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DeltaScor general bazat pe 31456 evaluări
Evaluările companiei aeriene

Roomy leg room. Comfortable seat. Excellent crews. Food ok.

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Roomy leg room. Comfortable seat. Excellent crews. Food ok.

Every thing is fine

Friendly flight attendants, always smiles Main cabin was full - felt too crowded Difficult to get through the restrooms

There was no entertainment and there was only a snack for "food." But as it was a two-hour flight, no more was to be expected.

Ross, the flight attendant. Won't fly another w his working it.

Pro: "Excellent"
Contra: "Nothing short"
Pro: "I would like to have ore of a grace period to check baggage."
Contra: "No ear plugs offered and my iPhone jack didn’t fit."
Pro: "Middle seat was empty"
Pro: "The atl to bwi leg was not great. No inflight entertainment and the aircraft looked old."
Contra: "A newer aircraft that doesn't show its age would be nice"
Contra: "On time"
Contra: "The Entertainment display didn't work."
Pro: "Very nice crew, precisely respects the flight schedule"
Contra: "none"
Pro: "Overall the flight was very comfortable."
Contra: "none"
Pro: "Excellent crew and clean aircraft"
Pro: "Funny crew members and very friendly captain"
Pro: "Smooth flight"
Contra: "No drink/snack service because of shorter flight times."
Pro: "Delta crew and offerings are great."
Pro: "Didn’t like security. They were rude"
Contra: "Security"
Pro: "Crew was excellent."
Contra: "Snack can be little better."
Pro: "The crew was attentive."
Contra: "Games on the tv were okay. Tetris would be a nice addition."
Contra: "Touch screen monitor was unable to register touch, so no entertainment available."
Pro: "The service on our flight was absolutely amazing, the food was surprisingly great, and the long ride was as comfortable as it could have been in an economy booking."
Contra: "My entertainment pad malfunctioned the whole time, even after it was reset. Thankfully I had enough things to keep me busy on my own, but it still would have been nice to have."
Pro: "Are usually fly international, and I really enjoy it. Flying domestic inside the US is bad because you never know when you will get flight delays, like we got. It wasn’t the fault of Delta, but it sucked."
Contra: "Small seeds, no food, the flight delay"
Contra: "We were on the tarmac for almost 2 hours. It's probably LaGuardia but the experience was very bad."
Pro: "Speedy flight"
Pro: "The flight was good, Boarding was smooth and fast"
Contra: "I asked one of the crew members to help me to get a better seat as I was very tired and wanted to sleep better during the flight and he didnt pay attention to me. I realized there were emthy seats available during the flight"
Contra: "Customer service was lack luster..."
Pro: "Crew was wonderful, fine flight, very prompt"
Contra: "Was unable to board an earlier flight without paying $75. If there are seats it shouldn't be so difficult to be moved."
Pro: "Great"
Contra: "Too many announcements"
Pro: "Service"
Pro: "Movies"
Contra: "no bed"
Pro: "in Charlotte"
Contra: "delay on flight"
Pro: "Please offer headphones to people who do not regularly take them in flights."
Pro: "free texting and entertainment!"
Contra: "our flight was delayed half an hour."
Pro: "Fast and very friendly staff."
Pro: "Boarding was good, crew was friendly and we were on time."
Pro: "2 hour delay.. had requested when I originally booked the flight an isle seat. I did not get it. The flight was long and uncomfortable."
Pro: "Excellent crew and comfortable flight"
Pro: "I loved that the plane was equipped with televisions. I have a hard time watching a movie on my hand held device."
Contra: "That an international flight didn't allow free luggage and that liquor purchased at the airport could not be consumed on the plane."
Pro: "I liked that Delta gave me quick alternative flights and was able to switch at no charge to another flight using their app. I was traveling with my 12 year son and they were accommodating in seating us together."
Contra: "The hassle and the fact that we had to run to catch the new flight."
Pro: "Everything went smoothly."
Contra: "N/A"
Pro: "everything on schedule; courteous staff and great pilots"
Contra: "everything was very ordinary so cannot complain"
Pro: "Got grounded for five hours stuck on the plane."
Pro: "gate and plane staff friendly, smiling and helpful."
Contra: "Uncomfortable seats, no cabin service on short flight, no power in seats."
Pro: "Nothing to like about this leg"
Contra: "The cramped real cramped space, shame on the US Poor service Delta should be ashamed of itself for this kind of poor cattle transport"
Pro: "Excellent crew and flight. Love the ability to.choose a movie to watch."
Contra: "Semicircular terminal area is so loud that it is hard to hear your flight calls even if you are sitting right near checkin desk. Not nearly enough chairs; people sitting on floors or standing everywhere. Hope it get better."
Pro: "The crew was nice. It was a pretty smooth flight."
Contra: "The entertainment system didn't work. Very long flight to not have entertainment. No plugs for personal devices. It looked like an older plane."
Pro: "I didnt ever purchase that ticket"
Contra: "Paid for Comfort+ at the Kiosk. My app said I had a Comfort+ seat, but at boarding found out I had two (yes, two) non Comfort+ seats assigned to me. Had to call and tweet to get my payment for Comfort+ back. All in all a very poor showing for Delta's seat assignment and reservation system."

