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Notele conform evaluărilor din partea clienților KAYAK
American AirlinesScor general bazat pe 48771 evaluări
Evaluările companiei aeriene
Pro: "Flight attends are very friendly."
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Pro: "Flight attends are very friendly."
Pro: "Everything went smoothly, i had a good seat."
Contra: "Seat 33A. The audio output was bad. Could not clearly hear dialog. Restarting did not help, this issue as consistent got all media programs."
Contra: "Delay of 1 h at Philadelphia to Syracuse !!"
Pro: "They crew was extremely attentive."
Contra: "No tv screens and internet was shoddy."
Pro: "Plenty of drink passes."
Contra: "The staff was rude. Over heard gossiping about other travelers. At end of flight overhead announcement that our section of airplane using wrong bathrooms. It was rudely stated. Should have directed this instruction earlier in the flight. Very rude"
Pro: "Emergency row seating is great for really tall skinny people. Plenty of legroom but seat width by no means helpful."
Pro: "Ground and flight staff terrible."
Contra: "Will not fly AA again."
Contra: "It's a long time in an ever smaller seat"
Pro: "Everything was good!"
Contra: "It would have been helpful if American Airlines would notify passengers when they have selected a window seat where no window exists. I am very broad shouldered and that extra 3 inch well the window creates is crucial for me. Terrible 4 1/2 hours in a very uncomfortable position."
Pro: "The crew is so friendly. Perfect landing. Perfect flight!"
Contra: "Popup ad in already terrible gogo inflight media playback site stumped entire plan."
Pro: "Would fly again- irritated at how does a flight manage to get overbooked"
Contra: "Flight was 3 seats overbooked, they had to wait until 3 people willingly took a later flight. Like a game of chicken between 100 people."
Contra: "I tried to change my seat to an available window seat several times after online check in opened using the app and consistently received error messages so ended up stuck in a middle seat."
Pro: "The service was pretty good and the flight attendants were helpful and overall happy. Not the worst airline but Could use some work."
Contra: "The flight ended up sitting on the runway a long time. However we were able to push back pretty much on time. The seats were cramped."
Pro: "Safe flight."
Contra: "Flight delayed 4 hours including change of aircraft and departure gate at PHL."
Pro: "Boarding went fine"
Contra: "Plane was old and uncomfortable, no in-flight entertainment unless powered by your device, scattered crew and little service for 4.5 hour delayed flight"
Contra: "Missed connection due to AA gate agent not holding for a couple of minutes for connecting passengers. Also was given incorrect connnecting gate number. Resulted in extra flight and 5 more hours of travel in overnight trip. Also had maintenance delay on earlier AA flight."
Pro: "Courteous staff! Very accommodating."
Contra: "The company did great, no complaints."
Pro: "On time departure and early arrival"
Contra: "Nothing"
Pro: "The plane was clean and flight crew was very pleasant."
Contra: "On a cross country flight I would expect there to be in-seat entertainment or at least power / USB charging at each seat. This flight had no AC power nor did it have USB charging."
Pro: "Nice and clean and seats were comfy"
Contra: "No outlet to charge devices"
Contra: "The delay in Columbus caused me to miss my connection and have to fly into LAX instead of LGB."
Pro: "We left right on time. Plane was clean and had option to charge phone"
Contra: "You had to pay to check a bag and you had to pay for food. Ridiculous."
Contra: "Kay(Kathy) our flight attendant was unfriendly and acted like she was put out or overworked.Her attitude was unprofessional and we fly a lot. This is not acceptable for First Class Service. No footrests; no monitors for a movie. Very disappointed.........was not First Class caliber. ** couldn’t get into Admirals Club with First Class tickets. Need to look for another airline."
Contra: "Airline valet checked luggage, deplaned us then had us wait as carry-on luggage was handed off one by one"
Pro: "The America flights were all ON TIME."
Contra: "The seats on this particular flight were not as good for my back and they no longer offer pillows to put behind my back."
Pro: "Good entertainment options in newer flights."
Contra: "Food options for first class could be better."
Pro: "I booked a codeshare ticket through Alaska Airlines reward program. I was worried I'd be shafted when it came to seats. Not so. I had the row to myself on both flights and just 2 rows shy of first class! Very impressed."
