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Zbor din Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl către Bucureşti Henri Coandă
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  • Cel mai ieftin zbor din Phoenix în Bucureşti a fost găsit cu aproximativ 79 zile înainte de plecare.
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Principalele 5 companii aeriene care operează zborul Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl - Bucureşti Henri Coandă

Notele conform evaluărilor din partea clienților KAYAK
LufthansaScor general bazat pe 29498 evaluări
Evaluările companiei aeriene

The process of the baggage was pleasantly good but the seat comfort and the food quality was much lower than what we have experienced in year’s past. We consistently fly with Lufthansa but each year ticket costs increase and on oars service quality decreases.

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The process of the baggage was pleasantly good but the seat comfort and the food quality was much lower than what we have experienced in year’s past. We consistently fly with Lufthansa but each year ticket costs increase and on oars service quality decreases.

Didn't like anything .. flight canceled.

The TV was difficult to operate. 747 is a very comfortable aircraft

Trip was great

Contra: "It was full, Ben if Lufthansa said on their website that they keep physical distance for passangers! Liars!"
Pro: "No delays."
Contra: "The entertainment monitors were SUPER laggy with response. Image quality wasn't great."
Pro: "Amazing crew and service."
Contra: "Seat space extremely low for tall person."
Pro: "amazing"
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "Everything"
Pro: "It didn't crash."
Contra: "Food no screaming babies . Comfy seats and armrests,"
Pro: "Good crew"
Contra: "Was delayed outgoing but information was good"
Pro: "Nice plane, about the best in-seat entertainment options I've ever encountered."
Contra: "Flight was delayed"
Pro: "Great staff and food"
Contra: "NO MOVIES."
Pro: "Boarding was a bit hectic loading an A380 and that was probably the worst part. Service was very pleasant but a little scarce. Premium Economy was better than most. Food was not that good and ranked with the boarding."
Contra: "Food and boarding"
Pro: "flight on time-good sevice including food tha I ordered in advance and all my luggage arrived."
Pro: "Lufthansa is a great airline. My problem is Kayak, who sold the tickets to us."
Contra: "You, Kayak, sold me economy tickets. When I checked in online I saw it for the first time that our tickets were Economy Light. So even though we are Frequent Flyers, we payed $220 for three checkin luggages. I intend to dispute this case."
Contra: "I din't like the fact that Lufhtansa company uses double standards for the countries where they have their flights. From USA, San Jose, Ca, to Frankfurt, Germany everything was good (flight on 08/31/2018 - 09/01/2018). They have been very profesional, beganing wih the boarding time untill the arrival in Frankfurt. The flight to Romania was a different story. They haven't been very professional at all. The flight had a delay and nobody said a word. It was just a clerck there who didn't tell to the Lufthansa passengers for a while anything about our delay. So, finally, he said after 15-20 minutes that our fligt will be later, 20 minutes, than the scheduled time on our tickets. They seemed do not care too much about the Romanian passengers."
Pro: "nothing"
Contra: "getting fine from DC to Munchen and Munchen to Bucharest, 7 h delayed but we get to Romania. - when waiting for the luggages, guess what? Both luggages are missing. -made the complainment, now we are waiting to show up in Romania and to be delivered at home. -went to pick up the rental car, because of the plane delay, they gave our car away. -after trying several companies, we found a car, 3 times more expensive, but we have a car....yeeyy"
Pro: "The flight crew was amazing and the overall experience was great."
Contra: "Lost my luggage . I am in Madrid with no luggage."
Pro: "The food was pretty decent."
Contra: "The seats are uncomfortable and do not recline. The plane was old. No entertainment. For the money look elsewhere."
Pro: "Cabin was clean"
Contra: "Boarding and airpot staff were horrible: rude, chaotic experience especially in Munich and Frankfurt. Main issue was rude staff... No concept of customer service ."
Pro: "Excellent service during the two hour trip. No complaints whatsoever!"
Contra: "No headrest screens for entertainment but I had my phone and downloaded movies and shoes prior to leaving the US."
Pro: "Everything"
Pro: "Everything as expected"
Pro: "Everything is good"
Contra: "Food use to be better"
Contra: "Delayed"
Pro: "W we’re a few minutes late and they waited for us. We truly appreciate their cooperation. 5 strat services."
Pro: "Efficient boarding, friendly crew."
Pro: "Very nice personals, I'm so happy."
Contra: "Nothing"
Contra: "It seemed llike the boarding was rushed and a bit hectic."
Pro: "You can't beat the German's at efficiency. Awesome!"
Contra: "Houston isn't their hub and I have to put up with United."
Contra: "Didn't happen yet."
Pro: "Catering food and professional crew"
Contra: "Late boarding ,flight was delayed 25-30 minutes,turbulence over flight (slight)"
Pro: "N-o entertainment"
Contra: "All"
Contra: "There is no entertainment so I do not know it should be rates."
Contra: "Regular economy felt a little cramped."
Pro: "Boarding was very fast since we were traveling with Little ones. Food was good. Movie selection was good too."
