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  • Plecările de dimineață sunt, în general, cu aproximativ 28% mai scumpe decât zborurile de după-amiaza*.
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Alaska AirlinesScor general bazat pe 30623 evaluări
Evaluările companiei aeriene

Flight had mechanical problems and was 1.5 hours late

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Flight had mechanical problems and was 1.5 hours late

Pro: "Seat very comfy."
Contra: "Wish I could have ordered the cheese plate (wasn’t an option)."
Pro: "Everything was good"
Contra: "Nothing was great"
Contra: "It was pretty hot."
Contra: "Crew wasn’t particularly outstanding, they did a fine job. Not proactive at all. Pleasant when asked."
Pro: "The communication was impeccable. The flight was smooth and efficient. Everything about this experience, from booking it, to getting home was great."
Contra: "Nothing about thus experience was bad. It was great from beginning to end."
Contra: "Better snacks premium members"
Pro: "The crew was awesome and they really made the flight so much better. I loved how short the flight was - just 58 minutes from Vancouver to Portland."
Contra: "This is a turbo-prop commuter flight, so it's fairly noisy; also, there are no USB charge ports or entertainment system."
Pro: "The crew was amazing and easygoing. The best seat ever"
Pro: "The wine!"
Pro: "Quality inside the aircraft"
Contra: "More efficiency on travel times, as in the time that you are supposed to land, you land."
Pro: "Crew was considerate and prompt."
Pro: "The seats were comfortable and we had plenty of leg room in economy."
Contra: "For a short flight it was all good!"
Pro: "The crew was excellent. The entertainment was good."
Contra: "They changed our seats from the original ones. We ended up in the last seats. No way to recline. Very noisy."
Contra: "5 gate changes."
Pro: "This is the worst day of the year to travel. Hundreds of people waiting to catch flights to Seattle, which were delayed with no news of when they might fly. Alaska Airlines staff had way too to handle, but still found time to help a disabled person/passenger in need. Thank you."
Contra: "TSA had no time to help a disabled person, rather abruptly sending me from line to line to line, because I was disqualified from going through walk-through a certain scanner. Then was un-necessarilly angry with me for putting my Kindle on top of my laptop, to go through the scanner. If TSA had given clearer directions, I would have known how to place electronic devices in the plastic tub. Also they took my wallet from me to go through the scanned by itself. As TSA staff pushed belongings down the conveyor, the little dish holding my wallet turned over, credit cards and the like started to fall all over and under the machine. I started to collect my congtents and was told to stay put, and hold out my hands so they could swab my hands for explosives, and to not move while they put the swab in their sensing machine. Makes me want to not fly in the future."
Pro: "Very friendly crew. On time flight. New airplanes. Free movies."
Contra: "Please provide more meal options available for purchse."
Pro: "None"
Contra: "Plan delayed for 40mins and change gates."
Contra: "40 mins late, really had to run to make the connection."
Contra: "If there was a less than one star that is what they deserve. SFO flight was late. They gave away my seat on my connection to Kalispell. They basically blamed me for being late and not being there on time. Two others from my flight were allowed to make the connection but told me that they gave my seat away because I was late. We all showed up at the same time from the late flight. I talked to 3 people including customer service and did not get a single “I’m Sorry”. Do they not communicate with each other when a flight is late and they have passengers for connections running late? They told me they don’t talk. The best they can do is put me standby for 9:30 flight and if I cannot get on that flight I have to wait until morning. My daughter is in a competition tomorrow morning and thanks to Alaska Airlines I’m going to miss it. I’m sitting here writing this review, paying for a dinner I should not be paying for and probably searching out a hotel room until morning when I can catch a flight. Unbelievable the lack of empathy."
