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Principalele companii aeriene zboară de la Utah către România

Notele conform evaluărilor din partea clienților KAYAK
DeltaScor general bazat pe 30941 evaluări
Evaluările companiei aeriene
Pro: "Food & timeliness"
Contra: "Cramped seat and no window (14a)"
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Pro: "Food & timeliness"
Contra: "Cramped seat and no window (14a)"
Pro: "great everything!"
Pro: "Very attentive and engaging crew."
Contra: "really nothing!"
Pro: "The two people who were in charge of boarding the plane were especially nice, efficient, and accommodating. I really really liked them."
Contra: "The flight was too warm."
Pro: "Short flight and no problems."
Pro: "Great crew, early arrival"
Contra: "Old screens, snacks getting smaller, too much ice in the drinks"
Pro: "Great crew, nice plane, awesome entertainment"
Contra: "Bag drop agent was not helpful."
Contra: "The Entertainment display didn't work."
Pro: "I liked the choices of movies"
Contra: "The seats were dirty and the snack choices are not healthy at all."
Pro: "Very nice crew, precisely respects the flight schedule"
Contra: "none"
Pro: "Overall the flight was very comfortable."
Contra: "none"
Contra: "Late flight. Unacceptable"
Pro: "Crew was great, seats were comfy and the entertainment options were good."
Contra: "Flight was delayed but it happens."
Pro: "Everything went smoothly. Everyone was helpful."
Pro: "Great Service and flight was without problems or delays. Arrived on time ."
Contra: "Paid for particular seat within 2-3 rows of back galley as unaccompanied minor for my son. For his comfort, he chose an aisle seat. Flight attendants onboard moved him to farthest back row in window seat and he was not able to get out to use the lavatory easily."
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "Better customer service. Your employees should be te-trained and reminded they are in a service industry where your clients have other options to fly."
Pro: "Yes, . Amazing crew Seat was comfortable."
Contra: "Plane left 4 mins early knowing that passengers were on a delayed flight."
Pro: "Just fine, beverage service was friendly."
Contra: "The entertainment system was out the entire flight. The flight attendants were just talking to each other as we left, even when I tried to say thank you."
Pro: "Crew was awesome"
Contra: "The only problem with the food was it was all canceled because of rough weather."
Pro: "Great service!"
Pro: "The plane was 2 hours late and I could not get home. Missed the connection to Greenville at 11:38. They told me there were no hotels in Atlanta and I would have to stay in the airport and then take the 8:55 am fight to Greenville. That took an hour in line and there was no help."
Contra: "The pilot was awesome. He flew as fast as he could to help anyone make their connection but it didn’t help. But I appreciate him trying. Just frustrated that being military I didn’t get to board earlier or that they didn’t help me find a way home"
Pro: "Surprisingly comfortable for such a short flight. The approach is impressive. Friendly attendants and captain kept everyone updated when there was a slight delay. Was overall a really nice flight"
Contra: "Delta put me on an aisle rather than window I am broad shouldered and got pummeled throughout the flight by passengers and crew passing by Gal next to me fell asleep on my shoulder It was ok. She was attractive. :-)"
Pro: "nothing- the plane took of late and AGAIN with no reason given why - pilot blamed it on ATC"
Contra: "TAKING OFF ON TIME!! AN entertainment screen that actually worked, and not the very last seat in the plane (last row)."
Contra: "Crew did not make passenger in front of me bring his seat back up for landing."
Pro: "Friendly crew and on time flight"
Contra: "N/A"
Pro: "You guys did an all around great job and my flight experience was the best I’ve ever had. The quality of the service was exceptional."
Pro: "Snacks & drinks & TV movies good"
