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Austrian AirlinesScor general bazat pe 4941 evaluări
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Bags did not come

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Bags did not come

United was perfect, enough space seat to seat, but Austria Airlines was horrible ( disgusting food & very small space seat to seat & late ) . 0 Stars if is possibile!!

The web site ; The wait time to reach agents by phone; The music choice for the wait; And the iPhone AUSTRIAN app Are all a disgrace!

Pentru mine totul a funcționat bine… chiar foarte bine

Austrian airlines food is really good compared to more recent airlines I’ve been on

I had a small back pack and a small suitcase. The boarding staff were extremely rude and wouldn’t let me take both on board. Only one small bag on board even though there was tons of space and I paid for premium seat. Also—they want you to wear their mask—even though I had n95. Will definitely avoid this airline in the future

Pro: "The crew members were so sweet."
Contra: "Flight was late. I missed my connection."
Pro: "The crew"
Contra: "Boarding"
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "Flights were late for more than 20 min. in both directions. Almost missed connecting flights in both directions. Had to pay for the luggage at the airport (luggage was not included in my ticket). Flight to my final destination was cancelled (first it was delayed, but I did not know that untill I got to the gate) I was diverted to other country (by other company), had to pay for hotel and taxi, missed almost two days of my vacation. On my flight back home, they have lost my luggage... hope they will find it. Now I am trying to get refund for cancelled flight, hotel, taxi, food... I will never fly with this company by my own choice any more!!!"
Pro: "In The Austria my flight was terrible couse the official people didn’t help me I was with my baby I needed help for stroller for suitcase or something else just the guys watched me with they sad face , they didn’t was nice with me !!!"
Contra: "I don’t know I was nervous in Austria just I need to tell you for Washington it was the nice trip to Washington from Washington I had just better thiothere"
Contra: "Everything"
Pro: "Food, in particular the vienna coffee choices were imprewsive."
Pro: "Good"
Pro: "Flight was relatively empty today, therefore boarding was smooth and easy. I had a row to myself.. Smoothest landing ever... just a lucky day"
Pro: "We could walk around as needed. No restrictions. Free wine with meals!"
Contra: "Staff not friendly or offering of assistance."
Pro: "I like the food and servise"
Pro: "On time take off"
Contra: "They overbooked the flight which delayed boarding but the flight was on time."
Pro: "This is always a pleasant airline to travel with."
Contra: "I felt like the airlines deliberately cheated me. I purchased a flight that was listed as "economy" , which means I am authorized one suitcase. When I got to checkout they said I had pay for the suitcase. Turns out my flight was economy 'light' flight and I had to go the Austrian airlines desk and pay euro 40 for my suitcase. Wish that would have been clear when I purchased the ticket. Also there is no clear info on what the cost is for your bag at what point in the check-in process."
Contra: "We are late only 25 min (50% of flight - 50 min)"
Pro: "Very easy and smooth flight. We landed 25 min earlier. Austrian Airlines are my favorite."
Pro: "Crew was nice enough, entertainment was ok. Food was ok. The plane was old and a little dirty."
Contra: "Boarding was incredibly chaotic, seats were old and uncomfortable."
Pro: "Friendly flight attendants."
Contra: "Lost baggage is never good."
Pro: "Had 45 Min to connect at vienna airport and our first flight was delayed so we had to run to get in time to the gate. Literally the gate was on the opposite side of the airport. Bad logistics"
Contra: "As a gluten free person dinner delicious but after 5-6 next hours for breakfast I got few small slices of melon... like really?? This will not feed anyone! For next time I know that I have to bring my own food.. so bad! While servis time we ordered whisky with cola and after one hour we went to ask for one more cause we wanted and CA told us they dont serve anymore whisky only wine or beer. Besides this things when I came to plane my sit and table tray was dirty so we had to put blanket over... for the first time I write bad feedback but I have to cause it was terrible.."
Pro: "Staff were always courteous."
Pro: "Friendly staff, on time flight. Nice refreshments"
Pro: "The whole flight was very nice"
Contra: "We were almost three hours late on arrival. Being at VIE airport after midnight with no buses going home is no fun."
Pro: "Very friendly staff"
Contra: "All was well"
Pro: "It was fine"
Pro: "The crew were so kind!"