Pro: "convenience of Burbank airport"
Contra: "staff at check-in couldn't get my TSA pre-check printed on my ticket, got picked out to be patted down in regular line"
Contra: "You make me deplane just to take my bags from me because they don't fit the plane when I just flew 4 hours across the country."
Pro: "Business seats comfortable."
Contra: "Crew was friendly. Not always professional."
Pro: "Smooth sailing. Staff pleasant and professional. Orderly flight"
Contra: "Nothing."
Pro: "Nothing!"
Contra: "I was upset with overall customer service"
Pro: "Overall, 3 stars. We were late to board, about a half hour. One of the flight attendants seemed to be drunk, really not joking about this. For comfort, it was a typical plane, not much room. There was NO MEALS on the plane.. it was a three hour flight. The airport we flew out of also didn't have restaurants once you went through security. There was free entertainment but since we were out of the US, we couldn't access it we entered the US"
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "Ride flight attendants"
Contra: "Flight cancelled to begin the trip. They did however help us get a flight on Alaska to get us to los cobos"
Pro: "Check-in went fairly smoothly."
Contra: "Crew (stewardess' were quite crabby)."
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "Hour late crew rude"
Pro: "Got pretty much what I expected from economy."
Contra: "Lack of planning for carry on bags."
Pro: "Not much. Boarding was disorganized. Plane was freezing and uncomfortable."
Contra: "No entertainment, ran out of meals by the time they got to the back of the plane."
Pro: "Pilot announced a change in time."
Contra: "Paying for my plane ticket broke college kid..."
Pro: "Pretzels and drinks."
Contra: "The group's for boarding are ridiculous. The back of the plane should board first and so on... the new plane we flew on had the smallest seats we've ever seen. When we tried to board, the crew would rudely say, it's not your turn. We were flying for a funeral and paid a lot for our tickets. We should be treated with respect. One lady said to put our luggage in the first available compartment, then when we tried, another lady rudely said, if that's not where you're sitting, you can't put your bag there. We were embarrassed and when we tried to explain what we'd been told she told us to keep moving."
Pro: "Everybody was nice my ride was comfortable and they treat me with respect"
Contra: "I like everything"
Contra: "I was told I had to check my duffle bag at the gate, that there was no room for it. When I dot to my dirty seat I found room for three of my bags in the overhead compartment."
Pro: "The flight was fine"
Contra: "Both flights each way where delayed significantly"
Pro: "The flight was quick and easy the gate agent was less then helpful but our flight attendent was wonderful"
Contra: "Our flight was delayed 8 hours and we were given vouchers for a hotel stay which was nice; however, a supervisor named Lauri in Phoenix stated "it was my dog, my problem" after my request for AA to reimburse me for a $50 pet fee at the hotel. What a nice thing to say to someone who paid $125 one-way to stick a dog under a seat."

Difficulty in checking in as terminals were different and transiting time was high, to be factored while issuing tickets.

Contra: "Flight was run by American airlines. The Seats on the 777 were small extremely poor legroom."
Contra: "The cabin crew was quite stuck up and unfriendly"
Pro: "I had to swap seat to be able to access the loo easily from an Isle seat"
Contra: "all"
Pro: "The crew was great."
Contra: "The seats are very close together and uncomfortable. The quality on the screen was poor."
Contra: "This flight was run by American Airlines. A new aircraft and a wonderful crew."
Pro: "Virtually nothing, even in Club Europe."
Contra: "Crowded cabin, uncomfortable seat pitch, anarchic boarding (even for Club), lousy food and that ghastly safety video."
Pro: "The check in process was easy and straightforward but we were in the front of the line--which was very long. The lady who checked us in was very nice and pleasant and she was there for boarding as well. This process was very smooth for us."
Contra: "No water available unless you paid for it --same true of coffee and they only take credit cards. Was not able to request seats early and ended up next to the bathroom and lots of people standing in my personal space and the smell is overwhelming--the chemical smell."
Pro: "Crew"
Pro: "Staff was kind and curteous"
Contra: "Very crowded, sat 2.5 hours on the tarmac. Air was not functioning in back two sections, bathroom overcrowded. Went to the forward bathroom and airconditioning running strong and bathrooms not in use. I think that in an emergency situation, all passengers should be treated with respect. Letting customers use the bathrooms in business class and receiving the same airconditioning would have been humane."
Pro: "There was so much food and entertainment options. The 11 hour flight went really quickly."
