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Zbor din Basel către Sibiu
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Întrebări frecvente despre rezervarea zborurilor din Basel către Sibiu

Principala companie aeriană care operează zborul Basel - Sibiu

Notele conform evaluărilor din partea clienților KAYAK
LufthansaScor general bazat pe 29558 evaluări
Evaluările companiei aeriene

The airplane came a little late from other destination and boarding took long time.

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The airplane came a little late from other destination and boarding took long time.

I missed the connection because the other flight was 1 hour late I had to take the train

flight crew were excellent. Check in desk lady was rude Flight had no movies available due to software malfunction

It was canceled.

Boarding in Munich is so did organized.

Tiny airports are great.

The lost my luggage for the second!! Our flights had delays that caused us a very stressful layover to catch our connecting flight, I still have not received any updates on my first luggage that was lost 11 days ago. And yesterday my second luggage wasn’t loaded on time . I have to stay in a hotel with literally NOTHING till they find my luggage. Your customer service was NOT helpful at all and it’s gotten worse over the years .

The crew was very helpful on the plane.

Contra: "I like they give you a hot towels before meal to wipe your hands. Very friendly crew service was great❤️❤️"
Pro: "Delayed bad"
Contra: "Keep time scheduled"
Pro: "Entertainment and food was good. Pilot kept good communication with passengers. Some of the inflight crew were nice and willing to help"
Contra: "Some flight attendants should show more willingness to assist and help passengers. Boarding was a bit messy plus they changed boarding gate last minute. Flight was delayed almost one hr"
Pro: "Yes, everything was great"
Pro: "It was very comfortable and service was great and good food and drink"
Pro: "Nice crew comfortable seats selection of drinks were good"
Contra: "Better blankets too cold on the plane"
Pro: "The crew was pleasant and the entertainment was great. I had a wonderful experience."
Contra: "Perhaps meals. Maybe more options."
Contra: "I arranged assistance but nobody showed up."
Pro: "The crew was very friendly, and overly willing to help."
Contra: "The crew called ahead to warn our connections of our delay. Unfortunately, Lufthansa doesn't care about honoring their duty to paying customers."
Pro: "Crew and food."
Contra: "Entertainment was ok."
Pro: "Arrived/departed on time and didn’t lose luggage"
Contra: "Paid extra for reserved seat that was free a few years ago—a very uncomfortably cramped seat."
Pro: "Everything went well. No delays, lines or uncertainty. Great job!"
Contra: "I was rebooked onto LU 1203 from Basel to Frankfurt from LU 1201 without notification. Probably because Flight LU 426"
Pro: "Used an Airbus 320 this flight, which is larger than the Bombardier and much better overhead storage. Flight is approximately 20 minutes and does not have any service such as food or entertainment."
Contra: "Flight left 10 minutes late. Making next connection is stressful since Frankfort airport is large and they do not schedule enough time. Security lines very long over 25 minutes."
Pro: "Only an hour and a half but perfect service and even a nice meal. Because of the delay there were a lot of questions to the crew but they managed to keep travelers calm and happy."
Contra: "Flight was delayed but that had nothing to with the crew and the service."
Pro: "Food service everything"
Contra: "Everything was just perfect"
Contra: "Need AC outlets and TVs"
Pro: "Crew"
Contra: "Packed flight. LH seats are narrow and the front porch is not extensible enough. Hard to place books and newspapers. Film selection so so."
Contra: "Taking connecting flight is an ordeal. Flights leaving from Frankfurt to Pune had to be through an escalator and by bus to climbing airplane stairs. Very tedious and tiring. Also the seats in economy class in Private Air plane recline too much. It was hard to get out of seat if the front seat is recliner."
Pro: "One of the crew members was very nice. She made an effort and acknowledged my kids. The rest of the crew wasn't friendly."
Contra: "We were literally the last ones to get food. My child didn't actually get a meal. The only option left was fish, we do not eat fish. Our bag didn't make it. We were assured it will be delivered same day. It wasn't. It was Christmas and we had to drive to another airport to get it otherwise we would have been left without the luggage for the entire holidays, our gifts were in it. We had to spent time away from our family and drive 2plus hours to get the bag."
Pro: "Munich airport is very well organized."
Contra: "Our original flight, one day earlier, was canceled 10 minutes before boarding."
Pro: "For airline food it was very good. Lots of offers for water & drinks."
Pro: "I was rebooked on another flight earlier."
Contra: "Nobody bother to call me or email me. No Lufthansa or kayak . I called Lufthansa and have them rebooked my flight. And they were wonderful."
Pro: "The crew was attentive and everything went smoothly. I was able to change my seat."
Pro: "Food was great. Good movies. Friendly staff!"
Contra: "The television screens were very old and discolored."
Contra: "No entertainment during the whole flight at all."
Pro: "Ample leg room and comfortable seats."
Contra: "No complaints"
Contra: "Having to pay to sit together."
Contra: "The monitor at my seat wouldn't load and when rebooted displayed only 9 movie choices and very limited audio book selections."
Pro: "Everything was pretty good. Except for the seats."
Contra: "On the long haul flight the seats started to hurt after a few hours. The seats on the short haul flight felt more comfortable."
Contra: "It was my bad luck to be near two children whose parents would not keep them quiet and who played games on their screen for nine hours straight, shrieking the entire time. Nor did any of the stewards help or say boo to the parents."
Pro: "More leg room than United. Good food."
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "Luftansa gives up and goes out of business."
Pro: "Twenty minutes early on arrival"
Contra: "Not necessarily a problem for others but very back of plane left no room to recline."
Pro: "the polite smiling faces made the trip good. A truly exceptional crew. Always patient and always smiling. Offered their services enthusiastically as if they really cared about me. Bravo!!!"
Contra: "Sat on Tarmac too long prior to take off"
Pro: "The food and the entertainment were excellent, staff also worked very well, and the airplane appeared well cleaned and maintained"
Contra: "The economy seats are too close to each other to be comfortable for extended periods of time (back to front ways - side space is reasonable)."
Pro: "Very attentive flight attendants -- esp. liked the frequent offerings of juice and water; wine with meal was also appreciated. I will fly Lufthansa again!"
Contra: "For evening flight from DC to Frankfurt, I would have liked meal served a bit earlier so that we could have longer opportunity to nap before arrival."
Pro: "Attentive staff. Plentiful food and beverage options. Headphones provided for individual monitor. Movies and more. Blanket and pillow provided. USB port for charging."
Contra: "thet lost my bag. two days later still not reunited. pasta dinner was horribly pasty"
Pro: "My flight from Dubrovnik to Munich was pleasant. The chairs were comfortable, I had plenty of room, the snacks were fine, the staff was friendly."
Contra: "Online check in was difficult."

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