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Qatar AirwaysScor general bazat pe 11900 evaluări
Evaluările companiei aeriene

Seats were paid for at the time of booking, however in the boarding pass different seats were provided than what was pre

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Seats were paid for at the time of booking, however in the boarding pass different seats were provided than what was pre

Love the service . Crews . Enjoyed flying Qatar airways



Personalul foarte amabil si prietenos însă foarte frig in cabine in special pentru un zbor de noapte. Venind dintr-o tara unde minima este de 24 de grade sa stai timp de 5 ore la o temperatura de maxim 16-17 grade si in curent nu a fost prea plăcut.

This flight was cancelled

Pro: "everything"
Pro: "Gate agent gave us extra legroom after our trip to Australia in the crying baby section. No one's fault, but a difficult 14 hour flight. Thank you again for your kindness."
Contra: "Too hot in the plane - was far too hot. too late the drink...after I eaten."
Contra: "They do not understand the word priority at Doha airport. Business class passengers boarded last."
Pro: "The crew was exceptional! Seat was comfortable and extra seat not occupied next to me giving me extra elbow room also in addition to sufficient leg room."
Contra: "I would have a few suggestions but it would rise the price of ticket significantly. We got what we paid for."
Pro: "Qatar is the BEST First Class airline in the world."
Contra: "Everything was amazing!"
Contra: "I was not able to fly"
Pro: "Friendly crew"
Contra: "No alcohol served"
Pro: "Yes crew was very polite and seat were comfortable. Roomy enough to stretch leg for height of people up to 5'7"
Contra: "overall everything was good. Toilet could have been little roomier. little cranked up. People with overweight would have tough time.."
Pro: "The crew, the seat and catering"
Contra: "I didn't like that my Amex was used fraudulently to purchase 3 tickets to a place I would never visit with Ahmed and Mohammed and respectfully request, while I am disputing this with Amex that you credit me the 3 tickets purchased. Thanks!"
Contra: "The 14 hour flight lacked wifi access and there was no sense of importance to investigate by the crew. In an era when downtime is utilized to stay ahead of work, strong wifi is one of the most crucial requirements for me to elect an airline. Even if all else is good, poor wifi is a deal killer."
Pro: "Everything"
Contra: "Nothing"
Contra: "At Mumbai airport, during check-in I was told that my carry on bag plus personal item together should weigh not more than 7kgs!! I have never had any airline actually weigh my personal item (laptop backpack) before this journey. Eventually I ended up stuffing my check-in bags with everything I was carrying in my carry on bag before I was allowed to check in. The weird thing is, I was never told about this rule on my journey from the US to India."
Pro: "Excellent Service and most friendly staff"
Contra: "Nothing was bad. But the food taste can be better"
Pro: "Own entertainment device"
Contra: "No snacks"
Contra: "For 1.5 kilo overwait I’ve been charged $65"
Contra: "Ok"
Pro: "Very nice"
Pro: "Went out of their way to be helpful"
Contra: "The seat from Jakarta to Doha, especially the head/neck holder was uncomfortoble. Too big and stiff and wasn’t on the right possition even though it is adjustable. One of the crew didn’t say anything, not even smile after she opened the curtain between bussiness and economy class at row J K L. She just walked away."
Contra: "most of us sitting in and around me didn't get any rest or sleep as we had a passenger who had a psychotic breakdown and was screaming and poking everyone. She sprinkled me with water severally, I hope we get some sort of compensation from Qatar airways for this terrible disturbance"
Pro: "Like before,Awesome experience provided by inflight crew, who attended to all your needs for this 4 hour long flight Made us feel really at home!"
Pro: "Staff is friendly"
Contra: "The seats are tight and I am a slim person"
Contra: "No proper communication and very poor management. I was on an emergency and no one bothered to listen and all the passengers were sent . The customer care numbers didn't work as they operate between 8-5 !! No one to reach to .. really bad experience. Don't suggest this aircraft for folks who needs to travel urgently !"
Contra: "I missed my flight from Nairobi to Melbourne then the airlines asked for penalties and fare difference which in total was much higher than booking a fresh one way flight. I felt that the crew at Nairobi airport handled the situation pretty well however, the staff at the Nairobi reservation office were a bit cold and not very helpful."
Contra: "Seat to LA was broken"
Pro: "The flight went well, from boarding to landing."
