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Notele conform evaluărilor din partea clienților KAYAK
LufthansaScor general bazat pe 28654 evaluări
Evaluările companiei aeriene

Lufthansa only have pasta and no options. I don’t like pasta so had a bread roll on a 9 hour flight Fold out entertainment system arm would not hold the screen up as it was loose. Generally the inside of the aircraft was in a poor state of repair. Overall the most unGerman flight

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Lufthansa only have pasta and no options. I don’t like pasta so had a bread roll on a 9 hour flight Fold out entertainment system arm would not hold the screen up as it was loose. Generally the inside of the aircraft was in a poor state of repair. Overall the most unGerman flight

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Old plane. Small tv. Food is not great.

Contra: "seats were very uncomfortable"
Contra: "Boarding be insured as I have a ticket"
Contra: "If the seats are more comfy for sleeping, I hurt my neck on that flight"
Pro: "Thé entertainment was amazing. I watched a live soccer game"
Contra: "The space in the plane"
Pro: "Great crew and all were pleasant and attentive. Best airline I have flown."
Contra: "Wish we had empty seat between us, w both the same name it should hv been possible. Special meal bland"
Pro: "We lost our bags"
Contra: "Our barges were damaged"
Pro: "Nice crew, good food, good choice of movies. Good beer. :) We will fly again with Lufthansa!"
Contra: "Nothing to complain about."
Pro: "I liked size of the lavatory ,food"
Contra: "I didn’t like selection of movies and seat wasn’t that comfortable"
Pro: "The seats were the most comfortable seat ive sat in on a plane in a very lng time"
Pro: "Easy and smooth check in and everything else! Friendly service! Love flying with Lufthansa"
Pro: "Entertainment is good with literally hunreds of movies. Even the screens are fairly good."
Contra: "It's nice to have digital magazines now of Lufthansa flights, but I am not sure why there are hundreds of movies but only ONE magazine to chose from."
Pro: "Cristobal, the flight assistant, was lovely. He made my flight very pleasant."
Contra: "One of the crew members was rude to me"
Contra: "While missing a connection happens sometimes, Lufthansa was particularly dreadful in handling the situation. Hundreds, or perhaps thousands, of travelers were not informed about what was happening with their connections, or given any guidance. This all arose from around an inch of snow in Frankfurt. It caused bedlam at the Frankfurt airport, which the Lufthansa staff appeared utterly unprepared to deal with. This is our second very bad experience with Lufthansa."
Pro: "service was very good,"
Pro: "On time, smooth fly , good food in premium economy."
Contra: "Too warm in premium economy section."
Contra: "No room for my knees."
Contra: "Poor food on first leg. Sat by a man who was allowed to have 7 cans of beer. On second leg of journey I was willing to pay for food. The best choice for anyone trying to eat a healthy diet was pot noodles. Air Canada get 2 stars. Return journey on United gets 4stars."
Contra: "Two flights delayed then no bags when we got to Chicago- disappointing and annoying. Great to arrive with no coats in winter!"
Pro: "Great customer service!"
Contra: "Sometimes temperature is too warm."
Contra: "Wuality"
Pro: "Mid night snacks were treats!"
Contra: "Breakfast was not god at all. It was dry and tasteless. It didn't have much options for good movies."
Contra: "The seat-back screens were very annoying and not very responsive."
Contra: "Seats in business very uncomfortable and there was no entertainment"
Pro: "Lost during the flight from LAX to Frankfurt, flight number 451 Lufthansa. Reward offered If found. Please email me if you have any information! Thanks Margot Strong"
Pro: "The crew was friendly and efficient. The food was okay (special meal ordered)."
Contra: "The plane was filthy. There was crud packed in every crevice. I wouldn't put stocking feet on the floor. There were also pieces of the plane that were cracked or broken off completely. It was a little unnerving."
Pro: "Lovely crew Plenty of alcohol if that is your thing Great movie selection on the return leg"
Contra: "Food was really disappointing- and I am not a picky eater TV screen did not work at my or a number of other passengers' seats on the flight over to Frankfurt"
Pro: "Again lufthansa crew one of the best out there thank you"
Contra: "No entertainment but I understand why short flight"
