Găsește zboruri ieftine din Bangkok în Bucureşti


Găsește zboruri ieftine din Bangkok în Bucureşti

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Bangkok (BKK)
Bucureşti Aeroportul Henri Coandă
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maiCel mai bun moment pentru a scăpa de aglomerație, cu o scădere medie de preț de 13%.

Sezon de vârf

iulieCea mai populară perioadă pentru a călători, cu o creștere medie de preț de 20%.

Prețul mediu (călătorie dus-întors)

3.181 lei(prețul mediu în ultimele două săptămâni)

Ofertă bună (călătorie dus-întors)

2.762 leisau mai puțin

Ofertă bună (doar dus)

1.789 leisau mai puțin

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  • Cauți un zbor ieftin? 25% dintre utilizatorii noștri au găsit zboruri la doar 1.789 lei sau chiar mai puțin pentru o călătorie doar dus pe această rută și 2.762 lei sau mai puțin pentru călătoria dus-întors.
  • Sezonul de vârf este considerat a fi iunie, iulie și August. Cea mai ieftină lună pentru a zbura în este mai.

Întrebări frecvente pentru rezervarea zborurilor din Bangkok în Bucureşti

Pot zbura în Bucureşti? Există restricții de călătorie la intrare?

Pot zbura în Bucureşti fără să fiu nevoit să stau în carantină la sosire?

Trebuie să fac un test coronavirus (Covid-19) înainte de a zbura în Bucureşti?

Ce alte restricții coronavirus (Covid-19) există în Bucureşti?

Cât durează un zbor din Bangkok în Bucureşti?

Care dintre companiile aeriene oferă cel mai ieftin zbor din Bangkok în Bucureşti?

Care este cea mai ieftină zi a săptămânii pentru a zbura din Bangkok în Bucureşti?

Cum găsește KAYAK prețuri atât de mici la zborurile din Bangkok către Bucureşti?

Cum poate funcționalitatea Prognoza prețului să mă ajute să îmi rezerv zborul din Bangkok în Bucureşti în cel mai bun moment?

Care este opțiunea KAYAK Mix pentru zborurile din Bangkok către Bucureşti?

Ce este funcționalitatea „date flexibile" și cu ce mă poate ajuta atunci când caut un zbor din Bangkok în Bucureşti?

Principalele 5 companii aeriene care operează zborul Bangkok Suvarnabhumi - Bucureşti Aeroportul Henri Coandă

Notele conform evaluărilor din partea clienților KAYAK

Scor general bazat pe 15.420 evaluări
Evaluările companiei aeriene

Pro: "Entertainment is epic. Speed to get luggage and depart airport was excellent."
Contra: "Boarding crew had difficulty pronouncing "B" and "D", this caused some confusion. If they had said "B for Bravo", and "D for David", it would have helped them a lot."

Contra: "Stuff not helpful, rude and not helping at all despite us being with a baby"

Contra: "2 hour delay sitting in Bangkok airport due to sick passengers and their luggage getting off"

Pro: "Emirates has been my favorite! Best flight ever!"

Contra: "Everything was awesome."

Pro: "Emirates Airlines are the best Airlines in the world and I always travel with them all over the world"

Pro: "On thiime.Good Meal. Professional flight crew."

Pro: "Early landing great service loads of legroom as am 6ft 5"
Contra: "N\a"

Contra: "45 minute wait for luggage on conveyor belt"

Pro: "everything"

Contra: "The flight was delayed for an already tight connection in Dubai. We paid for extra leg room only to be seated by the toilets to watch people throwing up most of the flight. Those same people did not get on the connecting flight and so Emirates managed to take our bags off as well, so we end up in London for a months stay with no luggage. Promises that it will arrive before midnight not kept and currently still waiting for bags to arrive."

Pro: "Although a short trip it was a great experience especially the bar The seat setup is very good and facilities cannot be faulted."
Contra: "Staff were rushed due to short nature of Flight most staff were great but some showed the pressure forgetting requests. Left medicine bag on Flight despite reporting it was never contacted again which inconvenienced my trip having to seek doctors for replacements."

Pro: "Comfortable seat, good service and food, and a very comprehensive on board entertainment selection."
Contra: "A lot of background noise when using the supplied headphones"

Contra: "My seat is horrible with something looks like vomit everywhere between a gap of the seat in front of me. Also the touch screen is not working, at first I pushed so hard until i hurt my finger tip, at the end I used buttons on an remote to control the screen(stupid me!!). The screen reset to an old version couple of times during the flight the crew had to reset for me( the airline should know what i'm talking about) It's a six-hour flight but the meal was literally served at 8.55pm(original time) in my section which is the last section to get food when the flight took of at 6.10pm(original time) - almost three hours into the flight. Can't believe they claimed to be number one airline in the world. If you fly to the States from thailand. Take Quatar if you want to go to the east coast or asian airlines any thing japanese or korean or even chinese airline like Hainan airline. They are all way better than this."

Pro: "The service"
Contra: "Nothing wrong"

Pro: "Space"
Contra: "Breakfast could have been a bit better"

Pro: "The flight was quiet."
Contra: "Service is extremely slow."

