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DeltaScor general bazat pe 31523 evaluări
Evaluările companiei aeriene

Didn’t have any food and certainly there was no entertainment on flight. There should be an choice on review of “N/A” for not applicable.

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Didn’t have any food and certainly there was no entertainment on flight. There should be an choice on review of “N/A” for not applicable.

Fast boarding, great crew.

The airport at Bucharest is a nightmare. Rude agents at the Delta partners desks and no directions for finding the correct place to go. Boarding at Amsterdam took over one and one half hours by the time we were sent through three security lines at the gate. No explanation for why we were herded through one line and then sent to another and then finally through another security procedure where they wiped us down for something. Atlanta was probably normal for there. All three legs of the flight were late but I did make it home after a very frustrating and exhausting 24 hours. At this moment I feel as if I will never go anywhere again,.

The flight was quick, with no delays. The crew was nice and helpful!

KLM flight sucks! Not very active about telling passengers to put in their mask over the nose. 🙄

Missed flight

All 8f rhe main dishes in business class had cumin or other sharp spices which I can not tolerate

Contra: "Flight crew did not enforce mask mandate"
Pro: "My flight got delayed twice. Had to get rebooked."
Pro: "Good Crew. Landing was very smooth"
Contra: "line to drop bag was so long!! but on the plus side, we were through it in an hour and didn't miss our flight!"
Contra: "No option to watch movies"
Pro: "Great people working the flight"
Contra: "Seating arrangements"
Contra: "The Entertainment display didn't work."
Pro: "Great crew, easy process overall"
Contra: "Make 1st class cheaper and give free wifi!"
Pro: "Very nice crew, precisely respects the flight schedule"
Contra: "none"
Pro: "Overall the flight was very comfortable."
Contra: "none"
Pro: "Love the fact that the head rests move to support your head better."
Pro: "Every seat had an entertainment screen, with a variety games, movies, or flight information available."
Contra: "The flight arrived 20 minutes early (win), but we then proceeded to have to wait about 15 minutes to pull into the gate because the previous plane handing left yet."
Pro: "Crew was nice and welcoming"
Contra: "Well, if our plane had been leaving on time it would've been superb."
Pro: "The boarding process was smooth ."
Contra: "The cleanliness of the seat and tray area."
Pro: "On time this time"
Contra: "Nothing"
Pro: "The closeness of the airport in proximity to my house as well as the ease of finding your gate and boarding."
Contra: "There were so many passengers and such a small plane. There was NO leg room and the lady in front of me wanted to recline her seat, when I’m already claustrophobic to begin with. It was hot and the air above our head was barely working. There was one flight attendant who was blatantly rude to an elderly lady about her bags under the seat before the flight took off. To make this all worse, I had to suffer through all of this discomfort for over an hour for a 25 minute flight."
Pro: "The movies kept my daughter busy."
Pro: "Uneventful and on time"
Pro: "nothing"
Contra: "the flight attendant gets the order starting from the back and by the time she gets to the front there's no more selection for breakfast except for what is left that nobody like."
Pro: "The entertainment was really good and the service was excellent. Flight attendants were great. Enjoyed my complimentary beverage and on time departure and arrival."
Contra: "It was hard to understand what zone was boarding. Hard to hear and understand made It impossible. And the plane seemed smaller, seats were very close to one another, and it was difficult to get comfortable. I'm not big either."
Pro: "Seats were spacious"
Contra: "No entertainment, snacks were bad and plane was old."
Contra: "1/12 hours late had to change out equipment"
Pro: "Attendants very friendly and helpful. Greeted everyone with a smile and a pleasant voice. One woman was having a very hard time. She evidently was afraid to fly and wanted to get off the plane. The attendants were very kind to her, spent time with her and informed the pilot. The pilot made several comments using her name making sure she knew every time we were about to run into some turbulence. I thought that was very kind."
Contra: "Sometimes very hard to hear the instructions and the pilot when they are speaking. Snacks are very small quantity and often stale"
Pro: "Short trip"
Contra: "Very hot ride"
Pro: "Entertainment system great. Individual choices include recent movies. On board staff very nice"
Contra: "We had issues with baggage. Delta was supposed to transfer 4 bags to Disney for Magic Express transportation. Only 3 went. Disney tried hard to fix problem, and even gave us something to ameliorate the situation. Delta took hard line, wasn't helpful and gave nothing. It took 2 days to find bag."
