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Turkish AirlinesScor general bazat pe 24101 evaluări
Evaluările companiei aeriene

Because of the departure delay from Cluj Napoca to Istanbul was 1hour and 20 minutes, and time between flights 1 hour and 30 minutes we were running between terminals. It could be great if someone will wait for us with a golf cart to transfer us to the other termimal.

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Because of the departure delay from Cluj Napoca to Istanbul was 1hour and 20 minutes, and time between flights 1 hour and 30 minutes we were running between terminals. It could be great if someone will wait for us with a golf cart to transfer us to the other termimal.

It's such a disgrace that you thed kayak didn't email me to inform the cancellation flight from cluj on the 7th. I've spent a night at the Hilton hotel in cluj for which you should pay and also lost a say work. Also did 2 covid test te sister me 100 euros and pain. I am writing form Istanbul on the 8th wating to board to Miami flight TK0077. I expect you to have the decency and reimburse all the extra costs that were caused by you not the Turkish aireiles. By email the survey demonstrate that you had no idia about the cancellations. Shemful indeed. Please don't put your incompetence on the Turkish aireiles You can call at 786-285-6755. Thank you Adriana Manari

I've traveled with all major European airlines, Canadian and United States. Turkish Airlines is my favourite by far.

Pro: "Great experience, beautiful people, always smiling ant there to help you."
Pro: "Crew was excellent, seats were comfy."
Pro: "Everything was great."
Contra: "Flight attendants have limited English fluency."
Pro: "It was a true Turkish Airlines experience! Awesome as always!"
Pro: "Crew was very good and seat in long trip was comfortable"
Contra: "Boarding in first leg needs more organization"
Pro: "Service, flight and landing, exceptional!!!"
Contra: "No cons..."
Pro: "Service food timely departure"
Contra: "Nothing to dislike"
Contra: "customer service needs upgrading"
Pro: "The amount of food and drinks we got was perfect, the movies, shows and other entertainment options were plenty and they had a great selection, and the sleep kit (slippers, socks, lip balm, etc) was very much appreciated and helpful. The staff were nice and professional."
Pro: "Crew accepted to move our seats for emergency leave zone where there is more space for legs"
Contra: "Turkish airline has decreased space between seats for a non acceptable distance... you guys need to rethink it!"
Pro: "The food and entertainment was good. The crew was very nice."
Pro: "Airplane crew was amazingly friendly and helpful"
Contra: "The customer service in Istanbul airport (for Turkish Airlines) did not speak or understand English at all. She could not give us any helpful information of our flight"
Pro: "Cabin crew was perfect! Food and everything is best!"
Contra: "small plane, noisy! did not like business class. BUt overall ok"
Pro: "The food is always good"
Contra: "Nothing"
Pro: "Friendly staff, great food and entertainment selections, care package/pillow/blanket provided, comfortable flight"
Pro: "Service, timing"
Contra: "Didnt love the food ..."
Contra: "Missed Flight: The flight from Istanbul to Athens was posted as delayed. We were a party of eight and arrived for boarding very close to deadline (minus posted delays) At the boarding gate we were met by six other passengers. The gate was vacant and closed. The real problem happened at the Turkish Airlines desk where we were treated with arrogance, disdain and absolutely no compassion. AS a matter of fact some of the Turkish Airlines staff smiled as they imposed an outrageous fine to purchase tickets to the next flight and continuation of our previous booking. We intend to protest the charges and contact thru many forms of media inform as many fellow travellers of the incident and subsequent treatment by Turkish Airlines. Social media is a powerful tool and although the cards were held in their favor the night of 9-21-17 our protest will not end here. We are fourteen wounded travellers that have agreed to use as many forms of social media as possible to get our message out."
Pro: "Liked the movies and entertainment selections."
Contra: "They didn't have a vegan menu. I had requested vegan and called over the phone a month before my flight and they said they understood. Then on the flight I was told they only do vegetarian which was not good enough. After food was passed out to guests the flight crew dissapeared and never came to collect food trays till about 2 hours after and guests were starting to make a mess leaving food trays on the ground and isles. I had already selected my seat prior to boarding which I paid hundreds of dollars for. Then after boarding the flight crew asked me and the gentleman sitting next to me to move our seats to accomodate for another man that wanted to sit next to his wife. Then I was stuck in a middle seat and I paid for an isle seat. I thought this was rediculous. No one offered me a discount or anything! And the man that wanted to sit next to his wife wouldn't let the plane leave till he was sitting next to his wife. What was I supposed to do? Hold up the plane even longer? This was so crazy!! Outrageous!"
Pro: "Purchase value"
Contra: "Economy seats are a bit tight"
Contra: "My flight was cancelled twice within 24 hours before takeoff. All I got was an email saying it was cancelled and a number where no one could help me. I spent over $40 international calls just to reschedule my flight, only to have to take a $80 cab to the airport to have a human help me. Worst customer service and worst experience. I was trying to get home after a natural disaster struck my hometown and Turkish Airlines actually made that experience even worse. At no point did anyone even apologize for cancelling two of my flights without another option until a full week later. I had to pay to fly myself home from Boston because they were so unhelpful. Would never recommend Turkish Airlines to anyone I know whn traveling internationally."
Pro: "The flight attendants were helpful and did extra to make the experience more enjoyable. They served with warm and sincere smile. Service and food were good."
Contra: "Comfort seats are missed greatly. Boarding area and process should be revised/reviewed for improvement."
