolved by holding connecting flights for 15 minutes. But no, not enough passengers to cross the 8-10 person threshold. Lost $800 due to this malfeasance. Never flying delta again.

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24 hour delay due to a crew member arriving 1.5 h late. People clapped for this? Obscene. Will never fly delta again. A simple error could have been resolved by holding connecting flights for 15 minutes. But no, not enough passengers to cross the 8-10 person threshold. Lost $800 due to this malfeasance. Never flying delta again.

Thumbs up for KLM crew, planes and Schiphol Airport, though short on staff and a little late everything went smooth, including the flight.

Overall a pleasant flight.

Wi-Fi didn’t work. Boarding was totally confusing. Guy next to me took more then his area. Constantly touching me pushing on me. Had a bag blocking getting out. Almost fell. Crew didn’t help

Dreamliner was comfortable and entertainment system good

Never booked this flight

Contra: "Friendlier crews"
Pro: "I liked how generous they were with food and drinks"
Contra: "Free WiFi could have made the flight a lot better"
Contra: "Klm is the best, even on a 40min they served small breakfast."
Pro: "Decent price for economy comfort seat, 4A."
Contra: "The flight was delayed about 80 minutes and they did not informed until when I got to the Airport. I could have stayed more at home instead of the terminal. They have also changed the boarding gate.."
Contra: "A little bit chaotic when they loaded two planes at the same time in a very tight space in Amsterdsm but this was most likey an airport soecific design issue and not a KLM issue. The flight was as good as can be expected fir an international flight. The staff was great"
Pro: "Everything works and quick to get to destination."
Contra: "Flight got cancelled"
Pro: "The crew and the timing were ok"
Contra: "The seats were uncomfortable"
Contra: "Flight got delayed 30 minutes"
Pro: "The staff was super nice, the services good. Clear lines about baggage allowance."
Contra: "The flight was delayed and due to this I missed my car connection. I had to prolong my trip by 4 hours, untill I found another connection. I know this was not a klm issue, but rather airport related, but the inconvenience was still. Thus, my lower satisfaction grade"
Pro: "The staff was super nice, the services good. Clear lines about baggage allowance."
Contra: "The flight was delayed and due to this I missed my car connection. I had to prolong my trip by 4 hours, untill I found another connection. I know this was not a klm issue, but rather airport related, but the inconvenience was still. Thus, my lower satisfaction grade"
Pro: "the drinks"
Contra: "seat reservation. having to pay for luggage...."
Contra: "Dozens of high school students screaming and climbing onto seats, crew did not intervene."
Pro: "Crew was fantastic."
Contra: "This was the most narrow airplane seat I’ve ever experienced. So uncomfortable."
Pro: "Comfortable seat, friendly crew. Crew were conscious of recycling which I like a lot as there is so much waste on flight. Anything we can do to reduce waste is very welcome."
Contra: "Food wasn't very appetizing, pasta didn't have much flavor and I don't eat red meat so the other choice wasn't an option for me."
Pro: "quick/efficient boarding - good staff - good food - easy flight !"
Contra: "the connecting times for klm seem to be very close - if your running late to start - you may not make your next one -"
Pro: "Food provided, staff kind"
Contra: "Was several hours delayed and check in took 45 minutes because they somehow lost my reservation."
Pro: "Crew were great, food, entertainment, seat and everything else was great as well."
Pro: "The flight arrived a few minutes early."
Contra: "The plane was extremely old and in poor repair. The seats were extremely close together. The inflight entertainment system, wifi and passenger electric outlets were all non-functional. Even the wastebin in the lavatory was full and an extra bag was put on the floor."
Pro: "Best airline in the business quick efficient and outstanding service What else can you say"
Pro: "Very good service, teh flight attendants made it as pleasant as possible, plane left on time"
Contra: "tough to sit on a plane for 9.5 hours"
Pro: "MCR airport Mert & Greet parking was smooth and efficient."
Contra: "Flight was delayed 2 hours due to bad weather. Additional baggage payment to Air Baltic did not show up on the KLM system and we had to pay again. Nowhere to address this with Air Baltic even in Tallin. Handlers seem uninterested and refer us to ‘the website to address the issue.....’"
Pro: "Nice people and good service"
Contra: "Not much"
Pro: "Shirt flight but well catered, boarding was efficient and quick."
Contra: "Not lots of legroom but adequate for an hour long hop. It was cold on board and also had to board via steps from outside"
Pro: "Snooth and efficiënt with a KLM service"
Contra: "No entertainment"
Pro: "Nice flight ...was comfortable travel ...good food.Thanks"
Contra: "No such things"
Pro: "kLM staff was great."
Pro: "I slept pretty much the whole time"
Pro: "Great food"
Contra: "I paid a top price for my ticket and expect the advertised amenities to work. Upgrade or replacement for entertainment system."
Contra: "You are almost always late!"
Pro: "Arrived early!"
Contra: "Boarding seemed disorganized."
Pro: "Decent meal (warm Pasta all'arrabbiata), nice little muffin for dessert and standard drinks (coffee & tea were a bonus, as they didn't serve any on a similar flight, from Barcelona to Amsterdam), friendly cabin crew."
Contra: "Poor timing - no reason for a 40 minute delay at take off (plane was fully boarded in time) Old aircraft, shabby, dirty and cramped seats. Coming from my connecting flight from Barcelona, I could clearly tell the different in the quality (and cleanliness) of the aircrafts."
Pro: "Crew"
Contra: "N/a"
Pro: "I enjoyed the attention to detail and comfort. Helped to make the flight easier to handle."
Contra: "Actually the Welcome on board announcement. The part where they special welcome loyalty program members. I do not get that... I am an explorer holder my self, but really?? so other paying customers are not as welcome. This is leftovers from the older days.."
Pro: "Delayed flight but staff apologized as for safety reasons."
Contra: "Very late arrival"
Pro: "Helpful and smiling cabin crew."
Pro: "Everything"
Contra: "Nothing"
Pro: "Usual professional and friendly service from my airline of choice for most destinations."
Contra: "Nothing"
Pro: "The crew were pleasant"
Contra: "Our flight was canceled from Amsterdam to Bordeaux and did not receive any direction and had to find alternate flights for ourselves with the personal expense of using our own cell phones. Then our luggage lost for 3 days. Not happy!"
Pro: "On time."
Contra: "No negative"
Pro: "Crew was friendly, and the food was better than the usual KLM fare."
Contra: "The "new" seats were hard and uncomfortable. Avoid any kinds of seats near the bathroom in a configuration with 3 abreast next to the windows. The "aisle" seat is essentially a "waiting area" for the rest room."

