Găsește zboruri ieftine către Galveston

Găsește zboruri ieftine către Galveston

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Washington, D.C. (WAS)
mar. 22/6
mar. 29/6
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maiCel mai bun moment pentru a scăpa de aglomerație, cu o scădere medie de preț de 1%.

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iunieCea mai populară perioadă pentru a călători, cu o creștere medie de preț de 3%.

Prețul mediu (călătorie dus-întors)

3.367 lei(prețul mediu în ultimele două săptămâni)

Ofertă bună (călătorie dus-întors)

3.031 leisau mai puțin

Ofertă bună (doar dus)

2.288 leisau mai puțin

Cele mai bune sfaturi despre rezervarea zborurilor ieftine către Galveston

  • Nu există niciun aeroport principal în Galveston. În schimb, este deservit de Aeroportul Hobby.
  • Cauți zboruri ieftine către Galveston? 25% dintre utilizatorii noștri au găsit bilete în Galveston la următoarele prețuri sau chiar mai ieftine: De la Bucureşti: 2.288 lei, doar dus; 2.660 lei, dus-întors, de la Sibiu 3.443 lei (dus-întors)
  • Sezonul de vârf este considerat a fi mai, iunie și iulie. Cea mai ieftină lună pentru a zbura în Galveston este mai.
  • Introdu aeroportul de plecare și datele de călătorie în câmpurile de căutare de mai sus pentru a accesa ultimele oferte la zboruri în Galveston.

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Cum să zbori către Galveston?

Care sunt aeroporturile din apropiere de Galveston?

Care este cel mai ieftin zbor către Galveston?

Cât de departe se află aeroportul Houston față de centrul orașului Galveston?

Cum găsește KAYAK prețuri atât de mici la zborurile către Galveston?

Cum poate funcționalitatea Prognoza prețului să mă ajute să îmi rezerv zborul către Galveston în cel mai bun moment?

Care este opțiunea KAYAK Mix pentru zborurile către către Galveston?

Ce este funcționalitatea „date flexibile" și cu ce mă poate ajuta atunci când caut un zbor către Galveston?

Principalele 3 companii aeriene care zboară în Galveston

Notele conform evaluărilor din partea clienților KAYAK

Qatar Airways
Scor general bazat pe 10.996 evaluări
Evaluările companiei aeriene

Pro: "Great crew and food. Nice economy class."

Pro: "seat was okay, far from comfortable, plane too cold, although they did have blankets, late boarding, no particular reason, it's probably not Qatar's fault, but baggage service at JFK was terrible."

Pro: "Friendly Crew, good entertainment possibilites."
Contra: "Everything has a plastic holding purse."

Contra: "Excellent service and stuff"

Pro: "The crew were great and served food timely. The seats were also comfortable and we traveled with infant. The crew was super supportive for parents with infant."
Contra: "dont falsely claim that you have wifi if you cannot connect to satellite. The ground staffs needs training on behavior and how to treat infants."

Pro: "The airplane and clean"
Contra: "The seats destination between them very small"

Pro: "Staff on the plane is fantastic."
Contra: "No option to pick a seat in economy class."

Pro: "Excellent Service and most friendly staff"
Contra: "Nothing was bad. But the food taste can be better"

Pro: "Comfort in long foight was amazing. Never felt tired. Upgraded movie collection. Food was great."
Contra: "Carry on baggage allowance is way too low. Only 7kgs including laptop bag is too low for international travel. TV screens were a bit old enough and had to click multiple times."

Pro: "Food and entertainment was fine."
Contra: "Crew was not very organized or helpful. Need more training/experience."

Pro: "Good entertainment."
Contra: "Very cramped seating."