Pro: "Flight smoothness, service, friendliness, pilot experience, stewardesses (except for one), food, delicious."
Contra: "All flight attendants were great except for one tall with very short blonde hair. What a poor attitude! She really ruined my trip. There was not an exchange with her that was friendly and agreeable. When serving drinks a second time, she asked me what would I like to drink and I answered: What do you have? I had not asked the first time drinks were served since I knew I wanted orange juice. he second time, and not wanted to drink the same, I asked: what do you have? and her answer was: "Same as before". I had to let her know I had not asked before and then she proceeded to tell me the different drinks and finally added: My colleague will take care of you. She did not want to serve me. The first incident went I tried to use the bathroom in the back of the plane, she would tell people: "don"t use that one, I need that bathroom for......." ( not sure for what but her tone was so rude,that people walked to the other bathroom embarrassed). All I can say is that everything else was great, including the friendliness of all other crew, but that one ruined the experience. A third time I got up to walk to the bathroom and the seatbelt sign was on, but so it had been for a long time. She prompted me to go back to my seat. All others seem to do their job without been rude, Not sure why this one couldn't. Job stress? Not the passenger's problem. Besides that and the poor movie choices, everything else was great. I think the flight was delayed but to that point everything was going so smooth, I didn't even notice. I will fly Austrian again, and would love to visit Vienna. Please advise how to add the miles of my trip to my account. I booked in Kayak, left to Ohio from Miami running from hurricane Irma, my return from Ohio to Miami was cancelled and I had to embark on that long plan10 day trip without even returning home to Miami to pack. I totally forgot about putting the miles on my account on either ticket counter."
Pro: "The crew was very professional and kind and evetything was on time. The food is tasty."
Contra: "No entertainment at all."
Pro: "I loved the music while boarding the plane. All staff members were very nice."
Contra: "The flight was delayed but due to efforts of the pilot we were on time!"
Pro: "The food and service were fantastic!"
Contra: "If possible, perry there could have been entertainment on the plane."
Pro: "Good place for the legs"
Contra: "Food"
Pro: "The flight was very smooth"
Contra: "We were 7 persons on the flight so we brought 7 bags to get on the plain but in the check in they told us that the flight is crowded so we can't get so many bags on. The flight wasn't full and there were plenty of room for our bags."
Contra: "LOST BAGGAGE !!!!!!!"
Pro: "Love the coordination"
Pro: "We arrived on time"
Contra: "We had to stand around for a long time waiting for a bus to take us to the plane. The bus was horribly crowded. Then we arrived at the plane and had to walk up the stairs to get on. There was no food served---just a cracker and some juice or water. After we arrived in Paris we waited a long time for the baggage to arrive."
Pro: "the stewardess gave me coffee even if she already passed by me (because I was sleeping) I appreciated that :)"
Pro: "got to my destination on time."
Contra: "uncomfortable chairs. zero entertainment for a non EU flight (over 3 hours), missed the meal, nothing was offered...."
Pro: "The plane was comfortable even in economy. The crew were helpful and professional. Good food."
Contra: "We were boarded and then told we had to sit on the plane for 45 minutes before take off. It's possible this way beyond the crew's control, but still would've been better to wait in the airport. Also, the movie selection was smallish compared to some other airlines."
Pro: "Very carrying crew, kind and attentive"
Contra: "Not too many choices for entertainment, a lot of Asian movies. Food was OK"
Pro: "food was fine"
Contra: "to small seats"
Pro: "Quick boarding and exit off the plane"
Contra: "No little foot rest , no blanket in the winter"
Pro: "Check in and gate agents in TLV were top shelf pros, fast, friendly and to the point with a smile. Crew on board followed through as well."
Contra: "Food was crappy and there was no entertainment on board at all. Also, crowded seating."
Pro: "The seats were comfortable and the crew attentive. The movie selection was excellent and the entertainment system was excellent. The food was typical for what you get on transatlantic flights in economy."
Contra: "At the gate the boarding processes was very slow because there was only a single person checking the passports and the boarding passes of all passengers. Surprisingly, this airline also could not provide a plastic bag for our checked in child seat, which is standard on other airlines."

