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Principalele 3 companii aeriene care operează zborul New Delhi Indira Gandhi Intl - Cluj-Napoca Internațional Avram Iancu Cluj

Notele conform evaluărilor din partea clienților KAYAK
Turkish AirlinesScor general bazat pe 23756 evaluări
Evaluările companiei aeriene

The food quality could be better, especially Asian vegetarian and Non vegetarian options, the communication with the crew could be better, There could be more variety of entertainment options especially for teenagers.

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The food quality could be better, especially Asian vegetarian and Non vegetarian options, the communication with the crew could be better, There could be more variety of entertainment options especially for teenagers.

Contra: "Crew was not helpful at all, didn’t even bother to come when asked for help"
Contra: "Vegetarian meals"
Contra: "Flight attendants have limited English fluency."
Pro: "Yas"
Pro: "Nice service"
Contra: "I enjoyed visit via turkey and not long flight. I felt comfort"
Pro: "The food was good. The staff very friendly."
Contra: "Nothing"
Contra: "Leg room Food choices"
Contra: "Rude crew.. i am elite plus ..i can only imagine how they treat people with no status"
Contra: "Flight delayed more then an hour without anyone knowing anything about it."
Pro: "overall it was ok but the service between chicago-istambul and return is superb"
Contra: "Just the difference in the service between delhi-istambul and istambul-delhi is so much lower grade than the service from chicago-istambul and istambul-chicago it is a real turn off"
Pro: "Food and drinks"
Contra: "Business class seats can be a bit wider"
Pro: "Sfo-ist I would rate 5 stars, great hospitality and food. IST-SFO 3 stars, bad food, not a welcoming staff."
Pro: "The food and quality of the flight was incredible."
Contra: "You broke my suitcase"
Pro: "Excellent service. Even the food was great :-). The bathroom cream and parfume were a nice touch. Nice hot towels, Nice touch to provide a menu! Check-in was a breeze"
Pro: "Everything was exceptional"
Pro: "Never fly again"
Contra: "Nothing"
Pro: "Food was good. Flight was good. Crew during the flight was good"
Contra: "Service provided during the transfer at Istanbul was not good. Wheelchair assistance was not provided. Staff at Istanbul was not helpful. Directions were not clea.flight"
Pro: "Superb service. Good food. Organized on boarding. Not overbooked. New planes. USB available for charging devices."
Contra: "Long layover in Istanbul."
Contra: "some staff spoken English was not upto the mark"
Pro: "Asked for emergency exit but was told to pay. Managed to change inside the plane."
Contra: "Turkish now joins the sad club of airlines that charges for better seats."
Contra: "We had asked for wheel chair. At Istanbul we were made to wait for almost two hours. Our boarding passes were collected by your staff, when I raised my voice, were given one wheel chair and I had to run along with the staff or we could have missed the flight. I wanted to have some grub at airport but there was no time."
Pro: "Ayten was the perfect flight attendant. Very friendly and helpful. Outstanding."
Pro: "Staff was courteous and wore smiles..."
Contra: "The food could have been better..."
Contra: "Hardly any leg space"
Contra: "In Istanbul, wheel chair facility was not provided. Wheel chair facility was there with itinerary."
Pro: "On time."
Contra: "Seats are a bit old."
Contra: "Cleanliness of the aircraft, service of the crew members"
Pro: "I have always enjoyed my travels on Turkish airlines. Service is superb, staff is very polite and always willing to help."
Contra: "The boarding can be better organized. It can be chaotic and disorganized."
Pro: "Movie selections. Larger displays. Comfortable seats. FOOTREST."
Contra: "When going from US to India, food was excellent. But when traveling from India to US, the food was not good at all."
Pro: "Great entertainment, very friendly staff, decent quality planes , good beverages"
Contra: "below average food . Particularly for health conscious people."
Pro: "I love the food, the crew was very nice, great service. And wonderful entertainment. I love to fly by Turkish in the future. I enjoyed everything."
Contra: "Pathetic vegetarian food."
Pro: "The Welcome from the crew member and Istanbul airport"
Contra: "Food, Drinks and the service from Crew."
Pro: "Good filling i"
Pro: "I had a ticket for the 7th and there was no flight on the 7th. I ultimately flew to JFK instead of IAD causing a lot of problems for me and my family that was to pick me up. Not sure I will fly Turkish Airlines again"
Pro: "Service"
Contra: "N/A"
Pro: "Good food. I would say there is scope for improvement on wines"
Pro: "I liked the aircraft. They were fairly new and well maintained. New inflight entertainment and movies. Fairly spacious for a medium sized person."
Contra: "I feel the food could have been better."
Pro: "Courteous service, good food and fine entertainment options."
Contra: "The USB charging port wasn't working."
Pro: "Seat comfortable good leg space"
Contra: "Food quality and selection of items and taste"
Pro: "The service was good, inflight amenities were nice."
Contra: "Employees didnt look or act very welcoming. Very little food."
Pro: "Overall journey was ok"
Contra: "I am vegeterian. Food was horrible :("
Pro: "Duration of the flight is good."
Contra: "Staff on Istanbul airport is rude. They don't respond to people"
Pro: "On time"
Contra: "Food chairs"
Pro: "Entertainment system, food"
Contra: "Announcements illegible"
Pro: "Flight attendants have a great attitude and are very helpful. Clean interiors, nice seats."