The flight was five hours delayed. The airline either told us nothing or told us lies. Then after 5 hours the flight was cancelled. We got our own hotel. The next morning we waited on a line for 3.5 hours to get our bags, and when we finally got to the front of the line they told us to come back in 4 hours.

Loved just 2 seats per aisle in our flight and very comfortable seats


Customer service at TAP is the worst. No one to talk to, help you or give any direction.

Pro: "okok"
Contra: "okokok"
Pro: "The extra legroom in the Classic Package Seats."
Contra: "The snacks where a little on the dull tasteless side."
Contra: "It was delayed on our way to destination. Also wish it was a direct flight to ponta delgado instead of going through lisbon. It was too much back and forth."
Pro: "The new A330-Neo is a lot more comfortable than any other recent airplanes. Loved the space between seats and entertainment is outstanding too. Food was very good and the crew exceptionally friendly."
Contra: "Nothing to complain about. Everything was outstanding."
Contra: "My wife and I paid for a better seat, (online) but when we boarded they told us that was impossible. They kept our money !!!"
Contra: "The crew could be a little bit more accommodating. Both flights ran short of toilet paper. They don’t conduct an intermediate check of the toilets."
Contra: "Checked bag fee was expensive at $120 per bag. For the two of us bags cost $240. The plane boarded late this departed and arrived late. Otherwise a very good flight. Very comfortable, all Amenities worked, the plane was clean and the staff accommodating."
Pro: "Better system to boarding."
Contra: "Announce properly for boarding."
Pro: "We were lucky that the flight was not full, more space and comfort. Our special meals ordered in advance were provided how ever a little limited Flight was generally smooth and we arrived earlier than scheduled even though we have left later than scheduled. Great service. New, Clean and comfortable aircraft The process while in transit at Lomé was fast and simple."
Contra: "The fasten seatbelt was constantantly on (not only while in turbulence) Though we had two full rows available for us, the seat handles could not be lifted; hence the full row could not be utilized... No entertainment at all. This can be advised ahead for you to come with adequate tablet."
Pro: "Choices of movies and music"
Contra: "The vegetarian food was horrible and lacked variety. Feel like TAP makes food choices harder than it needs to be. How hard is it to just have a pasta option. Instead we got tofu croquettes....."
Contra: "I arrived 13 hours late, had two extra flights. I was delayed 3 hours first flight, 1.5 hours second flight after watching two flights that I “wasn’t allowed” to be on depart right in front of me at 9 and 10 instead of the 11 that they rebooked me on. Once I landed in Lisbon after the second flight that o wasn’t supposed to take. We missed the connection by 5 minutes and there were many people flying to my same destination. I had to wait 5 hours in Lisbon when I shouldn’t have ever went to Lisbon. I bought a ticket from Newark to Zürich through Porto 10 hours in total. I think TAP overbooked everyone and seated us on purpose. The secondflight was delayed due to “bad weather” and it was perfectly nice outside. Shame on TAP. I’m sure other people are complaining."
Pro: "Everything went according to the timetable, boarding was on-time and we even arrived a bit earlier than scheduled, so I can't really fault the service of the pilots, the cabin crew or the ground operations team. Food wasn't exactly stellar, but clearly a lot better than on most European flights operated by larger companies (Lufthansa, KLM, Air France etc.). The aircraft itself was clean and looked fairly new and well maintained"
Contra: "The seating was absolutely HORRENDOUS. Even though I'm nearly 6'3" (close to 1.90m), I generally never complain about seating space or legroom, even on low cost flights. This particular TAP aircraft, however, despite looking quite new, had some of the most cramped seating ever. Additionally, the trays were minuscule (you could barely place the entire food tray the service during the flight, let alone have another drink at the same time on the tray). Also, on the inbound flight (this was the return one), the seats were fitted with a very simple and clever tablet-holding mechanism, so you could easily watch something on your table while eating your food (from a similarly small tray table). The seat back pockets do not have any material/fabric on the sides, so stored items could easily slip out sideways from the pocket. Shame to have such a good in flight service and to be a punctual airline if you're going to carry your passengers cramped like cattle in seats 'rivalling' the ones on Ryanair flights on 4-hour long journeys."
