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Principala companie aeriană care operează zborul Kiev Boryspil Intl - Bucureşti

Notele conform evaluărilor din partea clienților KAYAK
airBalticScor general bazat pe 616 evaluări
Evaluările companiei aeriene
Pro: "Very friendly"
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Pro: "Very friendly"
Pro: "Everything except the delay"
Contra: "No delays, took bag crew forever to load the plane, they were extremely late....waited over 35minutes"
Contra: "Flight attendant didn’t smile @ all, it was like we are on her way."
Pro: "The crew, plane and airport was great!"
Contra: "Part of our luggage was disassembled and not delivered to the final destination."
Pro: "The crew, plane and procedure was all great."
Contra: "Part of out luggage was disassembled during transit and part was missing afterwards... part of the luggage was missing."
Contra: "At least a complimentary glass of water or juice in Economy."
Pro: "Arrival in time"
Contra: "Compartment for hand luggage was full, no space"
Contra: "Not mentioned that in Munich I had to change terminal and pass again on security check. If I would have bought some bottles in Vilnius or Riga duty free, I would have had problems"
Pro: "Very nice plane and we left on time and the flight was very smooth."
Pro: "The airplane was brand new. The crew was very friendly"
Pro: "everything was good enough"
Contra: "I would like a meal and drinks on the board"
Pro: "All fine"
Contra: "Flight delayed 2 hours"
Contra: "Horrible customer support"
Pro: "Simple no frills airline"
Contra: "Ок"
Pro: "Efficient boarding and disembarking."
Contra: "Shocked that I need to produce my own printed boarding cards (I don't travel with a printer), or I must produce it on a smartphone. Neither available - I showed my confirmation of check-in on my email and the agent printed my boarding cards. Your idea of asking 32 Euro for a boarding card is &^%(*"
Pro: "Crews on Air France are outstanding!"
Contra: "Baggage was lost and was delivered 2 days later."
Contra: "Short flight and unmemorable (that's a good thing)"
Contra: "When I got to the check-in desk, I was told to get out of line and check in online. It wasn't a big deal, but it would have been good to know that it was necessary to do this so I didn't wait in line for a long time."
Contra: "There was a sceen right before my eyes telling me how much time of the flight was left. Even if I wanted to be unaware of the information I could not because as I mensioned it was right before my eyes. I was aware of almost every minute of this flight....found it hard to let go and just let time pass"
Pro: "most of the crew were polite and helpful"
Contra: "super small plane... had to climb a very narrow staircase into the plane... overhead bins couldn't accommodate much of anything... we weren't warned this in advance. one rude steward (Miks) July 21 Flt. BT444, 18:30-19:50... he just stood there watching me struggle up the outside staircase into the plane with my suitcase... scolded me for bringing suitcase on board, argued with me, etc. (I've traveled the world and this suitcase is always brought on board)... he was not service-oriented or helpful. thankfully, other staff did help... but he left a bad taste in my mouth for this airline."
Pro: "Good service, good connection in Riga! Perfectly on time!"
Pro: "Nice new propeller plane on time"
Contra: "No free water or coffee. Luggage fee not told about when I booked. No entertainment."
Pro: "Did not have food, so not able to rate that. Comfortable for sure! Plane ain't that big and one side had only 2 seats next to each other."
Pro: "Everything was excellent"
Contra: "Nothing. All was good"
Pro: "Flight was short and sweet, no problems to report."
Pro: "Easy for my friend and I"
Contra: "They delayed our flight from Gatwick to Riga with no information given to passengers. Many of us had a connecting flight with Air Baltic from Riga to Helsinki- which we asked if they will wait for us, the crew member said because the flight was also with Air Baltic, they will wait for us. We got there 10 minutes before take off, and the gate has already closed. Furthermore, we got to the Air Baltic counter, we were given 5Euro meal vouchers even though we will be staying at the Riga airport for 9 hours. Also they gave us terrible customer service attitude, which we definitely do not deserve after being delayed, and causing so much trouble on their behalf. Definitely do not recommend flying with Air Baltic again. I've never been this angry with any air line."
Contra: "I needed to cancel the flight a month before, and I got no refund"
Contra: "I was flying transit, but I had to go through the check-in in Paris. At the check-in they started to make problems about my carry-on luggage. I had just two flights from the United States behind me and no problems at all and suddenly I can't fly with my carry-on luggage? I didn't like the AirBaltic check-in service."
Pro: "good"
Contra: "good"
Contra: "No fee food or beverages at all. Attendants were very pleasant. Since this is an economy airline there reallly is no complaint. Our flight was full and boarding went smoothly."
