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LufthansaScor general bazat pe 29539 evaluări
Evaluările companiei aeriene

Working outlets at the seat would have made it better.

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Working outlets at the seat would have made it better.

Transit in Munich airport was terrible, staff is rude! Sitting on row 53 was bad the food was not enough.

Flight was overbooked. Food was awful. Seats in economy class are a torture: narrow, not enough leg room. The airplanes classes are like casts: rich, average and poor…That system is a shame. Pilots were Excellent !!! Thank you!!!!

Air Canada is by far the worst Airline on the face of this planet. Only delays and overbooked flight with very poor customer support. Avoid them at all cost!

My bag was delayed as of now by one day, maybe more. Besides, the flight was delayed by one and a half hours.

Expected A320neo as per the booking, got a 28 years old A321. Still no food service. Not impressed at all this time by Lufthansa.

One flight attendant was amazing, 1st class although she wasn't even in business class. Somehow felt others were tired or mind somewhere else, so not really good service. Choice of food was basic, but good choice of drinks. Plane was comfortable and I think pilot was a woman, which is a nice change. Excellent that there are dividers in the middle seat in business class. Corona restriction rules, like mask wearing rules is extremely wise. Other airlines removed it, but I like better your choice better. Feels safer.

Contra: "Flight was cancelled"
Pro: "I didn’t get the chance to experience the seats because I didn’t get to be on the flight due to a huge mistake of a Lufthansa employee"
Contra: "Hire better competent people!"
Pro: "Crew was professional and helpful."
Contra: "The seat was narrow for business class."
Pro: "Lufthansa is an airline in a different class altogether. Can not compare with any commercial airline that flies to Europe"
Contra: "Great food, comfortable seats, enjoyed the whole 11 hour flight."
Pro: "In-flight crew was friendly, the food & beverages were OK and there were plenty of in-flight entertainment options."
Contra: "They double charged the baggage fees: I prepaid in advance but upon checking in for the return flight the representative wasn't able to locate the appropriate information, although I had a printed copy of the confirmation email they sent. I had to pay for it again which is a lousy experience."
Contra: "Went First Class. What a joke! Coach seats & service. Only difference is they leave the middle seat empty. This appears to be the European standard (we flew on 3 different airlines) for 1st Class within Europe flights. Save your money, fly coach within Europe."
Pro: "it’s wasnt a full flight, so that was nice"
Contra: "bus to the airplane was too warm and had to wait 10 minutes before actually letting us off"
Pro: "Staff were very nice. Flight arrived on time."
Contra: "App or website didn’t work for check in. Lines at the airport were very long. The flight was over booked so I didn’t get a seat until at the gate. Overall too much hassle. Food options in the plane were horrible for vegans/allergies"
Contra: "terrible experience - hidden fees for 1st checked baggage travelocity messed up on their site when the ticket was purchased when in fact the person that travels needs to pay to check in the luggage"
Pro: "The people who work for Lufthansa are the nicest i’ve met, on par with Turkish airlines. The times for boarding and departure were respected, the flight was short but pleasant."
Contra: "The long lines. After check in and security, boarding could have involved less of a standing and waiting, with a bit of ahead communication that could be attained. For instance indicate the order of boarding, time until boarding, and place where the passengers from rows 50-70 should form ia line..."
Contra: "My bag was lost, exsept close I lost life-saving drags like insulin and other. I not live in Finland and don’t have there my medical record that can go in farmasy without medical prescription to buy medicin. Today is my 70 years burthday. This is a good present to celebrate. Thank you"
Pro: "All good - Lufthansa even handled an unexpected air traffic delay well, meaning my connection still worked. Great price too - booked at short notice and Lufthansa business was half the price of BA. Far better device too."
Contra: "No negatives."
Pro: "Flight on time, good service, helpful staff"
Pro: "Crew very nice and carefull"
Contra: "My luggage was destroied ;-("
Pro: "Staff was very polite, helpful, and attentive. Our flight left late due to a delay with the plane, and the flight attendants were very proactive about informing passengers about making connections and doing all they could to help."
Contra: "All good."
