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OTP — Slovacia
11 sept — 18 sept1
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  • Sezonul înalt coincide cu lunile iulie, August și septembrie. Cea mai ieftină lună pentru a zbura către Slovacia este ianuarie.
  • Plecările de dimineață sunt, în general, cu aproximativ 11% mai ieftine decât zborurile de după-amiaza*.
*În medie, cel mai mic preț afișat în rezultatele de căutare KAYAK pentru plecările din următoarele 30 de zile

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Principala companie aeriană care operează zborul Bucureşti Henri Coandă - Slovacia

Notele conform evaluărilor din partea clienților KAYAK
RyanairScor general bazat pe 19113 evaluări
Evaluările companiei aeriene

laaaaaate 31 mins

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laaaaaate 31 mins

Să se plece la timp să nu mai fie întârzieri

One hour delay with no notice to the passengers

do not use Ryanair, delays of more than one hour

They did not Tool uș to TLV as We hâd to do Corona test

Totul bun.

Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "Ryanair announced that we could postpone the flights without any cost due to corona virus and when I tried to reach them/to change the flight date the change tax was still there."
Pro: "The crew was kind."
Contra: "I had to buy a plus ticket for my luggage, but I bought a priority before. I don’t like it."
Contra: "Being on time + quiet fellow passengers"
Pro: "No issues - everything went smoothly"
Contra: "There are no nets on the back of the seat in front of you to put things like water bottles - headphones, books etc."
Pro: "everything"
Contra: "nothing"
Contra: "Pointless paying for priority boarding as staff just let both lanes board at the same time"
Pro: "Good pilot"
Contra: "Chairs"
Pro: "Staff was very friendly both ground and cabin. Flight left a little late but all in all it was a good service. I certainly wouldn't complain."
Contra: "I didn't particularly like the constant upsale(online)but then it is a budget airline, so this is to be expected these days"
Pro: "It is the worst airline on Earth. They barred me from flight, removed my name from the system so that I can't board because they say that I can't travel with EU residence card with which I travelled to all Schengen countries with other airlines. They lied to me and didn't return my money too."
Contra: "They must obey EU laws!"
Pro: "There was no legroom, the sandwiches is missing (not available at all)"
Contra: "Onboarding was like for animalls. After we pass throug the gates, were sticked into the tunnel for 15-20 min in hot air..."
Pro: "Seat was comfortable & flight was good"
Contra: "The airport boarding process was a bit of a faff had to pass through 3 separate check points for passport before being allowed to board, the priority boarding thing is also not worth it.."
Pro: "Niente."
Contra: "Niente.....organizzazione pessima il crew,unica spiegazione e che una giornata troppo affollata!!!! Pessina orgazione...neanche aqua oferta...tutto sulla nostra sofferenza."
Contra: "Dilated 2/5h"
Pro: "Cheap"
Contra: "It was what you would expect for a cheap flight"
Pro: "On time flight and decent boarding process (not too much fuss over baggage size and weight)."
Contra: "Seating policy - it’s ridiculous to charge passengers to be seated together, even if they’re flying on the same booking. It only leads to on-board seating “trades” and negotiations to get people to agree to swap seats. Embarrassing!"
Pro: "Delayed"
Contra: "I don't mined the flights it is the long walk to the plane."
Pro: "Pilot gave us a nice smooth flight even though there was a storm, brilliant take off and landing!"
Contra: "It was terrible that hand luggage had to be paid for"
Pro: "On time - good crew -"
Contra: "Noisy plane (737 ) and noisy group of passengers on adjacent rows pilot and crew announcements downed out. seat allocation charges are a ripoff - makes the total price unrecognisable to the advertised price"
Pro: "They denied the me boarding,I want my money back"
Pro: "Although I had a 40 minutes flight, it was really good. The crew were very amiable and fun. All amazing!"
Pro: "Friendly crew."
Contra: "Hour late departure , which is a frequent event... perhaps due to summer weather. Putting a two year old sitting alone, away from parents and insisting parents should make arrangements with other passengers. Standing outside the plane another fifteen minutes."
Contra: "Flight was cancelled , next flight 2 days later. Only online checking within 24-2hours else 55£ at the airport . Tried to checking online multiple times. Advance checkin online not free , checking at airport 55£ . In Less than 2 Hour before boarding online is not possible anymore. Ryanair counter cannot check you in and you will be sent forth and back to other counters"
Pro: "They were professional and efficient"
Contra: "It was required to check in prior to arrival to airport to avoid a fee. I did not have internet access still I arrived. I had to pay 55 euro for a simple check in. Not fair to folks who do not use data for internet nor WiFi. A email could be sent 72 hours but that does not mean people check all emails or they even have access to the web. It’s not a fair or smart business move, I will not book with them again."
Contra: "An hour delay"
Pro: "Cheap cheap cheap!"
Contra: "I find it incredibly ridiculous that a flight is half full and I’m deliberately seated away from my husband just so Ryan Air can make an extra £4 per seat. I get that they want to make money but that’s pushing it too far. I sat next to someone who was also traveling with someone else. That lady’s companion came back and told her the seat next to her was empty. By then everyone was already settled in. Is it really worth the £8 for two people? I’m sorry but that’s just petty."
Pro: "With Ryanair, you can only really like the price and the people. To be fair though, m the toilet was clean.."
