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Notele conform evaluărilor din partea clienților KAYAK
Turkish AirlinesScor general bazat pe 24068 evaluări
Evaluările companiei aeriene
Pro: "Food"
Contra: "Person being me wouldn’t allow me To recline my chair and flight attendant didn’t do anyThing about it."
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Pro: "Food"
Contra: "Person being me wouldn’t allow me To recline my chair and flight attendant didn’t do anyThing about it."
Pro: "Good attention to detail."
Contra: "Seat controls panels need updating. Are also dirty."
Pro: "Nice"
Pro: "Same"
Contra: "Chairs spaces"
Pro: "Everything"
Contra: "Nothing"
Contra: "They lost my baggage. The in-flight crew and food is excellent, ground support is not good."
Pro: "Super"
Pro: "Everything was so great cabin crew was so nice and so friendly"
Contra: "My flight NEVER took place and you have no idea. Shameful! I was hospitalized and I couldn’t flu to Belgrade. I am deeply dissapointed you are not willing to give me my money back. I will NEVER use your service again!"
Pro: "The eggplant/beef dish was the best food I have ever had on an airplane. Staff were pleasant and efficient. Wide range of movies, etc, available"
Pro: "nothing"
Contra: "istanbole airport there was no seat for sit."
Pro: "The food was excellent fresh and plentiful. The bathrooms were very clean"
Pro: "Excellent staff, everything very clean, smooth flight, good movies."
Contra: "The seats in Economy are too close together. A few more inches would make things better. The food was okay, some parts good, others so-so"
Pro: "Super staff"
Contra: "Bad WiFi connection"
Pro: "Crew was helpful and supportive, snack was good"
Contra: "Good was good, but not exellent.,entertainment was good, but need more latest movies. Overall, it's good flight, but not the top class"
Pro: "everything was perfect"
Pro: "Everything. Pleasant crew, great food, clean plane, many entertainment options, movies, music etc. (individual screens)."
Contra: "N/A"
Pro: "(see above)"
Contra: "(see above)"
Contra: "The flight was delayed for four hours due to aircraft malfunction. Not allowed to use the toilet for five hours."
Pro: "The food was great and the service was very good."
Pro: "We did not crash"
Contra: "Seat were tiny and uncomfortable. The customer service is wprst i have ever seen, complete disasters. The food made hospital food look good. It was terrible. I would never fly with them again."
Contra: "everything planes were gross and not cleaned in between flights stewardesses were rude and unhelpful food gross passengers were treated like cattle most of the announcements were not even made in english"
Contra: "Stop over in Istanbul, flight to US. Had to go again through security with not enough staff, stood around 40min in a messy line with no air-conditioning​ or water to go thorough security again. There were elderly people having to do the same. Later, after landing, there was no parking for the airplane, so after 10 hours flight we we're held for 25 minutes inside the airplane. New regulations will make me reconsider using Turkish​ airline for US bound flights, although it's a great company, unless they find a more comfortable and organized way to do the security check."
Contra: "Please change my meal request from diabetic to regular"
Pro: "הכל"
Contra: "שום דבר"
Contra: "No individual air vents to control temperature"
Pro: "amazing !"
Contra: "It wasn't communicated beforehand to check in our baggage to electronics."
Pro: "As always, great entertainment system. Constantly updating and improving."
Contra: "For some reason, I didn't get the option to choose a meal type at check-in, as I sometimes have in the past. Seeing as it's Passover, and I don't eat meat, I wasn't really able to eat much from the default meal I was given."
Pro: "Plane was comfortable .. Good food from New York to Istanbul"
Contra: "Poor quality of food , from return trip. To New York"
Pro: "The crew bumber was short fot the full flight. The food used to be better in THY."
Contra: "I missed this flight also and tried to get a refund for it because the times were not good for me."
Pro: "Crew demeanor Cleanliness of the cabin Boarding process"
Contra: "Istanbul Airport facilities Food choices Alcohol selection Changing tkt and customer service"
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "Check in late, rude staff, bad food"
Pro: "Seat, crew, food"
Contra: "Traveling :)"
Pro: "Good price and great food"
Contra: "Best Price. Plus no-nonsense pricing from Kayak. Food is great."
Contra: "The A/C in the cabin was not working properly and for the first 2 hours was not even working. I had a hard time breathing, I was sweating and felt like I was going to faint. Eventually it worked better, but was on and off during the flight. It was unacceptable to let the plane go with the A/C not working properly. They even tried to blame it on the engines, that they had to work in full to get it going. I've flown hundreds of times and this is the first time I encountered anything like that."
Contra: "Late baggage"
Pro: "evrting"
Pro: "Helpful crew. Screens for entertainment and information at each seat."
Contra: "Both meals were penne pasta, as was the previous flight's. Should be more varied."
Pro: "Movies!"
Contra: "Crew need to smile a bit. And even if you don't choose the food in advance, there should be vegetarian option."
Pro: "crew members"
Contra: "late hours"
Pro: "Great staff"
Contra: "Departed late, landed late, baggage claim took over an hour and half"
Contra: "Neverrrrr againnnnn!!!!!!!with Turkish airlines"
Pro: "Great entertainment system. Comfortable seats."
Contra: "Nothing."
Pro: "The airline staff were professional and welcoming. The airplane was comfortable relatively speaking."
Contra: "From New York to Turkey, my connecting flight left before we arrived which made me almost a day late in reaching Cairo; big inconvience. They need to do a better job with timing connecting flights. Turkey to New York, the flight went smooth"
Contra: "Similar issues as described above"
Pro: "Excellent service!!!"
Contra: "There was nothing to not like about it."
Pro: "Everything was fine with no change of schedule. Turkish airline is more serious now than before. I had very bad experience three times with them. I was saying that I'm never going to fly with them, but this time I did not have choice so I had to fly with them."
Contra: "The menu is always the same and not very delicious."

