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26 sept — 3 oct1
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Zbor din Bucureşti către Internațional San Francisco
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Qatar AirwaysScor general bazat pe 11875 evaluări
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Ground Staff in SFO were rude

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Ground Staff in SFO were rude

The staff was always courteous. Food options were really good as well as the snacks. They were generous with their beverages as well. Flights were mostly on time.

Nothing you guys book me the wrong flight and I have to run around until I find my right plane

I liked the food and services

Horrible food

Very helpful and fast serving crew . Can improve on seating space

Checkin was greuling slow and an excruciating experience at the Indira Gandhi international airport. There were only 4 windows open to check in 300 passengers. It took me 50 mins to get to the window. I was there 3+ hours before departure time upon arrival from my domestic flight that arrived on Terminal 2. Security took another hour and no one from the flight ground staff came looking for me to expedite my security unlike the KLM staff. KLM staff was looking for their passengers in the security and immigration area for a good half hour. Also, I tried multiple times the day of my flight to WEB CHECKIN. the Qatar website and APP didn't let me do that either. I nearly missed my flight and was the last one to board!!!! I hope the airlines adapts to handle larger volume of passengers given the type of Airport rules and regulations. For example, IGA at New Delhi haa an additional Immigration step before security that's added an additional 45 min to my time to board the plane. Thank you and I hope a real human actually reads this survey response and it doesn't end up being processed by a computer bot that lacks human compassion and emotional IQ.

Good food,helpful staffs .

Spacious seating was great! Food could have been better!

Personalul foarte amabil si prietenos însă foarte frig in cabine in special pentru un zbor de noapte. Venind dintr-o tara unde minima este de 24 de grade sa stai timp de 5 ore la o temperatura de maxim 16-17 grade si in curent nu a fost prea plăcut.

Great flight!

The boarding procedure was ABYSMAL. It is infuriating to be asked to "social distance" and wear masks when the airline is unable to conduct boarding in an organized and efficient way. The crew was totally incompetent in informing waiting passengers. No microphones. No digital display of boarding order. No staff assistance. Waiting for WAY too long with no explanation. It was perfectly awful. Food was eatable but completely tasteless. Not nearly enough liquid distribution.

Clean the toilet more often.