Lost my luggage and it has been two days

Steward curtesy.Choice of food was only (pasta w/little bit red sauce.

Missing bags at final destination. Super hot in plane. No water offered during flight. Check in at Frankfurt was horrible too. Overall bad experience

I was expecting more from them. Decent food at the start—with no choice of options. At the end of the flight they almost sprinted down the aisles. Movies were not great. No place to get up and stretch your legs since they closed off so much of the back end of the plane. I have never seen that. My flights with Qatar were much better in comparison.

Just to be honest and to take care of people

It was a better experience than the Mumbai flight

Being profiled for 'random' security checks because of your last name is racist.

I request a change date no answer I want my refund back

Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "Flight was cancelled with NO NOTIFICATION. I learnt about it when i reached the airport - 3 hours before departure. And there was absolutely no one from Lufthansa available - innperson or on phone."
Contra: "Orderly sitting of economy class passengers"
Pro: "Good enough."
Contra: "Better entertainment selection"
Pro: "Crew was good. Nice meals. Good entertainment..."
Contra: "Budget seats are a little close when the person in front of you leans back, but not the end of the world."
Pro: "Food was absolutely terrible. Worst airline food of any trip I‘ve taken. Service was sparse. One beverage for the entire flight"
Contra: "Luftansa cancelled my flight due to impending hurricane. Because of announced airport closure, I decided to go on August 31 on the only flight available which was Iceland air. I had to pay $4200 for the flight. My flight back to Orlando is on September 9 on Iceland air. How can you compensate me?"
Pro: "good crew ok food for airline"
Contra: "despite an outrageous price we had problems registering our luggage economy light never heard of it"
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "I was sick so couldn’t fly, spoke to customer care and they refused to let me change my flight"
Pro: "Cree was fantastic from check in to boarding"
Contra: "Drinks served before food"
Pro: "Nothing to say anything flight has been cancelled two time. My all commitment collapsed. Finally took train. Very worst service."
Contra: "Flight shouldn't cancel at any cause even one passenger booked air ticket. Otherwise have to inform one day earlier. Lufthansa air service is very worst."
Contra: "My 2 bags haven't arrived from Sunday 6 January till now (10 January) and all my winter clothes plus other important things are in it. I check every day with lufthansa call center but still no progress."
Pro: "Everything, comfort, quietness,"
Contra: "Boarding, de-icing made us wait long on plane n it got stuffy"
Pro: "I liked the part of entertainment, bunch of free movies we could watch"
Contra: "the Meals. It could have been perfect when there was other options than vegetarian."
Pro: "there is a big amount of space between the rows making sitting very comfortable"
Contra: "lack of ventilation above the heads"
Contra: "We were unable to fly this trip."
Pro: "Flight was very delayed in Munich"
Contra: "Flight was very delayed in Munich due to a shortage of land and handling crew. Very disappointing. Everyone I know who takes this flight complains about the same problem. Arrived in Geneva around 21:00, 1 1/2 hours later than anticipated time of arrival."
Pro: "nothing"
Contra: "getting fine from DC to Munchen and Munchen to Bucharest, 7 h delayed but we get to Romania. - when waiting for the luggages, guess what? Both luggages are missing. -made the complainment, now we are waiting to show up in Romania and to be delivered at home. -went to pick up the rental car, because of the plane delay, they gave our car away. -after trying several companies, we found a car, 3 times more expensive, but we have a car....yeeyy"
Pro: "Excellent!!! Booarding was quick. No long lines in the jetway. All around great service on board! 5 *****"
Pro: "Food & entertainment were good;"
Contra: "Seats were very tight, several crying babies (no fault of airline) making it difficult to sleep"
Pro: "It was totally bad experience due to cancellations of the flights which I already booked to SJC airport in CA. The first confirmed Lufthansa flights No: LH 1305/ LH 488 ISTANBUL to SAN JOSE via FRANKFURT were cancelled. Then my family in USA contacted the airline and agreed about FLIGHT TK 005 / UA 1883: IST-ORD-SJC. At the checking counter in Atatürk Airport I got the last shock of being Lufthansa didn’t issue a ticket for the flight and the time was running fast and l had no contact neither with my family nor anybody else at the airport therefore i had to purchase a ticket to SFO via Frankfurt. In another word it was very bad experience."
