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Principalele 3 companii aeriene care operează zborul către Baku

Notele conform evaluărilor din partea clienților KAYAK
Qatar AirwaysScor general bazat pe 11653 evaluări
Evaluările companiei aeriene

mIssing check in bag, no customer service, No follow up. missing critical medication

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mIssing check in bag, no customer service, No follow up. missing critical medication

The flight was good, however the food is horrible AVML.

Personalul foarte amabil si prietenos însă foarte frig in cabine in special pentru un zbor de noapte. Venind dintr-o tara unde minima este de 24 de grade sa stai timp de 5 ore la o temperatura de maxim 16-17 grade si in curent nu a fost prea plăcut.


Pro: "Finally the staggered deboarding. It feels like COVID has actually disciplined us passengers this time and kept us from behaving like unruly cattle once the plane halts."
Contra: "Initial confusion at boarding with paperwork and onward passage through Athens,GREECE. Once again the airport teams reached out to my colleagues and I ahead of time and managed to resolve to satisfaction. Perhaps reservation team can trigger a call to the passengers while they are still at home asking for the documentation validation electronically over a secured database.... just a thought. Again, being a part of the Experience and Innovation team, travel and tourism needs less human interaction, now more than ever. While we digitalized the obvious, the exceptions can remain humanized."
Pro: "Very organized flight , staff , etc"
Contra: "Too hot in the plane - was far too hot. too late the drink...after I eaten."
Contra: "Needs more improvement"
Pro: "Food was ok"
Contra: "There should be someone to guide for connecting flights"
Pro: "Qatar airlines treated us like we were in first class the flight attendants were A+++"
Contra: "Everything was perfect other than the food was not so great i had stock ache the entire flight."
Pro: "Service & information"
Contra: "I didn’t get a hotel despite having more than 12 hours transit. I was told I don’t qualify for hotel stay but didn’t get the reason why"
Contra: "Extraordinarily care taken On board. Very impressed with Qutar Airways. Excellent"
Pro: "The crew was amazing"
Contra: "it would be better if the flight departure on the scheduled time"
Contra: "Delayed by 1 hout"
Pro: "Crew etc excellent"
Contra: "In flight WiFi expensive and not reliable"
Pro: "Friendly Crew, good entertainment possibilites."
Contra: "Everything has a plastic holding purse."
Pro: "Crew was exceptional. QSuite very comfortable."
Pro: "flight attendants were not friendly enough."
Contra: "both flight from Bos-Doha, Doha-Hanoi was delayed"
Contra: "Unable to reserve any seats so ended up with the family split all over the plane"
Contra: "Houston airport qatar airways check in office has 4 counters and 2 were for people who electronically checked in and they were only a few and other 2 counters were for the huge line. Need more counters. Doha airport has majority of Indian national personell at check in and luggage checkins. They have to learn some manners and be polite with people. Rudeness is a turn off passengers who are tired"
Pro: "seat space with leg room."
Pro: "Excellent Service and most friendly staff"
Contra: "Nothing was bad. But the food taste can be better"
Pro: "Stuff is Fantastic, food is delicious, a lot of leg room, got to love Qatar Airways. No wonder they’re number one."
Contra: "Nothing"
Contra: "Internet bad"
Pro: "Qatae Airways is second to non as always"
Pro: "The crew were excellent."
Contra: "There is nothing I didnt like"
Pro: "Food, entertainment options, comfortable seats, warm blankets"
Contra: "My volume did not work well on the entertainment system."
Pro: "Very nice staff."