This flight was excellent. Left and arrives ahead of schedule. The plane was only half full and they actually let people lay down in rows of empty seats. The crew was super kind to a large family with a bunch of kids who wanted to be closer together. I think Delta purposely avoids turbulence more than other airlines because I never experience jarring flights, even the red eyes. They served two meals onboard (which were honestly pretty gross but they are doing their best). Also the newer planes have really cool lighting that helps with jet lag because they mimic the sunset and sunrise colors, and have polarized windows that extend “night time” until they are ready to land in the morning. Pretty cool.

Contra: "Seat wasn't comfortable"
Pro: "The crew is nice"
Contra: "Boarding was horrible."
Contra: "The Entertainment display didn't work."
Pro: "Very nice, pleasant crew."
Contra: "Extended turbulence was very uncomfortable. One toilet out of service. Otherwise good flight."
Pro: "Very nice crew, precisely respects the flight schedule"
Contra: "none"
Pro: "Overall the flight was very comfortable."
Contra: "none"
Pro: "The plane was nice, entertainment options were great, pilot was super kind."
Pro: "I loved being upgraded to first class and the crew was so attentive."
Contra: "Nothing, glad this was a better experience than the trip to Miami."
Pro: "Comfy"
Contra: "Seats a lil tight"
Contra: "uncomfortable seats, thin seat cushions"
Contra: "When we booked this trip via Kayak, we thought that we were booking on Westjet. Westjet knew nothing about the flight when we tried to check in."
Pro: "The plane was nice and the entertainment on the flight was great! Flight crew very friendly."
Contra: "Our plane was delayed multiple times and we were not provided an explanation as to why. For as expensive as this fare was the fact that Delta was at fault for the delay and did not offer any compensation for that delay is frustrating. A few extra free snacks doesn’t cut it."
Pro: "Crew was good seat comfortable"
Contra: "Better snacks"
Contra: "It was lovely. It was my flight from nyc to dc that was terrible."
Contra: "the flight was delayed and so I missed my train home"
Pro: "Amazing service from crew"
Contra: "Friendly crew and lots of good free snacks!"
Contra: "Bigger personal space"
Contra: "Food was ok...cramped space"
Pro: "the worst thing that I've traveled in my life I do not travel again by delta 3 hours without food and without taking or water we were not given that service is the worst its employees are a disaster"
Contra: "the worst thing that I've traveled in my life I do not travel again by delta 3 hours without food and without taking or water we were not given that service is the worst its employees are a disaster"
Pro: "Food was good and plentiful. I definitely left the flight feeling full."
Pro: "Nothing."
Contra: "I missed check in (not flight) by 5 minutes. Delta did nothing. I called Aeromexico. After 30 minutes on hold they told me there was nothing they could do. Called Kayak, you guys said you couldn’t do anything. Finally I got some 3rd party phone number I was given by Kayak. I called the number and it was not in service. In all my years using this app this was the biggest disappointment ever!!!!"
Pro: "The people were all really nice and helpful and fun. Food was great. Watched a fun movie."
Contra: "Boarding was a bit unpleasant when we had to stand in a crowd before the shuttle came."
Pro: "Food and entertainment was good"
Contra: "The bathroom I used was disgusting."
Pro: "Hot towel was a plus"
Contra: "The seats weren't that comfortable"
Contra: "N!A"
Pro: "The flight attendant, Winsom, was fantastic."
Contra: "Did not like being assigned a seat next to the bathroom and having an aisle full of people waiting to get in."
Contra: "No wifi, no leg room"
Pro: "Great movies...."
Contra: "It takes time and worries to find the air train and Aeroflot registration."
Pro: "Great and friendly crew"
Contra: "baggage rules, check in with baggage, change fee for flight when it was not customers issue that caused the 5 min delay! Unable to reach reservation desk on line or via phone (neither was the gate agent)"
Pro: "The staff. They were very helpful and polite!"
Contra: "We didn’t leave on time"
Contra: "There was a change in our flight. According to Delta you didn't confirm every leg of our flight and the plane was over booked."
Contra: "Basic economy has way too many restrictions"
Pro: "Loved the customer service & movie options"
Contra: "The flight only had snacks for free; wish sandwiches would be given for lunch"
Pro: "Good flight crew"
Contra: "Flight was delayed with no explanation."
Pro: "Nice people. Very helpful."
Contra: "LOST MY BAG IN BOSTON BEFORE EVEN TAKING OFF!!!! Did not make it, and then won't deliver it when it makes it to Kathmandu! This is most distressing."
Pro: "The airline did not disappoint and the customer service were very professional"
Contra: "Make sure the new signs are posted in all airports for boarding. That will help control people at the entrance"
Pro: "Great gate agent at JFK on the layover."
Contra: "No assigned seats on second flight til we got to JFK."
Pro: "Entertainment, food having only two seats on our side of aisle."