Contra: "the ground personnel were not nice. They also did not seem to know what they were doing. Inconsistent communication. No patience with customers."
Pro: "I’m taking offFlight was smooth and service was great."
Contra: "Flight was smooth and service was great. Long wait before taking off."
Pro: "everything was fine. nothing specifically wrong or bad."
Contra: "had the same food the third time this week. they could do more"
Pro: "All except for service to handicapped."
Contra: "I mad reservation listing that I needed wheel chair assistance due to walking limitations. Upon flight arrival no service was provided not was it provided on my return trip."
Contra: "Slow delivery of bags in Lisbon"
Pro: "Flight was delayed leaving Newark so we missed our connection in Portugal which was supposed to take us straight to Venice. Instead TAP gave us a replacement flight to Madrid and then from Madrid to Venice A FLIGHT WITH TWO STOPS IS NOT WHAT WE WANTED OR PAID FOR. Madrid was also delayed and we missed our connection to Venice. We got a new flight from Madrid to Venice and had to wait 5 hours for it. A trip from New Jersey to Venice ended up taking OVER 24 HOURS!!!! Due to the disgraceful disorganization and service of TAP PORTUGA we missed our best friends rehersal dinner a memory we would have loved to have. Extremely disorganized, terrible customer service OH AND WE HAD TO PAY FOR OUR BAGS TWICE to get reimbursed later but I don’t believe anything Tap Portugal says so we’ll see. Staff advice did not align and they were unapologetic for the experience we received."
Contra: "Everything. The travel experience was a literal nightmare and not what we paid for. It’s criminal actually."
Pro: "The crew was very king"
Contra: "the seats were very uncomfortable because the backs were not adjustable"
Contra: "Next-day connecting flight after a delayed arrival and involuntary stopover in Porto due to air traffic over LIS. This time around, the flight took off an hour late because of [guess...] air traffic. Well, my dear LIS management, that's how you sink your national carrier."
Contra: "my luggage was opened somewhere along the way. My gift for my child was stolen. Ugly ! Very ugly !! I got home, I unzipped my bag and I do not have a pair of sneakers that were a gift for my baby and some other sweets, my luggage was half empty! The face of my disappointed kid broke my soul, that should not have happened."
Pro: "the flight was fine."
Contra: "The 70 euro luggage fee was a bit excessive. The delay and subsequent missing of my connecting flight that resulted in a 11 hour layover and a 10 euro voucher was pretty lame. TAP Portugal customer service leaves a bit to be desired"
Pro: "75 Euro per bag!!!"
Pro: "Very easy to check in, flight was reasonably priced, and all was very good. My television didn't work, and my friend next to me, couldn't get hers to work. 3 different flight personnel tried to fix, reboot, and to no avail."
Pro: "good movies for the long flight. friendly staff."
Pro: "Best flight I have ever taken. Hands down"
Pro: "Best all around airline I've been on!!!"
Contra: "The delay which caused us to miss our connecting flight and as a result being stranded at the Lisbon airport for 6+ hrs. This would have been avoided if there was proper communication within the airline-- an absolutely irresponsible way to handle our plight. The ground personnel themselves admitted that no one informed them of our arrival time. True or false? go figure.This all occured while they refused to allow us on board our plane that was still at the gate and nowhere near taking off. This also resulted in rescheduling our ground transfer, which resulted in additional expense. Overall, a nightmare of an airline. Avoid."
Pro: "Price"
