Găsește zboruri ieftine de la Caribbean către România

Găsește zboruri ieftine de la Caribbean către România

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Întrebări frecvente despre rezervarea zborurilor de la Caribbean către România

Cum reușește KAYAK să găsească prețuri atât de mici pentru zborurile de la Caribbean către România?

Cum poate funcționalitatea Prognoza prețului să mă ajute să îmi rezerv zborul de la Caribbean către România în cel mai bun moment?

Care este opțiunea KAYAK Mix pentru zborurile de la Caribbean către România?

Ce este funcționalitatea „date flexibile" și cu ce mă poate ajuta atunci când caut un zbor de la Caribbean către România?

Principalele companii aeriene care zboară de la Caribbean către România

Notele conform evaluărilor din partea clienților KAYAK

American Airlines
Scor general bazat pe 45.719 evaluări
Evaluările companiei aeriene

Pro: "Even during a delay the crew remained professional. There was something wrong with the plan and I appreciate that safety was the main priority."
Contra: "My 1 hour layover turned into a four hours past 2am arrival."

Pro: "I did not take the flight, I stopped in Miami instead."
Contra: "Don’t know because I did not take this flight."

Contra: "Entertainment screens should be in place in the seat, not wifi entertainment"

Contra: "Maintenance issues which led to a flight delay- understandable But we have been on the plane waiting to taxi. The person talking said it will take “3-4 minutes” to deplane...it’s taken about 45 min... Don’t overpromise and under deliver"

Pro: "Crew was pleasant and nice as always!"
Contra: "More room in the seat but I know that’s unrealistic."

Pro: "Flight was on time."
Contra: "3-4-3 seating for a plane designed for 3-3-3 is very uncomfortable."

Contra: "If delay to much pls let customer out of plane"

Pro: "Video screens at each seat"

Pro: "Crew was fine but you can’t hear anything they are saying over intercom"
Contra: "Plane was late getting to gate then lightning kept luggage from being taken off and put on and on top of continued lightning, plane was 1 hr plus late getting out"

Pro: "Easy in easy out"
Contra: "Lack of entertainment"

Pro: "comfortable plane."
Contra: "Kay&k was awful. Never use them again."

Contra: "The flight from Miami was delayed and the plane was very hot during the flight."

Contra: "The wifi signup process not seemless with Android."

Pro: "Delays. Standbys. Cancellations. No explanations provided."
Contra: "EXPLANATIONS!!! Don’t bump me from a flight and not explain why!"

Contra: "Delayed"

Contra: "Can't fly American Airlines without a flight delay. Have to plan flight delays into my trips because every time I fly American there is a delay. Certainly encourages me to fly other airlines."

Contra: "no lunch"

Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "One of my worst flight journeys. Not traveling with American airlines operated flights ever again."

Pro: "0ntime quick boarding"
Contra: "cost to check baggage"

Pro: "I was in first class thanks to an upgrade. The flight attendant was very nice. But the amenities are total garbage - no seatback in-flight entertainment, no power."
Contra: "No in-flight entertainment except on your own device. No power, ensuring your device will die on a long flight. The old US Airways fleet from the Northeast is awful."

Contra: "Being delayed"

Contra: "Meal, comfort, crew"

Pro: "Crew was friendly, seats were comfortable."
Contra: "Didn't receive any snacks for the flight Had to pay for any use of wifi. Entertainment used to be provided along with trip."

Pro: "Crew was nice"
Contra: "Lost my flight and for next avaulable flight was left over by just seeing how other passengers were given priority before me."

Contra: "American refused to board me becouse LAN did not send the reservation to AA system. Flight was full and AA did not even talk with me about what to do. They just unloaded my bag allready checked to MIA.. After two hours standing at LAN counter they changed my flight to Lima and than to Miami. I came to Miami 12 hours late, very disappointed by this service. According to AA my ticket was never confirmed by the airline !! How can you sell it to customer ??"

Pro: "Airline crew was good. Attendant was appreciative for my daughter translating for her. There were two passengers who did not speak English. One spoke french and the other Spanish. The food provided was tasty."
Contra: "Seats very uncomfortable, not enough leg room, too small ( I am a smaller person.). Did not like that could not reserve seats in advance without paying $50. Spent almost an hour with agent to get two bags checked for free. Iberia flight operated by American allowed two free bags. Agent took awhile to discover this was correct then she got locked out system. There was no regard that we had a flight to catch. No individual TV's."