Contra: "Leg room"
Pro: "We did eventually get there"
Contra: "What should have been a 90 minute flight took over 4 hours! Between mechanical failure, overbooking and waiting for gates and sky bridges we missed our connection. Then when they rebooked our connection on a British Airways flight, BA couldn't pull up the tickets and we wasted yet another hour while Virgin Atlantic and Delta both passed the buck as to who was responsible for correcting it so we could get on our rebooked flight, which we BARELY did with only 2 minutes to spare!"
Pro: "The organization and speediness shown during boarding the aircraft and the perfect timing on departure"
Contra: "The tv screen corresponding to my seat 9A was not working so could not see any movies nor information during the whole flight SDQ to JFK. The condition was reported twice to the flight attendance but was not able to correct it even after resetting the TV settings twice"
Contra: "I wouldn't rate this flight on a five-star grid--I give it 0.0 stars. Delta's economy seats are so tiny that even a small person like myself finds it agonizing to ride in them for a moderate-length flight. We need aggressive regulation of our airlines to prevent the unconscionable and humiliating way they treat economy passengers. It's not safe, healthy or humane to ask human beings to sit for hours in tiny spaces with very little air (on top of everything else, the plane was mercilessly hot the whole time). Next time I will choose a European carrier--even the discount Euro carriers are better than any US airline."
Pro: "They had good entertainment for free. There were movies, tv shows, and games."
Contra: "The plane was delayed for 5 hours and the ride was longer than expected."
Pro: "We upgraded our seats to Delta Comfort, at a cost of round $90 per flight. It was well worth it!"
Pro: "Comfortable, courtesy, good service."
Contra: "Please, there is never a vegetarian option. Many people do not want to eat meat. Very easy to offer a sandwich with vegetables or a little bowl of rice and beans..."
Pro: "Quick, clean"
Contra: "I was in the back seat"
Pro: "Painless"
Contra: "Price of food"
Pro: "I really like the crew on Lufthansa"
Contra: "Our pre paid seats were lost in the "system" even though I had the receipt they couldn't do anything. and we were seated in a back row with offset tvs, the movie selection is lame and dated"
Pro: "It was cancelled and scheduled next day"
Pro: "Nice crew and comfortable seats."
Contra: "Not a fan of the sandwich provided."
Pro: "More spacious seating. Crew was happy, nice and seemed to care. Good entertainment choices."
Contra: "Food"
Pro: "Lufthansa service from JFK-FRA-FCO-FRA-JFK was gracious, efficient and altogether pleasurable."
Pro: "Everything"
Contra: "Bought the premium economy on Lufthansa, but ended up on Eurowings. Food same as Economy, 1/2 the entertainment choices. Definitely not worth the money."
Pro: "Comfy flight and early arrival."
Contra: "Had to run to catch the connecting flight"
Pro: "everything was great. Crew was very nice. good service. good food. Even bathrooms were located in the basement separately, nice and bigger than usual airline bathrooms."
Contra: "my TV screen didn't work. Long 9.5hr trip without entertainment."
Pro: "Flight arrived early."
Contra: "Last two transatlantic flights have been hot. What happened to a nice cool flight and using the blanket if you are cold?"
Pro: "Superb seats. Wide, enough length to strech the legs. Good entertainment - overall - loved it!"
Contra: "Food could be a bit tastier ..."
Pro: "Attentive and friendly staff, great food and plenty of drinks!!!"
Pro: "Great crew and plane"
Contra: "Inconvenient terminal from connecting flight. Boarding procedure was a zoo"
Pro: "Everything was perfect. crew was really good. nice and comfortable airplane (Airbus A380)..very smooth ride. A+"
Contra: "nothing wrong"
Pro: "service, on time,efficient boarding, no hassles"
Pro: "Relaxed trip. We were well cared for. Again very good staff"
Pro: "Family check-in in Frankfurt is superb. Economy Plus was a really great experience!"
Contra: "The fact that I can't use my own headphones and I'm forced to use the cheap airline-provided ones (with the dual plugs). Single biggest reason to not fly Lufthansa, because I can't enjoy the movies!"
Contra: "See previous comment. Airline service needs to be vastly improved."
Pro: "All around service"
Contra: "That I had to get off of the plane."
Pro: "The service."
Pro: "Easily the most comfortable I've ever been in TATL economy. Lufthansa's 747-8 is set up strangely: the main deck is arranged First - Business - Economy - Prem. Economy - Economy. This means that if you can book a seat in the forward economy mini-cabin, you get dedicated cabin crew, no other passengers walking through your space to get to the bathroom, plenty of bin space, and – best of all – a lot of aisle space to stretch your legs. Row 16 aisle seats are especially good, as the bulkhead between J and Y doesn't extend all the way, and therefore you can stretch your feet out. Food was actually excellent (for economy), hot and flavorful and generous, with snacks available mid-flight. Beverages also tops – gotta love Lufthansa for offering Campari (!) and more than one wine choice."
