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Principalele 4 companii aeriene care operează zborul către China

Notele conform evaluărilor din partea clienților KAYAK
Qatar AirwaysScor general bazat pe 11892 evaluări
Evaluările companiei aeriene

Transfer in Doha was not easy. We didn’t have any breathing room and we had to rush. We had to a bus for transfer and another bus to board the connecting flight to Chennai. That was bad approach and difficult for older people to climb the steps.

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Transfer in Doha was not easy. We didn’t have any breathing room and we had to rush. We had to a bus for transfer and another bus to board the connecting flight to Chennai. That was bad approach and difficult for older people to climb the steps.

Staff very kind and helpful

Airlines lost all my bags and is not being helpful at all in tracing them. Value of baggage is over $25,000. I expect a full refund and expect to be compensated for the loss.

They literally discriminate the families flying with children. We had five tickets and they did let us carry only two cabin bags though the bags weighed only less than 10 lbs. very rude. They asked us to put all laptops together in one bag and check in rest of them at the gate in dallas. They asked us to check in one more bag at the gate in doha for our connection because the cabin bag with laptops is heavy. We were family of 5, traveled with one cabin bag to our final destination. I have been using qatar since 2014. Won’t fly with them again.

Kayak canceled and re- issued my ticket at the last minute so my seating got messed up. They did it without my permission

Clean, well maintained and on time performance.


Personalul foarte amabil si prietenos însă foarte frig in cabine in special pentru un zbor de noapte. Venind dintr-o tara unde minima este de 24 de grade sa stai timp de 5 ore la o temperatura de maxim 16-17 grade si in curent nu a fost prea plăcut.

Contra: "Wearing a face vizor on top of the face mask is silly"
Contra: "Too hot in the plane - was far too hot. too late the drink...after I eaten."
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "Be more professional"
Pro: "Everything was great"
Pro: "Everything."
Pro: "Very friendly crew, good space in my seat, kept the plane dark and quiet for the overnight flight"
Contra: "Qatar Airways are the best"
Pro: "Seats were comfortable but space was narrow"
Contra: "Please give space between front and back seats"
Pro: "Crew was very friendly"
Pro: "Yes"
Pro: "Crew were so good"
Contra: "Everything is good"
Pro: "Very packed and no leg space"
Pro: "Plenty legroom with Qatar. Food good."
Contra: "Everything good as usual"
Pro: "the new seating in Business Class is very comfortable and so similar, although slightly less spacious, than First on some carriers. Crew is top class. Doha is a great airport too. I prefer it to Dubai."
Pro: "The 2 trips were fantastic. From checking in to getting off the aircraft, service was a-okay."
Contra: "No comment."
Pro: "wanted an isle seat because of back issues and was arranged without any hassle."
Contra: "17 hour transit in Doha and no accommodation was provided. Though I booked it from a third party I belive QA is at least responsible for making sure that the vendors let the user know that there will be NO accommodation provided. This information is also not readily accessible when searching online."
Pro: "Excellent Service and most friendly staff"
Contra: "Nothing was bad. But the food taste can be better"
Pro: "The crew were very friendly"
Contra: "The boarding was delayed"
Contra: "Food"
Pro: "Nice airplane, great crew."
Contra: "Beef stroganoff was terrible"
Pro: "I got free internet on this flight: sponsored by Ooredoo. You can get 8MB for free! Breakfast was good quantity"
Contra: "Entertainment Oryx One, lunch quantity aswell. FPML had one tray, VJML and AVML had the same packed wrap."
Pro: "Food was excellent. Service was excellent."
Contra: "Entertainment was limited."
Pro: "Good food and good hospitality"
Pro: "crew was lovely and plane was very new"
Contra: "food quality is not very good: sometimes it was hard to see what it actually was and it tasted like that too. headrest in the new plane is not comfortable at all as it is rigid and can only be moved up and down."
Pro: "Fantastic flight...Qatar’s QSuites are fantastic, very comfortable, Amazon my service from the crew, fantastic entertainment options, and with the privacy of the suite ...very close to first class...in fact it is better than the first products (from a seat perspective) of many other airlines such as United, Delta, Virgin, BA, etc."
Contra: "I wish there were more vegetarian options on the menu"
Pro: "The best airline I have ever flown."
Pro: "great crew and food."
Contra: "being charged excess baggage when one suitcase weigh under weight. Having to wait at the terminal for a hour and a half because of bad weather -- not the pilot's fault"
Pro: "Everything was fine except the flight delays"
Contra: "Flight delays"
Contra: "Extremely small leg pitch"
Contra: "Horrible customer service."
Pro: "Crew were friendly"
Contra: "The flight was cancelled had to wait over a day for another flight, communication was poor,"
Pro: "all"
Contra: "Seats were not very comfortable for economy class for a journey as long as these ."
Pro: "Easy boarding. Courteous, helpful and professional crew members."
Contra: "No internet service on long international flight."
Pro: "They make you feel like a person"
Contra: "Nothing"
Contra: "Luggage items are missing."
Pro: "Have flown emirates and etihad business - now sampled the best by far. Qatar's a380 was incredible but the a330 on wind leg whilst not as nice was mademupmfor by the best crew I have experienced ever - WOULD NOT HESITATE TO FLY AGAIN"
Contra: "The Oryx system lackedmin recent movies ....that's the only complaint"
Pro: "The personnel were at the CAI Airport and in the plae were just wonderful. I hope i will have the same experience the second leg if the trip from DOH to DFW"
Pro: "I like that the air stewards bring you water and drinks throughout and don't judge you for being too thirsty. I like that they respect that it is a night flight and serve the meal quickly so it can be dark for the whole flight and you can sleep as much as you can. I like how efficient the layover is in Doha - only 40mins!"
Contra: "I don't like when they don't ask the person in front to move their chair up for the meal and the passengers have to ask each other. I don't like that they can't tell you the gate of your connecting flight and how long it will take to get you there - including if you will need to take a bus and the train. I think this could reduce a lot of anxiety. If they could do this, it would also be helpful to let people who have a connecting flight that is boarding in the next 30 mins off the plane first. This would save pushing and shoving in the aisles... and would also reduce anxiety about booking a flight with such a short layover."
Pro: "New planes, Excellent Service"
Contra: "Meals could have been better"
Pro: "Perfect landing."
Contra: "My seat was too far from Toilet.."
Contra: "Flight attendants raising shades so that light was in your face. Blocking aisles near bathrooms"