Contra: "Waiting for flight take off, seats in the economy class not comfortable"
Pro: "Very friendly crew, smooth flight ( great pilots)"
Contra: "Food was carb heavy. I wish you would offer more protein and vegetable choices."
Pro: "United airlines a319 was quite shakey felt uncomfortable whereas the Lufthansa connection with the a320 was way better only a bit shakey but felt comfortable and enjoyed the flight."
Contra: "United airlines connection was quite bad. Was 15 min late but didn't really mind it"
Pro: "Everything was good."
Pro: "On time"
Contra: "They ran out of food choices, so I had to go with mushroom pasta."
Pro: "I fleweconomy. Flight on time. Boarding was quick. Food is so so bordering to poor. On the plus side the portion was small and is good when want to go on diet."
Pro: "The plane was parked away from the gate. We boarded the service bus to get there 20 minutes before departure time. But it took more than 20 minutes while mid way waiting for clearance to leave for the plane. The service bus did not turn on the AC while we waited even though we complained. We were suffocating. There was no entertainment on the plane."
Pro: "flight was on time and the crew was wonderful"
Contra: "Plane was"
Contra: "2.5 h delay"
Pro: "Short flight Ease of checking in Meal provided"
Contra: "Time of flight changed by two hours earlier w/o being notified No entertainment Flight delayed due to passenger"
Pro: "Extremely roomy seats! So glad to have the room after a cramped flight from Europe!"
Contra: "Nothing--everything was great--perhaps the best service I've ever received."
Pro: "Crew was absolutely precious."
Contra: "Delayed because a passenger was let on that shouldn’t have been. The plane was kind of beat up and gross. The gate changed after boarding started. This is the second flight in two weeks that had the wrong gate posted."
Pro: "Nothing. I missed this flight because of a delay of my flight on Friday."
Contra: "They could at least announce boarding group 4..."
Contra: "Every time I fly American through Charlotte someone removes my protective cover from one of my suitcases and does not put it back and I lose an expensive cover and my suitcase gets scratched."
Pro: "Crew on board was nice."
Contra: "Boarding was very unorganized. I thought families traveling with kids would get priority boarding before main cabin."
Pro: "nice entertainment when you use the AA app."
Contra: "Unbelievable turbulent and bumpy ride. Not AA's fault but the question was "how was the trip?" It was a white-knuckle ride."
Contra: "I paid extra for an emergency exit seat. The seats in the row were visibly different from ones nearby -- the seat padding was gone (felt like I was sitting on a board) and the seat bottoms slanted down producing a feeling of sliding out of the seat."
Pro: "that it's over."
Contra: "sat on tarmac for 45 minutes! AFTER landing... unacceptable."
Pro: "All the service was good"
Contra: "I am handicapped and there was no attendance at the gate once I arrive in Honolulu, no wheelchair assist to help me to the baggage terminal."
Contra: "Seemed disorganized getting on"
Pro: "The flight attendants"
Contra: "The pilot was too aggressive in regards to the take off and landing, landing was way too hard and fast"
Contra: "AA cancelled my direct flight, booked me on flights thru Dallas and did not notify me"
Contra: "Rushing from gate to gate after sitting on the tarmac for 30 minutes after not having anything to eat on the four hour flight from PHL. Not being able to get anything healthy because the layover was reduced from 40 minutes to 5. GIVE US SOME FOOD DAMMIT!"
Pro: "Landing and deplaning"
Contra: "Literally everything else"
Pro: "Everything happy and in time. Nice staff"
Contra: "Nothing"
Pro: "I thought the service was great"
Contra: "I was surprised that there was only beverages served and no pretzels are peanuts like the other airlines"
Pro: "Not much here. The seats were ok, but the rest of the flight the airline was just poor."
Contra: "The airline is so outdated and behind the times of their competitors, their in that they don't have in flight entertainment unless you download their app and give them your email address. On top of that when I originally booked my flights, I had made sure to have 1.5 hr for a layover between my connecting flights. Well, they decided to move up my connector such that I had 25 minutes to run across 2 terminals. They only give you pretzels on the plane, and a single soda drink. They offer you "food bundles" but why do I want to pay $8 for a sandwich that costs $1 to make."
Pro: "First class is always comfortable"
Contra: "Headline tells it all. First thing passenger did when he sat down was hand flight attendant a$5 bill, which she accepted she made sure he and the others in row one were served preboard refreshment. The rest of us not, as she was so engaged with the favored passenger. Not good!"
Pro: "Everything was good."
Pro: "Arrived early"
Pro: "On time departure and arrival - friendly crew"
Contra: "No own movie screen."
Contra: "Delayed flight, multiple gate changes"
Pro: "The flight out was really comfortable but the flight back was a little cramped. The crew was great."
Contra: "The return flight"
Pro: "Full flight, crew worked timely"
Pro: "Flight departed and arrived on time. Good, friendly, efficient service on flight. Cabin crew took special care to arrange for those with on-going flights and tight connections to be accommodated to make these tight connections."
Contra: "Tight seating and aisles."
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "Waiting on a hot plane for 2 hours"
