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KUL — România
29 oct — 5 nov1
1 adult
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  • Lunile ianuarie, februarie și decembrie sunt considerate sezon de vârf. Cea mai ieftină lună în care să zbori din Kuala Lumpur este ianuarie.

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Principalele 4 companii aeriene care operează zborul Kuala Lumpur Intl - România

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Singapore AirlinesScor general bazat pe 4100 evaluări
Evaluările companiei aeriene

As it is a long flighg, would appreciate if flight crew regularity asks passengers if they would like refreshments

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As it is a long flighg, would appreciate if flight crew regularity asks passengers if they would like refreshments

Everything was pretty good to excellent

Crews are excellent.


Good service

Pro: "Smooth boarding"
Contra: "If they could serve a light snack would be good"
Contra: "Better movie selection. Better organized boarding in Frankfurt"
Pro: "The crew members were really nice and accommodating."
Contra: "Need more entertainment selections."
Pro: "I liked that on the longest leg of my trip - I had an entire row to myself to stretch out. Im old, things like that are important...along with compression socks...haha!"
Contra: "I think the food - I dont know exactly what, because we're on a plane - but I think it could be a bit more appealing? More greens, colors? Not sure, but it was okay."
Contra: "Left 45 minutes late though we boarded on time. Pretty bad for a 50 minute in the middle of the morning."
Contra: "We missed the smile and quality service liked before. Food quality is just okay. Timeliness for departure/arrival was excellent."
Contra: "NA"
Pro: "Always love the SIA business product on long haul."
Contra: "This trip had a lot of minor service and cleanliness misses. But they are quibbles in the scheme of the overall great product."
Pro: "Crew were great. Flight was not full."
Contra: "Plane was a bit dated and the entertainment system not as good as the newer plane as choices are lesser."
Pro: "Crew , announcements were restful , not loud and blasting like some airlines"
Contra: "Nothing Singapore Airline is Super Lufthansa food lousy , late leaving Kuala Lumpur, missed our connection assigned to a later flight, running to catch rescheduled time and changed gate."
Pro: "Seats were good"
Contra: "Food could have been better"
Contra: "Great Airline. Great staff and service. Good food and drink."
Contra: "We had to go through security after coming in from international and I went through a biometric scanner which I’ve done 100’s of Times I was very unnecessarily felt up for 10 minutes. I had shorts and a T-shirt on, and was pretty sure after the 1st round of groping that there was nothing there"
Pro: "This was the most fabulous crew I have ever flown with on ANY flight in so many years of my travels! It was un-imaginable as to what they did, they left no stone unturned to make sure we were comfortable, fed us with awesome food every now and then. Were looked after like babies! Thank you SQ!"
Contra: "The A380 was probably SQ's oldest one, which that was a newer plane."
Contra: "Excellent service"
Pro: "Everything from booking, online check-in, self printing of Boarding Pass, BIz Class lounge, Flight. Flight too short (KL to SG) for me to eat and enjoy the inflight entertainment."
Contra: "without any possibility to call back. or to call again while being late, when arrived with plenty of time before departure. nobody was on the gate. when tryed to do all myself whithin minutes tsa didnt bother to speedup process and it took forever. i missed my flight literally in seconds."
Contra: "1 hour delay of departure"
Pro: "Good seats with great screens. Usb, headphone jack that works with regular headphones, and a regular power outlet! Tray tables upgraded overall and have a mirror behind a slide. Even the seatback pockets are better with multiple pockets including one that fits most mobile phones. The windows turn tinted blue instead of drawing shades down—what?!"
Contra: "would like regular water bottles to be available for drinking"
Pro: "So good to get on a flight where I can fit in the seats..."
Pro: "Loved the food/Movies/seats."
Contra: "No air vents and the cabin was very very stuffy and warm for many people. I’ve never heard one child cry for 7+ hours before until this flight. But everything else was decent to say the very least:)"
Pro: "Crew"
Contra: "Food"
Pro: "Movie selection was great. Food was decent. Comfort was expected"