I would love to travel with Emirates in future

Food was bed it was Hindu meat and I am vegetarian called earlier to changed to vegetarian food but only changed whole going back to india and coming back give me Hindi food and it was meat so can’t eat, asked crew to give me some fruit or vegetarian food but no one came to help me out brought sand food again Hindu meal and I told her I am vegetarian stayed hungry since I don’t like only bread either with out subji. Also charged me extra at the airport I can’t take a Bavk pack with out lap top and charged ne for that almost $100, that’s not right. Please give me refund my $100. Thanks

Contra: "Food availability a minor challenge but crew handled it very nicely."
Pro: "The crew was okay And the seats good it’s little wide In general was okay"
Contra: "The food not so good I like service on the plane was good"
Pro: "Service on plane good friendly staff and helpfull"
Contra: "Nothing"
Pro: "The overall trip was amazing"
Contra: "N/A"
Contra: "We didn't get to fly from SYDNEY to CHRISTCHURCH when we were supposed to!"
Contra: "Maybe the only thing the tea was not hot enough."
Pro: "We went almost 4hours without water served"
Pro: "Entertainment. Free 2 Hours wifi acccess"
Contra: "Was late to depart. Having to take the bus to the airport terminal."
Contra: "Airplane to late"
Pro: "Timing, no delay"
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "Still flying . I lost my first hotel night what to doooo"
Pro: "Decent leg room in economy; good entertainment system & food/drink"
Contra: "I was expecting to pay for only 10 kg excess baggage according to my own scale but was charged for 15 kg and the check-in staff was rude and unwilling to listen; in-flight staff were not polite, pushing past passengers without any word; such a disappointment as I expected much higher standard of service and courtesy. Nothing beats Singapore Airlines."
Contra: "Service crew"
Contra: "Was not told that my luggage was on a weght system and not a piece system for a n international flight. I ended up paying $249 for my extra suitcase that weighted 25 lbs and it was only a 2.5 hour flighr!"
Contra: "Food was the worst, service extremely poor"
Pro: "Food and service"
Contra: "Boarding in Dubai was not according to zones and it was crowded"
Pro: "Professionalism of flight crew. Movie & entertainment selection. Overall cleanliness of aircraft."
Contra: "Ground crew was not well organized. Lacked attention and professionalism. Bad way to start a flight."
Pro: "My third time with Emirates. This time on an Airbus A380 from Prague to Dubai. Simply put, wow! Everything about this aircraft and flight was outstanding, from the aircraft itself, to the crew to the in flight service and the comfort of the seat,"
Contra: "Can't think of anything. Really."
Pro: "Internet in boeing 777"
Contra: "Internet in airbus 380"
Contra: "Flight from Chennai was delayed. So had a mad rush to catch the connecting flight to Seattle"
Pro: "The flight was excellent and the service was awesome I can say that I liked the flight and it was comfortable Thanks flydubai"
Pro: "Best airline so far for economy long haul flight, was emerites flight"
Contra: "No Arabs on board but everything in Arabic, no real issues. Would have been hard for my Thai girl to navigate on her own"
Pro: "Great crew, seats, entertainment options. A 28hr trip felt like 5 because it was so comfortable."
Contra: "I did not like that only one bag is allowed on the flight if you are in economy."
Contra: "Booked an aisle seat in early April. Emirates reassigned me a middle seat, this on a 13.25 hour flight! Refused to rebook me back to original even though I showed them my original booking. Never Emirates again! Ever."
Pro: "Everything"
Pro: "Flight was light and was comfortable"
Contra: "The flight was light. Even with that the crew seemed checked out. Did not come by to offer additional drinks or snacks. I noticed some unprofessional physical contact between few Crew members."
Pro: "Nice comfy and roomy seats. Excellent service."
Pro: "Entertainment"
Contra: "Boarding was not organized Crew forget to return to you with your drinks The seats are NOT comfortable"
