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Principalele companii aeriene care operează zborul Ungaria - Oradea

Notele conform evaluărilor din partea clienților KAYAK
TAROMScor general bazat pe 795 evaluări
Evaluările companiei aeriene

Avionul, fiind foarte mic (și, probabil, vechi), senzațiile au fost nu tocmai plăcute - îmi părea că suntem frunză-n vânt. Majoritatea călătorilor au avut stare de disconfort, din momentul decolării până când avionul a ajuns la o înălțime unde s-a putut stabiliza...

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Avionul, fiind foarte mic (și, probabil, vechi), senzațiile au fost nu tocmai plăcute - îmi părea că suntem frunză-n vânt. Majoritatea călătorilor au avut stare de disconfort, din momentul decolării până când avionul a ajuns la o înălțime unde s-a putut stabiliza...

Pro: "Crew"
Pro: "Crew was amazing and helpful."
Pro: "Crew super"
Contra: "food, seat. In general the whole aircraft is not convenient"
Contra: "The table at 9B seat is broken. Because of that the stewardess spilled a glass of coke on me"
Pro: "Nothing"
Pro: "The seat was super"
Pro: "The seating availability at the check in time"
Contra: "The TVs never worked"
Pro: "Staff, seat."
Contra: "Delayed again: 40 mins"
Pro: "Business class seat"
Contra: "1,5 hours late, no info about it. Old plane."
Pro: "Leg room, online check in, being on time. Overall ok."
Contra: "Old plane, dry food, not too friendly staff and. Not the best value for money"
Contra: "The departure could have been on time"
Contra: "Everything could be better, lost the second connection to Cluj"
Pro: "Clean."
Contra: "Boarding via bus."
Contra: "Lots of turbulences at landing, due tonthe heavy rain."
Contra: "Not so many movies"
Pro: "Crew was very good, professional"
Contra: "You should look for a proper bread,better sandwich and a healthier desert."
Pro: "Flight left and arrived on time"
Contra: "Food is mediocre and there is no in flight entertainment so thank God for Kindle!"
Contra: "Everything was perfect!"
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "Everything flight was booked have to wait 5 hours for another flight"
Pro: "Boarding too early and then sitting on the plane."
Contra: "Food."
Pro: "no other choice to fly amsterdam"
Contra: "no entertainment"
Pro: "short time flight"
Contra: "no entertainment/poor food"
Contra: "Because I booked tickets with baggage included, and when I was at the airport I had to pay again 50 euro per suitcase. Who will pay for this mistake?"
Pro: "Very nice personnel. Great airline."
Contra: "1h and 30 minutes late"
Pro: "Boarding was good, flight and landing"
Contra: "Had to go through security check in Istanbul"
Pro: "Checkin and staff were efficient and professional. Amazing there was food on such a short flight."
Pro: "Comfy seats"
Contra: "Both flights were on time!!! Comfy economy seats"
Pro: "We boarded a bus to go out to the plane in very cold weather. The seat I was given was in emergency exit area I told the flight attendant and nothing was done."
Pro: "Everything was excellent"
Contra: "The stuff was outstanding"
Pro: "Very nice crew; short flight 60', 2 mini croissants and two cookies, really good coffee; easy check in; easy baggage control; people ready to help."
Contra: "N/A"
Pro: "Very good service"
Pro: "All 4 flight attendants were smiling and very courteous ...:-)"
Contra: "Such a short flight"
Pro: "Pleasant staff, good flight."
Contra: "Nothing in particular. This was a quick flight, so I didn't expect much in terms of entertainment or food."
Pro: "Right on time. Old plane very well mantained and pilots and crew made the flight very pleasant."
Pro: "Your service are efficiently!with this plane,smol,nice and friendly personal it is great"
Contra: "Flight attendants telling me take off my headphones, this isn't 1999"
Pro: "Bad"
Pro: "Everithing was ok!"
Contra: "It was nothing wrong, I feel very well!"
Pro: "The professionalism of the crew and the food."
Contra: "too small aircraft sensitive towards the weather changes."
Pro: "It was good"
Contra: "The babuins that got drunk and made o lot of noise"
Contra: "The check in counters didn't even open till 1.5 hours before the flight took off. The whole, show up 2.5 hours earlier than departure is a waste."
Pro: "The flight was on time and got us where we needed to go."
Contra: "My husband's seat had little cushioning, so that was uncomfortable. The food was so-so, but at least we were given some. I don't know about entertainment as we didn't use any. I also don't think you give boarding and flight instructions in English as well as the native language, but not being able to understand the instructions has been an issue on many planes we have taken recently."
Contra: "Arrived 15min late and I had a tight connection."
Pro: "Flight was friendly, surprised we still got food for a 03:40 flight that was only 2 hours long. On time boarding for once."
Contra: "Way too early of a flight, had trouble sleeping on plan."
Pro: "The food was great! Did not expect to be fed on this flight, so it was a plus. Staff friendly, accommodating. A very comfortable trip."
Contra: "The plane was delayed almost an hour, and we were not even told why until on the plane."
Pro: "Great price, no bag fee, nice crew, comfy ride"
Contra: "Mediocre food, no entertainment"
Pro: "Take-off and landing on time; Cleanliness of air-plane; Politeness of crew."
Contra: "Non-functioning online check-in (without any warning whatsoever); Indifference of call-centre personnel inventing non-sense excuses; Ignoring booked seats; Outdated planes."
Pro: "ON TIME."