Pro: "i was told i miss my flight by 5 min and and they told me they wil book mw next flight and gave me a phone number when i called the ph9ne number i was given they asked ms 1400$ more and that was for a week latter flight when i asked for atleast refund or flight cridet they dniede me and wasnt even want talk to me."
Contra: "make it right by giving me my flight cdidet oroney back aince i was dnied."
Pro: "Amazing crew, super hospitality, conformable sit"
Contra: "non for now, may later after much observations, other than that.. it was a great experience flying with Qatar airways.."
Contra: "Terrible service"
Pro: "Everything is excellent"
Contra: "All is well"
Pro: "All is well"
Contra: "Everything is excellent"
Pro: "The flight crew/staff were professional and very helpful and accommodating to the passengers from check in to deboarding."
Contra: "Seats were a little close, especially for a long flight, with meals."
Contra: "Too hot in the plane - was far too hot. too late the drink...after I eaten."
Pro: "Crew was good"
Contra: "Tvs don’t work. Uncomfortable seats"
Pro: "Yes"
Pro: "Nice crew, 1 hr free WiFi"
Contra: "Significant delay on jetway, temps uncomfortable,"
Pro: "Yes"
Pro: "Very poor Service on a 16 hour flight"
Pro: "Excellent Service and most friendly staff"
Contra: "Nothing was bad. But the food taste can be better"
Contra: "Crew members are waking up for lunch and breakfast but not for snacks and other beverages. We are feeling hungry later. we aren't knowing when they ll provide."
Pro: "Crew was not mean"
Contra: "The seats were very uncomfortable, entertainment screen had poor picture quality, eggs were black, stank + inedible, long bathroom lines , a child screamed most of the flight, no internet, couldn’t change phone, checked bags damaged - handles ripped off!!!"
Pro: "The leg room was huge, the food was excellent and a lot and the customer service was great not my first time to fly with Qatar and it won’t be my last, the made my trip worthwhile. Thank you"
Contra: "No complaints so far so good"
Pro: "Customer service and food."
Pro: "Service was fantastic as usual for me however it seems women are not treated equally service wise as wife on all 4 legs did not get all the things i was afforded. Lighting, pajamas, bed mattress, meal choice queries etc"
Contra: "The need to pull out boarding passes multiple times-like 6 times- and having to be screened Twice. To even buy some mouthwash i had to show boarding passes. Ridiculous"
Pro: "On time, fairly good food, good entertainment system."
Contra: "Very cramped seating when the flight is full. We're told to stretch our legs, but there is no place to walk or even stand."
Pro: "Nice touches like the giddy bag of toiletries and air freshener in the bathroom. I appreciated the multiple food offers"
Contra: "I would like more healthy food sides likes vegetables. There were a lot of carbs"
Pro: "A 350 was a very quiet plane, hardly any engine noise. Service was good."
Contra: "Seats were a bit hard."
Pro: "crew was excellent, very attentive"
Contra: "food - i am not a fussy eater but it's as if qatar tries do please too many tastes and does not suceed at any. why not have middle eastern food choices too? but then i guess you can't argue with the price"
Contra: "The TSA agents broke my phone and tried to hide it in a secured package with another of my electronics. I questioned why 1/3 phones were in secured and the others were not. I was told to not open the bag until I reached my destination. Lucky I opened it after I cleared security to find that the face of the phone had been shattered with glass shards sticking out, I bought this to the crews' attention and was told to send an email to a random email for the airlines and that the incident would be investigated later. So basically I was given the brush off. Worst experience I have had while flying."
Pro: "Boarding"
Contra: "Overall excellent"
Contra: "Stupid and unbelievable rules"
Contra: "Boarding at JFK very disorganized. Poor system. No vetting of wheel chair users many fakers."
Pro: "I was surprised with the quality of gluten free meals served for me, it was well organised and taken care of where I never had to wait. My flight schedules were changed few days before departure by Qatar Airways, but only thing I had to do was to confirm that I have noted, my seats and all the rest of details intact, excellent."
Pro: "Great amenities and service - fed often throughout trip and great console with games, movies, etc."
Contra: "The neck rest was a bit tall and deep for a shorter person with a smaller neck - it caused me some discomfort while trying to rest."
Pro: "I liked how kind and attentive the staff were."
Contra: "The connection in Doha was a pain...one has to one end of the airport to the other...go through security and then come ALL THE WAY BACK! UGH!"
Pro: "Not much except the on board crew are nice."
Contra: "The first flight from KTM the TV didn't work and I didn't fit into the seat. The most uncomfortable seat in a long time. The second flight from Doh to JFK was not good. I was put through 3 security checks when I already went through security in KTM. On the 3rd check my Dutyfree whiskey was taken from me because they would not let me take it in my carry on. They said I could take it if I checked my carry on bag (one backpack). My carry on has everything I need for a 16 hour flight. Plus, I had my very expensive camera gear in there too so I could not do this. This was unfair and Qatar needs to step up and return my Dutyfree whiskey and reimburse for the flight without TV. I will never suggest Qatar to anyone."
Pro: "just enough time in Doha between flights. Not too long not too short!"