Pro: "crew was professional and seats werre comfortable. flight departed late but arrived on time."
Contra: "nothing to say."
Pro: "Nice flight and good staff and service"
Pro: "Everything went smoothly."
Contra: "The row I chose for a seat was next to the bathrooms. Those seats don’t recline. Found it it’s very hard to sleep sitting upright. That made the flight and the first day of my international trip difficult. It would be nice for the sites seat selection feature to include such nfo on seats. I paid nearly $2000 for a shitty seat."
Pro: "Flight was faster than expected, comfy seats, check in was fast and easy."
Pro: "same"
Contra: "I paid for an upgraded seat and it was still very cramped"
Contra: "My suitcase was ruined."
Pro: "Good flight no problems with boarding and take off"
Contra: "No blankets, it was cold and it was a 4.5 hr trip"
Contra: "I don't like that I already completed this survey several days ago and have been receiving reminders to do so. I guess you don't have a good system in place for knowing who has and has not completed your surveys. That's too bad."
Pro: "eventless"
Contra: "Although I understand the needed delay, it would have been nice to have been served ice water in the hot cabin, instead of a small cup of tepid water."
Contra: "I felt too cramped in to the plane. Our KLM FLIGHT WAS CANCELLED THE DAY BEFORE THE FLIGHT."
Pro: "Stewardess named "Mel.""
Contra: "Paid for upgraded seat to "Comfort" for both of us. Bank account was charged for both. Got to gate and only one of us was upgraded. Gate agents said there was nothing hey could do, and that I had to call customer service. Nothing, in person. Terrible"
Pro: "Very nice entertainment and staff"
Pro: "Same"
Contra: "Same"
Pro: "Flight was quick, Crew was friendly"
Contra: "Plane was older with no power connections"
Pro: "Reachung my destination"
Contra: "I can appreciate the stress on everybody's mind but this was the worst time i had flying. Short story, 10am thursday-7pm friday. Less short story, 4 airlines, 3 security screenings and 2 customs stop points.7 delays, 2 cancels and 1 miss. It was a ping pong nightmare and 2 times it was suggested i take a bus...after i spent the money on a plane ticket with no offer of compensation, food vouchers or hotel accommodation. Delta has to convince me to come back to them."
Pro: "lte leaving Houston, cancelled flight back from Atlanta, reset to 3 hrs later, wound up leaving 12 hrs later."
Pro: "I liked that from China to Seattle on the flight itself they took very good care of us making sure we were all comfortable, hydrated and well fed."
Contra: "The Shanghai airport did not open luggage drop off until 3hours before my flight when I was told it would open 5 hours prior, as well as tried to get me to leave to rent a hotel for the night as my layover was a few hours, then delayed Seattle boarding for over 45 minutes, once we were on the plane we were then told we were number 25 to leave therefore leaving us another hour and a half of a delay."
Contra: "Delta Flight #1494 On my return flight, I had to pay for a 2nd ticket to fly out early since Delta was cancelling flights to the south and I didn’t want to get stuck in Philadelphia. When the plane arrived for a layover in Atlanta, there was a flight going on from the first 2 people waiting to deplane. In my distraction and fear, I left my water bottle next to my seat. When I realized that I had left it, I went back to the gate and told the gate attendant that my bottle was next to my seat. She would not call down to the plane, nor walk down, and told me I had to wait until the entire flight had boarded. I explained that my connecting flight was boarding across the airport. The bottle was expensive and had great sentimental value. A couple times, I tried to ask people boarding the flight if they would tell a flight attendant to retrieve my bottle. The gate attendant told the boarding passenger to ignore me. When the flight had completely boarded, the gate attendant went down to the plane only to return to me to tell me that the flight attendant(s) allowed the cleaning crew to take the bottle. The gate attendant called the cleaning service and then she told me that the bottle was waiting at the tower and that I could ask at my next gate to have the bottle delivered to that gate. Since my connecting flight had already started boarding I had to run/train it across the airport to arrive at the gate. When I told the 2nd gate attendant, the story and asked him to call the tower to get my bottle, he told me that “wasn’t a thing” and that the 1st gate attendant lied to me. I had to board since they were getting ready to close the plane. This incident was compounded to many unpleasant experiences I’ve had with Delta over the past few years (losing my luggage and lying about it, damaging my suitcase, etc., etc.). I don’t understand how you can continue to be successful as an airline when you run your operation the way Delta does."