not allowed to board due to shenigan visa which i was never informed about while booking my ticket

Pro: "Young crew, with positive attitude and very kind and helpful."
Pro: "Big aircraft made it a smooth flight"
Pro: "The leg room in economy class was average. Not too cramped. There were good selection of entertainment options to watch/listen."
Contra: "The care and friendliness of the staff needs improvement. The quality of the food was poor. Additionally the boarding process needs to be better organized. Property sequence and queues need to be maintained and followed through."
Contra: "Seats not comfortable for long haul, better care"
Pro: "Attention and comfort"
Contra: "Boarding process could be better. They can board the end rows first and go back to the first rows. This will help with better flow with passengers not blocking the pathways."
Contra: "Flight delays were unimaginable"
Contra: "Better time management."
Pro: "Good food and crew"
Contra: "Free WiFi"
Pro: "Im stuck in London due to flight delays. I will never book with kayak again. I am so fed up with travel ticket i booked with kayak"
Pro: "I’m so grateful for all the movies"
Contra: "Flight was delayed bc of Pakistan air space so I had to take 3 planes instead of 2"
Pro: "Plane is old and dingy. No charging available and the seats are so uncomfortable. Crew was just ok."
Pro: "Air hostesses was rude in flight from India. I have notice lots of passengers couldn’t speak English and they probably thinks everyone is like that."
Contra: "Tell Air Hostess to be polite if any one asking for something it’s part of their job"
Pro: "Every thing is excillent"
Pro: "Better food ! I had food positing with the meat roll that was provided from Delhi The tv was not working"
Contra: "Food has to be better"
Pro: "The entertainment selection was diverse."
Contra: "Seats in economy were too cramped."
Pro: "Good crew unlike previous experience few months ago."
Contra: "Food"
Pro: "Crew members were friendly."
Contra: "Bathrooms need freshners, many passenger, infants , kids use it. It smell not unclean ."
Pro: "All the full service airlines are pretty good in the air. But what sets apart Lufthansa is it's ground staff. On the previous occasion I had left behind my waist bag on the seat containing passports, cash and cards. Their lost and found desk retrieved it quickly, absolutely intact. On the last occasion, my mother in law, who is over 85 was taken care of very well at not only Delhi but especially at the Frankfurt airport. I must truly acknowledge young lady Jessica's efforts, in ensuring that everything was handled very caringly by her personally, for an old lady at the Frankfurt airport."
Pro: "Treated with kindness and courtesy by ground and cabin staff."
Pro: "Window seats on the upper deck have additional luggage storage bins and seem to have more leg room than seats on the main deck."
Contra: "Keep all babies in one section of the aircraft"
Pro: "Staff were efficient and friendly, constantly offering juice and water."
Contra: "Boarding could have been a lot better organized they need to do it the same way Lufthansa does in Los Angeles"
Pro: "Generally like Lufthansa service - have been flying the airline for 15 years+ Pilots are always excellent"
Contra: "Every flight (to and from India) seems to have the chicken option run out. Why not order accordingly? Had a bad seating experience. LH.com showed that I had completed the boarding process. But when I went to the counter, my seat was changed without my consent (to a worse seat), and I was told that the online process wasn't complete!! Then the website should say accordingly. It's really annoying when this happens. I think the ground crew in New Delhi duped me. At one point, my call button for my meal was ignored for ~30 minutes on the plane. And then I was told there was no more chicken, and handed a veggie wrap. One wonders whether I could have gotten chicken 30 minutes ago!"
Contra: "They made me sit next to a special needs person and did not warn me. I didn’t signup to keep helping the elderly."
Contra: "Two flights delayed then no bags when we got to Chicago- disappointing and annoying. Great to arrive with no coats in winter!"
