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Notele conform evaluărilor din partea clienților KAYAK
Qatar AirwaysScor general bazat pe 11880 evaluări
Evaluările companiei aeriene

Staff very kind and helpful

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Staff very kind and helpful

All good!

It was good, better than most

They told us our family of five couldn’t fly because our Covid tests weren’t at the correct time. After it was elevated to the fourth level, someone actually did the math like we did, and they realized we were right and let us on the flight. This made the experience extremely stressful and frustrating. The employees and especially the flight crew were nice, but not having their info straight tainted the trip. I know these are very challenging times for airlines as they navigate all the different restrictions from different countries, but something as simple as the test cutoff time for a 48 or 72 hour lead time for a scheduled flight ought to be easy to have ready beforehand. After all that drama, there was no “Sorry about that” or perk of any kind. Good lesson for us to make sure we have our facts straight before torpedoing somebody.

Everything was excellent, but at Philadelphia airport immigration service was poor, takes too long.


could not undertake this flight as I was denied boarding pass at the check in counter at the Houston airport, Texas, USA for my flight QA 714

Cabin services as expected from a reputed airline. Not impressed with the food though. Excellent ground service in Doha.

Personalul foarte amabil si prietenos însă foarte frig in cabine in special pentru un zbor de noapte. Venind dintr-o tara unde minima este de 24 de grade sa stai timp de 5 ore la o temperatura de maxim 16-17 grade si in curent nu a fost prea plăcut.

Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "Need improvements"
Contra: "Too hot in the plane - was far too hot. too late the drink...after I eaten."
Pro: "Crew was great, seating was cramped."
Contra: "Seating."
Pro: "Everything- leg space, crew were great, relaxed atmosphere, great entertainment systems"
Contra: "Nothing"
Pro: "Crew was very polite and helpful."
Contra: "Quality of food could be better Hindu meal was not as good as expected"
Pro: "Crew, food."
Contra: "Dulles airport - yes, not directly related to the airline but Dulles is over capacity. Some should consider BWI - Baltimore Washington International that is little further but still a good airport."
Pro: "The crew was amazing:)"
Contra: "The availability to have vegan meals...."
Pro: "Crew was not this great on my Flight from Doha to IAD. My pre ordered food was not given on time and they missed it. I was given cold food. The flight attendant ignored to offer Drinks and they didn't give the Custom Forms too. I have to ask everything and THE overall service was awful"
Contra: "Flight attendants should care the passengers and provide the best service. Otherwise there is no use paying expensive flight tickets and travelling on Qatar"
Pro: "professional and courteous staff. Food is even better than a Lufthasa flights"
Pro: "Bad service"
Contra: "No"
Pro: "Seats are very comfortable, easy boarding, good crew"
Contra: "Food - I wish you have healthy options"
Pro: "Qatar is impressive. The airbus was incredible."
Contra: "It would be noce for flight attendants to give coughing passengers a mask. 12 hours on a flight next to two sick people."
Pro: "Excellent Service and most friendly staff"
Contra: "Nothing was bad. But the food taste can be better"
Pro: "Great crew and food served was nice for airline food."
Contra: "You need to bring a snack with you. This is a 16 hour flight and there is a long time between their food services. 2 meals and one snach"
Pro: "Fabulous service from start to finish Excellent cabin, spacious & impeccably clean Super choice of food and drinks We travelled in the business cabin which I have to say, rivals many so-called 'First Class' products. The crew were courteous, addressing us by name and nothing was too much trouble."
Contra: "It was too cold in the plane."
Contra: "Small chairs"
Pro: "The food and service."
Pro: "Entertainment is very good"
Contra: "boarding hall was very small, food was below average for Qatar Airways"
Pro: "Everything was good - food, entertainment, on time."
Pro: "price, comfort, food"
Contra: "Although the loading Zone was given as Zone 1, boarding was chaotic because the fround crew was incredibly inefficient. The announcement was totally mumbled and badly managed, Why cant the boarding at Cochin be organised like queues for each zone so that the passengers do not crowd in a mad rush near the gate as if the fliht will leave without them. As in Doha have different seating area for different zones and the ground crew should be trained to be firm to allow only passengers with boarding."
Pro: "Crew were supportive because pain in my heel and they ran out of food selection even though front of plane. Thanks especially to supervisor Jane."
Contra: "Need to provide further quantity of non veg selection even though front of plane. Plus the taste of all food were Unsatisfactory and could not finish that was starving at end of flight. Recommend hire international famous gourmet chief. Removing casing of my tablet for Qatar security airlines into usa was painful that broke 6 finger nails. Need to warn on the website or ticket security requires remove casing at Doha to usa. Had no issue from USA TO Doha which requires no removal of hard cover casing."
Pro: "Great hospitality"
Pro: "On our flight from Atlanta, we loved the service and great recommendations from the flight attendant, Carmen, who made great suggestions for our Malaysia trip."
Contra: "The seats were very tight and the food was okay, but the staff was great."
Pro: "i had to wait for a wheelchair a long as i requested long time ago. i hate this flight"
Contra: "i had to wait for a wheelchair a long as i requested long time ago. i hate this flight"
Pro: "Courteous and friendly staff, on the plane and at the airports. Gave advice and directions when asked. Asked about time for food serving and said anytime you want something, come to the galley."
Contra: "A chorus of crying infants..."
Pro: "I have shifted from shortest routes by flying through kuwait airways or pia to lahore just for comfort i have been customer of emirates but not anymore .."
Contra: "flight onward from doha to lahore should b new ...everything is good i only felt had the aircraft been better and new latest then jurney would have been excellent."
Pro: "food, crew ."
Contra: "entertainment choices for Hollywood movies are limited."
Pro: "Although we flew economy, we received excellent service from an attendant from the Philippines."
Contra: "We have no complaints."
Pro: "Good flight"
Contra: "Food is terrible.. why can't they offer sandwiches or bread and butter for people who don't eat Asian food"
Pro: "Generally good experience at least as far as a very long flight with two children can go. Good food with plenty and quite healthy snacks for kids. Very friendly and attentive crew, comparably comfortable seats, clean and comfortable bathrooms (what not always has been my experience with other airlines)"
Contra: "Due to a misunderstanding at check-in we have been seated away from a baby bassinette (although booked) to sit together with my husband, nobody asked what my preference would be (sitting as a whole family or having a bassinette) and a 17-hour flight with a 9month old baby constantly on my lap was challenging. Also a very disappointing selection of films and documentaries for adults. I ended watching a kids movie with my older daughter and it was the only thing I found appealing. Kids section very good though, my 5-year old was glued to the screen and all the options had my approval :)"
Pro: "Great take off and landing. Nice comfort packet, blanket, and pillow Good service and spacious seating in economy class."
Pro: "First time I got ice cream on a plane"
Contra: "Low calorie meals were horrible."
Contra: "in flight entertainment interface can be improved to be more user friendly."
Pro: "Service"
Pro: "Paying the hotel for whome the layover was more than 10hrs thanks a lot for caring and preserving the dignity of each customer, I recommend Qatar airlines to everyone"
Contra: "Everything"
Pro: "The price for the flight was very excellent. The entertainment was very good with the movie selections."
Contra: "In Bangkok, I've already checked in on line and all I have to do was drop off my bag and get a boarding pass. There was one to two person doing the checked in and it took about 40 minutes to get done, unacceptable. The lines for non on line check in went faster then the on-line and they have four times more people that was in the on-line checked in. In flight, the seat felt liked you're sitting on a rock after a couple of hours. I'm an aircraft mechanic who used to be a flyer with 7,000 flying hours."
Pro: "food and courtesy of the staff"
Contra: "nothing"
Pro: "Excellent service on all 6 legs of the itinerary. Great selection of food and wine and entertainment. Superb seating layout in business."
Contra: "Frankly nothing!"
Pro: "food"
Contra: "Worst customer service ever seen in my 15years of flying experience. Initially charged $1000 for 3 tickets for modification of return trip - confirmed the same and tickets issued (i'm fine with this). But, after i made arrangements for new date, I got a call saying calculation error and asked to pay another $500 leaving me no choices. How can such a reputed airline have no tools to calculate the pay? Other airlines offered one-way for half of the price i paid. On top of it, online helpdek promised front line seat to satisfy me but nothing was offered even if i ask explicitly. Simply declined saying i am not in priority list. Why do they make false promises? Friends, Just don't fly in Qatar for food....."

Food,Inflight Seats, crew support

They used be great airline but no more.

Liked food. Service could have been better. More water trips would have been good.

