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Washington, D.C. (WAS)
New Windsor Stewart
sâm. 19/6
sâm. 26/6
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Cum găsește KAYAK prețuri atât de mici la zborurile către New Windsor?

Cum poate funcționalitatea Prognoza prețului să mă ajute să îmi rezerv zborul către New Windsor în cel mai bun moment?

Care este opțiunea KAYAK Mix pentru zborurile către către New Windsor?

Ce este funcționalitatea „date flexibile" și cu ce mă poate ajuta atunci când caut un zbor către New Windsor?

Principala companie aeriană care zboară în New Windsor Stewart

Notele conform evaluărilor din partea clienților KAYAK

American Airlines
Scor general bazat pe 45.730 evaluări
Evaluările companiei aeriene

Pro: "Comfortable seat, chargers and device holders at search station, very clean and great leg room."

Pro: "The crew was great even though there was no food or beverage service. They were very sweet to my 16 month old son and even have him a Flight Crew pin!"
Contra: "The air was stuffy even with the overhead vent on. The seats weren’t super comfortable."

Pro: "The crew was polite, including TSA, and I had no problems with anyone on board. There was also little turbulence, which was nice as a first time flyer."
Contra: "The seats were incredibly uncomfortable, even with a pillow. I was in economy, but I was expecting at least a little cushion."

Pro: "The seats were comfortable and it was easy to catch a quick nap."
Contra: "I wasn't offered any type of sanitation wipes like I was on my way departure. The airport in Mississippi disnt offer any type of sanitation such as hand sanitizer or a reputable substitute. Sure their were bathrooms, but that's very inconvenient to have to use every time you touch something."

Pro: "Entertainment"
Contra: "Social distancing"

Pro: "The crew was incredibly attentive and helpful."

Contra: "Delay"

Pro: "The crew was good in first but ooor in baxk"
Contra: "More room for bags"

Contra: "American Airlines flights are always delayed. Using them for business travel is not advisable for anyone."

Pro: "Clean plane. Pleasant crew"
Contra: "There was a mechanical failure that wasn’t caught at preflight and made us anxious about dependability of the aircraft Also resulted in an hour and half delay for departure"

Contra: "Have the plane ready for take off. We had to taxi back in 2 times b/c of an electrical error. Flight attendants were rude, didn’t smile and annoyed when asked for a beverage. Every single leg of our trip was delayed significantly without any offer of compensation. No help to find a lost item."

Pro: "Aubrie and Claire"
Contra: "Engine could have started. It didn’t."

Contra: "I upgraded my seats, but we still didn’t get any extras for the price."

Pro: "Crew was fine, nothing spectacular."
Contra: "Paid extra for exit row on A321 - scam for AA to charge extra for this row, there is no extra leg room"

Contra: "Awful, loud credit card sales pitch wine up children and another everyone in cabin for what seemed an eternity. Absolutely disgusting."

Contra: "The guy who’s checking me in he’s very kind.he is so nice person."

Contra: "Our 5:30am flight was delayed for over 4 hours causing us to miss our connection. So by the time we got to our destination we had wasted the entire day. This was a loss of an entire day of our vacation. This was our first time traveling with American. We will never book with them again."

Pro: "Quick flight. Took longer boarding than air time!"

Pro: "Everything went smooth and fast"
Contra: "N/a"

Pro: "Our plane was given to another group going to Orlando so we were delayed almost 4 hours. This after a 5 hour layover."
Contra: "Gate lady was funny about being pissed about the delay."

Pro: "Trip overall was great until getting baggage at baggage claim."
Contra: "We waited 1 hr or more for our baggage to arrive at baggage claim and no one from AA told us anything until about 50 minutes into our wait that there was a weather delay so baggage crew couldn't work in the conditions. When we landed, the weather was fine so no one knew! Many people missed connections or had to run through the airport by time they got their bags. Better communication would have been easy to do to keep us informed."

Contra: "This was an updated 737 with pleather seats and a sleek look inside. But what matters most is leg room for me. There was none. I flew for 5 hours in totally cramped conditions. I loved the page in the mag about seat exercises to keep your leg circulation up. Couldn't bend my knees even. Disgusting"

Pro: "On time."
Contra: "One of my pieces of luggage was not on my flight. The gate agent was difficult to understand. It was her nasal accented English that was the problem."