Contra: "Lack of diversity with the area crew. It would be good to have some Black area crew staff."
Pro: "Crew"
Contra: "Very old flight"
Contra: "Rules"
Contra: "I didn't like that I had to get off the plane and then put back on the plane. That was not noted when buying the ticket. That is important information."
Pro: "Good amenity kit. Decent food offerings. Great range of alcoholic beverages"
Contra: "Business class crew were overstretched and inattentive. Had to find my own seat and flag crew down for hot towel."
Contra: "the wifi was average at best. I get that we there are limitations...but if the service is going to be this poor, make it free & unlimited."
Pro: "Crew were helpful and not interefering in long flight"
Contra: "Flight from Qatar to Seoul was quite old I believe. USB on my chair did not work and media in LCD screens were not new enough. seats were quite old and not convenient for 10 hours flight."
Contra: "The process of checking in is difficult because qatar codes are different from asiana, therefore I couldn't do an online check in."
Pro: "I like the staff and the way they treat the passengers and foods too i like , was really good"
Contra: "I didn't like the comfortable part at the plane , it's not that good plane , the spoon ,& knife are not good , the chairs are not comfortable that much as the other planes of Qatar airways,"
Pro: "Seats are comfortable with sufficient leg space and overall ambience of the cabin."
Contra: "I pre ordered Hindu meal. The meal selection by the airline was same from Karachi-Doha and Doha-Chicago. There was no choice of menu in the meal on such a long flight. Moreover taste of offered food was not satisfactory."
Contra: "It was all good"
Pro: "no time now"
Contra: "no time now"
Pro: "Customer service was super! Entertainment package was nice, many current movies worth watching ."
Contra: "No Wifi on flight !!"
Pro: "I liked the schedule was on time and smooth plane ride."
Contra: "I did not like the room in the plane. The seats where to close and u I couldn't sit back because person behind u would complain. Flight attendants did not really going around to see if we were good r needed drinks or even smiled they looked very upset and had some attitude when I did ask for something. Customer service needs more improvement."
Pro: "The food on foreign airlines is so much better than on american airlines (they even offer something in economy class on short local flights)."
Contra: "The seat spacing on the 70-minute flisght was a little cramped - it would be even worse for a taller person than I (at 5'10")."
Contra: "The seats are terrible."
Contra: "Boarding was horrible with those disorganized people that keeps telling you please sit while waiting for the gate to open AND THERE IS NO SEAT (in front of the gate) SO THEY ASK YOU TO SIT WHAILE THE NEAREST SEAT THAT AVAILABLE ARE TO FAR AND THEY ARE ALL OCCUPIED."
Pro: "Boarding and Seat comfort was good"
Contra: "Food frequency for 16 hour flight was awfully inadequate. Food quantity in each service was not sufficient. Food quality ok. No intermittent beverage and snack service in 16 hour flight segment. Cabin baggage limit of 15 lb/7kg per bag is awfully inadequate that renders the standard cabin baggage useless"
Pro: "Food"
Contra: "More leg space"
Pro: "The entire experience from booking, to checking-in, to the actual experience on board the flight were so smooth, I thought it was too good to be true. Turbulence usually makes me nervous, but I barely felt it on this flight. Finally and most importantly, on such a long-haul flight, the entertainment options were amazing,"
Contra: "The food and the Duty Free shopping selection could improve a little bit."
Pro: "The flights were on time"
Pro: "Everything were good"
Contra: "No Food ..huge gap between breakfast and lunch ..unable to provide any kind of snacks .."