Contra: "Asian vegetarian food can be of better quality."
Pro: "Craft"
Contra: "Food and behaviour of hostess serving in our line I.e. Seat 34 b & 34c"
Pro: "Good spacing. comfy seats."
Contra: "Staff were just not aware of clients needs. walked passed without even glancing to see raised hands, etc"
Pro: "2 bag checks allowed and being giv n th option to check in an additional carry on at no charge."
Contra: "Boarding was hodge-podge. Seats are way too close together for a long haul...person's tray in front of me was in my face the entire trip and she didn't bother inclining throughout so had to eat my meals like a contortionist. Cramming more seats into a finite space seems to be what all airlines are doing these days. This of us whom are above average in height are forced to insure a more painful and uncomfortable flight as a result."
Pro: "Qatar airways 3 hrs short flight was spectacular at all levels"
Contra: "The seat cussion on the airplane is to hard for a 5+ hours flight. Not enough food for vegans"
Pro: "Yes"
Contra: "Everything was great."
Pro: "Very professional !"
Contra: "The first coffee given at the beginning of the journey,was very good,(which is in general unusual during the flights), but the one given at the end of the trip was bad."
Pro: "comfortable"
Contra: "some food was frozen when served (salad and cheese). Coffee wasn't that great either."
Pro: "The service and food are always fantastic. The staff really goes out of their way to make you feel welcomed and comfortable. The ticket price was fantastic too!"
Pro: "Crew was nice, seats were comfortable"
Contra: "I enjoyed the flight"
Contra: "Food had only beef options"
Contra: "- Boarding took too much time because the airline called all passengers to board, instead of asking to board by their seat zone. - The space between seat is too narrow so I couldn't stretch my legs. - The seats are very old and little bit dirty - The seats were not properly cleaned."
Contra: "On time"
Contra: "Leg room Food choices"
Contra: "Horrible service I will never go with this airline The attendants never came to us when we needed them this is my second time The attendants don’t care and don’t even love k at you"
Contra: "I nearly missed my connecting flight because of how poorly organized Ataturk airport is. Disembarking was extremely time consuming; there were few signs instructing connecting passengers where to go; and the employees of the airport were extremely unhelpful and gave conflicting information. I made my flight with only minutes to spare after going through two security and passport checkpoints and sprinting an entire wing of the airport. I will never fly through Ataturk (or anywhere in Turkey) again."
Pro: "For once, on time departure. Quick boarding. Courteous service."
Contra: "Cabin a little too cold for passengers around me."
Pro: "Every thing"
Contra: "Every thing was nice"
Contra: "Staff seemed to not care about passengers. Could partially be a language/cultural barrier, but i have consistently noticed staff just want to push through their tasks. Actual service is not a priority it seems. Another issue, often times they run out of food."
Pro: "Crew was very nice and the seats are comfortable"
Contra: "The kosher food was bad"
Pro: "The flight crew was excellent. Very attentive, even in coach. Amenities were good. The food was adequate to good."
Contra: "The seats were a bit hard. Still, the legroom wasn't any worse than a domestic flight."
Pro: "Always excellent"
Pro: "The entertainment, the food, the free wine."
Contra: "The small space of the economy seating area. It was very crowded and the staff wasn’t too keen on taking plates from passengers after they’ve eaten so often we were stuck with our trays and couldn’t get up or move. Boarding was a pain from Istanbul. The security check was chaotic and I wish they had a more sanitary way of checking everyone’s bags instead of using the same pair of gloves to search every passenger’s bag and do a body check."
Pro: "My kids, wife and I loved flying to Turkish Airlines. Always on time, tasty and nutritious food, wonderful staff who help you with smile on their faces. Sure, we'll fly Turkish Airlines from now on."
Contra: "Nothing at all."
Pro: "The food was SUPER DELICIOUS! The seats were comfortable, the movie selection is great, and the staff's care and commitment to customer happiness is unmatched!"
Contra: "Not enough bathrooms. Very long lines to go to the bathroom."
Contra: "No, disappointments:)"
Pro: "Food was fine"
Contra: "delay time and Istanbul airport"
Pro: "The best airline to Europe! Period! Boing in the new 777 and has very comfortable seats with plenty of room for your feet even in economy class. Huge number of movies and TV shows. The food is excellent. Only missing part is to have some candies or chocolates for the 13 hour trip for San Francisco to Istanbul. You can not beat their price. Crew is very friendly and helpful at the same time. Slippers and socks they give you in economy class + cotton blanket of course make you feel you are 1st class traveler. What else? You name it and it is there. Will fly again with Turkish airlines."
Pro: "Fantastic onboard entertainment. Lots of current movies and tv shows to watch. Music was available, too. Even a camera under the plane to see what you’re flying over...usually clouds. USB charging, big screens in the headrests, games, remote control with keyboard and game controller, network cable for laptops without Wi-Fi even. The had pillows and blankets on every seat when we arrived and handed out hot towels before the first meal. They also provided a kit with eye mask, toothbrush, cologne, and slippers. Far better than we expected."