Pro: "Flight on time, good service, helpful staff"
Pro: "We were warmly welcomed on board by the flight captain. I had not expected this. My wife has some physical challenges and received special treatment, in fact we were accorded priority in boarding as she had to temporarily use a wheel chair. Me and my daughter all enjoyed the privilege by association."
Contra: "My wife is diebetes, we had requested for a special diet but although this was documented on the air ticket, there was oversight and she had to make do with normal menu. Fortunately there was no adverse consequences."
Pro: "Reliability, usual Lufthansa service"
Contra: "Delay due to technical problem with the aircraft, however better that than any consequences of that. Food is rudimentary, and there is no vegetarian version of the sandwich any more."
Pro: "Smooth and comfortable flight . Awesome service by the crew"
Pro: "I complain about the wheel chair in Frankfurt airport no have any and my mother she's 65 years cancan't speak English . She got help after 30 minutes. Really I am frustrated about lufthansa"
Contra: "I complain about the wheel chair in Frankfurt airport no have any and my mother she's 65 years cancan't speak English . She got help after 30 minutes. Really I am frustrated about lufthansa"
Pro: "5 Star: Comfort 4 Star: Crew 5 Star: Boarding 5 Star: Entertainment 5 Star: Food.. One of the best flights of 2017 by far. Premium Economy will deliver the basics of luxury comfort."
Contra: "Late landing We landed in another terminal to the one our connection was at. Had to run and go through security again Had two minutes to spare and they refused to allow us to board. Very rude The distance to catch the connecting flight The delay at security The lack of trying to let us on the plane. The rudeness I experience"
Pro: "Real silverware and glasses for dinner and the best blanket on any flight I've ever taken."
Pro: "Seat comfort, service excellence"
Contra: "Quite outdated movies on entertainment system"
Pro: "the crew was kind and helpful"
Contra: "the head of the crew( the purser) was extremely rude, inppropriate and unprofessional. I had an upgrade to economy premium because of the disaster with the DC to Franlfurt flight but I still experienced pain because I could not lay flat. I feel that Lufthana should give me a free upgrade to business on my flight back to Miami in October. it's the only way they can repair the stress, and emotional and physical torture they put me through in DC"
Pro: "United was operating the flight. They asked for 200 to assign me seat next to the path. I found out in the plane after i got to my middle seat that they gave a good front seat close to the path to somebody who was stand by..... They also stated that they can not check my nags to Sofia since they DO NOT FLY TO SOFIA..."
Contra: "United was operating the flight. They asked for 200 to assign me seat next to the path. I found out in the plane after i got to my middle seat that they gave a good front seat close to the path to somebody who was stand by..... They also stated that they can not check my nags to Sofia since they DO NOT FLY TO SOFIA..."
Pro: "First time flying this airlines. The seats were comfortable and spacious. The entertainment options were excellent and the food service was regular and consistent."
Pro: "Didn't try the food."
Contra: "Nothing out of the ordinary regarding the flight itself. The gate was changed twice, which was inconvenient. Not much leg room or no adjustable pillows on the seats."
Pro: "Smooth flight. No delay, no unpleasant surprise."
Pro: "Convenient schedule, excellent service, good food, all-around positive experience."
Pro: "The seats on the leg of this flight were much more comfortable and there was normal space for feet."
Contra: "The boarding here was completely unorganized. After people had just been in a crowd, they attempted to have people love up, which was futile. Some of the seats were dirty and/or unkempt. The snack option wasn't to my liking and may have been the cause of a stomachache later."
Pro: "Once on board the flight was smooth and the crew were very professional."
Contra: "The check-in process at DUS has a lot of room for improvement. The lines were long and the were not many staff out front providing info to customers."
Contra: "Seats were not comfortable even in business"
Pro: "Entertainment food and friendly crew! Alles gut!!!"
Contra: "Small seats"
Pro: "Don't like anything"
Contra: "Bad food delivery crew members always restless mood"
Pro: "The flight from Frankfurt to Newark, NJ was good. Flight crew was courteous and movies made the time go quickly. Food and drinks were also plentiful. I have no complaints other than having to pay extra for seat assignments."

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