Was perfect for me

Contra: "The worse experience ever. I booked the flight and then they canceled it, i tried changing the dates but the website was giving me an error so i called them, after being on the phone for 2 hr some guy answered who seemed very tired and not thrilled working for LOT. Rood and not helpful, told me to try FB messenger and online changing again. Failed to get a voucher, refund or change the dates online, was still getting an error. on messenger they answered and told me i can get a voucher, i told them i don't want it and after that they stopped replying all together. good thing i got my money back by filing a dispute with my CC company."
Pro: "The crew was really great, seats like in any Airbus (I guess better then Boeing)"
Contra: "Very old movies as entertainment."
Contra: "The food was very poor, the staff hardly offer any liquids through out the flight."
Contra: "The flight was long enough that some entertainment, even just the ability to plug in my own device to charge and use would have made the flight better."
Contra: "Boarding was a little less orderly than I am used to, but everything else was great service for the price"
Pro: "The aircraft and crew were professional and courteous. The food was ok."
Contra: "1st, neither seat that I selected when checking in were given to me. 2nd both aircraft took off late for no apparent reason. 3rd When waiting to board in Warsaw, I was almost bitten by a large pit pull that a passenger was bringing into the cabin as a comfort animal. When I and several other passengers question the desk at the gate about the bringing a large vicious dog into the plane, we were told they were to busy to deal with us even though they were just standing there doing nothing. I have never seen such rudeness towards passengers as I did at that gate. I will take a ship across the Atlantic before I go through Warclaw again."
Pro: "The Crew"
Contra: "Free food"
Pro: "Friendly crew, food was actually better on this flight than the flight from Toronto to Warsaw"
Contra: "On the flight I had from Toronto to warsaw the entertainment did not work. Honestly it should he inspected before take off and if nothing could be done then something to compensate"
Pro: "Crew, food, boarding, entertainment was great."
Contra: "Polish airlines have their issues, but this was perfect."
Pro: "Sufficient space between front seats"
Contra: "It would’ve helped to land at the airport for which we booked the ticket. Landing 2 hours away didn’t help and the airline did not provide any compensation"
Contra: "Tight seat places. No food unless paid for."
Pro: "Flight crew perfectly ignore you if you want to be ignored."
Contra: "LOT Polish flights always seem to be late--resulting in my checked baggage not being able to get transferred to connecting flights and, thus, final destination on-time."
Pro: "The plain was clean and crew was a friendly."
Contra: "Temperature in plain and airport was too hot"
Contra: "3/3 flights I’ve taken have been delayed. I never made my connection, adding 10 hours to trip, more than doubling travel time. LOT is consistently late. Be aware of short connections. Or really any connections."
Pro: "Nothing!"
Contra: "Don't cancel the flight and ignore customers when trying to re-book flights."
Pro: "Food was good"
Contra: "Plane left 2.5 hours late due to boarding system failure. Took 20 mins to get an assigned gate upon arrival at YYZ. Took one hour to get bags due to electrical failure to power baggage handling equipment."
Pro: "No frills flight. Crew not very sympathetic about flight departing late jeopardizing everyone’s connecting flights. Seemed like it must be a common occurrence."
Contra: "Flight departed an hour late."
Contra: "Flight was delayed 1.5 hours. My seat was changed from the front of the plane to the back."
Pro: "We had to line up in a very long que when arriving from Zagreb. It took too long."
Contra: "The crew was very nice"
Pro: "Seat comfortable. Entertainment great"
Pro: "the crew was very good, the seat could be a bit bigger in economy class"
Pro: "Confort"
Contra: "Very poor English for rhe crew. Not all of us speak Polish. The crew was rude."
Pro: "due to the weather flight was delayed, crew handled it extremely well"
Contra: "Service"
Pro: "Free Services very good"
Contra: "It is hard to believe that embarking/disembarking a plane from an European capital to another is still done by bus in the year 2019. Moreover the security check in Warsaw was painfully slow and I almost missed my conection to Toronto."
Pro: "Direct flight"
Contra: "Long flight."
Pro: "The cabin staff was very friendly and attentive. The boarding process was efficient (the long time it took was owed to the large crowd entering the plane in a Boeing 787), the entertainment programme is not overwhelming, but adequate."
Contra: "The flight was delayed by almost three hours at a most uninspiring airport. The information on the delay came rather late. Although I managed to reach my connecting flight, my luggage did not. (It was sent after, though, with the next machine and reached my late the same night in the hotel.)"