Pro: "We originally paid for seats a month before and were told to move seats because the plane was full. Plane was not full. Would like refund."
Contra: "Customer service"
Pro: "Lufthansa has it all together and knows how to fly. I recommend to everyone!"
Pro: "Comfortable seats with plenty of room. Enjoyable crew during the flight."
Contra: "I did not have any complaints about this specific flight."
Pro: "Very good service.."
Contra: "A flight attendant from Bucharest to Frankfurt kept bumping her behind in my shoulder. Before this she was not helpful when I asked her where to put my bag. She shoukd not work with people if she does not like them. Otherwise, everything was great: food, space, movies."
Contra: "crew was not friendly"
Contra: "It wasn't Lufthansa"
Pro: "I was really upset because time for living 6 and we left 8:15 I had connection fly to Romanian I missed because of ...I stay in Germany for 5 hours.I ask Lufthansa too put me on Tarom fly they say is United fly...they really make me updated.I think the crew on United is not friendly.The food waste good in"
Contra: "I like the movie"
Pro: "I have been spoiled with the large planes, so the small ones to me are cramped, but thats with all carriers not just Lufthansa. I generally prefer to fly Lufthansa when heading to Europe."
Pro: "Nothing."
Contra: "It took over an hour to drop off a bag prior to boarding. I had already checked in online. There were long lines in Bucharest and simply not enough staff working the Lufthansa desks."
Contra: "Although we had reserved (paid) seats as a family in an entire row, upon check in we were given different seats. We had to spend 20 minutes talking with different agents in order to get our original seats."
Pro: "Movie selection, wine and food"
Contra: "Crying babies - outside of the crew control"
Pro: "Efficient boarding. On time departure."
Pro: "Real food with real tableware even in the Econ section. Unbelievably courteous staff. Will make it impossible to fly Anyone else when going overseas"
Contra: "Nothing...I felt spoiled"
Contra: "The food could be better. The ravioli option very oily ."
Pro: "Was served food and drinks for a 2 hr flight between OTP and MUC. Who else does this? My mom was offered transportation assistance throughout the entire flight. Preboarding on every leg of the flight"
Pro: "Plane was clean and service was great."
Pro: "On time"
Contra: "Uncomfortable seats"
Pro: "Attention to details, big clean bathrooms, service with a smile, friendly flight attendants, overall a great experience. I think American, United and Delta and other airlines could learn a lot from this Company."
Contra: "Not much, just the USB port on my chair was not working. No biggie. Reported it and should be fixed asap."
Pro: "Despite the wintry weather, a safe take off and a nice flight. A plus to Otopeni (Bucharest) airport administration - clean runaway, no snow no ice on it."
Contra: "Delay time should be posted accordingly at the gate."
Pro: "It was perfect"
Contra: "My flight was cancelled due to the pilots' strike. I only learned about this when I attempted online check in. Lufthansa never attempted to notify me. Then when I called in to the Romania Service Center to rebook, the phones went down in the middle of the call. That is understandable given the extreme volume of calls they were handling. What is unacceptable, is that they made no attempt to contact me once the phones were up. I ended up calling the U.S. service center at 1am local time to rebook...only 3 hours before I needed to leave for the airport. It took an hour - which I paid for at direct dial international rates - to find a flight. I'm very grateful for the U.S. service rep who was kind and helpful. She was the one bright spot in this poorly handled situation."
Pro: "Service was excellent"
Contra: "All would have been great, but the cross Atlantic had a locked seat assignment. I was assigned last row and middle seat, I could not change seat when there were other seats available at check-in. United would not let agents change either. Maybe kayak related? Expedia always allows seat changes"
Pro: "Seat backs are flatter, which for me (a shorter woman) is much more comfortable than the more contoured seats on other airlines."
Contra: "Very dry sandwiches."
Pro: "Flights were on time. Both Air Canada and Lufthansa Airlines Service, including sitting and boarding process were relatively smooth."
Contra: "12 hour long flight from Frankfurt to LA was exhausting."
Pro: "Organized boarding, service, left on time"
Contra: "No gluten-free food when they served the food. They said that they didn't serve gluten-free food on short flights, but this was two and a half hours. Also, I had asked for a gluten-free meal when I booked my flight. Not good in today's world, when quite a few people have to eat gluten-free. (I am a medical doctor.)"