Pro: "One of the best airlines. The Boring team in Cluj was really pleasant and courteous"
Contra: "No subtitles in foreign languages"
Pro: "The food"
Contra: "The seats are very tie"
Pro: "Turkish Airlines had new planes with a decent amount of leg room between the seats."
Contra: "I booked the seats really early and did not book the last row before the lavatory, but that's where we were assigned seats."
Pro: "Constant service, food, entertainment."
Contra: "Seat area is too small. No room for legs/feet. Garbage was not picked up."
Pro: "The crew was courteous and helpful. The plane left on schedule and connected me to my next leg with no problem"
Pro: "Service was exceelent and all crew staff were professional and friendly and courteous."
Pro: "Great airline"
Contra: "More leg room is needed"
Pro: "Everything"
Contra: "They don't speak very well English"
Contra: "My incoming Turkish Airlines flight arrived late due to weather conditions in Istanbul. The handling of passengers who had missed connecting flights was poor. Very few staff new how to manage the situation, which resulted in long delays, very frustrated passengers and an overall very negative experience. I would avoid flying with Turkish Airlines if I could."
Contra: "to hot, very hot!!! ו suffered too much"
Pro: "Everything"
Contra: "Nothing"
Pro: "Good overall service"
Contra: "The staff could've been more patient"
Pro: "Food, boarding"
Contra: "Leg room was limited"
Contra: "Antisematic"
Pro: "great company."
Pro: "I liked the entertainment options during the flight."
Contra: "1) Since we had a long layover at Istanbul, the airline provides the option to take you to a free hotel to spend the night. I knew this information based on online reviews, but the airline itself never did anything to offer this, I had to walk around on the airport, for like 2 hours I could not find decent help and some instructions in broken English. I had to pay 25 Euros to get mi visa stamped and walk out of the airport. The Turkish Airlines attendant that set up the free hotel for us, walked us to a shuttle that would drive us to the hotel, but the shuttle driver got lost? or something happened that caused for him to drive around town for more than an hour, speaking on the phone loudly in Turkish and completely ignoring us when we asked questions, This got a little scary since we had no idea what was going on, at some point we were in the middle of a dark residential area, and listening to the driver yell on the phone (god knows what). Luckily a driver came over and guided us to the hotel, but seriously, they should be careful about who they hire for these kind of tasks. (I posted a video on instagram with footage of the guy driving us around in case my family needed to find me)."
Pro: "On time and the crew very friendly"
Contra: "Boarding was not very well managed. They did not stick to the proper sequence."
Pro: "Food was excellent. Service was awesome."
Contra: "Nothing."
Contra: "The flight from DXB was delayed, causing us to miss the connection to LIS in IST. 2 hours after standing at the transfer desk they put us on a flight to LIS via CDG. Luggage was kept in IST. Now we are in LIS with no luggage and no confirmation on its whereabouts. Lost and found staff at LIS (Portway) showed total confusion in claiming luggage was in CDG. Today two planes arrived in LIS from IST, none of them with our luggage. Screen shows my name with mention "Not loaded" regarding the luggage. This incompetence is unacceptable from "Europe's best airline". This title is misleading advertising and should not be allowed."
Contra: "Our flight was canceled. There was terrible communication from the Turkish airlines staff and a complete inability to handle the situation. The entire flight was stuck in the airport for while without any information. The customer service hotline was unable to help anyone because there was a miss communication from the staff in the airport and our flight hadn't been canceled in their system yet. It's was my worst flight experience to date"
Pro: "This was my first time flying with Turkish Airlines, and I had a great experience. I travel internationally a lot and it has been by far the best airline I have been on. I love flights that give you a hot towel when you arrive, so that was a big plus in my book. The flight stewards were so helpful both on and off the flight. The food was delicious. Movie selections were freat ad well."
Contra: "Nothing."
Pro: "Crew is amazing, as always"
Contra: "Allergic needs were not met"
Pro: "From the first person I met (the man who printed my boarding pass at the counter) to the crew on board each flight, I was very impressed with the people at Turkish Airlines :) Everyone was very pleasant and helpful, and made my trip enjoyable."
Pro: "The Service was great. The movies were awesome and really did help pass the time. Oh and the food was so delicious that I honestly wanted more and I'm serious it was really good."
Contra: "My seat but that was my fault I chose wrong and ended up with a noisy kid."
Contra: "Better boarding and entertainment"
Pro: "Crew brilliant but seat very tight"
Contra: "Boarding procedure slow and hectic"
Pro: "Nothing. I missed my original connection because the flight from Budapest was late and I was put in a cramped middle seat while there were seats open in First Class. I should have been upgraded"
Contra: "Upgrade passengers that you make late."
Contra: "Security in Frankfurt - long lines"
Pro: "Fabulous Stuart’s."
Contra: "1h of delay .... is inadmissible for the price what we are paying for the tickets..."
Pro: "As previously stated hated having to go through security again"
Contra: "Chocolate"
Contra: "Well,my whole trip was an adventure! Problem with my checked in bag, so i had to pay 22 pounds extra to fit it in a connection flight and now i have to send receipt to get the refund. On my way back, there was a delay, so i missed the flight and the checked in bag"
Pro: "Very Organised and punctual"
Pro: "Pilot kept us informed throughout the flight."
Contra: "Onboard services."
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "Everything"
Pro: "The airplane crew were very reassuring"
Contra: "Gate was changed 3 times and flight was delayed 2 times too!"
Pro: "Comfortable seats"
Contra: "Meals and entertainment"
Pro: "The airline and the flight were pretty good"
Pro: "Very fast and cheap flight."
Contra: "Seats were extremely uncomfortable. Boarding was very chaotic."