Contra: "We were informed at origination that we would be put up in a hotel in Doha. Online and also at check in desk. When we arrived in Doha we were directed to a desk for hotel booking. After waiting inline 45 minutes we were told we don't get a hotel with reduced economy fare."
Contra: "Boarding at JFK very disorganized. Poor system. No vetting of wheel chair users many fakers."
Contra: "Comfort"
Pro: "Food was better. Seating was comfortable."
Pro: "Everything except food"
Contra: "Food"
Pro: "Entertainment"
Contra: "They re issued my boarding pass Doha, for Dallas flight and gave us the last seat on the plane, even though I chosed the seat at the time of booking. Food was ok, but when we asked for the chicken they didn’t had it. It’s an international flight of 15 hours with food shortage???"
Pro: "Very kind & friendly crew. Boarding was smooth & flight was comfortable. Food was good considering it's airline food."
Pro: "clean airline, modern airplanes, good food, friendly service"
Contra: "Nothing not to like. Spacing between seats is a little tight for med-tall passengers. Food service was slow. few/Infrequent additional beverage & snack visits."
Contra: "While stay in Doha the did not give any food vochcher for 21 hours what they think no body eat in 21 hours I go to counter they refused next time I will not travel"
Pro: "Some how it was a good experience"
Pro: "We departed late and therefore missed the connection. The staff met me and made arrangement for hotel accommodations till the next available flight. No haggling was necessary. staff on ground and in air sought to be helpful. Price of ticket was very affordable. Seating comfortable."
Contra: "Comparing to Emirates airlines...Movie choices were very limited. Only 2 new movies available. Food was poor at best. This was my second trip with Qatar. First trip...my iPad was stolen from baggage. Airline have had no solution. I prefer Emirates."
Pro: "Transit airport lounge allowed owing to gold status"
Contra: "3 hour delay in take off on Riyadh - Doha sector. No food was served while we waited in the plane to take off. There was no definitive time given for take off during the three hour wait in the plane."
Pro: "Plane was perfect"
Contra: "Transit was just tedious very long line , had to wait for along time. The crew have very strong accent which makes difficult to understand them, but they are very nice and helpful"
Contra: "Seat cushion was hard for long flight time!"
Pro: "The entertainment selections and the comfort of my seat."
Contra: "The flight was delayed for two hours without any warning, despite being registered for the airline's flight notification system. Service was terrible. The flight crew did not offer any kind of apology or explanation for the delay. Food and beverage service was delayed and the staff was forgetful of guests' requests. Upon our arrival in Doha, checked bags did not arrive until 2 hours after we landed! How does an airport receive a 5-star rating, but takes 2 hours to return baggage to its guests? Overall, a poor experience from Qatar Airways."
Pro: "Schedule of flight"
Contra: "Space between seats were smaller"
Pro: "Easy flight. Great food. Friendly crew."
Contra: "Flight was late."
Pro: "The crew’s positive energy and great service were truly amazing. Kudos Delta!"
Pro: "The crew was very friendly and it was a day fast flight."
Contra: "No back of seat entertainment."
Contra: "Turn on the lights before landing graduallyb- noone likes bright fast - too nasty;"
Contra: "Seats are tight"
Contra: "The boarding process was awful. The gate agent was extremely rude - was shocked she was representing Delta. There was police on board arresting two passengers and crew was not saying anything."
Pro: "Friendly crew"
Pro: "On time, comfortable flight. Great crew and service."
Contra: "Nothing. Everything was great."
Contra: "Late"
Contra: "The Entertainment display didn't work."
Pro: "Very nice crew, precisely respects the flight schedule"
Contra: "none"
Pro: "Overall the flight was very comfortable."
Contra: "none"
Pro: "short flight"
Contra: "noisy plane. seems like Delta does not maintain their planes very well. flight was delayed, which made it stressful to catch connecting flight at LGA. when we were all on the plane, the pilot states that he apologizes for the wait, since we were waiting a while for take off. he said there was something wrong with the fuel system that had to get fixed but it is ok now. wow, that wasn't the right thing to say. as soon as he said that, the passengers started talking among themselves saying,,,,,,,,,,,,well, i hope it is ok now, because if it is not, we may not get to our destination! he should have rephrased that and simply said that;;;;; sorry for the delay, we were simply going through some maintenance on the plane to make sure everything is all-right, which it is, and we look forward to getting you to your destination in a few minutes! keep it simple without getting into all the details! geeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssccccccccccchhhhhhhhh!!!!! :("