A really excellent and comfortable experience. No wifi in my section of business class though - would have made it perfect.

Flight to Florence delayed. All passengers took a bus to Pisa (1.5 hours away) to fly Pisa to Paris. We missed our connection and flew next day. All information regarding the delay online was incorrect ("system not yet updated") . So calling Air France was useless as they could not assist. Not all flight delays can be avoided but many improvements are needed throughout this process.

4 flights in 3 weeks between arrival and departure and all flights delayed about 5 to 6 hours ! What’s going on with AF ?! Not a low cost and you paid for that service !?!? Not anymore

Pro: "Nice crew"
Contra: "Not loose my luggage:)"
Contra: "J’ai eu à payer un bagage supplémentaire sur internet à 160 euros. Mon compte a été débité et à l’aéroport de Dakar les agents au comptoir me disent qu’ils ne retrouvaient pas le payement du troisième bagage. J’ai été obligé de repayer le bagage comptant à 190€"
Contra: "I was almost forced to stow my luggage in the hold despite me telling the check-in people tjat I had my meds and cpap in the carryon. I spoke to multiple people. Not sensitive."
Contra: "Only a steward that did not help us with luggage when neede..."
Contra: "Very cramped seat on the TGV train. I will definitely choose and pay a seat on my own next time, rather than accepting the on picked by Air France... And it will be cheaper, too!"
Pro: "The entertainment options were great."
Contra: "Seats are so cramped. I'm 5'3" and could use either arm rest because both people on either side spilled into my seat."
Pro: "Excellent service"
Pro: "Great crew and prompt boarding."
Contra: "Airline food and close main cabin seating. Should offer upgraded meals, just like the extra seating space."
Pro: "Everything was great"
Contra: "N/A"
Pro: "great food, entertainment and seat comfort"
Contra: "nothing"
Contra: "Check in process running smoothly and better announcement of gate change"
Pro: "The crew was very accommodating. I couldn’t have ask for anything better...pass on my praise to the flight crew of 0083"
Contra: "Nothing"
Pro: "Crew was friendly and attentive but hard to understand"
Contra: "Airport experience was inefficient. Long unattractive walk, boarding was tedious: the automatic check-in was not helpful and required so many more staff. Random security check was redundant and chaotic."
Pro: "The crew"
Contra: "Everything was incredibly poor. Flight was delayed, entertainment was outdated and the airport staff were rude."
Contra: "Departure delayed, reschedules and then cancelled without any direct notification to us with 2 first class tickets !! If we didn’t have Kayak we would be sitting in the airport !,,"
Pro: "Over all pretty good for price."
Pro: "Over all everything was great, except the bags check in"
Pro: "En deux mots, tout était médiocre, avion, « nourriture » (si on appeler ça comme ça) même les hôtesses travaillaient avec une sale gueule.. Très déçu d’Air France"
Contra: "Le capitain et l’aterrisage"
Pro: "The only thing that I like about the flight was that it was easy to boarding"
Contra: "The food was not heat correctly it was cold and I felt that the crew rush to give out the food. The seats are terrible, if the person in front of you reclines you won’t be able to see the screen if your watching a movie and you will see the top of the persons head."
Pro: "Flight attendants were very nice"
Contra: "Didn’t have the meal I ordered Got in 30 min early but no gate for us. We waited over 80min on tarmac to deplane I paid extra for an exit seat but there was no indication when I did that there would be walls for armrests and that made it very uncomfortable for me"
Pro: "The food was okay and the staff were friendly."
Contra: "My seat and several others around me were broken so that they would fall all the way back if we leaned back at all. The entertainment system kept crashing and forgetting what shows everyone on board we’re watching. There were no air vents to control. The games crashed constantly. The usb hubs didn’t work."
Pro: "Staff"
Contra: "We were 2h late"
Pro: "Late leaving - no reason or apology. A bumpy flight all flight. Food almoat inedible. Seat gave bum axhe after 45 minutes. Staff friendly, but they dropped my meal"
Contra: "Nothing to like"
Pro: "The crew was very friendly and professional. The food very good"
Contra: "First the plane was delayed because of a technical issue that I think they should check before The plane was crowded and old."
