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  • Cauți zboruri ieftine către Caribbean? 25% dintre utilizatorii noștri au găsit bilete către Caribbean pentru următoarele prețuri sau chiar mai ieftine: De la Bucureşti: 787 €, doar dus; 773 €, dus-întors, de la Timișoara: 530 €, doar dus; 858 €, dus-întors, de la Cluj-Napoca 1.347 € (dus-întors)
  • Rezervă cu cel puțin 3 săptămâni înainte de plecare pentru a profita de un preț mai ieftin decât media.
  • Sezonul înalt coincide cu lunile noiembrie și decembrie. Cea mai ieftină lună pentru a zbura către Caribbean este martie.
  • Introdu aeroportul tău de plecare preferat și datele de călătorie în câmpul de căutare de mai sus pentru a accesa ultimele oferte la zborurile Caribbean.

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Principalele companii aeriene care zboară către Caribbean

Notele conform evaluărilor din partea clienților KAYAK
Air FranceScor general bazat pe 4390 evaluări
Evaluările companiei aeriene

Nice,elegant,smooth,team had a pride with their work. My Favorite Airline.

Citește mai multe despre Air France

Nice,elegant,smooth,team had a pride with their work. My Favorite Airline.

Pro: "Punctual"
Contra: "They forced me to ceck my trolley because i had a suit with me!!! And the airplane wasn’t even full. Even worst they allowed some pieces of “hand luggage” that were double the maximum allowed size"
Contra: "Only a steward that did not help us with luggage when neede..."
Contra: "Very cramped seat on the TGV train. I will definitely choose and pay a seat on my own next time, rather than accepting the on picked by Air France... And it will be cheaper, too!"
Pro: "More space in business class (777-300) than many other airlines."
Contra: "Entertainment very limited. No adjustable air vents in this aircraft"
Pro: "The seat was very comfortable."
Contra: "My boyfriend and I were required to gate check our carry-on luggage which required us to go through customs in Paris to get to our bag and re-enter security for our connecting international flight. I am unsure why this was the case as other passengers brought the same size luggage. Very upsetting."
Contra: "Crew on the ground was very rude"
Pro: "All went right namely the seats but the luggage condition is the worst"
Contra: "Air France is not a low fare airlines, I had to pay 225 USD against 3 luggages which is not acceptable. We should have the right for one luggage per ticket as all other airlines. If I knew this will happen, I wouldn’t use Air France and this will be the last time I buy a ticket on Air France"
Contra: "More options for gluten free food. Always get the same dish"
Pro: "The crew was amazing and extremely helpful!"
Contra: "The food could have been better"
Pro: "The comfort of the flight snd kindness of the crew."
Contra: "My connecting flight to san francisco was through Delta, which it was on a different terminal, I had to carry my luggage out of the airport in order to get to delta’s terminal - the buildings are not connected."
Pro: "I'm not Hindu, but I requested Hindu Vegetarian meal. It was very tasty and enjoyable."
Contra: "Seats were not comfortable, even in Comfort + seating isle."
Contra: "Couldn’t understand announcements"
Pro: "Crew was really good, polite, efficient. The aircraft was relatively new and clean (rare for an airline to provide a new craft on an Africa segment). Food was good, seats comfortable. Will definitely make them my airline of choice to the extent that I can cost wise."
Pro: "Everything was great"
Contra: "N/A"
Contra: "boarding wasn't good."
Contra: "Great experience"
Pro: "Plane was new, and seatback screen responsive and functional."
Contra: "Economy seats not very comfortable, very tightly packed together"
Contra: "Thanks"
Pro: "The CDG airport is very bad in terms of finding your connections, the flight to CDG from LAX had a very old entertainment system and was hard to use."
Pro: "Crew was nice although one fellow was a little too “nervous” and looked bossy"
Contra: "Food was awful. Asked for vegan meal they got it half right, as vegan is not vegetarian. And the second meal or snack as they say was not vegetarian or vegan at all."
Pro: "Leg space was great, food was delicious, alcohol served 3-4 times, and the in-flight entertainment was spectacular. I saw 4 movies and slept somewhat comfortably for once!"
Contra: "10 minutes late to the airport....... No help, no refund, no nothing. Never using you again"