Pro: "Friendly crew, great food, comfy seats"
Contra: "1hr 20 minutes late"
Pro: "Red wine was OK, passed on the free sandwich as last time it didn’t agree with me"
Contra: "Flight was over an hour late and no compensation from the airlines."
Contra: "Delay and food was bad"
Pro: "It was run by UA, better seats then Austrian or Lufthansa in Economy. On time. Very efficient."
Contra: "Could not choose seats online,"
Pro: "Flight was on time, food good. Even the movie selection was great, but ... (see what I didn't like)"
Contra: "Entertainment (sound) in seat 14K didn't work, despite 1 reboot. Please fix."
Pro: "The change in seat to middle seat, different row for my wife and I was enough for me to think again about a ticket with you"
Pro: "I especially like the comfortable seats with plenty of legroom. The flight was on time - perfect!"
Pro: "Everything that happened during the flight was fine. The service, the flight itself, and the landing – which was excellent."
Contra: "On the ground, neither the staff nor the signage made it clear exactly where to check in. I was sent to the Lufthansa counter, which didn’t open until 11:30, when I should have gone to the United counter. An hour of my time was wasted, which almost resulted in my missing the one-hour before take-off check-in deadline. The only reason I didn’t miss the deadline was because the flight was late taking off."
Pro: "Great service. Friendly and accommodating."
Contra: "I don’t like the configuration of the biz class seats. They are in a row vs in pods. Not as private as other configurations."
Pro: "The staff were all super helpful and friendly! Pleasure to fly with!"
Contra: "4/4 flights with involuntary stop-overs were delayed, causing 4 panics and 2 missed flights. Given their proclivity for busing passengers to distant planes in Herman efforts, a 50-minute allowance for changing planes, when added to the frequent Kate departures, is just not sufficient. They should acknowledge it and sell only flights that allow for 80-90 minutes in the airports that are so woefully managed (eg, Frankfurt and Munich). It’s back to BA for me!"
Pro: "the on time scheduled departure"
Contra: "the long complicated walk to terminal"
Contra: "Check-in process. Baggage fees."
Pro: "Friendly crew"
Contra: "Plane loaded late then waited on the tarmac, arrived an hour later than scheduled time. This has happened to me on every one of the ten Lufthansa flights I have been on. Apparently they don't know what it is to be on-time."
Contra: "The crew didn't seem particularly interested in helping anyone and worked hard to avoid eye contact. This was an unpleasant flight at best and given the option I will not likely fly Lufthansa again if given the option. I wish that I had better news to report from this flight. :("
Contra: "None of the flights arrived on schedule. That caused other problems. Overall the trip was terrible. Not sure if I will fly lufthansa again nor recommen."
Pro: "Flight was an hour delayed for no reason. I missed my connection that I had 2.5 hours to catch"
Pro: "Gave us snacks when flight was delayed"
Contra: "Flight was delayed Entertainment app didn't work"
Pro: "Pretty much everything. A joy after the Condor flight"
Contra: "What's not to likr?"
Pro: "Comfort"
Contra: "Was a short flight , so really I don't have any negative impression"
Contra: "N/A"
Pro: "They held the gate for us as we got there about 14 minutes before departure."
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "Delay"
Pro: "Clean, friendly environment, friendly staff, even though a bit bossy, but that's the German way (which I am too)."
Contra: "Little space. and NO WIFI. This is really no longer adequate in 2017. In the US, practically all domestic flights have wifi now."
Pro: "787 seat spacing (a UA plane, not LH)"
Contra: "Took first available train , arr. Freising at 9:50. Arrived at Terminal 2 by bus ca. 10:25. I am handicapped and a slow walker, so I got to departure floor ca. `10:40. Waited in line at self-serve check-in; found out that it does not have ability to process numbers (for US address). Attendant was not helpful and nasty. She told me me to go to the regular check-in line, where I waited another 45 minutes. None of the 3 "help" personnel standing around when approached managed to tell me that there was a special counter for handicapped persons. The one at the express self-check-in refused to give me her lasst name or any form of ID (first name Sophia). After waiting an additional 15 minutes for a wheelchair, I was deposited in a waiting area, where a second wheelchair arrived after another long wait. Told me I might not make the plan (I did). Overall a very unpleasant and nasty experience. With the exception of the very nice lady (Mrs. Ilser?? ) who checked in my luggage, none of the other 3 persons at the express and regular check-in spoke decent German or English, and none was helpful (Go there, wait!!!) Barely made the plane in MUC, Heathrow turned out much better than the touted German efficiency. Please forward to Lufthansa customer relations. Dr. W. Hartwig"
Pro: "We got there"
Contra: "Had to get a replacement plane when the first one had issues."
Pro: "I appreciate the taxi, in Munich airport, to my next connection."
Contra: "I disliked the late departure."
Pro: "The crew and in flight experience were excellent."
Contra: "Both Lufthansa and United's boarding announcements fail to account for passengers' impatience and neglect of boarding group procedure. Lufthansa doesn't clearly identify when un-prioritized groups should begin to board. United should make clear that unspecified group members attempting to board prematurely will be held to the back of the queue for their appropriate group."
Pro: "On time and smooth"
Contra: "Flight was canceled. They packed us on another one 3 hours later. Crying babies, bad food and uncomfortable, squishy seats made the flight unpleasant."
Pro: "We arrived in London ahead of time. We go to Newark ahead of time"
Contra: "The food"
Pro: "New plane with very friendly and helpful attendants. Extensive entertainment system with usb charging ports."
Contra: "Food was mediochre, but what can you expect?"
Contra: "Flight had no movies/in-flight service. Departed an hour late."
Contra: "Entertainment didn't work"
Pro: "Check in was good. Everything was orderly and on time."
Contra: "Fairly cramped for an international flight."