Contra: "First flight was delayed by just a half an hour and we arrived in Portugal. We had a connecting flight to AMS with also TAP and had a two hour window to make the next flight with the same company (TAP). We were in line for passport and then security and talked to several TAP employees and they said we would be have time and wouldn't have a problem catching the second flight. Well, we got through the lines with 30 min before our next flight and they wouldn't let us on. Customer service and organization of the airline is really poor. The aircraft had minimal room and no entertainment. We got on our next flight five hours later and all they gave us was a $10 food voucher. So poorly managed."
Contra: "Food was a piece of bread with some ham.....why bother?????"
Pro: "seat very comfortable...excellent entertainment choices"
Contra: "crew were Zombies at best....invisible otherwise.....food and beverage choices abyssmal"
Pro: "Very pleasant flight."
Pro: "Excellent service on board and at the ground... Very convenient United conection in the US :)"
Pro: "Lovely crew, nice breakfast, ON TIME!"
Pro: "Staff couldn't have been more courteous."
Contra: "Little confusing at the gate but mainly due to poor PA system not the staff. Happens a lot at airports in my experience"
Pro: "The crew was very friendly and check-in was uneventful. A group of us traveled from MXP to EWR via LIS. Excellent ride on each leg."
Contra: "I love the flight attendants uniform. The ticket agent allowed me to change my seat to the exit row with no extra charge. Some of my group was charged for overweight bags and others weren't. A little inconsistent."
Pro: "TAP counter staff helped get seat assignments for knee injury. New aircraft with good video system and comfortable seats in Economy Plus. Crew was helpful. Food OK. Arrived on time."
Contra: "Not TAP's fault, but long lines at customs and security at Lisbon Airport made us run to arrive at gate for next flight. Again, not TAP's fault, but additional security check at the waiting area, opening carry-on baggage and emptying my purse seemed over the top."
Pro: "This is the third time I fly with TAP and they are always late. Plane seats have zero legroom. TAP staff are not friendly and seem uncaring for the most part. If possible, I will not fly that airline again."
Contra: "My TAP flight from Lisbon to Madeira island was 2 hours late arriving so I lost all of my flight connections back to Boston and San Francisco. I was stuck in Lisbon Portugal for one extra day - was told to get out of the airport, then asked a bunch of people what to do, finally got in a very long line of people within a very hectic and loud airport full of travelers. 60+ people in a line being helped by only 2 rude counter staff. I waited in TAP member services line for 2 hrs and 30 minutes. They gave me a voucher to a motel and a taxi cab where I would have to spend the night. On my way back, I was diverted form Boston to Miami and the whole ordeal was unpleasant. It seems like TAP staff doesn't care about inconveniencing passengers. I overhead a conversation between a young 30+ year old TAP male staff wearing a dark blue sweater and dark blue pants belittling a British woman passenger. While waiting in line I was surprised to see how rude the counter TAP staff were to passengers who were frustrated that they lost their flight connections because of the TAP plane's late arrival. IF possible, I would never fly TAP again."
Contra: "Could have a vegetarian option for the flight."
Pro: "The crew was absolutely great which jump started the flight. The food and all the available movies and games were great too."
Contra: "Nothing"
Contra: "They had no record of my order for a vegetarian meal. I was served some fish but it was terrible. I couldn't determine what the grainy side dish was."
Pro: "Much cleaner/larger and better flight out of Milan to Boston. Weird boarding procedure. Took over 1/14 hours to board the plane. Slow!!! they do ask you to be there an hour prior to boarding beginning. The entertainment was fabulous and the food was much better. Had a hot meal and later a snack."
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "Everything"
Pro: "Flight atendents were nice"
Contra: "The plane has a problem , TAP moved us for another plane wich also has a problem and than they gave us a voucher of 6 euros !!!!! To eat and wait."
Pro: "Very good. Thanks"
Contra: "Late from Lisbon."