Contra: "We were subjected to at least five security checks after our transfer in Istanbul. At the gate they checked our passports and boarding passes five times before boarding, every carry on bag was searched and every person was patted down. We even watched while one man held up his baby for a guard to pat the baby down! This was all after the security we’d received to get to our gate. So, if you left the gate to use the bathroom, you had to go through all the checks again."
Pro: "Food is great. Flight attendants were very helpful. Entertainment options are great. Comfy seats. Short flight."
Contra: "Istanbul airport is crowded. Looking forward to the new airport."
Pro: "Everything was perfect. I enjoyed my flight specially delicious food. I will definitely fly again by Turkish Airlines. I also recommend to other travelers."
Contra: "The flight arrived a little late. It was not on time."
Pro: "Great seating & service"
Contra: "Non stop talking people behind me!!!!"
Pro: "service was excellent!"
Contra: "food wasn't enough or good"
Pro: "Good food and courteous service."
Contra: "I was crowded in amongst a family who decided to camp in my row of 3 seats. (Literally, on the floor.) I could not move because I needed the bulkhead and aisle seat to stretch my legs. I am a Diabetic and needed it for circulation. I did not say anything but, the stewardess should have made one of the people go back to their seat as he was wedged near the window and sitting on the floor. It made my 13.25 hours trip very uncomfortable. They had a child with them so, I didn't wish to complain while on board."
Pro: "entertainment selection"
Contra: "entertainment console was a bit clunky and old flight left 2 hrs later than scheduled."
Pro: "food"
Contra: "leaving late"
Pro: "We liked how easy it was for English speakers - English announcements, English-speaking attendants, good signage at airports."
Contra: "Our luggage did not transfer in Istanbul (1 hour layover) and didn't arrive in Warsaw for nearly 48 hours (actually 45 hours)."
Pro: "Excellent price, customer service & we enjoyed it. Thank you."
Contra: "Nothing"
Pro: "This was my first flight with Turskis Airlines and my best experience with flying to Europe. The food was excellent; we had two hot delicious meals (best airplane food I ever had). The crew was the best - professional yet friendly. TA airfares are cheaper than other airlines so I could spend one day in Istanbul. That alone is worth it!"
Contra: "Flight was cancelled and I was rebooked 24hrs later! Not okay!"
Pro: "The seats had a decent amount of leg room."
Contra: "Stuck in Istanbul airport for three days because of snow. The way the airline handled it was APPALLING. Second night stood in line for a hotel for over four hours only to find out at 3am that there weren't any more. And none of that captures the insanity of being sent to a transfer desk with no way out except buying a Turkish visa and going through immigration. Inexcusable. I have traveled to over 40 countries in the past 30+ years and this was beyond the pale, absolutely a nightmare, and almost all of it (excepting the actual snow delay) in the airline's control. NEVER FLY THIS AIRLINE THROUGH ISTANBUL."
Pro: "The in-flight entertainment was above average. The in-flight crew was fine, although not particularly gracious or kind."
Contra: "The on-ground customer service in Istanbul was the worst experience I have ever had with humans in my whole life. They were unhelpful, rude, blatantly ignored people, dismissive, walked away from customers when they didn't want to deal with them, did not do anything to keep order when people were cutting in line after people were waiting for 4+ hours. I will avoid flying Turkish Airlines as best I can."
Pro: "Amazing service and comfortable environment. The really take care of you"
Contra: "Boarding Process could be a little streamlined. Guess we are used to the regulated process"
Contra: "First the flight was delayed 2 hours and then we sat on the plane for 7 hours before take-off, while the crew took care of several issues. Ridiculous. Should have made us wait at the airport gate so we could have eaten proper food and had wifi."
Contra: "Too many seats. Very uncomfortable on a long trip."
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "Everything from good to entertainment"
Pro: "Food and the service"
Contra: "Ground crew, misleading information"
Pro: "Great service. On time. Friendly personnel."
Pro: "Friendly, polite and very helpful staff. Clean aircraft.on time best customer service."
Contra: "Nothing negative. Keep up good work!"
Pro: "The food and the boarding was fast."
Contra: "Everything was great."
Pro: "It was nice to receive a meal on such a short flight."
Contra: "Did not update food preferences after the flight was changed due to cancellation by Turkish airlines"
Contra: "YOU destroy the traveler Luggage at this trip and there is some items missing . Thank you"
Pro: "Same as above"
Contra: "Same as above"
Pro: "Delayed"
Pro: "Crew was very friendly and took good care of the passengers"
Contra: "Terrible delays"
Contra: "The Entertainment display didn't work."
Contra: "We weren't alerted there was a chance of delays. Over two hours late."
Contra: "Better food offerings"
Pro: "No food, late by hour"
Pro: "Very nice crew, precisely respects the flight schedule"
Contra: "none"
Pro: "Overall the flight was very comfortable."
Contra: "none"
Pro: "Excellent crew and clean aircraft"
Contra: "Sat on tarmac for 20 mins because we were early..."
Pro: "The crew was communicative and courteous."
Contra: "There was a flight delay in LAX due to a maintenance issue. The captain and crew informed us before we boarded the plane which was excellent. However, they could not figure out what was wrong with the planed and delayed the boarding for another 3 hours, putting our 1900 departure time to 2100."