Pro: "Great service, on time departures and arrivals, lie flat seats in business class. The planes were relatively new. Waiting lounges at Delhi and Frankfurt are well stocked with food."
Contra: "Almost nothing"
Pro: "Staff and flight were great. We were surrounded by kind of rude flyers. They complained when my husband moved the seat back. And they were just standing in the aisle most of the time. Person in front of me stretched her arms over the seat so her hands were dangling in front of me and fingers in my screen. I know we were in coach, but maybe another inch of separation would be nice for such long flights."
Contra: "See above."
Pro: "I like the lufthansa Flight. The Crew was Amazing."
Contra: "I didn't like there UNITED Flight merger/connecting flight. United flights are not comfortable at all especially seat's cushion. There in-flight Touch Screens are pathetic. Either United Airlines need to upgrade there planes or Lufthansa should think of avoiding them"
Pro: "Aircraft"
Contra: "Food"
Contra: "My wife has an I797 document. Lufthansa didn't recognize it and I had to book her a business class flight on Qatar airways."
Pro: "Movie choices"
Contra: "Crew was very very rude , special meals were not provided in spite of being confirmed many weeks before"
Contra: "bad business class experience, requested assistance 2 but only one came that alsoafter so much hassel will never travel or recommend"
Pro: "Courteous service."
Contra: "Food is bland, unimaginative and below par. No english news papers."
Contra: "Flight was an hour and a half late!"
Pro: "The airlines gives the best flights possible."
Pro: "Ground Staff helpful. Cockpit pilots communicated effectively. Cabin staff was courteous."
Contra: "The wait prior to takeoff. Flight departed late. The gate counters at IGIA, New Delhi were allowing some passengers to pre-board early even though the passenger was not senior citizen or handicapped, or family with children. Food from New Delhi to Frankfurt was less than optimal in taste."
Pro: "Great services and very good food."
Pro: "Food snacks were awful."
Pro: "Very polite and helpful staff"
Contra: "Food could be better"
Pro: "I appreciated the advance boarding for families traveling with younger children. Plenty of time to settle in with the kiddos."
Contra: "This airline has little respect for its customers. In the economy/coach cabin, they squeeze the seat distances to such an extent that, when the person in front of you leans their chair back, you cannot get out of your seat at an upright angle. You have to significantly bend your body. To not loose your balance, you have to grab on to the seat in front of you and that disturbs the other passenger. If they're sleeping, they can be woken up by that. Lufthansa does not care much for its passengers. Nor do many other companies, for that matter, but I think Lufthansa is taking things further than most airlines. It is a disgrace. Their brand is not what it once was."
Contra: "Everything was good"
Contra: "wheel chair crew ignored us during boarding. my mother had to walk to the gate which was very difficult"
Pro: "On time."
Contra: "changing seat assignment"
Contra: "Leg space is tight"
Pro: "Checkin was timely and the agent helpful!"
Contra: "The immigration line was way too long in New Delhi."
Pro: "The airbus seating was comfortable. It was my first time in this type of plane, and it was a great experience, even in coach class. The crew was great. I gave respects and received 10X more. Thank you Lufthansa!"
Contra: "I don't eat much on long flights so I don't have much to share, though I did feel that food quality can be better. To be fair, the same comments apply to all other airlines that I have flown, with Emirates being the exception. No big issues for me personally, though."
Pro: "Everything was great. Never flying again from any other flight"
Pro: "Pretty much everything"
Pro: "My seat didnt have much room in front of me and I really missed the maps option on the TV screen in front of me. I really liked having a USB port so I could charge my phone."
Contra: "The food was very poor, the staff hardly offer any liquids through out the flight."