Contra: "One hostess was very rude & slow forget our headphones Kept getting me to help her with getting attention of other hostesses also very bad at giving snacks and kept my husband and another man waiting for 10 mins while she gathered rubbish despite repeated requests which would have been easy as she was at the front of plane obviously unsuited for this position"
Contra: "This was the longest part of a three flight trip back to DCA and there was no movies. This was completely unexpected, so I wasn't prepared to entertain myself for 5 very long hours. It would have been nice to have know this ahead of time so I could have brought a book with me. Early notification thru the app is the way to go."
Pro: "Despite the turbulence and delay, this was possibly the best flight I've ever been on. I have never been treated so well by a flight crew before. Also, the attendant at the gate managed to get my wife seated next to me when our seats ended up separated. Great experience!"
Contra: "Turbulence and delay was bad, but the flight crew made up for it."
Contra: "not prepared in Maintenance to fix a very small problem in an efficient timeframe. Also, this plane was very dirty ..bathroom, walls, seat rails, floors....not good Delta"
Contra: "was a difficult transition from delta to west jet in Toronto and we almost missed the flight"
Pro: "Lisa, the flight attendant, went above and beyond to help solve a situation that occurred during the flight."
Pro: "Quick flight, great landing and takeoff."
Contra: "Everything was great today."
Pro: "Comfortable seats in coach Good snacks Friendly crew"
Contra: "Nothing"
Pro: "Wi-FI available (although I didn't use it)"
Contra: "No direct flight in the morning, so had to take two connecting flights, and leave home very early in the morning."
Pro: "Free movies helped make the flight go faster. Also when possible my girlfriend and I were seated together despite having seats assigned at the gate."
Contra: "Being in zone three meant checking bags on every flight. That's a side effect of picking the cheapest tickets so not really Delta's fault but it says that I have to put something here."
Pro: "Cheap"
Contra: "My roundtrip flights with delta were all delayed at least 2 hours. That's what you pay for for a cheap flight. There were no inclement weather and the staff didn't give a reason for the delay."
Pro: "Staff was friendly, and we got there safely"
Contra: "Really wished we had tv's like we had on our flight to SLC. It really helps with those who have anxiety to distract their minds. Wifi is expensive therefore I chose not to use it"
Pro: "I paid only $100 more round trip to DTW from SLC then I would have with other carriers, minus the hassle of connecting flights and paying fees that they don't tell you about up front (like $25 for a carry-on bag, oh and a another $12 per leg for a window seat). My experience, like my previous Delta experiences was absolutely enjoyable. From the quick boarding, super friendly gate agents, and flight crew, to the free on board entertainment, Delta has won me over once again. Oh and did I mention how great it is to board a flight, relax and watch a good movie, take a small nap, and deplane at your destination! Awesome!!"
Pro: "Quick trip and relaxing --- no high way traffic issues, accidents or construction hold ups."
Contra: "There wasn't anything I did not like."
Pro: "shorter flight"
Contra: "Entertainment system is not working."
Pro: "Ok"
Contra: "Was ok"
Pro: "I liked the service. It was incredible."
Contra: "I did not like the delay or the continued delay on the runway"
Contra: "We did not board at the scheduled time, although I believe we arrived on time. The crew was demeaning and singled out individuals who were causing the aircraft to not move. It was in a very pretentious manner, not like southwest personnel who have similar antics but with a playful tone. The plane is a small one where bags don't fit overhead and many head bumps occur. We arrived fine which mean the flight was successful but it was not very enjoyable."
Contra: "Enforce your baggage size and number limits. A significant number of passengers take bags onboard that are oversized."