Pro: "Nothing! An old vintage 777 flown with bad entertainment systems. Remotes were not working properly. Screens were rebooted again and again. Very very old aircraft. Poor maintenance"
Contra: "Nothing! An old vintage 777 flown with bad entertainment systems. Remotes were not working properly. Screens were rebooted again and again. Very very old aircraft. Poor maintenance. An extremely poor show my emirates who call themselves a premier airline and this was a POOR SHOW!"
Pro: "Really comfortable, good service."
Pro: "It was good"
Pro: "-Airbus A380 from dubai to SFO and backforth was very pleasant and almost zero noise in cabin. However flight design is little awkward that it squeezed me, wife and our baby in bassinet seat. - We had opted for Asian veg food and was very tasty and was served hot all the time. - Many restrooms - Travel accessories - Great entertainment options."
Contra: "- Cabin crew were bit rude and didn't care much even though we had baby when flying from SFO to Dubai. - Restrooms are oddly placed inside flight. - Can improve on food menu and varieties and also wish there were more snacks to munch. - Boarding process need to much more organized."
Pro: "Very Friendly and smiley crew"
Contra: "Boarding announcement and system were unorganized"
Pro: "I am sure I did this review on ce already!"
Pro: "The flight and accommodations were wonderful during the flight. The accommodations during the layover were nice at the Boston Courtyard Marriott. Pam & Keith Schroeder"
Contra: "We waited in Dubai 3 hours for connecting flights to arrive because of fog. When we arrived in Boston, they told us we had missed the connecting flight to Detroit by 20 minutes and could not fly back until 26 hours later. We were disappointed that the $50 dinner voucher would not allow us to each have 1 alcoholic beverage. (We should have read the fine print...)"
Pro: "Food, entertainment and the flight crew are good."
Contra: "The emirates crew at Hyderabad airport. The crew doesn't have the knowledge about their work and really got pissed by them."
Contra: "I didn't appreciate the service on board. It was slow and not as professional as usual. The crew seemed too young to know better. They only served water once which isthe #1 thing you should keep offering on a long flight like mine. I also didn't appreciate overhearing staff gossiping about other passengers."
Contra: "Long walk from flight to the immigration Tooo tooo long"
Contra: "Bothing"
Pro: "This was our first trip to Europe using Emirates airline. It was perfect. Low price, excallent meals & service aboard. All staff very professional & helpful. Check in at airports were a breeze. Will definitely use Emirates again & recommend to family & friends."
Pro: "Overall experience was good"
Contra: "Up grade with new movies. When I was booking the flight I choose my seats. But they at the airport they change the seating and separate the family."
Pro: "الشكر للاماراتيه على مجهوداتها الكبيره"
Contra: "الطيران الاماراتي ممتاز جدا والخدمات ممتازه جدا جدا تحتاج شي بسيط وهو تقوية الواي فاي فقط طيران جميل جدا"
Contra: "The plane was very messy and not well kept throughout the flight. The fight attendants expressed levels of frustration with passengers as if we were bothering them. Me and the the passenger next to me lost picture during a movie that were watching and had to have our monitors reset."
Pro: "Emirates has the best crew. Very professional, providing excellent service."
Contra: "I liked everything. This is a great airline!"
Contra: "THe Hostess was not attentive and had to ask for things a few times. No goody basket was given although some pax did get it."
Pro: "Entertainment great."
Contra: "Scratch on screen. WiFi stopped intermittently and too early at end of trip. When disconnected, the 30 minute free allocation kept counting down to zero minutes."
Pro: "The movie selection is always good."
Contra: "The crew on this flight were rude which came as a shock to myself as I usually have a great experience flying with Emirates. I wish that was the case this time."
Pro: "* Comfortable seating * Genial and efficient staff * Outstanding variety of in-flight entertainment * Price!"