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "I came from a long trip from France, the seat I was assigned was not reclinable, close to the restroom. I was totally exhausted from the previous flight, not able to sleep at all and when I tried to stretch my legs by sitting sidewards on the aisle a crew member keep bothering me to keep my legs out"
Pro: "Very comfortable, no complaints."
Pro: "Nice new seats"
Contra: "Was too warm inside the plane. Boarding address was mobbed and not very well managed"
Pro: "Yes"
Contra: "Took off late. Other than that very comfortable and great experience"
Pro: "It is a busy travel day and this flight was unbelievably smooth. The entire crew was competent and friendly."
Pro: "Overall service was great."
Contra: "Flight was delayed 5 hours."
Pro: "Having three seats."
Contra: "I had three seats to myself! After getting elbowed all the way from Amsterdam to Minneapolis, I was tired and I slept three good hours."
Pro: "Better than average entertainment system for domestic flights."
Contra: "Boarding done against logic: my seat was in the last 5 rows of the cabin and I was scheduled to board in the final group. When I got to my seat the first 30 rows were nearly fully, but the back of the plane was half empty. The whole time the gate agent was urging passengers to move faster through the aisle, but Delta should really rethink its boarding strategy. It shouldn't take 40 minutes to board a 757."
Pro: "Transfer f from first flight leg"
Contra: "Food and the 757 lay out"
Pro: "Great service"
Contra: "Look, if your kid is so young that he can’t get in a plane without screaming for four hours, you shouldn’t bring him on a plane and subject 200 people to that. It’s rude and selfish."
Contra: "Sat on the runway for over an hour to get the gate. Unacceptable."
Pro: "Friendly staff"
Contra: "Napkins stuffed in the overhead to fix presumably the rattles."
Pro: "The flight was very good, no complaints, good service and we flew on schedule"
Contra: "We were split into two boarding groups, one for priority and one for everyone else. This was good but the priority line was just a bit too far away for the announcements to be heard. This added a little bit of confusion. This was at gate B36 at JFK Airport's Terminal 4."
Pro: "Didnt expect dinner but was served"
Contra: "Delayed flight, offset entertainment, touch screen un responsive"
Pro: "Everything went smoothly - very happy"
Pro: "crew kept a great attitude throughout"
Contra: "Having to find my boarding pass to deplane"
Pro: "Crew were very friendly specially with my 6yrs old daughter"
Contra: "late leaving, arriving and taxing."
Pro: "They were comprehensive and tried to move fast"
Contra: "Delayed flight because they didn’t had the crew ready"
Pro: "Boarding was fine. And service was good."
Contra: "TV controls didn’t work. So I couldn’t watch anything for the 4+ hour flight."
Contra: "See above"
Pro: "The movie selection is very good"
Contra: "Both boarding the flight and getting off the flight were severely delayed. The flight attendants also seemed to ignore half the plane when handing out drinks and when picking up trash. I had to flag someone down after they had simply walked past my row both times."
Contra: "Got in early"
Contra: "Flight was delayed by 2 hrs. Annoying!"
Pro: "What an easy flight. Run very well!"
Contra: "The crew seemed a bit tired, but it’s the season"
Pro: "Being on time."
Pro: "We were not happy with our flight my flight got cancelled 3 times I miss work they need to reimburse us and also reimburses the hotel cuz we had to stay at a hotel because they cancelled our flight three times and then our flight that we went out on Monday was late because of a flight attendant arriving late to the hotel to the airport"
Pro: "The temp"
Contra: "It was too hot."
Pro: "It got me to SFO earlyish"
Contra: "Was told to go away and wait for name to appear on screen for seat assignment. Was seated apart from travel companion. Got to sit next to folks with questionable hygiene, seat broken. Seatbelt broken. Stuck in back of plane window seat and was supposed to be “happy”. I was brilliantly ignored by crew. Seat back entertainment broken snd flight crew never answered the call button. Got to watch bag handlers throw and drop luggage like true gorillas. Delta, this time you truely are the worst. Wont book you again."
Contra: "Delayed for an hour and fifteen minutes"
Pro: "The crew on Delta create a welcome atmosphere every time I have flown with them."
Pro: "The entertainment options and noticing the little touches that Delta is making to improve the brand and experience."
Contra: "Seems like there are legacy "attitude" issues with the crew. I sat on the aisle yesterday, and SEVERAL times I was bumped, quite rudely, by passing crew. In one instance, as they passed to pick up trash, they took two of my three items. They started walking on, and I tapped them as they passed to pick up the third. She brusquely turned and said: don't touch me to get my attention. No please; quite rude, and unnecessary."
Contra: "Horrible wait if nearly 30 minutes after landing"
Pro: "The boarding was efficient"
Contra: "Three hour departure delay. No explanation given. No apology."
Contra: "Flight was delayed for very 4 hrs sat in plane for 2.5 of those. Flight was delayed dye to strike in Barcelona. But replacement plane had fueling problems delaying the flight another 2 hours"
Contra: "Zero communication to the passengers as to why we were delayed for almost an hour sitting on the plane"
Pro: "Crew was polite"
Contra: "Rocky takeoff"