Contra: "55 min flight to LA took 4 hours. How , I will never know"
Pro: "They don’t help you. They send you back to the kiosk over and over again. No humans are allowed to help."
Pro: "Izisisiizkzk"
Pro: "Arrived 5 min early and bags at bag claim in less than 20 min"
Pro: "Flt arrived early. The crew were all very friendly and the service was excellent."
Contra: "Staff threatened to leave me stranded in Portland because they didn't like my already approved carry-on bag"
Pro: "Good.price for a direct flight. Plane landed on time"
Contra: "Seats were so tight. Deli box has gone down in quality."
Pro: "Outlets available at each seat and free WiFi"
Contra: "None"
Pro: "Great service on time"
Contra: "No complaints"
Contra: "Hard to get movie on second flight, stuck from first flight"
Pro: "The seats and stowage were expected in comparison to a 737-800. Boarding time was fairly quick and organized."
Contra: "Boarding announcement was localized using a small portable microphone/speaker combo. Not great if you were sitting in another gate where seating was available. Food was pay as you go. Soft drinks and water were free. No in flight entertainment in the seat. They use GoGo Flight and rent tablets for 10.00 USD. The videos would skip and you will miss key elements of a plot. I was underwhelmed by this airline and will likely not take them again for a 5.5 hour flight."
Contra: "Massive delay and arriving at 3 am"
Contra: "Policy of not allowing check in within 40 minutes of flying flight. This policy maybe Makes sense in LAX Or chicago but not in tiny airports like fresno. I had already checked in online but becAuse of a glitch couldnt access it. I went to customer service desk and Asked for a hard copy boarding pass but Alaska Would not help me , it was Too late. So I waited for 38 minutes, watching an empty TSA line and then listened as my flight pre-boarded, , boarded and took Off without me. Then I had to buy an American airlines Ticket to reach san diego via LAX 5 hours Later. Alaska was a big let down this time."
Pro: "Absolutely nothing"
Contra: "Second mechanical problem in a row. Flight attendants did not do anything...communication was terrible."
Pro: "The crew and the onboard entertainment were great."
Contra: "Maintenance issues caused extensive delays. Ran out of food options by the time they got to my row."
Pro: "Nice room"
Pro: "Leg room, good customer service"
Pro: "I love traveling Alaska airlines. The staff is amazing, easy loading on plane etc. My only complaint is the minuscule seats. Seriously, why so tiny?"
Contra: "Teeny tiny seats."
Pro: "Very attentive and nice staff I love this airline .. keep it up you guys, thank you"
Pro: "The Captain was skilled, made you feel comfortable. Kept us informed. From take off to landing all were smooth. Prefer Alaska Airline over all others."
Contra: "Nothing."
Contra: "Took almost half an hour for bags to START coming. Grandma had to do 3 loops picking me up at airport"
Pro: "The plane was new but with no bells let alone whistles."
Contra: "No monitors/screens at all on plane."
Contra: "I paid for a window seat and the seat next to it. I ended up with two aisle seats. This meant my grand-daughter and I were not sitting next to each other. NOT ACCEPTABLE"
Pro: "On time departure. Very friendly flight attendants. Anther SMOOTH landing. Good pilots."
Contra: "Loud sound system."
Pro: "On time, within 5 minutes. Great customer service."
Pro: "Same as above"
Contra: "Same as above"
Pro: "legroom, outlets"
Contra: "in flight entertainment,"
Pro: "Was a good flight . Everyone was friendly."
Contra: "US Customs was very rude."

