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Principalele 3 companii aeriene care operează zborul către Detroit

Notele conform evaluărilor din partea clienților KAYAK
LufthansaScor general bazat pe 28718 evaluări
Evaluările companiei aeriene

Easy and good price

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Easy and good price

There were no choices for the food. Only a vegetarian meal. The flight crew were very friendly and helpful but the food choices need to be improved.

Food was absolutely terrible…old plane.. small seats

Well I guess more flexibility from terminal to terminal and close to the gates. Thanks

Pro: "Fabulous Stuart’s."
Contra: "1h of delay .... is inadmissible for the price what we are paying for the tickets..."
Contra: "Never happened,missed flight"
Pro: "No I was very uncomfortable"
Contra: "Not have canceled my flight!!"
Pro: "Seat had spacious leg room entertainment was very good"
Pro: "Friendly cabin crew"
Pro: "Smooth flight. Fairly good meals. Friendly crew."
Pro: "Service in cabin"
Contra: "Na"
Contra: "Wish we had empty seat between us, w both the same name it should hv been possible. Special meal bland"
Pro: "The food and drink were the only two enjoyable moments of this flight."
Contra: "The crew in Cluj airport could not care less about getting the plane boarded and departed on time. For 20 minutes crew stood around in the airport talking to each other and using their cellphones. Finally the transport bus was loaded only to have the bus driver get out, and talk to another employee while simultaneously using his phone. No information was given for the delay and the plane was boarded at time of departure. This careless and unbothered attitude resulted in a missed connecting flight for my partner and I. We were completely unassisted by crew on the plane and ended up having to wait 24hours for our next flight home. Absolutely disgusted by the service provided from Cluj to Munich. I would seriously consider another airline before booking again with Lufthansa for this route."
Contra: "A snoring passenger in a seat ahead of me. Tight seat."
Pro: "Staff was very pleasant , polite, and accommodating"
Contra: "No complaints except for the how long is the flight, but it’s a part of a journey"
Pro: "Everything was fine, the crew was excellent. We liked that Lufthansa did provide the special meals (that we requested on-line) for our family."
Contra: "The boarding was rather slow (but not extremely so). Calling boarding by row ranges, like some other airlines do, may speed it up or make it more comfortable. The seats were not too comfortable, but within what one can expect for an Economy class --- and not too bad, either."
Pro: "Staff is great"
Contra: "Food is not good."
Contra: "There was an issue on the bus to take us to the teminal cuz a passenger took another's passenger's backpack which looked exactly the same but they made us wait on the bus til the mix up was settled. A lot of the passengers got frustrated cuz we had connecting flights and the workers by the plane didn't care including the bus driver. We finally went but we almost missed our flight .we had to literally run to the gate to make it."
Pro: "There were blankets and pillows for every seat. There are USB ports at each seat as well as headphone plugs."
Pro: "Flight was on time and flight crew was very good."
Contra: "The food was not very good. Leaving Germany, I expected better tasting food. Our food leaving the USA and going to Germany tasted much better."
Pro: "It's not only pilot/auto-pilot or only weather dependent for sure, but ride was extremely smooth. landing was fantastic. Entertainment options were great. Crew was friendly and attentive. Sucks for LH, but I had to one sitting next to me on the 8-hour flight! no crying babies, no snoring. yiey!"
Contra: "Maybe US is ahead, but my experience with 2 terminals at Hanover and Frankfurt was that information exchange isn't good. Gate number was available at the last hour or so, which then got changed. Not just this flight. many flocks of people were running around to find their new gate... also as I mentioned climbing several stories of stairs with carry-on isn't fun! Not on this flight, but on my initial departure from US to FRA, monitors said go to Gate B. I got in line for Gate B as there was some security check, then we were told there was another B?!@ We had to go down and take the bus for that...written.. No where!"
Pro: "Wi-Fi and in flight entertainment"
Contra: "I'm 6'3" cramped in economy"
Pro: "Great service. Comfortable business class seats."
Pro: "Crew and service was very good,"
Contra: "Reclining seats. Great for you but not the person behind you. It puts the screen about 10 inches from your face when the person in front of you reclines and it's impossible to lean forward and rest your head on the tray."