Contra: "I was overall happy with the experience."
Contra: "Entertainment system did not work properly"
Pro: "Flight departed on time."
Contra: "The dinner ok. I didn’t like the breakfast at all."
Pro: "The 747 is spacious. Seats are comfortable and recline. Restrooms are comfortable. The flight crew was wonderful. Food was better than average. Wine was included. Enjoyed the ice cream."
Contra: "It was terrible cold. We received no free food or drinks."
Pro: "Great value for the money, nicely priced round trip. Very well scheduled flights, good connections, easy to travel."
Contra: "Little legroom on long flights, no wi fi on board overseas flights, even for purchase. No food available on Europe international flights, but for purchase."
Contra: "Service was bad and plane are old traveling with other airlines with business class is way much better then. Ba this was my first and last time traveling with. Ba"
Pro: "I love the fact that I was able to find a good price for the tickets...JUST THAO"
Contra: "The fact that the flight was delayed and they didn’t tell about it until 1.30-2 hours before leaving...and that because we pressured them other wise they wouldn’t even bother to announce us. So sorry you guys don’t have another rating UNDER POOR BECAUSE I WOULD LOVE TO GIVE IT TO YOU...."
Contra: "No food!!! No coffee!!! No water!!! "Brilliant" like low-cost !!!!! Incredible!!!"
Contra: "Wheelchair was not provided at London and Phoenix locations."
Contra: "No power outlets at seats."
Pro: "It was a smooth flight and comfortable"
Contra: "N/A"
Pro: "Services of New Delhi staff were much better than in Phoenix. No wheel chairs were made available even waiting for 40 minutes in LONDON. We faced a lot of hardships in London to go to departure terminal."
Contra: "Veg food was very poor quality. Snacks appeared to be stale ( may be month old) & very poor choice . Even crew did not listen despite calling several times . Iwill neither travel by BA NOR will I recommend it to anyone else."
Contra: "Uncomfortable seats and dated touch screens"
Pro: "Flight was on time and arrived a little early"
Contra: "Older plane"
Pro: "Excellent service, the entire flight staff was friendly and attentive"
Contra: "The only thing I didn't like was the size of the drinks. Regular sized soft drinks, juice or water would have been better especially for 11 hours in a pressurized cabin. I had to ask several times for more water until I found a small water dispenser at the back of the plane where I could refill my water bottle without having to ask the staff. The attendants were always more than happy to give me extra water when I asked"
Contra: "Ned more room"
Pro: "Food was good-but that was because I ordered a special meal. Normal food service, which I have experienced previously, is mediocre"
Contra: "Questionable reasons for delay-we were told that plane had to be recalled to check "loading issues" which subsequently turned out to be "clerical error??' Worst possible airline for legroom really cramped and uncomfortable seating Really limited entertainment options for movies and tv shows compared to US carriers."
Pro: "The smooth boarding due to the very helpful, organized, friendly staff one the ground."
Pro: "The entertainment was good with variety. Overall, it's hard to appreciate a 10 hour flight."
Contra: "Seats in coach did not have much width or leg room. I don't like the policy of buying a flight and having to pay for a selected seat - that smacks of bait and switch. I know everybody is doing it, but it's tacking on extras once the committment has been made and that is low. The boarding process in London was horrible. queuing up everybody then telling them the general boarding is "over there". The lines should be more well-defined and single file to avoid bunching up. There was plenty of room to form lines, but the stanchions were not in place. Poorly executed. Also, there are FAR too many priorty boarding classes. People had to jump lines and go around barrier tapes to get to their positions in line when their priority class was called. Once on board, the crew did a fine job, but the boarding area is completely screwed up."
Pro: "See above"
Contra: "See above"
Pro: "Punctual arrival. Vacant seats between myself and another aisle passenger in the center section provided additional comfort and privacy. Lots of attention from cabin crew."
Contra: "n/a"
Pro: "The plane got to destination earlier"
Contra: "No in flight entartaiment"
Contra: "BA lost one of our baggage. And it is been a week and we still haven't gotten our bag. We had some unique and good things in that bag."
Pro: "The crew on the flight from London to Chicago was absolutely amazing, funny with great service... really can't ask for more.."
Contra: "Food was average at best.."
Pro: "Great flight"
Pro: "No issues."
Contra: "You need to pay for drinks and snacks - feels like low cost airline."