Make sure that is everyone wants comfort but packing the travellers like sardines into spots that they can not have their total comfort (leaning the seat back, etc) should be a courtesy things especially when it is a full flight and there is nothing to do to allow everyone to be comfortable.

No food service on flight despite food service on outbound flight.

Pro: "Nothing. Crew unfriendly. In AC You should pay for everything, including the seat or you are in risk to no board because the oversell"
Contra: "Everything in all the process. The airplane is the worst"
Pro: "Great crew"
Contra: "How late the flight was but they gave us a coupon to make up for it"
Contra: "Ran out of the best meal option in Business Class..."
Pro: "excellent staff"
Pro: "ground crew were friendly"
Contra: "I want to seriously complain about Air Canada and Kayak booking systems. I reserved the tickets to Shanghai but there were no place reminding me that I need Canadian VISA to connect flights between two Canadian cities. I am a Chinese citizen who is working at USA and not allowed to change flights in Canada based on the newest government rules. However, in both booking systems, there is no reminders. In my opinion, either Kayak or Air Canada can add a simple checkbox to let the potential guest choose his or her nationality status, then this kind of trouble can be mitigated. We talked and called Air Canada people but no buying. They kept saying this is our responsibility. We bought United Airline tickets at the last minutes and cost us about $2,400 because we cannot wait to get back China to prepare our wedding ceremony and US Visa interview. We are very very disappointed with Air Canada and will keep complaining about this issue. As a service supplier, how cannot you think on behalf of a customer? The air company definitely knows more about government rules than a customer. We did have mistakes of not researching government rules. However, the biggest mistake was we trusted Air Canada and Kayak who we thought had taken care of those kind of issues for us. Thanks."
Contra: "No one smiles"
Pro: "Great timing of flights to arrive in afternoon. Also liked flying on the 787. Service was great as there was always someone checking to see that you were comfortable."
Pro: "business class"
Contra: "This flight was two and a half hours late. We lost an hour and 45 minutes due to a mechanical problem with our airplane, then lost another 45 minutes due to a storm in Toronto. Air Canada blamed the weather for our late arrival, my missed connection and claimed no responsabilility for the fact that my trip ended up taking more than 24 hours when it was supposed to take about 9 hours. Also, there was the matter of the lost luggage which was a carry on that I accepted to have checked as the Air Canada staff seemed desperate to check our carry ons on a full flight to Toronto from Montreal. I ended up spending the night in the Vancouver airport without access to my luggage."
Contra: "I booked my flight from Vancouver to Kiev The first flight it's to Toronto then to Kiev.. and when Went to the counter in Kiev they said sorry but Turkish airline didn't send my booking to kanda airline so I missed all my flight schedule I didn't wait I bought another ticket to Kiev in the same date on Lufthansa airline And it cost me like 1945c$"
Pro: "Awesome crew, very attentive"
Pro: "Email notifications for checking in and delayed"
Contra: "The flight was delayed. Not enough space for over head compartment."
Contra: "It was a red eye so I tried to sleep but it was cold in the plane and they had run out of free blankets. They still had other blankets but they cost $17. We were offered water once on an 8 hour flight. The plane was not equipped with TV monitors.."
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "Air Canada is horrible! They have terrible customer service. Our flight was delayed, and we were on the phone for three hours trying to get things sorted out so that we got to our tour in Egypt on time. I had a few questions on our flight, so I emailed them and received a form letter that I would get a response in 25 business days. If you have any other choice, take it over Air Canada. I will never fly with them again."
Contra: "boarding was very painful , stood in line for over a hour to check suitcase . by time luggage was checked and i went through security the plane was boarding. i found luggage was damaged after i returned home. i then had to spend hours on chat to report damage and get a ref number, i then had to drive back to the airport for someone to see the damage and give me paper work. i now have to drive to thornhill to bring suitcase to see if can get repaired. plus i had to pay for parking at the airport. no satisfied with air canada at all."
Pro: "The flight was not cancelled and we got home"
Contra: "Flight was very delayed"