Contra: "Not cancelling our flight"
Pro: "The free movie/entertainment system"
Contra: "Leg room limited, but seats were ok"
Contra: "food options"
Pro: "Crew was nice and welcoming"
Contra: "Well, if our plane had been leaving on time it would've been superb."
Pro: "Crew was friendly, cabin was clean."
Contra: "No Tvs"
Contra: "Choice of healthier snack"
Pro: "Flight attendant in first class was amazing."
Contra: "Too much delay - departure was planned on March 15 @ 7 pm and take off happened on March 16 @ 12pm - a complete failure!!!!"
Contra: "The flight was 2 hours delayed.. this cause a lot of inconvienece.."
Pro: "Arrived on time and smooth flight though it was completely full"
Pro: "Great service!"
Contra: "N/A"
Contra: "Rude to passengers and then went to the back and loudly complained about other passengers. Very unprofessional."
Contra: "The crew was terrible & rude."
Pro: "The flight itself was fine, boarded on time and arrived on time."
Contra: "A pet peeve of mine is having to check my carry on. They said the overhead bins were all completely full, so I checked my bag at the gate. Come to find out, there were a few spaces left and it wasn't necessary. Really annoying."
Pro: "Boarding was on time; flight departures on time and arrived earlier than expected! Pilot told us exactly what was the status and gave us updates; cabin was well air conditioned; flight attendants were friendly; bags came out very quick! Very nice flight"
Pro: "I arrived safely."
Contra: "Space on board was horrible. Diffenately not enough room and I'm an average guys."
Pro: "It's a fast flight and boarding was quick."
Contra: "The terminal at LGA airlines is terrible."
Contra: "Hour late"
Contra: "insufficient overhead luggage space"
Pro: "Flight attendants were excellent!"
Contra: "That's the flight is clean"
Pro: "Customer service"
Pro: "We were treated very well and it was a short, sweet flight. Nothing to complain about."
Pro: "Flight was on time, boarded quickly and efficiently. Staff were nice enough but all business."
Pro: "Seats were comfortable, choose your own entertainment has new and classic films. Snack selection and quantity were low compared to JetBlue."
Contra: "Took too long to board the plane. Wifi never connected."
Pro: "Very clean plane and comfortable. Great friendly crew and very good service."
Contra: "Wifi service was slow but acceptable. Not a big issue."
Pro: "Arriving in 2 hrs from Orlando to laguardia!"
Contra: "no tv .. I didn't like that we had to use our own electronic device to access the entertainment system."
Pro: "The Gogo Inflight wifi and entertainment did not work for even a minute. I choose flights based on their amenities and this one had offered full WIFI service which swayed me to choose to fly with Delta. I'm not sure who is to blame about this issue but I'm pretty frustrated that it was completely dysfunctional."
Pro: "We were traveling with a 4 month old lap infant, and the crew went out of their way to warm bottles and be friendly in general. The plane was clean and comfortable, and on this leg of our trip the entertainment system actually worked!"
Contra: "The only bad things were those that were totally out of Delta's control: weather delays and absolutely nasty and rude TSA agents who seemed to understand neither the concept of their Pre-Check system (no dedicated lines and no priority) nor the fun of traveling with an infant."
Pro: "No fee to get on an earlier flught"
Contra: "When I tried to rebook online this flight was not an option"
Pro: "Got lucky, and got an upgrade!"
Contra: "Good staff on the plane very sweet like. Actually arrived early. Thought we would get breakfast on the flight from Madison Wisconsin to New York City."
Pro: "the plane crew were nice"
Contra: "ok wont fly delta if i can avoid it"
Pro: "Smooth flight"
Contra: "The entertainment on the app, bring back the good old tv's on the flight"
Contra: "Delayed and crews attitude. Also being seated next to someone when the plain is half empty"
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "I did not like the fact that I have been with Delta for years and their response to me about booking my flight and using the payment method was they are working on it and there is nothing they can do. They would not even offer to hold my flight for 24 hours in case they fixed the issue within that time frame. It was very disappointing."
Pro: "service. Thank you."
Contra: "comfort seats were uncomfortable"
Contra: "No in flight entertainment"
Pro: "The customer service of the middle aged White frmale FA"
Contra: "The seats were small"