My flight was canceled

Pro: "Excellent"
Pro: "The flight was SO OLD and uncomfortable which is absolutely ridiculous for a 16 hour flight. My screen did not work the entire time despite asking flight attendants to fix the issue. The flight attendant would not attend to me despite me pressing the button and twice skipped me while giving out meals. I had to call them back and ask for it. The bathrooms were SO dirty and yet no flight attendant took out the trash or cleaned it even though we are in the midst of a pandemic. We were also not given hygiene kits to keep ourselves safe. DO NOT FLY WITH THIS AIRLINE."
Contra: "Love it! Next time, I will for sure buy tickets from Kayak"
Pro: "I don’t like it"
Contra: "They take my money because my flight it’s was over And they charge me twice"
Contra: "Offer cappuccino along with coffee, tea, and juice."
Pro: "Crew"
Pro: "Very personable and always a smile."
Contra: "Best business I have the pleasure of enjoying."
Pro: "The crew was really nice."
Contra: "The delay was very poorly handled. We had to go through security multiple times because delays would happen just before boarding and they’d change gates. Plus, meal vouchers were useless for us as Dubai airport is quite unfriendly to vegetarians. Never flying Emirates again."
Pro: "The entertainment selection."
Contra: "The watermelon in the salad was almost spoiled."
Contra: "Third time on emirates but this time it was the worst. Even worse service, seats, and food. While my kids ordered the regular meal I had ordered the Low Sodium Meal because of my health. The meal that I got was saltier than the regular meal!"
Contra: "Food"
Pro: "Food as requested: Great Entertainment:great Crew: Nice 16 hrs flight didn’t seem boring at all"
Pro: "The food and beverage selection was great."
Contra: "had kids on board and were crying half the time could not rest Although the flight crew tried thier best. Landing was too not comfortable-dropped down very fast."
Pro: "Impressive in flight entertainment"
Contra: "The pay to use Wi-Fi was very slow, not worth using."
Contra: "Crew was rude."
Contra: "Food was the worst, service extremely poor"
Pro: "I was upgraded to an exit row when the staff saw how tall ineas"
Contra: "Entertainment system control broken"
Contra: "Did not have any non-veg food. The only vegetarian food was tasteless and not relatable for a flight to Kochi. TV and internet were struggling o keep up with user demand, crew had standard answer - try later."
Contra: "good seevice spacious seat amazing crew"
Pro: "Outstanding service, extremely friendly, food was delicious, unlimited drinks including alcohol, tons of movies to watch for free, free headphones, free eye covers, free earplugs, free socks."
Contra: "The 16 hour flight"
Pro: "I have been traveling with Emirates (and only Emirates) for several years. On board crew and food were excellent."
Contra: "Since the air craft was new WIFI was not yet available."
Pro: "The staff were pleasant and the food was passable"
Contra: "The number of children screaming and running up and down the aisles was ridiculous. Since parents can’t be trusted to stop their darlings from raising hell, the flight attendants need to. The poor old guy next to me looked like he might die from exhaustion after this long-haul hell. In other news, rushing us into the bus and then leaving us standing there for 30 minutes is not my idea of a good start to the journey."
Pro: "On time"
Contra: "Non"
Contra: "Takeoff was a bit delayed, but the biggest problem is that we waited over an hour for our bags in Newark."
Pro: "Food and entertainment"
Contra: "Tiny seats. No leg room. No storage under the seats."
Pro: "The staff were very courteous, especially Iliya. The onboarding staff were very friendly. I will definitely fly emirates again"
Pro: "After my request for vegan was apparently not put through, the crew bent over backward to find food for me. Unfortunately I only got fruit which is not very satisfying. . In addition, a kid was seated behind me and repeatedly (and I do mean repeatedly) kicked me in the back and slammed the tray table into my back. The crew found me another seat and were extremely nice about it."
Contra: "My request for vegan food was lost - it is hard to feel comfortable for that long of a time period just eating fruit. (This is even after the crew from the previous flight tried to remedy the situation by notifying them.)"
Contra: "Significant delay in Dubai. Food vouchers handed out while change of plane which made it like feeding time at the zoo. Late boarding on new time. Food service was 6+ hours after the vouchers were handed out. Crew spent more time socializing with each other than servicing the passengers."
Contra: "I was supposed to get a room from Emirates since I had 15 hours stay in DXB but Emirates employees refused to give me room. F.Emal"
Pro: "The staff is super friendly and professional."
Contra: "I paid for an assigned window seat (18K) at the front of the plane. However when I arrived to my seat I was told that there is a handicap person in my room and I can't sit there and was offered a seat in the back of the plane. Yes of course I understand and wouldn't want to move a handicap person to get to my seat but at the same time I believe the seat assignment fee which I paid in advance should be refunded."
Pro: "Entertainment"
Contra: "Boarding was not organized Crew forget to return to you with your drinks The seats are NOT comfortable"
Pro: "I love the experience of fly with kayak and look forward to many more"
Contra: "Nothing. Everything was expected from a good flight."
Pro: "great ICE programming"
Contra: "very infrequent drink service and erratic requests response for drin ks"
Pro: "Would have been better if the Veg food was not of the saem menu as in the preceding flight"
Contra: "More varieties of veg food should be introduced. Seats have a bit of less leg space No wifi"
Pro: "Delay in first flight which caused me a day. But accommodation provided at Dubai is fantastic. Entertainment system not worked in flight and WiFi Audi not worked."
Pro: "The service was excellent good legroom for flying economy."
Pro: "The service was great and the comfort and leg space and need to mention the quality of food."
Pro: "Intertainment,"
Contra: "India to dubai had poor Intertainment system"
Pro: "Good choice of international movies in entertainment"
Contra: "Quality of meals can be improved"
Contra: "Not enough food and snacks"
Pro: "Spacious Crew Food Ambience"
Contra: "Personal screen did not work"
Pro: "Everyone was very friendly and the meals were more than one would expect (still airplane food though). In flight entertainment was pretty robust and the inflight care packages (sleep mask, toothbrush/paste) were a nice touch. Although my wife and I were jealous of the business class luxury we were very satisfied with our 15 hour flight."
Contra: "no complaints!"
Pro: "Boarding was smooth, they give you a little pacquet that includes tootbruch and toothpaste, eye covers and socks. Food was ok, entertainment system is second to none."
Contra: "Some of the crew were a little rude when asking questions or just approaching them for simple things like our entertainment system not working. They weren't able to help us and it took me theee times to get them to pay attention to us."
Pro: "Same as above."
Pro: "Food, service and the crews behavior to be honest I'm very satisfied from that flight so I recommend all my friends to try once on Emirates. I really appreciate for the services."
Contra: "There is nothing to mention that I didn't like it everything was on time."