Contra: "Entertainment (music and movies at least) was up-to-date but not very interested. Boarding and transit security in Frankfurt was anxiety-inducing – between getting to the US departures area and additional screening, it took more than an hour from deplaning to getting in line. Boarding w/o group numbers was an exercise in patience. And the terminal wifi is so spotty!"
Pro: "Excellent service and comfortable flight for a great price! The US carriers cannot compete with Lufthansa or any European airlines as a matter of fact."
Contra: "Touchscreen of the entertainment system was not very sensitive and had false readings. Annoying but not critical."
Pro: "Complementary Drinks. Beautiful Flight Attendants."
Contra: "Nothing"
Contra: "Tv didn't work most of time. Food was terrible."
Contra: "Delay of over 40 minutes and very dysfunctional entertainment system. Poor plan for connecting flights. We had to run to catch up the connecting flight. Very unpleasant experience"
Pro: "wasn't Lufthansa it was actually Singapore airlines they changed my flight and it was very good"
Contra: "It was very good"
Pro: "I was able to squeeze back into Comfort Economy and make my destination, after a messed up miles upgrade - have to be grateful for the small things, right?"
Contra: "I was actually upgraded to Business Class through a LH miles award, however, that upgrade was not honored, despite the fact that I had a confirmation email from them. I had to first get to Frankfurt to even negotiate this problem. At the departure point, LH was unable to furnish me a boarding pass to my NY flight. After racing though the huge airport at max speed to make this connection, I was treated rudely at the gate in Frankfurt by LH short tempered ground staff, to the point of even being accused of being the source of the problem and being late for boarding (when I was only accorded an hour connection through this booking, and raised this concern with LH prior). Lastly, the ground crew took away my connecting flight boarding pass and nearly forgot to give me back my luggage tag. The flight crew was Ok, but just did a bare minimum to keep up with the packed and overbooked flight. To top of the joy, I got food poisoning after landing in NYC - not all food they serve was in sealed containers, and it must have been enough to cause a day of misery that followed my arrival - I can assure you that the late time and taxing and docking delays in NYC took away any opportunity to have a normal dinner, and LH food was all I had all day... Not the usual LH experience, but I may give them a break for the next few trips."
Pro: "Friendly staff, good food, free wine, comfy (as can be expected) seats AND AMAZING LANDING into Munich. OH! Good movie selection too!"
Contra: "N/A"
Pro: "Great crew very attentive."
Contra: "Plane was old. Toilets were an issue. Entertainment centers were slow. Time to retire the, 747's"
Pro: "The food"
Contra: "The seats"
Pro: "The whole experience was GREAT!"
Contra: "Boarding was a little chaotic. Everyone kind of ran up."
Contra: "The plane left without us and we were still in the air. They shut down the airport in Frankfurt so we couldn't take off at our destination and when they allowed us to fly into Frankfurt, Lufthansa didn't wait and hundreds of people were stranded from different areas because of the closed airport to all flights. We waited 5 hours to rebook a destination back to the USA and traveling lasted 24hours. Right now I'm not sure if I'll be refunded my tickets for thedomestic airline flight. WE will NEVER want to fly out of Frankfurt and especially with Lufthansa. I have to say the people at the service counters were very nice and helpful but it took 5 hours to get serviced and were missed 2 possible connecting flights. Lufthansa was a good airline but that was 20 years ago. The airport is too big now has too many delays so I'll avoid it at all cost."
Contra: "The service provided by the crew was okay but their attitudes were horrible. It seems as though they did not want to work."
Pro: "The flight staff was excellent!"
Pro: "Great airplane seats in Prem. Economy."
Contra: "Information access to cancelled flights was horrible. Impossible to get assistance."
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "They cancelled my flight and I spent 7-8 hours on phone trying to resolve."
Pro: "Great leg room for economy class, polite and courteous staff"
Pro: "Almost everything, the flight crew was friendly and timely, the movie selection was great, the flight left on time and arrived early."
Contra: "The temperature near my seat was very uncomfortable, to the point where I was sweating for most of my ride. The passenger next to me, also complained to me as well."
Pro: "The seats were fairly comfortable"
Contra: "Service has really gone downhill the past year or two. Drink service was infrequent, and they ran out of food options; I was stuck with a kosher meal that tasted terrible."
Pro: "Pleasantly greeted"
Contra: "Lack of space makes flying pure torture. When will airrlines get it regarding customer needs?! Crew not accessible in between serving times"
Pro: "the staff is top notch"