We were making a move to Mexico from the U.S., and we were amazed at how pleasant the trip was. We had quite a few pieces of luggage, and everyone was extremely helpful. The crew and staff from both Delta and AeroMexico were great, and made our trip as easy as possible. Thanks to all!

Pro: "Being on time"
Contra: "Nothing you guys did great thankyou so much."
Contra: "On time"
Contra: "The boarding crew wasn’t friendly"
Contra: "Tv wasn't operating correctly"
Pro: "All was great!"
Contra: "Seats are too small"
Pro: "Nice helpful crew, plane was clean, arrived ahead of schedule"
Contra: "Nothing much"
Contra: "Late"
Contra: "The Entertainment display didn't work."
Pro: "Nothing three hours late I went to dc and then took the train"
Pro: "Very nice crew, precisely respects the flight schedule"
Contra: "none"
Pro: "Overall the flight was very comfortable."
Contra: "none"
Contra: "Not really an experienced flyer. Overall the flight seemed good. No issues with airline or airport. Just don’t understand self-important people that feel compelled to push the overhead storage limits with their bags."
Contra: "Food and service. Our flight attendant didn’t seem to want to be there. Sub-par service for first class by a long shot."
Pro: "Smooth flight"
Contra: "No drink/snack service because of shorter flight times."
Pro: "Horrible storms kept us in the air for at least an hour past our scheduled landing time. And yet we experienced virtually no turbulence. The pilots did an excellent job of keeping us updated, kept things as smooth as possible with the bad weather and we had plenty of movies and games to choose"
Contra: "I was charged an extra $100 because my bag was 10lbs overweight. Where is this crazy fee communicated on their website? And why does it have to be so much? I didn't have a way to weigh our bag before we left. I had no idea it was so heavy - ridiculous price."
Pro: "Crew was great, just not very much room."
Contra: "Larger seat room."
Pro: "Crew was very friendly. Food was excellent"
Pro: "The crew was fantastic."
Contra: "Seats, leg space, noise. The seats in coach were too close together and the entertainment system was slow and seemed outdated."
Pro: "Being that I needed to book last minute due to my other carrier only having one flight headed back to my destination, of which they weren't even sure if it would be taking off...Delta came through in a pinch. It was my first time flying with them but the ticket agent was helpful and attentive"
Contra: "N/A"
Pro: "Crew was very professional. Seat uncomfortable. No entertainment. did get water or coffee."
Contra: "Comfort"
Contra: "more leg room is needed"
Contra: "Seats were a little tight."
Pro: "Efficient and friendly"
Pro: "Not sure why this flight was delayed inbound. But it made the departure late by over 30 minutes."
Pro: "Seats are comfortable and didn’t mind staying with the back upright. Flight attendants veery friendly and boarding was fast and easy."
Contra: "Headrest was too short and there’s no seat back screen. More communication from the cockpit at the end would have been nice. Announcements were very hard to hear over the background plane noise."
Pro: "Quick flight"
Contra: "Flight attendant spoke like a robot. Could not understand her."
Pro: "Flight was safe, smooth & fast."
Contra: "Aiirlines always want to try and chargel extra money for everything. If you purchase tickets back in February and still can't sit with your significant other that's a problem to me."
Pro: "On time."
Pro: "The people was relaxed and the flight attendant was polite and professional.. everything was on time"
Contra: "Nothing at all great service"
Pro: "Roomier than a lot of airplanes."
Contra: "Bumpy ride. Nobody's fault."
Pro: "Flight crew is helpful. We travelled with my 82 year old mother who needed some assistance, especially for our short connection times, and they made sure she and our whole group made it to the connections on time."
Pro: "I liked booking/purchasing my ticket on Kayak on June 3rd."
Contra: "I did not like arriving for my 4:50 PM EST flight at 4:10 PM EST and being told there is no way I can make my flight. The crew at CVG’s Delta desk is incredibly uninspiring and not helpful at all. A lot can be done in 40 minutes and they made little to no effort helping me make my flight or to get me on another flight on 6/13 that would get me home to Colorado Springs the same day."
Pro: "CVG isn't a huge airport, but it has a good amount of things to keep you entertained/well fed."
Contra: "CVG security line isn't terrible, but there seemingly is ALWAYS a decent wait. When a flight is full, like this one, it's never very comfortable – even a short flight."
Pro: "Boarding was fine. And service was good."
Contra: "TV controls didn’t work. So I couldn’t watch anything for the 4+ hour flight."
Contra: "The attendants at the delta counter in the airport were very rude and told us we were nit elite member when in Lima and Mexico was at the contrary"
Pro: "Friendly crew with modern plane"
Contra: "Why am I paying for first class for just snacks I can buy in an airport shop?"
Contra: "Flight was late by almost 2 hours!!!"
Pro: "Flight was on time, boarded quickly and efficiently. Staff were nice enough but all business."
Pro: "Nice and attentive staff, smooth on and off."
Pro: "I fly non Rev so it's great to fly economy comfort for free"
Contra: "Seats were available so not a bad experience. Sometimes not knowing if I'll make the flight is unnerving. It's worth it however for the flight benefit I book directly through Delta so very curious how and why Kayak is requesting this survey"
Pro: "Delta made sure my husband and I had seats together and my husband was thrilled to have a window seat. We took off and arrived earlier than scheduled."
Contra: "Everything was perfect. Nothing negative to report."
Contra: "I have never been to Billings, so I find it rather difficult to review this flight that I have never been on."
Contra: "had to check my carryon which got WET sitting outside to be loaded on the plane. It was a cloth bag."
Pro: "The crew chief"
Contra: "Water not to top; towel holder broken. 20 minutes for wheel chair to arrive"
Pro: "Service was great"
Contra: "Food wasn't great cookie!"
Pro: "Didn't nickel and dime us about snacks or entertainment. Warned us about turbulence, but it wasn't too bad, thanks to the pilot for doing his best to keep us on an even keel. Did not feel,squished in the "comfort" or Premium Economy seats. In the lowered expectations world of modern air travel, this was relatively OK, which means I recommend it and would fly with them again."
Contra: "I told you my daughter's birthdate, you know her age, don't require me to call you and wait on hold for 30+ minutes for her to not be seated by herself."

Our bag was not put on the plane and we still don’t have it 12 days later. It ruined our vacation and they didn’t even try to help. They wouldn’t answer the phone when we called them every day. Go with another airline if at all possible.