Horrible delay due to weather.

Warm and friendly staff with great service

The airport at Bucharest is a nightmare. Rude agents at the Delta partners desks and no directions for finding the correct place to go. Boarding at Amsterdam took over one and one half hours by the time we were sent through three security lines at the gate. No explanation for why we were herded through one line and then sent to another and then finally through another security procedure where they wiped us down for something. Atlanta was probably normal for there. All three legs of the flight were late but I did make it home after a very frustrating and exhausting 24 hours. At this moment I feel as if I will never go anywhere again,.

Issues with luggage, gate agents and flight. Delta has really gone down hill. But the flight agents int he sky were kind and professional. Also enjoyed the entertainment--but shouldn't be charged for headphones.

The landing was incredibly rough. I thought we were going to roll over at one point. Even coming into the landing was incredibly rocky. The passenger beside me said they make that flight all the time and that was the hardest landing they ever experienced.

After a delay, the flight departed and it was a smooth flight. Good service from the flight crew and we arrived home nearly on time.

Could of been a A220-100

KLM flight sucks! Not very active about telling passengers to put in their mask over the nose. 🙄

All 8f rhe main dishes in business class had cumin or other sharp spices which I can not tolerate

Contra: "The check in process for Delta was a chaotic mess. There was no one to assist passengers, lines were crazy long. I overheard so many people complaining about missing flights and they could not get any help. I also think the amount Delta charges for luggage was insane."
Pro: "Great crew...seat spacing gives great comfort. Love they have a comfort class option. So much better experience than American. Wish Delta had more direct flights out of Charlotte."
Contra: "It was perfect!!"
Contra: "No ear plugs offered and my iPhone jack didn’t fit."
Pro: "The plane was very new everything was good"
Contra: "Nothing considering the situation"
Pro: "Most of the crew was great with the exception of curbside check-in in Denver."
Contra: "Curbside needs to stop chasing cash tips and do their jobs. If they focused on that tips would be easy to come by. The curbside attendant that took my bag didn’t even bother to check my id. He asked me my name and asked where my destination was. I told him Cincinnati as a layover then LaGuardia where he said that was wrong. He then proceeded to print a boarding pass that wasn’t mine and load my bag into the conveyor. Not 5 mins go by when I realize what happened I wound up having to go to special services to rectify the situation. Which ultimately consisted of me waiting another hour in LaGuardia to get my bag. Please delta have these curbside handlers actually want to do their job and stop chasing cash tips."
Pro: "Not one of my good experiences with Delta. Two hours delay in the flight"
Contra: "Information on the flight delay as communication was. at least very poor. Also A 220 was ok but First Class was so so"
Contra: "The Entertainment display didn't work."
Pro: "Safe and fast journey."
Contra: "Vegan Options for snacks"
Pro: "Very nice crew, precisely respects the flight schedule"
Contra: "none"
Pro: "Overall the flight was very comfortable."
Contra: "none"
Pro: "There were a few hiccups with the overall flight process, but the crew was very friendly and informed everyone in a timely manner of the situation. There were also good snacks. Also, flexible baggage policy, which was great."
Contra: "The boarding situation is odd and less organized or structured than any of the other airlines I've flown with."
Pro: "Got to Houston on time"
Contra: "WiFi that I paid for on Delta didn't work, flight was delayed at take off due to waiting for restroom supplies; lead flight attendant had a major accent and was difficult to understand. She also stated to keep my mother's walker outside the plane when entering the plane"
Contra: "Wifi was not working"
Contra: "Food was blah, not hot and watery"
Pro: "Crew was kind and entertainment great when available"
Contra: "WiFi in all flights"
Pro: "The crew was good, when we actually were in the air."
Contra: "A working plane would be nice. It was only an hour delay; any inconvenience there may have been, when it comes to flying, is amplified. I am 6’ 8” and the plane is just uncomfortable."
Contra: "Old plane, long delay, sketchy WiFi."
Pro: "Excellent hospitality I asked for a cup of coffee at an odd time, the attendant went out of his way to brew fresh pot and served me, instead of just saying "Sorry sir, we don't have any coffee at this time....""