Totul bun.

Better entertainment opinions

Disembarkation at Seville airport was in a part of the airport distant from the main facility. We used stairs to leave the plane then had a very long walk to the luggage area and Covid monitors. They could do much better.

Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "Ryanair announced that we could postpone the flights without any cost due to corona virus and when I tried to reach them/to change the flight date the change tax was still there."
Pro: "Fast process, precisely organized."
Contra: "There is no window at 11A seat!!!"
Contra: "Dilated 2/5h"
Pro: "Ryanair is different...the crew sells perfume and lottery tickets during the flight."
Contra: "The board in BUD said flight was delayed...no gate info. Then I noticed people in the area frantically getting up...witching 5 min there was no gat to a message that said boarding...last call! We frantically got to our gate which was a large metal pole building...where we stood for 30 plus minutes."
Pro: "On time"
Pro: "The flight left on time and arrived early, the staff were pleasant and friendly."
Contra: "The cabin was a bit grubby."
Contra: "Checking opened 20 minutes late and lengthy queues through security meantwe had no time to grab food/shopping as we had to rush to gate as no notifications that our flight was actually delayed by an hour. Everyone was herded onto buses to wait there for some reason rather than at gate"
Pro: "Short flight and we arrived safely. Relatively inexpensive."
Contra: "The entire process was chaos. First you wait in a crowd to find out which desk to drop your bags and/or check in. Then you race there with the herd. Then with another herd to the gate. After heading down what seems like a boarding ramp you go outside, then into a holding pen. It’s a giant metal shed that looks like it was made for cattle. Then after standing there for 30-40 minutes, you go outside again to board the plan. On board, there were no amenities, but that was expected."
Pro: "Price, flight crew."
Contra: "The gate was in a sheet-metal hangar outside the terminal alongside the parked plane, no bathroom or seating. We had to line up for the plane outside in the night air for 30 minutes before boarding. We were overcharged for checked baggage."
Pro: "Nothing."
Contra: "Ryan Air have changed their online check in system with flights.Basically i was forced to pay for a seat spot on my return flight because they only allow 48 hour check in before flight if you dont purchase a seat. Because of the risk of not having access to print out my boarding pass when in Hungary while checking in there for the return part and that the app may not have worked on my phone it resulted in me paying additional fees or pay a larger sum to check in at Hungary airport. .Online check in should not be locked behind a paywell.This is dishonest business. The flight on the way delayed with no explanation and the company didnt bother to notify the airport of this and update the times on the boards or atleast a delayed notification at the airport. They tried to rush the boarding because of the fact they were delayed and boarded all passengers at same time in both priority and non priority queues which kind of defeats part of the purpose of those people paying the extra for priority boarding. Also this return journey of the flight was delayed too with no communication of a delayed take off. Despite the fact that Ryan Air claim to have the highest percentage of flights arrive on time i have yet to witness a single flight of theirs arrive on time which has me to believe the company is falsifying information on this record."
Pro: "Reasonable price."
Contra: "Was sat nowhere near my group of friends, know one on the plane was sat with who they travelled with. Plane was running late."
Pro: "Price"
Contra: "1. We were told to follow ground crew to plane across tarmac and then not allowed to board once at top of stairs—poorly organized! 2. Rude and harsh cabin attendants. 3. When we arrived in Dublin, we were turned lose to find our way from the plane to the stairs into the terminal; once again poorly organized and unsafe!"
Contra: "2 hours delayed. No information."
Pro: "Flight was ok"