Contra: "It was full, Ben if Lufthansa said on their website that they keep physical distance for passangers! Liars!"
Pro: "Crew was very attentive and professional."
Contra: ". The economy seats on the Lufthansa A350 were extremely uncomfortable and seemed excessively narrow as well has having cramped legroom. I could not get comfortable let alone sleep, and my backside felt like I had been sitting on a park bench rather than a long haul coach airline seat."
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "Leg room"
Pro: "On time and the staff were very good. The food was not great, buy good."
Contra: "Tried and was unable to choose my seat in advance for flight and thus had to wait until I arrived at the gate. Thus I was unable to sit with my daughter. Was promised seats could be chosen 24 hours in advance, but was not allowed to either on line or via phone."
Pro: "Amazing crew and service."
Contra: "Seat space extremely low for tall person."
Pro: "amazing"
Contra: "Mediocre sandwich"
Contra: "Media screen did not work and flight attendant was indifferent and made no attempt to resolve. If a passenger made a request we/they were told they were too busy. Food was minimal at beat."
Contra: "Flight was delayed"
Pro: "I loved that the staff made everyone comfortable and answered all questions. The captain was in constant communication with us. and especially that the ground service team managed to rebook us all the way home to Tucson the same day."
Contra: "That the flight was so late getting to Munich that we missed our flight from Rome to Houston and then to Tucson."
Contra: "NO MOVIES."
Pro: "Lufthansa is a great airline. My problem is Kayak, who sold the tickets to us."
Contra: "You, Kayak, sold me economy tickets. When I checked in online I saw it for the first time that our tickets were Economy Light. So even though we are Frequent Flyers, we payed $220 for three checkin luggages. I intend to dispute this case."
Pro: "Nice crew"
Contra: "Not enough space to store at feet. Food was terrible - hot pockets - disgusting. Mystery beef stroganoff. Rude passengers pushing seats all the way back."
Contra: "I din't like the fact that Lufhtansa company uses double standards for the countries where they have their flights. From USA, San Jose, Ca, to Frankfurt, Germany everything was good (flight on 08/31/2018 - 09/01/2018). They have been very profesional, beganing wih the boarding time untill the arrival in Frankfurt. The flight to Romania was a different story. They haven't been very professional at all. The flight had a delay and nobody said a word. It was just a clerck there who didn't tell to the Lufthansa passengers for a while anything about our delay. So, finally, he said after 15-20 minutes that our fligt will be later, 20 minutes, than the scheduled time on our tickets. They seemed do not care too much about the Romanian passengers."
Pro: "nothing"
Contra: "getting fine from DC to Munchen and Munchen to Bucharest, 7 h delayed but we get to Romania. - when waiting for the luggages, guess what? Both luggages are missing. -made the complainment, now we are waiting to show up in Romania and to be delivered at home. -went to pick up the rental car, because of the plane delay, they gave our car away. -after trying several companies, we found a car, 3 times more expensive, but we have a car....yeeyy"
Pro: "Everything was perfect. crew was really good. nice and comfortable airplane (Airbus A380)..very smooth ride. A+"
Contra: "nothing wrong"
Pro: "Everything was fine except for the comfort."
Contra: "The rows were so close together it was hard to get in and out of your row. If the seat in front of you reclined, the t.v. was 9 inches in front of your face."
Pro: "The flight crew was amazing and the overall experience was great."
Pro: "The food was pretty decent."
Contra: "The seats are uncomfortable and do not recline. The plane was old. No entertainment. For the money look elsewhere."
Pro: "Flight was comfortable and quick."
Pro: "Used an Airbus 320 this flight, which is larger than the Bombardier and much better overhead storage. Flight is approximately 20 minutes and does not have any service such as food or entertainment."
Contra: "Flight left 10 minutes late. Making next connection is stressful since Frankfort airport is large and they do not schedule enough time. Security lines very long over 25 minutes."
Pro: "Cabin was clean"
Contra: "Boarding and airpot staff were horrible: rude, chaotic experience especially in Munich and Frankfurt. Main issue was rude staff... No concept of customer service ."
Pro: "Excellent service during the two hour trip. No complaints whatsoever!"
Contra: "No headrest screens for entertainment but I had my phone and downloaded movies and shoes prior to leaving the US."
Pro: "Everything"
Pro: "On time, smooth landing and take-off, friendly crew,"
Contra: "Still not enough legroom in Premium Economy but much better than Economy."
Contra: "The flight kept cancelling then company offers indirect flight temptations new flight I had to take 6 hour train I hope Lufthansa compensaye"
Pro: "Everything is good"
Contra: "Food use to be better"
Pro: "W we’re a few minutes late and they waited for us. We truly appreciate their cooperation. 5 strat services."
Contra: "Missed my flight because the baggage check in closed, but what bothered me was that the attendant did not give any solutions or help, just coldly said “you can’t get on because you can’t check in your bag” and continued to tell me that I should just throw my luggage and all my things away to at least check in and get my body on the plane. I felt like I had to coerce her for help or advice on what I should do with my situation and she didn’t really give me any beneficial help until right before my gate closed and my plane departed. As customer service, shouldn’t they offer help without having the customer feel like they need to convince the check in attendant to give them alternate solutions?"