Contra: "Crew"
Pro: "Friendliness of flight attendants"
Contra: "I wasn't awake long enough to find fault"
Pro: "The crew was good"
Contra: "The flight was incredibly uncomfortable. The Delta team in Houston was not very pleasant."
Pro: "That we finally arrived."
Contra: "That we didn't arrive even remotely close to when we were supposed to."
Pro: "Super friendly flight crew."
Pro: "Food and service was nice"
Contra: "Very long route to my final destination"
Contra: "The child behind me kicking my seat"
Pro: "Crew was fantastic and very helpful."
Contra: "Not sure who was in charge of loading the plane with food for purchase, but they forgot it all entirely. The crew was kind enough to give extra snacks. Kinda curious how you forgot to load a plane with food for purchase and how did the crew not notice in advance? I would think that is one of their checks of the cabin. Not mention who ever signed off saying they filled the plane with food for purchase lied. Very frustrating not only for the crew but for the passengers."
Pro: "Attendants very friendly and helpful. Greeted everyone with a smile and a pleasant voice. One woman was having a very hard time. She evidently was afraid to fly and wanted to get off the plane. The attendants were very kind to her, spent time with her and informed the pilot. The pilot made several comments using her name making sure she knew every time we were about to run into some turbulence. I thought that was very kind."
Contra: "Sometimes very hard to hear the instructions and the pilot when they are speaking. Snacks are very small quantity and often stale"
Pro: "Flight crew was awesome"
Contra: "I couldn’t watch a movie and I couldn’t fall asleep because the the person in front of me had a light on."
Pro: "The Delta team was very kind and accommodating to me and my baby and did all they could to make it easier for me."
Contra: "Baggage drop- the line was longer for that than the security clearance! Perhaps have people pay at the kiosk for their baggage so the line moves more quickly."
Pro: "CVG isn't a huge airport, but it has a good amount of things to keep you entertained/well fed."
Contra: "CVG security line isn't terrible, but there seemingly is ALWAYS a decent wait. When a flight is full, like this one, it's never very comfortable – even a short flight."
Contra: "1 hour delay, no explanation, no weather problems, late for my meeting in Houston."
Pro: "The gate agent and cabin crew handled passenger's misery with friendly grace and professionalism. Also, it was an old plane and so the seats, even in coach, were comfortable."
Contra: "Plane was around 45 minutes late in arriving at our Minneapolis gate. Flight was further delayed by something (unspecified) being "frozen." WORST part was that the temperature in the seating area at the gate was horribly cold. Departing passengers at a neighboring gate were bound for Fargo and sat with their parkas on and with parka hoods up. We Houston-bound had packed our coats & boots and were shivering. Then when we finally boarded the crew announced that the plane's water system was broken and so we would have no hot coffee or hot tea or hot anything. No water, also and obviously, in the restroom sink. But sani-wipes were provided in the sink basin."
Pro: "Quick flight, great landing and takeoff."
Contra: "Everything was great today."
Contra: "Nothing"
Pro: "Could not use the bathroom"
Pro: "Same"
Contra: "Same"
Pro: "The crew from MSP to LSE onboard were incredibly pleasant and nice"
Contra: "They wanted me to check my bag from MSP to LSE. They weren't as nice as they could have been about it. But in the end I didn't need to check it."
Contra: "Delayed by an hour!"
Contra: "Late taking off, and then unable to get to gate on arrival"
Pro: "Crew was nice"
Contra: "Always a delay with Delta"

Better food, more often drinks, also didn’t receive luggage with me. Kept them behind

United was perfect, enough space seat to seat, but Austria Airlines was horrible ( disgusting food & very small space seat to seat & late ) . 0 Stars if is possibile!!

My original flight was cancelled and no explanation was provided. The flight wasn’t automatically rebooked so I spend roughly 4 hours with different service desk workers. They failed to actually “ticket” my booking so I had to then go to the service desk at the airport so that I could checkin. Austrian also needs to update their entertainment. They only add a new release of importance seemingly every quarter.

Enjoyed the Flight.

Pentru mine totul a funcționat bine… chiar foarte bine

This was a code share operated by United with a 787. Don't care for the herringbone 2-2-2 seating in business, many other carriers have gone to a 1-2-1 which is better. Food wasn't much better than economy but what really counts is lie flat seats.