Contra: "Crew not only lacked sensibility to understand the purpose of an emotional support dog but kept harassing me about the dog being tied to my seat. At some point a flight attendant even tried to touch my dog, invading my personal space. When the dog rightfully acted defensive trying to protect me, the crew member started threatening me that he would have the dog sent to cargo, the last thing a person with an emotional support pet wants to hear. Extreme lack of professionalism."
Contra: "Couldn't make the connection....Overall....an aweful experience!"
Pro: "Arriving safely."
Contra: "We didn't get boarding passes for the second flight at EDI so we had to exit the secure area, get boarding passes, and go through security a second time for the same trip."
Pro: "Staff pleasant and courteous fine meal and beverages! Arrived ahead of schedule in Bucharest!! Overall a very pleasant experience!"
Pro: "Comfort, food and service are better than average."
Contra: "When stewardess opened overhead locker, something fell on my head."
Contra: "People may think,that the delay of the flight has set my mood for this review but I can ensure it has most definitely not. With all the bad weather, I was already very happy to connect right on time in Paris. However, a long haul A380 flight with such a tight seat configurstion is almost embarrassing for an airline. The in flight entertainment is at a very poor level, not only with the screen being very small and outdated, many of the movies are only available in French and the international selection very limited. The food was not much of a delight, whereas the presentation was nice. However, in all the 7 h between the services, nobody came around with refreshments in a completely booked flight, neither was announced that a trolly would be set for self service in the galley. Lucky the ones who got up and found out about. In terms of amenities, again, the airline is lacking of originality and saves cost. Bottom line: you get from A to B, but there are so many better competitors in the market, which I shall definitely consider on my next travel."
Contra: "I was asked to change my seat repeatedly"
Pro: "All was good we didn’t feel the time 9 hours passed easily"
Contra: "Nothing special"
Pro: "Everything was very prefect and would love to fly again."
Contra: "NA"
Pro: "It was Amazing staff helpfull and fresh.. love it"
Contra: "Flight of almost 3 hours was not entreteiment at all just magazines."
Contra: "There are always delays. Today it was that internet was down."
Pro: "It was a 30min flight not much to say The crew on the ground really took care of us"
Contra: "Na"
Pro: "No delays, service with a smile"
Contra: "Nothing to report."
Pro: "Seats were comfortable with good recline. Food was good, but not excellent."
Contra: "They forgot the snack/breakfast service for the front right section of economy then had to rush it. Overall, the service was good, but some things just seemed off. An attendant call was never answered, etc."
Pro: "The flight attendant was very nice to me. TV was very good. space was enough ."
Contra: "We had to pay for wi fi."
Pro: "The food was good"
Contra: "The seats were terrible, the entertainment units were poor and staff was very reluctant to give proper service."
Pro: "Crew was wonderful Helpful, pleasant, capable"
Contra: "Waiting for late passengers & their luggage"
Contra: "delay for one hour with not even a glass of water very old plan video with tiny screens and bad resolution food quality especially bread is not good"
Pro: "Free drinks and snack!"
Contra: "Nothing"
Pro: "Excellent choice of movies. Great service. Friendly crew."
Contra: "I requested a lacto-ovo vegetarian meal, which I received. However, it appears the meal was also vegan. Normally, that would be okay except one of the two standard meal choices was also vegetarian and seemed much better. Since I had selected lacto-ovo vegetarian, it seems I was not allowed to select the standard vegetarian option. Hard not to have cheese on an Air France flight - just saying :-)"
Pro: "nice crew; excellent check in experience!"
Contra: "boarding in Riyadh is always a nightmare. and as many have noted, the seats are too close for the average size of many boarding in Riyadh"
Pro: "Boarding was fast and efficient. Flight attendant staff were friendly and very courteous."
Contra: "Vegetarian food choices are too limited. Snack and beverage availability on long flights like this are too few and far between."
Pro: "Boarded 45 minutes late, and then sat in the plane for another two hours before take off due to a problem with the lie computer. Would have been better to spend that time in the terminal and given credits to buy food, etc. My seat was a regular seat (non exit) and the seat did not recline properly, the USB drive was broken, overall the plane felt unmaintained. The crew was friendly and food was good but I felt not enough was done to accommodate the extra hours we had to wait on the plane."