Got passed over during the first drink service. Second service was more agreeable. Passengers are allowed to prop their feet up on the backs of the seats in front of them and to play their devices without headphones so everyone has to listen to it?For 4 hours. Why does this go unchecked? Is the comfort of a single passenger more important than all the others? I normally have nothing but good things to say about Air France but they missed the mark today by a wide margin.

Contra: "I may be wrong but these days, the staff curtsy and overall well coming approach is lacking! Just a smile and a few cheerful words can transform passengers’ mood greatly!! This becomes particularly important when one is traveling for > 9 hours back to back flights!! One can extra charge for it!!"
Contra: "Only a steward that did not help us with luggage when neede..."
Contra: "I dint like the way you guys sold me the tickets with only one bag to check in with when I went to the airport I’ve got to pay 58 pounds extra I was not happy with you guys so next time you have to tell your customers before they buy the tickets that’ it’s one bag check"
Pro: "Nice and attentive crew."
Contra: "Seats not comfortable in premier economy."
Pro: "Not much, seats are super uncomfortable"
Contra: "Better code sharing with KLM"
Pro: "I like the comfortable seats"
Contra: "Service lag a little"
Contra: "Departure time was almost 2 hours late and the communication of the cabin crew regarding this issue was poor. Almost an hour went by without an update."
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "Everything"
Contra: "More options for gluten free food. Always get the same dish"
Pro: "The entertainment options were great."
Contra: "Seats are so cramped. I'm 5'3" and could use either arm rest because both people on either side spilled into my seat."
Pro: "Crew was very friendly and seat in KQ is super comfortable in Business."
Pro: "Food"
Contra: "Seat"
Pro: "Arrived on time."
Contra: "Overhead luggage storage jammed with luggage belonging to someone who was sitting far behind my seat."
Pro: "crew was great, seats were comfortable"
Contra: "departure board listed flight as being boarded and gate closed hour before flight leading to confusion and standing in queue for over an hour, part of food was frozen and inedible, paid for upgraded seat which turned out to be by bathroom smells were as bad as you can imagine"
Pro: "Red wine was excellent"
Contra: "Bright lights on throughout flight, would have been nice to dim lights for late night flight so passengers could rest"
Pro: "Everything was great"
Contra: "N/A"
Contra: "Baggage check in was stressful"
Pro: "The crew was efficient and friendly. The plane took off on time and landed on time."
Contra: "Boarding was slow and tedious. People still crowd around the boarding area despite there being row for the zones. Why they don't board from back to front is beyond me. The food was mediocre at best."
Pro: "The transfer times were excellent"
Contra: "wine selection divider between seats"
Pro: "Short flight so I can't really complain. It was no frills, standard small aircraft with no high tech entertainment system. Seats were fairly comfortable"
Pro: "Leg space was great, food was delicious, alcohol served 3-4 times, and the in-flight entertainment was spectacular. I saw 4 movies and slept somewhat comfortably for once!"
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "Missed flight due to lack of direction, last minute gate change and they shut door in our face after telling us they were holding plane"
Contra: "Tiny uncomfortable seats."
Contra: "My luggage was lost in Paris. Now I need to wait still."
Contra: "Separated me and my wife for the whole flight! Could not accommodate us together. This reservation was made over 6 weeks ago !!!"
Pro: "On time."
Contra: "Did not seat together passengers, although booked and checked in at the same time."
Pro: "Staff"
Contra: "We were 2h late"
Pro: ". Budget airline with no legroom or extras"
Contra: "See above. Nothing specific to like."
Pro: "Absolutely everything perfect."
Contra: "Through my own fault I ordered a different seat instead of window seat. :)"
Pro: "I like fly attendant who served us meal"
Contra: "I didn’t like that space between each seat is small"
Pro: "The crew was very friendly and professional. The food very good"
Contra: "First the plane was delayed because of a technical issue that I think they should check before The plane was crowded and old."
Pro: "Ok"
Contra: "Nothing"
Contra: "Booked assistance and got dumped at the gate 3hrs before departure, no English spoken and didn't even ask if my mum needed the bathroom or if we wanted to do some shopping. Just in a rush to get rid of us. Flying only KLM from now."
Pro: "Offering a drink on such a short flight is appreciated albeit unusual these days. Crew was very professional and friendly."
Contra: "My seat was changed without my permission. Very unprofessional staff at Mumbai airport"
Pro: "The inflight service"
Contra: "The 3 hours delay"
Pro: "Todo muy bien Volvería a viajar con ellos."