Working outlets at the seat would have made it better.

Transit in Munich airport was terrible, staff is rude! Sitting on row 53 was bad the food was not enough.

Flight was overbooked. Food was awful. Seats in economy class are a torture: narrow, not enough leg room. The airplanes classes are like casts: rich, average and poor…That system is a shame. Pilots were Excellent !!! Thank you!!!!

Air Canada is by far the worst Airline on the face of this planet. Only delays and overbooked flight with very poor customer support. Avoid them at all cost!

Expected A320neo as per the booking, got a 28 years old A321. Still no food service. Not impressed at all this time by Lufthansa.

All luggages got lost, one of them had my dad’s 3 month supply of medicine (hence we had to check), and none of the Lufthansa nor United customer service have been helpful. This is outright horrible… Will always try to avoid Lufthansa whenever I can from this point on

Contra: "Flight was cancelled"
Pro: "I didn’t get the chance to experience the seats because I didn’t get to be on the flight due to a huge mistake of a Lufthansa employee"
Contra: "Hire better competent people!"
Pro: "Lufthansa is an airline in a different class altogether. Can not compare with any commercial airline that flies to Europe"
Contra: "Great food, comfortable seats, enjoyed the whole 11 hour flight."
Pro: "In-flight crew was friendly, the food & beverages were OK and there were plenty of in-flight entertainment options."
Contra: "They double charged the baggage fees: I prepaid in advance but upon checking in for the return flight the representative wasn't able to locate the appropriate information, although I had a printed copy of the confirmation email they sent. I had to pay for it again which is a lousy experience."
Contra: "Went First Class. What a joke! Coach seats & service. Only difference is they leave the middle seat empty. This appears to be the European standard (we flew on 3 different airlines) for 1st Class within Europe flights. Save your money, fly coach within Europe."
Contra: "terrible experience - hidden fees for 1st checked baggage travelocity messed up on their site when the ticket was purchased when in fact the person that travels needs to pay to check in the luggage"
Pro: "The people who work for Lufthansa are the nicest i’ve met, on par with Turkish airlines. The times for boarding and departure were respected, the flight was short but pleasant."
Contra: "The long lines. After check in and security, boarding could have involved less of a standing and waiting, with a bit of ahead communication that could be attained. For instance indicate the order of boarding, time until boarding, and place where the passengers from rows 50-70 should form ia line..."
Pro: "All good - Lufthansa even handled an unexpected air traffic delay well, meaning my connection still worked. Great price too - booked at short notice and Lufthansa business was half the price of BA. Far better device too."
Contra: "No negatives."
Pro: "Height Space, good pilot and some of the food. Good landing and overall pilot skill."
Contra: "For the whole journey I had a small child kicking, knocking, tapping behind me. Kept waking me up also nearly ten hours of whining. I was genuinely uneasy and uncomfortable for the whole trip. I think there should be a designated child with adult area as I really don’t think this is acceptable. It is stressful enough traveling for 30+ hours this really is not welcome."
Contra: "too cramped to get out of row to the isle."
Pro: "Flight on time, good service, helpful staff"
Pro: "Crew very nice and carefull"
Contra: "My luggage was destroied ;-("
Pro: "Crew and food were fine and movie and tv options not bad"
Contra: "Music options were lacking"
Pro: "Staff was very polite, helpful, and attentive. Our flight left late due to a delay with the plane, and the flight attendants were very proactive about informing passengers about making connections and doing all they could to help."
Contra: "All good."
Pro: "We originally paid for seats a month before and were told to move seats because the plane was full. Plane was not full. Would like refund."
Contra: "Customer service"
Pro: "Lufthansa has it all together and knows how to fly. I recommend to everyone!"
Pro: "The counter staff in Heathrow was great"
Pro: "Comfortable seats with plenty of room. Enjoyable crew during the flight."
Contra: "I did not have any complaints about this specific flight."
Pro: "Very good service.."
Contra: "A flight attendant from Bucharest to Frankfurt kept bumping her behind in my shoulder. Before this she was not helpful when I asked her where to put my bag. She shoukd not work with people if she does not like them. Otherwise, everything was great: food, space, movies."
Contra: "crew was not friendly"
Contra: "It wasn't Lufthansa"
Pro: "I was really upset because time for living 6 and we left 8:15 I had connection fly to Romanian I missed because of ...I stay in Germany for 5 hours.I ask Lufthansa too put me on Tarom fly they say is United fly...they really make me updated.I think the crew on United is not friendly.The food waste good in"
Contra: "I like the movie"