laaaaaate 31 mins

Să se plece la timp să nu mai fie întârzieri

One hour delay with no notice to the passengers

do not use Ryanair, delays of more than one hour

They did not Tool uș to TLV as We hâd to do Corona test

Totul bun.

Pro: "Nothing amazing its opposite, ryanair.com its the worst airline in Europe or maybe on the world. EU parliament should closings this airlane"
Contra: "no chance to be better, I think its all Passenger should expect only its will be worse"
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "Ryanair announced that we could postpone the flights without any cost due to corona virus and when I tried to reach them/to change the flight date the change tax was still there."
Pro: "Perfect!"
Contra: "Respect the schedule. Thank you!"
Pro: "Fast process, precisely organized."
Contra: "There is no window at 11A seat!!!"
Contra: "Being on time + quiet fellow passengers"
Pro: "I didn’t die in a fiery crash."
Contra: "Everything"
Pro: "No issues - everything went smoothly"
Contra: "There are no nets on the back of the seat in front of you to put things like water bottles - headphones, books etc."
Pro: "everything"
Contra: "nothing"
Contra: "Pointless paying for priority boarding as staff just let both lanes board at the same time"
Pro: "Rien,"
Pro: "Good pilot"
Contra: "Chairs"
Pro: "It is the worst airline on Earth. They barred me from flight, removed my name from the system so that I can't board because they say that I can't travel with EU residence card with which I travelled to all Schengen countries with other airlines. They lied to me and didn't return my money too."
Contra: "They must obey EU laws!"
Pro: "There was no legroom, the sandwiches is missing (not available at all)"
Contra: "Onboarding was like for animalls. After we pass throug the gates, were sticked into the tunnel for 15-20 min in hot air..."
Pro: "The price"
Contra: "Confort"
Pro: "Niente."
Contra: "Niente.....organizzazione pessima il crew,unica spiegazione e che una giornata troppo affollata!!!! Pessina orgazione...neanche aqua oferta...tutto sulla nostra sofferenza."
Contra: "Dilated 2/5h"
Pro: "Nothing. Flying with Ryanair is like travelling in purgatory"
Contra: "The app would not let me check in the previous day then they charged me a disgusting €55 to check in. The staff were unable to use any discretion. They clearly all hate working for Ryan Air. Flight was delayed by two hours. Overall appalling experience as it always is."
Pro: "On time flight and decent boarding process (not too much fuss over baggage size and weight)."
Contra: "Seating policy - it’s ridiculous to charge passengers to be seated together, even if they’re flying on the same booking. It only leads to on-board seating “trades” and negotiations to get people to agree to swap seats. Embarrassing!"
Pro: "The best thing with the flight was the seat, which is very mediocre."
Pro: "They denied the me boarding,I want my money back"
Pro: "Although I had a 40 minutes flight, it was really good. The crew were very amiable and fun. All amazing!"
Pro: "Friendly stuff, good price."
Contra: "Delay at the airport, also didn't take off anytime soon. We were sitting for over half and hour in the plane. Seats are very cramped too. People over 1.80m / 6 foot have to book an extra seat with more space, otherwise you won't have an convenient flight."
Pro: "Flights ran to time"
Contra: "Some passengers were taking phone calls when the safety demonstration was being done."
Pro: "Friendly crew."
Contra: "Hour late departure , which is a frequent event... perhaps due to summer weather. Putting a two year old sitting alone, away from parents and insisting parents should make arrangements with other passengers. Standing outside the plane another fifteen minutes."
Pro: "The crew were lovely and the Chicken tikka masala was too, it could have done with a little more chicken in it though."
Contra: "The hour delay in Rome and the heavy landing in Manchester really scared the hell out of me."
Pro: "They were professional and efficient"
Contra: "It was required to check in prior to arrival to airport to avoid a fee. I did not have internet access still I arrived. I had to pay 55 euro for a simple check in. Not fair to folks who do not use data for internet nor WiFi. A email could be sent 72 hours but that does not mean people check all emails or they even have access to the web. It’s not a fair or smart business move, I will not book with them again."