Pro: "Everything"
Contra: "the flight was delayed"
Pro: "OK small flight to warsaw from Lviv"
Contra: "Took too long the flight to Lviv and my luggage never made it on the flight."
Contra: "Everything was good except for the temperature. The plane was too hot."
Contra: "The plane was having a 25 minutes delay before leaving. It will be nice to offer some chips also as a curtesy"
Pro: "Normal in-flight service but nothing special."
Contra: "Small plane."
Pro: "Good, entertainment, excellent crew"
Contra: "Seats are too narrow"
Pro: "The flight was good. Budapest is an easy enough airport to deal with though why LOT only has one desk available at check in for economy passengers is questionable. The second desk for important passengers did become available when there was no one in line there, but still. Flight crew, staff were all helpful and approachable. Captain gave passengers relevant information and cabin crew did the same. The Flight was problem free no turbulence no delays just well run and well organized."
Contra: "All good."
Pro: "יעעכגידכידכגעגכ ה בעבנידגנ הכ נגכאעקרכב כברנקרכ בקרנרא רא"
Contra: "כגיכגכגע ראמר א מעכרה רא מראמארמ ררא ררע רא 'ע ער ר'ע"
Pro: "most everything was fine especially since I had a short connection in Warsaw but they made me pay 20 euro in Bucharest, ROMANIA for my piece of checked baggage (it was less than 23 kg) & according to my itinerary it should have been free so in a sense I feel cheated & robbed & it does not leave a good taste in my mouth about using you or them in the future (I have the receipt for 20 euro & would like to have that money refunded) Steve Young"
Contra: "most everything was fine especially since I had a short connection in Warsaw but they made me pay 20 euro in Bucharest, ROMANIA for my piece of checked baggage (it was less than 23 kg) & according to my itinerary it should have been free so in a sense I feel cheated & robbed & it does not leave a good taste in my mouth about using you or them in the future (I have the receipt for 20 euro & would like to have that money refunded) Steve Young"
Pro: "Crew was great."
Contra: "No on-board entertainment."
Pro: "What a joke, I’ll never use LOT AGAIN"
Contra: "My flight from the original destination was 15 min late and they left me stranded in Warsaw."
Pro: "Easy long travel very comfortable"
Pro: "Ground crew did a good job rescheduling and arranging hotel"
Contra: "The flight was cancelled"
Pro: "Customer service was good and flight arrived on time."
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "The flight and the food All complete horror"
Pro: "Friendly staff, clean airplane, electrical sockets available."
Contra: "Flight was delayed. No efforts to ensure transit passengers are given priority. Spent hours waiting for the connecting flight."
Contra: "Boarding started at least half an hour late."
Pro: "The price was fair."
Contra: "They were very fussy about the weight of my carryon"
Contra: "Baggage fees"
Pro: "It is the first time I flew with Lot airline. I am flying a lot and have 2 million miles with United I never flew LOT before.Now Lot is on the top of my list for my future flights.Everything was superior to many other airlines from the Plane,the crew,the food,the service,etc."
Pro: "Today is the third day and my baggage is not received."
Contra: "Vistara Airline ground staff is unable to resolve my baggage claim problem in three days."
Pro: "Easy check in, less crowded, exclusive airports (both in kuwait and dubai)"
Contra: "Seat space and entertainment"
Pro: "Crew, food and seat were all perfect."
Contra: "The plane was very very cold."
Pro: "The board ling was smooth"
Contra: "The crew where stressed I guess, no smilling no proper communication, we stayed in the plane for more than 20 mins just to open the doors after complete stop because there was a delay on bringing the stairs The food was extremely cold , and the aircraft was so cold and they didn’t offer blankets or even headphones"
Pro: "Crew was great!"
Contra: "Seat comfort was awful. No seat pocket to put even a small bottle of water or a few personal items."
Pro: "Very prompt. Nice crew."
Contra: "Comfortable enough seat could be better. Food Entertainment -there was none."
Pro: "I like overall, excellent service, entertainment etc.I would be flying next time with emirates."
Contra: "Nothing I can say.It meets my satisfaction."
Pro: "It was suck"
Pro: "Airport pass"
Contra: "Bo Entertainment at all. Seats are inconvenient. Food is horrible. Tea or coffee is charging separately. Therefore everybody brings food to the plane and eating different food. The whole plane smells like you are in the kitchen. Newer will use this flight."
Contra: "Turtle service, clumsy staff.. Long lines ups for boarding and buses.... Terrible food"
Pro: "Friendly service"