Flight left Berlin with ca. 20 min delay, but arrived to Vienna in time

Enjoyed the Flight.

Pentru mine totul a funcționat bine… chiar foarte bine

Contra: "Mi s-au pierdut bagajele !"
Pro: "Just in time take of and landing, staff friendliness"
Contra: "Snack"
Pro: "One crew member in the OTP-VIE flight that was great in service ."
Contra: "The delaying of both flights . The crew service on the VIE-NICE flight was awful ."
Contra: "Flight was delayed more 1:15 and it is a 35 min flight. If this happens so late in the night is even worse."
Pro: "crew was great ,seats was better than good"
Contra: "nothing"
Pro: "Perfect timing between flights."
Contra: "A small sandwich would have been nice:)"
Pro: "thebflight wqs smooth and on time"
Contra: "snack they gave something sweet at 07:00 AM"
Pro: "Flight time was quite good"
Contra: "There was a 45 min departure delay and no announcements to us while waiting in the plane about it"
Pro: "New dream-liner from Wew to ORD"
Contra: "I ordered Kosher food but they didn't have me on the kosher food list - I ended up not eating!"
Pro: "I had to pay 75 USD for 3.6 KG extra. Very annal"
Pro: "Everything"
Contra: "Everything"
Pro: "Seat size was decent, not like us airlines, there’s actually space for you knees."
Pro: "Nothing!"
Contra: "Austrian Airlines cancelled my flight with no notice, technical difficulties. Woke up before 5 am and went to the airport to find out, then waited in line for two hours to get re-booked on a flight the next day. Really poorly done. No compensation. Would not recommend Austrian Airlines, ever. -Mark Cox"
Pro: "Plane, pilots and the leader of the crew"
Contra: "The flight attendant in the back needs to be more educated"
Pro: "On future flights to Europe, I always will choose Austrian Air. Very courteous service. Thanks!"
Pro: "The stewardess is very polite and accommodating n"
Contra: "Nothing"
Pro: "Crew"
Contra: "Space between seats"
Contra: "May bags didn't make the transfer and were sent on to me the following day."
Contra: "I wanted to buy an checked-in luggage, but Austrian site did not worked properly, repeatedly gave an error message. I ended up buying it at the counter desk, in the airport, at a much higher price."
Pro: "Wonderful flight attendant. (I think his name was Stephen?)"
Contra: "Plane took off and landed late.. Few amenities near the gate. Odd procedure to have everyone go through security into waiting area."
Contra: "Designs of Business Class seatings need some improvement. It seemed there was waste of useful space. Therefore, the area for Business Class seating was big but there were not enough space for everything."
Pro: "The plane took off as scheduled and arrived promptly. Flight attendents are polite, pleasant and helpful."
Contra: "."
Pro: "The crew was very professional and kind and evetything was on time. The food is tasty."
Contra: "No entertainment at all."
Pro: "The direct flight' and the comfortable seat"
Pro: "Flight delayed"
Pro: "Boarding was easy, on time"
Contra: "Crew's attitude for any request was snobby and harsh"
Pro: "Good place for the legs"
Contra: "Food"
Pro: "First time traveling with 10-month old son. Satisfaction on my side! Staff was friendly and willingful."
Contra: "LOST BAGGAGE !!!!!!!"
Contra: "We left from Vienna , two hours late. This kind of problem supposed to be fix it , before.i like to fly with Austrian Airlines, isn't the first time, but now for me , to so long was a big problem"
Contra: "We flew from TLV to Skopje via Vienna. None of the flight were on time and there was zero communication about the flight status. We arrived to the gate to start the boarding and they just told us wait here for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes we were asked to wait another 20 minutes. Only when we missed the take off time by 10 minutes they bothered to update us and inform us that the flight is being delayed in 2 hours."
Pro: "the stewardess gave me coffee even if she already passed by me (because I was sleeping) I appreciated that :)"
Pro: "Whole process of checking in, security, and boarding was very easy."
Pro: "Great grew, great flight. Thank you!"
Pro: "just excellent!!!"
Pro: "Food, entertainment."
Contra: "Aircraft was older 777 and lavatories weren't very clean. Upon landing in Vienna, my mobility walker (tagged to be brought up to me at jetway) was sent to my connecting flight to Sophia. The flight crew refused to intercept it and have it brought up to me at the aircraft. To make matters much, much worse, the flight crew eventually gave up and left, leaving me LOCKED inside the jetway for over 30 minutes after calling for a wheelchair. The replentishment crew refused to let me out of the locked jetway. Only after the wheelchair arrived was I let out of the locked jetway. I was taken to the Austrian Airlines service center where I lodged a formal complaint. Supervisor/Rene refused to upgrade my seat in any fashion to compensate for my distress. He did, however, arrange for me to given access to the VIP lounge and then taken to my VIE-SOF gate. Had I had a shorter layover, I would have missed my connecting flight."
Pro: "Good movie selection on flight"
Contra: "Got bumped from the seat I reserved after boarding without explanation and when I explained I was traveling with a group was simply told that's too bad. Their customer service is awful and had already submitted a complaint for a return flight which was never followed up on."
Pro: "No unnecessary waiting. Excellent service!!!"
Pro: "The plane itself was ok, the food also was ok."
Contra: "As usual, boarding in Miami airport is awful which is not exactly coming from austrian airlines, but they also took part in the unpleasant experience. The announcements were badly articulated, the boarding time was delayed and so on. Onboard, part of the crew completely refused to speak english."
Pro: "Their first class looked very comfy"
Pro: "In-flight magazine was interesting."