Pro: "Nice people"
Contra: "Not much"
Pro: "Efficient boarding, friendly crew."
Pro: "Very nice personals, I'm so happy."
Contra: "Nothing"
Contra: "It seemed llike the boarding was rushed and a bit hectic."
Pro: "Crew was courteous and available.The aircraft was new and clean."
Pro: "Boarding is efficient. Flight very smooth."
Contra: "great crew"
Contra: "Didn't happen yet."
Pro: "N-o entertainment"
Contra: "All"
Pro: "I enjoyed the meal service, drinks and entertainment."
Contra: "My final leg of the trip was delayed by 3 hours, making us sit on the plane. I missed my connection in Minneapolis. Not happy because the airline did nothing to help me get home."
Contra: "There is no entertainment so I do not know it should be rates."
Contra: "Food was awful. Looked like something you would find in prison. My second leg did not even have vegan options for me, as I ordered online weeks ago. I was so hungry after almost 14 hours of flying plus a 12-hour layover. I am not impressed with this airline."
Pro: "Very friendly crew, smooth flight ( great pilots)"
Contra: "Food was carb heavy. I wish you would offer more protein and vegetable choices."
Pro: "United airlines a319 was quite shakey felt uncomfortable whereas the Lufthansa connection with the a320 was way better only a bit shakey but felt comfortable and enjoyed the flight."
Contra: "United airlines connection was quite bad. Was 15 min late but didn't really mind it"
Pro: "Everything was good."
Pro: "I fleweconomy. Flight on time. Boarding was quick. Food is so so bordering to poor. On the plus side the portion was small and is good when want to go on diet."
Pro: "The plane was parked away from the gate. We boarded the service bus to get there 20 minutes before departure time. But it took more than 20 minutes while mid way waiting for clearance to leave for the plane. The service bus did not turn on the AC while we waited even though we complained. We were suffocating. There was no entertainment on the plane."
Pro: "flight was on time and the crew was wonderful"
Contra: "Plane was"
Contra: "Seats recline too much. When the person in front of you reclines his/her seat, you feel like you're in a tunnel with the seat back just inches from your face. However, the flight attendant was very kind and asked passengers to lift seats for the main meal, which was very nice."
Pro: "Food was just OK. Crew was nice."
Contra: "The München terminal by the gate has two antic wending machine that work only with cash. Nothing around once you pass security in that part of the terminal. Internet wasn't working either. Poor Germans, they lack ideas and money.... Then the plane had issues, we left 2 hours late because some Computer on board malfunctioned. Many people lost the connecting flights. Overall, I will avoid this airport, and flight path in the future."
Contra: "2.5 h delay"
Pro: "La ponctualité."
Contra: "Variété des boissons proposées."
Pro: "Good aircraft, good service, on time, eventless"
Contra: "There are two types of foot-rests, both are a nuisance for people with long legs. The one popping up from below one's seat is extremely hard to put back in place. The metallic one folding down from under the seat in front cannot be secured back and is always in the way if the passenger needs to stretch his/her legs. This seems to be a new appliance, and I jut wish they would do away with it altogether. More is not necessarily better."
Contra: "Only a steward that did not help us with luggage when neede..."
Pro: "The cabin crew were amazing and the seats very comfortable, even in economy. I'm not a super comfortable flyer so I loved that the pilot would always warn when we were getting into turbulence. 2 thumbs up. I will fly Air France again"
Contra: "I'd appreciate a better selection of food and drinks, even if I have to pay for the drinks."
Pro: "Not much, seats are super uncomfortable"
Contra: "Better code sharing with KLM"
Contra: "No leg room at all, cant believe those seats met legal standard. The plane smelled, boarding was a nightmare because too many people had big bags. An announcement had been madd that vags would be collected, but obviously were not."
Contra: "I’m not sure that short-hop flights should serve solid food. The quality invariably disappoints. Otherwise, all is good with this flight."
Pro: "Nothing !! Such a bullshit flight ever !!!"
Contra: "No tv fo 14 hr long flight !! Flight delayed for 1 he !! No proper arranged to board .. it was kiosk!! Food quality was worse. No space to seat !! Can’t sleep .. no leg space !! Worst fight till the date !!!"
Pro: "The comfort of the flight snd kindness of the crew."
Contra: "My connecting flight to san francisco was through Delta, which it was on a different terminal, I had to carry my luggage out of the airport in order to get to delta’s terminal - the buildings are not connected."
Contra: "Crew forced me to change my upgraded comfort seat to accommodate a 12 year old who they knew was going to be airsick. So I spent the first half of the flight next to a vomiting girl. Only after I asked to file a complaint, they allowed me one of two empty seats in premium. Terrible customer service."
Contra: "Excelente aerolínea"
Pro: "Tight seat, was moved out of exit row because of my age"
Contra: "Could have stayed in exit row. Plan arrived in Moscow late so flight was over one hour late"
Pro: "Flight was in time"
Contra: "The food was mediocre. Flying La Compagnie in the past was a much better food experience."
Pro: "Very nice crew. Nice meal service and drink service throughout. Great choice of entertainment."
Contra: "Boarding at CDG was awfully slow"
Contra: "make passengers from Nigeria to feel respected and important. Imagine no entertainment in the aircraft in addition to a very poor food."
Pro: "On time, staff was nice."
Contra: "Not many options and not even a glass of champagne. That’s a minimal requirement. No sparkling water. Just very limited"