Was not able to pay for checked luggage online. Even 24 hours before flying. More expensive at the airport.

Luggage handling. Arrived in Johannesburg without my luggage. Communication regarding lost luggage is basically non-existent.

No online check-in, so not ideal for business travellers having to queue to check-in at Zurich airport

Flight to Florence delayed. All passengers took a bus to Pisa (1.5 hours away) to fly Pisa to Paris. We missed our connection and flew next day. All information regarding the delay online was incorrect ("system not yet updated") . So calling Air France was useless as they could not assist. Not all flight delays can be avoided but many improvements are needed throughout this process.

4 flights in 3 weeks between arrival and departure and all flights delayed about 5 to 6 hours ! What’s going on with AF ?! Not a low cost and you paid for that service !?!? Not anymore

Pro: "Upgrade was easy! Crew was beyond exceptionable! Can’t wait to fly again, guys!"
Pro: "Crew are the best!"
Contra: "Air France’s apathy towards its customers is shocking. Traveling with three children , our flight was delayed by 3hrs resulting us arriving in Paris after 1AM. With the airport shuttle(CDVAL) to our airport hotel closed, they offered no assistance despite of my request. Simply asked us to take a taxi (when all taxi stands are abandoned at 2AM). Beware if traveling with family."
Pro: "Na"
Contra: "They have a terrible communication problem, they never communicated why the flight was late, they never communicated what they were doing or what was happening. Bad customer service. Bad communication with the client. They told us when I asked several times that we would not lose our connection and that everything was fine and that was not the case. We lost the connection. No one told us anything. Another problem was that the girl in the boarding process removed the suitcases tickets from the boarding pass and did not want to return them, and held it without any cause. The flight staff went looking for us. Pretty sad and disappointed by their service. I understand that they were causes outside the airline but must communicate to the client. They cannot remain silent and say nothing."
Pro: "Crew was great but at the airport they had us weight our carry on and then made us check it for 90 euro."
Contra: "Only a steward that did not help us with luggage when neede..."
Pro: "The seats were spacious and the crew was wonderful. The crew actually made the long flight more tolerable. Will seek out Delta/Air France for further international flights."
Contra: "Seat angle adjustment was not the most comfortable for sleeping."
Pro: "It was very comfortable and pleasant."
Contra: "Could be a little better the service, the dinner was late"
Pro: "Crew was great. Seats were comfortable."
Contra: "The airline lost both of my luggage suitcases."
Pro: "Great newer plane, great service!"
Pro: "Crew was good, seat was not, it was freezing cold and one little blanket was inadequate!"
Contra: "Provide another blanket when needed, was wearing shorts and a short sleeve shirt."
Pro: "Crew was really good, polite, efficient. The aircraft was relatively new and clean (rare for an airline to provide a new craft on an Africa segment). Food was good, seats comfortable. Will definitely make them my airline of choice to the extent that I can cost wise."
Pro: "Everything was great"
Contra: "N/A"
Pro: "Fantastic Crew!"
Contra: "Seats are comfortable but tight."
Contra: "There was no entertainment and there was a lot of annoyed passengers and flight attendants"
Contra: "My entertainment device did not work the entire flight."
Pro: "Crew was very nice and the food was excellent"
Pro: "Crew was very nice. Food was good and tasty."