Contra: "40min in the air 25 min to get to exit"
Pro: "Seat was confortable."
Contra: "Employees at airport in Budapest didn’t speak English, also went to restroom and there was no access for handicapped people, I’m on wheelchair. I will never again go that way, very bad experience."
Pro: "One stop flight, faster than a boat."
Contra: "Lost luggage, delayed our plans for 3 days(all luggage was lost!!!)"
Pro: "Punctuality"
Pro: "Excellent crew, generous service, excellent vegetarian meals (my request), great help on telephone prior to flight"
Contra: "The flight was delayed but we were not given any information. Bathrooms dirty towards end of flight."
Contra: "Flight delayed for 5 hr"
Contra: "At least one free drink or a small sandwitch on 2 hours international flight would be fair."
Pro: "The crew was friendly"
Contra: "Better quality of food"
Contra: "Flight was delayed"
Pro: "Plane was half empty so I had plenty of space"
Contra: "My entertainment screeen froze in first 40 min of flight, the food portions were tiny"
Pro: "The flight to Chicago was ok, but the crew (how the flight tender behaved) was at some points ridiculous"
Contra: "Poor behavior of the flight tender, no humility, poor respect, disgraceful... also the seats in the toilet are defective (all of the passengers noticed this) - the plastic covers when you lift them (open) do not keep vertical position, they always fall down what is very annoying (how can you use the toilet if the cover is falling on your back all of the time?)"
Pro: "On time as I had a connection outbound. All good in the transfer."
Pro: "The crew lady was nice and I liked the food even though it was a one hour flight"
Contra: "Again delay"
Pro: "It had some interesting movies and food could been great if given two meals. Was able to get more candies and drinks."
Contra: "Only one meal to get and could been more variety of movies like in Spanish and Russian and Polish. More music to listen to."
Contra: "Limited leg room and cramped quarters when person in front of you leans back."
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "Having to arrive 6 hours later than scheduled"
Pro: "Movie selection was good"
Contra: "The boarding was very slow."
Contra: "The plane was having a 25 minutes delay before leaving. It will be nice to offer some chips also as a curtesy"
Pro: "Pilot interection and the crew."
Contra: "Small air craft."
Pro: "Quiet flight, no issues"
Contra: "Not a Lot plane. A Neos charter plane leased by Lot. Italian crew."
Pro: "Crew was polite"
Contra: "Late boarding, late arrival. No apology"
Pro: "The flight starts 2,5 hours later."
Pro: "Normal in-flight service but nothing special."
Contra: "Small plane."
Pro: "Friendliness"
Pro: "all was ok"
Contra: "ground service knowing we will be late in Warsaw did not want to book me for the flight i could catch after delayed landing"
Pro: "Flying with pet and airline could not have been more helpful. The food (dinner) was much better than expected. Wish I had asked for more. The pork, the vegetables salad and dessert had flavor. Flight attendant helped me with back off the plane even."
Contra: "We were delayed. I was also asked to switch seats and was placed next to an ultra orthodox family, who was NOT happy to be seated next to a woman. This put me in an extremely uncomfortable situation, and the crew was not helpful in helping me resolve this. I basically had to go back and undo the switch myself - I would like to point out that the airline has just as much responsibility to protect me and my rights as they do to protect the other passengers, and I feel they fell short."
Pro: "The biggest supprise for me was the 787 Dreamliner which is very comfortable. You do everything to provide an excellent experience. The crew was very nice and helpful, You are the best! I don't fly often but LOT is my favorite company to fly to Odessa. Thank you for great service!"
Pro: "Food and staff was amazing"
Contra: "TV didn't work good"
Contra: "the comment for the AMS -WAW flight segment applies here as well."
Pro: "The transatlantic plane was great."
Contra: "No alcohol 2/2 flights delayed"