It was very cold

Fully booked so the BA policy of 2 pieces of carry on falls down....

Please see previous note.

Pro: "The crews are so friendly, especially the leg from Heathrow to Los Angeles. Smiling and don't making faces."
Pro: "It was great."
Pro: "I got an aisle seat right near the bulkhead with so much leg room. There were so many free amenities. It was the biggest plane I'd ever seen - very well kept and clean. Crew was nice and quick with service."
Pro: "The food was great—snacks, meals, drinks—all complimentary!"
Contra: "This was not a low cost flight such as Ryan Air, etc. I expect British Airways to provide at least complimentary water, which they did not! Come on! For $240 per ticket you could at least offer a free glass of water and a pack of peanuts."
Contra: "all"
Contra: "More latest movies in the inflight movies"
Pro: "Boarding and the flight itself were uneventful. Departure slightly early and arrival consequently early too."
Contra: "Paying for simple tea or coffee? I know a profit needs to be made but come on! I was missed completely by the cabin service the first time, and had to ask for tea on the second. I don’t know when they started charging for tea, but it was unwelcome, cool, and not particularly refreshing. I expect better of BA."
Pro: "Not much - inflated BA fare for mediocre offering; definitely not business class when compared to proper premium airlines."
Contra: "Cramped seats. Poor food. Disorganized boarding more soon to low cost budget carriers. Which is what BA competes against now, albeit for premium prices."
Contra: "i was asked to pay to check in my luggage :("
Pro: "Timely service and courteous staff."
Contra: "Was surprised that you have to pay for all drinks. They want 2.50 for a baby can of coke."
Pro: "Snacks or water had to be purchased No in flight entertainment Crew not so nice"
Pro: "Direct flight and excellent service from attendants"
Contra: "Seat selection was changed to middle seats without prior notice and the seats are so close together , when the women in front reclined her seat the dinner tray did not fit. An attendant eventually asked her to put her seat upright. Once dinner was over, back to a recline position, far too closer to the seat behind."
Pro: "This was a very full flight and the crew were exceptionally patient with everyone. Much appreciated."
Pro: "Impressed by the staff again, they’re yet to disappoint. Food was good too."
Contra: "Check in service at Terminal 5 needs some attention. Not enough support staff, and many unhappy travellers."
Pro: "Food was good. Decent movie choices"
Contra: "Plane was older and in poor repair. Our air vents and over head lights had been completely removed for our row - so we could not read or knit as others could. Seats are far to small and close together to allow for any real rest or sleep."
Contra: "You had to pay for your drinks and snacks on the plan."
Pro: "Lots of video entertainment options and economy plus was very comfortable."
Contra: "A380 takes a long time to load everyone onto plane and get everyone off the plane as well."
Contra: "BA 884 and BA 885 (a 3 hours flight!) had no water , coffee and food at all !!! PLEASE HELP US !!!"
Pro: "I found everything to be acceptable for me."
Contra: "I was in seat 43A and the light from the galley was a mite bright from my seat, but I simply covered my head with the provided blanket and napped at will."
Contra: "The airplane was shaking all the flight"
Pro: "The boarding was prompt. The ground staff were helpful in ensuring that my through luggage had been loaded onto the connecting flight"
Contra: "There was no in flight entertainment, not even a water service after I boarded. They offered a meal purchase but since it was a short flight a meal wasn't necessary. At least a free drink of water should have been offered to the passengers"
Contra: "horrible seating"
Pro: "Civilized boarding process Warm welcome from crew Calming music upon boarding Ample leg room + comfortable seat Redeye amenities at seat (headphones, ear plugs etc.) Nice food/drinks selection Clean restrooms"
Contra: "nothing, everything was great!"
Pro: "Entertainment good, comfortable seats."
Contra: "Snack was pathetic, chips and chocolate. Lunch was not very good, only two choices. A lot of airlines have three."
Pro: "Plane was good, Seats were comfortable"
Contra: "Would only give us boarding passes to LHR, not to LAX so we had a short connection, a late plane and still had to stand in a customer service line in LHR to get boarding passes. Made the conncection but it was a long run through the airport."
Contra: "Flight was delayed by an hour after we were boarded because of place in the takeoff schedule. We have a scheduled flight time, so that doesn't really make any sense to me."