Contra: "Who charges for coffee, jeez"
Pro: "They did provide a 6 euro food voucher once it was clear the flight was going to be over 2 hours late. The flight and land crew did their best to keep everyone calm under bad circumstances."
Contra: "Flight was just under 3 hours late (long enough to kill most of the day, but just under what is needed to pay compensation). First they said it was problems in Amsterdam, then problems with the plane, then traffic in Amsterdam. It was hard to tell what was true and what was avoiding penalties (it is possible that equipment issues caused them to lose their spot, and get caught in traffic delays). I hate that they charge 2.5 euros for water on the flight. Their carryon rules only allow us to take the smallest of bags (smaller than other airlines) but when I got on the plane, lots of people had medium sized carryons."
Pro: "It was very easy to print boarding pass."
Contra: "The scanners did not accept my boarding pass. 40% of the passengers had to have boarding passes reprinted. It was chaotic."
Contra: "For people who have Airbaltic as a connecting flight this might be very inconvenient. We paid 40 Eur/person each way for our luggage . That brings the price that you pay so much higher than you expect at first. Also if you don't print boarding pass ahead of time which we didn't (plus still needed to drop off checked luggage and check our passports) they want to charge you 30 Eur a person to print that drinking piece of paper. If you don't want to pay that get out of the line with all of you luggage, go to kiosk and print it, then come back to the line. But that's companies rules , employees just have to follow it. Another problem was their attitude. The guy who got our luggage was so weird. Showing off and talking to us like a boss. After giving us boarding passes he said we can go to the screen and look up the gate ourselves. I never write long reviews but man! they got me mad that day. Never say never - but I don't want to fly with this airline again"
Pro: "Moved up to First class section."
Contra: "No refreshments"
Pro: "Friendly crew, tons of meal options, good price."
Contra: "Checked in luggage is only 20kg, there's no entertainment in flight."
Pro: "New Planes, crew"
Contra: "Entertainment cost !!!"
Pro: "Modern aircraft. Quick flight. Quick delivery of baggage at terminal. Relieved that baggage from BKK-KBP-RIX was not lost nor delayed."
Contra: "It was cold and I was not dressed for the bus to the aircraft, but instead for the tropics where I had been. The toilet was not centered for stand - up use for men. Thus had to kneel in order to use. This booked by UIA, but the carrier was Air Baltic, which led to some confusion as to which airline to go to for boarding."
Pro: "Things moved along fairly well, especially once I was in Riga. The hour layover stressed me out because I wasn't sure if I'd make it to my connection in time, but the airport was not crowded so I managed to get through passport control fairly quickly and made my flight."
Contra: "Flight left a late, which was stressful with an hour layover in Riga where I had to go through passport control. Was very stressed, but made it with ten minutes to spare before my connection boarded because the airport happened to be not crowded."
Pro: "Booked on kayak and wasn't clear at all about check in or tickets, I looked many times. No way of checking in or getting boarding passes had to pay an arm and a leg at the gate. Also had to pay to check my bag on a half full flight. Have never had to check same bag with Ryanair on over 10 flights now. Will never use this airline again."
Contra: "I tried to check in on my phone and the app did not allow me. The only way was buying lunch in order to move on with the check in process. I decided to get to the counter and the person charged me US$ 35 euros only for checking me in (even though their app had problems to check in). They charged me in total US$ 100 for checking in and checking my luggage. The service was terrible, especially from the person at the counter. In addition to all that, my luggage did not arrive to the final destination and was lost for an entire week. Every time I called the airline, they were charging me per minute even though they were the ones who lost my suitcase."
Pro: "The flights were on time, and the Riga airport was efficient."
Contra: "The planes seemed very old and rickety. One was an old propeller plane that looked like it had a large patch. The second plane was so old that It was very difficult to open the overhead storage compartments. Both planes rocked side to side during takeoff and landing. I couldn't figure out how to check baggage online through Kayak, and it cost €40 at the airport. It got me where I needs to go, but with the baggage fees, it turned out to be about the same price as other airlines, and I wouldn't recommend the planes for people with any flying anxiety."
Pro: "On time"
Contra: "Mediocre crew Pricing policy makes you feel like a fool. Ex : if you book not directly from their website, you won't receive a email asking to check online and will end up paying a 30e fee at the counter."
Pro: "Efficient"
Contra: "A free cup of tea or coffee would have been nice on a flight almost 2 hours long"
Pro: "Smooth flight"
Contra: "Boarding tool a lot of time. We departed late"
Contra: "Uncomfortable, cramped."
Pro: "Boarding, comfort"
Contra: "SAS didn't let me check in my flight to final distinction, so I had a problem."

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