Contra: "Flight was delayed by at least an hour leaving Paris - a regular situation I experienced with AF."
Pro: "Didn’t like the sandwich offered"
Contra: "I didn't get to board, ended up spending $2,400.00 over and above the $980.00 that I spent booking the initial ticket. I was not informed when I booked the ticket that when you transit through 2 schengen countries, you need a transit document. I was informed about it at then airport. Not only did I miss my flight, I had to book for the next day at a outrageous price. SUPER BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE...BOTH KAYAK and PRICELINE. Will never recommend you guys to anyone."
Pro: "Good selection of movies"
Contra: "Na"
Pro: "The cabin crew was super patient and accommodating of the passengers."
Contra: "Cramped quarters"
Pro: "Friendly crew, good meal and entertainment"
Contra: "Boarding agent forced me to check in my carry-on even though the carry-on fit in the cage and fullfilled all the requirements. I specifically called Air France prior to the flight to make sure I won’t have any issues as my 1st flight was operated by Delta and I wanted to confirm the luggage requirements were the same. My carry-on weighted only 5 kilos. I was extremely upset the way I was treated w/ the boarding agent behind the counter in Prague. On the top of that, her and the supervisor were very rude to my mom as they told her she had an extra carry-on which wasn’t the case. She traveled w/ a small briefcase where her mask for sleep apnea was. This is not considered an additional carry-on. The boarding agent (Czech lady and her supervisor) were not only rude but obviously lacked knowledge as well. My carry-on suitcase would easily fit in the overhead bin plus there was plenty of space inside the plane as it the flight wasn’t completely full."
Pro: "Good seat width Great movie selection Great food and drinks Nice and large A380"
Contra: "The interface of the screens seemed old Need to anticipate the needs of the customer better For example, they brought me my special meal first, but I had to wait 30 minutes later to get a drink to accompany it. The food was getting old. Did not see any newspaper/periodical selection. That would have been nice."
Contra: "Airplane really old. Cabin configuration economy was in front of economy plus. Just 1 bathroom for economy and economy plus. Economy plus seats old and uncunfuttable ( more than it should be )"
Contra: "Horrible Crew..."
Pro: "Arriving safely."
Contra: "We didn't get boarding passes for the second flight at EDI so we had to exit the secure area, get boarding passes, and go through security a second time for the same trip."
Pro: "Staff pleasant and courteous fine meal and beverages! Arrived ahead of schedule in Bucharest!! Overall a very pleasant experience!"
Pro: "Hospitality of the flight attendants"
Contra: "Toilets could hv been cleaned more often"
Pro: "it was cancelled so they got me on the next flight on Turkish"
Contra: "the food is terrible."
Pro: "The crew is great, with their typical slightly humourous and casual French attitude. Great collection of international quality movies."
Contra: "Average and disappointing sitting space. The vegan lacto-ovo meal is disappointing."
Pro: "Arrived on time"
Contra: "Cattle car accommodations"
Pro: "1) USB charger and electric outlet 2) Availability of 2-across economy seats (for a price) 3) Vegetarian dinner option available and not too bad 4) Flight arrived on-time"
Contra: "1) No on-board wifi 2) Not much seating room - very thin 3) 45 minutes late taking off"
Pro: "Great crew"
Contra: "Food could be a bit better. White bread is unhealthy."
Pro: "Crew was great."
Contra: "Food could be a bit better. White bread is unhealthy."
Pro: "Crew was friendly and polite, both beverages and an excellent lunch was offered."
Contra: "A delay was not ideal but nothing to worry about since the flight arrived on time."
Pro: "The food was good."
Contra: "I feel comfortable flying when I can see out the window so don't force me to close my window shade.The flight attendants kept forcing me to close my shade. Also new planes would be nice. Sick of flying on outdated technology."
Pro: "Lovely crew, clean toilets"
Contra: "It's an a380, stains everywhere, aisles between seats narrow even for business, caos at CDG, no clear queues, ground staff shout at passengers, food selection good but huge gap between describtion and reality, in JFK we waited for 30 minutes cause the docking spot was too narrow for the captain, sky priority? The economy got their bags before 1st and business."
Contra: "It was all good, only in comparison with Turkish airlines and etihad it is not at par."
Contra: "Late...delayed from algiers"
Pro: "Crew"
Contra: "No entertainment or usb plugsto charge."
Contra: "Airport handling is catastrophic. A lost bagage created the twins to be locked. Half an hour and we could not enter. Delays and huge mess in front of police checkpoint. No announcement and no care for passengers approaching departure time. And to top it all no announcement of any delays. Had to cheat my way through the priority line and run a sprint through security and beyond. Reached the gate to note that there was a delay of 5 minutes.... Grrrr"
Contra: "My entertainment system did not work for the whole 8 hours. Seats were uncomfortable. The lights above the seats broken."
Pro: "i tried to cancell my flight but didnt answer me1"
Pro: "Boarding was efficient, the flight was on schedule, crew was nice."
Contra: "The temperature for this leg of the trip seemed very cold. I wore 2 sweaters & a jacket plus the blanket. Hard to rate entertainment (I wasn't aware of any)."
Pro: "Courtesy staff excellent!"
Contra: "Console for gaming poked guy in front. Needed joystick"
Pro: "The crew was nice .."
Contra: "We were very late for take off. Don't understand why No USB plug. No charging spots. No video. No movie. No radio. No wifi."