Contra: "Mi s-au pierdut bagajele !"
Pro: "Just in time take of and landing, staff friendliness"
Contra: "Snack"
Contra: "Thank you"
Pro: "One crew member in the OTP-VIE flight that was great in service ."
Contra: "The delaying of both flights . The crew service on the VIE-NICE flight was awful ."
Contra: "Flight was delayed more 1:15 and it is a 35 min flight. If this happens so late in the night is even worse."
Pro: "Perfect timing between flights."
Contra: "A small sandwich would have been nice:)"
Pro: "It was all fine, a bit cramped, but otherwise fine"
Contra: "I had only 40 minutes to board my connecting flight to Vienna, had to run through two sets of security gates and one immigration and a long walk - at 64, I almost didnt make it, and was the last one to board huffing and puffing!"
Pro: "Every thing"
Contra: "Nothing"
Pro: "Food, in particular the vienna coffee choices were imprewsive."
Pro: "thebflight wqs smooth and on time"
Contra: "snack they gave something sweet at 07:00 AM"
Pro: "Flight time was quite good"
Contra: "There was a 45 min departure delay and no announcements to us while waiting in the plane about it"
Contra: "na"
Pro: "Generally very pleasant flight"
Contra: "No complaints"
Pro: "Flight on time, and luggage was at destination. Crew OK"
Contra: "Food disappointing, dry, and tasteless, my dinner was missing half of what my husband had. Was not worth the effort to complain. Seats left you in pain, no lower back support, and very hard seats."
Pro: "Nothing!"
Contra: "Austrian Airlines cancelled my flight with no notice, technical difficulties. Woke up before 5 am and went to the airport to find out, then waited in line for two hours to get re-booked on a flight the next day. Really poorly done. No compensation. Would not recommend Austrian Airlines, ever. -Mark Cox"
Pro: "I never try Austrian airlines because this trip was my first trip with them and I'll say that it's one of the best trips I ever had the airport at Vienna it's very small and easy to go anywhere you want and it's super clean and the stuff at the airport are very helpful and they all speak English and I was able to get a hotel room with walking destination from the airport and it was a very good experience overall I'll definitely recommend to anyone and I'll definitely keep them on my top list"
Pro: "Friendly staff with great service"
Pro: "The stewardess is very polite and accommodating n"
Contra: "Nothing"
Pro: "Plane was half empty, so we could sleep on three middle seats"
Contra: "I would expect more (and better) food for 9 hour intercontinental flight"
Contra: "I wanted to buy an checked-in luggage, but Austrian site did not worked properly, repeatedly gave an error message. I ended up buying it at the counter desk, in the airport, at a much higher price."
Contra: "We sat on the tarmac for 2 hours because a crew member did not have the proper paperwork. This is incompetence. The trip was long enough w/o adding another two hours due to poor planning. This was completely preventable."
Pro: "easy boarding"
Contra: "bad seating. you previously provided a comfort kit but discontinued it."
Pro: "The plane took off as scheduled and arrived promptly. Flight attendents are polite, pleasant and helpful."
Contra: "."
Pro: "Good service on time arrival"
Pro: "Flight delayed"
Pro: "Boarding was easy, on time"
Contra: "Crew's attitude for any request was snobby and harsh"
Pro: "First time traveling with 10-month old son. Satisfaction on my side! Staff was friendly and willingful."
Pro: "Well, at least they didn't overbook it like the horror the connector to LAX was"
Contra: "Waited longer to start boarding the plane than the flight took. There are 2 gates in Lugano "airport" and no plane or flight at the other gate. Shouldn't be this difficult. The inflight crew was nice and attentive for the little time we saw them but the ground crew never ev n bothered to make an announcement. Just had us sitting there like a heard of cattle."
Contra: "We booked Austrian Airlines to Kosice for 6 to play a concert for 3,000 on Thursday night. 4 of our group arrived from ZRH; 2 from LHR. LHR-VIE was late; we ran and arrived in time catch VIE-KSC before it left, but Austrian Air would not allow us to board, despite that the other part of our travel party was already on the plane and alerted both gate staff and on-board staff we were coming and wee had to play a show that night with Arch Enemy. We had to wait 10 hours in VIE & given €12 for food. AA cited "rotational issues". Shockingly, Austrian Air delayed the 2nd flight by another hour "to wait for someone". We had to cancel the show. Really angry"
Pro: "My wife And infant son we're flying out and when I got them there ticket I asked if they had any available seats with leg room and he said there was nothing available but the best he could do was aisle. When my wife n son went to board on the Stewart or stewardess told them that they are not sitting there and that they will be flying first class today. When my wife landed n told me I was extremely happy that they saw her with a baby and gave my wife n son that option to sit in first class then be tied up in economy and no so comfortable. I greatly appreciate the hospitality you have given my wife n son. Thank you Filip"
Pro: "The meal was ok The airplane was clean"
Contra: "Seats were very nerow .No help from the crew . Flight delayed"