Contra: "Our seat neighbors were annoying, but nothing the staff can do about that!"
Pro: "Boarding, friendly crew"
Contra: "Very slow service, took 2 hours. Entertainment system didn't worked for first half of flight."
Pro: "The service from the Singapore Airlines is always impeccable. The food is delicious. The business class seat is spacious and wider than all the US airlines. There are plenty storage space in your seat space. The entertainment system has many choices and has a lot new release movies and shows."
Contra: "Unfortunately, the ride on Boeing 777 is not as smooth as the Airbus'. The noise in the cabin is louder. The seat is comfortable but the bed is not. First, the flat bed is not transformed by a button and it needs a physical person to flip it over. The mat is thin and I can feel some hard edges while lying down. The noise from the engine transmits to the bed and it is hard to sleep even with the noise cancellation headphone."
Pro: "Loved the hot towel service"
Contra: "Entertainment could be better, however there were a few new and Oscar nominated movies available. Personal air conditioning would be great, I was too hot the entire flight"
Pro: "Comfortable seats roomy 30kg allowance good a ttention form staff witohut fussing'"
Contra: "nothing"
Contra: "Food wasn't the greatest but it was adequate considering shirt trip"
Pro: "Friendliness and efficiency of crew. Comfortable seats and in-flight entertainment."
Contra: "Not much. This airline is up there with the best."
Pro: "Even though the flight was just 45 mins, the crew were able to pop out a beverages round"
Contra: "Nothing to mention, all was good"
Pro: "To be honest I had a pretty bad flight because my allergies exploded during the entire flight - constant sneezing, runny nose, you name it. However, the attentiveness of the crew really made up for it. The cabin was decorated with tiny wreathes (so cute!), and the pillow/blanket was very comfortable/warm for an Economy seat. Although I did not use it as much, the entertainment seemed top-notch. And the crew-- they noticed that I was not feeling well, and offered me peppermint tea and snacks that did sooth things a bit (you can request for snack/beverage refills anytime!). I loved that they gave out black socks to the passengers too (I prefer taking my shoes off during the flight, so the socks added warmth & prevented my own socks from getting dirty). All in all, it was one of the best-serviced long flights I had, not to mention probably the most affordable price I paid for my annual trip to Korea (from LA)."
Pro: "The cabin crew are very helpful and friendly. I sat at the end of the row in the upper deck. After the gate door closed , they let me sit in the empty sit away from the toilets . During the flight they’re around with water and juices to make sure we’re dehydrated,"
Pro: "friendly staff top Service top Inflight"
Contra: "old aircraft, no usb or power point charging. choice of 5 movies"
Pro: "Great service always"
Pro: "smooth service with refreshments"
Contra: "No working seat audio"
Pro: "Crew was overall friendly"
Contra: "Old plane, entertainment system very old and doesn't work properly, wake you up in the middle of the night for breakfast, service not efficient as half of the plane orders Indian food and get served first"
Pro: "Efficient boarding and arrival"
Contra: "Old plane, entertainment system is outdated, food not good and they went out of the good stuff (e.g. only seafood noodles for breakfast?!)"
Pro: "The entrainment was amazing!"
Contra: "Seats were a little cramped"
Pro: "The service and fast flight"
Contra: "N/A"
Pro: "Liked everything from service to comfort"
Pro: "Hard to find lounge for bclass users"
Pro: "Crew is big on service and being true professionals. Always smiling and being attentive"
Contra: "AC works when wheels are up and engines kick in. So its stuffy whilst on the ground"
Pro: "My partner had a bad leg and the staff were very attentive and helpful in making her as comfortable as possible with extra pillows and getting ice for her ice pack."
Contra: "The seats were uncomfortable and I couldn't sleep without getting a really stiff neck. The vegetarian oriental meal was bee hoon with vegetables but the amount of vegetables were a lot more than the bee hoon thus making the meal less than filling and satisfying."
Pro: "Aircraft was OK."
Contra: "Cabin crew service can definitely be better. Should offer more snacks for long flights."
Pro: "The overall experience was good. Crews are friendly and approachable. Food taste good."
Contra: "Beware of babies on board."