Contra: "Flight was delayed 35 minutes. I made my connection. But heard one woman say she and her husband would miss hers."
Pro: "Salzburg airport connection first leg flight"
Pro: "Flight was cancelled. Had to wait in the airport with kids."
Contra: "It was advertised as Austrian Airlines but when the details came through afterwards only then did it state that it was a United Airlines flight. So, I can't rate this flight because it had nothing to do with Austrian Airlines. You need to update your site so that it clearly states "Operated by..." when people are booking."
Pro: "best blanket any business class."
Pro: "The crew"
Contra: "The lack of space. It was a good thing it was a short flight"
Contra: "Flight delayed"
Pro: "Seat comfort."
Contra: "Food selection."
Pro: "Food and crew were good"
Contra: "The seats recline back so far that it really intrudes into the space of the person behind you. At one point the guy in front of me reclined back so far and fast it slammed my eReader and spilled my coffee. Also the touch screen media app does not work well on Lufthansa."
Pro: "Upgraded to business class for a reasonable fee."
Pro: "Literally one of the worst check in experiences I have ever had traveling"
Contra: "The person checking me in could have given me a few minutes to help me understand the flight delay"
Pro: "Cabin crew's service was excellent! Very attentive and friendly. Special diet (gluten-free) dinner was delicious. Lavatories located downstairs."
Contra: "Economy seating was too tight. Not enough space or leg room."
Contra: "Sittinf in the middle"
Pro: "Comfortable seats, good selections of movies for entertainment. Polite flight attendants. Overall a relaxing trip."
Contra: "Weak selection of TV shows for entertainment, but movies selections were very good so overall not a real problem."
Pro: "Flight crew was amazing, as well as the first meal....restaurant quality."
Pro: "They were great with service"
Contra: "Having to have to close my window shade so I couldn't see outside"
Contra: "The TV sound didn’t work too well. Excellent staff Ms Maria Was very gracious."
Pro: "Gate, boarding and smooth sailing on A380 bus by the pilots"
Pro: "Excellent crew. Great entertainment options."
Pro: "Crew very nice and carefull"
Contra: "My luggage was destroied ;-("
Pro: "Upstairs deck for economy is a small space but is relatively quiet. Boarding was relatively quick through electronic gates where you scan your boarding card. Flight attendant was very personable. She was checking some passenger names as some seemed to have switched seats and remembered mine for the rest of the flight. Something you usually get in business class but a first for me in economy. They also came around several times during the flight with water/juice, and snacks. Entertainment was ok. A mixture of newer movies available."
Contra: "Like all economy seating not much space especially when the person in front reclines their seat. This makes getting in and out of the seat a little difficult. Food a bit limited. 2 main meals for this flight (lunch/dinner) - chicken or pasta for the first one and beef or pasta (again) for the pre-landing meal. Also the attendant didn’t know the translation of the pasta dish from German to English so that was a bit disappointing. One thing to note. I flew Hamburg to Frankfurt to connect to the San Francisco flight with a 1 hour layover. You need to go through passport control in FRA and then I hustled to get to the gate. They were boarding as I arrived but maybe 10 minutes later and I would have missed my flight. No issues with the airline just a cautionary note on the layover time. I would likely book an earlier connecting flight to give a bit more time."
Pro: "The flight attendants were so friendly and helpful. The food was good...didn't even have to pay for food or wine. On-board entertainment was excellent. I would fly Lufthansa any time!"
Contra: "Nothing."
Pro: "Comfort and space"
Contra: "Plane was scheduled to depart at 10:30 and didn't leave ground until 11:40, unacceptable."
Pro: "Lufthansa has it all together and knows how to fly. I recommend to everyone!"
Pro: "Food was pretty good,Lufthansa one of the best companies to fly with."
Contra: "delayed boarding then waited three hours after we boarded for deicing. The piolet and crew did not update us. Made the flight very long."
Pro: "All worked as expected"
Contra: "No remarks to make"
Pro: "Quiet comfortable flight"
Contra: "Unorganized biarding and no labeling on hallway what direction to take."
Contra: "Unable to make the flight due to connecting flight being cancelled."
Pro: "Flight attendants were great, friendly, courteous and responsive. The relaxation and mediation program was great! Boarding was fluent and easy."
Contra: "No matter what you try to order on the airplane is totally disgusting. If it's not overloaded with cheese and tomato sauce then it's overcompensated with spices (salt or chili). I will never understand why it is so hard to provide simple, fresh and enjoyable meals. Chairs in economy are rarely cleaned up and one can see on the cushions that they are worn out and have lost their padding making the seats very uncomfortable. There was no foot rest available (which is such a simple addition that helps a lot) and the "holder pocket" on the seat in front was a simple net completely useless. Tables were dirty suggesting they were never cleaned and disinfected. Knowing that the highest source of viruses are the tray tables and the pockets in front I would expect attention to be focused on those- it not only impacts the health of the traveler but more important that of the crew. Why is it so hard to think of this business two fold: make revenue but mostly be kind to humans."
Pro: "The positive attitude of the crew members. Even though flight long they continued to smile. Very smooth flying and plane on time. Free drinks including alcohol."
Contra: "Cramped conditions."
Pro: "Lufthansa flights are by far the best way to fly transatlantic!!"