Pro: "The crew was pleasant, bathrooms clean. Despite a late departure we arrived on time."
Contra: "It was a bit warm on both flights from DTW to FRA and the return. I usually dress for flying assuming it will be chilly but it was the opposite, a bit warm. No individual air control either. the last meal served was a ham & cheese sandwich which tasted odd..I couldn't eat it, other meals were fine."
Pro: "Lucked out. Flight was quite empty. Travel was comfortable and easy. A smooth ride all along."
Pro: "The entertainment choices were excellent and the service never stopped. The plane was comfortable and the bathroom clean. There was some turbulence, but that is not the fault of the airline, nor did it really bother me."
Contra: "There was a snarky attendant, but not all of them were that way."
Contra: "Lack of drinking water fountains at the FRA airport"
Pro: "Great crew!"
Contra: "The sound quality of the loud speakers for the announcement was awful. The sound for the movies was also not great."
Pro: "The crew was friendly."
Contra: "We were a little late with boarding. I prefer Lufthansa for travel, but I can think of a ton more, easy to serve, more healthy and delicious menu items. The food smells good, usually, but it isn't that great. The chicken I had was fine, but the side dish (sweet potatoes) wasn't good. The salad had too much radicchio, the soft cheese was too rubbery to cut (spilled my water doing so), the cake wasn't up to German reputation. Also, one flight attendant, got her own suitcase down, at least 5 times, stretching directly above me, with her jacket in my face and never apologizing. My seat wouldn't recline, nor could other peoples. This is why I paid to choose my seat, so I could sleep, more easily but I sat upright the whole time."
Pro: "The crew did a great job. The flight turned out to be nearly 10 hours since we had 150 knot headwinds. The food and free wine made things much to tolerable. You can't go wrong with Lufthansa."
Pro: "Everything was fine even though the plane was late,"
Pro: "Great Service Great Stuff will continue with LH in the future"
Contra: "Sounds in TV doesn’t work"
Pro: "Great service from a super crew. On time."
Pro: "Flight and land was smooth. I like Lufthansa, because it is safe."
Contra: "My trip was 8 hrs, we get water or juice only 5 times and very small cup 100ml, not enough"
Pro: "No vegetatarion food on return flight"
Contra: "No vegetarian food on return flight from Frankfurt"
Pro: "More leg room than the A330-300 we took to fly from Charlotte to Munich."
Contra: "The ground crew. One young employee checking the boarding passes in Munich was rude and condescending."
Pro: "ON TIME."
Pro: "The service was incredible! We had wonderful flight attendants. Also, the food was great."
Pro: "Everything about this flight was amazing. The food was fantastic, the service was better, and my comfort was always at maximum. This company makes all American domestic companies pale in comparison."
Pro: "When my traveling companion suddenly became acutely ill the flight attendants stepped right in and assisted him to an available Business Class area where he could be cleaned up (including changing his soiled shirt to a clean one from the 1st Class supplies) and made more comfortable. They checked on him frequently during the rest of the flight and made arrangements to get us assistance off the airplane in Detroit and through the crowded airport in record time in order to get him to the ER as soon as possible. We are so grateful to them for their caring help during what could have been a very embarrassing situation."
Contra: "We had no complaints or suggestions. Flying with Lufthansa was a wonderful experience during a difficult situation."
Pro: "Flight cancelled see above"
Pro: "My flight from Frankfurt to Detroit on Lufthansa was very enjoyable. The crew were great. They were very friendly and attentive to the passengers. I would choose to fly on Lufthansa again in the future."
Pro: "Staff , food , wine"
Contra: "Sat too close to the toilets , bad wafting smells. Only 1 earphone on my head set worked, unless I jiggled the plug. The plug did not fit neatly into the jack ."
Pro: "The flight was on-time and very smooth. Check-in and baggage drop were incredibly easy. I also liked the self-scanning of the boarding passes to board. Great number of options on personal entertainment screen - including movies, tv shows, and music that people actually want to listen to! Great flight overall."
Pro: "I appreciate the taxi, in Munich airport, to my next connection."
Contra: "I disliked the late departure."
Pro: "Service by crew on board."
Contra: "Delay after boarding flight."
Contra: "Only the lunch wasn't good, there was only pasta at the moment"
Pro: "Seats were more comfortable than my previous flight. Crew were efficient and professional. Food and entertainment were good."