Contra: "boarding was not good, all times using buses. people inter plant from back entrance and front entrance and they meet at middle of plane with a lot of delay."
Pro: "There was nothing to like in this flight. Terrible experience!!!"
Contra: "Flight crew was so rude and had no respect for elderly people. Never seen before they were charging for simple drinking water. Flight from Dulles to Dubai was excellent but from Dubai to Sialkot totally different. Shame Emirate Airlines having double standards. You serving and respecting people coming from west excellently but terrible for poor people of Pakistan. Some of them were elderly coming from Umra on connecting flight and air hostesses were almost screaming at them. Shame Emirate Shame."
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "I'll never ever be involved with Kayak, FlyDubai, and that pathetic Flight Network again. In thirty-two years of international travel to 80+ countries, I have never dealt with such nonsense. Thanks to all for ruining my holiday"
Pro: "was good"
Contra: "the person for checking and giving the boarding passes logged me with my passport while i was supposed to be checked in with my Emirates ID, and that caused a conflict in kuwait airport"
Pro: "Service everything"
Contra: "Nothing"
Contra: "Many people on board were watching videos on their mobile phones without headphones. It was really annoying and hard to sleep."
Contra: "I paid for Emirates and not for a low fare airline Fly Dubai. The overall service was poor and fly Dubai is nothing but a rip-off."
Pro: "I had to stay forceibali at Dubai overnight they did not give my boarding pass earlier."
Contra: "Also flight attendant did not serve water or snack in time we had to call attendant many times."
Pro: "Crew"
Contra: "See above"
Pro: "I loved the shuttle, the boarding and the professionalism of the staff. The entertainment is second to none. It was very cool to have so many options to choose from."
Contra: "There was no snacks."
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "Everything. I booked a flight Prague to Dubai and return with Emirates and flew Prague to Dubai on a very nice Emirates A380 800, nice seats, nice "free" food and drink profesional crew. Return was coad shared on cheap FlyDubai, bad seats, kept hitting my knees on the seat in front had to buy drinks and snacks. If I wanted a cheap airline I would have booked it. I will make sure when booking an Emirates flight if it is code shared with Flydubai I will look for another flight."
Pro: "We got to sit in the front"
Contra: "The flight was delayed more than two hours and there were no TVs on the plane"
Pro: "It was on time"
Contra: "Service was good but no free food and beverage it is sad You could do better"
Contra: "I didnt arrive to manila yet my flight canceled today two time im still in dubai this is not acceptble poorr flight"
Pro: "Friendly flight crew!"
Contra: "Rough landing"
Contra: "I booked tickets business and the charges for business but when we send my it not says business it’s looks economy So I canceled the booking"
Contra: "The travel agent I selected completely ruined my whole experience."
Contra: "No entertainment and no food The departure longe was crowded and for the number of passengers the toilet facilities are completely inadequate"
Pro: "I didn't find anything to like"
Contra: "Every thing is bad and I'll give you the details : 1- the plane is really small and with a full smelly passengers. 2-the seats are really bad and you can literary remove the cushion. under you. 3-bad crowd management from the crew. 4- a half hour delay. 5-a bad takeoff and a really painful landing. 6-they tried to move me because of a family. 7- the AC does not work fully. 8- the food is extremely bad and hard to eat & chew. 9- the luggage took a long time but to be fair that's not their fault. And the list goes on and on and on. I highly recommend to take a different airline."
Pro: "I made it to my destinations (Amman and Dubai) safely."
Contra: "- Airport check-in line was ridiculous. Only two Fly Dubai agents working (1 for regular people and 1 for the crew) - Had to take a shuttle to board the plane. The plane wasn't ready/clean. Had to wait on said bus, packed like sardines for another 10-15 minutes. - Agents in Amman arrived late to the check-in desk and fumbled around for at least 10 minutes finding paper/logging-into the system etc. - MANY Customers stood up WAY before the pilot signaled it was safe. This has to be a safety regulation/problem. Flight attendants did nothing. - The screens/entertainment system on the flight didn't work. Absolutely useless."
Pro: "though we were delayed and had to change the flight r luggage arrived with us"
Contra: "we were trapped on board without ac while still on airport ground without any announcement what was going on after about 45 min. they announced that the ac was not working and they r trying to fix it; still doors locked afterwords they announced that we will be taking another plane 2 hours which made the total delay around 3 hours"