Pro: "I have been spoiled with the large planes, so the small ones to me are cramped, but thats with all carriers not just Lufthansa. I generally prefer to fly Lufthansa when heading to Europe."
Pro: "Nothing."
Contra: "It took over an hour to drop off a bag prior to boarding. I had already checked in online. There were long lines in Bucharest and simply not enough staff working the Lufthansa desks."
Contra: "Although we had reserved (paid) seats as a family in an entire row, upon check in we were given different seats. We had to spend 20 minutes talking with different agents in order to get our original seats."
Pro: "Movie selection, wine and food"
Contra: "Crying babies - outside of the crew control"
Pro: "Efficient boarding. On time departure."
Pro: "Real food with real tableware even in the Econ section. Unbelievably courteous staff. Will make it impossible to fly Anyone else when going overseas"
Contra: "Nothing...I felt spoiled"
Contra: "The food could be better. The ravioli option very oily ."
Pro: "Was served food and drinks for a 2 hr flight between OTP and MUC. Who else does this? My mom was offered transportation assistance throughout the entire flight. Preboarding on every leg of the flight"
Pro: "Plane was clean and service was great."
Pro: "Attention to details, big clean bathrooms, service with a smile, friendly flight attendants, overall a great experience. I think American, United and Delta and other airlines could learn a lot from this Company."
Contra: "Not much, just the USB port on my chair was not working. No biggie. Reported it and should be fixed asap."
Pro: "Despite the wintry weather, a safe take off and a nice flight. A plus to Otopeni (Bucharest) airport administration - clean runaway, no snow no ice on it."
Contra: "Delay time should be posted accordingly at the gate."
Pro: "It was perfect"
Contra: "My flight was cancelled due to the pilots' strike. I only learned about this when I attempted online check in. Lufthansa never attempted to notify me. Then when I called in to the Romania Service Center to rebook, the phones went down in the middle of the call. That is understandable given the extreme volume of calls they were handling. What is unacceptable, is that they made no attempt to contact me once the phones were up. I ended up calling the U.S. service center at 1am local time to rebook...only 3 hours before I needed to leave for the airport. It took an hour - which I paid for at direct dial international rates - to find a flight. I'm very grateful for the U.S. service rep who was kind and helpful. She was the one bright spot in this poorly handled situation."
Pro: "Service was excellent"
Contra: "All would have been great, but the cross Atlantic had a locked seat assignment. I was assigned last row and middle seat, I could not change seat when there were other seats available at check-in. United would not let agents change either. Maybe kayak related? Expedia always allows seat changes"
Pro: "Seat backs are flatter, which for me (a shorter woman) is much more comfortable than the more contoured seats on other airlines."
Contra: "Very dry sandwiches."
Pro: "Good entertainment options and nice choice of movies and TV. Complimentary drinks are good and service is frequent."
Contra: "Difficulty with Lufthansa's website made it so that I could only complete check in for one person in our party. When we arrived at the airport and they printed boarding passes, the Lufthansa agent re-assigned seats without asking or telling me and gave us all middle seats. Very poor form. Food was either average or bad, depending on what was served. Boarding is unorganized, with people lining up over an hour prior to boarding and almost completely ignoring their boarding groups."
Pro: "Flights were on time. Both Air Canada and Lufthansa Airlines Service, including sitting and boarding process were relatively smooth."
Contra: "12 hour long flight from Frankfurt to LA was exhausting."
Pro: "Organized boarding, service, left on time"
Contra: "No gluten-free food when they served the food. They said that they didn't serve gluten-free food on short flights, but this was two and a half hours. Also, I had asked for a gluten-free meal when I booked my flight. Not good in today's world, when quite a few people have to eat gluten-free. (I am a medical doctor.)"
Pro: "Everything went fine."
Contra: "n/a"
Pro: "Yes, the seat was good. The crew was good. The food was average."
Contra: "Diversity (for the food) and free alcohol (1-2 drinks are reasonable for 11 hours flight)"
Pro: "They had a movie screen with movies available. Even though the trip was short, it was nice to have that option."
Contra: "My wifi was not working for the entire trip!"
Pro: "The crew did the best they could"
Contra: "Flight was super delayed with no explanation"
Contra: "I didn't like the food at all, and couldn't complete it."
Pro: "You got me there without problems. Even the baggage got transferred. Better if seats declined more. I would pay an extra 40 to have a more seat recline."
Contra: "i got to the airport 2.5 hours befor my flight to play it safe and waited at the check in for about a hour befor a air canada employe even showed up. vary poor service on the airlines part i will never fly with air canada again."