Pro: "Upgrade to Economy Plus. Very comfortable seats, I am a fan! Excellent Indian veg food."
Contra: "Taking back the headsets 30 mins before landing."
Pro: "Service was excellent. Planes were very nice and food was very good for airplane food. I would highly recommend flying Lufthansa. Staff was excellent."
Contra: "Service was excellent. Planes were very nice and food was very good for airplane food. I would highly recommend flying Lufthansa. Staff was excellent."
Pro: "Flight was on par with other budget airlines. No frills means not having the extras."
Contra: "Paid for premium seat not really worth it. Less leg room and no convienent storage."
Pro: "Service was good"
Contra: "The cabin was warm and couldn't control temp."
Pro: "The service during the flight was pretty good"
Contra: "My luggage is lost and I didn't receive them yet."
Pro: "The coach seats were much more comfortable than Air Canada's. The flight was without incident. Staff were great! Accommodating, friendly and efficient! Incredible choices of movies, news, etc controlled by individual passenger."
Pro: "The Lufthansa flight to Montreal was a really full flight. Lufthansa already gives Silver Star Alliance card holders preferential seats, but for the Montreal flight I got upgraded to Business. What a pleasure! I felt like a really valued customer. At a time where one has to pick value for money and figure out your loyalties in air travel; I can promise that Lufthansa will be a top choice for me on future flights. Excellent in all regards."
Pro: "From Munich to Toronto, it was great, especially being seated where I wanted, the window. I was able to watch great movies too, and during a 9hr flight, thats really nice."
Contra: "The food could be better. Too salty. But it is better than nothing and it was hot! So that was good."
Contra: "It was a really rainy day and we all had to get on shuttles to get to our plane. Once we reached the plane, the crew should have facilitated an orderly boarding through both doors rather than one. This was also a pretty empty flight and other passengers were utilizing their assigned seat as well as a whole other row and calling it theirs just because they set something on one seat. It didn't seem right that some of us had to stay in our little crowded area while others used up 4 seats and I don't mean for laying down."
Pro: "They walked extra miles to confote customer all the service at any leavel was best without tension."
Pro: "We had a four hour delay and were promptly put in a hotel; Sheraton beds are very comfortable, I wish I had more than three hours to sleep."
Contra: "I never heard major announcements regarding the delay or the meal voucher (maybe not loud enough?). If they said it only once, they should've repeated it. It sounds stupid, but I waited for an hour at boarding before I realized the lineup is for meal vouchers and not the flight. Nobody approached or announced anything, I had to go and ask about changes and details."
Contra: "Space between seats and leg room. Very compact for an international flight."
Contra: "4 hrs delayed. Terrible. My niece is from germany and this is her first time ro the US. She is travelling by herseelf and no one is there to assist her. She speaks english sporadically. Air canada is a terivle airline. Always delay."
Pro: "WOW. SO much food and services. Lots!! Best flight ever."
Contra: "Some staff sound a little rude sometimes. And stressed."
Pro: "Good service."
Contra: "They only had two meal options and the ran out of the vegetarian option. There were many people on the flight that didn't get a meal or had to take the meat option when they would have preferred the pasta."
Pro: "The flight was smooth"
Contra: "Lufthansa gave us the wrong departure time missed our flight and lost 2 days of our vacation. Didn't get any compensation Except a we will try to get you on another flight at no additional cost. Hmmm for your mistake you act like your doing me a favor! Got yelled at by the rep on the phone I had to tell them to calm down I'm the one stuck in a place I don't know with my family waiting for me in another country. NEVER AGAIN!! Sorry that was horrible service!!!!"
Pro: "Crew was beyond standard. Very nice and friendly and always accommodating."
Contra: "They ran out of vegetarian meals."
Contra: "Boarding was delayed due to crew unavailability. Entertainment did not work due to connectivity issued during flight. No cookies nor snacks were served vs outbound flight where they offered 3 snacks!"
Pro: "Old plane. Window shade cracked. Seat poorly maintained."