Contra: "We left from Vienna , two hours late. This kind of problem supposed to be fix it , before.i like to fly with Austrian Airlines, isn't the first time, but now for me , to so long was a big problem"
Contra: "The aircraft was very old and smelled badly. The toillets didn't work properly and were dirty."
Contra: "We flew from TLV to Skopje via Vienna. None of the flight were on time and there was zero communication about the flight status. We arrived to the gate to start the boarding and they just told us wait here for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes we were asked to wait another 20 minutes. Only when we missed the take off time by 10 minutes they bothered to update us and inform us that the flight is being delayed in 2 hours."
Pro: "Attention during waiting time and inside cabin"
Contra: "Nothing"
Pro: "Great grew, great flight. Thank you!"
Pro: "1st class should board last, it just makes mire sense for a lot of reasons. Also 8kg carry limit is rediculous and loosely enforced. We were clearly selected to check our bags. There were others with bags heavier and larger than ours that were permitted to stuff them in their overheads."
Pro: "We paid extra for extra leg room. Exit row. Well worth Cabin crew very good and friendly"
Contra: "Connecting flight on United. Horrible experience Chicago to Vegas.seats are small, feeling of claustiphobia, nothing free on entertainment. Only interested in adding to price of ticket. Very warm A/c didn't work well. Totally bad experience on United. Never want to fly on them again"
Pro: "We have children and the crew was very helpful in making it an easy boarding process for all of us."
Contra: "Initially we were jammed into a gate area with all guests and it was absolutely horrible and not safe, especially with our kids."
Pro: "The flight was smooth and the staff was great."
Contra: "Nothing."
Contra: "Policies on bringing stroller differed between each trip. And they were not polite about it."
Pro: "Flight was cancelled. Had to wait in the airport with kids."
Contra: "Flight was canceled and I was rebooked to another airline. Terrible customer service too, polite and sorry, but only repeating their statements over and over again."
Contra: "Unexpected $100 baggage fee for second checked baggage"
Pro: "Best flight crew I've ever had."
Contra: "A free upgrade to first class"
Pro: "I paid to go with Lufthansa airways not with United Airways. And I came to know the day of the flight that I was to board United airways. Really disappointed."
Contra: "In the international flight United Airways charge for the Wiskey liquor. And that is ridiculous."
Contra: "Good food, on time and semi comfortable seats"
Pro: "I like how the crew was friendly"
Pro: "The crew was great. Food was good for the most part."
Pro: "Everything was great. The crew was outstanding!"
Contra: "Nothing"
Pro: "service much better Dennis was excellent and attentive!"
Pro: "I’ve travelled many times with Lufthansa and I always enjoy my trip. The crew are always attentive and caring. I always recommend Lufthansa to all my family and friends, and I will continue to travel with Lufthansa."
Contra: "First flight was delayed too much for me to make a connecting flight to Frankfurt. Had to ask twice to be rebooked. Had to connect through Chicago O'Hare and walk for miles there. Arrived in Germany 3 hours behind schedule."
Contra: "No volume on entertainment system for our row. But the crew were excellent - very professional, courteous and apologetic."
Pro: "Crew very nice and carefull"
Contra: "My luggage was destroied ;-("
Pro: "Staff was very polite, helpful, and attentive. Our flight left late due to a delay with the plane, and the flight attendants were very proactive about informing passengers about making connections and doing all they could to help."
Contra: "All good."
Pro: "Crew nice. Plenty of food"
Contra: "Boarding was very chaotic. Very long lines and not managed well"
Pro: "Lufthansa has it all together and knows how to fly. I recommend to everyone!"
Pro: "Getting off the plane in the snow is ridiculous. Lufthansa needs to use the jetways."
Contra: "Can’t tell you anything- missed connection"
Pro: "crew hospitality. timely take off"
Contra: "Prolonged stop over in Frankfurt"
Contra: "Same reason as above."
Pro: "Nice crew, The flight was on time."
Contra: "Food was sub-standard with very limited drink varieties."
Contra: "They lost my baggage for three days, and it would have been four if I didn’t drive to the distribution center to pick up my bag."
Pro: "The crew was friendly and the flight was comfortable. And the food was very good."
Pro: "Comfortable seats with plenty of room. Enjoyable crew during the flight."
Contra: "I did not have any complaints about this specific flight."
Pro: "Crew, condition of planes, food all excellent"
Contra: "Connection at Frankfurt bad. Had to be unloaded from plane and put on buses and dumped at terminal. Extra 25 minutes plus customs and ran to make connecting international flight. They have a HUGE opportunity for improvement in the way they move people in Airport."
Pro: "Very good service.."
Pro: "Selection of meals (veg / non veg), nice and polite crew, selection of entertainment options, availability of drinks and snacks on the plane in between meal service. Seats are decent in size and comfortable in the economy class, the aircraft feels like new, clean and fresh."