Pro: "The overall experience"

Pro: "Fantastic flight...Qatar’s QSuites are fantastic, very comfortable, Amazon my service from the crew, fantastic entertainment options, and with the privacy of the suite ...very close to first class...in fact it is better than the first products (from a seat perspective) of many other airlines such as United, Delta, Virgin, BA, etc."
Contra: "I wish there were more vegetarian options on the menu"

Pro: "B777 Dreamliner is dreamy. Lots of overhead luggage space. Decent leg room (could always be more). Great individual entertainment screen for long transcontinental flights. Flight staff was a mixed international crew, very friendly, unpretentious, polite and just nice compared to other airlines. The planes they use seem very new. Would definitely recommend Qatar Air over Aeroflot any day."
Contra: "Food was decent for airline food but nothing to rave about and as with most airlines uses too much plastic packaging. Although I was pleased that some of the flights used metal flatware, but still too much waste in the industry in my opinion. Also, the headphone jack was not compatible with my headphones. The type used on the 777 is the dual pronged one. I did not have an adapter so had to use the crappy headphones that are provided."

Pro: "Entertainment was good. Food was good, I got the Hindu vegetarian. Also service from Nagpur to Doha is very convenient."
Contra: "It was mostly a good experience."

Pro: "Very comfortable wii sleeping compartment"

Pro: "Great travel experience. We flew economy. Spacious, good service, comfy, on time."
Contra: "NA"

Pro: "crew servious and food quality."
Contra: "not so many Hollywood movie choices."

Pro: "Everything except food"
Contra: "Food"

Pro: "I love this app , it's awesome it's save my money and time"

Pro: "Cabin crew including the ground staff were awesome in providing best of its class customer service. Food and entertainment onboard was really good."

Pro: "The food was good. The legroom was enjoyable."
Contra: "I checked two bags and had them marked 'fragile', as I had valuables in there that I packed securely. When I retrieved the bags on the carousel, the fragile sticker was mangled, and both items from both bags were broken. Pieces of art I can not replace. Also, it took over 30 minutes upon multiple requests for the attendant to acknowledge my need for assistance."

Pro: "On time departure and nice group of crews"
Contra: "Main food amount is small compared To other long range airlines. Did not offer coffee or Tea."

Pro: "The staff are outstanding! Friendly, helpful and accommodating."
Contra: "Poor choice of movies. Their 'world' movies should have subtitles"

Pro: "good service, good food"
Contra: "staff could be more cheerful towards travellers"

Pro: "I liked the organized boarding prosecution, everyone was seated by the boarding zone so there were no mess and no fight over who gets to go first in the plane. the food was good too, again vegetarian options and very good quality. I"

Pro: "Polite staff keen to help"

Pro: "The flight was on time and boarding was fast"

Pro: "It was excellent."
Contra: "It was excellent."

Pro: "Upgrade to 1st Class. Very grateful for the experience. Outstanding service. Very professional crew. Awesome recliner seats. What's not to like about premium service?"
Contra: "Too short leg :( This upgrade would have been awesome for the longer leg of the trip (for a much needed decent sleep)."

Pro: "This flight had one of the best selections of movies I've seen on a flight.....a damn good thing given the 15-hr duration of the flight. I had so many screaming babies around me that the flight attendants helped me to move to another part of the plane. They were incredibly sympathetic and accommodating. Airlines from the USA could learn a thing or two from Qatar Airlines."
Contra: "Small seats (I'm fat, so this is my problem really)."

Pro: "Very friendly online travel booking portal. I like it"

Pro: "Paying the hotel for whome the layover was more than 10hrs thanks a lot for caring and preserving the dignity of each customer, I recommend Qatar airlines to everyone"
Contra: "Everything"

Pro: "New plane. Decent legroom."
Contra: "Not enough food was served for a 16.5 hour flight."

Contra: ",also I had to wait for longer time again due to less people for wheel chair assist.."

Pro: "I liked that it was empty and I could lie down."

Pro: "I like that the air stewards bring you water and drinks throughout and don't judge you for being too thirsty. I like that they respect that it is a night flight and serve the meal quickly so it can be dark for the whole flight and you can sleep as much as you can. I like how efficient the layover is in Doha - only 40mins!"
Contra: "I don't like when they don't ask the person in front to move their chair up for the meal and the passengers have to ask each other. I don't like that they can't tell you the gate of your connecting flight and how long it will take to get you there - including if you will need to take a bus and the train. I think this could reduce a lot of anxiety. If they could do this, it would also be helpful to let people who have a connecting flight that is boarding in the next 30 mins off the plane first. This would save pushing and shoving in the aisles... and would also reduce anxiety about booking a flight with such a short layover."