Contra: "Staff could’ve done a better job at asking family with unruly kids to settle down as a courtesy to other passengers."
Contra: "I ran to the gate from my previous flight, but it turned out this flight had been delayed. The flight boards and United app didn't show that though."
Contra: "I was flying with Air Canada. The UI for watching movies was not good, it had a hard time to respond to the inputs. It was also hard to move the videos forward to the part I needed. Plus, the audio wasn't working well with my own earphones."
Pro: "Getting home."
Contra: "It was an older airplane. For a long flight from Montreal to San Francisco, a plane with more room would be more humane. People were lined up for the bathrooms most of the trip since could not use the small first class bathroom. If one wanted a meal, it was one you had to pay for. Broken monitor"
Contra: "sitting next to the people you are traveling with"
Pro: "Not too much. Very poor compared with Asian airlines"
Contra: "Seat comfort in economy plus, food was terrible and cabin attendants provided poor service"
Pro: "Extremely smooth flight. Staff were very attentive."
Contra: "Meal was average. Seats did not recline enough to facilitate sleep."
Pro: "Everything was smooth"
Contra: "More leg room!"
Pro: "There is nothing to like about Air Canada's Rouge service. Their sardine seat layouts are amongst the worst in the industry."
Contra: "1. Seat comfort. 2. On-time departure. 3. Boarding Procedures. 4. Pre-boarding announcements."
Contra: "In flight entertainment was a phone/tablet holder in the headrest. This would have been okay except it required to have the United app installed on the devices which my kids did not have set up. The seats were tight and uncomfortable, plus the flight was completely full."
Pro: "Nice flight!"
Contra: "Huge line to take off at Newark Airport"
Pro: "Clean plane, comfy seats and friendly staff"
Contra: "All was good. Didn’t have any problems."
Pro: "Flight on time"
Contra: "Travel plans will be impacted due to lost luggage"
Contra: "THe layover was only 1 hour and it was impossible to go through customs, get my luggage and re-check it and get to my next flight. I was at the gate 5 minutes before the plane took off and they didn’t let me on. I was devastated that I missed it and had to wait for the next flight."
Pro: "the comped hotel"
Contra: "Improper handling of situation. There was flight scheduled later, but CS agent kept jerking us around. By the time I reached the United counter, the next flight was full. My total flight time was 36 hours. I still can’t believe that the pilot was missing. Worse yet, the agent at the gate could have made things much easier instead of telling everyone that a pilot was on his way to the airport."
Pro: "1 hour late"
Pro: "flight left on time"
Contra: "Flight didn't happen due to reschedule from delays"
Pro: "Nice attendant, food OK, no delay."
Contra: "Internet costs"
Pro: "boarding, flight attendant very nice"
Contra: "narrow seat, small aircraft"
Pro: "The flight was smooth and although we had a 20 min delay, we still arrived on time"
Contra: "I spent close to 30 mins at ticketing after I had already checked in online. A good 10 out of a possible 15 kiosk machines were down, with only 2-3 service employees to assist."
Contra: "Very cool staring at the gates... only 5 of them and no crew to bring us in. Even the shortest flights on Alaska or any other airline had cabin service. No drinks and no snacks from San Francisco. Alaska had complimentary beer and wine on a shorter flight from.Medford to Portland and even Portland to Seattle, but United can't even get us to the gate... let alone have any sort of in-flight service. Why is this so expensive again. I would compare flying these commercial named flights to a horrible carnival. Lack luster, over priced and not worth it. Cans vs. Uber... the world is changing my friends."
Contra: "I was allowed only 1 bag to carry on when both my bag & purse would have clearly fit underneath the seat in front of me. Makes no sense. Also other airlines don't require you to check in at the counter if you're not checking a bag. Why would United want all passengers at their ticket counter or kiosk? Ridiculous!"
Pro: "Put us up in the hilton."
Contra: "Told us to run across the airport just to get there and they already shut the doors 20 minutes before the scheduled departure. had to miss another day of work..."
Pro: "The flight was great. The seat was comfortable, the staff was funny and kind."
Contra: "You need more sparkling water on the flights, LaCroix. Or Dasani, so many people no longer drink diet soda for healthier options, more sparkling beverages would be wonderful."