Pro: "Attention to detail Great Entertainment Excellent food Pilot updates on timing"
Contra: "Movie channels and music could be easier to use"

Pro: "It was comfy, the crew seemed genuinely happy, and the food was good. Never going to complain about smoked salmon."
Contra: "I didn't like that my connecting flight was with another airline"

Pro: "The relaxed environment and the crew are amazing"
Contra: "There is always some passengers that drink a bit more than they should but.... there is nothing we can do with it"

Pro: "Excellent new plane good food friendly staff excellent entertainment"
Contra: "Staff not bring drinks regularly enough"

Pro: "Verry efficient and helpful even with oversize canvas painting,, didn't expect luggage to be transferred so quickly but the made it!"
Contra: "Delay and worry I would miss connection"

Pro: "Arguably the best service I've ever had on a flight"
Contra: "Had to stop movie 20min prior to landing as I was in emergency exit row"

Pro: "The seats are relatively good on the newer A380s. The film selection was good."
Contra: "The meal was poor."

Pro: "Best airline so far for economy long haul flight, was emerites flight"
Contra: "No Arabs on board but everything in Arabic, no real issues. Would have been hard for my Thai girl to navigate on her own"

Pro: "Crew were friendly"
Contra: "Why are Emirates business Class seats on 777 so weirdly configured - you have to be a stick insect to squeeze out of bulkhead row 8 window seats because of hideous mock walnut trunk slung between the seats to house aisle TV screen."

Pro: "The in flight entertainment is as good as ever."
Contra: "The food was wore, the staff seemed less happy and the flight was overcrowded. Not a bad experience, really, but slightly worse than the same flight the previous year. Getting to be the world's best airline may be less challenging than remaining such."

Pro: "Great selection of entertainment"
Contra: "Some of the flight attendants skipped over my row while offering beverages. One person was asleep but i was awake and thirsty. I had to wait until an attendant was unoccupied to get some water"

Pro: "Service is phenomenal, comfort of the seats and in flight entertainment was fab."
Contra: "Food was mediocre, but then again haven't ever had a wonderful meal on an aeroplane before!"

Pro: "Flew Emirates coach Washington to Dubai to Johannesburg and Bangkok to Dubai to Washington in July 2017. New A380-800 planes were superb. Entertainment system is second to none. Staff is efficient and polite. Except for the "required crying babies" on each leg the plane is very quiet and peaceful. The check-in, however is a zoo. But better to put your best employees on the flights rather than on the ground."

Pro: "Seating and hospitality"

Pro: "crew food"
Contra: "i asked for a plus blanket, they did not provide me since the plane was full, though so many people were not using it and i felt cold; none help was provided"

Pro: "I like the meals"
Contra: "It is hard to request a window seat"

Pro: "Everything..."

Contra: "Do not like Dubai airport security setup and the distance one has to walk between arrival and departure gates is a joke especially when your over 70!"

Pro: "Food selection Wine not as good as usual"
Contra: "Boarding was chaotic. Why usher First Class into an area make ten stand up for ten minutes before boarding?"

Pro: "A380 Emirates get better every time"

Pro: "New roomy plane! Great customer service! Kind, friendly, attentive staff. Great airline!"

Pro: "Excellent all the way."

Pro: "Entertainment screens good - good range of music and also internet accessible"
Contra: "Food not very appetising. I did not eat much of it."

Pro: "Service, comfort, food, wine, all outstanding."

Pro: "Staff, Service, plane, food. Everything"
Contra: "I can't say a word against them."

Contra: "We fid not enjoy the close proximity of several screaming children who insisted in screaming at all hoyrs, making sleep impossible. What was concerning was the reluctance of the staff to intervene. Most disappointing as we did not have any sleep at all overnight."

Contra: "Another meal option was not available when it was my turn."


Pro: "Entertainment was good, staff friendly and accomodating,"
Contra: "Food was just ok, breakfast lacking, only given croissant and yoghurt, the angled lie flat beds are not as good as the 180 degree lie flats, would be nice to have complete lie flats."

Pro: "Boarding"
Contra: "Food"

Pro: "Everything was fine."
Contra: "Everything was fine."

Pro: "Price/ available flying times"

Contra: "Losing my bags after a canceled flight was not so nice when my thinks cost more than 1000 euro"

Pro: "Liked the time of the flight."
Contra: "It left late."

Pro: "None"
Contra: "None hate the experience"

Pro: "I was in business class and it was great. The staff the food and the seats were awesome."
Contra: "I booked through Kayak and when I arrived at the airport Swiss air had no seat available for me. I was forced to upgrade to ensure a seat."

Contra: "We arrived more than a half hour late, and considering this was about 4 am, this was significant. The guy in the middle seat was tall and had to speard his legs intruding on my space."

Pro: "Leg room always an issue. Crew really great."
Contra: "Gluten free option"

Contra: "1.5 hour delay departing put a slight damper on this flight but otherwise it was fine."

Contra: "This flight was poorly advertised as Economy Light. I had to pay $500 in baggage fees to being one checked ski bag round trip - more than the cost of my entire fare!"