Contra: "I'm pregnant, and didn't have time before my connecting flight to get food at the airport. I was sitting near the back of the plane, and was ready to purchase food. By the time the cart reached my row, all the food options were literally sold out. I ate the free cookie and had some apple juice, but wanted something with some protein. I guess I'll remember to pack more snacks next time."
Pro: "I made it home."
Contra: "No entertainment on the flight, no plugs so my phone died, as I almost missed this flight due to my first leg being late, so I was very bored on this plane."
Contra: "Upon boarding the aircraft, the attendant at the gate told me to check the size of my carryon bag against the test dimensions, which I did. My bag fit but I had to press the side in slightly to make it fit. She said it had to slide in without me pressing on it and proceeded to make me remove items from the bag in order to board the plane. I walked down the ramp with my extra pair of shoes and a book in my hands. As a result, I had to place my bag far from my seat due to the added time. My bag easily fit in the overhead compartment with room to spare and my being made an example was a completely pointless exercise."
Pro: "Everything went more smoothly this time than on our way to Phoenix. Even though the airport was quite crowded they had enough staff to get us through baggage check fairly quickly. They flight was smooth."
Contra: "No problems on this leg of the trip."
Pro: "Red eye was great, home in no time. Great flight crew"
Contra: "Getting there, flight was rescheduled by AA, left not enough time to catch 2nd flight. Ran to that terminal, staff was curt. Rescheduled 2nd flight, had to check in my carry on, which made the people picking me up wait."
Pro: "He enjoyed everything about the flight it was comfortable the crew was excellent he met nice ppl thank you for the safety and class."
Contra: "Would at least like a choice of a snack instead of cookies I don't care for."
Contra: "Had a passenger behind us that was coughing the whole flight with what we think was a cold and now we are both sick with colds."
Pro: "Flight was on time. Plane was clean. Staff very professional."
Pro: "The price was fair and the flights were on time."
Contra: "Bags cost extra, food cost extra, seats cost extra. My knees were in the back of the seat in front of me the entire flight (two exit row seats were empty) and there was no way to move that provided comfort. The overhead bins were full before half of the passengers boarded. The crew was polite, but not kind."
Contra: "Being led to pay to select seats on flight that was only 50% full"
Pro: "I did not like anything about the flight to be honest. Oh wait you did have cool club lights that were blue that tried to distract me from the fact that I had to take an American airlines flight."
Contra: "Holy moly. You know if you stopped charging extra money for checked baggage you wouldn't have a ridiculously annoying amount of customers with too many bags for overhead storage. Then you wouldn't have to threaten your customers to store their small bags under the seat. Then I would have room for my feet under the seat. When I would have been comfortable. I also wouldn't have to annoy my neighbor with trying to move and get comfortable. But instead the exact opposite happened and I'm offended you guys have America anywhere near your name."
Pro: "See above. Worst flight in 60 years of flying.Their systems failed at every point-- changing flights without carrying over seat reservations "Too close to flight time""
Contra: "Attitude of many employees--" tough on you, suck it up. stuff happens". poor communication re flight change, rejection of AA Advantage Mastercard to pay for baggage check and get boarding pass and seat assignment. Rerouted me by 200 yards to TSA checkpoint I could see was 30 yards away. When flight arrived in SFO the arrivals board never showed it and there was no carousel shown for checked baggage. I finally had to go to customer service, where attendant just pointed to my bag on the floor with lots of others from the flight, shrugged, no apology, and chewed her gum a little faster before turning her back."
Pro: "I liked the fact that it was a smooth flight, my row was totally empty, which enabled me to pass out like a little baby. I forgot that I was on an airplane and not an air mattress. Kudos to the pilot!"
Contra: "Eddie Murphy wasn't on my flight"
Pro: "Timeliness"
Contra: "Nothing"
Pro: "Excellent"
Contra: "They forced me to check my bag in to baggage claim instead of at the gate. The airport staff were extremely rude and disrespectful."
Contra: "The flight was continuously delayed and ultimately cancelled. There weren't a lot of connecting flights until much later the next day, and the customer service was fair at best."
Contra: "The original flught flight was delayed and we had to wait in a long slow line, however , once we got to desk , the agent was very nice and we had already been rebooked on an Alaska flight. So we never ended up going to Phoenix. The resolution was acceptable but it made for a 12 hour travel day instead of a 4 hour travel day."
Pro: "There was no warning until departure time that flight was delayed for two hour. Some other american flights were delayed much as four hour or more."
Contra: "The flight was cancelled and no reason was given. I had to buy new flights on Southwest and ended up having to pay an extra $200 in order to get home for work on Monday."
Pro: "I like that I got to the destination safely."
Contra: "I lost my keys and not one single person has contacted me about my lost set of keys, even when I left my contact info with them."