Pro: "The crew was very efficient and accommodating"
Contra: "Most of the announcements were hard to hear and understand"
Pro: "As I noted above, both LH crews worked well. They were very professional, spoke languages as needed, accommodated passengers' requests, served edible food (mostly) and were visible and available throughout. The long-distance Airbus plane was comfortable enough. I like the idea of putting all the bathrooms downstairs ... but ..."
Contra: "... putting all the bathrooms downstairs might create difficulties for handicapped passengers. I am not sure how this is handled; perhaps help is provided, or perhaps there is one bathroom at flight-level."
Contra: "My tv screen stopped responding 6 hours into the flight so that I could not watch it for the remaining 2.5 hours"
Contra: "The only suggestion I would have is that the entertainment options could be a bit more updated. The movie selection was not as good as I have experienced it on other flights (--- other airlines have a better 'new release' selection)."
Pro: "There was a particular flight attendant who went above and beyond to make our flight amazing!!"
Pro: "I liked food, entertainment on board, atmosphere, professional crew, arrival on time"
Pro: "The entertainment was great, service, comfort and food too."
Contra: "Choice of quality films could have been better."
Pro: "The crew was perfect - nice and very helpful. I like the restroom area on this plane much better than on other kinds of aircraft."
Contra: "I definitely didn't like how Lufthansa online booking assigns seats. Why are family members who booked their tickets as one order getting seats apart from each other even after online check-in and seat selection? We had a very bad experience with this."
Pro: "All is excellent"
Pro: "I like that the boarding was delayed mid-way for some unknown reason (thus, the take-off was 15 min delayed), and I was able to get on the plane with my short connection not being the last passenger. :)"
Contra: "Food could have been better."
Pro: "good"
Contra: "improve list of movies"
Contra: "Not allowing babies in first class. Couldn’t sleep with the baby crying."
Contra: "Enterteiment, movies"
Pro: "Fast, one stop, better than three weeks on a boat"
Contra: "Broken entertainment center, no vegan meal although selected at booking, very cold."
Pro: "Crew was great, the airplane was big with a leg room!!!"
Pro: "Overall good flight"
Contra: "Food"
Pro: "Nice crew, great flight entertainment."
Contra: "N/A"
Pro: "The crew were great!"
Contra: "The coffee was pretty bland."
Contra: "They lost my bag!"
Pro: "The aircraft."
Contra: "Boarding crew in Warsaw very unprofessional, rude and unhelpful! No info, no communication at the gate! Crew joking about personal stuff, on personal phones, ignoring passengers! I actually made a video of them, shocking behavior!"
Pro: "Complimentary upgrade to business class - wonderful!"
Contra: "Delightful service and food."
Pro: "Crew as great! Good seats and good entertainment"
Contra: "Cleaner bathrooms"
Contra: "Food is not the best I had on an airplane but crew is super nice and accommodating ,airplane is clean,overall a great experience"
Pro: "Crew was excellent. Seat was very tight (middle section, middle seat)"
Pro: "Crew has improved significantly over the last few years, actually pleasant compared to the horrible attitudes they had years ago. Seat was OK, good leg room on the 798-9."
Pro: "The only good thing was that it got me from Point A to Point B and my bag wasn't lost or damaged."
Contra: "The seats are so incredibly small for a long haul flight. Two people must compete for shoulder space, as there simply isn't enough room for both to sit back completely. Constant elbow issues and a feeling of being locked into a small space. I've never been so happy to exit from a flight. Note that on the JFK-BUD-JFK route, LOT subcontracts to a low-cost Portuguese airline, so this plane isn't configured for a trans-Atlantic flight, at least not for a minimal level of comfort. Never again. Pay more for a decent seat on another carrier! And take a large bottle of water, as they're not at all generous with the water, soda, and juice. My seatmate and I were parched and couldn't wait to clear customs so as to buy a bottle of water."
Pro: "Crew was really helpful and friendly. They took care of us completely. Boarding, take off, landing, everything on time."
Contra: "Airplane didn't provide flight specifics. (Speed, altitude, outside temperature). Just basic info. Seats in this particular plane are really narrow. Everytime someone passing hit my shoulder. This didn't happen in other planes."
Pro: "Business class on the Dreamliner is a true dream."
Contra: "Because LOT flight from Lviv was late we did not make the connecting flight to New York and had to spend the night in Warsaw."
Contra: "Crew was having dificulty communicating in English."
Pro: "Movie selection was good"
Contra: "The boarding was very slow."
Contra: "The flight was delayed over 3 hours and there was no communication at all. Our questions were ignored."
Contra: "Flight left 1.5 hours late. No update announced from boarding crew as to the reason for delayed boarding or status updates. Received seat assignment at gate with no attempt to give me my preference for aisle seat."