Very poor snack and drink option

Our flight was canceled and had to stand in line for 3 hours and 11 minutes to get on a flight to Florence Italy for the same day. They couldn’t get us to Genoa for 36 hours and had to go through Rome no direct flight. We will be contacting customer service for compensation for a hotel stay in Florence and train tickets to reach our destination Genoa Italy.

Mejor el servicio a los dominicanos

Both airports totally understaffed. Awful experience.

Over 3 hours of delay without any assistance from klm

Contra: "Friendlier crews"
Contra: "The airline lost my suitcase and deliver it only 72 hours later... They refused to give me proper compensation for items that were broken..."
Pro: "Very nice airplane and pleasant crew"
Contra: "A little bit chaotic when they loaded two planes at the same time in a very tight space in Amsterdsm but this was most likey an airport soecific design issue and not a KLM issue. The flight was as good as can be expected fir an international flight. The staff was great"
Pro: "Everything works and quick to get to destination."
Pro: "the crew was wonderful, we got a nice Wrap and water, wine or coffee for free, not all airlines serve it anymore, we were on time and I got whatsapp message with updates of the flight"
Pro: "Food was great, enjoyed watching videos, staff very profession and friendly."
Contra: "Boarding was delayed and prolonged My Baggage was not transferred and was not available when I arrived in Dulles."
Contra: "Crew members in Amsterdam were very rude and disrespectful"
Pro: "The crew was pleasant"
Contra: "Baggage checkin & flight boarding was slow & disorganized."
Pro: "The aircraft"
Contra: "No overbooking next time!"
Contra: "1. In Flight Entertainment 2. Controlled In Flight Temperature"
Pro: "The staff was super nice, the services good. Clear lines about baggage allowance."
Contra: "The flight was delayed and due to this I missed my car connection. I had to prolong my trip by 4 hours, untill I found another connection. I know this was not a klm issue, but rather airport related, but the inconvenience was still. Thus, my lower satisfaction grade"
Pro: "The staff was super nice, the services good. Clear lines about baggage allowance."
Contra: "The flight was delayed and due to this I missed my car connection. I had to prolong my trip by 4 hours, untill I found another connection. I know this was not a klm issue, but rather airport related, but the inconvenience was still. Thus, my lower satisfaction grade"
Pro: "The crew is really welcoming"
Contra: "The seats are too narrow and a bit too hard"
Pro: "Nice attention and good food. Plane and seats are confortable"
Pro: "Checkin 1a at Schiphol had long lines, and no seperate counters for just bag drop. My family and I had to wait for 50 mins, to do a bag drop which in,y lasted 1 min! Flight was delayed, without proper announcements."
Contra: "Seat pitch could've been more. At least let us know via Whatsapp that the plane is delayed, or at which belt the bags would come out. This basic info was lacking."
Contra: "The plane was very hot"
Pro: "The space at my feet with the chair in front was a bit akward."
Contra: "Not being seated next to small kids. Perhaps they should have a separate section? ;-)"
Pro: "Cabin facilities"
Contra: "They didn’t bring one of my bags"
Pro: "Crew was fantastic."
Contra: "This was the most narrow airplane seat I’ve ever experienced. So uncomfortable."
Pro: "It was all fine"
Contra: "Really was unsure of why I had to purchase a ticket as I was able to pick my own on the way to Billund"
Pro: "Seat space a bit tight . I should have upgraded to more leg room . Next time!"
Pro: "Amazing crew"
Pro: "Economy comfort was very nice, food decent, plenty of toilets to avoid overcrowding, and good entertainment selection."
Contra: "Poor food, flight attend and finally baggage missing. Overall experience is extremely bad."
Pro: "Nice people and good service"
Contra: "Not much"
Contra: "wasn't able to take the flight since I missed it"
Pro: "The staff tried to help me when it was evident we would not arrive on time"
Contra: "The connecting flight is too short of a time. We were late out of LAX and I missed my connection and had to sit in airport for 5 hours. Missed my grandson’s third birthday party. Just made me sad as Travelled from far to try to make it."
Pro: "Great service"
Pro: "Flying with KLM is a pleasure"
Pro: "Time and Good clean place.. in This case airpöane.."
Contra: "It was not entreteiment st all"
Pro: "Snooth and efficiënt with a KLM service"
Contra: "No entertainment"
Pro: "The leg room, was surprisingly roomy"
Contra: "The food and that there was no entertainment."
Contra: "infotainment was down. Lost my luggage the flight was delayed"
Pro: "We got a meal for a 1h flight only"
Contra: "No entertainment but normal for this type of flight"
Pro: "Crew was very nice and helpful, entertainment system worked well and had good choices"
Contra: "Seats were not very comfortable, it was uncomfortably hot and there was not air conditioner vent above like most other airlines"
Contra: "Bit cramped for space"
Pro: "Crew were friendly. Flight was comforyable smooth and on time. Nice snack."
Pro: "Comfortable seats. Warm plane with happy staff."
Contra: "Maybe a second sandwich option for food, not everyone likes cheese."
Contra: "It was announced I can choose between fish and chicken meal but when I requested for fish meal, I was told it’s finished. My seat was 21, and it surprised me. If something can be changed about that then your services would be much appreciated. Thank you."
Pro: "Ground staff at Manchester very helpful"
Contra: "Information on KLM website and flight status said 50 minutes delay and was never updated with the true status. 3 hours before we took off. KLM blamed the fog at Manchester but to be honest most other flights seemed unaffected. Put up in an IBIS hotel and fed substandard food and shitty hotel room with an Aircon unit that clunks into action every 30 seconds keeping me awake. It's external so I can't switch it off. Being given a 10 Euro voucher for food at the airport when most food and a drink will cost you 12 to 15 euros."
Contra: "Per usual, KLM can't seem to figure out the order of boarding the plane. Should be business - priority - everyone else. Instead they do priority first, and that's usually two-thirds of the passengers. Strange choice of in-flight movies; no accounting for taste, I guess."
Pro: "Everything. Staff incredible."
Pro: "The staff was fast and curteous."
Contra: "There is not anything to complain about besides the usual discomfort of travel."
Pro: "Comfortable flight to Amsterdam for vacation in UK. More meals than expected. Also wasn't expecting some of the comforts offered to "regular" class seats like eye masks, ear plugs, pillows and blankets. It was an overnight flight, so maybe that should have been expected, but I don't think we had those 4 years ago when traveling overseas."
Contra: "Nothing. This is filler text to meet min characters."

Avionul, fiind foarte mic (și, probabil, vechi), senzațiile au fost nu tocmai plăcute - îmi părea că suntem frunză-n vânt. Majoritatea călătorilor au avut stare de disconfort, din momentul decolării până când avionul a ajuns la o înălțime unde s-a putut stabiliza...