I do not know how, but, rude crew and counter personnel is here, rest of things looks pretty standard without any difference with other airlines, that was not the case in the past

Flight delayed 5 hours


Travelling from Nigeria was a nightmare. Those thugs at the airport gave my husband and i hell because we had our boarding passes on our phone. We had to keep bribing and begging them to let us through. It is the worse travel experience I’ve ever ever had in my entire life. And I travel a lot

Contra: "Friendlier crews"
Contra: "I had paid for an upgrade to sit in the front of the cabin with extra legroom (row 14A). When I boarded a man sat it my seat. He had not paid for the upgrade, but the crew let him stay in my seat. I had asked him to social distance but he continued to sit right behind me bo matter which seat I moved to. He argued with the crew until they gave up and let him stay. They did not check his boarding pass or ask him to move to his assigned seat I found a different seat away from him but I don’t see the point in paying for extra legroom when the crew let’s people who haven’t paid for it sit it those seats. I felt harassed by the man and was very uncomfortable the whole flight. I am considering my next step, I think I should at least receive a refund for the upgrade I paid for."
Pro: "The crew from Kili to DarEsSalam was tired. A fresh crew worked from DarEsSalam to AMS and they were great."
Contra: "The boarding process was chaotic. The passengers in the first boarding group had to fight through the crowd because there were no boarding lanes."
Contra: "Boarding was crazy. Could not everyone in the gate area."
Pro: "Flight arrived on time"
Contra: "No food provided "due to a strike the previous day". Not sure why this would impact on providing a sandwich or snack particularly when champagne was still available for first class passengers."
Contra: "Seats in economy section are very close together . There is not enough room for knees...especially for such a long trip."
Pro: "the crew was wonderful, we got a nice Wrap and water, wine or coffee for free, not all airlines serve it anymore, we were on time and I got whatsapp message with updates of the flight"
Pro: "Great airline"
Pro: "very nice crew"
Contra: "my bagfage was lost"
Contra: "KLM crew exceed our expectations"
Pro: "Crew was nice and pleasant"
Contra: "Flight very late"
Pro: "The staff was super nice, the services good. Clear lines about baggage allowance."
Contra: "The flight was delayed and due to this I missed my car connection. I had to prolong my trip by 4 hours, untill I found another connection. I know this was not a klm issue, but rather airport related, but the inconvenience was still. Thus, my lower satisfaction grade"
Pro: "The staff was super nice, the services good. Clear lines about baggage allowance."
Contra: "The flight was delayed and due to this I missed my car connection. I had to prolong my trip by 4 hours, untill I found another connection. I know this was not a klm issue, but rather airport related, but the inconvenience was still. Thus, my lower satisfaction grade"
Pro: "Good beverage service."
Contra: "Over an hour delayj for departure."
Pro: "Crew was fantastic."
Contra: "This was the most narrow airplane seat I’ve ever experienced. So uncomfortable."
Pro: "I love the food"
Contra: "The check in desk was late opening & the carry on luggage size was smaller than advertised on their website, so it had to be put in the hold. Open on time to prevent less stress to travelers & give more accurate information about cabin luggage."
Pro: "All good"
Contra: "Not enough leg room"
Pro: "Nice crew pilot food and beverage"
Contra: "No wifi"
Pro: "Very pleasant, professional crew"
Contra: "Very slow check in. Mainly because other passengers obviously don't read instructions re: weight/contents of cabin bags etc. Would be helpful if there was additional staff to deal with them away from check in desk. This would mean that others did not have to queue for 25 minutes because the check in girls also had to deal with them"