Contra: "Plane seemed a little worn, which surprised me since it was an A380. Not that old. I had purchased an upgrade to a seat with more legroom, only to find out there was no USB plug for charging my phone. All standard seats have them. Would have been nice to be warned about that."
Pro: "Food was ok."
Contra: "Very little room in economy class. For a 6'1" person, it's impossible to get comfortable."
Contra: "They lost my luggage :("
Pro: "Extremely hot the plane"
Pro: "Flight was on time."
Contra: "Food could have been much better in comparison with other airlines."
Pro: "Cheap ticket"
Contra: "The fact that you cheapskates don't allow credit or refund is downright usury. I didn't take that flight because of medical issues that caused me to cancel my trip 2 weeks in advance. I pleaded with you to be able to take a credit, to no avail. You lost a customer."
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "Missed flight due to lack of direction, last minute gate change and they shut door in our face after telling us they were holding plane"
Pro: "Everything"
Pro: "From the boarding, to the friendly hostesses to the food and the business class seat, I was impressed all the way. My first time to fly Air France business to the US and it was great. I recommend it!"
Contra: "I just expected better toilet bag for business but what was given out was just basic."
Pro: "Enjoyed my food, especially tasty for airplan fare!"
Contra: "Not enough leg room"
Pro: "Staff"
Contra: "We were 2h late"
Pro: "Food has improved a lot on business class. Meals are more creative."
Contra: "Water bottles not given out unless ou ask for it. Crew needs to better trained with how to handle business class..."
Pro: "The crew was very friendly and professional. The food very good"
Contra: "First the plane was delayed because of a technical issue that I think they should check before The plane was crowded and old."
Pro: "Very helpful cabin crew and did well to communicate in English to me. Flight was on time and landed ahead of schedule"
Contra: "Entertainment system had to be rebooted as it did not work Small screen handset was not working for the entire flight food selection was not as big as KLM or China Eastern Bathroom on board was smaller than KLM or China Eastern which meant changing into more comfortable clothing for the night flight"
Pro: "The stewardesses were extremely kind and helpful to me as I was travelling alone with my toddler. I really appreciated their help and kindness."
Pro: "The crew took care with calm and kindness of a man in deep distress and erratic behavior. Impressive. More generally , the crew showed respect and attention to all passengers. Not frequent."
Pro: "Speed, professionalism"
Contra: "Nothing"
Pro: "The crew, the service, the food and beverages"
Contra: "The 3 hours delay"
Pro: "Everything was very prefect and would love to fly again."
Contra: "NA"
Pro: "The price 50€ cheaper than the other operators. Quick flight. Kind crew."
Contra: "Lack organisation for checking. No difference if you have done the checking online. No breakfast on a 7am flight though included in the price."
Contra: "There were not noodle soup ready this time."
Pro: "Friendly people on board"
Contra: "Crew was not very responsive. It would take over 45 minutes for them to respond to a customer call. Plane landed and we were kept on runway for 1.15 hours and crew only checked in with us twice during that time. People were panicking regarding missing their connections"
Pro: "Great people"
Contra: "It was an hour late"
Pro: "No issues, quick trip, friendly staff, comfortable ride..."
Pro: "It was a 30min flight not much to say The crew on the ground really took care of us"
Contra: "Na"
Pro: "quick flight 10 min ahead schedule"
Pro: "Boarding was quick and efficient. Flight attendants are always very friendly and attentive on Air France flights."
Contra: "Vegetarian food choices always leave much to be desired."