Contra: "Beverages not included and food only by asking"
Pro: "Everything went as well as expected. Nothing out of the ordinary."
Contra: "No response from stewardess when I handed her the envelope with Money for the BA children's program. I kinda expected a thank you. But then I guess God wants us to give without expecting anything in return."
Pro: "Crew were very accommodating."
Contra: "It was an older plane and the video screens were damaged. Made for an extremely long flight."
Contra: "Food is not good. They are charging for specialized meal. I haven't seen any international flights that charge for meal."
Contra: "Very poor facilities at Terminal 3 London Airport (1) Bathrooms were cold. (2) No lounge type chair for long wait passenger. Only common waiting area. (3) Waiting area seats were dirty and food particles between two seats. (4) Cell phone charges and electric outlets at seating chairs does not work. (5) Very limited food choice. (6) Might they have to see and visit other international airports"
Pro: "The food is good , the comfort is little bed the chairs is to close the other passsanger in the front is make nervous ,evert"
Contra: "Everything it's ok just the check in sometimes is take longer that the fixet time"
Pro: "Crew was very nice. Food was OK."
Contra: "Old plane, no USB ports or WiFi for a 10 hr trip. Selection of movies not good. Seats lumpy and not very comfortable. Got stuck next to someone that had started the party before he got on, inebriated and smelled. Was taking over my legroom and armrest. Unfortunately full flight so nothing crew could help with"
Contra: "Could not get on flight. Had to wait hours for an indirect flight."
Pro: "The audio did work for movies"
Contra: "I felt very warm and uncomfortable"
Pro: "my vegetarian meals were excellent, very pleasant crew"
Contra: "not a great selection of movies, was hot a lot of the flight"
Pro: "The crew were great"
Contra: "Delayed!"
Contra: "overall"

All good.

Overall it was a pleasant flight.

All is exelent.

Contra: "Seats were very tight compared to other airlines"
Pro: "Yes, the seat was good. The crew was good. The food was average."
Contra: "Diversity (for the food) and free alcohol (1-2 drinks are reasonable for 11 hours flight)"
Contra: "There was no inflight entertainment screen. Would have liked one on a 4-hour flight."
Pro: "Exceptional & friendly service."
Contra: "For a 4+ hour flight they may consider offering some free snack & drink."
Contra: "24 hour delay due to mechanical issues"
Pro: "Everything else was fine/standard."
Contra: "Not all ground staff are crosstrained on how to accept manual payment for extra luggage and had to wait an extra half hour for the only person who can process a debit transaction. Does not make sense..."
Pro: "Flight pretty much on time"
Contra: "nothing"
Contra: "Difficult to cancel flight. Could not do on line and when I called I went through a menu that said that no one was available and to call back later. Didn’t even state what later meant. Subsequently ended up not canceling in advance since very little ability to call back once into work day."
Contra: "The television screen with on-board entertainment options didn't work properly, so I was unable to watch movies/television or play games. This was disappointing as it was a fairly long flight."
Pro: "Direct flight - on time departure , arrived early"
Contra: "Grumpy crew, uncomfortable seating - tight & seating comfort poor, attendants came around once for drink & food - didn't return until end of flight"
Pro: "nothing was impressing about Air Canada"
Contra: "Seats was not comfortable."
Pro: "Direct flight"
Contra: "Very economical; bland minimal food; no complimentary wine. Flew with Air NZ to auckland in April; food and wine offered throughout flight. Flight attendants didn't smile or engage with passengers; treated service like a job they had to do"
Pro: "Movies"
Contra: "Poor snack options"
Contra: "Lost our luggage in Toronto both times in and out. Had to sit to wait to pass customs for 2 hours and almost missed our connecting flight. Was released 15 minutes before boarding and couldn't enjoy dinner at the airport"
Pro: "Nice to have free entreteinment"
Contra: "It was uneventful, nothing negative simply average"
Contra: "Rouge legroom has gotten to the point of being dismal. The seats are thin and uncomfortable - don't even try reclining though, or you'll be in the face of the person behind you. I buy flight passes which are good on Air Canada as well but Air Canada has taken away all the non- Rouge flights and I am left with no choice. On a 5pm flight out of Toronto, all the hot food choices were gone by the time they were 8 rows into food and beverage service. I'm seriously thinking of moving my loyalty status to West Jet. If only they had flight passes."