Pro: "Staff was very nice and friendly"
Pro: "Seat comfort. Smooth flight."
Contra: "55min delayed boarding at JFK, 55min delayed landing ans 35min awaiting gate access upon landing at JFK."
Pro: "Great food and nice airplane"
Contra: "The crew could not control a rowdy crowd on the plane, we had over eight hours of chaos"
Pro: "On-board crew is polite and helpful. Boeing 787 Dreamliner is great. Overall, the flight was fine."
Contra: "The gate agents were forcing random people to check in their hand luggage, even before weighing that luggage. They also check the hand luggage to make sure it fits in the "template" and weigh it (a second time) at the gate. Once on-board, they then announced that they were waiting for other connecting passengers. Took about 45 minutes. It would be nice to know that before booking that they do this, and also before boarding, even if it makes more sense to start boarding before they arrive (but 45 minutes before?). The live map on the public screens in economy showed a dummy/overview map with "waiting for data" the entire flight, rather than the actual live map. Premium did have the data on their screens, and the individual screens also worked fine. Not sure what happened there..."
Pro: "Food and flight on time"
Pro: "Business class was very roomy. There was easy access to storage. The flight crew was extremely courteous and did their very best to see to the needs of the passengers."
Contra: "The seats, when in reclining position, could have been a bit more comfortable."
Contra: "Terrible and stressful experience transferring at WAW airport with crowded security lines and no guiding personnel. Slight delay this time (compared to the first leg of my trip couple of weeks ago with 3h delay and missed connections)"
Pro: "Crew was very polite, smiling and accommodating , food was great quality, good selection of entertainment on board. Comparing what LOT was few years ago, they have made a huge progress and overall improved everything across the board. We got to destination before scheduled time."
Contra: "I don’t like to seat next to toddlers. They should have special place, separate area just for families with kids, fare on the end of corridor. Noice , activities, banging and smelling, not pleasant and not confortable for what I paid. My comfort of flight with LOT was completely ruined this time."
Pro: "Food and staff was amazing"
Contra: "TV didn't work good"
Contra: "I paid $ 55 extra for my seat # 20G.Company changed aircraft(it was Boeing 777-200).I did't get what i paid for. They gave me seat #30G(regular).Do i have a chance to get my money back?"
Pro: "Plain"
Contra: "There was a delay on their first flight and then the same LOT company does not wait for our connection. After that we are send for one night at a crappy 1 star hotel in Warshaw."
Contra: "Terrible old plane, with tv that don't work and are from 50s. Food was really really bad"
Contra: "Departure late about 4 hrs, little information along the way. More waiting at arrival for gate to open up due to late arrival. Seats are not comfortable."
Contra: "Going to board the plane and they told a group of like 30 of us we had been selected for random security check. So obviously it took a long time to get all those people through the check and we departed very late. Then sat on the tarmac for an hour and forty five minutes. The pilot said it would be 15 minutes and then never gave another update beyond that, which made it much worse."
Pro: "Food was good."
Contra: "At boarding we were told we needed an additional security clearance "that way". When we searched for it and couldn't find it, we asked two different employees and they didn't know or offer to help. We finally found it but it wasn't a good experience. And finding out at boarding time was not helpful."
Contra: "Unable to choose seat at ticket purchase."
Pro: "Service, food, entertainment were of good quality"
Contra: "Flight was delayed 40 min; after landing the plane was sitting on the field forever; during descent, my ears started aching, and I think I got some kind of vestibular system damage, possibly from an overly fast descent. Not good."
Pro: "The crew was helpful and friendly. On this flight we had a delicious meal, snacks, drinks, refreshing towels. What an great experience after flying in the US where all these services have disappeared for bottom line profits."
Contra: "There was nothing to dislike."
Contra: "The crew had everyone measure their suitcases and pay for overweight, which significantly delayed boarding."
Contra: "15 minute delay waiting for a gate to become available after taxiing to the terminal at JFK. Ridiculous!"
Pro: "Great crew and the flight was very nice. Food was decent and boarding was done as quickly and orderly as possible."
Contra: "While this is not the airline's fault. The guy next to me was too big for the seat and his stench was overwhelming."
Pro: "Not much"
Contra: "Attitude of the Stewart was terrible she was a little cocky and didn't appreciate her attitude"
Contra: "Saw some sort of a bug crawling around...perhaps try and have a deep clean of airplane sometimes :)"