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "Once we finally got through the archaic baggage drop and security lines, we found ourselves in the tiniest terminal with essentially standing room only. Flight was then delayed by 1 hour. Once Boarding was announced we waited in line for about 30 minutes before they started letting people through only to wait another 30 minutes in a hot corridor (major fire hazard) awaiting a bus to drive us about 100 feet to our plane. It really was a circus, there were about 10 buses that kept circling around the tarmac in front of us, stopping in front of our boarding line, doors open, then inexplicably the bus would take off without anyone on board. We finally boarded a bus and were driven right in front of our plane, yet for unknown reasons we were kept on the bus in about 85 degree weather with no AC or ventilation for 20 minutes!!! There were people boarding the plane as we waited in the hotbox and there was no obvious reason as to why they wouldn't open the doors. People began slowly panicking, one woman was hyperventilating because it was so hot and the air was suffocating. Suddenly doors opened and we boarded plane with no explanation. To make matters worse the AC did not appear to be working on the flight, it was quite warm and humid on the already uncomfortable Ryanair flight with non-reclining seats or free water. NEVER AGAIN!"
Contra: "An hour delay"
Pro: "Easy to use web. Good car hire rates."
Contra: "Flight a bit late without much explanation. Constant raucous announcements on board but couldn’t understand any of them. Probably trying to sell us stuff"
Pro: "Fell asleep and was not woken up. Good flight"
Pro: "That there was a possibility the plane crashed, so my flight would end earlier."
Contra: "Everything."
Contra: "Excessive price for a check in luggage. It is ridiculous. Outrageous."
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "The airline made us go to the gate where there was no seating, though they knew the flight was an hour late, so we stood for an hour, before being told we had to check carry on bags in the hold, carrying computers,valuables, batteries, and drinks in our hands (not possible). Card payment on board was disabled. Payment in the currency of the departing country was impossible."
Pro: "It got me home."
Contra: "Firstly, there were no sandwiches (hot or cold) available on a late afternoon flight, so the remaining food options were poor. Secondly, my £7 Gin and Tonic that I'd hardly touched slid right off the frankly useless trays and into my lap. The flight attendant literally threw me a few paper towels to help. I spent the remaining three hours of the flight soaking wet."
Contra: "You charged me an extra 150 Euro because I did not receive your e mail and could not register on line my flight. I complained at Airport in Greece and no one would assist me. I am writing the NY Times and Washington Post about your strategy to take extra $ from first time flyers of your airline. Shamfull !!!! Harris R Ghersin Professor International Business The Lubin School of Business NYC."
Contra: "Ryanair website wouldn't let us open our boarding passes so we had to pay the printing fee at the counter. Most unorganized boarding I have ever seen."
Contra: "over an hour late with poor communication. charged 3€ for a small bottle of water. ridiculous."
Pro: "I can't think of any."
Contra: "Rude gate staff at Otopeni Airport insisting I place my hand luggage in the hold until I informed them I had priority seats. The whole concept of priority boarding goes out the window as boarding was via a bus"
Pro: "The efficiency of the crew"
Contra: "The flight was almost an hour late"
Pro: "The price was very good, new plane crew were efficient and no hold ups brill."
Pro: "I hated everything"
Contra: "I will never fly with Ryanair again. They ripped off all my money. If I would have booked 2 tickets with British airways would have been much better and cheaper."
Pro: "The flight attendants were very funny and friendly. They were proffessional and helpful."
Pro: "Loved the crew! Super friendly and funny :)"
Contra: "Nothing in particular...all was expected for a budget airline!"