Flight was cancelled. AA customer service is a nightmare. A lot of flights cancelled during the night we had to stay on a hotel until next day and pay for expenses Very disappointed

Sat on the plane for hours only to Have the pilot time out and walk off the plane. Back up pilot showed up and the flight was canceled. No other flights to get me to My destination for 3 days. My luggage was still sent to my destination even though the flight was cancelled. Very bad experience with American Airline and I will do everything I can to never fly American Airlines again

Boarding was organized. Space enough for luggage. Crew consistent about asking passengers to mask up.

Contra: "Offer a beverage"
Contra: "flight was packed and attendants were nice but gone are the days of comfortable travel in coach"
Contra: "Free WiFi"
Pro: "The seat was a caca"
Pro: "service"
Contra: "offer coffee at least"
Contra: "Better bathroom access for premium economy"
Contra: "No room for long legs. Seats too close"
Pro: "Boarding was quick and well organized. Crew was friendly."
Contra: "By the time the snack service was completed, the plane was already descending and the crew had to pick up the service items before people had a chance to finish."
Contra: "Food was horrible to Tv screen not working for a long flight it’s not nice"
Contra: "Try to be on time!"
Contra: "Instead of taking my one half of one ounce plastic cup half-full of wine, the stewad, allowed me to keep it. I love common sense."
Contra: "4 gate changes, delayed delayed delayed. UGH. Sirens going off at gate no staff around to turn it off or talk to. Lady at counter very upset with pilot. We had a plane at the 2 gate but no flight crew. Next gate no plane but crew. Who organizes this? American airlines has some work to do!"
Contra: "I missed this connecting flight."
Contra: "The online information was inaccurate on where the pet relief areas were located and I nearly missed my flight as a result. Need to install more ESA /Supprt animal relief areas to make It more friendly to travelers. Very stressful experience overall"
Pro: "Nice seat. Good food. Good service."
Pro: "We always have a good trip in American Airlines. Is better now that they have the same rate from PBI and FLL"
Contra: "We will love when they have Admiral club in PBI"
Pro: "was a very pleasant flight"
Contra: "some of the overhead bins weren't working properly but its an older plane so i totally understand."
Pro: "Fast trip!"
Contra: "We were delayed because of a broken tray table and then the broken tray table was mine. But we made it, and the flight was good, so it was fine."
Contra: "Tiny seats. Very uncomfortable for 17 hours."
Pro: "Roomy seats"
Contra: "Long wait for clearance"
Pro: "The selection of music and movies to watch was extensive and wide ranging. All the Star Wars movies as well as great Disney movies as well."
Contra: "Felt very rushed when eating. Once the food/drinks were dropped off, it seems right away the staff was ready to pick up and clean."
Pro: "Flight was on time"
Contra: "The plane was too old. It is shameful. Avianca should stop using this plane"
Pro: "The flight was smooth."
Contra: "The crew announced we would not receive beverage service without a reason. Also there was very little air coming from the vents, so not to receive a cold beverage on a hot airplane for a 72 minute flight (should've been 52 minutes; however we were delayed on tarmac) is not logical."
Pro: "Boarding was fast!"
Contra: "The staff was not great! When I had just arrived to the gate, they had already called group 5 so I went up and presented my boarding pass and the crew made a facial expression of annoyance since group 5 was called and they were boarding group 7. When I entered the plane, one of the staff just looked at me twice without saying hello back. I said it twice and the same lady gave me a cold goodbye when I was leaving the plane. There was no entertainment!!!! Also, no plug to charge my phone that I had to wait to charge my phone after getting my bags to contact a taxi driver (Lyft)."