Meal served

Good, no issues

The crew members were wonderfully responsive to requests such as a Kosher meal when we forgot to order it in advance. While it was not available on the PHX to London flight, the steward found one for me on the London to Tel Aviv leg of my journey. In any event, the stewardess on that first flight took the time to explain to me why there were no extra Kosher meals. Both parts of my travel were very comfortable. Sylvia D.

Contra: "I booked flight for my parents from Kayak for the first time. The confirmation number was: KAYAK Booking Reference KE40651 British Airways Record Locator 3IMN38 Booking Date Jan 24, 2021 So British airways cancelled the flight may days before the flight date and they notified Kayak but Kayak sent me no notification. At the time of check in we found that the flight was cancelled. It was such a hassle. I called kayak to rebook frantically since it was very important to travel right away. Your customer service was pathetic. I was told to cancel my british airways reservation and then I have to wait 24 hours for another department to call me to talk to me about rebooking choices. There was no concern from your customer service that since u are at fault so make correction for it right away by rebooking it. You guys didnt inform us for cancellation of the flight that happened days before the flight. I didnt like what Kayak rep was telling me and called British airways again to see if they would do something. They then were able to rebook me the following day with 2 stops instead of one stop which I had booked. So my parents took the flight with one day delay with extra stops. I had such a horrible experience with Kayak. I will never rebook from Kayak again."
Contra: "Excellent legroom, unlike flight out with American Airlines. I was just unlucky in choice of seat"
Pro: "It was great."
Contra: "At BA staff treats you inconsistent"
Contra: "This was not a low cost flight such as Ryan Air, etc. I expect British Airways to provide at least complimentary water, which they did not! Come on! For $240 per ticket you could at least offer a free glass of water and a pack of peanuts."
Contra: "all"
Pro: "The crew was super nice and very helpful!!! Wine included was awesome."
Contra: "The boarding process was chaotic. My TV screen kept going in and out. We"
Pro: "The crew was nice"
Contra: "I was supposed to have a handicap chair in London & did not so things were difficult for me."
Pro: "None"
Contra: "None"
Pro: "Boarding and the flight itself were uneventful. Departure slightly early and arrival consequently early too."
Contra: "Paying for simple tea or coffee? I know a profit needs to be made but come on! I was missed completely by the cabin service the first time, and had to ask for tea on the second. I don’t know when they started charging for tea, but it was unwelcome, cool, and not particularly refreshing. I expect better of BA."
Pro: "Not much - inflated BA fare for mediocre offering; definitely not business class when compared to proper premium airlines."
Contra: "Cramped seats. Poor food. Disorganized boarding more soon to low cost budget carriers. Which is what BA competes against now, albeit for premium prices."
Contra: "i was asked to pay to check in my luggage :("
Pro: "Breakfast burritos were a nice change."
Contra: "I did not like a seat under E row as the seats feel. Crammed."
Contra: "This BA flight has been a mainstay for those of us in Phoenix to fly nonstop to Europe for years . Always on time . Good service . Dreaded the flight back on American flight ( via British Air). Was pleasantly surprised with a new Dreamliner which made the BA Boeing seem quite old and shabby."
Pro: "Snacks or water had to be purchased No in flight entertainment Crew not so nice"
Contra: "The Boeing 747-400 is absolutely the WORST designed aircraft ever — Business Class cubicles are cramped with no spaces for placing items, etc. And, this was after the very worst boarding procedures!"
Pro: "This was a very full flight and the crew were exceptionally patient with everyone. Much appreciated."
Pro: "Liked the big plane. Didn't particularly like the food. And although enough alcohol was offered, I thought we didn't get enough to drink to stay hydrated. ( I meant water/thee)"
Contra: "Flight delayed missed connection out of London heathrow to Budapest."
Pro: "Late taking off, but made up time in the air."
Contra: "For a long flight, it is very cramped."
Contra: "BA 884 and BA 885 (a 3 hours flight!) had no water , coffee and food at all !!! PLEASE HELP US !!!"
Pro: "I liked that the flight crew were very friendly and helpful. The food was also pretty good overall"
Contra: "Cancellations and delays before my flight were horrible. The staff on the phone were rude and not helpful at all after waiting over an hour to speak with them."
Contra: "1. Plane engine set fire while taking off... leaking fuel. 2. My bag fee was waived, but the next day after being grounded and put in a cheap hotel for the night, I was RECHARGED $100. 3. They knew my flight left at 9pm, still gave me ONLY 1 hotel voucher so I was kicked out of the hotel at 12pm with NOWHERE to go for NINE HOURS with 125lbs of luggage. 4. They provided a good voucher, but the cheap hotel they put me in didn't have a kitchen, USELESS. 5. The flight was LATE getting to London the next day and I missed my BRITISH Airway connecting flight to Thailand. Had to wait another 7 HOURS to get a flight out. 6. Terrible service, over priced and rude agents. The agent told me " I don't know who waived your fee yesterday, but I'm not." Cold, considering the plane I was on the day before was shooting fire about to explode. 7. I was rebooked no choice of seating or consideration."