Contra: "A little more clean seats"

Pro: "Arrived on time"

Pro: "Liked nothing. Stewards were no help. Seating was extremely tight. I am disabled and use a small travel scooter. They removed the batteries even though they are not lithium or spillable. I called months in advance with all specifications and still they were clueless. We will never fly Swiss again. I am disabled and received no help. They removed the batteries of my scooter and we had to carry them on our lap. I had to tell them to put the batteries back in the scooter. They failed in every facet."
Contra: "Nothing"

Contra: "Seat would not recline. Long fight cramped 27B"

Pro: "Crew very courteous as usual"
Contra: "Lately all Swiss flights I have taken are late. This last one was 1 hour late. No more sandwich is offered, or even chips or peanuts. The only drink available for free was a glass of water! Not even a small bottle!! Bye bye Swiss service!"

Pro: "The crew was great and the flight itself was fine"
Contra: "The checking in experience was chaotic. I was told I was on standby for my connecting flight to New York. The flight was delayed by almost an hour and a half."

Pro: "The view out the window."
Contra: "Delayed, no leg room. No refeshments."

Pro: "Class staff"

Pro: "Never made connection so now 1 day late."

Contra: "Our flight was canceled and re-booked today. We’re so frustrated and inconvenience us. Very stressful! Swiss Air notification in email was sent short of notice."

Pro: "Good and fast service"
Contra: "The size you allow for the hand baggage is insufficient"

Contra: "Very little space- I thought I was in economy plus having paid extra for seat reservation. When person infrint put seat back it was very difficult to view screen"

Pro: "All went fine and the crew friendly. 12 hours from Switzerland to Sao Paulo is extremely long time to sit in an airplane, but temperature and air were fine and the flight was without delay."

Pro: "Easy check in. Crew efficient and personal attention."

Pro: "Everything"
Contra: "Nothing"

Pro: "Although sitting in a plane in coach could never be considered a wonderful experience, Swiss Air did the most to make it so. in particular the crew was very responsive and cheerful. The leg room wasn't bad and they were very liberal with their wine and beer offering."

Pro: "Nothing really"
Contra: "Seats, food , entertainment."

Pro: "Well managed flow of services, polite and helpful staff, quiet environment, good air in the cabin."

Pro: "Friendly crew, clean flight"
Contra: "Charged 45 SF (about $50) to check 1 bag"

Pro: "Not very much. At least the staff was friendly."
Contra: "It seems like they always sit me next to the bathrooms. If I'm paying that much for a flight, I don't really appreciate having hordes of people lined up for the bathroom, bumping me constantly. I also don't very much like the door constantly opening and closing, due to noise and the obvious smell. Furthermore, I sat next to a family with 2 screaming babies. Overall, 8 hours of agony. Not a good experience at all."

Pro: "-Comfortable Leather seats -Snacks were delicious -Legroom (6 foot person here) -Kind Staff"
Contra: "-That I can't always fly Swiss"

Pro: "Crew; polite helpful and professional."
Contra: "Seating, and the pre booking process. The cost of endless add for a decent flight. Ex. buy a ticket but you didnt buy a seat, luggage, meals, wifi,"

Contra: "No announcement regarding delay. No boarding announcement. Very uncomfortable, older business seats. Actually had a sore back after the flight. Couldn't get comfortable. Travelling companion had the same experience. Small screen."

Pro: "fast, all good"
Contra: "-"

Pro: "Friendly staff"
Contra: "This aircraft should be retired long time ago"

Pro: "Staff is very friendly, courteous and helpful. Food and drink is excellent. I loved the screen showing the location of the plane on the flight path. Watching your own personal movie was great."
Contra: "Economy boarding could be more organized. Seating is very tight. It would be nice to have a little more room."

Pro: "Decent food, for airline food. I didn't starve for the 8 hours, and the included beer/wine/spirits helps a lot. Entertainment system was enough to help pass the time. This flight had USB chargers...had I known, I would have loaded up my mobile with watchable entertainment."
Contra: "It's still a cattle car for coach travel. Boarding was hectic. Called all passengers at once, which resulted in a crowd pushing to get through the two checkpoints all at once."

Pro: "On time"
Contra: "Seating was very tight, confining."

Pro: "super-friendly crew. efficient flight. great price."
Contra: "those silly Swiss sandwiches. dont taste good and why do they have to be spicy?"

Pro: "Staff was friendly and accommodations were nice"
Contra: "Delayed flight and lost my luggage..."

Pro: "Friendly and attentive. The check-in person was willing to check to see that I had a reclining seat. Friendly and accommodating attendants good wine offered in economy, water offered several times during the 9:30 hour flight. Pilots changed Flt altitude to accommodate for turbulence."
Contra: "Very little not to like on this flight."

Pro: "?"
Contra: "the new Boeing 777 is horrible... no space and small seats >> my feet were swollen, everything hurts the inflight- entertainment is integrated in the front seat, you can`t change screen if you are blinded as i wrote to the service center to change the seats (july 21st) i still have no answer on my mail.... service???? no more again..."