Pro: "The food, the service and everything else is fine, quite good."
Contra: "However, our baggages were 1 day late. Your missing baggages would deliver to you 1 day later, for some maybe 2 days later...Quite a few people said that it's been always like this with air Aeroflot if there is a transfer flight."
Pro: "It was Amazing staff helpfull and fresh.. love it"
Contra: "Flight of almost 3 hours was not entreteiment at all just magazines."
Pro: "Leg room is bigger than average, there is also a foot step which helps you to relax."
Contra: "There must be lice on the plane, either from the customer or on the seats. Got bitten 6 times on the leg and butt!!! And this is not the first time hearing same story, Air France definitely needs to disinfect the plane more thoroughly. Media center is outdated, touch screen isn’t working well, felt being punched in head every time when ppl behind you tries to touch the screen!"
Pro: "1) USB charger and electric outlet 2) Availability of 2-across economy seats (for a price) 3) Vegetarian dinner option available and not too bad 4) Flight arrived on-time"
Contra: "1) Front seat pocket bulging with 2 extra-thick in-flight magazines 2) No on-board wifi 3) Not much seating room - very thin"
Contra: "Clean. Courtesy of staff on plane."
Pro: "Being able to have my meal at the airport before my flight so that I could sleep in comfort."
Pro: "The Crew was the only thing that stuck out. Associates had Way more patience than i."
Contra: "Late takeoff, priority seating happens same time as general boarding, two pieces of lost luggage"
Pro: "Good seat near the front."
Contra: "Delayed arrival by 30 minutes."
Pro: "tool me safe from one airport to another"
Contra: "wait time, food"
Contra: "Late...delayed from algiers"
Contra: "Small leg space"
Pro: "Smooth flight"
Contra: "If there were no delays"
Contra: "Too freakin cold."
Contra: "No personal entertainment system. Has to use my phone."
Contra: "Seats are narrow and no leg room"
Pro: "Seats were pretty comfortable. We were allowed to deplane down a staircase off the back of the plane. Very cool."
Contra: "N/A"
Pro: "CLT to LGA Airbus expérience was as pleasant as ever. The flight attendant on the regional EMB from LGA to YUL was exceptional."
Pro: "no"
Contra: "on time departure"
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "They canceled the flight"
Pro: "Crew was kind and attentive"
Contra: "Flight delayed 3 hours and sat on tarmac in nyc for 45 minutes"
Contra: "Delayed"
Pro: "Скорость"
Contra: "Сиденья"
Contra: "The seats could be bigger."
Pro: "Comfortable seats and snack / drinks service"
Contra: "Delayed flight departure and bumpy landing"
Pro: "Free tv to distract me from my state of misery"
Contra: "Too warm on flight. Was so nauseated the whole time."
Pro: "Easy check in and Boarding"
Pro: "Uneventful, on time, boarded fast."
Contra: "Just an observation, as soon as the plane stops and the fasten seatbelt sign turns off, the first people to stand are all the older white men on the flight. Never noticed that before but I'm sure it's true on most flights. Check your privilege."
Contra: "X"
Pro: "Good flight attendants"
Pro: "Pleasant and helpful staff"
Pro: "Once we finally departed the flight timing was excellent."
Contra: "This was the first flight out. Flight was delayed and there was no gate agent that communicated why the flight was delayed. When we were finally able to board, it was NOT done by group number and thus I had to check my bag."
Pro: "Flight attendants were perfect"
Contra: "Beginning about 5.5 hours prior to departure I started getting text and email alerts indicating a sixty minute delay. Then thirty minute delay. Then sixty. Then none. I had to decide whether ir not to believe the alerts, get some things done and change my airport departure time .... or to disregard the alerts. Flight ended up leaving on time. Why the alerts??"
Pro: "On-board staff were professional and kept everything running smoothly and with great communication from the pilot."
Contra: "Claiming baggage at LaGuardia was an hours-long process for everyone on the flight leading to raised tension and lots of tired folks on what was already a late (and delayed flight)."
Pro: "Immigration in Dallas was amazing, so quick and no fuss."
Contra: "If you are running late you might struggle to get from terminal to terminal"
Pro: "We had to wait in the airplane upon arrival in La Guardia NY because wheelchair was not ready."
Pro: "All service once on board was lovely"
Contra: "Surprised by a snarky employee at gate check for my connecting flight home today. I fly with AA nearly every week for work. They grabbed my bag from me and insisted it be checked. I said I didn’t want to pay for checking and that it contained fragile items. It was a little over-stuffed for the scale. When I went to open it and remove some bulky items to put in my purse, they snatched my suitcase away and refused to let me touch my bag. I find this to be completely unacceptable. They had the gall to suggest I go to an airport store, buy a “suitable suitcase,” and take a later flight home. They made a scene and called a supervisor who kindly and promptly let me in my suitcase. The employee then spoke negatively about me loudly to nearby colleagues and refused to make eye contact. After the supervisor let me in my bag, I got on the plane with my suitcase. At one point, this employee made me feel like I was going to be kicked off of my flight; this was so unnecessary and extremely unprofessional. AA - your employees are better than this."