Contra: "horrible seating"
Pro: "Everything was absolutely spot on except for larger than average people not being catered for."
Contra: "Being a big lad (6'6") it was difficult to get comfortable even with the extra leg room."
Pro: "The flight and everything associated with it. Food, crew etc"
Contra: "Customer services failed me"
Pro: "Oh my gosh.... I had the best flight ever. I wanted to be in Business Class, but the flight was so full, but when I sat down, there was an EMPTY SEAT next to me. What a beautiful thing. Flight was great, quiet and comfortable. Boarding was great and I enjoyed the my flight. Thank you:)"
Pro: "Great crew."
Pro: "Seats"
Contra: "No WiFi available. Bad flight tracker."
Contra: "Food cost was a surprise. No biggie, just glad I brought a snack"
Pro: "The cabin crew member working in the area where I sat, Marc, went above and beyond his duties to make the family sitting next to me feel comfortable. Two of the children had special needs, and Marc brought the family chocolate, joking with the kids, and was available when they needed help. Well done."
Contra: "The entertainment would sometimes pause, and the screen would go black for a moment. This was very minor though."
Pro: "Nice Staff, flight on time, good customer service (they're British)!"
Contra: "Diminishing space for the human passenger, tight legroom, seats lay back, which is great if you are in one and terrible if you are behind one. And it was hot. Two years in a row. At 30,000 feet, where it's 30 below outside."
Pro: "The pilot was great and got us to our destination and the bags came out quickly."
Contra: "There are no outlets for charging on this outdated flight and the seatbelt were dirty with crusty food. The TV was surprisingly the smallest I've ever seen. The check in was also awful. The person that checked us in had no mercy. He made me shift around my bag for .8 kg"
Pro: "Plane captain very informative"
Contra: "Airport ground staff very unhelpful"
Pro: "Not enough room in the seating area"
Pro: "The quality of the food was amazing. Flight attendants were very helpful and pleasant. The movie options were also wonderful."
Contra: "It was difficult for me to get comfortable. The lights that shine from above us were shining directly on me for a row behind me and for the person sitting on my left. Boarding was somewhat unorganized as there were people boarding in 2 areas."
Pro: "Flight crew was really polite. Very attentive and remembered what was requested."
Contra: "Boarding was chaotic. Seats were really tiny. Crammed in, in all directions"
Pro: "Crew were nice and friendly. Flight left a little late but made up the time even after the big IT disaster of the day before."
Contra: "Small seats with too much recline of person in front. An odd and chaotic method for boarding."
Pro: "The connecting flight got canceled and 24 hours latter we are still in the airport trying to get to our final destination."
Contra: "We rebooked our flight to another flight firvthe following day and that one got canceled too. They have not returned our luggage yet. They said within a week we'll get our luggage. The worst company on the planet. Do not fly them. Our vacation has turned into a nightmare. We had to repurchase tickets with a different company so we can get to our final destination. We don't know if we'll get reimbursed for any portion of this."
Pro: "Mostly everything was ok."
Contra: "I received water only once (plus coffe/tea option and small juice for breakfast). I needed to ask for water, i've also heard others asking for."
Pro: "Flights attend"
Contra: "Movie"
Pro: "Just the right amount of flight time and arriving early in the morning. Dreamliner makes the flight much easier. Always get either 3rd or 7th row seats with window bed and free access to isle."
Contra: "Usually starts late sometimes in London, and always on some remote gate."
Contra: "Tried to change my return flight from Phoenix to Miami. Typical Legacy rigid inflexibility made it impossible."
Pro: "Nothing."
Contra: "Old airplane, on one chair the seatbelt didn't work, on the next chair it didn't have the cushion."
Pro: "Food was good!"
Contra: "The flight was late, that happens. There was no sufficient information about it though. Boarding was badly organized (could not hear BA staff yelling through the crowd). The 1000-year old 747s are really inconvenient and you could not believe how small the seating space is. To dot the i, of course we missed our connecting flight and got no information about it, again, only after running across half of Heathrow... About missing the connecting flight: it could have been avoidable with just a minimal amont of effort, or willingness, or any sign of care towards the passengers. Customer service is waaaaay behind my expectations."
Pro: "Food was good and drink selection was great."
Contra: "Personal TV screen had some visual issues. Headrest wouldn't retain its position."
Pro: "Hard to find anything positive."
Contra: "Each leg of the trip was delayed by so much that I missed each following connection. Got to Prague and found out my luggage had been lost. After filing a claim about 8:30 pm on the 19th, I had to take a taxi into town because my hotel car had been taken out of service for the night. Rotten trip to Prague."