Pro: "Great crew."
Contra: "Food cost was a surprise. No biggie, just glad I brought a snack"
Pro: "I loved the on-demand entertainment which starts as soon as you board the plane and continues all the way into landing / taxing to the gate."
Contra: "The system would not allow me to check-in / get my boarding passes 24 hrs prior to barding, which basically left me with a middle seat all the way to Seattle. I considered this a terrible process and didn't get a good explanation why I was blocked from doing my check-in online."
Pro: "Plane captain very informative"
Contra: "Airport ground staff very unhelpful"
Pro: "My gluten free meal was delivered and acceptable, the seats were comfortable and the crew was exceptionally helpful and friendly."
Contra: "After first class boarded, the remainder of the passengers lined up all at once. As it was a large plane, there were two entrances and it was hard for them to keep up and direct us to the proper door. It was a minot issue."
Pro: "The captain kept us aware of the delay and the reasons for the delay."
Contra: "No free food or drink other than water."
Pro: "Strong tailwind brought us in 30mins ahead of schedule."
Contra: "Nothing. Was a smooth and friendly flight. Cabin crew were courteous and efficient."
Pro: "Because of the cabin crew strike the old biddies pushing the trolleys were smart enough to give the passengers double the quota of wine to keep us quiet so we didn't mind the slow food service. I had an excellent flight sleeping thru half of it."
Contra: "The audio provided by the ear buds provided produced very poor results, probably causes long term hearing loss."
Pro: "Some of the cabin crew were friendly."
Contra: "I was in the premium economy section, which was definitely more comfortable than regular steerage but the 777 cabin was old, and the amenities out of date. No plugs for phone or ipad charging; the in flight entertainment system was buggy and the selection was very limited. There was one drink service. Even business class looks worn out and tattered. No wonder the Gulf based airlines are eating their lunch."
Pro: "The crew was caring and we were kept comfortable with blankets, pillows and headphones. The food was good, too, especially the cheesecake!"
Contra: "There was nothing I did not like."
Pro: "The connecting flight got canceled and 24 hours latter we are still in the airport trying to get to our final destination."
Contra: "We rebooked our flight to another flight firvthe following day and that one got canceled too. They have not returned our luggage yet. They said within a week we'll get our luggage. The worst company on the planet. Do not fly them. Our vacation has turned into a nightmare. We had to repurchase tickets with a different company so we can get to our final destination. We don't know if we'll get reimbursed for any portion of this."
Pro: "The food was great and the crew were courteous Overall the service was good"
Contra: "Boarding was a bit unorganized for world class flyers"
Pro: "The crew/flight attendants were great and provided outstanding service (Gordon). The food was great too."
Contra: "It was very hot on the plane most of the flight which was rather uncomfortable."
Contra: "The plane is not comfortable. Especially the number of toilets is very small: only 1 (ONE) on each side in the touristic part. And it is on the flight London-Las Vegas (10 hours)! One has to go for taking some drink himself. Not enough drinking was suggested during the flight. The screen is very bad. No real choice of movies."
Pro: "The food is good , the comfort is little bed the chairs is to close the other passsanger in the front is make nervous ,evert"
Contra: "Everything it's ok just the check in sometimes is take longer that the fixet time"
Pro: "Smooth flight, friendly staff, blankets provided!!!"
Contra: "Nothing"
Pro: "Nice new airplane with good seat design and quiet and confortable in flight. AA crew was nice and entertainment was OK."
Contra: "Chaotic and ilogical boarding"
Pro: "That we did not fly British Airways."
Pro: "I missed my direct connection to Bucharest from London, I had to arrive 12h later and fly to Bucharest through Vienna. One of my luggages was lost and after 3 days still haven't heard back. I was given a number to call and ask for new regarding my luggage and no one ever picked up. Tried calling it for days. The woman from the British Airways counter literally told us 'I'm not going to apologize for delaying you for 12 hours since it wasn't my personal fault'."
Contra: "Never flying with them again. Terrible service, uncomfortable, delayed by 12h, and had to travel for a total of more than 24h."