Pro: "I really enjoyed the movies on this flight and they had us change to better seats before we took off"

Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "I didn't get home til 1am bc of this flight delay. A lot of the passengers were on the final leg of overseas travel, so we had a really hard time with the delays. Boarding was inefficient. Cree counted us like 6 times. Why is that necessary? Plane was old and uncomfortable."

Pro: "Flight was on time (actually early) and smooth. The crew was very friendly."
Contra: "Right after boarding Zone 5, the crew called for Zone 6, and everyone rushed the line. Zone 5 had not yet completed boarding."

Contra: "Good choices could have been better."

Contra: "on a 7 hour flight over the pacific ocean and you dont provide a meal? you fly from egypt to germany, a 3 hour flight and you get a meal, so what's your excuse?"

Pro: "Quick and fast. Slept through the landing and woke up to everyone gone and was in a rush to get out, but forgot my phone and passport, and I asked about it they went back there and looked for it for me and got it back. Over all good experience."
Contra: "Wish they offered water, but since it was short it made sense."

Pro: "entertainment displays on the back of every seat headrest. Nice room on Main Cabin Xtra, even with someone in the middle seat."
Contra: "1 of the flight attendants was pushy(older caucasian lady)"

Contra: "The fact the flight was delayed for 5 hours due to weather."

Pro: "We boarded the flight pretty quickly"
Contra: "This elderly woman took long to put her baggage above so someone that was sitting a row behind my seat decided to take all of the overhead bin space, he definitely did not have a carry on size luggage and I feel that would have never happened if tsa would have noticed his carry on was too big"

Contra: "The flight was cancelled without notification."

Pro: "not bad, I upgraded to first for the leg room, I'm 6'6", so it kinda worked out."
Contra: "Very old plane."

Pro: "I prefer this size plane to the other alternatives."
Contra: "No snacks were offered at all."

Pro: "El problema es que el vuelo estaba sobrevendido y han cerrado las puertas antes con lo cual me he quedado abajo sin pode abordar. En el aeropuerto de Denver habia solo dos personas en el securty check por lo cual la demora fue involuntaria en mi caso. Cuando estoy haciendo la fila para ingresar al avion (esyando en la misma cola antes de ingresar) me informanque no podre embarcar..(claro ya habia designado mi billete a otras personas. pesima atencion y pesimna experiencia con los empleados de ese vuelo. Denver a Miami"

Pro: "Seat comfort, the crew and the actual flight were good."
Contra: "Due to the extended delay I didn't get back to my apartment in NYC and to sleep until after 3 a.m."

Pro: "Good entertainment option"
Contra: "Very delayed"

Pro: "The crew and all employees were very nice and did their best to ensure that my travels went smoothly. The flight was not so comfortable but I didn't mind much. Over all good flight"

Contra: "Movies was good."

Contra: "They cancelled the flight and put me to fly the next day"

Pro: "Crew was nice including those helping with boarding."
Contra: "Difficult to recline chair. Limited snack options. Landing was a bit rough."

Pro: "Our flight attendant was very nice and the restrooms were ample."
Contra: "We flew a 777-200 which was 15 years old and not to today's standards for transatlantic flights. The entertainment system was awful. Shame on American."

Contra: "The seats were so cramped we could barely move. It was hot, it felt like there was no a/c most of the flight. The flight crew was late which delayed my flight. Awful. I will never fly American Airlines again."

Pro: "space for legs, comfortable chairs."
Contra: "I was told my bag was too big but it wasn't. I had the gate check it in. My bag didn't make my connecting flight as a result and now I am without my clothes/bathroom kit..."

Contra: "Three hours late leaving, and we waited at Dca for a gate for over an hour."

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Informații legate de COVID-19

Măsurile de siguranță ale companiile care zboară de la Caribbean

Companiile aeriene care zboară de la Caribbean au adoptat măsuri de siguranță suplimentare și și-au modificat politicile pentru a răspunde mai bine nevoilor călătorilor. Politicile variază de la o companie la alta.

Igienizare sporită

Curățenie zilnică, instalare a filtrelor HEPA în cabine pe zborurile de la Caribbean

Mască obligatorie

Măști obligatorii la îmbarcare, măști oferite pe zborurile de la Caribbean

Locuri care respectă distanțarea socială

Scaunele din mijloc indisponibile pentru rezervare pe zborurile de la Caribbean

Testare înainte de zbor

Testare pentru anticorpi, testare pentru simptome pe zborurile de la Caribbean

Rezervă zboruri ieftin din Caraibe în România

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