Pro: "Crew super"
Contra: "food, seat. In general the whole aircraft is not convenient"
Pro: "Good short flight."
Contra: "Open both for passengers to enter terminal on arrival in Bucharest."
Pro: "Short flight."
Contra: "When the passengers walked into the terminal building from the tarmac in Otopeni Airport (Bucharest), BOTH wings of the double door could have been open! Only one was. Otherwise flight was fine."
Pro: "Nothing"
Pro: "The seat was super"
Pro: "Even if it’s August, there was no delay."
Contra: "Because it was very crowded and hot, we had to wait a little before getting out of the bus. The aiplain was a little bit old and looked dirty."
Pro: "Staff, seat."
Contra: "Delayed again: 40 mins"
Contra: "DO NOT FLY THIS AIRLINE they lost my luggage and WILL NOT ANSWER THE PHONE not sure if I'll ever get it back. Worst customer service ever."
Pro: "Leg room, online check in, being on time. Overall ok."
Contra: "Old plane, dry food, not too friendly staff and. Not the best value for money"
Pro: "Flawless process! Great customer service!"
Contra: "Arrival of baggage on the carousel."
Contra: "Timing"
Pro: "Clean."
Contra: "Boarding via bus."
Pro: "Landing"
Contra: "Delayed for 3,5 hours"
Contra: "Lots of turbulences at landing, due tonthe heavy rain."
Contra: "Not so many movies"
Pro: "Crew was very good, professional"
Contra: "You should look for a proper bread,better sandwich and a healthier desert."
Pro: "Fast boarding"
Contra: "Everything was perfect!"
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "Everything flight was booked have to wait 5 hours for another flight"
Contra: "Confort"
Pro: "The planes were very comfortable very clean very well performing landings and takeoffs for smooth no vibration very comforting food was great the staff was amazing some of the best I've ever seen the airports are great too"
Contra: "It was ok for me but someone in a wheelchair might have a tough time"
Pro: "The plane was fairly new and, for such a short route, quite big (but I guess that was just due to the increased number of passengers, as almost all of the 180 seats were booked)"
Contra: "Almost 3.5h delay, no reason given, a mere croissant offered during waiting time, no transparency about additional delays (it was just 2.5h, initially). Also, despite the aircraft being newer than most Tarom planes, it was cramped, with very little leg room, very cheap trays and no storage space on the back of the seats in front. No warm beverages (no coffee, no tea!!). Will seek compensation for the delay."
Pro: "For the first time, in many years, cabin crew apologized for delay"
Contra: "Flight delayed, cofee= prepare yourself a nescoffee (even at business class"
Pro: "short time flight"
Contra: "no entertainment/poor food"
Pro: "The one good thing was that they delivered me and my luggage safe and sound to the destination."
Contra: "Delayed boarding, very uncomfortable and extremely little legroom, no blanket/pillow, dirty/smelly bathroom, ran out of almost all supplies in the bathroom. Entertainment - nonexistent. I would not choose this airline if it weren't for the price."
Pro: "Received a banana with my meal"
Contra: "I was one of about 50 passengers who arrived in Bucharest to discover their bags had not been put on the flight. Due to spending over an hour in the airport sorting this out, and the flight being highly delayed, I missed my connecting flight."
Pro: "Comfy seats"
Contra: "Both flights were on time!!! Comfy economy seats"
Pro: "Food"
Contra: "Flight was late and I almost missed my connection to Tel Aviv plane."
Pro: "FOOD and the crew"
Contra: "everything else: the plane was old and unaccommodating for a 9 hr flight, entertainment was terrible -small and damaged screen- no wi-fi, no electronics charging capabilities. I felt like in a prison"
Pro: "Some us above"
Contra: "No leg room between seats"
Pro: "the lady in your desk was nice and extremely helpful. We dad a problem with the registration of one of out tickets. She solved it for us/ She did her best to give us the places we asked for. Excellent attention. Sorry I do not know her name."
Pro: "Very nice crew; short flight 60', 2 mini croissants and two cookies, really good coffee; easy check in; easy baggage control; people ready to help."
Contra: "N/A"
Pro: "On time,very frindly attendants q"
Pro: "The check-in at Brussels was quick and the staff conpetent; the boarding occurred at the time specified; the plane was clean; in Bucharest, the trip to the terminal on a bus was quick ; a hot lunch of chicken with sauce and rice pilaf was good. In-flight service was fine."
Contra: "The AirFi system allowed for movies and games on one's own internet device, but did not allow for an internet conection during the flight to email or surffing."
Contra: "Flight attendants telling me take off my headphones, this isn't 1999"
Pro: "On time, direct flight, friendly crew"
Pro: "Staff were cordial and efficient. Boarding was efficient and smooth."
Contra: "Uncomfortable chairs (little legroom, no leaning backs for the seats)."
Contra: "Connection"
Pro: "Flight was friendly, surprised we still got food for a 03:40 flight that was only 2 hours long. On time boarding for once."
Contra: "Way too early of a flight, had trouble sleeping on plan."
Pro: "The food was great! Did not expect to be fed on this flight, so it was a plus. Staff friendly, accommodating. A very comfortable trip."
Contra: "The plane was delayed almost an hour, and we were not even told why until on the plane."
Pro: "safety fly"
Contra: "seats were too small, food looks not well"
Pro: "ON TIME."
Contra: "My baggage was left in Paris and flown with the next flight"
Pro: "Good cabin service, with a smile, and complimentary food was served on a relatively short flight"
Contra: "No problems."
Pro: "Attentive flight attendants"
Pro: "Ground crew informed us on the reason of delay, bad weather over Bucharest."
Contra: "Midnight flight was the only option, and it was even then more than half hour delayed."
Contra: "Passport control is a mess, please help people to understand where to go. What to do.!!!!!!!!!!"
Contra: "My flight was 35mins late. I almost lost my bus from Bucharest to Bulgaria, because of that."
Pro: "Crew was great and food was good and plentiful despite being only a quick flight"

The food offered is subpar.

Unfortunately was very unplrasent from Warsaw to Toronto... Delay, wait g a lot for get a Gate in Toronto.. Waiting for luggage almost 3 hours and not getting our luggage. Very, very sad!