Contra: "Old plane."
Pro: "Everything"
Pro: "Food and wine was very good. Music selection was excellent."
Contra: "Not enough leg room."
Contra: "Because of change in plane..bad choice of seat for long legs of husband...then late in Atlanta and very late into DC"
Pro: "Food was good and again, staff were friendly and professional. Flight was on time and efficient dis-embark mentioned."
Contra: "Slight issue with headphone connection, was not the only passenger."
Pro: "Good seat width Great movie selection Great food and drinks Nice and large A380"
Contra: "The interface of the screens seemed old Need to anticipate the needs of the customer better For example, they brought me my special meal first, but I had to wait 30 minutes later to get a drink to accompany it. The food was getting old. Did not see any newspaper/periodical selection. That would have been nice."
Pro: "Staff"
Contra: "We were 2h late"
Pro: "The staff was very nice and friendly"
Contra: "One hour delay without any information on embarking and another hour in the plane before departure"
Pro: "The crew was very friendly and professional. The food very good"
Contra: "First the plane was delayed because of a technical issue that I think they should check before The plane was crowded and old."
Pro: "Ok"
Contra: "Nothing"
Pro: "It was ok fligh"
Contra: "Food was not so good"
Pro: "La entrada"
Contra: "El resto de cosas"
Pro: "Flight was smooth"
Contra: "Food"
Pro: "Nothing... and we were late which made me miss my connecting flight and I wasn’t reimbursed because it was with a different airline"
Contra: "See above and the food was disgusting"
Pro: "Super fast boarding and smooth takeoff"
Contra: "My seat was changed without my permission. Very unprofessional staff at Mumbai airport"
Pro: "Boarding and punctuality."
Contra: "Lagos boarding with rather annoying wait due to repeat hand check. Perhaps added security carried far."
Pro: "I liked the way a fligh attandant treated me and another two passengers. At the end of the flight he gave us a cup of strawberries for all. The food was delicious specially that pasta, it was yummy."
Contra: "TV was too slow."
Pro: "All crew I interacted with was great, friendly, and helpful."
Contra: "Flight was late. Boarding very slow. Entertainment was ok by today's standards. Each seat had a display, but movie selection was not great. For a French airline I was looking forward to breakfast -- maybe some nice pastries or at least a decent croissant with jam. None such. It was disappointing. Meals were not impressive either, but the complimentary wine was good. I did not find the seats comfortable."
Pro: "leg space in plane"
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "Everything. AF changed seats without authorization or notification, separating a mother from her 3 year old daughter. Their entire attitude was "nothing to be done, now board plane and leave" no compensation was offered, nothing done to remedy their mistake or rude behavior and treatment"
Pro: "The fact that the plane made it to SFO"
Contra: "Downgrade without notice or consent separating family. Paid full fare for family to travel business class together. AF without our knowledge downgraded one member, separating a mother from her 3 year old daughter. They offered no compensation, no apology, and CDG ground crew was terribly rude. All anyone said was, nothing to be done, now please Leave"
Pro: "Standard stuff"
Contra: "Our first leg from Paris was delayed and we missed our flight to Dubrovnik. We then had to hire a car and drive 6 hours to ensure we wouldn't lose a day more of our holiday."
Contra: "bad smell around my seat"
Pro: "Crew was wonderful Helpful, pleasant, capable"
Contra: "Waiting for late passengers & their luggage"
Pro: "Seats were comfortable, but the sliding action, instead of recline, took getting used to. Food was very good. Snacks available on demand, along with drinks. Complimentary wine with meal was also quite good. Entertainment system was first rate with plenty of options for TV. movies, music, games, etc..."
Contra: "Sitting in the middle two seats in the center of the 777 left me stuck for most of the flight. Got up only once. Wife's feet and ankles were swollen by the end of the flight. Not enough legroom to move much during the flight and not enough aisle space to get around with the plane so full. Have made flights twice as long on the 747 and were able to get up and walk."