Pro: "Passengers don't have the right to put their seat back as soon as they get up in the air, and then push the seat back Everytime they move it get up. Do they realize that if they are watching something, you don't need to recline? I had someone in front of me that basically used their seat to almost hit me in the face Everytime they moved while I tried to do a crossword puzzle and then later eat dinner!"
Contra: "See above!"
Pro: "Sky couch was amazing. Crew were incredibly friendly and accommodating. AirNZ was Way Way better than our flight back home on United."
Contra: "Lost suitcase"
Pro: "We arrived safely and on time."
Contra: "I did not get airline miles credit on my United account as requested. I would like to be contacted about this."
Pro: "Nice friendly staff in the plane. Nice friendly staff at the airport, although very slow and getting confused easily. Need more training."
Contra: "Checkin process has to be SERIOUSLY reviewed and improved, especially for International travelers. Our boarding passes printed in Okinawa had to be REPRINTED in Tokyo for some reason, and we narrowly avoided a huge line to wait into because staff mistakenly made us wait in the WRONG lane. Note: on the way to Okinawa 2 weeks earlier, we had similar poor experience, but we only had to wait 5 min in the wrong lane. Overall ANA staff is very nice, friendly and smiling, but seems to get overwhelmed and confused very easily, and take FOREVER to do simple tasks that their US counterparts do 3x or 4x FASTER. --> do more regular TRAINING of your staff at airport counters !"
Pro: "We were delayed a little over an hour (on the field) before take-off because of information from Toronto that fog was delaying the landing time of the planes. The crew handled this excellently by making sure that we were made comfortable and the pilot gave us several updates as he got the information about take-off for Toronto. On the flight to New York on September 28th, I experienced my first landing where not even a tiny bump was felt when the plane touched the ground."
Pro: "Nothing in particular. We got here safely. That's good."
Contra: "1 bathroom for long flight. Ridiculous. Very tight and uncomfortable seats. No pillows, blankets, food and drink service only 1 time in long flight and all food is purchased. Basically, an exercise in human torture for 5+ hours. Should not be permissible to treat people this way."
Pro: "more leg room! pleasant staff at check in and on flight. Brilliant choice of movies. socket to charge phone or iPad . nice wine available to buy on board. I would certainly choose to fly with them whenever possible!."
Pro: "Crew was excellent"
Contra: "Long delay while a new crew was flown to Toronto. Has root cause of original delay been identified and steps taken to ensure it doesn't happen again?"
Contra: "An hour delay and mix up at which loading gate. Received ten minutes of free wi fi as compensation. Food would have been better as wi fi didn't work."
Pro: "Seat width was good. Crew was very pleasant."
Contra: "Canada Air website was malfunctioning, could not check-in, pay for luggage etc. the night before. Said I had an horrible seat when I paid for preferred. 45 minutes on hold only to be told my seat was indeed preferred. Computer problems with the website, she said. Got to check in counter the recommended 3 hours early, no one there till 6 am. Then the check-in desk's computers were all malfunctioning. another 20 minute wait. Plane was small and very old. Didn't know those planes were still in the air. Not good in general for flying. the windows leaked condensation, the computer controlling the flushing of the toilets failed 45 minutes out from our destination. They did get it working just before we landed. The plane had some problem before takeoff and left late, landed late. I WILL NEVER FLY THIS AIRLINE AGAIN. Kayak, you need to end your partnership with them."
Pro: "The Seat"
Contra: "The fact that no food was planned for a flight around noon."
Contra: "I had to pay for Internet despite being a Superelite customer (top Tier flyer on their program). The service was expensive and slow so I only used 30 minutes for $4. Having curtailed my work, I looked for news feeds and Rio Olympic coverage. There was neither. It spoilt an otherwise great experience"
Pro: "I really liked that there were free in-flight movies/tv and that everyone had their own screens so you could choose what to watch or you could have a map pulled up on the screen to show you how far you have travelled and how much further you have left to travel."
Contra: "There wasn't any food offered, no free peanuts/pretzels or food to buy. It wasn't the end of the world or anything but it seemed kind of odd to me. It's also a good thing that I had a movie option because if I didn't then my entire flight would have been filled with the sounds of some children's show that was blasting from a parents laptop and could be heard throughout the entire plane. I was really surprised that none of the flight attendants either asked them to turn it down to a reasonable volume or requested that they give the child headphones."