Pro: "Great crew. Nice passengers."
Contra: "Food not so good"
Pro: "The pilot did a great job flying. Very smooth."
Contra: "The flight attendants were pretty mean and just overall dissatisfied. Apparently we had community water to share? Everyone gets water from the same bottle?? Too strange."
Pro: "Crew was friendly and professional"
Pro: "Easy access to the Laboratory, location of my seat"
Contra: "The flight attendants were not that friendly and do not like me asking for so much water (4 times) on a 9.5 hour flight. This was operated by American Airlines...they need to be nice and smile. I asked for a gluten-free meal which they did not have two hours later I find attendant gave me a meal from first class but someone did not eat. A little disappointed!"
Pro: "Puntualidad"
Contra: "Servicio a bordo; un sandwiche viejo y agua!"
Pro: "Flt time!"
Contra: "Boarding announcer was rude"
Contra: "Seat would not recline. Normally wouldn't be an issue, but it would have been nice to be more comfortable on a 9 hour flight."
Contra: "Most disorganized boarding ever seen. cabin crew disengaged. food average."
Pro: "Great service. With FOOD!!! Real Food! The entertainment system was great ( I played most of the flight) On time!"
Contra: "Always delaysd"
Contra: "Missed my connecting flight to to 3 delays."
Pro: "Arrived early"
Contra: "No gate available upon early arrival. Paying extra for aisle seats is ridiculous."
Pro: "Crew was nice"
Contra: "I would like to be able to let the passenger next to me to close the shade. He slept , the sun was not in his face ."
Pro: "The staff was so nice and helped me find my way around."
Contra: "Food prices a bit high when compared to buying the same thing outside the airport."
Pro: "crew was exceptionally polite and courteous."
Contra: "free beverages were rushed, many passengers not get same mostly because of turbulence conditions"
Pro: "Very friendly staff."
Pro: "Frankly there isn't much to say here. After 7 flights in 2 weeks there was only 1 flight with great staff that actually cared about the customers and looked like they enjoyed their job. The rest treated guests with indifference at best."
Contra: "Customer service is dreadful, the planes are so old they still have cigarette lighter charges in first (but of course no adapters), no food/snacks of any significance, and they seemingly cancel flights at a whim with basically no staff to help re-book the lines of guests that have been disrupted. I pity those who loose luggage AA baggage services are flooded with lost baggage they just don't care any more. Seriously its embarrassing how little they care about customer service."
Pro: "It was easy checking in and getting boarding pass online. OMG"
Contra: "OMG. Horrible experience. The 8:20 am flight didn't leave 'til noon. There were several changes. We were moved to different gates FIVE TIMES!!!!!!!!!"
Contra: "Cancelled, had to stay in Dallas until next day"
Pro: "The people were amazing. They were the sweetest people and were so eger to learn. I have never been so neverous. We experienced a place where I need to help the ppl of the island and hopefully make the experience better. Fijians are so generous and amazing I will be back"
Contra: "Flight delayed, poor communication by AA on status of flight."
Pro: "well, everything was fine but it was a tiny plane so there wasn't any entertainment and it was a short flight so there wasn't any food."
Contra: "When it came to filling out our visa as we enter into Mexico, they handed out the paperwork as we were Landing I expected us to fill that out wild herring bounced around"