Pro: "On time. Comfortable."
Contra: "Entertainment system had ads. Too many."
Pro: "Nothing because ..."
Contra: "It didn't happen. I booked myself on Delta for an am flight at my own expense. I will not fly air Canada again. This was the worst customer service experience I've had in 35 years of flying. I'm a multi millions mile flyer and will fly to Calgary a lot going forward, but not AC"
Pro: "seats felt like they were bare to the metal"
Contra: "Pleasant a/c employees"
Pro: "I got home safely...thanks"
Contra: "The announcement to limit on board luggage is threatening. I thought if there was not enough space for my on board belongings, it might be taken off and put as checked luggage, even though I met the on board requirements. There should be overhead space assigned to each seat...not first come first served..... that way people wound not take advantage of carry on allowances."
Pro: "Excellent service throughout the flight"
Pro: "The flight attendants were very nice"
Contra: "Everytime I have flown air canada they are behind schedule and so unorganized with boarding and their snack suck not everyone likes pretzels. Other air lines I have flown with Opperator much more smoothly offer pretzels or cookies and are on time"
Pro: "Crew"
Contra: "Seat pitch is non existent, so are free food or drink options. Very uncomfortable seats, glad my flight was only 2.5 hours. Avoid this airline...go Westjet instead."
Pro: "Only 30 minutes late, nice landing."
Contra: "Pitch between seats, filth all over seat back and tray table, mass rush to board when zone three is called, no free snacks, limited drink choices, etc."
Pro: "The new flight was direct and with Lufthansa to my final destination."
Contra: "Air Canada overbooked their Frankfurt to Montreal flight, and they did bot have any seats for me on that plane although I booked 3 months in advance."
Contra: "I usually drink 2 or 3 beers on a flight like this. I bought a beer for myself and girlfriend. Beer hot and was told they had no way to keep cold. That's how it comes. 13.50 wasted. Sat there for 3 1/2 hours with nothing to drink. Had nothing on way back. Kind of ruined my flying experience. Have to think about flying air Canada again."
Pro: "The flight attendants were GREAT. The seats are crammed so close together that I had trouble getting my under the seat suitcase wedged in. On other airlines, the suitcase fits very nicely underneath the seat, allowing me to rest my feet on the suitcase. I am on the short side, so having the suitcase to rest my feet really helps. On the flight to Toronto, my daughter had to do it for me. On the return flight, the sweet flight attendant put the bag in and took it out for me. I really appreciated that"
Contra: "I know that all airlines have reduced the seat size and spacing. But it seems like Air Canada is worse than most."
Pro: "Flight is comfortable."
Contra: "Air Canada flights are usually delayed. The reality is they are consistent with the late factor. Both the times, flight was delayed by 1.5 hours."
Contra: "Very rude staff, my flight from Dublin was delayed for three hours on the runway why they fix the leak for the restrooms. Once we landed I had to clear customs in Canada and get to the new flight. They told me when I finally had to make through the airport and through customs that I need to manage my time better and understand and give myself plenty of time to make the flight.. REALLY??? It wasn't my fault that their crappy plane wasn't working right wasn't my fault we were delayed but I need to manage my time better I think they fell and bumped their head!!"
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "AC Ticket attendants were unbelievably rude."
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "Cancelled, terrible service, cancelled last minute, no reasonable options for rebooking, not enough staff, disorganized section at airport, rudest security ever."
Pro: "-Free entertainment system -Included electrical outlets for every seat"
Contra: "-During boarding I was forced to measure my carry-on and told it was too large despite taking it on hundreds of flights (including numerous Air Canada flights) in the past. Not the best first impression of this Air Canada flight."
Contra: "My bags were lost and no one would give me contact information for how to track them down. The only number I was give has not had anyone answer after I have called many times over the last several hours"
Contra: "Mine and my wife's legs did not fit. The seats were spaced much closer together than is standard, and this made the flight unbearable. I stood in the isle for most of the flight. To make things worse on this 5 hour flight, there was no video available to distract me."
Pro: "On premium economy, the service and food were excellent!"
Contra: "Chairs are so uncomfortable! They are just not ergo. Also the iPad entertainment system causes neck strain since you are looking down for a few hours at a time."