All good, but no meal in 1st class.

Short flight from Houston to DFW. And apparently no InFlight entertainment nor working charging outlet either. Oh well, not too bad as it’s a short trip.

Friendly staff. Flight completely full and boarding was too long

Dealing with customer service was a terrible experience. Our flight was changed by the computer system to a different flight a full day later, and we were given no option to change it. It took us a full 6 hours of waiting before we could actually talk to a human on the phone to help us get it fixed. Then we had to talk to customer service at the airport as well which was a 90 minute wait. The employees were wonderful and helpful when we talked to them, but the wait time was unacceptable.

Contra: "Great"
Contra: "Honestly, I think it was a great flight. I’m used to rude flight attendants, but this crew were great. Probably some of the best flight service I’ve had. I’m going to try to keep flying AA from now on."
Contra: "Logan is the worst. We landed early and it took over an hour to get our luggage. It is soooo slow"
Pro: "Crew"
Contra: "Seats small"
Pro: "Great crew"
Pro: "Everything"
Contra: "Nothing"
Pro: "Seats were very comfortable staff was really professional"
Contra: "No complaints"
Pro: "missed flight due to British Airways systems issue"
Contra: "everything - trip was a disaster"
Pro: "On time"
Contra: "During boarding female staff disengaged, not calling passengers to her podium to take boarding pass. She made boarding much slower"
Contra: "The crew could have been more polite."
Contra: "Bush league kayak"
Pro: "Military boards with first class."
Contra: "It was very warm on plane. Sat on tarmac for 30 min with no explanation. Flight attendant said she didn’t have any head phones but the. I saw another one with head phones later in the flight."
Pro: "Trip went smoothly"
Contra: "Nothing"
Pro: "Seats are too close"
Contra: "Some food"
Contra: "The flight was delayed for hours, and I am still trying to get to lax. All due to the pilots being too tired to fly, and due to maintenance. I would of appreciated checking into a hotel room a lot earlier than I did due to vague communication. I’m exhausted with only 2.5 hours of sleep."
Pro: "On-time departure and arrival, friendly ground staff and flight attendant"
Pro: "Flight from Narita to Kaoshiung was great, as usual, with JAL"
Contra: "Slept overnight in LA terminal, Bag sent to San Diego. Flight on American Airlines to Narita was cramped. Short stay in Narita, on to Kaoshiung via JAL, got to Kaoshiung and bag was/is still in San Diego. Hopefully, I'll never have to fly American Airlines again."
Contra: "Inattentive attendant in first class."
Pro: "I fflew Delta last Nov. Had meals movies dinner inks etc. American I am serv d beverages no meals and no movies. Getting ridiculous"
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "Our connecting flight to New Orleans was cancelled and we had to rent a car or wait until the next flight out which was 5pm the next day. We opted to rent a car and Had to cancel our return flight home to be refunded. American Airlines cancelled multiple flights and were in total disarray. Still waiting to see if they will honor the refund"
Pro: "I had a connection flight to JFK I came before the time about 15 min and crew saw me but she told me, sorry someone took your seats I lost around 4000$. This happened at Dallas airport."
Pro: "Excellent service gate to gate."
Pro: "The airline staff was SO kind and helpful. I'm an AA fan now!"
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "Bathrooms didn't work delaying initial departure an hour. Ran to connecting flight and made it prior to door being closed. 12 passengers in total were told that we would be boarded and then were abrubly told none would be boarding our final leg to the Caymans even though our seats were available. Horrible company culture not focused on customers."
Pro: "Quick, efficient"