Seats on the plane were too uncomfortable for a 9 hour trip, especially when the flight was completely full. Crew treated passengers as if we were cattle. Desperate rush to get food served so they could enjoy First class food at the back of the plane... I went twice to the back of the plane (no one answered the flight attendant button) to ask for coffee and was met with a very abrupt response... 'YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR IT'. The only thing staff could think of saying to me was 'la mascarilla senior!'.... In a way I do not blame Air Europa for getting away with this lamentable service, they are one of only two carriers flying between Spain and Venezuela so do not have any competition... I do not think they would dare offer the same service on a flight from London to Los Angeles!

Pro: "the crew was nice"
Contra: "They lie to you when they tell you that your luggage in included and you end paying $250 more. Now they only give you one meal in 9 hours and the prices keep going up. Find another company and another flight searcher."
Contra: "I was charged 120 dollars for my luggage and I bought the ticket with the impression that it was included. The lady at the airport told me that I should have paid at the check in but it was nothing there to inform or indicate anything about it. And I have to pay another $120 to go back. I'm never buying from kayak or air eurpa again."
Pro: "Crew were polite. The plane was clean and the seats were roomy and comfortable. Luggage cabins were. roomy. Price was great and no extra hidden charges."
Contra: "Food was okay. Small portions"
Contra: "Flight was delayed for over 60 minutes. In addition, boarding was poor an took over 30 minutes. Leg room was ok, however, seats were very narrow"
Pro: "Nothing and already didn’t have muy baggage"
Pro: "The plane was delayed 1hr and 30 minutes and I have to run to catch the connecting flight. I had to ask people to let me pass them at the police control in foreign country"
Pro: "Overall plane stability"
Contra: "No delays, better food, updated plane"
Pro: "Lost bag was delivered all the way to Chesapeake VA."
Contra: "We had to gate check our bag despite plenty of room overhead. Bag didn’t make it to Madrid. Flight attendant kinda ignored my question about where to leave the bag. Had to pay for seats to check-in online."
Pro: "Trip was short."
Contra: "The food it wasnt good"
Pro: "Everything as expected!"
Contra: "Had to pay for food. not a single chip :("
Pro: "The crew and service, the overall flight was good."
Contra: "The waiting time, boarding,"
Contra: "The boarding is very bad, you can not board 400 people in 15 minutes, the result will be, you will arrive one hour late! Also, Why the crew wear gloves when pick up left overs but not when serving the food? Really the crew training, it is very poor to sat the least. Arlindo."
Contra: "No clear advice about extra luggage fees In Miami I got help and paid $100 In Madrid, I tried to purchase the extra luggage on line. The website gave me an error. Once at the counter the person helping me there could not help either. I was charged $150 since the purchase was not done on line. I requested a supervisor: denied! My last trip with air Europa!!!"
Pro: "Nice Flight, and Service"
Contra: "Food can be better and the AC was not so cold."
Pro: "The plane was very empty so i was able to spread"
Contra: "Food was bad for a 9 hr Flight"
Pro: "I got to my destination safely."
Contra: "My plane took off 45 minutes late and no one told the passengers (in English at least) why we were leaving so late (and I still don't know). After about 20 minutes of waiting for takeoff, I pressed the button to ask a flight attendant why we were leaving so late but no one would come up to me, so I had to flag a flight attendant down when she walked by and she only stayed long enough for me to ask her when we were leaving. I also wanted to buy a snack on the plane and the same flight attendant who had answered my question before snapped at me about using a credit card when I accidentally gave her my debit card. Normally, I'm not one to complain about these types of things and this situation definitely could have been much worse, but I think it's important that any delays are communicated to passengers."
Pro: "Entertainment was great. Paying for internet is annoying, but there were so many free movies and tv shows that I didn't miss it."
Contra: "It was seriously hot on this flight. I am very cold most of the time and I was sweating during parts of the flight. My husband is always warm and he was miserable all flight. Had to press the call button three times to get a glass of water when I was feeling ill. Bathrooms ran out of toilet paper and took awhile to get more. Couldn't sleep because of the temperature. Flight felt like it took double the time because it was so hot. Took forever to board and left way late, arrived late. Our flight over to Madrid was great, but this flight back was awful."