Pro: "The service"
Contra: "The seats"
Pro: "Great service"
Pro: "The food rocks! I know that I will always be eating well with KLM. The staff is always so nice, professional and cordial...I always know I'll be in good hands with the flight. KLM #605 from Amsterdam to SFO---please pass the praise to all of them."
Pro: "Good flight, very attentive crew."
Contra: "Flight departed 35 minutes late"
Contra: "The movie selection did not seem extremely varied."
Pro: "Short flight with good communication."
Contra: "Nil to complain."
Pro: "Nothing"
Pro: "Lovely staff, good food, great movies."
Pro: "Very friendly service!"
Pro: "Pleasant flight"
Pro: "The flight crew was nice. Plane departed/arrived on time."
Contra: "I paid €60 extra to sit in the emergency door seat to get more leg room but once.i was in the plane learned for more leg room I accepted a smaller seat next to a bathroom and no entertainment. I could not store my belongings near me. No power outlet to charge my devices for my own entertainment on a 7 hour flight. Dealing with constant traffic for the bathroom. I sat in the middle seat between two hours other men. It was a constant struggle arm space. After 7hours in the air I could not wait to get off the plane. If I didn't actually pay an extra €60 for the seat I may not feel bad but I feel like I might have been better off without paying for the "upgrade""
Pro: "The staff was extremely pleasant. Food was good!"
Contra: "Have no complaints"
Contra: "Amesterdam airport employee was really rude"
Pro: "787 is a great airplane. The 3-3-3 seat configuration leaves enough seat width to be just comfortable in coach."
Pro: "staff was fine"
Contra: "old old plane, very uncomfortable. Tiny bad screen made movies pointless"
Pro: "Boarding/unboarding"
Contra: "Didn't allow my carry on. Said too big. Same bag was on earlier connecting flight on much smaller plane. Also on flight on Southwest week prior. But larger intercontinental flight wouldn't allow it."
Contra: "Long stop over at Schiphol. Too Long!!!!"
Contra: "Terrible service in flight and customer service wise .. app functionality was below"
Pro: "The crew were lovely and welcoming. We was given snacks and drinks on the flight which was great. Take off was a bit delayed but boarding was smooth. Couldn't complain about the comfort as was only just over an hours flight."
Pro: "The staff were friendly and all smiles. Seats were comfortable and we had a quick, smooth flight from Edinburgh to Amsterdam. The breakfast supplied was an egg and mayonnaise sandwich plus a drink, which seemed about right and very Dutch in character."
Contra: "It was rainy and necessary to walk outside to access the plane; the staff should give their customers a heads-up so that jackets can be donned. Additionally, the check-in queue seemed rather sluggish."
Pro: "Efficiency and speed of boarding was acceptable. I have no complaints about that aspect. The Comfort+ seats were worth the upgrade, pretty comfortable and reasonable legroom unless you have a big carry on stowed under the seat in front of you."
Contra: "The first announcement they made to all of us in the economy section was thay they did not have any headphones for anyone but business class. I was told when I booked the seat that the headphones would be complementary. So I did not bother to bring any assuming they were going to keep their word; I figure I'd make it work and watch a movie without sound. If that isn't bad enough midway through my nine hour flight my monitor went out and would not turn back on."
Pro: "I fly delta this was run by KLM they weight all bags delta does not they don't take TSA preach Check. Delta does It was a free for all with check in and getting into plane"
Contra: "See above"
Pro: "Great smooth flight staff was pleasant and the overall experience was fantastic."
Pro: "leg room economy compared to KLM"
Contra: "full flight, no upgrade possible"