Pro: "Gate was super close to the lounge."
Contra: "The security check at the gate requires one to leave the comfort of the lounge early incase of queues and then wait in an over crowded lounge with the other passengers (so the fact you are business/first or have one world status does little to ease the burden of boarding. The lounge also did not offer red eye passengers a meal and the on board meal service is slow (so if you are hungry it eats into precious sleeping time). The breakfast wakeup was also disappointing. My meal of choice was not available and the whole process was rushed like a fast food restaurant. Overall I am disappointed by the club world offering on this route and would not pay for it again unless intended to get on and just sleep for the entire journey."
Contra: "You could have not cancelled my flight after rebooking a connection"
Pro: "Wonderful to fly on a small airline that still believes in service - a free cup of coffee and a Tunnocks biscuit - whereas many larger airlines charge for coffee etc."
Contra: "all"
Contra: "Initial delay and then take off delay because slot time had not been updated. Our family missed connections. Disaster follow up in terminal!!! So far far we have been over six hours from check in and are still not through immigration. This for an hour flight."
Pro: "Efficient crew on board"
Contra: "Long lines, late plane, could have started with two ticket people instead of one since plane was already late. Friendly crew though"
Pro: "NA"
Contra: "flight was delayed about 2 hours. First hour waited in the plane. Why they've boarded us if we were not able to take off and had to wait in the aircraft? Near Heathrow, we took loops for about one hour. Expensive and offering nothing, no luggage, no seat selection, no meal on board. BA worst than lo"
Pro: "Polite and helpful crew members."
Contra: "N\A"
Pro: "Virtually nothing, even in Club Europe."
Contra: "Crowded cabin, uncomfortable seat pitch, anarchic boarding (even for Club), lousy food and that ghastly safety video."
Pro: "The crew"
Pro: "Fare good"
Contra: "Old plane, everything terrible because of seat size and spacing"
Pro: "The check in process was easy and straightforward but we were in the front of the line--which was very long. The lady who checked us in was very nice and pleasant and she was there for boarding as well. This process was very smooth for us."
Contra: "No water available unless you paid for it --same true of coffee and they only take credit cards. Was not able to request seats early and ended up next to the bathroom and lots of people standing in my personal space and the smell is overwhelming--the chemical smell."
Contra: "room, more room, more room, one less seat would make all the difference in the world. but its all about money isnt it"
Pro: "A pleasant unexpected upgrade to premium economy was very welcomed. seat and food were better"
Contra: "the seat did not recline and thus it was not too comfortable sleeping."
Contra: "It was terrible cold. We received no free food or drinks."
Pro: "Boarding at the gate was quick and easy."
Contra: "Charge for Coke was USD$ 2. Did not advise Gate fpr LHR to Venice until45 minutes. Had more seating at the gate then the main terminal "A". It was in "B" gate."
Pro: "I think people could entertain themselves but to me it is deplorable to not offer at least complementary water. Complementary coffee would be a nice touch too but at least water."
Pro: "Great value for the money, nicely priced round trip. Very well scheduled flights, good connections, easy to travel."
Contra: "Little legroom on long flights, no wi fi on board overseas flights, even for purchase. No food available on Europe international flights, but for purchase."
Pro: "Very little"
Contra: "Crew, ground staff, courtesy, service orientation all hugely lacking."
Pro: "Friendly staff. The food was Ok. The flight was on time."
Contra: "My onboard entertainment system's headphone didnt work. I Was told there is nothing they can do about it, which is fair enough, but i dont think it was fair on me. People kept bumping into my shoulder but i guess there isn't much that can be done about it."
Contra: "was about last being served the meal and the crew member asked for the tray before i was finished. apparently my glasses were on the tray and were thrown away. the entertainment package was good as well as the comfort of the seat even if they allowed very little room between seats. was particularly annoyed that i was guided to go through security again after landing from munich."
Pro: "I love the fact that I was able to find a good price for the tickets...JUST THAO"
Contra: "The fact that the flight was delayed and they didn’t tell about it until 1.30-2 hours before leaving...and that because we pressured them other wise they wouldn’t even bother to announce us. So sorry you guys don’t have another rating UNDER POOR BECAUSE I WOULD LOVE TO GIVE IT TO YOU...."
Pro: "I found everything to be acceptable for me."
Contra: "I was in seat 43A and the light from the galley was a mite bright from my seat, but I simply covered my head with the provided blanket and napped at will."