Contra: "Plane was delayed 1.5 hours. Rental Car reservation was at a location 30 miles from the airport, not the airport rental location. Had to transfer reservations which cost an extra $30..."
Pro: "The flight attendants."
Contra: "I was sitting in an aisle seat, a guy with a backpack hit my forehead. I was massaging my forehead and felt wetness. I was bleeding, the passengers next to me gave napkins and I pressed it to stop the bleeding. The flight attendant gave napkins and ice, the pilot was informed. He had Atlanta fire and rescue meet me at the gate upon landing."
Contra: "Despite being listed as vegans, we were not provided with vegan meals. When pointed out to the staff, we were given a small packet of soy crackers."
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "They had a delay that bumped our international connection. We had to switch airports and airlines and arrived significantly later than originally planned, causing us to miss pre-wedding events."
Pro: "not much"
Contra: "not much"
Pro: "staff was amazing, entertainment great, dasani sparkling lime water tasty, very clean and reasonably comfortable"
Contra: "the breakfast was made of 90% sugar - this was very disappointing."
Pro: "The plane was big and comfy to sleep in."
Contra: "Well no snacks but that's costumary these days"
Pro: "Ease of boarding and on time flights"
Contra: "Leg room"
Pro: "The seats new"
Contra: "Had to pay for upgrade in order to get a seat. The seat didn't even have extra legroom. Did not get early boardingveitger and I'm even a an advantage cc program holder!!"
Pro: "Baggage drop agent in Oakland excellent Great A319 w power outlets Thanks"
Pro: "Awesome crew. On time."
Pro: "Staff very courteous and efficient"
Contra: "Old plane did not have individual screens."
Contra: "The crew was late because of an incoming flight they were rude to other passengers and seemed to have an attitude after a long day they made very few announcements but the flight went fast"
Pro: "Audio was good movies can be heard and understood."
Contra: "No toillt paper,dirty not refreshed for a 15 hr flight. Back row neverhadfood choices and served cold coffee.should start at back also."
Pro: "It was a very peaceful flight. The crew was extremely professional, and courteous, one of the members went out of her way, and frankly it was the kindest flight attendant has been to me in a while."
Contra: "The typical complaint you would hear regarding airplane food. Though, it does not warrant a true complaint of the flight."
Pro: "New regional jet Efficient boarding"
Pro: "Smooth takeoff and landing no turbulence.no issues at baggage claim.I boarded later and had to gate check because overhead bins were full."
Pro: "Nothing. The entire experience with AA was horrible. Flights delayed, poor protocols to accommodate passengers in other flights.AA does not take responsibility of reimburse or compensate the passenger for cancellation of flights for technical problems of their aircraft even thought the flight is operate by AA. Zero help and communication with airlines (AA and LATAM) involved with the delays, lost connections or frights cancellations. I should be reimburse or compensate for all the inconvenience generated."
Contra: "Flight didn't leave on time so had to reschedule & fly out of Peoria next day . Lost day of vacation. Lost luggage."
Pro: "On time"
Contra: "N/a"
Contra: "airbus A321 doesn't have power ports at seats...."

The usual BA recipe of premium pricing for what is now just a low cost carrier with better livery. Terribly uncomfortable, cramped seating. Unpunctual departure. Awful food. Cabin crew who would much rather be somewhere else.

Meal served

Finally checked COVID docs when at baggage drop or check-in rather than at boarding one by one with an understaffed crew and asking for print-outs, baggage loaded on same plane as owner of said baggage , almost left on time, friendly cabin crew staff (yays across the board)