Pro: "The staff did their best to compensate for the 4 1/2 hour departure delay, getting us Panera sandwiches and snacks."
Contra: "The 4 1/2 hour departure delay"
Pro: "Attentive and friendly crew."
Contra: "I would consistency with the flights. The plane I took from NYC to MIA had individual montiors and served a variety of snacks. The flight from MIA to NYC had on pretzels and you had no options for entertainment."
Pro: "Great flight. Nice airplanes and friendly hostesses."
Pro: "On time take off"
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "Flight attendant called cops on passenger sitting next to me to be escorted off the plane for no reason!"
Contra: "Flight was cancelled we were re-routed and didn't get there until 24hours later."
Contra: "Late late cancelled chaos in reassignment late late One agent threw up hands said I'm done and left with long line of passengers not yet reassigned Person behind me asked why didn't we take Delta?"
Pro: "Everything was on time and great."
Contra: "Ever thing was fine."
Pro: "The flight staff had an amazing energy about them especially for 7am. They didn't do anything above or beyond but they extremely pleasant, energetic, and courteous. The pilots also pulled off the one of the smoothest landings ever."
Pro: "Full meal service, friendly and helpful crew, checkin agent went above and beyond to get us checked in even though we were late in getting to the airport."
Contra: "Ancient plane with old, uncomfortable seats and no in-seat entertainment. AA should warn customers when booking these old planes."
Pro: "Just being able get home."
Contra: "After madly rushing to get to the gate, we found out 5 minutes before scheduled boarding time that there would be a 15 minute delay in boarding. After that, we were told there would be another 30 minute delay. Once we were on board and the cabin doors were closed we were told there would be another 55 minute delay. Also, LGA is such a mess these days due to construction and would have been nice to get an email notification beforehand about it. We barely made our outgoing flight!"
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "Both flights, to and from around had to go search for my baggage and on the return flight I even had to go to a different terminal. The service is unacceptable. I will never fly with AA again."
Pro: "On time. Good leg room."
Contra: "Valet flight, i.e. even normal sized carry-on cannot be stowed above the seat We arrived at the gate 20 min before departure, due to TSA delays. But they closed the door and no one was around to even talk to. At least they put us in the next flight.... Still, as we're not checking in any bags, they could have let us in."
Contra: "Older plane"
Contra: "The flight attendant continued to serve alcohol to passengers (employees of TomKats catering - they screamed it throughout the flight) that were drunk and belligerent. Her poor judgement, and their complete lack of control, made the flight miserable."
Pro: "A short flight that was even shorter because we arrived early. Luggage arrived promptly at Baggage Claim, too. American has flights between Chicago and New York practically every hour, which is very convenient. They might as well have a shuttle. Gate staff and flight attendants friendly and helpful. Love the upgraded individual consoles for the entertainment."
Contra: "Nothing"
Contra: "No gluten free snacks"
Contra: "Itthe ground staff (red coat agents) at MIA extremely unhelpful and arrogant. I am visually impaired, asked for assistance to check luggage, asked for assistance and was simply tol to go to end of the line at a counter that was at least fifty yards away. Upon my. O planning of the lack of service as simply to go talk to the manager."
Contra: "Baggage claim took extremely long time. It took a while before the baggage crew even became aware of situation."
Contra: "Once again the boarding process was a mess. No clear directions given on when groups should board so everyone from every group bombarded the gate. This slowed down finding overhead bin space and getting seated for everybody. Delayed everything when there was such an easy solution."
Pro: "Crew was very professional and courteous. Our plane landed early which is a plus"
Contra: "I didn't like the fact some of the seats appeared to be dirty , I sat on a book."
Pro: "Volare con American"
Contra: "No snacks offered! No alcohol drinks offered!"
Pro: "The flight board on time, the crew was hospitable and seat was comfortable."
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "Delays, the crew members lied a lot about our delayed flight and they were extremely rude."