Contra: "No food!!! No coffee!!! No water!!! "Brilliant" like low-cost !!!!! Incredible!!!"
Contra: "Thank you"
Contra: "horrible seating"
Contra: "terribly small seats!!! I had a gout attack after this flight. horrible!"
Pro: "crew was very pleasant and helpful"
Contra: "i ve had seat no 49H the only seat in the airplane with the exterior arm rest whithout cover i took the seat but first time ive got up ive torne my jeans...(ripped them badly and scratched my leg in the sharp piece of metal coming out at the end of arm rest i have shown the crew memeber what happened(a male) in i have filled out a report with the"silver tie lady" i would kindly like to find out what type of compensation i will get for the unpleasant situation of walking around in the LA airport with a big hole in the back of my jeans i can be reached at "gmoldoveanu@yahoo.com" or ph (310) 626-3201 kind regards Moldoveanu George Gabriel"
Contra: "Please include a complimentary tea and/or snack."
Pro: "Food and service were great!"
Contra: "Babies crying, hate flying with Babies! Guy behind me kept pulling and kicking my seat, pain in the aaa!"
Contra: "No one informed me that I need a visa to UK even if am going just a transit. And when I called them they said we mentioned that you should call the embassy. And am sure no one calls the embassy after they booked a flight. I missed the flight they didn’t let me travel. And didn’t refunded me only the taxes. At least refund me the comming back ticket !"
Pro: "I liked that they were able to locate my missing bag and deliver it to my door"
Contra: "The missing bag update site does not work. Says unable to proceed.0"
Pro: "Crew was very courteous. Good movie selection."
Contra: "Did not get the seat I paid $67 for. The seat had a clump like an old fashioned mattress spring. Lucky I had the pillow! Impossible legroom esp. when the seat in front was lowered. Food was mediocre."
Pro: "Flight was on time and arrived a little early"
Contra: "Older plane"
Pro: "The snack provided onboard was tasty. The flight attendants took their job seriously."
Contra: "Southwest Airlines style seating with a foldable tray table over a middle seat. Sold as a business class cabin at a high price for an hour and a half flight but we left feeling ripped off. No boarding order and overall chaos boarding. I feel that for the price and being advertised as business class I was taken for a ride so to speak, and not in a good way. This would not qualify as business class on any other airline irregardless of how short the leg was."
Contra: "Seats were way too uncomfortable for a trans atlantic flight. Our seats from atl to lhr were much better The crew didn't hand us customs forms in the back of the plane"
Pro: "Attendance were friendly and helpful and courteous. The plane was clean and we arrived ahead of schedule."
Pro: "The crew."
Contra: "No leg room"
Pro: "On time, good entertainment"
Contra: "Your airways lost my bag on the both flights from MIA-LHR-VIE and on the way back VIE-LHR-MIA My entertainment system was broken. I paid for the seat at the end of the day I didn't get. The moat horrible flight I ever had. I will never again fly with British Airways"
Pro: "The plane got to destination earlier"
Contra: "No in flight entartaiment"
Pro: "I fly a lot between North America and Southeast Asia (usually on SQ). My BA flight was a perfectly acceptable long distance flight for a song, so that its best aspect was the low price. It was much better than any US airline's flight to SE Asia that I have been on from time to time, and was a solid B to B+ against the standard SQ A to A-. I flew from Singapore to Charlotte with no issues, then returned two days after their IT disaster in a half empty airplane. I expect they continue to discount while they try to rebuild their brand, so I suspect this kind of flight stays quite a good value for the next year or so."
Contra: "I ordered vegan meals. The dinner on the way back to SIN was fine, but the veggie breakfast was absolutely pathetic. Most of the vegetarian food was okay."
Pro: "Not much. Very small plane. Only one bathroom on the back in the galley! Impossible to get in most of the flight because of service carts."
Contra: "Food service extremely slow. M&s choices looked good but the crew had their hands full trying to deliver. Too bad"
Pro: "The crew on the flight from London to Chicago was absolutely amazing, funny with great service... really can't ask for more.."
Contra: "Food was average at best.."
Pro: "Crew was friendly"
Contra: "pay for coffee???"
Pro: "No issues."
Contra: "You need to pay for drinks and snacks - feels like low cost airline."
Contra: "Beverages not included and food only by asking"
Pro: "Seats were good, movie selection good. Everyone very nice."
Contra: "No breakfast!! Just grapes or banana and granola bar??"
Pro: "The food is good , the comfort is little bed the chairs is to close the other passsanger in the front is make nervous ,evert"
Contra: "Everything it's ok just the check in sometimes is take longer that the fixet time"

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