Pro: "The staff was wonderful Pleasant, quick with requests , very professional"
Contra: "I get motion sickness and found it strange they no bags were in the magazine pocket. Had to ask for it and wait"

Contra: "Terrible seats and old.entertaineme.t system"

Pro: "The service was very good."
Contra: "The seats were very UNconfortable. The entertainment system was limited."

Pro: "Plane as always clean, perfectly maintained and of decent comfort. Crew as always very friendly and very professional."
Contra: "Both my flight to Barcelona as well as my return flight were delayed significantly. And there was a delay on 3 out of my last four trips to Barcelona."

Pro: "Nothing notable"
Contra: "The crew was quite rude for the duration of the trip and too busy to help. The plane was very old and seats poorly padded- like sitting on stone. Most televisions in our section malfunctioned or didn't work at all. Staff did little to help. Unlikely we would travel on this airline again."

Pro: "on time flight; friendly staff"
Contra: "a little warm before takeoff; I did online check-in and I did not get the SMS with the link to download boarding pass; tried twice and didn't work; I've got in on email as luckily I had access to an wifi"

Pro: "Great flight"

Pro: "Staff were courteous and there was abundant food and beverage service."
Contra: "No child activities were distributed by the crew (like they did for our return flight)."

Contra: "At the moment I bought the tickets, I got in contact with SWISS in order to book the seats and a baby bes for a small baby. However, I was told by the contact center that it was not possible to book seats (not even buying them). I have also tried to do it online, without success. One day before departure, I called again and got the same answer and was told to book seats and baby bes during the check-in at the airport. At the moment of the check-in in Dubai, I was informed exactly the opposite: that I should have requested it via contact center or online up to 48h before the flight!! Personnel at the airport was very impolite. Inside the plan, the crew was very nice and helped us to have seats in front with a small bed for the baby."

Pro: "The kindness and care of the attendants (ex. offering crayons for the kids in front of me) was incredible. The kids were not loud, it was just a kindness - thank you! The attendants were also very professional: I loved it when the plane was arriving, already on the ground, and a lady stood up - the attendants promptly asked them to sit. The cutlery was still metal! Despite not having a plurality of food choices (in fact, just one), the meal was good - The breakfast was great! The complementary chocolates and cheese too. The old school movies: seeing all the James Bond movies lined up, or Dr. No, was funny and suggested a personal touch. It reminded me of my first experiences flying, and it was very refreshing! PS. I'm 35 years old. :)"
Contra: "As with any airline, the seats were a bit cramped. The screens could not turn off entirely (there was a glow left)."

Contra: "I love it"

Pro: "Both friendly and professional"
Contra: "All is perfect! They couldn’t be better"

Pro: "Short, sweet, and yummy! Short trip, sweet experience with their staff and boarding process, and yummy snacks."

Contra: "There was wery cold on the plane."

Pro: "Crew was very professional and helpful."
Contra: "Transit process at Istanbul airport was not very smooth. Ground staff could have been more helpful."

Pro: "Very professional and polite crew"

Contra: "My luggage was lost during transit even thout it was a 1h 50 minute layover."

Pro: "Awesome cabin crew, amazing food, more leg room than European and American carriers. Amazing price. What else can you ask for in economy?"

Pro: "Great helpful staff, nice cabin layout with lots of space to sleep, excellent food, free internet, Live TV - what else could you ask for."
Contra: "There was nothing really to dislike here."

Pro: "Food and service in business class were exceptional."
Contra: "Lie-flat seats hard as plank boards!"

Pro: "Entertainment screens good"
Contra: "On the flight from Istanbul to Malaga the entertainment screens were very poor."

Pro: "The Airbus is such an extremely "customer oriented' airplane."

Pro: "i like because can interline from qatar airways and baggage through as well. so i do not need to check in again."

Pro: "E"
Contra: "The food was a far miss to my other flight from BBK to Istanbul . I know it was a different flight also being a bit tired after other flight did not help . Otherwise the were excellent ."

Pro: "Another excellent business class service from the team at Turkish Airlines. The food offering was high quality, and the little cultural influences made it an enjoyable experience."
Contra: "The cabin design is perhaps looking a little dated and tired compared to some of its business class competitors. This was also true of comparing the 3 flights I had on a Boing 777 model versus one of the short haul legs on a more modern Airbus."

Pro: "Comfort and service"

Pro: "Awesome"

Pro: "Travel on THY within Turkey and between countries. Service excellent, food is great, amenities abound. Always travel THY when I can."
Contra: "Nothing to dislike! My favorite airline."

Pro: "Boarding process started early and was efficient. Short flight so not much to say."
Contra: "We seemed to arrive late even though the boarding started early. Last call was displayed on the monitors 40 min before the flight took off which seemed excessive to me. And in spite of this we still didn’t arrive on time."

Contra: "We had to spend the night in Istanbul and get only on the next flight the following morning. TK airport (ground) staff that talked to us was antipathetic and it took ages to get any service. Looks like they didn't care we about the delay, nor they were trying to help us. Just kept saying we need to wait."

Pro: "Overall the plane was very comfortable."
Contra: "Waited on the plane to takeoff for an extra hour without explanation."

Pro: "Service, timing of flight, entertainment system."
Contra: "There used to be more variety of food choices."