Pro: "Crew. seat. Quality of flight"
Contra: "Just keep as is"
Contra: "Plane was delayed"
Contra: "Headphone jack had something broken off in it, so no entertainment. Food was plain chicken with plain potato and plain carrot"
Pro: "Good crew."
Contra: "Install AirShow for flight tracking."
Contra: "Short term for the transfer"
Pro: "Nothing! Filth, tight space. Terrible, smelly bathrooms."
Contra: "Everything."
Contra: "Delayed by one hour"
Contra: "2hrs delay. Family members did not sit together."
Pro: "Crew was great!"
Contra: "Selection of complimentary beverages is very much lacking."
Contra: "My luggage was lost."
Pro: "The crew were great!"
Contra: "The coffee was pretty bland."
Pro: "The crew was fine and polite, the plane made on time despite 40min delays on the tarmac"
Contra: "going through Warsaw border control took forever, long lines, bad set up for transit passengers."
Pro: "Arrives on time. Speedy boarding. Polite staff. Smooth flight."
Contra: "Leg space in the seat is very tight."
Contra: "They lost my checked bag"
Pro: "It had some interesting movies and food could been great if given two meals. Was able to get more candies and drinks."
Contra: "Only one meal to get and could been more variety of movies like in Spanish and Russian and Polish. More music to listen to."
Pro: "The end"
Contra: "I paid for an exit row and got a regular seat without refund. I will have to fight for that apparently. The plane was very old, dirty, in bad repair. The seat did not decline, the screen of the monitor was cracked, the bathrooms were disaster zones, there was literary nothing on the entertainment program. The passengers were nice though!"
Pro: "N/A"
Contra: "My family and I traveled to Poland several times using LOT Airline. They lost our luggage not once or twice, but three times. Each time, we were without our luggage for nearly a day and half. We are no longer using this airline. Also, their TV monitors/remotes lack accessibility as they do not offer closed captioning features for the deaf/hard-of-hearing. Another strike."
Pro: "Brand new plane, very smart albeit plasticy and clunky. Professional staff. Very helpful when I had a specific personal request at the booking office. Flight crew were not constantly trying to force us to buy things or making announcements every 5mins like some budget airlines I could name. Flight was 30mins early so no problems there."
Contra: "Warsaw Airport is terrible. Not enough seats in the departure longes. Not enough choice for shops. Not enough toilets for the volume of passengers."
Pro: "Food was great and aircraft was new Fast track lane in WAW was really fast - saved a lot of time"
Contra: "No online checkin offered No lounge offered, even for a fee Luggage was not tagged priority No priority boarding offered Service quality onboard was a bit variable"
Contra: "Delayed for al ost 2 hours."
Contra: "Bad flight over all was delayed 3 times for no reason No one tells you anything"
Pro: "Flight was delayed for 2 hours, and there was not much information for how long and why"
Contra: "Lack of information"
Contra: "Cramped plain; leg room no existing; on-board service mediocre at best! But I guess you get what you paid for...."
Pro: "Good crew."
Contra: "The plane was late and somewhere along the line my luggage was lost. Either here or before that."
Contra: "Flight was delayed and have to wait at airport.."
Contra: "Excellent service"
Pro: "Ok"
Contra: "Ok"
Pro: "The legs room"
Contra: "The food was bad"
Contra: "Shitty service on board"
Contra: "Personal entertainment is buggy"
Pro: "Nice new plane. Desert was some sort of raspberry cheesecake which was great."
Contra: "Movie and tv listings could have been a bit better. Only a few movies from the last year."
Contra: "There was a delay on their first flight and then the same LOT company does not wait for our connection. After that we are send for one night at a crappy 1 star hotel in Warshaw."
Contra: "This plane is never on time. Count at least 45 min delay. I avoid this airline. Take their tickets only if they are significantly cheaper than the competitors."
