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Principalele companii aeriene care operează zborul Iordania - Timișoara Internațional Timișoara - Traian Vuia

Notele conform evaluărilor din partea clienților KAYAK
LufthansaScor general bazat pe 29453 evaluări
Evaluările companiei aeriene

Great staff. Check-in was a nightmare.

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Great staff. Check-in was a nightmare.

Nothing and will never fly again with this airline

Nice crew

Friendly crew.

I have to we rerouted 3 times could not take the original plane

Please return all my money u just sucks

Contra: "I could put my seat down, the button wasn’t working.."
Contra: "Flight was 3 hours delayed due to technical problems. Then it was moved up 40 min without enough time to have someone get back for boarding. Barely made the flight."
Pro: "The crew was amazing."
Contra: "There seemed to be no leg room. The seat was very uncomfortable."
Pro: "Crew were good"
Contra: "Delayed departure resulting in missed connection. 2 hours in lineup and ‘service’ from Lufthansa. Rebooked through Zürich with overnight there - had to find own hotel as they said all the ones on their list were booked. Will not be using this airline for a long time ( they lost our luggage for 4 da"
Pro: "Lufthansa hands down is the best airline I have ever flown!"
Contra: "All went well!"
Pro: "I had a good seat with a large leg room area. The flight was really comfortable slept like a baby! The staff are really nice."
Contra: "Food was pretty terrible, however we got offered drinks more than once which was good. A better entertainment system or provide free WiFi"
Contra: "No proper wheel chair assistant and made passenger miss the flight. Airlines have to take extra steps to make wheel chair passengers to reach the gate safely and on time."
Pro: "I don’t like it I was 3 hours delayed"
Contra: "Cramped, old plane with no entertainment system."
Pro: "Arrival on time ."
Contra: "Changing birding multiple times."
Pro: "Clean and comfortable. Good and friendly service."
Contra: "Nothing not to like"
Pro: "OK"
Contra: "Nothing to note"
Pro: "The bathrooms were always clean. The staff curious and attentive, food was ok. Overall very goid"
Pro: "Lufthansa was great in helping me through this mess."
Contra: "I missed my connecting flight from Munich to Athens and had to purchase a new flight. Then, when I got back to Athens for my return flight to LAX I found it had been canceled and had to once again purchase a new flight to get home. Also, not happy that Kayak doesn’t have a customer service number to call."
Pro: ".Fast, professional and comfortable"
Contra: "Touch screenes on displays"
Contra: "Seats and space are just too small."
Pro: "Great hospitality"
Contra: "Delayed"
Pro: "Everything except boarding"
Contra: "Boarding process was incredibly disorganized"
Pro: "I enjoyed food and drinks"
Contra: "Very cold, I understand that is possible being in airplane a lot, my tv screen was not working and I asked a flight attended for help and was told, “we’ll fix it later.” 8 hours later the plane landed and did not get a chance to use the tv screen features. Should not have to ask again when i have been assured the problem will be handled by an attendant."
Pro: "The service was outstanding!"
Contra: "Someone stole my phone charger :("
Pro: "Everything"
Contra: "It was great experience with them"