Pro: "My flight was delayed by an hour and I missed my flight scheduled to go Mykonos"

Pro: "Great food! Also, the selection of movies and TV and other entertainment choices was wide. Seats weren't bad for an overnight flight."
Contra: "No complaints"

Pro: "Quick boarding , the crew was awesome and very helpful. Great service all around"
Contra: "The flight was delayed but they couldn't tell us how late it was , but thanks to Kayak knew it was 40 mins delayed."

Pro: "Our screens didn't work and they wouldn't move us to a business class seat. It was also freezing, everyone was complaining, I even got sick. It's the worst. Will never travel again with them"

Pro: "Again, the crew was very young and greeting everyone with a smile, very accomodating. Loved the snack (Delta take notes). Time passed fast."

Pro: "i like the reception"
Contra: "i like how the crew welcome me.i all so like the food"

Pro: "Staff serving onboard were very nice and food is ok - selection of movies were good"
Contra: "On two TK flights in a row today the outlets the TK handed out headphones were sub-quality - and I basically had to sit and manually keep them in place during both journeys to be able to hear something. Truly annoying! Also - for some reason service was done by only one person per aisle which meant I had to wait really long time before getting both food and drinks."

Pro: "On board cabin crew service"
Contra: "Chaotic boarding with no preference or acknowledgement of business class or premium level passengers."

Contra: "The layover was too long."

Pro: "This had to have been the best flight I ever had the attendents cater to you every need"

Contra: "It wasn't communicated beforehand to check in our baggage to electronics."

Pro: "Food in business class was excellent"
Contra: "Boarding was chaotic. No preferential early boarding for business class or Star Alliance platinum."

Pro: "Short but comfortable and pleasant flight."

Pro: "Entertainment and boarding was excellent."

Contra: "Flight was.cancelled.because.of snow in.Istanbul. Fine, that happens, but only solution was to park us in a hotel and tell us to wait. I did not see any serious attempt to reroute passengers and l had to buy another ticket in order to be back at work in time."

Pro: "Very good food"
Contra: "Seats are a bit crowded, especially when declined"

Pro: "The best flight ever!"

Pro: "very nice and friendly cabin crew that gives a great service. many new movies , music.. etc..very good entertainment! the seats are comfortable. the food was taisty"
Contra: "the bording took too long"

Pro: "Love this airline!!"

Pro: "Everything, Turkish is great."

Pro: "Everything from above and the fact that my bags got home untouched and on time. It would have been a disaster to have to drive back to Bucharest to pick them up at the later time like it happened with other airlines."
Contra: "Nothing at all"

Pro: "Choice of in-flight entertainment was excellent."
Contra: "Boarding process in BKK was haphazard due to non-calling to board by Group number."

Pro: "Very pleased with the entertainment on board, the crews was very helpful and efficent"
Contra: "my meal from BKK to Istanbul was served cold ( eggs and spinach ) they forgot to heat it up."

Pro: "Good food. Flight was on time."
Contra: "Seat in front on me was broken. Reclined further than the rest on the seats, which limited the room I had."

Pro: "TV accessories - socks, blanket"

Pro: "Everything was great!"

Contra: "Excellent"

Pro: "The one episode of Modern Family from the one of the old seasons"
Contra: "The fact that it took 4 (in 4 hours) attempts and a request to fill out a complaint form that got the staff to switch the air back on on a flight to AFRICA!!! I was about to undress myself to stop sweating!! Seats are uncomfortable and TV selection outdated."

Pro: "Very friendly and helpful"
Contra: "Boarding could be better organized"

Contra: "It was full, Ben if Lufthansa said on their website that they keep physical distance for passangers! Liars!"

Contra: "Too short a connection between flights. Missed connection. No priority for those with connecting flights. No customer service to ensure passengers know which gates to go through and if passenger has chance of making flight. No recognition of time it takes to get through customs and security to make connecting flight. Actually any semblance of customer service was lacking for passengers to make connecting flights."

Pro: "The flight was quite comfortable."
Contra: "I find it hard work doing such long flights these days."

Contra: "Movies"

Pro: "Confort"
Contra: "The crew and the food, specially the food."

Pro: "Amazing crew and service."
Contra: "Seat space extremely low for tall person."

Pro: "good crew ok food for airline"
Contra: "despite an outrageous price we had problems registering our luggage economy light never heard of it"

Pro: "amazing"

Pro: "Everything was really good. Crew was helpful and provided excellent customer service. Food provided was good."
Contra: "The only thing that would have been better was cooler air in the cabin. I got very hot on both my flights to and from Frankfurt."

Contra: "I had ordered pre flight online duty free shopping. Got a confirmation e-mail telling me that articles were reserved for me and I should approach crew members on board for the articles I had reserved. Reality however was that my pre ordered articles were not registered in their system :-("

Contra: "Flight was delayed"

Pro: "The crew"
Contra: "The sandwiches"

Contra: "NO MOVIES."

Pro: "Lufthansa is a great airline. My problem is Kayak, who sold the tickets to us."
Contra: "You, Kayak, sold me economy tickets. When I checked in online I saw it for the first time that our tickets were Economy Light. So even though we are Frequent Flyers, we payed $220 for three checkin luggages. I intend to dispute this case."