Excellent Service

Like all airlines need to get modern ergonomic seating instead of the terrible old seat style

Contra: "The gate attendant was a little snarky; shirt with an older passenger. The snacks were just okay; almonds would be good, or kind bars."
Pro: "Comfortable seating, good service, wide variety of entertainment options."
Contra: "I’m vegetarian and the food was horrendous and extremely limited."
Contra: "The flight was an hour and a half late getting to Cincinnati due to weather in Houston. We did make up some time in the air, however, when we got to Newark, we waited over 20 minutes to be towed to the gate! This level of service is simply unacceptable."
Pro: "Everyone was friendly and cooperative from ticket counter to flight attendants"
Contra: "Nothing at this time"
Pro: "The crews did a great job!"
Contra: "Departures on both legs of the flight was delayed. First one 45 minutes and second one 20 minutes. The seat on the first flight was not the best and doesn’t seem to have a tall enough back section for taller people to rest their head."
Pro: "The crew was excellent"
Contra: "I hate it after you land you have to take the stairs to the tarmac and then board a bus in the cold"
Pro: "Alyessa went over & above to make us feel welcome & appreciated"
Contra: "Limited snacks"
Pro: "staff was fine"
Contra: "Loaded us on the plane and kept us on the small cramped plane for 90 minutes before leaving. Just stuck sitting there"
Pro: "We missed our connecting flight any had to spend the night in Washington at our expense."
Pro: "They put us in First Class which was a wonderful treat"
Contra: "The pretzels were awful"
Pro: "Politeness of the crew, not cramped"
Pro: "crew was patient and efficient"
Contra: "3+ hour delay leaving CVG due to delayed plane out of ORD"
Contra: "No seat assigned"
Pro: "That the flight was a bit shorter than it was suppose to be."
Contra: "A bit uncomfortable, but no more than any other flight"
Pro: "Exit row seat. 18A"
Contra: "No tv, not loving the waffle cookie."
Pro: "Easy check in and boarding. Nice airports"
Contra: "small.seats. poor snacks"
Pro: "On time"
Contra: "Layover in Newark was too long and Newark is not a good airport for layover"
Contra: "The Wi-Fi didn't work when I tried it on my computer."
Contra: "This flight seems to be frequently delayed waiting on the inbound aircraft from SFO to CVG"
Contra: "Almost didn't get to flight. Service desk had one person checking in bags. No communication with anyone in line and they had no help. Very poor service. Only was I made it was risking taking bag on flight."
Pro: "Access to entertainment online with the app was good. Good customer service. Nice memorable suit case tag gifts for the inaugural flight. Friendly staff."
Contra: "While boarding the plane, another passenger was sitting in our seat. When I asked to see her ticket she explained she didn't have a ticket and didn't need one? I'm a flight attendant!!! Very rudely. The attitude in some of the flight attendants is wrong !!! You work in customer service help find solutions don't create problems."
Pro: "Very comfortable and enjoyable good vibe not to loud"
Contra: "There wasn't anything I didn't like it was my first flight ever and it was good"
Pro: "All was good. Crew was nice to everyone."
Contra: "Two large people had carry on bags that did fit in the overhead. They kept trying different areas and delaying boarding for other passagers."
Pro: "Your crew was sympathetic to the dry air and happily provided extra water when I asked"
Contra: "Fellow next to me was having a hard time with the credit card use for direct tv."
Pro: "Efficient, smooth boarding, on-time push and take off, good skill on a crosswind landing."
Contra: "Being packed into a CRJ-700 with 50 of my closest friends I never knew. Snacks are ok but nothing exciting. No elbow room (I'm not obese)"
Pro: "The crew on the plane were nice."
Contra: "You cancelled my flight when I was in chicago to cincinnati United did not offer me anything no hotel, money back nothing and I had to be somewhere very important I didn't have my thing because it was in my suitcase which i didn't get till sunday. Ended up renting a car and driving the rest of the way. Never offer anything to help me. Then United messed up my plane ticket on my way back home almost miss my flight."
Pro: "Getting from A to B safely. Some of the crew were extremely helpful and sweet."
Pro: "My flights were on time and I didn't die."
Contra: "United Airlines doesn't have power outlets in their economy seats."
Pro: "The crew was wonderful."
Contra: "The temperature on the plane was so cold that ice was falling on passengers throughout the flight from the vents. I chose coffee for my in-flight beverage to warm up, but the flight attendants did not have lids available to offer. As you can imagine, that didn't end well on a turbulent flight."
Pro: "Nice aircraft"
Contra: "Late out of ORD"
Pro: "The email updates on flight gates."
Pro: "Everything went like clockwork, the announcements, the boarding, the take off, the landing and the on time arrival. This trip was an example of how things should go."
Pro: "Comfortable and on time other than rain delays"
Contra: "Missed connecting flight and had difficulty getting help to reschedule b missed flight due to retouting to Austin"
Pro: "Great friendly crew, you can tell they love their jobs"
Contra: "Liked everything"
Contra: "Flight was delayed 2 1/2 hours, transferred carriers and still don't have my bag"
Contra: "The flight was delayed so that I would miss my connecting flight so they change me to a different flight which was been cancelled and I had to get a different flight to Detroit where I landed as far from my departing gate as you could possibly make it with 20 minutes to get there"
Contra: "Waiting In the airport 6hr waiting on a flight that takes and hour"
Pro: "We finally got to Chicago.... In one piece!"
Contra: "The delay, the plane changed so the seat assignments changed but we were not given new boarding passes, A MESS!"
Pro: "on time, clean plane, efficient crew."
Pro: "The smooth ride"
Contra: "Could not cross my legs Not enough room for food and diabetes kit Flight information would not load"
Pro: "The crew was wonderful"
Contra: "Like any flight, the lack of choice in included snacks."
Contra: "The snack food was the worst I've ever had on any flight. It was some kind of Asian-style snack and I almost gagged. Never had a snack on a plane I couldn't eat until now."
Contra: "Flight delayed so booked on another flight. Get to layover and was told that United tried but couldn't book the second leg of the flight after all. Before we left our original destination, they assured us all the arrangements had been made. Lying to customers doesn't look good for businesses."
Pro: "On time departure of flight"
Contra: "Seats seem to be getting smaller. Flight attendants movement is greatly reduced. It seemed that his behind every time I looked up. Not good!"
Pro: "Price and comfortable new plane"
Contra: "Male stewardess was very unpleasant/unprofessional No food or snack or water offered to my son or I"
Pro: "The flight was fine nothing to rave about or complain about."
Contra: "The cargo door did jam on the return flight so we had to wait at least 30 minutes to get our bags. Not sure if someone didn't do what they were supposed to do when securing luggage. It took maintenance some time and several calls before they came to assist."
Pro: "There is absolutely nothing that I liked about this experience!"
Contra: "They had to reroute my flight four times! Then when they finally gave me a final flight I didn't get the premier seating that I paid for! Even if it's the only flight available the next time I fly I will not book with United!"
Informații legate de COVID-19