Contra: "Departure late about 4 hrs, little information along the way. More waiting at arrival for gate to open up due to late arrival. Seats are not comfortable."
Contra: "The flight was delayed two hours and I missed my next flight because of that"
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "440am flight left late, ran to customs and begged to cut the line, while people complained at me and my wife, then landed and told my luggage is lost. The best part was when I was asked if I had lugggae insurance because they didn't want to look for my luggage"
Contra: "Flight was cancelled 1h prior to schedule, as people were already checked in at the gate. With no advance warning or explanation. " Awesome" experience. Do NOT fly LOT."
Pro: "I would not give 1 star. 0 if possible!"
Contra: "Because of loosing our connecting flight in Warsaw (due to weather...I think, it was never explain to us why our first flight had a 3 hour delay), the boarding staff was very helpful finding us a different route. Well the flight from Warsaw to Berlin, operated by LOT was horrible! No snacks no drinks, not even water on a 2hour flight! Shame on you! I had my wedding gown with me and I asked one of the crew members to put it in one of the closets design for this. And in a broken English she told me 'ya there is a problem' and she showed me the closet, it was full with the crew luggage :( We ended up laying the gown on one seat that was empty! When we arrived at our destination and picked up our luggage we noticed that they broke one of the wheels. Overall very ugly experience with LOT!!!"
Pro: "New planes, great food, excellent service!"
Pro: "Food was good."
Contra: "At boarding we were told we needed an additional security clearance "that way". When we searched for it and couldn't find it, we asked two different employees and they didn't know or offer to help. We finally found it but it wasn't a good experience. And finding out at boarding time was not helpful."
Pro: "Smooth and easy boarding and deplaning"
Contra: "Nothing, short flight"
Contra: "Food was terrible"
Pro: "The flight was smoothe"
Contra: "Boarding was a mess and is always a mess"
Contra: "If food, including WATER, is not free but paid, it needs to be super clear on the order. If you want to add luggage, but can't do it through the web, and when you call you find that there's a discount if you do it more than 24 hours before, that's lame."
Pro: "Wondefull flight crew."
Pro: "The crew members were very nice!"
Contra: "My seat assignments were changed and I was not able to sit next to my husband."
Pro: "The plane loaded on time and left on time. The flight was quite smooth. Best of all, the flight attendants gave out Prince Polo chocolate bars, the best candy in the world."
Contra: "The plane did lack a photo of John Paul II, though he was featured extensively in the airline magazine. Further, there wasn't much in the way of traditional Polish music playing during the boarding process. These aren't huge problems, though. Still a great experience."
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "Plane delayed, missed connecting flight, spent 7 hours at airport waiting for next plane."
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Măsurile de siguranță ale companiile care zboară de la New Delhi către Cluj-Napoca

Companiile aeriene care zboară de la New Delhi către Cluj-Napoca au adoptat măsuri de siguranță suplimentare și și-au modificat politicile pentru a răspunde mai bine nevoilor călătorilor. Politicile variază de la o companie la alta.

Igienizare sporită

Curățenie zilnică, instalare a filtrelor HEPA în cabine pe zborurile de la New Delhi către Cluj-Napoca

Mască obligatorie

Măști obligatorii la îmbarcare, măști oferite pe zborurile de la New Delhi către Cluj-Napoca

Locuri care respectă distanțarea socială

Scaunele din mijloc indisponibile pentru rezervare pe zborurile de la New Delhi către Cluj-Napoca

Testare înainte de zbor

Testare pentru anticorpi, testare pentru simptome pe zborurile de la New Delhi către Cluj-Napoca

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Fără taxe pentru modificări. Caută zboruri flexibile de la New Delhi către Cluj-Napoca

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