Pro: ". The food to buy on board was very inexpensive, which was great! The entertainment was very good, and the flight attendants were good too"
Contra: "They could not get my luggage through to the next flight to Chicago. I could not board because of that reason, and I had to fly to Denver then fly back Chicago."
Pro: "LITERALLY NOTHING Trashiest airline in the world"
Pro: "The crew ensured that all my needs were met while on the flight. Truly a pleasurable experience."
Contra: "Nothing... Can't exactly shorten the distance."
Contra: "I want to seriously complain about Air Canada and Kayak booking systems. I reserved the tickets to Shanghai but there were no place reminding me that I need Canadian VISA to connect flights between two Canadian cities. I am a Chinese citizen who is working at USA and not allowed to change flights in Canada based on the newest government rules. However, in both booking systems, there is no reminders. In my opinion, either Kayak or Air Canada can add a simple checkbox to let the potential guest choose his or her nationality status, then this kind of trouble can be mitigated. We talked and called Air Canada people but no buying. They kept saying this is our responsibility. We bought United Airline tickets at the last minutes and cost us about $2,400 because we cannot wait to get back China to prepare our wedding ceremony and US Visa interview. We are very very disappointed with Air Canada and will keep complaining about this issue. As a service supplier, how cannot you think on behalf of a customer? The air company definitely knows more about government rules than a customer. We did have mistakes of not researching government rules. However, the biggest mistake was we trusted Air Canada and Kayak who we thought had taken care of those kind of issues for us. Thanks."
Contra: "It was hard to sleep I wish the chairs were more comfortable"
Contra: "Not much knee room"
Contra: "Air Canada cancelled my original flight and it was difficult to reschedule. Customer service wasn't great."
Pro: "Great flight, on-time, comfortable for economy class, food was decent for airplane food, free wine"
Contra: "Staff was not friendly to some other passengers, they had to wait hours for coffee. Long layover"
Pro: "No food given. Flight was delayed on the way there because a crew member called in sick -- making me miss part of my work conference. No entertainment on the way back to NL."
Contra: "Would have preferred Westjet but they do not offer a flight from NL to PEI."
Contra: "Food was not good. Just filling. Crew was not polite when I asked for more water"
Pro: "Nice crew and service, I ate all the food :) lots of new movies !"
Contra: "I guess it is a good thing for the airline because the plane was full, although it was crowded to me."
Pro: "Good meals and services with beverages"
Contra: "None"
Pro: "Excellent service in business class: attentive, cordial, not intrusive."
Contra: "The Air Canada counter officer do not help me at all. She only told me to call Air Canada which I can not since the Shanghai office is close and the US number did not work. I ended up bought a new ticket with AA."
Pro: "It is always a pleasure to fly with Air Canada! The staff is always friendly and helpful and they provide great in-flight entertainment."
Contra: "Not enough bathrooms on this plane, constant line for bathroom."
Pro: "Service before boarding was excellent. Checking in as long as the boarding time was efficient and fast. In flight service was okay, flight crew was helpful and friendly. The selection of entertainment was excellent. Good international films, in addition to the monocles 24 hours radio station. However, the food was mediocre, there was not enough food for a flight of 11 hours."
Contra: "I didn't like the amount and selection of food."
Pro: "We had a very kind crew! We traveled with an infant and while boarding was a mess, the crew on board was kind and helpful and did all they could to make it a good experience."
Contra: "Air Canada Rouge operated our flight rather than Lufthansa or other similar airline. This meant that there were no tvs on board, which means the nearly 9 hour flight got very long. Boarding and check-in were also disorganized and many people from lower zones boarded before zone 1 and those with children, m among we had to stand on the ramp for a very long time holding our baby."
Pro: "Seats are quite comfortable. Flight was on time."
Contra: "Suitcase costs money. Food was ok. No headphones for entertainment. I felt it was like a low cost flght but we paid a regular price."
Contra: "I did not fly to Montreal and I did not catch flight to Barcelona I am fling again tonight Toronto - Barcelona direct"
Pro: "The ciabatta buns served with the regular meals, looked lovely, as did the regular meat meals. Unfortunately, I ordered the Hindu Vegetarian meal."
Contra: "Usually the Hindu Vegetarian meals are quite nice, but these ones were not. I have eaten a lot of Indian and Middle Eastern food, and I could not identify what this was supposed to be. The basmati rice had the consistency of oatmeal. The first meal was tasteless and the second meal had too much hot spice, but still no flavour. The bread they gave with the meal was tiny and tasteless compared to the lovely ciabatta rolls served with the regular meals."