Contra: "Certain Crew Members were a bit rude and abrasive"
Pro: "Everything on the international flight was great."
Contra: "Toronto to SLC was horrible. You have to pay extra for everything, even blankets."
Pro: "Clean plane, attentive efficient staff, easy boarding."
Contra: "Flight staff forgot to pass out customs forms upon landing in Toronto - caused some confusion at customs entry."
Pro: "Flight crew was great. Aircraft was great."
Contra: "Food could have been a little better."
Pro: "The flight arrived early"
Contra: "The chicken dish was terrible and gave me stomach upset"
Pro: "They were on time. We weren't told of any mechanical issues with the plane that could cause delays. Stewardess were helpful and courteous."
Contra: "Nothing."
Pro: "The flight crew and the ground staff were nice enough."
Contra: "The new policy of charging $25 a flight just for a seat assignment means that it now costs $100.00 just to sit next to your travel companion. I understand charging extra something extra, like a service class upgrade or even some more legroom, but not just to get a seat next to your partner when you booked your flight months in advance. Bottom line: We didn't pay and ended up not just in different rows but in different boarding groups. However, now that we are at our destination, with the $100.00 we saved I'm going to sit next to my spouse at a very nice restaurant, enjoying a fine dinner! Seems like a better use of our money."
Pro: "The attendant at check in was very personable and friendly. The food was decent as airline food goes. The entertainment I enjoyed as there were some old classics I enjoyed watching again and there was music I enjoyed. The crew was pleasant and tried to make us comfortable."
Contra: "I didn't like being put on standby when we purchased our tickets months in advance. Then being led to believe that we might be upgraded to business class only to be given the very last seats in the plane. That was not right or fair. We were also not the last to check-in."
Pro: "The t flight was completely uneventful-the best kind."
Contra: "Not even pretzels"
Pro: "Price"
Contra: "Air canada rouge is a no frills low price airline, I probably wouldn't fly with them again despite the price point for that long"
Pro: "We were very impressed with Air Canada and would highly recommend flying with them to any destination!"
Contra: "Organized, friendly, polite staff. Everything ran very smoothly, especially the actual flight."
Pro: "Smooth take off and landing."
Contra: "BOARDED LATE AND IN GATES VERY FAR FROM CHECKING. The (solitary) crew member did not speak French. Everything she said in French was unintelligible- very offensive (and disturbing) for Francophone passengers such as myself. And for a Canadian carrier- This shows no respect for our pluralism. When we book online and try to pick priority seating, then find out that the plane is so small that the 9th row means 9 out of 12 or something, this feels like a con. Especially when we pay extra. Stop making people pay for seats that don't get them any priority boarding (Zone 3!) and offer no real advantage."
Pro: "I'm happy the flight did continue and I arrived late but not cancelled. I have had numerous bad experiences with AC in last couple years with cancellations, being bumped, flight changes - you name it. A mechanically sound plane is worth the wait"
Contra: "Arriving to the airport thinking flight is 30 delayed only to have been dropped off and then find out I have a 2 hour delay. I live 3 minutes from the airport and then I have to sit in airport for 2 extra hours."
Pro: "t"
Pro: "There were some pretty recent movies and some older ones that I remember watching when I was younger. Both options were good."
Contra: "Despite there being both new and older movies, there seemed to be a limited number of movies and shows. I feel like there could have been more, but it might be just me."
Pro: "The crew was very pleasant, there was in-flight entertainment, and even refreshments. All 3 of these are rare these days so I was happy about that."
Contra: "There was a delay but that's ok."
Informații legate de COVID-19

Măsurile de siguranță ale companiile care zboară de la Utah

Companiile aeriene care zboară de la Utah au adoptat măsuri de siguranță suplimentare și și-au modificat politicile pentru a răspunde mai bine nevoilor călătorilor. Politicile variază de la o companie la alta.

Igienizare sporită

Curățenie zilnică, instalare a filtrelor HEPA în cabine pe zborurile de la Utah

Mască obligatorie

Măști obligatorii la îmbarcare, măști oferite pe zborurile de la Utah

Locuri care respectă distanțarea socială

Scaunele din mijloc indisponibile pentru rezervare pe zborurile de la Utah

Testare înainte de zbor

Testare pentru anticorpi, testare pentru simptome pe zborurile de la Utah

Anulări flexibile

Fără taxe pentru modificări. Caută zboruri flexibile de la Utah

Rezervă bilete de avion ieftine de la Utah către România

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