Pro: "Truly give star service for business class"

Pro: "On time"
Contra: "Food is so bad and it's finish quickly and there's no Choice is. And there's one point Why the flight stops tow times in Vietnam going and back It's should one time and back to Doha"

Contra: "Only 1 meal on a six hr flight was stingy. - not even snacks. Unfriendly staff. No opportunity to choose seats despite checking in online the day before - we were allocated 2 adjacent seats but there were none others shown as available on the entire aircraft."

Pro: "The crew were very friendly and helpful."
Contra: "I am a very tall man and was unable to have an exit row seat. It was not explained why just that they were not available. When I booked the flights I was told to get to the airport as early as possible as exit row seats cannot be booked."

Pro: "Very good connection, big entertainment selection."
Contra: "The crew and the service wasn't the best. A bit slow, and unfriendly. Not what I expected! It's been very cold."

Pro: "The entire experience from booking, to checking-in, to the actual experience on board the flight were so smooth, I thought it was too good to be true. Turbulence usually makes me nervous, but I barely felt it on this flight. Finally and most importantly, on such a long-haul flight, the entertainment options were amazing,"
Contra: "The food and the Duty Free shopping selection could improve a little bit."

Contra: "."

Contra: "No entertainment"

Contra: "Hello, Qatar airways give me set no 42 H and the knew I am useing Weill cheir And I can't walk so good but still give set no 42 h on the end of aircraft Was so bad I can't tell u"

Pro: "I felt like I mattered. Clean and classy."

Pro: "Qatar Airways are one the best around and when your on one the A380's it's even better."

Contra: "They didn't let me pray for couple of minutes in the flight. Other non-muslim airlines let us pray in the back. Will not choose this airline of they don't change their policy"

Pro: "The crew was attentive and personable"
Contra: "for a long ride maybe better cushions"

Pro: "Delta crews are very friendly and helpful. Seats are 'good' on the E175 plane - better than the cramped CRJ200 on some other short flights. We boarded early, left a little early and arrived early. Nothing to complain about, except maybe a crying baby behind me, but that's not Delta's fault. :)"

Pro: "Flight was short"
Contra: "My seat didn’t have a window. The woman who booked it told me there was limited recline, THERE WAS NO RECLINE, and she left out there is no window even though she asked me if I wanted window or isle and I chose window. I felt like I was in a closet. Landing was incredibly harsh."

Pro: "Crew was so friendly and helpful!"
Contra: "My suitcase arrived damaged."

Pro: "Empty seats direct into Indy."
Contra: "Rough landing."

Pro: "great crew"

Pro: "All needs were met."
Contra: "There was a fire truck with lights going on the run way when we arrived. Wasn’t concerned because the crew didn’t seem concerned but would have also liked to have been told to not be concerned due to other passengers worrying. But you can’t know everything so no big deal"

Pro: "they let me drink the whole can of soda..."
Contra: "turn lights on during service. be friendlier. allow to purchase seats anywhere BESIDES the middle seat. seriously?"

Pro: "It was quick"
Contra: "Horribly shaky. Thought I was going to throw up. The male flight attendant came off as rude. Just happy I got off the plane alive because it was rough"

Pro: "Really nice flight crew who braved the storm to get us home when everyone else was getting cancelled."

Pro: "No food or entertainment on a short hop of ~ 150 miles by air; I would have preferred to rate “N/A” but this wasn’t an option."

Pro: "Everything was on time and efficient. I also liked that the captain came on and updated us on arrival, turbulence, weather, etc."

Pro: "Not much"
Contra: "Seats very uncomfortable no room to move"

Contra: "On my trip from Atlanta to Mexico City it was overbooked, they booked me on a different plane, which was 2 hrs delayed...which caused me to missed the flight from Mexico City to leon."

Pro: "Pleasant."
Contra: "It was scheduled so late at night."

Pro: "Everything. Pilots and crew"

Contra: "Tv"

Contra: "1/12 hours late had to change out equipment"

Pro: "Courteous staff."
Contra: "Having to check a firearm inside and having it looked at by non-tsa personnel."