Contra: "I din't like the fact that Lufhtansa company uses double standards for the countries where they have their flights. From USA, San Jose, Ca, to Frankfurt, Germany everything was good (flight on 08/31/2018 - 09/01/2018). They have been very profesional, beganing wih the boarding time untill the arrival in Frankfurt. The flight to Romania was a different story. They haven't been very professional at all. The flight had a delay and nobody said a word. It was just a clerck there who didn't tell to the Lufthansa passengers for a while anything about our delay. So, finally, he said after 15-20 minutes that our fligt will be later, 20 minutes, than the scheduled time on our tickets. They seemed do not care too much about the Romanian passengers."

Pro: "The Lufthansa service in rebooking."
Contra: "Lost bag- this was after my luggage tag was scanned and I was assured the bag was on the plane. Getting information from Lufthansa about bag status was impossible. Help phones were either busy or never answered. A black hole of no information until the bag arrived 30 hours later. Then a 45 min. At airport to get it back."

Pro: "nothing"
Contra: "getting fine from DC to Munchen and Munchen to Bucharest, 7 h delayed but we get to Romania. - when waiting for the luggages, guess what? Both luggages are missing. -made the complainment, now we are waiting to show up in Romania and to be delivered at home. -went to pick up the rental car, because of the plane delay, they gave our car away. -after trying several companies, we found a car, 3 times more expensive, but we have a car....yeeyy"

Pro: "flight was good"
Contra: "nothing"

Pro: "The flight crew was amazing and the overall experience was great."

Pro: "The food was pretty decent."
Contra: "The seats are uncomfortable and do not recline. The plane was old. No entertainment. For the money look elsewhere."

Pro: "Cabin was clean"
Contra: "Boarding and airpot staff were horrible: rude, chaotic experience especially in Munich and Frankfurt. Main issue was rude staff... No concept of customer service ."

Pro: "A regular predictable LH flightqq"

Pro: "Excellent service during the two hour trip. No complaints whatsoever!"
Contra: "No headrest screens for entertainment but I had my phone and downloaded movies and shoes prior to leaving the US."

Pro: "Everything"

Contra: "The seats are too close. When reclined it's not possible to get out."

Pro: "Everything is good"
Contra: "Food use to be better"

Pro: "Travel time was good and easy travel"
Contra: "Entertainment tv tapes"

Pro: "W we’re a few minutes late and they waited for us. We truly appreciate their cooperation. 5 strat services."

Pro: "Efficient boarding, friendly crew."

Pro: "Overall decent experience. The crew was attentive, captain informative."
Contra: "Aircraft not too comfortable but much better than the aircraft in the first leg of my travel from Seattle to Frankfurt."

Pro: "Very nice personals, I'm so happy."
Contra: "Nothing"

Pro: "The app made it so easy. It is like your personal assistant with you telling you about your trip. No delays no major issues. I also liked the seats."

Contra: "It seemed llike the boarding was rushed and a bit hectic."

Pro: "It was ok"
Contra: "Nothing"

Contra: "Didn't happen yet."

Pro: "The crew was friendly and efficient. The food was okay (special meal ordered)."
Contra: "The plane was filthy. There was crud packed in every crevice. I wouldn't put stocking feet on the floor. There were also pieces of the plane that were cracked or broken off completely. It was a little unnerving."

Pro: "I liked the food - especially vegetarian options."
Contra: "There was very limited vegetarian food available, should have been amply available. The crew was running around to get more veg meals."

Pro: "N-o entertainment"
Contra: "All"

Contra: "There is no entertainment so I do not know it should be rates."

Pro: "United was operating the flight. They asked for 200 to assign me seat next to the path. I found out in the plane after i got to my middle seat that they gave a good front seat close to the path to somebody who was stand by..... They also stated that they can not check my nags to Sofia since they DO NOT FLY TO SOFIA..."
Contra: "United was operating the flight. They asked for 200 to assign me seat next to the path. I found out in the plane after i got to my middle seat that they gave a good front seat close to the path to somebody who was stand by..... They also stated that they can not check my nags to Sofia since they DO NOT FLY TO SOFIA..."

Pro: "Very friendly crew, smooth flight ( great pilots)"
Contra: "Food was carb heavy. I wish you would offer more protein and vegetable choices."

Pro: "United airlines a319 was quite shakey felt uncomfortable whereas the Lufthansa connection with the a320 was way better only a bit shakey but felt comfortable and enjoyed the flight."
Contra: "United airlines connection was quite bad. Was 15 min late but didn't really mind it"

Pro: "Everything was good."

Pro: "Plane was clean and service was great."

Pro: "I fleweconomy. Flight on time. Boarding was quick. Food is so so bordering to poor. On the plus side the portion was small and is good when want to go on diet."

Pro: "The plane was parked away from the gate. We boarded the service bus to get there 20 minutes before departure time. But it took more than 20 minutes while mid way waiting for clearance to leave for the plane. The service bus did not turn on the AC while we waited even though we complained. We were suffocating. There was no entertainment on the plane."