Contra: "No bridge in Frankfurt - long taxi and then 15 minute bus ride to the terminal; had to go through security again; mad dash to catch connecting flight (which also had the 15 minute drive to the plane - again, no gate in the terminal! Shambles!"
Contra: "Food on flight Detroit - Frankfurt was terrible."
Pro: "The crews are excellent"
Contra: "Nothing"
Contra: "Charged $200 for extra bag after a phone customer service representative confirmed it was only $100 at the airport"
Pro: "The app made it so easy. It is like your personal assistant with you telling you about your trip. No delays no major issues. I also liked the seats."
Pro: "The food and service is always good. In flight entertainment and nice planes!"
Contra: "To board- it's just a long queue - any way to shorten line so we don't have to stand for so long?"
Contra: "The seats were uncomfortable."
Pro: "First time flying Lufthansa and I had a comfortable and enjoyable experience. The food was quite good and the selection and quality of entertainment was excellent. Best of all, there was plenty of legroom for a long international flight!"
Pro: "Movie choices"
Contra: "Crew was very very rude , special meals were not provided in spite of being confirmed many weeks before"
Contra: "Delays"
Pro: "Crew was friendly both in flight and check in area."
Contra: "My entertainment screen wasn't working at all from Washington DC to Munich! Also, I searched Lufthansa's website to order "Halal Food" but there was no option for it! I talked to one of the crew about it, she said that I needed to call to order in advance, but she was nice enough to offer vegetarian food as a substitute which was okay."
Pro: "We landed safely and weren't too delayed."
Contra: "Food has not been good."
Pro: "Ease of boarding. Plenty of luggage space. Friendly and courteous crew"
Contra: "Last snack of ham and cheese was aweful"
Pro: "Boarding was organized, flight was not profoundly oversold."
Contra: "Food was not appetizing."
Pro: "Crew was very nice."
Contra: "Little less order when boarding but it was okay. Poor quality food, processed food."
Pro: "Perfect flight..."
Pro: "nothing"
Contra: "for 4 hours flight the crew decided to give breakfast at the first hour instead of the last. everybody was asleep and in fact no body had breakfast. the boarding was late the aircraft was missing and cause additional delay... TERRIBLE"
Pro: "Flight Attendants were Excellent. Friendly, attentive, and caring! Thank You Very Much."
Contra: "Lufthansa changed our seats, splitting up my wife and I, after confirming they were together. Thank you to the Flight Attendant who reseated us together but "you know what" to the person that screwed up the seats in the first place. Also the on-line check in process was extremely poor, maybe "bad" is a better word."
Pro: "The crew were really efficient and polite"
Contra: "there were no entertainment modules, no place to plug in phones or computers and the chairs didn't lean back."
Contra: "It's not clear why they feed us at 3 am (one hour into the flight) instead of near the end of the flight (breakfast time). Are they trying to save money by having to heat the food less? It seems to make more sense to let people sleep and wake up to breakfast just before landing (around 6 am)."
Pro: "Nothing, this flight never happened because of the strike."
Contra: "Luthansa rebooked me on BA, and stripped away my Premium Upgrade seating, giving me economy, an aisle seat next to a bathing-challenged male. It was disgusting and re-injured my leg wound."
Pro: "Tea offered instead of coffee - nice touch!"