Pro: "Nice flight and good staff and service"

Pro: "Entertainment system is awesome and similar to what I usually see only on international flights."

Pro: "same"

Pro: "The entertainment system"
Contra: "That one flight attendant brushed me off with a wave of her hand... SUPER RUDE!"

Pro: "quick trip, no problems"

Contra: "Turbulence"

Contra: "Delayed"

Contra: "Several things. Dropping off luggage. Security. Late flight departure."

Pro: "Sitting in middle isle, just get elbowed a lot."
Contra: "Nothing"

Pro: "The entertainment is always great on delta and they have new snacks now!"
Contra: "Cabin service took a bit longer than normal and we were stuck on the tarmack for at least 30 mins waiting to take off. Not anyone’s fault, just annoying"

Pro: "Everything, confort, pilot's comunication..taking different route to NY to avoid weather, and wind problem."

Pro: "The agent on my departure flight at the ATL airport was amazing, boarding was quick, the flight attendants were great! I had an overall great experience."
Contra: "Turbulence was pretty bad both flights."

Pro: "Newer plane! Comfortable"
Contra: "Nothing just great"

Pro: "Got from point A to point B"
Contra: "nothing all was good as expected."

Pro: "lte leaving Houston, cancelled flight back from Atlanta, reset to 3 hrs later, wound up leaving 12 hrs later."

Pro: "The seats were comfortable, service was good, movie/entertainment selection great. Logistics for flight were awesome, there was no long layover."
Contra: "The extra fee for check-in baggage."

Pro: "Flight was smooth and uneventful, comfort plus seat was comfy and sky priority lines were nice perk."
Contra: "No food / no entertainment at all. Not that I cared. Ran out of overhead compartment space fast."

Pro: "Great stewardesses, good food"

Pro: "Landed safely"
Contra: "Last row of a cramped 18 row plane with seats that did not recline!"

Pro: "Not much"
Contra: "Delays"

Contra: "Due to last minute and absurd changes made to my itinerary by Delta, i was not on this flight."

Pro: "The onboard entertainment system was awesome.seats were comfortable."
Contra: "Flight was a bit bumpy."

Contra: "Customer service was terrible and the flight departed before the departure time; as a result I missed my returning flight although i got to the airport an hour early."

Contra: "Old aircraft. No food variety. Old entertaining system. Delayed."

Pro: "The entertainment."

Pro: "Cockpit kept us informed regarding minor maintenance delay."
Contra: "Was charged twice for one beverage. Also a receipt was not offered so this makes me think the flight attendant knew about the mistake but didn't want to address the error."

Pro: "The pilot landed much smoother this time."
Contra: "The late arrival"

Pro: "Same"
Contra: "Same"

Pro: "Delta"
Contra: "Delta wonderful airline"

Pro: "The comfortable seats and it was an almost empty plane!"
Contra: "The flight was delayed several times and once we did take off, we were still late arriving and it caused me to miss out on a lot of my night and my trip!"

Contra: "So cold for an overnight flight."

Pro: "Crew helpful. Food good."
Contra: "Better range of movies please"

Pro: "Seats super comfy. Ended up with 3 seats to myself that formed a bed for the lap Uk to NZ. Very nice!"

Pro: "Great crew, comfortable seating with enough leg room."
Contra: "Provide dinner before getting to joburg, instead of a snack. Flight arrives late so dinner would be appreciated"

Pro: "The staff was super nice, the services good. Clear lines about baggage allowance."
Contra: "The flight was delayed and due to this I missed my car connection. I had to prolong my trip by 4 hours, untill I found another connection. I know this was not a klm issue, but rather airport related, but the inconvenience was still. Thus, my lower satisfaction grade"

Pro: "The staff was super nice, the services good. Clear lines about baggage allowance."
Contra: "The flight was delayed and due to this I missed my car connection. I had to prolong my trip by 4 hours, untill I found another connection. I know this was not a klm issue, but rather airport related, but the inconvenience was still. Thus, my lower satisfaction grade"

Pro: "Good for both."
Contra: "Bigger seats."