Pro: "Punctuality. Take off and landing was to schedule, and the return flight was actually 20+ minutes early landing"
Contra: "Extra charges for baggage; no food whatsoever unless you bought it; staged boarding meant that when we finally were allowed on board other passengers had pinched our overhead cabin space, NOT IMPRESSED; no in flight entertainment unless you had downloaded the AC Rouge player in advance; no recharging socket for tablet devices - so you might just see half a movie anyway. If I pay a lot of money for a ticket, even if it's a budget airline, I expect more."
Contra: "Some staff were very personable and some were the opposite."
Pro: "Really liked the crew and entertainment options and the fact that all seats had tvs even for a relatively short flight."
Contra: "I find it really strange that you can't wear over ear headphones during boarding/takeoff/landing. Didn't like that. Everything else was great."
Pro: "Staff was friendly and accomodating"
Contra: "Return flight was delayed a couple hours, customs was "full" at Pearson causing more delays"
Pro: "Crew very attending, helpful."
Pro: "flight was mostly empty so I can go sit somewhere else"
Contra: "I am only 6 feet tall, and my legs do not fit in those seats there is not physically enough room between the back of the seat and the back of the next seat for my legs to fit there"
Pro: "Extra leg room but paid for it."
Contra: "Very turbulent. Entertainment system was okay on iPad but selections were poor, lots of old stuff. Really dislike Rouge."
Contra: "Could not book on line and had to sit 20 rows from my wife. When you book 2 persons 1 month in advance then I would expect that we would at least be seated together. Plane was full but A/C made no effort whatsoever to seat us together. With so many choices out there to fly with they ( Air Canada ) should try to put in a little more effort"
Pro: "Overall outrageous fees as per usual"
Pro: "It is simply awful. I'd rather fly Ryanair transatlatic than Rouge."
Contra: "do not like the idea of having to pay extra for a seat other than a middle seat even though I booked and you had my money long before the flight happened"
Contra: "One of my luggage so was damaged and the Air Canada representative in AZ was not very helpful with the issue."
Contra: "Crew were not friendly at all; I was sitting in the very last row and could hear them complaining about various things. The passenger next to me asked multiple questions and was flat out ignored each time. The seats were very cramped, the flight delayed; a friendlier crew could have made up for that"
Contra: "Delayed flight"
Pro: "I was able to sleep most of the flight."
Contra: "My neck hurt a lot."
Contra: "Stuck me with a middle seat even though I fly frequently On United. In fact they gave me a special recognition on an earlier flight which was ridiculous as well because it was just a piece of paper that I had to go up to the podium to collect"
Contra: "Immediately after all passengers were boarded United discovered the plane had to be replaced. We all had to deplane, wait an hour more for a new A320, and reboard. Also irritating that delays are posted at 15 minute intervals and then updated; so you have to keep updating friends & family via WiFi. If it's predicted to be an hour, say so."
Contra: "our flight was delayed in Chicago and our bags were not in Phoenix upon arrival"
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "My email is not linked to my phone, so I got no warning notices of two gate changes waiting for my connecting flight home. I waited at the original gate (C39) from arrival time (2:30 pm) til boarding time (5:40 pm). When I saw no change to my destination, I checked the United App to find that the gate had been changed C33). Rushing to C33 I found another flight boarding at that location with one United Representative who could not stop to answer questions. Seeing two unoccupied Representatives at the next gate (C32), I asked if they could help me with the confusion, they said I should check with gate C33 - which I told them that she was too busy with other passengers. I searched for a Departure Board and discovered that gate C33 was still the gate, but "aircraft maintenance" had delayed the flight until after 8:20. After having to check my carry-on because of lack of space in the overheads, my departure from the airport was further delayed another 30 minutes. Upon returning home and checking my email, I found notifications of two different gate changes (C33 & C44). Announcements should have been made at both gate C39 about the changing of the gate and at C33 explaining the problem. The captain's lame excuse about air conditioning and Phoenix's hot weather was lame to say the least."
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "Bad experience"
Pro: "From start to Finish from ticketing to baggage claim we received Premier Customer Service"
Contra: "I never flew to Phoenix from Washington. I was held over at DCA for the night so I lost a full day of my vacation! Had to fly to Chicago and then to Phoenix. Was a total pain!!!"