Contra: "Unable to access the internet. It was American flight, not Alaska flight"

Contra: "Terrible turbulence"

Contra: "The information that was given was awful. Why would AA send a broken plane to ABW?"

Pro: "The Monterrey airport is very comfortable and fast. The trip was pleasant. The staff very attentive."
Contra: "On this trip I wanted to see snow and I did not see it."

Contra: "Movies selection"

Contra: "Tiny plane. No leg room. No TV’s. Staff took three full rows to themselves for sleeping."

Pro: "My flight is tomorrow"

Contra: "6hours delay and no reimbursement. It sucked! Thank you."

Pro: "Crew was really good"
Contra: "Other than the crew rest really bad"

Pro: "there were 2 meals"
Contra: "were unable to pre-select without incurring an additional fee so our group of four was split up"

Pro: "Quiet clean bathroom good layover time"

Pro: "Current movie selections"
Contra: "The seats are cramped. They served the final meal very close to the actual landing. The legroom is not comfortable enough for an average size adult. i asked the attendant at the gate for a seat change but never heard back."

Pro: "Selection of movies, food, air hostess"
Contra: "There was no personal screen like most flights have now. We had to watch the movies on the general screen overhead; however, the sound for the headphones didn't work so we couldn't enjoy those movies. The flight was a non-stop 9hr flight, which made it seem very long without having entertainment."

Pro: "Priority boarding."
Contra: "Connection from SAN to PHX seemed cheaply made."

Pro: "The crew is good"
Contra: "No comfort in the light"

Contra: "I bought tickets for JAL Japan Airlines but it was American Airlines !! If I know that when I buy tickets I don't buy it !! I will not buy tickets at KYAK anymore."

Contra: "Carry on limitations"

Pro: "Crew was great, took off and landed early."
Contra: "Plane was very dated, food service was aweful..... bag of chips in first class."

Pro: "Permiten facturar el equipaje de mano ya que el vuelo suele ir bastante lleno."
Contra: "No hay tolerancia con los kilos facturados. El equipaje pesaba 51 libras y me hicieron quitar peso para después aceptar que facture ena puerta de embarque."

Contra: "The plane crew was great. The ground crew in Paris was terrible. They were so rude and unhelpful."

Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "Purchased tickets for three of us weeks in advance. Purchased seat upgrades for all three of us for all four legs of our flight. Flight delayed for two hours. When boarding, one pass failed scan. They immediately printed another without comment. While in line to board my friend noticed they changed her seat from 4D to 36F. We returned to complain. They said that seat or middle seat in row 29is only choice. I said we paid for upgrade. They said to ask for a refund at LAX when landing at midnight. Asked passenger in 4D when he got his seat assignment - SAME DAY as flight, paid nothing for upgrade. I signed up for frequent flier program two weeks ago. Will be cancelling when card is received."

Pro: "The flight was on"

Pro: "Same"
Contra: "Same"

Pro: "Overall experience was great. I prefer American to other Airlines. I love how there are several flights daily between these two destinations with low fares."

Contra: "Same as previous response."

Pro: "I was traveling with my granddaughter who is a toddler. Just imagine waiting an extra 2 hours for the flight to depart."

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Informații legate de COVID-19

Măsurile de siguranță ale companiile care zboară către New Windsor

Companiile aeriene care zboară către New Windsor au adoptat măsuri de siguranță suplimentare și și-au modificat politicile pentru a răspunde mai bine nevoilor călătorilor. Politicile variază de la o companie la alta.

Igienizare sporită

Curățenie zilnică, instalare a filtrelor HEPA în cabine pe zborurile către New Windsor

Mască obligatorie

Măști obligatorii la îmbarcare, măști oferite pe zborurile către New Windsor

Locuri care respectă distanțarea socială

Scaunele din mijloc indisponibile pentru rezervare pe zborurile către New Windsor

Testare înainte de zbor

Testare pentru anticorpi, testare pentru simptome pe zborurile către New Windsor

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