Everything was wonderful!

The cabin crew was mediocre and were not cheerful at any time! Food was very mediocre compared to other Gulf airlines. Seats in economy was reasonable. My baggage didn’t arrive at the final destination and the local staff were not customer friendly in helping out. I hope my baggage arrives! Would still recommend the airlines if you want a decent connection to India or elsewhere.

Food gave us for my wife tofu for vegetarian not everyone eat that food. I gave my meal to her. I picked food non-vegetarian and wife picked vegetarian, we both got vegetarian sandwiches. Food service bad.

Hostes are very gentle & courteous.


It was bad experience i has booking on business class Bombay to doha but they changed airline equipment and had to fly on couch. They promised to get me voucher at get but no voucher or any email Please call me to resolve this problem. Shilu patel 281 948 1724

Personalul foarte amabil si prietenos însă foarte frig in cabine in special pentru un zbor de noapte. Venind dintr-o tara unde minima este de 24 de grade sa stai timp de 5 ore la o temperatura de maxim 16-17 grade si in curent nu a fost prea plăcut.

Pro: "Amazing trip Qatar airline is great"
Pro: "Very pleasant and comfortable flight with QA."
Contra: "Nothing"
Pro: "Another confirmation of excellent QA service."
Contra: "Nothing."
Pro: "The crew was amazing and seat very comfortable."
Contra: "If I did not have to spent night in Doha waiting for connecting flight."
Pro: "The food and entertainment"
Pro: "Qatar is the BEST First Class airline in the world."
Contra: "Everything was amazing!"
Pro: "Crew was nice. Seat was broken for recliner."
Contra: "Having parents with infants board with or after those needing assistance. It was an inconvenience having a fussy infant wait in a long line. We had bassinet seats so boarding first would not have slowed the seating process."
Pro: "The crew was amazing"
Contra: "it would be better if the flight departure on the scheduled time"
Pro: "Everything was great, as the flight wasn't full, so we could relax"
Pro: "Great food and service. I like the short layover / transit time."
Contra: "Multiple security from Doha to Chicago. One should be sufficient."
Pro: "Crew was amazing."
Contra: "I had a problem with the seat cushion. Not comfy enough."
Pro: "Quality aircrafts and entertainment."
Contra: "Service and helpfulness of attendants."
Pro: "Crew was exceptional. QSuite very comfortable."
Pro: "Departed on time. Courteous staff."
Contra: "I had a continuing flight in first class but was not allowed entrance to the first class lounge."
Pro: "The seats are comfortable; food is good."
Contra: "Our luggage hasn't arrived due to the short layover and due to the feact that the first leg plane was late."
Pro: "Food was good"
Contra: "The flight took off late more than an hour"
Pro: "My comments are as above . On the Auckland to Quatar leg of my journey Excellent airline and crew."
Pro: "Aircraft was very nice and comfortable. Flight crew as friendly."
Pro: "The crew were fab"
Pro: "Good aircraft, crew attentive."
Contra: "Food was poor."
Contra: "the area I sat in smelled weird even though the crew helped spray a solution it didn’t help the smell .. Vegetarian meal is not good"
Pro: "Service basically. For such a long haul flight they did everything they could to make it comfortable."
Contra: "They could have checked the bathrooms more often as trash bins were very full."
Contra: "The time of flight changed 1:30 hour erlier and we did get noticed we were about to miss the flight it’s so annoying but at the end we catch it"
Pro: "Jain meal was quite uninteresting Flight was too packed Cabin air stale and dry"
Contra: "going with RJ in the first leg"
Pro: "From boarding to landing, I had a great flight. Flight was from NYC to Jakarta via Doha. Flight on a b777 to Jakarta and b787 to Jakarta. Plane had plenty of legroom and nicely designed entertainment system. Service was world class. About every hour or so, a crew member would ask if we wanted drinks. Food was great, had 3 choices of entrees for each meal."
Pro: "Great amenities and service - fed often throughout trip and great console with games, movies, etc."
Contra: "The neck rest was a bit tall and deep for a shorter person with a smaller neck - it caused me some discomfort while trying to rest."
Pro: "Excellent service from the crew. Flight on time."
Pro: "the room on the plane, the food, the service was all great ! I was worried about the international flight but Qatar made it a great experience!!!"
Contra: "I can't think of anything that was negitive"
Pro: "childrens meals and play packages. service was good, and bathrooms were kept clean. The meals were tastey and fresh."
Pro: "Lost bag"
Contra: "light breakfast and light snacks for an 8-hour flight? come on!"
Pro: "all"
Pro: "On board crew are excellent."
Contra: "Ground staff requires training specifically on communication related to boarding. Travelers were confused as to what zone is boarding at a given time as there were no announcements. Pathetic boarding process."
Pro: "My trip from Beijing to Doha was fine."
Contra: "I didn't like my trip from Dar to Doha nor from Doha to Dar. The plane is too small. The food wasn't good and they ran out of Mango juice both ways. I sat next to someone who had the smelliest feet on earth. Just wasn't pleasant."
Pro: "Spacious air craft with comfortable seats, crew was very friendly , and efficient"
Contra: "Service,"
Pro: "The seating, crew members, and entertainment was really good."
Contra: "I was given two options to choose from for brunch which were scrambled egg with sausage and paratha. Upon asking for paratha I was told that they ran out of Paratha. This happened very first time with me. Even though the crew provided me with excellent service I was surprised to hear the Qatar Airways could run out of food?"
Pro: "timing"
Contra: "qatar airlines has some old airplanes foods are not good"
Pro: "Crew"
Contra: "Check in crew in Lahore ganged up against me and wanted to extort £200 for taking me laptop on board along with my hand carry. No where in the world has an airline ever asked me for this, and I fly a fair bit. Since I didn't allow them to extort me, they forced me to throw away my brand new Delsey hand carry at the airport. I had no cover as they threatened to if load my luggage and not let me fly home. Not a 5 start airline from any angle. Will never use Qatar again!!! This was my first and last flight with them."
Pro: ". ."
Pro: "Everyone on board was pleasantly and helpful and that goes a long way."
Pro: "Very friendly flight staff."