Bad transfer experience. Less than helpful airport staff. Horrible overpacked bus boarding experience.

Perfectly fine flight, no issues whatsoever

Pro: "Worst customer service or actually non-existent, rude and ignorant agents. Will never fly with them again."
Contra: "TAP should simply shutdown or do a major reform as the airline operates in the last century."
Pro: "The price is affordable"
Contra: "TAP doesn't understand the first thing about customer service."
Pro: "Good movie selection"
Contra: "Multiple delays for my flight. First the departure was delayed which I know can happen. Then we boarded and sat for over an hour before take off. Captain made up a story about the plane needed gas and said we would take off in 15 minutes. An hour and 15 minutes later we finally took off."
Pro: "The new A330-Neo is a lot more comfortable than any other recent airplanes. Loved the space between seats and entertainment is outstanding too. Food was very good and the crew exceptionally friendly."
Contra: "Nothing to complain about. Everything was outstanding."
Contra: "Haven't made it there yet still in Lisbon and no way to make it to cruise ship on time."
Contra: "Nothing, it was better than most other airlines"
Pro: "The crew was very friendly and food was very good."
Contra: "The toilet sinks were clogged and dirty."
Pro: "Great flight"
Contra: "All great"
Contra: "Organizing the boarding. The food was a disaster and the seats was a joke, the most uncomfortable plane I’ve ever been on."
Pro: "Crew was outstanding"
Contra: "Really good business class and convenient pricing"
Contra: "Again contact to customer service ahead of the flight was impossible I sent 3 messages about travel with ESA dog and got no response"
Pro: "Everything went according to the timetable, boarding was on-time and we even arrived a bit earlier than scheduled, so I can't really fault the service of the pilots, the cabin crew or the ground operations team. Food wasn't exactly stellar, but clearly a lot better than on most European flights operated by larger companies (Lufthansa, KLM, Air France etc.). The aircraft itself was clean and looked fairly new and well maintained"
Contra: "The seating was absolutely HORRENDOUS. Even though I'm nearly 6'3" (close to 1.90m), I generally never complain about seating space or legroom, even on low cost flights. This particular TAP aircraft, however, despite looking quite new, had some of the most cramped seating ever. Additionally, the trays were minuscule (you could barely place the entire food tray the service during the flight, let alone have another drink at the same time on the tray). Also, on the inbound flight (this was the return one), the seats were fitted with a very simple and clever tablet-holding mechanism, so you could easily watch something on your table while eating your food (from a similarly small tray table). The seat back pockets do not have any material/fabric on the sides, so stored items could easily slip out sideways from the pocket. Shame to have such a good in flight service and to be a punctual airline if you're going to carry your passengers cramped like cattle in seats 'rivalling' the ones on Ryanair flights on 4-hour long journeys."
Pro: "The better question is what did we not like."
Contra: "Careless staff, unorganized, rude, long lines with slow working agents. We were traveling with our three and six year old and started with a weather delay and then eventually a cancellation. We stood at the Barcelona airport from 7pm until 2:30am with our children. Nobody offered us food vouchers, taxi or hotel. We had to ask and only got a hotel which was an hour away and taxi on us costing us over $100 euro! Everything closed and our children ate cookies from a vending machine for dinner. Finally we got to our hotel after 3am and slept until 6:30am to catch another taxi on us back to the airport just to find out it’s delayed and we would miss our connection in Madrid back to Miami. We arrived the airport again at 9am and at 3pm we’re finally given food vouchers for our hungry children to eat something. American Airlines has a direct flight from Barcelona to Miami but they insisted they couldn’t do that for us and we’d again stay another night in Barcelona at a hotel. This would all be fine if we weren’t traveling with small children, they didn’t have school and we didn’t have to work and had extra money to pay for all the inconveniences. This was by far the worst experience we’ve had and will never choose Tap again for our travels!"
Pro: "The service appeared to be good but everything was rationed"
Pro: "Crew was nice and the plane was comfortable"
Contra: "Flight took off two hours late and we were not given frequent updates as to why the delay was taking longer than announced"
Contra: "We were never prompted to pay for our check in baggage at the time of purchase and so when we showed up we were forced to pay 85 euros for one checked bag for an international flight on top of a ticket that already cost more than $250. The luggage restrictions were never shown previously. Will never fly TAP Portugal again."
Pro: "Prompt and courteous"
Contra: "Not enough leg room, just not enough space al the way around to be comfortable."
Pro: "Food was of good quality."
Contra: "Boarding was slow. A group of very rowdy passengers who showed zero consideration for their fellow passengers and whom the crew did little or nothing to restrain, other than confiscating a bottle of alcohol they carried on board."
Pro: "Good food. More or less on time."
Contra: "No electrical outlets."
Pro: "Good food serving times."
Contra: "The hospitality of the airline crew is very poor as they are extremely rude to their customers. The planes I flew on were very out of date and not comfortable for international travel. I have flown on many airlines, but these planes were by far the worst. Cheap price, for a reason. The seats didn’t recline, the food was terrible, no options were given for food, and the movies were pre-picked. No one had a choice in what they watched. Very outdated. I had 2.5 hours to board my connecting flight and they caused me to miss it. As I waited in the customs line entering Lisbon, I asked a TAP representative if I’d have to get out of the line up and go right through as my flight left at 2:10 pm. They said you will make it, stay in line. I get near the front of the line 2 hours later... hundreds of people were in this line and they only had 2/10 customs agents available!!! I ask another representative how far my gate is since my flight leaves in 30 min and she told me “no you missed it. but don’t worry others will be missing it too”. So no I did not miss it, you caused me to miss it cause I already asked if I would and you people told me no. I run to the gate, which has now changed to the other end of the airport, so I run to that gate and it is 10 min before the flight is to take off. I ask the desk agent at the gate and he tells me the flight has already left. Others had missed it too due to the insane customs line up. So the plane left 20 mins earlier than scheduled with only half it’s passengers..... unbelievable!!! When I went to the service desk they did not show any sympathy or apologetic behaviours whatsoever."
Pro: "The crew was very king"