Pro: "flight was on time and the crew was wonderful"
Contra: "Plane was"

Pro: "We often fly on Lufthansa and highly recommend it!"
Contra: "There was no movie..."

Contra: "2.5 h delay"

Pro: "sorry had to cancel due to covid-19"
Contra: "sorry had to cancel due to covid-19...still waiting for refund ??"

Pro: "Great flight....enjoyed it thoroughly....."

Pro: "Etihad crew are awesome. The A380 is the best plane in the skies"
Contra: "Free upgrade to business class? Because everything was perfect!"

Pro: "Everything was excellent. The entertainment system was also excellent."
Contra: "The flight had onboard wifi which was awesome to be able to be online during the flight but it did lack the level of service expected. Everything on the flight was fantastic except the wifi which kept dropping out"

Pro: "The food was good."
Contra: "The legroom was inadequate."

Pro: "Very friendly and attentive stewardesses. Beautiful too"
Contra: "The internet connection "Wi-Fly" is very weak. Data rates are outrageous. $4.95 plan is basically good for 5 minutes, $11.95 plan maybe lasts 10 minutes. Very disappointing"

Pro: "Everything was great. Crew was very nice. Food good. Not too crowded."
Contra: "Seems like the plane needed to be retired compared to others. The tech was old."

Contra: "the food .there is only one choice of meal there is delay time from AUH to beirut"

Contra: "food was bad in taste ,they present us just like give to baggers there was no serving in trays .pictures show in add. are all falls we did not get that kind of food in our whole trip . for exps .in dinner they serve 2 small buns filled with 2 leave of spinch 1 bean barito 1small piece of chocolate for desert. for breakfast was lentel,with mashed patatos.when I asked for somthing else.reply was we do not have anything else.so i did not have anything in my 15 houre flight."

Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "Crew was very rude, ground or air. Our layoff was 11.hours nobody provide us food or hotel, we stayat terminal 3 for 11 hours. Seats were assigned to us was in the end of craft though we're 1st in check in. Food was rotten like dogybag with no class. Head phone were broken."

Pro: "Aircraft wasn’t too full and crew were happy for us to spread out a bit."

Pro: "The staff were so helpful and friendly. Such a lovely bunch"

Contra: "Mishandled baggage"

Pro: "That me and my son had a extra seat each"
Contra: "Wasn't served any food at all. And I had to go and get my own water from the staff"

Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "Plane was not comfortable and looked dingy. Food was awful. Service was subpar."

Pro: "Absolutely LOVELY crew. I'm a frequent flyer and my journey from Bangkok to Abu Dhabi was amazing. Thank you! Everything was very good with except for the screen: on both planes, it didn't work but it was exceptional in experience. We got 5000 miles as a compensation.."
Contra: "The screen /server didn't work, but it was exceptional in experience."

Contra: "Food can be better (and has been in the past). Limited choice in entertainment. Crew could be more polite"

Pro: "timeliness, in-flight entertainment, food"

Contra: "Etihad has gone downhill over the past few years and please consider this carrier as your last option for travel. They are simply not worth the money you save, considering the pain they make you sit through. Extremely poor service from the staff and they offer little to no option to you if the flight gets cancelled. They were not willing to accommodate my request to reroute to a new destination (which actually is cheaper than my original destination) as i was about to miss my consular appointment due to the flight cancellation and this was the only way I could make it. They outright said it's not possible, didn't even check if the flight to the new destination has availability or not. The staff especially at Heathrow is a joke, don't even bother reasoning with them."

Contra: "The person checking me in at Delhi was rude. Didn’t let me take the cabin bag that others were allowed to take."

Contra: "Business class seat not very comfortable when in flat position. Chaotic boarding and very slow check in."

Pro: "Gets you where you need to be"
Contra: "Broken entertainment, very uncomfortable seats, a feeling that economy is not that important to them despite the fact tickets are not exactly economy! Horrible dated beige colours everywhere and dated planes"

Contra: "Customer service in Abu Dhabi was terrible. The flight itself was average at best. It was nothing like I expected. I will not fly Etihad again."

Pro: "I liked the service and ease of the whole process."
Contra: "Nothing."

Pro: "attentive staff"
Contra: "nothing"

Contra: "Very cramped plane (for a 787 Dreamliner)... though I am a bigger fellow, it must be said. The window seat was almost unbearable."

Pro: "Loved the amount of leg room in economy class. Also impressed with the number of entertainment options, especially the movies. The things provided in each seat (blanket, pillow, socks, etc) were very generous and nice as well."

Contra: "Food was not good and too salty. And the saltiness made everyone thirsty and we were only offered one small cup of water at a time.Flight attendants were not friendly and didn't want to be bothered."

Pro: "The flight itself was actually just fine- comfortable even in economy."
Contra: "My bag was delayed in Abu Dhabi. On its return, my laptop- that I had been forced to check- had been stolen... Not necessarily Etihad's fault, but so far their customer support has been almost non-existent."