I was very satisfied with the service and plane condition


Less meat food

Pro: "excellent crew, helped me through my nerves about flying"
Contra: "would have loved to sit upstairs in the bar area."
Pro: "Entertainment always the best!!! The spacious seat and quick check in system"
Contra: "The crew can improve by more attentive and Mayb more staffs. The flight is full, they quite busy. But General is good. The food can be better options"
Pro: "The overall experience was good."
Pro: "Crew was amazing"
Pro: "Nice service and excellent staff will recommend Emirates airline to everybody"
Contra: "Nice flight . I felt really comfortable . Emirates is one of my favorite business classes ."
Pro: "Double seat on economy class upper deck"
Contra: "Flew airbus 380 all the way and it was super comfortable!"
Pro: "Good like always"
Contra: "All perfect"
Pro: "Good leg room, comfortable"
Contra: "Food not that good, mostly cold, games for children didn't work, service used to be better"
Pro: "Fabulous flight and trip to Australia"
Pro: "Food, staff, flight"
Contra: "Cabin luggage limit, too long layover"
Pro: "My first flight with Emirates. Excellent all round"
Contra: "Nothing"
Contra: "Food was pretty bad."
Pro: "Smooth flight, courteous staff"
Pro: "Entertainment is good. I like food"
Contra: "Everything is good but boarding stuff needs more improvements."
Pro: "Good leg room and good service. Food decent and 380 has very good stable flight even with occcasional turbulence"
Contra: "Cannot think of anything I dint like"
Pro: "The staff was excellent"
Contra: "The wet bun for a snack was terrible."
Contra: "Emirates chairs couldn't decline recline"
Pro: "I love God Father Trilogy. And Emirates has all of it !! Just amazing. And there are also another series like Marvel & Fast/Furious etc. I want actor series like the movies that DiCaprio starrs."
Pro: "Service on time nice attendants clean plane modern"
Pro: "www.Web.HR"
Pro: "Flying with Emirates is always great."
Contra: "I understand that the cabin crew’s job focus is not to serve drinks and food to passengers. However, I would’ve expected well-mannered employees from Emirates. I was on an aisle seat, a steward bumped on my arm quite roughly and he merely continued walking. Not even a word was said."
Contra: "My Parent were traveling and My father recently suffered a heart attack. There was too much turbulence on the flight, so much that the crew members were terrified. It was very unsettling and unpleasant."
Pro: "The service is the best."
Contra: "The seats on the Boing 777 don't compare to the seats on the Airbus from Dubai to Los Angeles."
Pro: "Crew, food, entertainment"
Contra: "1 hr delay with take-off due to security check of all carry-on baggage from a passenger leaving the plane"
Pro: "It felt comfortable."
Pro: "Loved the ride on the 380. Great service and crew."
Contra: "Smalller cans for drinks. Need more free internet."
Pro: "The AirBus A380 plane is amazing! Really great movie options too - almost too much choice."
Contra: "They randomly chose us to conduct a carryon bag search, which is fine. But they also randomly chose 100 other passengers and there wasn't enough information or staff to do this random check efficiently. Hence, we were more than an hour delayed."
Pro: "Bumped up to first class"
Contra: "Service"
Pro: "Great service, good food, lots of entertainment options."
Contra: "Hard to sleep with multiple service times"
Contra: "Waiting for 4 hours for boarding due to silly mistake of agent for booking my ticket with wrong spelling & keep me on hold for hours & hours. will never recommend such site to others."
Pro: "Girls were very helpful and there was one Italian jental man was very kind and co-operative. However sits were very uncomfortable. Food was ok. There were very little healthy choices. overall it was good."
Pro: "Everything"
Contra: "The plain was late & communication by Emirates with the flyers was poor to non-existent."
Contra: "The crew wasn't as attentive to me as they were to the gentlemen on the plane. Felt a ignored quite a bit."
Pro: "Great cabin crew"
Contra: "Ground process and lounges were not different from Business Ckass"
Pro: "Emirates flight and on flight services were Superb!"
Contra: "Bought tickets on Malaysian Airlines quota/allocation but was turned away by Malaysian Airlines counter becausw its operated by Emirates. Im a silver card holder on Oneworld ao I wanted to have less queue by using Silver card privileges at Malaysian Airlines counter but was not accepted. Had to go onlong queue at Emirates in KLIA but it was fast."
Pro: "Overall experience was good"
Contra: "Up grade with new movies. When I was booking the flight I choose my seats. But they at the airport they change the seating and separate the family."
Contra: "Can you enforce the team NOT to throw the luggage to keep on the belt(s) as you guys don't have to."
Pro: "The way they receive and the way they take care of passangers"
Contra: "The water served is not sufficient I felt that it would be more better to serve water bottles."
Contra: "My bag was lost and I was one of the many. Logistics at Heathrow were poorly executed to help people. It seems like they knew of the problem beforehand and didn't inform people effectively. I waited longer than necessary until I overheard that a lot of luggage didn't make it. I felt if they knew of the problem they should have gotten more people to help passengers and update them."
Contra: "It dailies and seats not comfortable"
Pro: "Tasty food, good selection of movies, very comfortable, and clean."
Contra: "Rude flight attendant who had a friend in the section and would talk loudly to her during sleep times."
Contra: "Vegetarian meal options were scarce."
Pro: "Great Service! Will highly recommend to others!"