All my luggage missing still have not received it

Food quality was okay but I asked for chicken & was told there is none left. One of the two crew assigned (Ray) was short on etiquette even when it seemed she should have several years experience.

Food and entertainment were not applicable. Short flight. Rest went smoothly.

Enjoyed it

my seat in the exit row was very cold. 20A

Flight was great but we were delayed because they didn’t have enough room for carry on luggage.

The boarding process in Newark was a complete disaster and total chaos. They had us board and then we didn’t leave for an hour and a half. Terrible.

Incredible crew!

Not sure why we left 50 min late after together boarded the plane ….. we taxied around for 35 min ans SFO isn’t that big

Pro: "crew were great."
Contra: "FOOD/SNAKS"
Contra: "They made us wait for a group of passengers who caused a 50-minute delay."
Pro: "The crew was great"
Contra: "Food was so-so and the seats could use a little more padding"
Contra: "I was sitting two rows from the bathroom and the entire time the bathroom reeked of urine. It was unbearable."
Pro: "Enough food was provided."
Pro: "Excellent. On time."
Pro: "The entire experience"
Contra: "Food ok"
Pro: "Fast to board but had to wait for over an hour for a connecting flight to get on the plane."
Contra: "Very uncomfortable seats, no in seat entertainment"
Pro: "The direct flight was really nice."
Contra: "That entertainment had an extra cost."
Pro: "When I travel economy I have come to expect indifferent tolerance by the flight crew. I come as self contained as possible and lay low. This crew was honestly different! At check in I requested a emergency row or bulkhead seat. I wasn't entitled or hold status with United but it never hurts to ask. What was not surprising was that I was denied as the flight was full and there were FF status fliers in the wait list already. What did surprise me was the sincere courtesy with which the agent handled my request and delivered the "bad" news. Small thing, but I noticed. Once on the flight in the back of the plane the complementary food and beverage items were meager, as expected, but the flight attendants service we generous! I was offered a full can of diet coke because I said I was thirsty... a full can. Again small but noticed. I couldn't reach my ear phones and the attendant found a pair in upper class and brought it to me without attitude. Later in the flight when another customer asked for a headphone the flight crew announced on the speakers that if anyone had an extra pair, would the be kind enough to share. I had mine in the overheard and was able to "pay it forward" by returning the ones she had provided me earlier. the WiFi on the plane wasn't operating properly. The attendants tried sever times to trouble shoot it and then offered me information on a refund and another diet coke in apology. Not a million dollars, but it showed me I mattered as their customer and they cared about the airline. It was what flying was like "back in the day" a nice experience."
Contra: "WiFi didn't work on either portion of my trip."
Pro: "I typically dont fly with united, and this was a typical experience, staff was not friendly, terminal and gate change at last minute after I walking all the way to the gate, then another delay after we were boarded, now this was more airport related then United, but after they told us it was a 45min delay someone asked if we can use our phone or computer and the answer was a stern no with no explanation until someone got really upset, just not a professional experience, and this was why I don't fly united. But I had no choice this time."
Contra: "No food or entertainment"
Pro: "The ease of booking the flight and forgetting it until the day I left was awesome."
Contra: "The flight was delayed for nearly 3 hours!!!!"
Contra: "2.5 hour delay!"
Pro: "Boarding and flight went smoothly and on time. Too short for food or entertainment"
Pro: "The crew was friendly."
Contra: "Seating is incredibly cramped now. I'm not a big guy by any means and I couldn't sit without touching the person next to me or even rest my head on the tray table, and the seat backs reclined barely 6 inches. That made it pretty much impossible to sleep on a red-eye. And there were no entertainment screen, though we had them in the EWR->SFO direction. All in all bottom 10% of flights I've been on. Do better."
Pro: "Crew was very attentive and kind. Plane was clean and comfortable."
Contra: "Food was not good."
Contra: "No outlets or entertainment"
Pro: "perfect timing, nice plane"
Contra: "Restroom not clean"
Contra: "Flight was delayed for a hour and half because of equipment. Credit goes to United for promptly putting use on another flight that just came in from Denver. All in a it was a long day."
Pro: "On time flight. And the upgrade was wonderful"
Pro: "Missed flight but had no problem rebooking."
Contra: "no crew visible after dinner service"
Pro: "good entertainment through the united app"
Pro: "Entertainment was broken on the flight. Halfway through the captain apologies over the intercom."
Contra: "Entertainment was broken on the flight. Halfway through the captain apologies over the intercom"
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "2 minutes past when they began to board no effort to try to help with getting on or another flight. Had plenty of time to get through security no call no assistance to find another flight NOTHING! No care to help."
Pro: "Seeing as we were flying with ANA instead of United, everything was excellent, especially the crew. The food was amazing."
Contra: "there was absolutely no notfication that we were flying with ANA! I understand the flight was booked with united and you guys are part of the star partnership thing or whatever but it made finding out where to check in very stressful and time consuming! Stop overbooking your flights!"
Pro: "The flight was not full, so we had extra space."
Contra: "First, UA flight attendant forgot to serve us (and few more sitting on the same area) lunch. By the time we asked why we are not served, we didn't have a choice, but to take whatever left. Second, we had about only 1 - 1 1/2 hours of in-flight entertainment available in Economy class out of 10 1/2 hour flight. Of course, entertainment was available for first, business and premier class. Why? Satellite problem supposedly. Third, ok. There was a entertainment on a big screen in the front. However, system on the armrest was not working. What's the point? My husband and I have been in long distance flight over 25 year with various airline companies, BUT THIS UNITED FLIGHT WAS ONE OF THE WORST FLIGHT EVER. When I booked this vacation, I chose Lufthansa on purpose as I know their quality of service and professionalism. I didn't notice that the return flight was a code share with UA. Only thing they can say was that they can provide us more mileage as a compensation if we write to UA on their website... We had a great vacation until were on this flight."
Contra: "Departure was delayed somewhere between 30-45 minutes."
Contra: "The bathrooms were dirty out of toilet paper. The food was mediocre at best. The delight wasn't delayed hours and no one informed us about the status at any point in time. Overall I did not like airchina and I would not choose them again if"
Pro: "Not much"
Contra: "I was charged for wifi even though I wasn't able to connect. No tvs in the cabins, no wifi for a very long flight"
Pro: "Staff was so hospitable"
Contra: "Crying baby"
Contra: "PA was far too loud!"
Pro: "better seats than in the past"
Contra: "flight attendants fighting with a passenger"
Contra: "No help from the flight attendants before we landed to inquire to see if the connecting flight would wait - just MINUTES!"
Pro: "It wasn't a big plane, so the seats were on the smaller side. Nonetheless, it wasn't terribly uncomfortable. Fast boarding process."
Contra: "North Bend's baggage handling is very slow to unload the aircraft and get the baggage up to the turnstile. This is a bit odd, considering there is only one aircraft on deck at any given time requiring unloading."
Pro: "Great customer service, loved the Halloween outfits.!"
Pro: "Very organized boarding process."
Contra: "Entertainment/tv none unless you pay. Food...small bag of dry mix snacks or pay. Not asking for prime steaks, but a fruit would have been nice."
Contra: "I was pretty upset that I had to go down to baggage claim to get my bag which didn't show up along with any of the other passengers bags for about 35 to 40 minutes. The person who was designated to pick me up was none too happy"