Contra: "the flight was 2 hours delay and messed up all the arrangements we have to be picked up also the whole plans needed to be changed and inconvenient for the person supposed to pick us up from airport"
Pro: "service was good"
Contra: "stron delay (more then 2 houres)"
Pro: "The crew was ok"
Contra: "LOT planes were late to both directions to the place and 2 weeks later from the place. When we flew with my little daughter - toddler to the destination the plane was late and as a result we were late to another plane, so they sent us to the same destination country but to the different place and then I had to find out were to go further while our luggage was lost (found in 3 days). When we flew back, the plane was late once again and I was told that we might will be left until next day morning, so lots of nervous and stress. The food provided was very poor as well - basically just small chocolate bar and water, tea or coffee, so if you are hungry it would not really help you."
Contra: "Please note that Economy class requires separate luggage fee (70 EUR in airport) even if customer service confirmed by phone that your class includes it."
Contra: "I had to pay 70 Euros for luggage one way, while there was no information that my ticket does not include luggage. Actually, economic tickets (as mine) should have allowed for trips in Europe a checked in luggage according to the company website. I do not find any information regarding how I can pay for my luggage in advance, and not at the airport."
Pro: "Nice flight crew, decent food available for purchase."
Contra: "I purchased my ticket through Kayak on priceline.com In the description of the fair it was specifically stated that I'm allowed 1 checked in bag. The airline did not send me the standard check in and flight information email, so when out of concer for my flight, I logged in a few hours before to find out that all the good seats were already taken. When I then proceeded to online check in, I was dumbfounded to find out that I do not have any luggage allowance. When I called their English language help line I was connected to a prerecorded message and then promptly connected to a Polish speaking person. Lucky for me I speak some Polish, but if you do not you would have a problem. The person then proceeded to inform me that the flight from Poland to London that I was taking is considered by the Polish airlines as a local flight and for that reason I'm not allotted a free checked in bag. I fly a lot all over the world and this is the first time something like this has ever happened to me. I will now permanently stay away from Lot. They shouldnot be considered a major airline, but a cheap flight air. This way when booking a flight you would know to not expect much from them."
Pro: "Good onboard service."
Contra: "LOT runs on very outdated IT systems and as a consequence often ends up losing your reservation. This has happened to us again. To fix it we have no navigate a series of different agents all of whom had the attitude you'd expect from an ex-communist airline. Pity because onboard staff and planes are ok. Overall proceed with caution."
Pro: "Everything was great"
Contra: "Nothing to complain Everithing was great thank you"
Contra: "Credit cards didn't work in flight."
Pro: "I liked every thing the crew was exelent"
Contra: "Dislike to crowded"
Pro: "Crew were really helpful and it was great as we travelled with infant."
Contra: "Nothing really to complain. Perhaps the only negative thing is that the plane was a little small."
Pro: "Lot of leg room in the emergency exit row. Though they don't let you have bags there."
Contra: "No entertainment! Though it was only a two hour flight."
Pro: "All process went smooth. Had to change ticket- good experience. Using Lot often and will be in the future."
Contra: "had to delay the plane to board us due to the first plane being late, spent hours in the airport. After almost 40 min looking for my luggage, I found out was still in Poland"
Pro: "Nothing"
Contra: "Gate staff gave my seat to someone else and stuck me in the back of the plane. They were pretty rude about it."