Pro: "Everything was good."
Pro: "I couldn’t have wished for a smoother flight for both ‘legs’."
Contra: "Again, the entertainment offering could be better for the translatantic flight."
Pro: "From the checking to the security check point to the new plains, spacious bathroom, outstanding service in the air. It was nice to travel comfortable with space between seats and for the first time I ate my food in an airplane!"
Contra: "I can't think of anything.."
Contra: "No wheel chair in Madrid as REQUESTED"
Pro: "Very helpful crew. Courtious."
Contra: "I had the chicken. Not very good. Also. In Rome Alitalia employees were doing checkin and it was a bit chaotic and disorganized."
Contra: "The excessive baggage fee"
Pro: "Relatively on time"
Contra: "Chairs where uncomfortable, food was poor quality."
Pro: "Modern airplane with proper space between seats"
Contra: "Too many babies that were crying all flight"
Pro: "Everything worked reliably (with one exception). The flights actually arrived earlier than expected. A plus."
Contra: "The audio in the in-flight entertainment system did not work (at all). A minor annoyance overall, since you usually sleep on overnight flights anyway."
Pro: "Wide body aircraft."
Pro: "Latest aircraft provides the best comfort you can get in economy class !"
Contra: "Not enough food in our dish. Entertainment catalog had nice films and series but not enough choice in my experience. French subtitles would have been nice."
Pro: "Smooth, quiet overnight flight with few interruptions."
Contra: "Air Europa app let me down, generating boarding passes that didn't work at security. Sent unexpectedly to counter by passport agent."
Contra: "Cold onboard"
Pro: "The flight staff"
Contra: "I was upset because I had no television the entire trip. Very bored. Nothing to read."
Contra: "Website not working. I had to call and was sent a PDF boarding pass without a barcode. I ended queuing at the checkin counters again."
Pro: "We had no problems with boarding on time or checking our bags. Some reviews were upset about the in-flight entertainment (or lack thereof) but Netflix has a download option now and I pre-planned and binged an entire series on the flight. I didn't eat the food on the trip to Europe but on the way home I had the veggie pasta, wine, coffee and the pizza snack and it was all basically on par with other airplane food I've had. The attendants were also all fantastic and polite and helpful."
Contra: "The seats could be more comfortable and I don't love paying to choose my seat but these are small things in the grand scheme of it all."
Pro: "Crew were simpatico and attentive. Seats OK, but not lie flat, Food was fine althoug not excellent. Good price for a business class MAD SJU."
Contra: "Boarding in Madrid was horrendous. After asking us to board the plane then held us in the "chute" standing up for 1/2 hour. Could have waited inside the terminal seating down! Entertainment in business was from the last century - no individual screens. An Ipad was handed to us resulting in a bunch of cables surrounding us through the entire trip."
Pro: "The crew members were really nice. Five star treatment for economy travelers."
Contra: "The plane is big and modern but lacks entertainment alternatives. They offer an IPad for rent for 10Euros. Not good."
Pro: "I like in general"
Contra: "For the next time I need more space for my chair, because my legs suffer for this."
Pro: "Modern airoplane"
Pro: "going to Madrid flight was delayed, no body said anything, not one was at the from desk to answer the question about the delayed."
Pro: "All went well. As above"
Contra: "No complaints"
Pro: "No frills easy to board. Flight left on time and arrived 15 minutes early."
Contra: "Very cramped seats for an average size person. When person in front pushed his seat back the seat was almost touching my face. Way too close."
Pro: "Flight attendants were pleasant and helpful"
Contra: "Disorganized boarding, basically no onboard bberqges/catering, very delayed baggage delivery - no skypriority benefits with baggage delivery"
Pro: "Nothing. Totally dissatisfied."
Contra: "They could have made a better effort to get me on that plane in London. After the facts unfolded, I got the impression it was a race thing."
Pro: "I was in business class on 787 and everything was fine."
Contra: "They are always late, they charge for everything..."
Pro: "I arrived."
Contra: "The flight was 1 1/2 hours late. Large person in the seat in front of me and when she reclined I couldn't cross my legs. And I am only 5'2", I can't imagine a tall person coping. Not very clean aircraft (fork and wrappers from earlier flight lay at my feet). Cheap fair, but you get what you pay for. We did not receive the upgraded seats on any flight we booked. Poor customer service."
Contra: "The flight was delayed 2 hours"
Pro: "I got there"
Contra: "Be prepared to take a bus to the airplane. No perks of any sort."

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