Punctual flight and arrives at Heathrow which is good for london

It was very cold


Contra: "Enternteiment and seats"
Contra: "Not force checking luggage. Not loosing tsa pre details between different parts of ticket. Allowing checking to both legs online, not just the first."
Contra: "Food could be better."
Contra: "Everything"
Contra: "I missed my international connection because flight was three hours late."
Pro: "Wonderful to fly on a small airline that still believes in service - a free cup of coffee and a Tunnocks biscuit - whereas many larger airlines charge for coffee etc."
Contra: "all"
Pro: "Crew was great. Flight on time."
Pro: "NA"
Contra: "flight was delayed about 2 hours. First hour waited in the plane. Why they've boarded us if we were not able to take off and had to wait in the aircraft? Near Heathrow, we took loops for about one hour. Expensive and offering nothing, no luggage, no seat selection, no meal on board. BA worst than lo"
Pro: "I loved the in flight service and entertainment. Also, the flight had seats that actually reclined and I was able to sleep."
Contra: "I did not like switching airlines between my flights. It caused a lot of confusion and made check in extremely difficult. In addition, my bag was lost between changing companies between flights. Not happy at all."
Contra: "No ability to charge devices during such a long flight"
Pro: "Virtually nothing, even in Club Europe."
Contra: "Crowded cabin, uncomfortable seat pitch, anarchic boarding (even for Club), lousy food and that ghastly safety video."
Pro: "Crew professionalism"
Contra: "Earphone, squashy seat, limited leg space in economy class"
Pro: "The check in process was easy and straightforward but we were in the front of the line--which was very long. The lady who checked us in was very nice and pleasant and she was there for boarding as well. This process was very smooth for us."
Contra: "No water available unless you paid for it --same true of coffee and they only take credit cards. Was not able to request seats early and ended up next to the bathroom and lots of people standing in my personal space and the smell is overwhelming--the chemical smell."
Contra: "No in-flight entertainment available. Why are some airlines still charging for snacks?!?"
Contra: "Flight delayed"
Pro: "BA is reliable in many respects. 1- Timely 2- Friendly staff 3- Decent food served in a timely manner 4- In a BA flight, you know exactly what you get"
Contra: "The airlines are pushing people to upgrade with those ever shrinking seats. I had a slightly above average size gentleman seated next to me and the seat was so tight he had to totally take over the shared arm rest and our shoulders were rubbing most of the time. That's not a way to spend 9+ hours"
Pro: "Boarding was fast! Typical short flight."
Contra: "Not even a glass of tap water was offered complimentary."
Contra: "It was terrible cold. We received no free food or drinks."
Pro: "Simple. Arrived (late) to my destination(s) in one piece. Pleasant flight crew."
Contra: "Expected more for my money...In flight services (movies) screens were very small and hard to see. No charging outlets for phones. Flights were delayed. No sense of urgency mentality? (Don’t get me started on the London airport experience)."
Pro: "I think people could entertain themselves but to me it is deplorable to not offer at least complementary water. Complementary coffee would be a nice touch too but at least water."
Pro: "We didn't crash."
Contra: "Flight attendants repeatedly increased the amount of alcohol given to drunk passengers while those passengers spilled food and drinks on me and could not keep their bodies out of my personal space."
Pro: "Timely."
Pro: "Great value for the money, nicely priced round trip. Very well scheduled flights, good connections, easy to travel."
Contra: "Little legroom on long flights, no wi fi on board overseas flights, even for purchase. No food available on Europe international flights, but for purchase."
Pro: "Cabin Crew flight data punctuality"
Contra: "That I had to PAY for water to drink that was not tap water No room for my carry-on in overhead bins...took some arranging."
Pro: "Friendly crew. Good day in the skies."
Pro: "I love the fact that I was able to find a good price for the tickets...JUST THAO"
Contra: "The fact that the flight was delayed and they didn’t tell about it until 1.30-2 hours before leaving...and that because we pressured them other wise they wouldn’t even bother to announce us. So sorry you guys don’t have another rating UNDER POOR BECAUSE I WOULD LOVE TO GIVE IT TO YOU...."
Contra: "No food!!! No coffee!!! No water!!! "Brilliant" like low-cost !!!!! Incredible!!!"
Pro: "Flight was fine"
Contra: "Delayed due to inclement weather for 4 hours then lost the baggage"
Contra: "Thank you"
Contra: "terribly small seats!!! I had a gout attack after this flight. horrible!"
Pro: "crew was very pleasant and helpful"
Contra: "i ve had seat no 49H the only seat in the airplane with the exterior arm rest whithout cover i took the seat but first time ive got up ive torne my jeans...(ripped them badly and scratched my leg in the sharp piece of metal coming out at the end of arm rest i have shown the crew memeber what happened(a male) in i have filled out a report with the"silver tie lady" i would kindly like to find out what type of compensation i will get for the unpleasant situation of walking around in the LA airport with a big hole in the back of my jeans i can be reached at "gmoldoveanu@yahoo.com" or ph (310) 626-3201 kind regards Moldoveanu George Gabriel"
Pro: "Polite crew, flight was on time landing - even early. Seats were comfortable."
Pro: "Food and crew"
Contra: "Disorganised queues for boarding. Ground staff seemed a but overwhelmed"
Pro: "everything went smoothly"
Contra: "Not enough choices for movies or tv shows."
Pro: "Large seats, fast service."
Contra: "Nothing."
Contra: "We had to cancel flight due to Hurricane Irma change of flights from London. BA refused to let us rebook or change flight. Poor poor customer service! I will never fly BA again!!"
Pro: "Flight was on time and arrived a little early"
Contra: "Older plane"
Contra: "You got delayed I almost missed my connection flight"
Pro: "The ease of San Jose airport. The nice, new, clean airplane."
Contra: "Food could be better. Also they ran out of most of the choices. We were in business class and for the price you should be able to get your choice. I do see British Airways does offer a pre-flight meal selection and I would use this next time."
Pro: "The plane got to destination earlier"
Contra: "No in flight entartaiment"
Contra: "It never happened as I was rerouted through Dallas/Fort Worth"
Pro: "I was able to check in on an earlier flight which helped me to arrive an hour earlier."
Contra: "British Airways do not have access to a gate so always have to take a bus to airplane."
Pro: "The crew on the flight from London to Chicago was absolutely amazing, funny with great service... really can't ask for more.."
Contra: "Food was average at best.."
Pro: "No issues."
Contra: "You need to pay for drinks and snacks - feels like low cost airline."
Contra: "Beverages not included and food only by asking"
Pro: "No access to any lounge services. Food selection and quality significantly behind competitors. Does not just the price charged."