Contra: "We were offered two hot meals, each time with the same 2 choices. That's not much to choose from..."
Contra: "The food was not enough, not taste. For 11 hours only two meals. I wanted to change my meal with another they refused"
Pro: "Everything else"
Contra: "Boarding was even more chaotic. No clear signs for premium economy."
Pro: "Food was very good, super nice crew. Good selection of movies. Boarding was great, we are seniors, we didn't ask for assistance beforehand, but the person at the gate called us over and had us board early. Much appreciated!"
Contra: "Seats were just too cramped. We chose seats and paid extra to do that, but the seating charts really didn't give a very good idea of what to expect or how to choose. Announcements were to difficult to understand. Also in the gate area, I couldn't understand names at all. Need to slow down and speak more clearly."
Contra: "11 hours of crying babies was too much. The practice of placing 4 cribs together on the bulkhead encouraged one baby to set the others off screaming. The toddler siblings then started fussing, the parents were then jumping up and down, jostling the other passengers, it was a nightmare! Hated every minute of it."
Pro: "I liked how organized the crews are. The flight attendants are driven by efficiency. Things were done quickly like serving drinks and water. Appreciated having the hand towel to wipe the hands before serving the meals."
Contra: "I fly economy class with United and Lufthansa when I travel from the US to Asia or Europe. Lufthansa seats feel narrower. I am only 1.62 meters in height. I felt there was not enough room for a 12+ hour flight (delayed by one hour). The small leg room began to take a toll after 6 hours of flight."
Pro: "Seat backs are flatter, which for me (a shorter woman) is much more comfortable than the more contoured seats on other airlines."
Contra: "Very dry sandwiches."
Contra: "This long haul flight was on an Airbus plane with five restrooms in the basement. There was not enough space to accommodate people waiting in the basement so people had to stand on stairs or by the galley. Flight attendants kept on telling people not to do so but there was simply not enough space."
Pro: "going home"
Contra: "support call line entertainment food connection time all sub standard in economy plus... will not use again."
Pro: "The price for a direct flight was reasonable"
Contra: "Wifi wasn't working and movie selection poor. No individual screens especially for a 10 hr flight. Staff were not that friendly either. Old plane and small seats. I would rather pay more for a more comfortable flight."
Contra: "I did not like the surprise of having to pay for a seat reservation, once I had purchased my tickets. This was costly and certainly unexpected."
Contra: "It was long terrible 24 hr journey with a pregnant wife"
Pro: "Clean, good pilots and quick"
Contra: "Food was bad"
Pro: "The whole flight was very comfortable"
Contra: "all the food relied on bell pepper for flavor. Bell pepper is highly overrated"
Pro: "Food was terrible"
Contra: "Toilets were not clean"
Pro: "The plane was incredible,the comfort,service,food was outstanding!I have been flying with many airlines over many years but this was amazing!!!Thank you,Lufthansa!"
Contra: "No complaints"
Pro: "Good flight, liked the extra leg room."
Contra: "While on board, the flight attendants forgot to give me food. They gave me drinks, but good until I asked another attendant. Bad service!!!"
Pro: "It was good because I was placed in EconomyPlus"
Contra: "Was not able to check-in on line and I could not book my seat - so I was just assigned seating. Fortunately it worked and I got the window seat on the shorter flights and an aisle seat for the longer flight."
Pro: "Constant food & drinks; large selection of movies, shows, music, games. Very courteous staff."
Pro: "Great entertainment options"
Contra: "Did they really have to collect headsets a full 30 minutes before we landed? I was right in the middle of a movie. Next time I'll just hide it."
Pro: "Crew members were very friendly and efficient."
Contra: "Seat felt very cramped, even more than usual . I could barely get in /out of my seat if the seat in front of me was reclined."
Pro: "The crew was excellent; professional and calm The movie selection was great The plane was quite new and comfortable"
Contra: "The boarding was chaotic for such a large plane; why don't they board by row numbers? My special meal was not very tasty"
Pro: "crew was great boarding was fine"
Contra: "Chicken dinner tasted awful Seat spacing (specially when front passenger reclines )very crowded"

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2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
18h 25mSFO-OTP
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2 EscaleUnited Airlines
22h 28mOTP-SFO
2 EscaleUnited Airlines
28h 15mSFO-OTP
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2 EscaleAustrian Airlines
33h 35mOTP-SFO
2 EscaleAustrian Airlines
19h 25mSFO-OTP
693 €
1 EscalăBritish Airways
34h 25mOTP-SFO
1 EscalăBritish Airways
21h 00mSFO-OTP
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2 EscaleUnited Airlines
27h 19mOTP-SFO
2 EscaleUnited Airlines
37h 35mSFO-OTP
696 €
2 EscaleBritish Airways
22h 34mOTP-SFO
1 EscalăBritish Airways
21h 00mSFO-OTP
701 €
2 EscaleAir Canada
41h 40mOTP-SFO
2 EscaleAir Canada
19h 25mSFO-OTP
731 €

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2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
31h 25mOTP-SFO
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2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
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373 €
1 EscalăMai multe companii aeriene
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21h 30mOTP-SFO
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501 €
60h 10mOTP-SFO
557 €
58h 45mOTP-SFO
568 €
1 EscalăQatar Airways
29h 40mOTP-SFO
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