Avionul, fiind foarte mic (și, probabil, vechi), senzațiile au fost nu tocmai plăcute - îmi părea că suntem frunză-n vânt. Majoritatea călătorilor au avut stare de disconfort, din momentul decolării până când avionul a ajuns la o înălțime unde s-a putut stabiliza...

Pro: "Crew"
Contra: "Have WiFi"
Pro: "Crew was amazing and helpful."
Pro: "checking baggage included, comfortable plane"
Contra: "the plane was almost an hour late"
Pro: "Good short flight."
Contra: "Open both for passengers to enter terminal on arrival in Bucharest."
Pro: "Short flight."
Contra: "When the passengers walked into the terminal building from the tarmac in Otopeni Airport (Bucharest), BOTH wings of the double door could have been open! Only one was. Otherwise flight was fine."
Contra: "This flight seemed very chaotic at the beginning. It was late. When we boarded it seemed uncomfortably hot inside. The stewardess doing the flight announcements talked very quickly and ran everything together."
Pro: "quick boarding (small plane, not many people). appreciated a free meal in economy class on a 1hr flight. Wow! relatively easy check in for my luggage."
Contra: "better signs regarding luggage check in, better seats. gate number changed many times. confusing and hard to hear announcements"
Contra: "DO NOT FLY THIS AIRLINE they lost my luggage on this flight and their customer service won't even answer the phone. I'm not sure if I'll ever get it back, AVOID AT ALL COST"
Contra: "DO NOT FLY THIS AIRLINE they lost my luggage and WILL NOT ANSWER THE PHONE not sure if I'll ever get it back. Worst customer service ever."
Pro: "Good crew, attentive, courteous, communicative !!"
Contra: "Have the screens work ...."
Pro: "Clean."
Contra: "Boarding via bus."
Contra: "Lots of turbulences at landing, due tonthe heavy rain."
Contra: "Not so many movies"
Pro: "entertainment was good"
Pro: "Fast boarding"
Pro: "The whole process was very enjoyable in the flight was really nice I loved it"
Contra: "I am not used to going through Baggage Claim and then checking in again at airports but after I figured it out it was ok"
Pro: "The plane was fairly new and, for such a short route, quite big (but I guess that was just due to the increased number of passengers, as almost all of the 180 seats were booked)"
Contra: "Almost 3.5h delay, no reason given, a mere croissant offered during waiting time, no transparency about additional delays (it was just 2.5h, initially). Also, despite the aircraft being newer than most Tarom planes, it was cramped, with very little leg room, very cheap trays and no storage space on the back of the seats in front. No warm beverages (no coffee, no tea!!). Will seek compensation for the delay."
Pro: "For the first time, in many years, cabin crew apologized for delay"
Contra: "Flight delayed, cofee= prepare yourself a nescoffee (even at business class"
Pro: "Every thing good,"
Contra: "I'am tall man so the seats not enough for me"
Contra: "Not enougth time after checkin"
Pro: "short time flight"
Contra: "no entertainment/poor food"
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "Didn’t leave on time. Food was disgusting. Loud, not comfortable. Last time with Tarom"
Contra: "They last my brand new stroller even though it was gate checked with a bag and tags. I was told they have no information and can’t help me."
Pro: "The one good thing was that they delivered me and my luggage safe and sound to the destination."
Contra: "Delayed boarding, very uncomfortable and extremely little legroom, no blanket/pillow, dirty/smelly bathroom, ran out of almost all supplies in the bathroom. Entertainment - nonexistent. I would not choose this airline if it weren't for the price."
Pro: "Short and sweet... friendly staff"
Contra: "Na"
Pro: "Boardibg was on time and the stuff was very nice"
Contra: "I didn like the food."
Pro: "FOOD and the crew"
Contra: "everything else: the plane was old and unaccommodating for a 9 hr flight, entertainment was terrible -small and damaged screen- no wi-fi, no electronics charging capabilities. I felt like in a prison"
Pro: "Everything was excellent"
Contra: "The stuff was outstanding"
Contra: "Hi, We've booked the flight using Kayak, with VAYAMA agency. It was clearly stated in the e-ticket that we were allowed a baggage of 23KG piece for our infant baby. (it was a lap-ticket, no seat) When we arrived at the check-in counter, they said that because it was a lap ticket, we are allowed only a baggage of 10KG piece. We were delayed at the checkin counter with a baby in our hands, and humiliated (as people in the line behind us started to get nervous). I'm definitely gonna write a mail to VAYAMA agency. And I'm extremely disappointed. At the end, after maybe 20 minutes (which seems like forever) they let us check in the baggage we had."
Pro: "Very good service"
Contra: "30 min late"
Pro: "Pleasant staff, good flight."
Contra: "Nothing in particular. This was a quick flight, so I didn't expect much in terms of entertainment or food."
Contra: "Flight attendants telling me take off my headphones, this isn't 1999"
Pro: "Bad"
Pro: "Everithing was ok!"
Contra: "It was nothing wrong, I feel very well!"
Pro: "Personnel was kind, trying to help, always smiling. Even for a short flight they provided a rather good snack with a sandwich, plenty drinks."
Contra: "We are in 2017 and Otopeni airport does not have buses with Air Conditioned Systems...outside was 37 Celsius!!! They were kind to invite first families with children to pass to the bus but this meant sitting in a sauna @ 40+ Celsius until all passengers went through the gate. Driver was all red and close to fainting. Pity, I was looking forward seeing one of the big managers coming next to us to enjoy the Tarom experience...!"
Pro: "Punctuality, politeness, cleanness"
Contra: "Food, but not so important for me ."
Pro: "It was a pleasure to fly with them. I wish they flew in the continental US too."
Pro: "The trip was short:)))"
Contra: "Poor sanitation inside airplane Stewards not smiling at all Seats uncomfortable and broken"
Contra: "Connection"
Pro: "Had sandwich and beverage on a 40 min domestic flight. Professional and helpful staff."
Pro: "Nothings"
Contra: "Food will be good in future stuff i want them to be smile more confortable flght"
Pro: "Great price, nice crew, decent flight overall"
Contra: "The food was terrible! No entertainment system"
Pro: "Flights were delayed due to heavy snowstorms and it wasn't communicated until right before the flight."
Pro: "It was comfortable with good price."
Pro: "Take-off and landing on time; Cleanliness of air-plane; Politeness of crew."
Contra: "Non-functioning online check-in (without any warning whatsoever); Indifference of call-centre personnel inventing non-sense excuses; Ignoring booked seats; Outdated planes."
Pro: "The sandwich was yummy."
Contra: "Everything was fine"
Pro: "Attentive flight attendants"

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