Contra: "They didn’t put up the gate number until 15 minutes from boarding, the gate was far away, and they rechecked the ID 2 times in the 15 minutes. WE ARE NOT CATTLE!! Treat your customers with at least a little RESPECT."
Pro: "Original price"
Contra: "We were on vacation with our 3 year old and spent almost 5 extra hours in the Budapest airport which ate up most of our day. We were notified of the delay 5 minutes before we checked in and could have caught a cab later in the day and enjoyed our last day in Budapest."
Pro: "Crew was friendly and the boarding process was relatively smooth."
Contra: "The A/C made the cabin so cold that I am still shivering nearly two hours after landing. The cabin was cramped and uncomfortable, but I have experienced less comfortable seats on other budget airlines."
Pro: "Nothing. They treat people like animals."
Contra: "The hidden fees, the service, the constant delays without reason or apologies, the filthy planes, just terrible overall. Will never fly with them again. Pay more and avoid this airline."
Pro: "Flight was cheap and it got me home."
Contra: "At Budapest airport Ryanair’s gate B9 there was no communication or it seemed any system in place. Plus the gate itself was so small all passengers couldn’t fit."
Contra: "Delay 90minutes.. Miss the rent a car.. Lost a bunch of money. Never again Ryanair"
Pro: "Low cost"
Contra: "Passengers treated like cattles. Not prepared at all"
Pro: "Very little"
Contra: "I tried to check in on line but their website had major issues. When I arrived at the airport, Ryanair hit me with a 40 Euro surcharge for not checking in on line. Worst airline I have ever experienced in my 40 years of airline travel."
Contra: "More than 1.5 hours delay, they took my luggage from me, so I had to take out my laptop because the Budapest airport luggage handler thieves. Very loud speakers inside, the seating is very uncomfortable, small legspace and also you cannot put even your glasses in front of you because of lack of storage place. long walking to and from the plane, and you have to wait for ages in front ot the checking desk, than in the hot bus down. Overall totally inhuman experience."
Pro: "Not much"
Contra: "Had tickets with reserved seats. Check-in counter opened only shortly before flight. I checked a bag at the counter (not at the gate) and was surprised to learn that the fee was 40 Euros instead of the expected 25. We were marched outside to stand for 15 minutes before anyone was permitted to board."
Contra: "The 35 minute delay on the departure and 1 hour on return Super cramped seats with no leg room at all Having to pay to sit together on top of the original flights- unsure who books 2 tickets to sit apart?"
Pro: "Your personal in plain is young, nice and I like them becouse they are smailing all time."
Contra: "You can give to pasenger one drink (coffee) like preasen!?"
Contra: "rude staff"
Contra: "30 minutes waiting, New lugguage policy!"
Contra: "3 hour delay at Stansted to collect luggage, with no information. Arrived home at 4:30am, having missed the last train."
Pro: "Crew was very loud, I couldn't really sleep, the personal leg space is too small, could barely fit in there."
Contra: "The crew was loud (flight related issues)"
Contra: "I paid an upgrade of my ticket and they charged me $60+ dollars for not doing online check-in. AMAZINGLY BAD."
Pro: "Getting home so fast"
Contra: "Unrespectulful customer"
Pro: "Everything was acceptable apart from their petty ploy to split couples up"
Contra: "Because we don't want to pay extra for seating we don't check in until 4 days before the flight. Usually this is not a problem but on this flight they split us up, one at the front & one at the rear, then they ask if we want to pay extra to sit together. This is a very petty ploy to get extra money. It doesn't work !! The passengers just swop when on the plane"
Pro: "good value for money, nice new aircraft"
Contra: "typical ultra low cost experience, but its fine"
Pro: "There was nothing positive about this flight experience."