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DirectWizz Air
2h 50mCLJ-BVA
DirectWizz Air
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2h 35mBVA-CLJ
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16h 30mCLJ-BCN
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3h 05mBCN-CLJ
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1 EscalăRyanair
14h 10mCLJ-BCN
1 EscalăRyanair
14h 50mBCN-CLJ
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16h 30mCLJ-BCN
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13h 05mCLJ-BCN
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3h 05mBCN-CLJ
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3h 00mCLJ-BCN
2 EscaleMai multe companii aeriene
21h 25mBCN-CLJ
64 €
1 EscalăRyanair
16h 30mCLJ-BCN
1 EscalăRyanair
14h 50mBCN-CLJ
65 €
1 EscalăRyanair
14h 55mCLJ-OTP
2 EscaleRyanair
20h 00mOTP-CLJ
70 €
1 EscalăRyanair
13h 05mCLJ-BCN
2 EscaleRyanair
21h 25mBCN-CLJ
70 €
0h 50mCLJ-OTP
0h 50mOTP-CLJ
85 €
0h 55mCLJ-OTP
1h 10mOTP-CLJ
103 €
1 EscalăLOT
17h 30mCLJ-LHR
1 EscalăLOT
21h 15mLHR-CLJ
116 €
1 EscalăLufthansa
7h 20mCLJ-LHR
1 EscalăLufthansa
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DirectTurkish Airlines
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DirectTurkish Airlines
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DirectWizz Air
2h 50mCLJ-BVA
23 €
DirectWizz Air
3h 00mCLJ-BCN
24 €
DirectWizz Air
2h 50mCLJ-BVA
24 €
DirectWizz Air
3h 00mCLJ-LTN
27 €
1 EscalăRyanair
23h 20mCLJ-BCN
28 €
1 EscalăRyanair
13h 25mCLJ-OTP
29 €
DirectWizz Air
3h 05mCLJ-LTN
29 €
DirectWizz Air
3h 00mCLJ-BCN
29 €
DirectWizz Air
2h 50mCLJ-BVA
29 €
1 EscalăRyanair
7h 25mCLJ-OTP
30 €
1 EscalăRyanair
13h 25mCLJ-OTP
32 €
1 EscalăRyanair
13h 05mCLJ-BCN
34 €
1 EscalăMai multe companii aeriene
9h 50mCLJ-LTN
38 €
1 EscalăMai multe companii aeriene
10h 30mCLJ-OTP
38 €
1 EscalăMai multe companii aeriene
10h 30mCLJ-OTP
40 €
1 EscalăMai multe companii aeriene
18h 30mCLJ-FCO
41 €
1h 10mCLJ-OTP
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0h 50mCLJ-OTP
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1 EscalăLOT
6h 00mCLJ-LHR
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