crew took too long to board and several people including myself missed our connecting flights

Missed this flight due to previous flight being delayed. No one helped with getting me through customs and borders security so I can make it on time. I had to stand in the longest line and end up staying overnight in Toronto. Now the airlines won’t pay for my hotel accommodation

The restaurant in the business lounge should work 24/7

We had 1h delay. We waited in the place for the whole time.

Contra: "It would be great if you could serve warm food instead of bread."
Pro: "Both friendly and professional"
Contra: "All is perfect! They couldn’t be better"
Pro: "Short, sweet, and yummy! Short trip, sweet experience with their staff and boarding process, and yummy snacks."
Contra: "During flight after first meal the cabin temperature is way to cold. Then it gets warmer but later, second half of the flight the air gets very cold again so it’s difficult to have a good sleep."
Contra: "same as before on luggage as it was directly sent to SFO The security check again was painful as it was just a transfer and we only had 1 hr in between, didnt think there are additional security check again for transfers"
Pro: "Good food good movies"
Pro: "It was on time"
Contra: "The seats are so crammed together and for 11 hour flight it became quite uncomfortable after a few hours"
Pro: "Seats and bathrooms were big"
Contra: "Service was extremely slow. I kept having to ask for more water all the time. Flight attendants were nice, but not well trained. Food quality was pretty poor, especially for international business class"
Pro: "the seats were more roomier than the flight to istanbul."
Contra: "One of the other passengers was being difficult and irritating on the flight."
Pro: "The Airbus is such an extremely "customer oriented' airplane."
Pro: "Beautiful and clean plane. Great service. Excellent seats that become beds with sheets and full pillows and warm covers. The food selection is great and tasty."
Contra: "Nothing to complain about"
Pro: "i like because can interline from qatar airways and baggage through as well. so i do not need to check in again."
Contra: "Turkish air had great service, food, entertainment and nice comfortable planes. Left on time and arrived on time. Two unrelated issues at Miami airport they didn't have a separate line for the people holding global entry and at the Istanbul airport no info desks to direct passenger to their connecting flight"
Pro: "Awesome"
Pro: "Boarding process started early and was efficient. Short flight so not much to say."
Contra: "We seemed to arrive late even though the boarding started early. Last call was displayed on the monitors 40 min before the flight took off which seemed excessive to me. And in spite of this we still didn’t arrive on time."
Pro: "The food was great and the onboard amenities were fantastic!! Would definitely recommend to anyone!"
Pro: "All"
Contra: "All"
Pro: "Overall the plane was very comfortable."
Contra: "Waited on the plane to takeoff for an extra hour without explanation."
Contra: "Mi sa furat din bagajj !!!!!!!!"
Pro: "The food"
Contra: "Was late"
Pro: "Staff was very good and service in flight was excellent."
Contra: "The flight was delayed at the gate from a late arrival that lead to a 2 hour delay on the tarmac. Handled well by the staff, but if we were on time to begin with, we probably would not have been further delayed."
Pro: "Again, the crew was very young and greeting everyone with a smile, very accomodating. Loved the snack (Delta take notes). Time passed fast."
Pro: "My above score should be 5 stars in all categories. They were running a special price on business class upgrades. It was fabulous: food great, service attentive, and seat that totally reclined to bed. I slept over 8 hours."
Contra: "I could not change the stars above."
Pro: "Every thing about it the food and what you supply for each customers ✅"
Contra: "Nothing"
Pro: "i like the reception"
Contra: "i like how the crew welcome me.i all so like the food"
Contra: "The layover was too long."
Contra: "It was an hour late arriving!"