Contra: "Called to gate, where there was nothing to do. 10 min later on screens 1 hour delay, 20 mins later increased to 2 hour delay - no infor given. Member of airport staff informed us we would get some food ( distugust unfortunatly) about 30 mins from expected (2 hour late delay) another delay, now leaving 3h10 min later than expected. Board the plane, taxing to runway told we will be flying into Gatwick not Stansted, not other info given. When asking flight attendants, told they had no info either and also had been delayed ( I still can't get over how rude staff were). Just before landing announced that it had all been sorted and there would be coaches taking us to the correct airport. This was a lie! Nothing put on at at 4am we were expected to sort our own transport back to the correct airport. Never again will I fly with an airline that fails to fulfil their contract. Despicable."
Pro: "Once boarded the transportation task was undertaken professionally"
Contra: "- No information on the ground - 90 minute STANDING wait (like sheep in a barn) in unventillated/unairconditioned Budapest Airport discount airline departure 'hall' (barn would be a better term) - no toilet, no space, no air - On board staff was visibly exhausted, robotlike"
Contra: "Worst experience. Multiple charges. Made it one of the most expensive trips. Terrible!"
Pro: "Stewardesses were lovely"
Contra: "They charged me 50 euros for luggage for no reason and 50 euros because I didn't check in online. Scammers"
Contra: "I am very disappointed from the service offered by ryanair. I've paid priority and seat. And in the end went on board with others and stayed on normal seat, which supposed to be with extra space. Very unhappy."
Contra: "I paid for priority boarding but while boarding there was no difference between priority and general boarding. People with general boarding got on well before me. No one was checking who had it or not."
Contra: "The new Ryanair tactics of splitting couples to force them to play for the seat."
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "No information why flight was delayed. Left standing on shuttle bus for 30mins with no information. Leg room non existent on plane. Seat bolt upright all the time. Staff pleasant enough but definitely "cattle class""
Contra: "What can you expect from Ryanair? They treat their passengers like kettle when boarding. Specifically we had to stand and in a hot anghar before boarding for 40 mins. No seats, water or idea why we have to wait there rather than the airport. I experienced it so many times and tell myself never again. if I have an option I never fly with them."
Pro: "nothing"
Contra: "tried to check in 2 times was bumped out however was able to pay for priority boarding and suitcase. assumed I was checked in, the computer would not go any further. at the gate I will charge $128 nice scam"
Contra: "Lines in Budapest are terribly long"
Pro: "the price was very cheap. flight was on time."
Contra: "space between seats very tight and its a real suffer for big person.. every thing needs to be bought. at least some water can be served free...."
Pro: "The efficiency of boarding"
Contra: "Very small leg space and no entertainment at all."
Pro: "Priority boarding and friendly courteous staff"
Contra: "Lack of complimentary refreshment. Xould offer free cup aof tea and coffee without destroying profits. Giving a cup of tea might well encourage the passenger to buy food to accompany it"
Informații legate de COVID-19

Măsurile de siguranță ale companiile care zboară de la Ungaria către Oradea

Companiile aeriene care zboară de la Ungaria către Oradea au adoptat măsuri de siguranță suplimentare și și-au modificat politicile pentru a răspunde mai bine nevoilor călătorilor. Politicile variază de la o companie la alta.

Igienizare sporită

Curățenie zilnică, instalare a filtrelor HEPA în cabine pe zborurile de la Ungaria către Oradea

Mască obligatorie

Măști obligatorii la îmbarcare, măști oferite pe zborurile de la Ungaria către Oradea

Locuri care respectă distanțarea socială

Scaunele din mijloc indisponibile pentru rezervare pe zborurile de la Ungaria către Oradea

Testare înainte de zbor

Testare pentru anticorpi, testare pentru simptome pe zborurile de la Ungaria către Oradea

Anulări flexibile

Fără taxe pentru modificări. Caută zboruri flexibile de la Ungaria către Oradea

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