Contra: "My Original flight was cancelled 3 hours prior to departure. Had to wait long lines at Air Canada customer service. Due to slowness of process, was not able to take other departing flights to other close airports. Had to stay the night at hotel."
Pro: "There was a hour delay but once on board the crew and flight was excellent."
Pro: "Direct flight without having to stop in Toronto."
Contra: "Seats are too close on Rouge. Not enough leg room like regular Air Canada flight."
Pro: "Really good experience Was very happy with the service and the stuff Would definitely do my next flight with air Canada Keep up the good work guys."
Contra: "my language has been lost !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Contra: "Quality of food vs price"
Pro: "The crew was especially friendly and helpful."
Pro: "I had an exit row seat so the extra room was much appreciated."
Contra: "Aircanada's method of multi zone boarding is a mess. Everyone queues up and blocks whatever zones actually can get on. The seat next to the exit door was freezing. The food was horrible. I understand airplane food is bad but this is some of the worst I have had. Our flight our was fine. There was no inflight entertainment for an 8+ hour flight - you had to rent iPads which is crazy these days. We were late to takeoff due to airport traffic which isn't the airlines fault but then because the customs baggage scanning system went down at Montreal my husband missed his connection - was eventually put on my flight after two trips to ticketing and three calls to aircanada but his bag never arrived in Chicago. We are still waiting for it."
Contra: "delay after delay after delay. And the boarding location is shameful."
Pro: "The price was decent."
Contra: "I was travelling with a 13 yr old and expected to be seated together when I booked. I didn't know I needed to pluck my seats if I didn't want to pay extra. The woman at boarding moved our seats, however, closer at boarding, which I thought was pretty considerate."
Contra: "Did not make this flight."
Contra: "They should have checked the plane before boarding. When the plane was ready to take off they discovered an issue with the lavatory. we had to sit in the plane for more than an hour to get this fixed."
Pro: "Econamy class allows 2 piece of bag."
Contra: "I only have one bag. My bag is weighted 57 lb and charged me CA$100.00. They should have averaged 2 bags' weight and I should not have charged CA$100.00. I think the service is poor."
Pro: "The entertainment was good and the crew was efficient. Getting on and off the plane was smooth."
Contra: "I couldn't believe how little room there was for such a long flight! There wasn't enough room for me to reach my bag that was on the ground even when the seat in front of me wasn't reclined. And the people next to me kept jabbing me with their elbows because three grown adults simply could not sit next to one another in such a small space. I'm a small person so if I feel crammed on a flight I have no idea how the average person can tolerate it!"
Contra: "You"
Contra: "Everything from customer service to flight."
Pro: "Crew was nice but customer service at the airport and over the phone is terrible (takes over 30 min to speak with someone and a few times they hang up the phone)"
Contra: "Luggage was delayed for over 36 hours and customer service hotline was useless."
Contra: "In a 4-5hour flight it would be nice to at least get a complimentary snack on the plane along with the beverage."
Pro: "Flight got delayed twice I had to go to the airport 3 times, finally the personal change me to another airline. I payed over 250 just in taxi to and from the airpor, plus 300 dollars in hotel reservations plus 250 in tours. The airline other than continue rebooking and printing more and more boarding passes did nothing"
Contra: "Flight got delayed twice I had to go to the airport 3 times, finally the personal change me to another airline. I payed over 250 just in taxi to and from the airpor, plus 300 dollars in hotel reservations plus 250 in tours. The airline other than continue rebooking and printing more and more boarding passes did nothing"
Contra: "map was broken halfway into flight"
Pro: "Toronto->Shanghai Good In general it was a good flight considering how long (14 hours) it was. The new entertainment system has a lot of features and movies. It also has chat to other passengers which is useful when travelling with a group sitting in different areas."
Contra: "Bad Long flight but that is the way it is. The fight map froze on my entertainment system about 1/2 through the flight so the map was useless after that. One side of my earphones also went dead. My wife wanted something better then hot noodles in a cup for the middle meal."
Pro: "chairs a little bigger"
Contra: "the staff are indifferent to a point of being rude. The food is dismal and their cost cutting measures really reflect how bad it has become. It functions like a budget airline now. Try to learn a thing or two from the airlines like Cathay Pacific, Singapore airlines and Qatar airlines."