Pro: "The crew"
Contra: "Seat comfort"

Pro: "quick/efficient boarding - good staff - good food - easy flight !"
Contra: "the connecting times for klm seem to be very close - if your running late to start - you may not make your next one -"

Pro: "well mannered and attentive crew - good supply of complimentary food/drink - good over all comfort"
Contra: "boarding was running very far behind - considering this is mainly a hub operations carrier - resulted in several passengers missing their connecting flights -"

Contra: "I called for a crew member 5 times and waited 25 minutes for anyone to help me with just some water. I had to get up and go to the very back of the plane to ask for some water. The plane was hot and no air to be found. This was all after we had to get back off the plane before takeoff. It was terrib"

Pro: "Nice seats. Only seats with a row of 2, which is what I wanted,"

Pro: "Good food, friendly service"
Contra: "More trash pickup; only one round of beverage service"

Pro: "MCR airport Mert & Greet parking was smooth and efficient."
Contra: "Flight was delayed 2 hours due to bad weather. Additional baggage payment to Air Baltic did not show up on the KLM system and we had to pay again. Nowhere to address this with Air Baltic even in Tallin. Handlers seem uninterested and refer us to ‘the website to address the issue.....’"

Pro: "Time and Good clean place.. in This case airpöane.."
Contra: "It was not entreteiment st all"

Pro: "Efficient crew"
Contra: "Long, slow line at check in. Not many new movies or tv shows"

Pro: "Everything was clean and well organized."
Contra: "The flight was delayed 1 1/2 hours."

Pro: "The food rocks! I know that I will always be eating well with KLM. The staff is always so nice, professional and cordial...I always know I'll be in good hands with the flight."

Pro: "The attention and service!! Excellent. It was my birthday and KLM the head purser surprised me with 2 bottles of bubbles and a handwritten birthday card KlM and the crew of this flight thank you very much !"
Contra: "Nothing to say"

Contra: "KLM staff in the Prague airport were some of the rudest humans I have ever met. So incredibly uncaring and outright mean."

Pro: "Food was excellent, frequent and filling"
Contra: "The seat was not comfortable compared to my prior leg of the journey. Unfortunately the bathrooms were not clean, I understand that it's not the sole responsibility of the crew and passengers need to be mindful too."

Contra: "Boarding was confusing and disorganized"

Pro: "Sound was broken on my TV set!"
Contra: "Called stewardess twice to assist. No response!"

Contra: "infotainment was down. Lost my luggage the flight was delayed"

Contra: "Our total flight time was about 17 hours - MAD- AMS-LAX. My husband and I both have an internationally approved carry on luggages with us. When we checked in - they asked us to both check in our carry on luggage. The reason why is because they said they don’t think they have enough space for our carry ons. I told the crew member checking us in that other people that was checking in with the same hand carry size luggage with us had no problems taking it with them. For being about to be on a 17 HOUR FLIGHT we should be ALLOWED to have our carry ons with us! We take carry ons for that reason! I had to argue and prove my case to the crew member to atleast keep 1 carry on with us. I thought that was an UNACCEPTABLE reason for us to check in a carry on luggage when we had a 17 hour travel time ahead of us. Not a happy costumer here."

Pro: "Boarding was as expected, crew & food were ok. Nothing else positive to extract out of this flight."
Contra: "Delayed flight, horrible baggae policy when the flight is actually operated by a partner of the company you bought the ticket from and not the actual company. Dirty seats, no in-flight entertainment whatsoever (not even a magazine)."

Pro: "The aircraft was clean"
Contra: "The food was terrible, wifi was extremely expensive (Delta had free messaging over their wifi)"

Contra: "Headset jack only worked if the headset plug was in EXACTLY the right spot."

Pro: "The staff the facilities the food all ******. Will definetly look forward to choose both delta and KLM"

Pro: "The staff were professional and friendly The food was very good and plentiful The inflight entertainment has lots of choices The bathrooms remained clean All in stark contrast with BA with who I did the same flight 2 weeks ago and all the above points were very poor"
Contra: "Nothing"

Pro: "Nice seats, comfortable."
Contra: "Again, no aisle seat for SkyTeam Gold member. Also, my baggage was lost. First bag arrived a day late, second after I had left Billund and it was six days before the bag with my clothes reached me. I was told I will have 100 euro credit for clothing, but in the winter and for 6 days, this was not even close to the amount I needed for clothing and necessities, to have my time here."