Contra: "Our flight was scheduled to depart at 7.30 am, but was still refueling after an earlier flight at that time. In a way it was lucky that it was late; if it had been in time, we would have been queueing on the Stansted tarmac in the rain. As it was, the rain had just stopped while we waited at the foot of the aircraft stairs. We actually took off 45 mins late. The new, additional-cost priority boarding is a joke: almost everyone was a "priority". Several passengers didn't understand the long "priority" queue, so joined it only to be turned away at check-in."
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "That they over charge over €50 for not checking online. And not being warned about it on the reservation. Cramped seats, it was giving sounds all the flight."
Pro: "We checked in as soon as possible to try to get descent seats. However the assigned us two middle seats , one in the front of the plane and one in the back. It seemed like they were trying to give us the worst possible seats so that we would pay the extra to pick a seat. Almost all the other seats were open if we paid. We had already paid for priority boarding. Very disappointed."
Pro: "Price"
Contra: "La vente à bord de façon instante par l'équipage Ryanair."
Pro: "Had a quiet flight."
Contra: "Staff neds to learn to smile."
Pro: "The mood lighting on the new jets"
Contra: "Seats very hard on the new slimline seats. Boarding in Pisa was chaotic"
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "The airline made us go to the gate where there was no seating, though they knew the flight was an hour late, so we stood for an hour, before being told we had to check carry on bags in the hold, carrying computers,valuables, batteries, and drinks in our hands (not possible). Card payment on board was disabled. Payment in the currency of the departing country was impossible."
Contra: "The flight was one hour late"
Pro: "The staff were friendly, the boarding crew clear and quick."
Contra: "Late take off, shouldn't happen for a regular short haul flight, meant I was too late arriving at my final destination"
Pro: "It got me home."
Contra: "Firstly, there were no sandwiches (hot or cold) available on a late afternoon flight, so the remaining food options were poor. Secondly, my £7 Gin and Tonic that I'd hardly touched slid right off the frankly useless trays and into my lap. The flight attendant literally threw me a few paper towels to help. I spent the remaining three hours of the flight soaking wet."
Contra: "Only use this airlines, if you don't have any luggage, if you don't care about reaching somewhere on time, if you don't care that every single step there is an extra cost. I plan to NEVER use this airlines again."
Contra: "You charged me an extra 150 Euro because I did not receive your e mail and could not register on line my flight. I complained at Airport in Greece and no one would assist me. I am writing the NY Times and Washington Post about your strategy to take extra $ from first time flyers of your airline. Shamfull !!!! Harris R Ghersin Professor International Business The Lubin School of Business NYC."
Contra: "its the first time and no more the worst airlane"
Pro: "No frills, on time, good value for money"
Contra: "The food selection is nothing to rave about."
Pro: "The ticket was cheap."
Contra: "We had a RT from Rome to Athens. When we returned we arrived at 11pm with a flight at 6am. I had intended to go to a hotel 0.2 mile away, but when we got there and I found out I had to pay a min $50 fee to the cab to leave the airport, I balked. We considered just waiting it out in the airport; until midnight when they suddenly cleared the airport of all the people waiting for transfers and had everyone wait outside on the sidewalk (no seating or anything). I was in shorts and it was 45F. Sigh. Both going to and coming from Athens boarding was more like a riot. I was told it was because Italians were hot blooded. Whatever. I awaited bloodshed. My mother is 73 and we had asked for assistance with boarding. We waited as people filled the hall, surrounded the podium, and slowly were shoved on board, and still no wheelchair or assistance. We kept being told to calm as the gate closed and the departure time passed. Eventually a very nice man got mom loaded like cargo and it was kind of fun, but I didn't get the impression that the airport or Ryanair were a particularly well oiled machine. As usual, arm + leg for baggage. No free drinks and teh entertainment was a non stop cavalcade of sales from the overhead of everything from perfume to lottery tickets. If I had a long trip in a city and wanted to take a short jump to a Ryanair city with my skivvies in my purse, this is a great airline. It's crappy in every way, but cheap. But, if you want a suitcase or food or a seat that doesn't worry you about it's cleanliness and give you leg cramps for weeks, pony up for the extra."
Pro: "I can't think of any."
Contra: "Rude gate staff at Otopeni Airport insisting I place my hand luggage in the hold until I informed them I had priority seats. The whole concept of priority boarding goes out the window as boarding was via a bus"
Pro: "Nothing."
Contra: "We purchased a luggage allowance of 15 kilos. As it turned out the exact same bag with the exact same contents fell within this limit coming from Madrid to Arrecife but not from Arrecife to Madrid. The person that checked our bag had absolutely no flexibility. We had to pay a fee for the 1 kilo overage. Later we purchased coffee before getting on the flight only to be informed we could not have hot beverages while boarding, something that has NEVER happened to me. The money you save on a Ryanair flight is not worth the absolute hassle they put you through, especially considering that you're liable to pay the difference in fees anyway."
Pro: "I hated everything"
Contra: "I will never fly with Ryanair again. They ripped off all my money. If I would have booked 2 tickets with British airways would have been much better and cheaper."

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