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1 EscalăEmirates
32h 20mOTP-CAN
2 EscaleEmirates
23h 40mCAN-OTP
1.397 €
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32h 20mOTP-CAN
3 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
54h 00mCAN-OTP
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32h 20mOTP-CAN
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19h 10mCAN-OTP
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1 EscalăMai multe companii aeriene
32h 20mOTP-CAN
1 EscalăMai multe companii aeriene
19h 05mCAN-OTP
1.612 €
1 EscalăMai multe companii aeriene
32h 20mOTP-CAN
1 EscalăMai multe companii aeriene
19h 10mCAN-OTP
1.637 €
1 EscalăMai multe companii aeriene
32h 20mOTP-CAN
1 EscalăMai multe companii aeriene
19h 05mCAN-OTP
1.639 €
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
36h 40mOTP-CAN
1 EscalăMai multe companii aeriene
21h 15mCAN-OTP
1.694 €
1 EscalăMai multe companii aeriene
32h 20mOTP-CAN
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
51h 50mCAN-OTP
1.828 €
1 EscalăMai multe companii aeriene
32h 20mOTP-CAN
1 EscalăMai multe companii aeriene
20h 35mCAN-OTP
1.833 €
1 EscalăMai multe companii aeriene
32h 20mOTP-CAN
1 EscalăMai multe companii aeriene
20h 35mCAN-OTP
1.858 €
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
36h 40mOTP-CAN
1 EscalăMai multe companii aeriene
20h 35mCAN-OTP
1.886 €
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
37h 50mOTP-SHA
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
32h 35mSHA-OTP
1.962 €
1 EscalăEmirates
32h 20mOTP-CAN
2 EscaleEmirates
23h 45mCAN-OTP
2.023 €
1 EscalăMai multe companii aeriene
32h 20mOTP-CAN
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
26h 25mCAN-OTP
2.068 €
1 EscalăMai multe companii aeriene
32h 20mOTP-CAN
1 EscalăMai multe companii aeriene
33h 50mCAN-OTP
2.093 €
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
40h 50mOTP-PVG
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
24h 05mPVG-OTP
2.110 €
1 EscalăMai multe companii aeriene
32h 20mOTP-CAN
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
36h 25mCAN-OTP
2.130 €
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
40h 50mOTP-PVG
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
24h 05mPVG-OTP
2.133 €
1 EscalăMai multe companii aeriene
32h 20mOTP-CAN
1 EscalăMai multe companii aeriene
37h 00mCAN-OTP
2.152 €
1 EscalăEmirates
32h 20mOTP-CAN
2 EscaleEmirates
26h 00mCAN-OTP
5.401 €

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2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
25h 40mOTP-PVG
1.344 €
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
25h 30mOTP-SHA
1.344 €
3 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
47h 00mOTP-PEK
1.357 €
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
25h 05mOTP-SHA
1.390 €
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
38h 40mOTP-SHA
1.397 €
2 EscaleLufthansa
37h 05mOTP-PEK
1.421 €
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
35h 05mOTP-PEK
1.426 €
2 EscaleLufthansa
37h 35mOTP-PEK
1.449 €
3 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
35h 05mOTP-PEK
1.467 €
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
54h 35mOTP-PVG
1.525 €
3 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
26h 55mOTP-SHA
1.583 €
3 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
43h 00mOTP-PVG
1.733 €
3 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
31h 35mOTP-SHA
1.899 €
1 EscalăQatar Airways
16h 40mOTP-PEK
1.901 €
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
25h 20mOTP-PEK
2.123 €
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
39h 15mOTP-PVG
2.172 €
1 EscalăLufthansa
27h 20mOTP-PVG
2.622 €
3 EscaleAir Canada
40h 50mOTP-PVG
2.910 €
1 EscalăMai multe companii aeriene
16h 50mOTP-PVG
2.926 €
3 EscaleAir Canada
58h 10mOTP-PVG
2.928 €

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