Pro: "Plane took off and landed in one piece on time - funny how we all accept that is all that matters"
Contra: "I am a connection in Chicago from A to C concourse- too far. I came to fly not walk. Then we loaded from the front to the back - crazy. Service was slow cos too few crew. Airlines completely "dis" their customers"
Contra: "Crowded"
Pro: "Online movies and TV"
Pro: "Promptness"
Contra: "Food, chairs, entertainment"
Pro: "The crew was polite and accommodating."
Contra: "After zone 2, no passengers were allowed to carry on the allotted amount of luggage. Boarding took a long time, passengers were rude, and the gat agents didnt notify anyone of the flight status until 30 minutes before boarding time. This changed three times."
Pro: "Flight and service experience was good."
Contra: "Pre check not added to boarding passes"
Pro: "Delay, delay, delay"
Pro: "Had to pay for wifi, food, you name it."
Pro: "I liked I got notified of the delay."
Contra: "The flight kept getting pushed back and no alternatives were provided. I was able to get on a different flight after sitting at the airport for 6 hours because the delay text came after I was just about to the airport. Very inconveniencing for traveling."
Pro: "The flight was bumpy but otherwise pleasant"
Contra: "There was a rude passenger that yelled at me as I was exciting the flight suggesting that I cut her off as we were getting off the plane thinking that I took her bag. It was outrageous and completely ruined the flight for me. I realize this has nothing to do with the flight but it just made me feel so crumby and attached that I felt the need to share it. Also the leg room was a joke. We barely had any room to move. I probably won't fly coach on united again due to the bad taste it left in my mouth. Unfortunate because it's hub is in chicago."
Contra: "Flight was delayed 2 hours from Manchester, which would have made me miss my connecting flight to MIA"
Contra: "Flight delay"
Pro: "Crew was great. Seats were to small as I was stuck in the middle of 2 other people."
Contra: "Very confusing on checking in. I spent 30 min calling Lufthansa trying to check-in ahead of time only to find out that I was actually flying United. Confirmation email did not make state that I was to check in with United Airlines. Also the confirmation number I received did not apply to United."
Pro: "Snack delicious"
Contra: "It was delayed"
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "The flight was delayed more times than I can count & cancelled around midnight. AWFUL!"
Pro: "One of the crew members was friendly."
Contra: "Literally everything else. Customer service was worse than Comcast's. Luggage was lost and has yet to be found even though I was promised multiple times that it would be taken care of. Will never fly United again."
Pro: "Great Dep and Arrival times. Punctuality. In fact flight arrived an hour earlier."
Contra: "In flight service appeared to be just mechanical.."
Contra: "The plane was tiny and the seats were tiny. Could not carry on a bag and it took a long time to get the bag back from having been gate checked."
Pro: "On time"
Pro: "Easy fast friendly!"
Contra: "That it wasnt free :)"
Contra: "We were diverted to Indianapolis due to weather. I understand as I am also a pilot."
Pro: "Quick flight and also very nice people working. They took good care of us for our short time with them."
Contra: "I have no complaints about this flight. It went very smooth."
Pro: "Returned flight from Phily was ok and on time"
Contra: "The first part of my flight was cancelled after the passengers were boarded. Then long lines to make changes. I had to booked with American Airlines to get to Phily"
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Măsurile de siguranță ale companiile care zboară din Sibiu în Montreal

Companiile aeriene care zboară din Sibiu în Montreal au adoptat măsuri de siguranță suplimentare și și-au modificat politicile pentru a răspunde mai bine nevoilor călătorilor. Politicile variază de la o companie la alta.

Igienizare sporită

Curățenie zilnică, instalare a filtrelor HEPA în cabine pe zborurile din Sibiu în Montreal

Mască obligatorie

Măști obligatorii la îmbarcare, măști oferite pe zborurile din Sibiu în Montreal

Locuri care respectă distanțarea socială

Scaunele din mijloc indisponibile pentru rezervare pe zborurile din Sibiu către Montreal

Testare înainte de zbor

Testare pentru anticorpi, testare pentru simptome pe zborurile din Sibiu în Montreal

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