Contra: "The movie selection button on the screen is a bit hard to use and slow scrolling thru the titles. Nonetheless, enjoyed watching movies. Good variety of movie genres."
Contra: "A flight attendant from Bucharest to Frankfurt kept bumping her behind in my shoulder. Before this she was not helpful when I asked her where to put my bag. She shoukd not work with people if she does not like them. Otherwise, everything was great: food, space, movies."
Pro: "You can't beat the German's at efficiency. Awesome!"
Contra: "Houston isn't their hub and I have to put up with United."
Contra: "crew was not friendly"
Pro: "Business class was comfortable."
Contra: "Baggage was lost for 3 days. Very poor customer service. Employees have a lot of attitude. Will NOT fly again."
Contra: "It wasn't Lufthansa"
Contra: "It took over an hour to drop off a bag prior to boarding. I had already checked in online. There were long lines in Bucharest and simply not enough staff working the Lufthansa desks."
Contra: "Although we had reserved (paid) seats as a family in an entire row, upon check in we were given different seats. We had to spend 20 minutes talking with different agents in order to get our original seats."
Pro: "Movie selection, wine and food"
Contra: "Crying babies - outside of the crew control"
Pro: "Efficient boarding. On time departure."
Pro: "Despite the wintry weather, a safe take off and a nice flight. A plus to Otopeni (Bucharest) airport administration - clean runaway, no snow no ice on it."
Contra: "Delay time should be posted accordingly at the gate."
Pro: "Without a doubt, the flight crew on this flight was amazing. They went out of their way to assist everyone and make sure that people had whatever they needed."
Contra: "The chairs were small, even though we upgraded to economy plus, and the outlets and my tv screen did not work. On a 10 hour flight, that's a big deal! It seems like I paid extra to get less. Terrible!"
Pro: "nice personality"
Contra: "My flight was cancelled due to the pilots' strike. I only learned about this when I attempted online check in. Lufthansa never attempted to notify me. Then when I called in to the Romania Service Center to rebook, the phones went down in the middle of the call. That is understandable given the extreme volume of calls they were handling. What is unacceptable, is that they made no attempt to contact me once the phones were up. I ended up calling the U.S. service center at 1am local time to rebook...only 3 hours before I needed to leave for the airport. It took an hour - which I paid for at direct dial international rates - to find a flight. I'm very grateful for the U.S. service rep who was kind and helpful. She was the one bright spot in this poorly handled situation."
Pro: "La tripulación muy amable y la comida muy buena ."
Pro: "Friendly service and good food."
Contra: "Long flight"
Contra: "The seats were very cramped. A little about my height, I'm 5'2" and had a difficult time with no leg room. I sat by the window which gave me a little more wiggle room but it was not the most comfortable flight. Also a note about being able to get up from the seat to move about. The other person in the row had to get up to allow me in and out and I still had to make sure not to pull on the seat in front of me just trying to get up out of the seat. Thankfully, I only had to get out twice through the whole flight."
Contra: "It was not Lufthansa but United Irlines. I wish it was Lufthansa."
Pro: "Seat backs are flatter, which for me (a shorter woman) is much more comfortable than the more contoured seats on other airlines."
Contra: "Very dry sandwiches."
Pro: "It was all together a pleasant trip."
Pro: "Organized boarding, service, left on time"
Contra: "No gluten-free food when they served the food. They said that they didn't serve gluten-free food on short flights, but this was two and a half hours. Also, I had asked for a gluten-free meal when I booked my flight. Not good in today's world, when quite a few people have to eat gluten-free. (I am a medical doctor.)"
Pro: "Everything went fine."
Contra: "n/a"
Contra: "The controls on movie screen did not respond to touch very well."
Pro: "Smooth Ride Stewardesses"
Contra: "Seats, The website would not let me upgrade to premium seats. I am also a Gold Star Alliance member and thought that I should have been able to have the Premium seating available, especially since there were vacant seating. But it was a great flight. The best airline flight I have had so far."
Pro: "I am very please, and will use Lufthanza always!"
Contra: "All was great"

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1 EscalăAir France
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2 EscaleAir France
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2 EscaleBritish Airways
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2 EscaleBritish Airways
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1 EscalăLufthansa
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1 EscalăLufthansa
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2 EscaleLufthansa
17h 27mIAH-OTP
794 €
2 EscaleAmerican Airlines
22h 14mOTP-HOU
2 EscaleAmerican Airlines
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1 EscalăLufthansa
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