Măsurile de siguranță ale companiile care zboară din Cincinnati în Bucureşti

Companiile aeriene care zboară din Cincinnati în Bucureşti au adoptat măsuri de siguranță suplimentare și și-au modificat politicile pentru a răspunde mai bine nevoilor călătorilor. Politicile variază de la o companie la alta.

Igienizare sporită

Curățenie zilnică, instalare a filtrelor HEPA în cabine pe zborurile din Cincinnati în Bucureşti

Mască obligatorie

Măști obligatorii la îmbarcare, măști oferite pe zborurile din Cincinnati în Bucureşti

Locuri care respectă distanțarea socială

Scaunele din mijloc indisponibile pentru rezervare pe zborurile din Cincinnati către Bucureşti

Testare înainte de zbor

Testare pentru anticorpi, testare pentru simptome pe zborurile din Cincinnati în Bucureşti

Anulări flexibile

Fără taxe pentru modificări. Caută zboruri flexibile din Cincinnati în Bucureşti

Rezervă zboruri ieftin din Cincinnati în Bucureşti

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1 EscalăDelta
12h 35mCVG-OTP
1 EscalăDelta
14h 15mOTP-CVG
742 €
2 EscaleUnited Airlines
22h 45mCVG-OTP
2 EscaleUnited Airlines
24h 59mOTP-CVG
746 €
2 EscaleLufthansa
20h 58mCVG-OTP
2 EscaleLufthansa
35h 34mOTP-CVG
911 €
2 EscaleAir France
15h 00mCVG-OTP
1 EscalăAir France
24h 20mOTP-CVG
935 €
2 EscaleLufthansa
20h 58mCVG-OTP
2 EscaleLufthansa
35h 34mOTP-CVG
945 €
2 EscaleDelta
22h 46mCVG-OTP
2 EscaleDelta
21h 24mOTP-CVG
1.319 €
3 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
35h 20mCVG-OTP
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
24h 28mOTP-CVG
1.594 €
2 EscaleAir France
15h 45mCVG-OTP
1 EscalăAir France
30h 00mOTP-CVG
1.597 €
2 EscaleLufthansa
36h 52mCVG-OTP
2 EscaleLufthansa
41h 53mOTP-CVG
1.647 €
2 EscaleLufthansa
22h 42mCVG-OTP
2 EscaleLufthansa
34h 33mOTP-CVG
1.685 €
2 EscaleAlaska Airlines
24h 35mCVG-OTP
1 EscalăAlaska Airlines
14h 25mOTP-CVG
14.361 €

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1 EscalăDelta
12h 35mCVG-OTP
1 EscalăDelta
14h 15mOTP-CVG
742 €
2 EscaleUnited Airlines
22h 45mCVG-OTP
2 EscaleUnited Airlines
24h 59mOTP-CVG
746 €
2 EscaleLufthansa
20h 58mCVG-OTP
2 EscaleLufthansa
35h 34mOTP-CVG
911 €
2 EscaleAir France
15h 00mCVG-OTP
1 EscalăAir France
24h 20mOTP-CVG
935 €
2 EscaleLufthansa
20h 58mCVG-OTP
2 EscaleLufthansa
35h 34mOTP-CVG
945 €
2 EscaleDelta
22h 46mCVG-OTP
2 EscaleDelta
21h 24mOTP-CVG
1.319 €
3 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
35h 20mCVG-OTP
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
24h 28mOTP-CVG
1.594 €
2 EscaleAir France
15h 45mCVG-OTP
1 EscalăAir France
30h 00mOTP-CVG
1.597 €
2 EscaleLufthansa
36h 52mCVG-OTP
2 EscaleLufthansa
41h 53mOTP-CVG
1.647 €
2 EscaleLufthansa
22h 42mCVG-OTP
2 EscaleLufthansa
34h 33mOTP-CVG
1.685 €
2 EscaleAlaska Airlines
24h 35mCVG-OTP
1 EscalăAlaska Airlines
14h 25mOTP-CVG
14.361 €

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Zboruri Cincinnati - Bucureşti

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Bucureşti - Cincinnati

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