Pro: "I was happy to finally receive a drink one the flight started. A waterbottle at the seat and not other service would have been nice. Wifi was not working. The seats were small and cramped. My seat did not stay either up or down...it kept moving around and would not stay adjusted. However the crew was fantastic and our two female pilots were amazing. Captain Amy touched down in Phoenix was one of the smoothest I have ever experienced."
Pro: "The nice crew"
Contra: "I wish if there was delay, we could do it at the gate not on the tarmac."
Contra: "we paid for 2 seats together in economy plus, but due to an equipment change, we were split up. In order to sit together we were downgraded to economy. It would have been nice if they had informed us when the change occured so we could have made arrangements"
Contra: "This flight was horrible. I upgraded my seat and paid extra for a premium economy and it was still crowded. There was gum or candy stuck to the floor right were I was supposed to stash my carry on. I pointed it out to the flight attendant and his response was "so you can't put your bag there?" I asked him if he would ruin his bag and put it there and he said "well, you don't know me." What? I had to worry the whole flight about putting my foot on that gooey mess. What did I get for my extra money? Aggravation."
Contra: "There was no entertainment available on this flight. It's a short flight so I don't expect any, however, I continued on to Phoenix that day from Chicago and that is a long flight. I expected free entertainment on that flight, as it was afforded on the flight on the Phoenix to Chicago leg of my flights earlier in the week. The Chicago to Phoenix had entertainment offered but it there was a fee, which I didn't appreciate and did not take part in. I looked around me as much as possible and didn't see anyone else pay for entertainment. Having in flight movies and TV available for feee is a great incentive for flying with United. If these long flights in the future are pay for view, I will not be flying with you when there are alternative carriers who do provide free entertainment. Thank you."
Contra: "Too tight for legs."
Pro: "Fantastic service! Much obliged for everything!"
Contra: "Need to pay for everything... internet, tv, and snack. Long flight when you cant fork out more money for what was free with canadian airline"
Pro: "The food choices were good and the service was excellent, Always kind and responsive to my needs and attentive."
Contra: "Boarding could be done by letting people with window seats being seated first, then the middle seats next and finally aisle seats last! That way people would not have to get up from their seats after they have been sitting down to get back up to allow the people in the inner seat to get to their seats a pond boarding the plane after the people in the aisle seat are already sitting!"
Contra: "Reduced leg room because of seat construction"
Pro: "An agent heard about our first flight and seated my wife and I together, in a row with extra leg room. And after weather delays the crew gave the entire flight free entertainment - it was great!!"
Contra: "The woman at check in demanded my wife check in her carry on bag, because she had a small pocket book and a plastic bag with 3 souvenir t-shirts. I told her we'd put the purse in the bag but for some reason she demanded we check in our carry on. And we saw two women right in front of us with "3" bags... That meant an additional 30 minutes at bag check while our ride circled the airport. The was the last of 4 flights, and it was the only time anyone made this an issue."
Pro: "Same"
Contra: "Same"
Pro: "The staff was very nice."
Contra: "I purchased two tickets and we weren't given seats next to each other."
Pro: "On time"
Contra: "Boarding takes too long"
Pro: "Everything two thumbs up for the flight, plenty of room"
Pro: "Good service good snacks."
Pro: "Nothing."
Contra: "Staff."
Pro: "smooth ride in the air"
Contra: "-arrived in Phoenix 2 hours late -plane sat on the runway for an hour and a half before taking off. -my small carry suitcase had to be checked -bags took 45 min once we got to Phoenix"
Pro: "Crew"
Contra: "Seating drinks/food pricing baggage handling"
Pro: "The crew was very helpful and polite"
Contra: "Anything but water was for extra. We weren't even offered a small snack for the price of the flight. My flight was changed three times and it was very cramped. They said there would be entertainment, but it cost as much as a movie ticket. They also managed to lose my bags for the third time in a row."
Pro: "Zero leg room! That actually was surprising as most other airlines have a lot more legroom. In flight entertainment was also lacking. Doesn't make sense to pay $7.99 for a 2.5hr flight. A lot of other airlines offer some sort of complimentary in flight entertainment. Also the luggage didn't start coming out for at least 30 mins of waiting at baggage claim. Not the worst experience I've had flying but far from being a good experience. It probably isn't worth flying united unless it's 1st class. But even they had to wait 30+mins for luggage!"
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "Flight was delayed two hours, lack of communication regarding delays even after airplane arrived, seats were uncomfortable and lacked room."