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2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
31h 30mOTP-JFK
1 EscalăMai multe companii aeriene
26h 40mJFK-OTP
339 €
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
22h 50mOTP-JFK
1 EscalăMai multe companii aeriene
26h 40mJFK-OTP
340 €
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
31h 30mOTP-JFK
1 EscalăMai multe companii aeriene
26h 40mJFK-OTP
341 €
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
21h 00mOTP-JFK
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
19h 40mJFK-OTP
347 €
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
31h 30mOTP-JFK
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
21h 15mJFK-OTP
355 €
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
31h 30mOTP-JFK
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
40h 15mJFK-OTP
356 €
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
31h 05mOTP-JFK
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
24h 40mJFK-OTP
365 €
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
22h 50mOTP-JFK
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
24h 50mJFK-OTP
372 €
1 EscalăMai multe companii aeriene
13h 55mCLJ-JFK
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
19h 15mJFK-CLJ
374 €
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
30h 05mOTP-JFK
1 EscalăMai multe companii aeriene
26h 40mJFK-OTP
382 €
1 EscalăLufthansa
32h 20mCLJ-JFK
1 EscalăLufthansa
13h 05mJFK-CLJ
430 €
1 EscalăLufthansa
16h 40mOTP-JFK
1 EscalăLufthansa
11h 35mJFK-OTP
436 €
1 EscalăDelta
15h 30mOTP-JFK
1 EscalăDelta
13h 15mJFK-OTP
455 €
1 EscalăLufthansa
14h 35mCLJ-JFK
1 EscalăLufthansa
12h 20mJFK-CLJ
455 €
1 EscalăLufthansa
14h 50mOTP-JFK
1 EscalăLufthansa
11h 35mJFK-OTP
456 €
1 EscalăLufthansa
14h 35mCLJ-JFK
1 EscalăLufthansa
12h 20mJFK-CLJ
465 €
1 EscalăLufthansa
32h 25mCLJ-JFK
1 EscalăLufthansa
13h 05mJFK-CLJ
468 €
1 EscalăLufthansa
33h 10mCLJ-JFK
1 EscalăLufthansa
13h 05mJFK-CLJ
471 €
2 EscaleLufthansa
13h 45mCLJ-JFK
1 EscalăLufthansa
13h 05mJFK-CLJ
478 €
1 EscalăUnited Airlines
32h 30mCLJ-JFK
1 EscalăUnited Airlines
13h 10mJFK-CLJ
556 €

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2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
22h 50mOTP-JFK
183 €
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
30h 40mOTP-JFK
192 €
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
41h 05mOTP-JFK
196 €
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
22h 05mOTP-JFK
198 €
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
22h 05mOTP-JFK
204 €
3 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
22h 55mOTP-JFK
209 €
3 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
22h 55mOTP-JFK
210 €
3 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
22h 50mOTP-JFK
211 €
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
20h 55mOTP-JFK
219 €
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
30h 05mOTP-JFK
227 €
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
22h 45mOTP-JFK
230 €
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
33h 40mOTP-JFK
235 €
3 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
22h 55mOTP-JFK
236 €
3 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
30h 05mOTP-JFK
240 €
3 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
22h 55mOTP-JFK
242 €
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
22h 55mOTP-JFK
252 €
3 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
33h 40mOTP-JFK
253 €
3 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
29h 25mOTP-JFK
254 €
1 EscalăTurkish Airlines
19h 25mCLJ-JFK
383 €
1 EscalăLOT
13h 35mCLJ-JFK
543 €

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2h 15mATL-JFK
2h 29mJFK-ATL
122 €
2h 48mFLL-JFK
3h 01mJFK-FLL
136 €
2h 58mMIA-JFK
3h 14mJFK-MIA
136 €
2h 11mATL-JFK
2h 39mJFK-ATL
142 €
2h 52mFLL-JFK
3h 00mJFK-FLL
142 €

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