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There was way long delay.

Totul bun.

Quick and easy boarding. Pleasant personnel and easily available food and drink. What’s not to like.

Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "Ryanair announced that we could postpone the flights without any cost due to corona virus and when I tried to reach them/to change the flight date the change tax was still there."
Pro: "the price"
Contra: "The members at the checkin desk did not speak english well and would not do a required visa check that the website said needed to be done to validate our boarding passes."
Pro: "The captain had such a good sense of humour.. he was the most lighthearted captain ever- praise to all crew onboard and also amazing to the passengers."
Contra: "Nothing it was perfect for Ryanair.. always getting better"
Contra: "Dilated 2/5h"
Pro: "Quick and easy"
Pro: "- very kind and professional crew"
Contra: "- boarding was late - did not get actual notice that plane IS GOING to be slightly delayed (only email that it MIGHT happen)"
Pro: "No hassle"
Pro: "Smooth flight"
Pro: "Although I had a 40 minutes flight, it was really good. The crew were very amiable and fun. All amazing!"
Pro: "Hacen lo básico"
Contra: "El proceso de abordaje"
Pro: "Friendly crew."
Contra: "Hour late departure , which is a frequent event... perhaps due to summer weather. Putting a two year old sitting alone, away from parents and insisting parents should make arrangements with other passengers. Standing outside the plane another fifteen minutes."
Pro: "Cheap flight"
Contra: "Delayed Limited information/explanation provided Ground staff rude"
Pro: "Quick disembarking due to quite empty plane ( for ryanair that usually has full )"
Contra: "Staff seemed a bit irritated with each other. The boarding took so long - we were towards the end of the queue but still had to wait a long time for the dooors to close - not very ryanair as they usually have all of us waiting to get on the plane. This was especially weird as the plane was quite empty Might need to lower the up selling - the flying time was 55 mins approx and the poor cabin crew were wheeling the cart about 3 minutes after take off with the plane still climbing quite steeply. The crew are trying to sell the same as a 3 hour ryanair flight - hot food, snacks, drinks, scratch cards, and the perfumes"
Pro: "3 hour delay due to an Italian air traffic control strike. Not the crews fault but they handled it well, especially the captain who spoke to everyone face to face"
Contra: "The selection of food was dismal and expensive, glad ok didn't buy as the quality looked poor"
Pro: "Ryan Air’s website was down most of the evening when I attempted to check in. Once it finally came back, they had no record of my booking. After hours of attempts I had to call it quits. I will report this as fraud to my bank. I had to book another flight. Thanks, guys. Great platform you’ve built here."
Contra: "We bought our tickets online, and even had the Ryan Air mobile app, yet still SOL. When we arrive at departure airport no mobile bording pass option (for our tickets), no kiosk for printing. Ling line to pay 50 quid for tucket printing, lol."
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "I got charged 69 euros for not checking in online!!!!! More than the ticket price!!!!!!! This is robbery! Worse airlines ever, thieves! Do not ever travel with this company"
Pro: "Price. Timetable"
Contra: "Seats. The fact they put everyone in a deferent row"
Pro: "Crew: cheerful, kind Smooth flight"
Contra: "Very crowded conditions at the gate and on board"
Pro: "Smooth boarding and pleasant staff"
Contra: "Paying extra to sit together"
Contra: "They charge extra for everything. First off you will get charged 50 euros if you don't print out a boarding pass before arriving at the airport. Then you will be charged if you want to pick a seat or carry on a bag. You will be put on a bus to get to the plane then climb stairs to board. It takes forever to claim your bag."
Contra: "1. I brought a trolley according to the specifications in the web page and the message sent to me. They claim it was too big, even though it did fit into the box they use to measure the luggage, saying that it fitted too tight, and insisted on my paying an extra 50 euro. 2. They purposely split family members in the hope that people will pay extra to sit together. We did it on the first leg, but then managed to switch seats without extra cost in the second leg. It just required several people switching around."
Pro: "The price was cheap, as long as you don't add any extras (like choosing your seat)."
Contra: "You need to check in before you arrive at the airport otherwise you'll be charged FOR CHECKING IN. Also apparently it is normal for passengers to line up at the gate an hour before boarding, apparently because there is not enough overhead space for everyone. So unless you pay extra (no surprise there) to board early, you'll be standing in line for a good hour. I like a cheap flight as much as the next guy but Ryanair just takes it too far."
Pro: "If you just need to hop across countries and can get by without knowing your seat or without a big bag, take Ryan. They’re reliable and you get exactly what you pay for."
Contra: "You’re not going to like it if you don’t like to get nickled and dimed to death. Check in and print a boarding pass before you get to the airport...it’s 50 quid if you check in in person!"
Pro: "Nothing."