Contra: "This is not exactly a low cost airline because FlyDubai charges egular prices for BEG-DXB flights, therfore, passagers should be offered a complimentary drink and food on a 5 hours flight for the price we paid."
Contra: "It took too long to board"
Pro: "Good for an LCC."
Contra: "Termiinal 2 at Dubai is very overcrowded. As I bought this flight as part of an Emirates ticket, it would have been nice if a meal would have been included."
Pro: "Nothing at all."
Contra: "- flight late one hour. - A/C of the plane was too warm. - food too poor and I don’t have a problem with the payment. - cabin crew not helpful at all."
Pro: "Not much."
Contra: "While boarding a woman was in my window seat and her children were seated beside her. The host asked if i wouldnt mind letting the family sit together.I accepted the request where upon the host suggested a middle seat which i rejeceted and notified him that he just passed by 8 empty seats in business class and since the doors were closed I knew were available. He denied the request, had me stand awkwardly while he checked other peoples tickets for 3 minutes to find a single person who was not seated in their middle seat and was forced to move whereupon i recieved dirty looks for the remainder of the flight and right through baggage claim at our destination. I did Flydubai a favor and gave up my seat for the woman and her family. A hassle free otherwise empty business class seat would have been the appropriate response."
Pro: "On time, good staff, easy checkin process, great value for money"
Contra: "No food to eat. Atleast bottle of water for a 6 hour flight would be nice. Paid good choice is limited too. Seat are ok and looks a little dirty. Time for a maintenance."
Pro: "FlyDubai knows customer service. I would have given 15 stars out of 10 if it let me. I flew economy but was treated like first class. I will only book with FlyDubai for all trips. See you guys next month when I return to Dubai."
Contra: "They have charged a fortune from me to carry my regular luggage . They said I could have purchased the luggage ticket as well . this is I'm hearing for the first time ."
Pro: "offers transit areas"
Contra: "not comfortable ..time-chairs. 1- chairs- hard and tight . 2- time-late always. not on the time like we are comming in 2 houers before debarture and waiting 2 or 3 houers more gust to inter the air plain.and take off.exp time to flay 1 .writen in the ticket take of effectlvely at 2 or 3 .this is haben to me in the last time i flay with this air line. 3- entrance suddenly changed. exp wrtin 11 in the ticket chang to 3 in the air port. and this openion for most people who tray flay d. thanks for your attention."
Pro: "good"
Contra: "delayed"
Contra: "It is budget so no food, no entertainment. But they even didn't offer water. At least water. Room for legs was too little. Flight it self was good and on time"
Pro: "Not much actually, apart from being able to get home."
Contra: "Charter behaviour on a long distance flight? Well that is a new low in airlines. Well maybe except from Delta. I guess i can be happy that the crew did not drag people out and i managed to travel safely. That being said, having to pay for everything including water, snack (let alone food) or entertainment on a long distance flight is at least, excuse my French, a dick move. Not pleasant in any way."
Pro: "Amazing service and crew"
Pro: "Excellent service all around, much better than the Air Asia experience. Excellent complimentary food packet was a surprise."
Contra: "Entertainment system is a mess. Even if paid service, the touch screens do not work and worse, they are energy inefficient with the screens HOT to the touch. Doubt they make any revenue to recoup the investment."
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "The are so cheap no water to drink"
Pro: "I got to my destination on time."
Contra: "The cramped, uncomfortable seats. The cold, non-engaged staff."
Pro: "Cheap flight"
Contra: "Very uncomfortable"
Pro: "The crews were great on both legs of the flight. Seating was not too bad. When boarding finally started, it was fast."
Contra: "Both of my flights were delayed, and in both situations no one would tell anyone what was going on. Leaving passengers in the dark about their travels is a terrible experience."

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14h 40mOTP-GYD
1 EscalăMai multe companii aeriene
11h 10mGYD-OTP
642 €
1 EscalăMai multe companii aeriene
6h 50mOTP-GYD
1 EscalăMai multe companii aeriene
15h 10mGYD-OTP
653 €
1 EscalăMai multe companii aeriene
29h 50mOTP-GYD
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
17h 25mGYD-OTP
829 €
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
12h 25mOTP-GYD
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
17h 25mGYD-OTP
1.406 €

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Baku - România

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