Great experience

Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "Not having so many delay and not seating on a plane for over an hour to take off."
Pro: "Crew was very nice!!"
Contra: "Space on seat not comfortable for tall people"
Contra: "Seats could have been better. Very uncomfortable seats"
Contra: "Again, left stranded in SC."
Pro: "The crew was helpful and nice."
Contra: "It was delayed a lot."
Pro: "Service at business was good. Comfortable chairs and quiet cabin space."
Contra: "The gate experience due to long time between flights getting worst due to a departure delay."
Pro: "Comfortable seats with a touch screen with plenty to choose from to entertain. Updates from the cockpit often. Good music as we boarded and exited the plane to set the mood. Very attentive staff. Would love to fly with United again, soon."
Pro: "EWR gate personnel tried to move things along. Seat was roomie and the flight attendants were pleasant. Flight was on time and landed early. No complaints."
Contra: "Long TSA lines at EWR, but they moved."
Pro: "I liked the perfect landing!!"
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "Terrible service. Flight delayed (two hours)."
Pro: "When the lady in the gate saw me almost dying of running all over the airport with my suitcase, she was very nice and comfort me."
Contra: "Nothing"
Pro: "Nothing, The flight didn't happen"
Contra: "Waited for 6.5 hours for the flight to get cancelled and rescheduled for a week later."
Pro: "Crew was very nice"
Contra: "Sits are very uncomfortable"
Pro: "All in the prices!!! Accesibility!!!"
Contra: "The prices changes too much!"
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "I'm supposed to bring a carry on with me and they don't allowed me this time. They should be strict with other passengers who bring more than a carry on. I was SO MADDD"
Pro: "Services , on time"
Contra: "See above."
Pro: "Seat more comfortable and any entertainment."
Contra: "The seat."
Contra: "Delay?????"
Pro: "Friendly & informative captain & crew"
Contra: "Smooth flight, no complaints, A+"
Pro: "Very nice breakfast provided. Staff was great."
Contra: "No media entertainment for 3.5 hour flight"
Pro: "clean; good movies"
Contra: "no kosher food option"
Pro: "Estaba supuesto ser un viaje barato y puntual"
Contra: "Pero no fue de esa manera yo soy un paciente esquizofrénico y padezco de vipolarida más tengo problema con el azúcar mas padezco de sleeping adnnea.y muchas otras condiciones.y mi vuelo no salió cuando. Tenía que salir.yo vivo en perth ambos y era muy difícil viajar para Mi en tren para luego tener que pasar todo lo que pase.deverian por lo menos recomendarme con algo desierta por todos mis inconvenientes."
Pro: "On time and comfort"
Pro: "Smooth boarding"
Contra: "No entertainment of any sort available unless paying."
Pro: "It was a good flight. The attendants were courteous and accomodating. There was nothing to complain about."
Pro: "I very much enjoyed the male flight attendant in coach. He was fun, attentive and very interacting."
Contra: "I liked all but the seating. Even for coach is too small in my opinion. Pilot flew awesome."
Pro: "Was fast and on time"
Contra: "Pushing back from gate took for ever due to mechanical problems and somebody got sick on the plane so their decision to wait until the person situation got better affected everyone else"
Contra: "Lots of delay, not so friendly flight attendants"
Pro: "very helpful"
Pro: "The service & how comfortable I was."
Contra: "That you have to pay for everything but I guess now a days every airline is doing the same thing."
Contra: "Thr boarding process was a mess, a lot of people didn't even have seats assigned."
Pro: "The personal are very amability"
Pro: "Love the crew!"
Contra: "The delays was horrible!!"
Contra: "I missed my second flight by 10 minutes due to a delay from my first flight and was only refunded a small portion luckily I found a good price with Jet Blue wich worked out better"
Pro: "El viaje de newark a san juan por united fue excelente. Por la linea aerea de American Airlines terriblemente FATAL. Habia un problema con el avion o la torre del vuelo miami hacia san juan PR. Nos ofrecieron estadia en un hotel supuestamente ellos corrian con los gastos ya q se atraso el vuelo y no fue culpa de ningun pasajero segun nos dijo una señorita del counter, resulta ser q el hotel fue el piso del aeropuerto de miami x 8 horas!!! Wow a la verdad q nos vieron la cara de bobos y nos cojieron de bobos tambien. Q trato mas injusto. No volveremos a viajar por AMERICAN AIRLINES asi mismo le dejaremos saber a todo el mundo el trato de esta linea con los pasajeros. Gracias a esto nos agravamos la espalda, costillas. Por culpa de ellos por tratarnos como basura. Eso no se hace!!!! Despues q estabamos sentados en el avion el piloto no llegaba y nos tuvieron q bajar del avion, esperar a que llegara otro piloto para volvernos a montar en el avion!!! Q mala coordinacion!! Esto es una falta de respeto!! Esta linea AMERICAN AIRLINES ES UNA PORQUERIA!!! No volvemos a viajar por esta linea JAMAS!!! Irresponsables!!"
Contra: "Nothing at all !!!! With AMERICAN AIRLINES THE WORST!!! We will NEVER travel by this linea aerea. Son una gran Porqueria!!"
Contra: "It took to long to board the flight"
Contra: "The airline is horrible.. Poor customer service"
Pro: "Boarding"
Contra: "Excellent"
Pro: "The service since I am handicap"
Pro: "Bien"
Contra: "Bien"
Pro: "Everything"
Contra: "Comfortable and affordable!"
Pro: "What I like the most was that it was on time, also the crew was amicable."
Contra: "Last row seats. Nothing of space, man seating next to me in the isle seat couldn't accomodate his legs inside the available space."
Contra: "I never took this flight since the San Francisco flight got delayed that when I got to the gate to board the Washington flight. The gates closed on my face literally. Awesome trip.! (Sarcasm included)"
Contra: "They did not have TV and no wifi it was terrible. They only gave me a cup of soda nos even a potato chips which other airline do give."
Pro: "Boarding process on time."
Contra: "The waiting time for my connection flight."
Informații legate de COVID-19

Măsurile de siguranță ale companiile care zboară către Caribbean

Companiile aeriene care zboară către Caribbean au adoptat măsuri de siguranță suplimentare și și-au modificat politicile pentru a răspunde mai bine nevoilor călătorilor. Politicile variază de la o companie la alta.

Igienizare sporită

Curățenie zilnică, instalare a filtrelor HEPA în cabine pe zborurile către Caribbean

Mască obligatorie

Măști obligatorii la îmbarcare, măști oferite pe zborurile către Caribbean

Locuri care respectă distanțarea socială

Scaunele din mijloc indisponibile pentru rezervare pe zborurile către Caribbean

Testare înainte de zbor

Testare pentru anticorpi, testare pentru simptome pe zborurile către Caribbean

Anulări flexibile

Fără taxe pentru modificări. Caută zboruri flexibile către Caribbean

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2 EscaleAir France
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2 EscaleUnited Airlines
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749 €
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