Contra: "Flight delayed for 2,5 hours. Forced to spend €40 or terrible aeroport food. Should have used the train - would get to my destination faster, cheaper and would already have had a great meal at a restaurant. Never again."
Pro: "Boarding was quick from front and back. Food service aslo went both directions, quick and efficient."
Pro: "The seats were comfortable and boarding was easy. I thi k u should atleast give free cup of water or tea when its winter to your guests. Nothing more. I think its a bit mean not to aleast offer a free cup of tea or water."
Contra: "Not being offered a free cup of aleast tea."
Pro: "Price"
Contra: "Not very comfortable seats"
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "Late , expensive, loud, no leg room seat do not tilt !"
Pro: "We paid for our seats but the staff decided to move people that were separated due to Ryanairs booking system to move with us who had paid for seats. No good"
Pro: "Great Price if you fly with only a carry on."
Contra: "Nothing extra, but worth it to keep costs down. Boarding was late starting, and a little disorganized."
Pro: "Only the cheap ticket"
Contra: "Only one check in desk at the terminal with one member of staff!? Flight was late for about an hour! 15-20min is fine but one hour plus sitting on a runway for a long time is unacceptable. Especially in my case as I had a connecting flight to Nis and two hours between them. With one hour delay it was really a challenge to catch another flight. £25 charge for a 15kg bag I too much. I'd be more encouraged and travel more often with the ckeck in bag if that would cost 15-20£ but I anymore at this price"
Pro: "The plane itself was good. It left on time."
Contra: "Stood in a long line only to be told that we had to go to a different line. Not marked. Told to print boarding passes which is something a traveler cannot easily do. Not able to do that before leaving the United States."
Pro: "It was very speedy and the crew were helpful, it was value for money."
Contra: "We paid for a checked bag and the airline made us pay again."
Pro: "There is nothing that I like about this trip. It was a horrible experience and probably it will be my last time booking with Kayak. And I will make sure to let friends and co workers know to not use this website, unless you do something about this issue."
Contra: "Our flight was at 6:35am from Rome to Greece. We took an Uber to get to Ciampino Airport cause the trains don't work until 4:30 or 5am. So we get to this crappy airport and it was closed. We see people sitting outside in the stairs, sleeping on the few benches that was there and on the ground. Finally around 4am the airport opens and have to be in line waiting another half an hour for the people of Ryanair to come to the counter. When is our turn they told us that we have to go to another counter around the corner to pay for the laugagge and because we didn't print our ticket I tried to print my ticket all day the day I bought it and the website didn't allow me. I kept requesting for a code over and over again thinking I was doing something wrong but the bottom to click just didn't process anything. So I thought with my confirmation number for the booking I will be fine at the airport to get my boarding pass. Well no. They charged us 50 euros per laugagge,, that didn't have any extra weight (11 kilos each laugagge and 50 euros for not printing the ticket. So we paid 300 euros for the 3 of us Now I know why the website didn't accept the request to print the tickets on line cause they wanted to charge ppl extra. And I was not the only one with this issue there were other people in line with the same problem. This is one of the worse airlines ever! Totally scam. They don't give you nothing on the flight not even water. Cause they try to sell it to you. Food, water, snacks. Beware this company is a scam and provide a horrible costumer service."
Pro: "dont expect features and comforts for a cheap flight!!"
Pro: "Was what I expected."
Contra: "The number of people who choose to keep going up and down the aisles and not sit in their seat. Pay to sit next to your friend if you are that bothered. Made the hostesses job much harder to serve drinks quickly as had to keep moving back and forth to accommodate people walking by"
Pro: "Efficient takeoff procedure and left and arrived right on time"
Pro: "Stansted check in was fast although queues are long. Benefitted from Fast Track that came with my Stansted Exlress ticket"
Contra: "Seats are uncomfortably upright"
Contra: "What an extraordinarily cynical, greedy non-transparent brand RyanAir is. The whole model treats consumers like we are stupid. Charging for everything as you go, pretending it's less expensive. And worse, not informing you upfront. Congratulations Mr O'Leary for duping people to get rich. I'm now ashamed to share your surname. Signed, Richard O'Leary"
Contra: "The flight was delayed 1h 30min. We lost our connection to New York and hs to buy a new ticket that cost us over 500usd each. Its incredible how little preocupation you put on getting to destination in time."
Pro: "Initially the price was 78$"
Contra: "My hiking poles were considered weapons and i forced to pay 35 to check the bag. Just another sleazy way to hike prices up. Never in one single instance has a hiking pole been used in a mano a mano duel between a passenger and flight attendant?,,,ridiculous. Shameless"
Pro: "Seats don't"
Pro: "Crew friendly and efficient."
Contra: "Seats uncomfortable, did not recline, we're hard. No snack or beverage service. No audio entertainment."

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