Pro: "It was great."
Contra: "This was not a low cost flight such as Ryan Air, etc. I expect British Airways to provide at least complimentary water, which they did not! Come on! For $240 per ticket you could at least offer a free glass of water and a pack of peanuts."
Contra: "all"
Pro: "Boarding and the flight itself were uneventful. Departure slightly early and arrival consequently early too."
Contra: "Paying for simple tea or coffee? I know a profit needs to be made but come on! I was missed completely by the cabin service the first time, and had to ask for tea on the second. I don’t know when they started charging for tea, but it was unwelcome, cool, and not particularly refreshing. I expect better of BA."
Pro: "Everything.."
Contra: "The food,."
Pro: "Not much - inflated BA fare for mediocre offering; definitely not business class when compared to proper premium airlines."
Contra: "Cramped seats. Poor food. Disorganized boarding more soon to low cost budget carriers. Which is what BA competes against now, albeit for premium prices."
Contra: "i was asked to pay to check in my luggage :("
Contra: "Seats were so tight and uncomfortable. This was an 8+ hour flight and it was so hard to rest."
Pro: "Snacks or water had to be purchased No in flight entertainment Crew not so nice"
Pro: "The crew was very friendly. Lots of movie options. I got a voucher due to the delay."
Contra: "The delay was a bit of a bummer and it would have been nice to be compensated with more than a voucher that couldn't be used in LHR because it was in USD. I also would have liked to been told they were still planning on serving dinner despite the midnight departure; I fell asleep because they turned off the cabin lights and I assumed the meals had shifted, but instead I missed out of my dinner. Lastly, I am quite petite and still struggled with legroom."
Pro: "None"
Contra: "Flight attendance"
Contra: "Are you kidding me? Plane was delayed and we miss the next plane. We were in airport 14hr. Still in London."
Contra: "I did not fly this leg because Iberia somehow deleted my return flight home. This resulted in me flying home a different way that led to me landing the two hours later than I was originally going to."
Pro: "This was a very full flight and the crew were exceptionally patient with everyone. Much appreciated."
Pro: "Very professional and friendly employees. Someone fainted in our cabin and the crew members took very professional care and offered the passenger oxygen."
Contra: "Very packed cabin, offered us just a sandwich after the first main meal."
Pro: "Lucked out with a pretty empty flight. Food was actually good and there was ice cream which was quite a nice perk."
Pro: "Flight itself was fine."
Contra: "Boarding was chaotic -- over an hour in line (and I have priority) and nearly missed the flight. Not providing free water or something is an embarrassment. Money-grubbing has its limits."
Contra: "BA 884 and BA 885 (a 3 hours flight!) had no water , coffee and food at all !!! PLEASE HELP US !!!"
Pro: "The staff was great, friendly, helpful and professional."
Contra: "I thought the food lacked imagination, was skimpy and too hot. I burned my mouth several times. I really do not like having to pay for a booked seat. I have special needs at my age and so booking early is how I typically make sure I can access the bathrooms easily without climbing over sleeping passengers. I picked flight for the price, but in the end I should have stuck with Delta, KLM and Air France and got the extra miles as with seat bookings and only one bag allowance, what I ended up paying did not make it worth it. Oh well, live and learn. Seats were tight, anyone bigger than me would have really struggled."
Contra: "BA lost one of my checked bags and made it impossible to get help. Called numbers over 30 hour period in both destination city and BA phone numbers for lost baggage and no one answered. I had to travel back to the airport counter to deal with agents that basically told me there were thousands of bags in the warehouse and that the bag May or May not eventually turn up."
Contra: "horrible seating"
Pro: "The staff was very friendly, responsive, and helpful. They made sure we had timely service for all aspects of the trip. Business class was comfortable."
Contra: "Food had a bit too much sodium. Not a wide enough movie selection in the entertainment."
Pro: "see above"
Contra: "see above"
Pro: "Flight crew and quality aircraft"
Contra: "Bumpy flight my frequent flyer number was omitted"
Contra: "The male crew in the bag is not try to help people put on the carry on language to the top of cabin. He stood there and look at us. When I directed to him and asked for help, he just stood there for few sec. and decieded to help me but with an attitude. Same as the other lady need their help to put the backpack in, both male crests stood there and wasn't planning to help, and the passenger stood up and assisted her."
Pro: "Entertainment was excellent, great selection of movies, great dinner but instead of breakfast they gave chips and cookies- not happy about it. Boarding was very quick and easy, crew members were friendly"