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2 EscaleBritish Airways
17h 02mOTP-LGA
2 EscaleBritish Airways
27h 00mLGA-OTP
440 €
2 EscaleAir Canada
24h 20mOTP-LGA
2 EscaleAir Canada
20h 30mLGA-OTP
450 €
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37h 54mOTP-LGA
2 EscaleAir Canada
22h 15mLGA-OTP
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25h 06mOTP-LGA
2 EscaleAir Canada
22h 50mLGA-OTP
452 €
2 EscaleAmerican Airlines
18h 51mOTP-LGA
2 EscaleAmerican Airlines
17h 26mLGA-OTP
454 €
2 EscaleDelta
17h 26mOTP-LGA
2 EscaleDelta
15h 04mLGA-OTP
457 €
2 EscaleAir Canada
37h 54mOTP-LGA
2 EscaleAir Canada
20h 15mLGA-OTP
458 €
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20h 33mOTP-LGA
2 EscaleDelta
17h 00mLGA-OTP
460 €
2 EscaleDelta
20h 29mOTP-LGA
2 EscaleDelta
15h 05mLGA-OTP
462 €
2 EscaleDelta
15h 31mOTP-LGA
2 EscaleDelta
18h 10mLGA-OTP
463 €
2 EscaleAmerican Airlines
35h 19mOTP-LGA
2 EscaleAmerican Airlines
42h 55mLGA-OTP
465 €
2 EscaleAmerican Airlines
18h 38mOTP-LGA
2 EscaleAmerican Airlines
43h 01mLGA-OTP
473 €
2 EscaleUnited Airlines
34h 38mOTP-LGA
2 EscaleUnited Airlines
24h 45mLGA-OTP
477 €
2 EscaleAmerican Airlines
19h 06mOTP-LGA
2 EscaleAmerican Airlines
24h 10mLGA-OTP
478 €
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
15h 31mOTP-LGA
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
25h 14mLGA-OTP
503 €
2 EscaleBritish Airways
33h 11mOTP-LGA
2 EscaleBritish Airways
35h 30mLGA-OTP
505 €
2 EscaleUnited Airlines
35h 15mOTP-LGA
2 EscaleUnited Airlines
24h 25mLGA-OTP
519 €
2 EscaleAir France
39h 59mOTP-LGA
2 EscaleAir France
15h 46mLGA-OTP
521 €
2 EscaleUnited Airlines
32h 41mOTP-LGA
2 EscaleUnited Airlines
22h 25mLGA-OTP
522 €
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
17h 25mOTP-LGA
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
14h 40mLGA-OTP
533 €

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3 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
25h 57mOTP-LGA
446 €
3 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
26h 07mOTP-LGA
454 €
2 EscaleDelta
19h 29mOTP-LGA
497 €
2 EscaleDelta
17h 34mOTP-LGA
502 €
2 EscaleDelta
18h 25mOTP-LGA
503 €
2 EscaleDelta
17h 34mOTP-LGA
507 €
2 EscaleAir Canada
18h 50mOTP-LGA
550 €
2 EscaleAir Canada
22h 15mOTP-LGA
553 €
2 EscaleAir Canada
15h 07mOTP-LGA
556 €
2 EscaleAir Canada
32h 30mOTP-LGA
562 €
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
19h 29mOTP-LGA
564 €
2 EscaleAir Canada
40h 39mOTP-LGA
566 €
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
18h 45mOTP-LGA
568 €
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
19h 10mOTP-LGA
574 €
2 EscaleUnited Airlines
16h 41mOTP-LGA
577 €
2 EscaleUnited Airlines
56h 22mOTP-LGA
589 €
33h 16mOTP-LGA
670 €
2 EscaleUnited Airlines
41h 42mOTP-LGA
672 €
30h 21mOTP-LGA
695 €
2 EscaleQatar Airways
36h 06mOTP-LGA
864 €

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DirectSpirit Airlines
2h 50mFLL-LGA
DirectSpirit Airlines
3h 07mLGA-FLL
89 €
DirectSpirit Airlines
3h 35mDFW-LGA
DirectSpirit Airlines
4h 05mLGA-DFW
89 €
DirectSpirit Airlines
3h 01mMIA-LGA
DirectSpirit Airlines
3h 14mLGA-MIA
89 €
DirectSpirit Airlines
2h 50mFLL-LGA
DirectSpirit Airlines
3h 07mLGA-FLL
99 €
DirectSpirit Airlines
3h 35mDFW-LGA
DirectSpirit Airlines
4h 04mLGA-DFW
99 €

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