Contra: "the seats were very uncomfortable because the backs were not adjustable"
Contra: "Flight was late on way back. Also no food optipn for vegetarians"
Contra: "my luggage was opened somewhere along the way. My gift for my child was stolen. Ugly ! Very ugly !! I got home, I unzipped my bag and I do not have a pair of sneakers that were a gift for my baby and some other sweets, my luggage was half empty! The face of my disappointed kid broke my soul, that should not have happened."
Pro: "Lots of legroom. On board crew was good."
Contra: "Check-in was a little bit chaotic."
Contra: "Flight crew prohibited us from using FAA approved child seat on board despite airline regulations explicitly accepting FAA approval. Flight crew also refused to give any reason. Their communication was not curteous."
Contra: "Without notice, we were put on “standby” line, all of the workers told us all of the flights for the remainder of the day and that we could wait by the gate all day or just “take a taxi” from Lisbon to Porto.... a 3 hour ride. Ridiculous! We finally begged our way into being squeezed into a flight to Porto. But of course our bags didn’t make it with us and they could not locate where they were or track what time they would get to Porto... we sat at the airport for hours waiting for our bag until they finally offered to deliver them at a later time, which we are still waiting. We missed a full day of our vacation to Portugal because of this situation and are still hoping that our bags will make it to our destination..."
Pro: "Friendly and kind captain and crew"
Contra: "I was very very sick, so after the 3 hours delay I asked to stay in Lisbon and be sending next day to continue my journey home ... Surprisingly TAP told me that they could pay the hotel in Newark, but not in Lisbon.. Go figure! Called TAP Customer Service 4 times, 2 from Lisbon 2 from Newark... all cases more than 1 hour wait... AND THEY NEVER EVER ANSWERED!?!?!"
Pro: "Allw"
Pro: "Flight was on time, crew very friendly, check in process easy"
Contra: "Seats are very unconfortable and the space limited. baggage policy isn't very clear; I had to pay 20 extra euros for a checked bag"
Pro: "Food, seats, flight attendants & in flight entertainment were all very good."
Pro: "Price"
Contra: "Seat comfort"
Contra: "Their short flight from Frankfurt to Lisbon was not that comfortable. Seats were thin, close together. My knees were jammed against the seat in front of me. Glad the international flight was more comfortable. Somehow we did not get the memo that there was a 0 baggage allowance for an international flight. Most give 1 or two bags free. So when we had to pay 80 euros for each bag it started off our trip with TAP a lot disappointed. We still have to fly back and we can go online and pay before hand and get it for 45 euros each. Increased out ticket prices by 205 euros. Will make me take a second thought before I book with TAP again."
Pro: "There was great entertainment on the first flight"
Contra: "Booked my flight in January to ensure good seating for my family. Checked in day before departure and all my seats were changed. Also on my return flight. No notifications. We ended up all the way in the rear of the aircraft. Totally unexceptable"
Pro: "I asked if it were possible to change my seat at the gate and was promptly given a window seat. They were very pleasant and professional. Food was very good and movie choices excellent. Good customer service."
Pro: "The crew were iincredibly professional yet friendly Very human - at leat the flight attendant that took care of my area Enjoyed the dinner found my 11D seat to be very spacious!"
Contra: "After we had to turn around to BOS because of a technical issue with the plane, the customer server was really unhelpful! I ended up figuring out a completely other flight, through another airline and booked myself on that flight. I worked with this Airline almost an hour to get myself on it and then it seems that it took TAP Portugal that hour PLUS SOME to suggest alternate flights to other stranded passengers."
Pro: "Crew, plane, service."
Contra: "Terribly long line in Lisbon airport to check in."
Contra: "The flight was 45 min late and nobody seemed to bother about it"
Pro: "New plane. Great service."
Contra: "Seats are very small. No entertainment system."
Pro: "Not much. Lunch"
Contra: "We paid to check the bag In and when we arrived the girl could not see this. We showed her clearly the paper then she charged ya and realised she had made a mistake but couldn't refund us. Terrible experience. Don't use the."
Pro: "I gave up fighting with you and TAP to recover this error that was made a moment after I booked thinking it was to Brussels. I will think twice before ever giving Kayak or tap my business and blog you both to Facebook."
Contra: "The fact that it is impossible to speak to a human to correct this mistake"
Pro: "TAP counter staff helped get seat assignments for knee injury. New aircraft with good video system and comfortable seats in Economy Plus. Crew was helpful. Food OK. Arrived on time."
Contra: "Not TAP's fault, but long lines at customs and security at Lisbon Airport made us run to arrive at gate for next flight. Again, not TAP's fault, but additional security check at the waiting area, opening carry-on baggage and emptying my purse seemed over the top."
Contra: "ran very late"
Pro: "I know the flight between Lisbon and Amsterdam is only 3 hours, but it could have been better. First, boarding was a mess because no one could hear announcements being made. Once on the plane, things only got worse. I'm a small person- only 5'4" and even I had no leg room! This was made worse when the seat in front reclined- very claustrophobic. There were also zero entertainment options."
Contra: "It was nice that they served light snacks even though it was a short flight."
Contra: "Sandwich served was a bit bleak but it was served with a glass of wine!"
Pro: "Great movies"
Contra: "Very cramped seats"
Contra: "Delays, delays, delays. :("
Contra: "Plane was clean. Leg room was adequate for a 6 footer. Wafer cookie was good. Crew was nice."
Pro: "The crew was friendly but because of 5 flight delays we missed our connections in Amsterdam and got stuck in Houston for the night."
Contra: "The crew was friendly but because of 5 flight delays we missed our connection to Amsterdam and got stuck in Houston for the night. Because of this we were forced to pay for a hotel in Houston. I believe that we should have received some type of voucher for the huge inconvenience and waste of money"
Pro: "Easy check in and boarding, friendly crew, comfortable seating."
Contra: "No suggestions."
Contra: "Crew was really inattentive and service was poor to say the least. Very disappointing business class experience."
Pro: "Seats were very comfortable in first class. Very happy with that experience for short haul flight. Enjoyed the service. Flight attendant checked on me multiple times and offered beverages."
Contra: "Snack/food choices."
Pro: "The crew was excellent"
Contra: "I hate it after you land you have to take the stairs to the tarmac and then board a bus in the cold"
Contra: "United has a 2 hour delay for mechanical issue. We almost missed our connection to Zurich. Our bags did not make it and we are still waiting for our luggage"