Pro: "In flight food was enjoyable"

Pro: "Crew good flight was fine apart from delay due to fog in Amsterdam but kept informed"
Contra: "Flight was delayed due to weather in Amsterdam area"

Contra: "KLM can't seem to figure out the order of boarding the plane. Should be business - priority - everyone else. Instead they do priority first, and that's usually two-thirds of the passengers. Also, really tired of the fake business class on these flights..."

Pro: "The pilot kept us informed periodically during our journey. I liked that we could choose our seating online. The entertainment was good."
Contra: "The plane was dirty, all seats did not have pillows and blankets. Seating was not very comfortable, particularly as there was a box attached to one of the legs of the seat in front of me, making it necessary to move my legs to an uncomfortable angle."

Pro: "Timing & efficiency. Good food though only a sandwich."
Contra: "Nothing. Could say there was no entertainment but I didn't want entertainment on such a short flight"

Contra: "Long stop over at Schiphol. Too Long!!!!"

Pro: "Crew was friendly, and the food was better than the usual KLM fare."
Contra: "The "new" seats were hard and uncomfortable. Avoid any kinds of seats near the bathroom in a configuration with 3 abreast next to the windows. The "aisle" seat is essentially a "waiting area" for the rest room."

Pro: "Quick (relatively) flight."
Contra: "Skinniest seat ever. Couldn't even lean back. I now have hunchback."

Pro: "Short layover connecting from US flight and luggage transferred ok to destination. Food option not great but at least they didn't charge for it unlike some other airlines. No entertainment but to be expected on such a short flight."

Pro: "Overall very nice flight, even comes with free drink and snack"

Contra: "Taking off late caused me stress because I had transferring flight within less than two hours in transit originally. So we arrived later about 50 minutes so I had to manage my situation and find my next gate and be on time. And an other thing that I disliked was that I was allowed to have only one baggage which was very unusual for international flight between two countenances. And the crew was not polite enough so she made fun of my Cary-on. In short, I expected more from KLM which is famous for them being "Royal" but not acting as one of them."

Pro: "Excellent crew made this flight very enjoyable. A lot of information during the flight about the route, arrival times and clear explanation of the departure delay. Very friendly and attentive."
Contra: "Only 1 drinks round on a 3h flight."

Contra: "Stranded for 48 hours in Africa. Missed 3 flights due to complete incompetence, truly a horrible experience."

Pro: "The price was nice."
Contra: "Plane looked unkept on exterior. Crew was nice but lazy."

Pro: "pleasant"
Contra: "Pleasant"

Pro: "New plane, new seats, new entertainment system. All very goo to great. The dinner was above average in terms of taste but the breakfast was pretty ordinary."
Contra: "Breakfast food wasn't very good."

Contra: "Our first flight got delayed, so we had to miss our flight from Berlin to Amsterdam."

Pro: "The crew was helpful and the airplane was very impressive although we travelled using Kenya airways"
Contra: "In Paris we were not properly directed to where the flight was departing."

Pro: "Loved the crew and the food and the best in flight entertainment to date. Also was super comfortable. Super recommend for long haul!"

Pro: "nothing, was a terrible experience"
Contra: "Plane had engine problems, half way turned around went back to ams. I missed my ride, cost me extra money"

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Informații legate de COVID-19

Măsurile de siguranță ale companiile care zboară către Galveston

Companiile aeriene care zboară către Galveston au adoptat măsuri de siguranță suplimentare și și-au modificat politicile pentru a răspunde mai bine nevoilor călătorilor. Politicile variază de la o companie la alta.

Igienizare sporită

Curățenie zilnică, instalare a filtrelor HEPA în cabine pe zborurile către Galveston

Mască obligatorie

Măști obligatorii la îmbarcare, măști oferite pe zborurile către Galveston

Locuri care respectă distanțarea socială

Scaunele din mijloc indisponibile pentru rezervare pe zborurile către Galveston

Testare înainte de zbor

Testare pentru anticorpi, testare pentru simptome pe zborurile către Galveston

Rezervă bilete de avion ieftine Galveston

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