Pro: "The crew were good and accommodating, this was the only positive."
Contra: "the Food is the worst ever, i had better experience on an economy class with a budget airliner. on the 4 sectors i had with Etihad, it was breakfast menu no matter what time it was and it was the same choices which had to do with a form of eggs. i opted not to be served. the plane is old, seat is not functioning well, entertainment screen was not touch and had to be operated with the remote which was not working. really it was a huge disappointment. may be Etihad reserve their good stuff for the European and American sectors. I will never fly Etihad business unless I have no choice."

Contra: "the plane from Bangkok to abu dhabi was delayed which miss my flight from abu dhabi to Bahrain waiting over 9 hours to fly into Bahrain basically the flight sucked."

Pro: "all things like"
Contra: "nothing"

Pro: "Cleaniness , food , entertainment"
Contra: "Air hostesses, my daughter asked 3 times for something . They kept saying will give and eventually no manners to come and reply also .. Asked for an extra bun for my 3 year old I was said will come back after the round but again no one came .. Never experienced this with any other flight .. Boarding also with kids was a little difficult when going by bus to the aircraft .. No priorities .. Only pushing .."

Pro: "I like the movies. Seats assignment to window in a 2 seats row are the best. They seat a chubby person who was all over my seat the whole 5 joirse"
Contra: "The flight attending crew from Chennai as well as for the Abu Dabi flight ignore request for coffee or water service. Only after turning light several times they responded. Even when they were passing the halls with water and you called them they would not stopped. I love the soft landing of all pilots flights."

Pro: "Quality Airline Excellent service Food was also great"

Pro: "The airline was amazing, food was on time and good. I'll be honest and say this was one of the better airlines I have flown."

Pro: "Good service. On time. Comfy lie-flat seats"
Contra: "On bok-aug night time flight rich Arab family with two nannies and 3 kids in b class. Kids did not have their own seats. Kids terrorized the entire cabin. Parents could not care less. Flight attendants helpless."

Pro: "Staff was good, business class lounge was nice. Ground crew was very good."
Contra: "Business class seat not nearly as nice as Singapore Airlines. Food was good, limited options. The entertainment options were good, not great. On flight to India, there was onboard wifi and live news (CNN, etc). On flight back, there was not onboard wifi and live news coverage."

Pro: "i have nothing to like in the flight."
Contra: "no service you can call ten time if they come one time you lucky.very very roud crew and very discrimination place.also when i was fly los angeles to abu dhabi the guy name muhammad threat me many time for food he made mistake on my food and top on that he was threating me i hope some one in this air line take care of this but i'm not sure any one going to care for this and he was saying he is supervisor."

Pro: "Bording was fast"
Contra: "The frequent delays in departures The behavior of the canb staff was not good Specially with Arab and Asian people"

Contra: "Too cold in the airplane"

Contra: "Cabin luggage with sensitive/delicate items were forced to be checked in for 2nd leg of the journey. Cabin luggage upon retrieval at destination was scratched/dirty and one glass item inside was broken. Recommend Etihad provides complimentary luggage wrapping to prevent such issues. Additionally, crew was unable to manage noisy kids, and a request for ear plugs was ignored. Recommend Etihad provide affected travelers with ear plugs to manage the noise, and that the crew undergo training to better manage problematic parents w/kids."

Contra: "The food was just ok here. And if you sit in the rear it is cold by the time or gets to you."

Pro: "Food & Upkeep of aircraft"
Contra: "Your association with Aer Lingus"

Pro: "Crew are nice and friendly with huge smiles on their faces. They are happy crew and make their clients happy pessengers. Great service :) We will fly with Etihad again."
Contra: "My screen doesn't work. Plane is bit old. Lavatory is smelly."

Pro: "New flight ! From Mumbai to abudhabi A380 , from Zurich to abudhabi Dreamliner"
Contra: "Nothing"

Contra: "Some of the crew members are very rude and that really disappointed me."

Pro: "It's a long flight, I don't know how you could improve the comfort factor. The crew were friendly and helpful."
Contra: "More water needs to be offered."

Pro: "Nothing!"
Contra: "Flight delayed. Fell asleep at gate, missed flight, had to pay 540$ (40$ more than original tix) to get on next flight. Charged 200$ + for missing flight b/c they delayed!!!"

Pro: "Staff was wonderful & bathrooms were kept clean which was nice. Food was ok, a highlight was a Klondike bar at like 3am. That made my flight!"
Contra: "Leg room was very tight in economy. Same as flying domestic but it was international."

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Informații legate de COVID-19

Măsurile de siguranță ale companiile care zboară din Bangkok în Bucureşti

Companiile aeriene care zboară din Bangkok în Bucureşti au adoptat măsuri de siguranță suplimentare și și-au modificat politicile pentru a răspunde mai bine nevoilor călătorilor. Politicile variază de la o companie la alta.

Igienizare sporită

Curățenie zilnică, instalare a filtrelor HEPA în cabine pe zborurile din Bangkok în Bucureşti

Mască obligatorie

Măști obligatorii la îmbarcare, măști oferite pe zborurile din Bangkok în Bucureşti

Locuri care respectă distanțarea socială

Scaunele din mijloc indisponibile pentru rezervare pe zborurile din Bangkok către Bucureşti

Testare înainte de zbor

Testare pentru anticorpi, testare pentru simptome pe zborurile din Bangkok în Bucureşti

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