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1 EscalăMai multe companii aeriene
18h 10mHEL-OTP
107 €
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
24h 20mOTP-HEL
1 EscalăMai multe companii aeriene
15h 55mHEL-OTP
109 €
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
13h 25mOTP-HEL
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
18h 20mHEL-OTP
113 €
1 EscalăMai multe companii aeriene
7h 45mOTP-HEL
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
18h 40mHEL-OTP
118 €
1 EscalăMai multe companii aeriene
12h 25mOTP-HEL
1 EscalăMai multe companii aeriene
6h 10mHEL-OTP
120 €
1 EscalăAir France
19h 15mOTP-HEL
1 EscalăAir France
17h 15mHEL-OTP
130 €
2 EscaleRyanair
23h 00mOTP-HEL
2 EscaleRyanair
23h 15mHEL-OTP
137 €
1 EscalăAir France
19h 15mOTP-HEL
1 EscalăAir France
11h 10mHEL-OTP
150 €
2 EscaleRyanair
18h 25mOTP-HEL
1 EscalăRyanair
12h 30mHEL-OTP
157 €
1 EscalăRyanair
14h 50mOTP-HEL
1 EscalăRyanair
13h 50mHEL-OTP
167 €
2 EscaleRyanair
18h 25mOTP-HEL
2 EscaleRyanair
18h 50mHEL-OTP
173 €
1 EscalăLufthansa
6h 00mOTP-HEL
1 EscalăLufthansa
5h 40mHEL-OTP
187 €
1 EscalăLufthansa
5h 50mOTP-HEL
1 EscalăLufthansa
5h 40mHEL-OTP
197 €
1 EscalăLufthansa
6h 00mOTP-HEL
1 EscalăLufthansa
10h 20mHEL-OTP
203 €
1 EscalăLufthansa
12h 45mOTP-HEL
1 EscalăLufthansa
5h 40mHEL-OTP
207 €

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1 EscalăRyanair
15h 50mOTP-HEL
39 €
2 EscaleRyanair
40h 45mOTP-HEL
44 €
1 EscalăMai multe companii aeriene
16h 00mOTP-HEL
45 €
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
27h 15mOTP-HEL
50 €
1 EscalăMai multe companii aeriene
26h 40mOTP-HEL
52 €
1 EscalăMai multe companii aeriene
15h 20mOTP-HEL
54 €
1 EscalăRyanair
14h 50mOTP-HEL
55 €
1 EscalăRyanair
14h 50mOTP-HEL
59 €
1 EscalăRyanair
14h 50mOTP-HEL
61 €
3 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
19h 55mOTP-HEL
66 €
2 EscaleRyanair
15h 15mOTP-HEL
68 €
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
15h 55mOTP-HEL
69 €
2 EscaleRyanair
22h 45mOTP-HEL
74 €
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
15h 55mOTP-HEL
77 €
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
18h 40mOTP-HEL
78 €
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
22h 10mOTP-HEL
79 €
2 EscaleRyanair
21h 25mOTP-HEL
80 €
1 EscalăMai multe companii aeriene
14h 30mOTP-HEL
83 €
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
19h 20mOTP-HEL
90 €
1 EscalăRyanair
22h 30mOTP-HEL
92 €

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