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "The flight was delayed."
Pro: "Forgot"
Pro: "Timely departure"
Contra: "Annoying screaming 4 year old with his mom’s inability to control him. They sat in front of us. From Houston to Baton Rouge - attendant was too slow. Couldn’t get a cup of water to anyone except I am assume first class passengers. No notice. No apology. Disappointing!"
Pro: "The flight attendant refilled my ginger ale without me needing to ask. Smooth flight until we approached Denver. Always hit turbulence when landing in Denver."
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "Rude employees - never flying with United again."
Pro: "Crew was very friendly."
Contra: "Missing my flight."
Contra: "I didn’t not like being delayed an entire day because they had a problem with my wife’s name in the system"
Pro: "In-flight entertainment Good leg space Comfortable seats"
Pro: "The counter clerks in the airport were not friendly. But the inflight attendants and service was great."
Contra: "The counter staff were grumpy from the minute they arrived at the service gate desk."
Pro: "Good crew!! Entertainment screen not as good as SAS"
Pro: "Smooth flight"
Contra: "Nothing"
Contra: "Horrible customer service"
Pro: "Seats are not comfortable and it is hard to sleep on this flight"
Contra: "Seats, crew."
Pro: "I booked a basic economy seat & ended up on a small plane, that was fully booked. It had 2 seats on either side of the aisle but it was surprisingly comfortable."
Contra: "The flight was short so thankfully I didn't have to pay for entertainment. It's a loser move to make the customers pay for everything; luggage, food & entertainment on my international flights, I always go for the companies that try to make the passengers comfortable and I'm going to think the same way on my local flights in the future"
Pro: "They were very helpful, but there was so much turbulence it made me really sick."
Contra: "Boarding"
Pro: "Ease and Comfort. Each terminal in our two-leg journey was modern, immaculate and simple to navigate. The flight and crew were outstanding; attentive and professional. Keep up the good work!"
Contra: "We just couldn't justify paying 16.00 so each of us could watch TV for two hours. We would have appreciated basic TV, in order for us to stay on top of the National/World news. We feel it is part of our best interest, as a country and world, to keep informed. Please allow for at least BBC to be viewed. For Free. Thank You."
Pro: "Crew was mostly friendly"
Contra: "Leg room has vanished"
Pro: "The crew and service was very nice and pleasant"
Contra: "To hard to use the inflight entertainment from wifi and that it was delayed"
Pro: "Boarding was made easy buy letting each group on separetly"
Contra: "I would of liked to listen to the documentary that was on the screen but there was no airphones given out"
Pro: "I'm glad I didn't get kicked off!"
Contra: "I did not like the boarding process and I had a fear of being kicked off."
Pro: "The updates I received on my phone for delays and change of gates was faster than the agents would/could announce."
Contra: "When workers were walking the aisle, it was hard to get their attention."
Pro: "The flight was on time. Boarding on and off was good."
Contra: "The in flight wifi doesnt allow streaming. It was lame and there was no free in flight movies. So other than sleeping or using an app to text there was nothing you could do. In flight wifi isnt worth buying."
Pro: "The flight was average. Nothing stood out bout what I liked."
Contra: "I didn't like that my seat didn't recline. The temperature was very warm. Boarding took an exceptional amount of time and it was chaotic as we all stood in group lines for long periods of time."
Contra: "I decided to take another carrier in the aftermath of United's terrible treatment of paid passengers/customers. United doesn't deserve my business (ever again)."
Pro: "Everything"
Contra: "Nothing"
Contra: "Decent"
Pro: "Organized boarding"
Contra: "Economy is very cramped"
Pro: "Courtesy and helpful"
Contra: "I don't have any complaints"
Contra: "No entertainment"
Contra: "HAHAHAHAHAmuwahahahahahahahaha If it had been a life and death scenario I might not find it all so very humorous. But the fact remains, that you DELAYED MY FLIGHT FOR SEVERAL HOURS, several times in a row, to the point where taking my trip was a pointless endeavor. Ruined plans. Missed exam that was paid for. Spent 5 hours of my life at the airport, luckily came to me senses and decided to go home, go to bed (at 2:30am!!!), and handle cancellation of my flights (that I would no longer be taking) in the morning. UNITED - zero stars. Will never fly you again. Guaranteed."
Pro: "My morning started by finding out my flight was delayed an hour and I was in an immediate panic that I would not make my connection. An hour turned to 1.5 and I was sure I would miss my best friend's wedding. The flight attendants were put in a horrible position - a flight full of delayed pasangers and they had nothing to do with it. The attendants and pilot were SO accomodating and empathetic and assured me they were in a good position to make up time. Between your staff and the free directTV and the fact that I made my flight with 5 minutes to trip was saved!"
Contra: "Could have lived without the 1.5 hour delay...but it happens."
Pro: "Efficient crew, friendly service,"
Contra: "Delayed flight both ways. Free program wasn't watchable on my device because I didn't have their app downloaded."
Pro: "Very good service and great pilot"
Pro: "Like other airlines, United is charging more fees for seats to food. And the food they sell is bad. The breakfast was microwaved to horification. Why are airlines permited to give such low levels of service? Why are they allowed to charge extra fees for ordinary seats? And no complimentary entertainment. All that NOTHING" service and for very high fees.I got suckered into paying a lot extra for premium Economy. The Premium was the extra money they stole. The Economy was the new definition of bare bones."
Contra: "There was nothing to like about the flight."
Contra: "Super annoying toung boy who kicked my seat and slammed the tray table al ost the entire flight...obviously not United's fault."
Pro: "I got a super cheap fare for this short flight from PHX to LAX. Staff was courteous and the flight went smoothly from start to finish."
Contra: "Was unable to figure out the free entertainment offered. Was a short flight so I didn't really worry about it."
Pro: "The only positive was that the seat next to me was empty so I had a little more room."
Contra: "Flight attendants were unpleasant and plane was very dirty. My seat also felt sticky."
Contra: "Food"
Pro: "The price Phoenix to LA and back for around $77"
Contra: "I got the shitty set by the exit door that didn't recline no big deal on such a short trip"
Pro: "Can't beat the ease of flying especially considering how quick arriving into Los Angeles verses driving"
Contra: "Delays due to presidential speeches"
Pro: "The seat was comfortable, the plane was new, and staff was friendly."
Contra: "Like others have said, the in-flight entertainment isn't free (even a few channels) so it is pretty useless."

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