Contra: "The only thing I didn't like was that my flight was delayed. But hey, it happens. Over all it was great"
Contra: "I have to endure 10+ hours without the chance to purchase on flight wifi"
Pro: "I felt comfortable. Staff was great."
Contra: "The cracker and cheese box. The snack wasn't worth the money."
Pro: "Boarding started early and went very quickly. Seats were new and a leather type material , which is an improvement from old fabric seats. Nice headrests you could bend to support your head. Loved the new United app I downloaded for free which allowed me to watch movies and tv shows on my phone. We arrived at our destination 30 minutes early, which was a plus. Staff was friendly and helpful."
Contra: "They overbooked my flight and almost didn't let me on the plane even though I bought my ticket months ago! The only reason I got on is because some people didn't show up."
Pro: "Standard average flight"
Contra: "The delay and lack of communication to customers."
Pro: "Seemed to be a newer plane, and there was in-seat entertainment at each seat. Mine didn't work, though."
Contra: "United has to have the smallest seats of any carrier. There couldn't have been more than three inches between my seat and the seat in front of me. The guy in the middle seat wasn't a large guy, yet he poured over into my space. It's insanely small."
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "I was angry that I had to fly to Houston before heading to Phoenix which made my arrival in AZ much later than I had planned. My flight had been rescheduled since I missed my flight the night before because the first flight had been delayed. So the new flight was a longer trip because of the extra layover. The overall flight was a mess."
Pro: "Price was great and flight crew was nice."
Pro: "The jet was excellent. The boarding was easy and organized. The flight crew was very polite and professional. Everything went in a timely manner......."
Contra: "United overbooked by 5 passengers and that's not an acceptable practice. It's not fair to those who pay then get bumped off the flight..... This is terrible and needs to be stopped."
Contra: "Rows 20 to the back of the plane didn't get a beverage. Slow moving attendant. I was thirsty."
Pro: "The Crew was nice and attentive"
Contra: "Boarding was unpleasant I had to wait so long to be seated because no wheelchair was available then I had to sit in the rear of the plane I'm physically disabled I had no leg room and my knees were in pain the whole flight then after landing I had to wait 20 to 25 minutes to get off the plane I'm still recovering from that but keep the attendance they were the highlight of my experience"
Pro: "On time."
Pro: "The only thing I have to say that is positive is that it was relatively easy to change my flight date and time in the United app once my original flight had been cancelled. The app was the only thing that helped me understand what was going on during the constant time and gait changes throughout the day."
Contra: "This airline is terrible. First we were told that the flight would be delayed 1 hour and 40 minutes. We were supposed to leave at 2139 from IAH to PHX. They changed the departure to 2309 due to "mechanical failure" of one of the aircrafts. We were told a plane was coming and that we were just waiting for another flight to Albuquerque that was delayed before us to leave the gait. Long after that first delayed flight left passengers for PHX were delayed 3 more times which ended in the final tenative departure time being 0145. We were told at 0115 to sit tight and wait because the plane was now here but the crew was still in route. Shortly after this promise, the crew showed up and everything seemed to be ready for us to board. Another 30 minutes went by and they announced that the flight was cancelled. United airlines had used up over 4 hours of changing gaits and times only to end up cancelling the entire flight. They did not offer any explanation for this nor were they the least sympathetic to the travelers who have all paid to be on that flight. The customer service was disgraceful and did not offer any type of help on reimbursement, hotel, cabs, or compensation for this."
Pro: "I love United. They're now my go to airline. I love the pet friendliness as well as every employee through United I met today from the bdl check in crew , to especially the flight crew on flight558 iAd to phx who I believe was from Houston and their Texas roots truly shined. Every crew member was Sooo attentive professional Cleanly pleasant and always smiling and happy to come around. Other crews could learn from this crew please take notice !!! I have never been so impressed (and I am a frequent flyer )"
Contra: "Flight tracker wouldn't work on screen or on phone disappointing"
Contra: "Food selection awful"
Pro: "I had an empty seat next to me and was able to have some more comfort on the 5 hour flight"
Contra: "The flight was delayed twice, very frustrating as we were already arriving at midnight."

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2 EscaleUnited Airlines
25h 13mOTP-PHX
3 EscaleUnited Airlines
20h 05mPHX-OTP
956 €

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