Pro: "Short but comfortable and pleasant flight."
Contra: "They had to reset the entertainment system multiple times"
Pro: "comfortable seats space for legs"
Pro: "friendly crew and superior service"
Contra: "I have bought two sides ticket from Turkish Airlines. And i miss my first flight, when i came to airport for return flight Turkish Airlines cancel my return flight whitout update by email or massage by phon!!"
Contra: "Terrible service, unhelpful staff on flight and in airport."
Pro: "The best flight ever!"
Pro: "Love this airline!!"
Pro: "Everything from above and the fact that my bags got home untouched and on time. It would have been a disaster to have to drive back to Bucharest to pick them up at the later time like it happened with other airlines."
Contra: "Nothing at all"
Pro: "Good food. Flight was on time."
Contra: "Seat in front on me was broken. Reclined further than the rest on the seats, which limited the room I had."
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "I got lucky I came home alive"
Contra: "Excellent"
Pro: "Prompt service throughout."
Contra: "Would have preferred gate departure and arrival."
Pro: "I loved that they give out the little packs of socks, slippers, ear buds, eye cover, and toothbrush with toothpaste. Also, the movie and TV show selection is excellent! It definitely kept me entertained for the entire 10 hour flight!"
Contra: "By the time the food and beverage cart got to my section of the plane, they were out of several items. It was a little disappointing. But the options that remained were still sufficient."
Pro: "Helpful cabin crews"
Contra: "Interval between servings of meal is too long"
Pro: "It got me from point A to point B safely; it was a short flight. The overall price of my flights couldn't be beat."
Contra: "This flight was delayed 45 minutes or so and there were some boarding issues. Honestly, I could care less given the really low ticket price and the fact that the delay worked to my advantage but a lot of passengers were upset."
Pro: "Everything about the process was easy. We were updated throughout via email of our gate and baggage claim number. I was also very impressed with Turkish Airlines. We had a great experience."
Pro: "Service and food"
Contra: "Wrong passangers were in the plane and we had to take down out baggages and we had a big delay"
Contra: "Baggage handlers poor. One of my bags was dented and the other had a buckle broken."

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21h 15mOTP-KUL
994 €
1 EscalăMai multe companii aeriene
30h 40mKUL-OTP
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
25h 10mOTP-KUL
1.038 €

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3 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
30h 10mKUL-OTP
420 €
3 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
49h 55mKUL-CLJ
519 €
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
41h 45mKUL-OTP
532 €
1 EscalăEmirates
18h 10mKUL-OTP
562 €
2 EscaleSingapore Airlines
20h 55mKUL-OTP
564 €
2 EscaleSingapore Airlines
21h 15mKUL-OTP
566 €
2 EscaleSingapore Airlines
21h 15mKUL-OTP
568 €
1 EscalăEmirates
26h 45mKUL-OTP
575 €
1 EscalăEmirates
26h 45mKUL-OTP
576 €
1 EscalăEmirates
26h 45mKUL-OTP
578 €
1 EscalăTurkish Airlines
15h 35mKUL-OTP
590 €
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
43h 55mKUL-CLJ
591 €
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
33h 05mKUL-OTP
601 €
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
23h 30mKUL-OTP
642 €
2 EscaleSingapore Airlines
42h 25mKUL-OTP
645 €
3 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
27h 35mKUL-OTP
659 €
1 EscalăEmirates
18h 15mKUL-OTP
679 €
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
24h 50mKUL-CLJ
753 €
1 EscalăEmirates
18h 10mKUL-OTP
775 €
1 EscalăTurkish Airlines
14h 55mKUL-OTP
797 €

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Zboruri Kuala Lumpur - România

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România - Kuala Lumpur

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710 €

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770 €