Contra: "Was very disappointed with online checking, it didn't let me do checking in online and for that reason I could not select my preferwd seat. When I arrived to the airport for checking in they told me the plane was full and my preferred seat is not available, dissappointed in British airway, also the seats are so close together no space to move my legs and am barely 5 feet tall. Would not fly with this airline anymore"
Pro: "On time, smooth and comfortable flight. Crew very helpful"
Contra: "There wasn’t much not to like about this flight. All very good. But so short no entertainment really possible"
Pro: "Great crew."
Contra: "We learned the connecting flight from BWI TO PHL was canceled when we tried to pull boarding passes.This started a five hour panic for our party of four which was a leisure travel nail biter. We lost a day, flew into JFK and had to make other arrangements to avoid canceling our trip."
Contra: "Food cost was a surprise. No biggie, just glad I brought a snack"
Pro: "Flight was smooth and arrived on time."
Contra: "Uncomfortable seating, especially when passenger in front put seat back - felt trapped."
Pro: "Plane captain very informative"
Contra: "Airport ground staff very unhelpful"
Pro: "The entertainment system & the food."
Contra: "The seating was a little tight and there was no lunch before arrival..."
Pro: "The seats were comfortable and they gave enough food and water."
Contra: "We did on line check in, printed the tiket, and they decided to reprint it, and it never work, every time that we used this re-printed ticket doesn't work, we needed to call many time the staff, and in the baggage drop off constantly said that our baggage hast over weigth without weigth it, the scale said another thing, I have the impresion that they were pushing for extra-weigth pay."
Pro: "Ease of boarding, no fuss no muss. Premium economy worth the price"
Contra: "Kosher food was frozen - inedible. Chicken dry. Worst meal ever on a plane"
Contra: "It was horrible I had an hour window in London and I missed my flight because of that I had to go another airport to cache a fligh to Kiev Well now I don't have a ticket to fly back because they cancelled my ticket so needless to say it was the worst experience ever"
Pro: "Professionalism of ground staff in getting us to our flight Excellent service in the air Great entertainment selection"
Contra: "All good"
Pro: "plane was awesome"
Contra: "ran out of food options for the back of the plane...staff was rude when I asked for some pretzels or bread since they didn't have any more meatless options"
Pro: "Not much"
Contra: "The boarding crew from Edinburgh did not allow me to bring my carry on despite it being very light and within size restriction. They said this was because the plane was already full with others' luggage and could not handle my bag for safety. Had to shove my things in a Tesco carrier bag and in my daughters small backpack on wheels. The backpack broke later as it was not made to carry more than a few books. And to top it off, the suitcase I was made to check never made it on my connecting flight to Chicago. I am still waiting for it to be delivered 36 hours later. This suitcase is virtually empty. Well, it's actually carrying a pair of sunglasses and my phone charger. totally inconvenienced and the crew saved the plane from being dangerously overloaded by an empty suitcase. Absolute nonsense."
Contra: "We didn't make this flight"
Pro: "The connecting flight got canceled and 24 hours latter we are still in the airport trying to get to our final destination."
Contra: "We rebooked our flight to another flight firvthe following day and that one got canceled too. They have not returned our luggage yet. They said within a week we'll get our luggage. The worst company on the planet. Do not fly them. Our vacation has turned into a nightmare. We had to repurchase tickets with a different company so we can get to our final destination. We don't know if we'll get reimbursed for any portion of this."
Pro: "The entertainment and the service"
Contra: "Both legs delayed, almost missed connection due to delay and the crew on the flight didn't seem to care. When we asked if they could inform the next flight that our flight wasn't delayed, the stewards response was "our planes don't wait for anyone". Real friendly. Wish Southwest flew to Europe!!!!"
Pro: "Once you get to the plane the service is incredible. The planes are comfortable and the food is worth paying for."
Pro: "Everything on the flight was fine the crew was great and the seats had a comfortable amount of legroom."
Contra: "I was shocked to learn that my ticket did not include any check in baggage allowance. Plus the charge of £60 per bags for our travel party of three was just rude. I was also disappointed to Learn that BA would not honor my One World Saphire status in anyway and give me a free checkin."
Pro: "Spacious seating."
Pro: "The staff was friendly and they provided great service."
Pro: "Service in Club World was excellent. Good food and comfortable seat."
Contra: "The seats alternate facing forwards/backwards, so, if you're traveling alone, you're face to face with a stranger. It's OK if your traveling with your spouse. But the person in the window seat has to climb over the footrest of the person in the row behind. Flight out was delayed while they fixed a problem with the n flight entertainment. The return flight, 10 days later, also had problems with the IFE"

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